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@系 [アットけい] /(n) (See ローグライク) roguelike (genre of computer game with typically ASCII graphics)

55年体制 [ごじゅうごねんたいせい] /(n) (See 自由民主党・じゆうみんしゅとう・1,日本社会党・にっぽんしゃかいとう) 1955 System/Japanese political alignment with the LDP in government and the JSP in opposition, which lasted until 1993

8ナンバー [はちナンバー] /(n) (1) special licence plate beginning with 8 used by police, ambulance, etc. vehicles/(2) (col) special use vehicle (e.g. police car, ambulance, sprinkler truck, etc.)

M字開脚 [エムじかいきゃく] /(n) pornographic pose (spreading one's legs open wide with knees bent, creating the shape of the letter 'M')

Oバック [オーバック] /(n) O-back/skirt with peek-a-boo hole in rump

Q熱 [キューねつ] /(n) Q fever (extremely contagious bacterial disease with flu-like symptoms)

SNEP [スネップ] /(n) solitary non-employed persons (wasei:)/non-employed person aged 20-59, not married or engaged in study who has no social interactions with anybody outside their family

wktk [ワクテカ] /(exp) (sl) (abbr) (short for ワクワクテカテカ) (See わくわく,てかてか) being excited/having the jitters (with expectation)

あぐら鼻;胡坐鼻 [あぐらばな] /(n) snub nose/flat nose with flattened nostrils

あしらう /(v5u,vt) (1) to treat/to handle/to deal with/(2) to arrange/to decorate/to dress/to garnish

あっけらかん /(adv-to) quite indifferent/looking blank/looking as though one has nothing at all to do with what is going on

あばら屋;あばら家;荒ら屋;荒ら家;荒屋(io);荒家(io) [あばらや] /(n) (1) dilapidated house/tumbledown house/hovel/miserable shack/(2) (hum) my house/my home/(3) small resting place comprising four pillars and a roof (with no walls)

あられ餅;霰餅 [あられもち] /(n) roasted mochi pieces (usu. flavoured with soy sauce, or sweetened with sugar, etc.)

あるに従う [あるにしたがう] /(exp,v5u) (1) to let things end up as they will/to let nature take its course/(2) to make do with what one has

あんこ型;あんこ形;鮟鱇形 [あんこがた;あんこうがた(鮟鱇形)] /(n) {sumo} (See ソップ形) sumo wrestler with a big belly

あんま /(adv) (ksb:) not very (with negative sentence)/not much (with negative sentence)

あんまし /(adj-na,adv,n,n-suf) (1) remainder/rest/balance/remains/scraps/residue/remnant/(adv) (2) not very (with negative sentence)/not much/(3) surplus/excess/fullness/too much/(4) overjoyed/overwhelmed/(n-suf) (5) more than/over

あ段;ア段 [あだん(あ段);アだん(ア段)] /(n) {ling} (See 五十音) row of syllables on the Japanese syllabary table that ends with the vowel sound "a"

いい加減にする;好い加減にする [いいかげんにする] /(exp,vs-i) to put an end to something/to get something over with/to quit something one has been engaged in too long or to an excessive degree

いかがお過ごしですか [いかがおすごしですか] /(exp) How are things with you?/How are you doing?

いかれる /(v1,vi) (1) to be beaten/to break down/(2) to be crazy/to be touched/(3) to be infatuated with/(4) to be outdone (by someone)/to be beaten (in a contest)

いじり回す;弄り回す;弄りまわす [いじりまわす] /(v5s) to tinker with/to fumble with/to twist up

いちゃつく /(v5k,vi) to flirt with/to dally

い段;イ段 [いだん(い段);イだん(イ段)] /(n) {ling} (See 五十音) row of syllables on the Japanese syllabary table that ends with the vowel sound "i"

うぐいす餅;鶯餅 [うぐいすもち] /(n) (See 餅・もち,餡・1,青きな粉) mochi filled with red bean paste and topped with green soy flour

うた沢;歌沢;哥沢 [うたざわ] /(n) (歌沢 was used especially by the Tora school that emphasized voice; 哥沢 was used especially by the Shiba school that emphasized shamisen) slow-paced style of shamisen music with vocal accompaniment (popular during the late Edo period)

うた沢節;歌沢節;哥沢節 [うたざわぶし] /(n) (歌沢節 was used especially by the Tora school that emphasized voice; 哥沢節 was used especially by the Shiba school that emphasized shamisen) (See うた沢) slow-paced style of shamisen music with vocal accompaniment (popular during the late Edo period)

うっとり;ウットリ /(adv,adv-to,n) (1) (on-mim) (See うっとりする・1) ecstatically/spellbound/with rapt attention/(2) (on-mim) (See うっとりする・2) abstractedly/absentmindedly/absorbedly/vacantly

うながっぱ /(n) (1) (from うなぎ and かっぱ) maki sushi typically made from eel and cucumber, often with a face-like pattern when cut/(2) mascot character used by Tajimi City in Gifu

うなぎ飯;鰻飯 [うなぎめし] /(n) (See かば焼き・かばやき) eel kabayaki with rice

うまくやって行く;旨くやって行く [うまくやっていく] /(exp,v5k-s) (uk) to get along well with/to make a go of it

うようよ;ウヨウヨ /(adv,vs) (on-mim) in swarms/crawling with

うんざり(P);ウンザリ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) tedious/boring/being fed up with

うんと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) a great deal/very much/a lot/(2) with a great amount of effort

う段;ウ段 [うだん(う段);ウだん(ウ段)] /(n) {ling} (See 五十音) row of syllables on the Japanese syllabary table that ends with the vowel sound "u"

えっちらおっちら /(adv) with a great deal of effort/laboriously

えへらえへら /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) with a meaningless laugh/with a hollow laugh

えんがちょ切った [えんがちょきった] /(exp) (chn) (See えんがちょ・1) phrase used (usu. with accompanying crossed fingers gesture) to ward off catching 'dirtiness' from another child

え段;エ段 [えだん(え段);エだん(エ段)] /(n) {ling} (See 五十音) row of syllables on the Japanese syllabary table that ends with the vowel sound "e"

おかか /(n) finely chopped katsuobushi, sometimes with soy sauce

おけさ /(n) style of Japanese folk song associated with Niigata Prefecture

おけさ節 [おけさぶし] /(n) style of Japanese folk song associated with Niigata Prefecture

おこた /(n) (pol) (fem) (See 炬燵・こたつ) kotatsu/table over an electric heater (orig. a charcoal brazier in a floor well) with a hanging quilt that retains heat

おじや /(n) (See 雑炊) rice gruel containing vegetables, fish, etc., and seasoned with miso or soy sauce

おっしゃる通り;仰るとおり;仰る通り [おっしゃるとおり] /(exp) (hon) (See 言う通り) I agree with you/it is as (someone) says

おつむてんてん /(exp,n) motion of a baby gently hitting his own face with both of his hands

おろしポン酢 [おろしポンず] /(n) ponzu mixed with grated daikon

おろし和え;卸し和え;下ろし和え [おろしあえ] /(n) {food} seasoning of grated daikon with soy and vinegar, usually for fish or vegetables

おサイフケータイ /(n) O-saifu Keitai (brand name)/wallet cell phone/mobile wallet/mobile phone equipped with a contactless IC card for ATM use, payments, etc.

お握り(P);御握り [おにぎり] /(n) (uk) (pol) onigiri/rice ball (often triangular, sometimes with a filling and wrapped in nori)

お安くない [おやすくない] /(exp,adj-i) on very good terms with each other/romantically attached

お一人様(P);お一人さま;御一人様 [おひとりさま] /(n) (1) (hon) one person/one customer/(2) (col) (See 負け犬・2) unmarried woman (with no children) over the age of 30

お印 [おしるし] /(n) (1) (uk) (See 破水) a show/blood-stained mucus discharge that happens during pregnancy up to two weeks before delivery/(2) signature mark (crest) used by members of the Imperial family to mark their belongings/(3) (See しるし・1) a sign (with honorific 'o')

お亀;阿亀 [おかめ] /(n) (1) (uk) (derog) (See お多福,ひょっとこ・1) homely woman (esp. one with a small low nose, high flat forehead, and bulging cheeks)/plain woman/(2) (abbr) (uk) (See お亀蕎麦) soba in soup with slices of boiled fish paste, shiitake mushrooms, greens, seaweed, etc.

お亀蕎麦;阿亀蕎麦 [おかめそば] /(n) (uk) soba in soup with slices of boiled fish paste, shiitake mushrooms, greens, seaweed, etc.

お強;御強 [おこわ] /(n) (1) {food} (See 赤飯,強飯・こわめし) glutinous rice steamed with red beans or some other ingredient/(2) (arch) trickery/deception

お互いに(P);御互いに [おたがいに] /(adv) (pol) (See 互いに) mutually/with each other/reciprocally/together/both

お座敷;御座敷 [おざしき] /(n) (1) (pol) (See 座敷・1) tatami room/(2) (See 座敷・2) dinner party in a tatami room with a geisha or maiko

お焦げ;御焦げ [おこげ;おコゲ] /(n) (1) burnt rice/scorched rice/crispy rice at bottom of cooking pan/(2) (esp. おコゲ) woman who hangs out with gay men

お世辞にもうまいとは言えない;お世辞にもうまいとはいえない [おせじにもうまいとはいえない] /(exp,adj-i) With the best will in the world, you can't say that it's good

お多福;阿多福;於多福 [おたふく] /(n) (derog) (See お多福面) homely woman (esp. one with a small low nose, high flat forehead, and bulging cheeks)/plain woman

お宅(P);御宅 [おたく] /(n) (1) (hon) your house/your home/your family/(2) (hon) your husband/(3) (hon) your organization/(pn,adj-no) (4) (hon) you (referring to someone of equal status with whom one is not especially close)

お段;オ段 [おだん(お段);オだん(オ段)] /(n) {ling} (See 五十音) row of syllables on the Japanese syllabary table that ends with the vowel sound "o"

お茶の子;御茶の子 [おちゃのこ] /(n) (1) cinch/pushover/easy matter/piece of cake/(2) light snack/cake served with tea

お茶を濁す [おちゃをにごす] /(exp,v5s) (1) to be evasive/to give an evasive answer/(2) to speak ambiguously/to prevaricate/(3) to cook up a specious story to get out of an uncomfortable situation/(4) to make do with

お茶漬;お茶漬け;御茶漬;御茶漬け [おちゃづけ] /(n) (pol) (See 茶漬け) rice with tea poured on it (Japanese dish)

お調子者;御調子者 [おちょうしもの] /(n,adj-no) flip/luck-pusher/frivolous person/person who readily chimes in with others/person who gets carried away easily

お摘み;お摘まみ;お抓み;お撮み;御摘み;御摘まみ;御抓み;御撮み [おつまみ] /(n) (pol) (uk) (See 摘み・3) snack (to have with a drink)/side dish

お田植え祭;お田植え祭り;御田植え祭り;御田植え祭 [おたうえまつり] /(n) (1) shrine ritual held with the first two months of the year to forecast (or pray for) a successful harvest/(2) seasonal planting of rice on a field affiliated with a shrine

お鍋;御鍋 [おなべ] /(n) (1) (pol) pot/(2) (arch) typical name for a female servant in the Edo-period/(3) working at night/(4) (uk) (sl) (often derog.) female with symptoms of gender identity disorder (e.g. a transvestite)

お萩;御萩 [おはぎ] /(n) rice ball coated with sweetened red beans, soybean flour or sesame

お番菜;御番菜;お晩菜;御晩菜;お晩彩(iK) [おばんさい;おばんざい] /(n) (uk) (See 惣菜・そうざい) light Kyoto-style home cooking with boiled vegetables and marinated food, also now served in restaurants

お負け(P);御負け [おまけ] /(n,vs) (1) (uk) freebie (e.g. with a purchase)/something additional/bonus/an extra/(2) (uk) price reduction/discount/(3) (uk) exaggeration

お弁当つけて;お弁当付けて [おべんとうつけて] /(exp) (id) (joc) (usu. as a tease: お弁当つけてどこ行く の?) with rice stuck on one's face

お墨付き;御墨付き [おすみつき] /(n) (1) (See 墨付き) handwriting/autograph/authorization/authorisation/(2) certificate/certified document/paper with signature of the shogun or lord

お目見え;お目見得;御目見;御目見得 [おめみえ] /(n,vs) (1) (the privilege to have) an audience (with one's lord, a dignitary, etc.)/interview (with one's superior)/(2) one's debut (first) appearance/debut (of a new product, work of art, actor, etc.)/(3) trial service (of a servant)

お目通り;御目通り [おめどおり] /(n,vs) audience (with a person of high standing)

かき氷(P);カキ氷;掻き氷(oK);欠き氷;欠氷 [かきごおり(かき氷,掻き氷,欠き氷,欠氷)(P);カキごおり(カキ氷)] /(n) shaved ice (usually served with flavored simple syrup)/Italian ice/Sno-cone/snow cone

かき揚げ;掻き揚げ;掻揚げ;掻き上げ;掻揚(io);掻上(io);掻上げ;署ノき揚げ(oK) [かきあげ] /(n) (1) (かき揚げ, 掻き揚げ, 掻揚げ, 掻揚 only) mixed vegetable and seafood tempura/(2) something pulled upwards/(3) (かき揚げ, 掻き揚げ, 署ノき揚げ only) (abbr) (See かき揚げ城・かきあげじろ) small castle with a simple earthen-walled moat/(4) turning up a lamp wick

かき揚げ城;掻き揚げ城;署ノき揚げ城(oK) [かきあげじろ] /(n) (obsc) (arch) small castle with a simple earthen-walled moat

かぎ縄;鉤縄 [かぎなわ] /(n) ninja rope with grappling hook

かしゃっ /(adv-to) (on-mim) with a click

かたっと /(adv) (on-mim) (See かたり) clattering/(with a) clunk

かたり;かたん;カタン /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) (See かたっと) with a clatter/clatteringly

かちゃり /(adv-to) (on-mim) with a clang or a clink/tinkle

かちり;カチリ /(adv-to) (on-mim) with a clink (click, clack)

かっちょいい;カッチョいい;カッチョイイ /(adj-ix) (sl) (See カッコイイ) attractive/good-looking/stylish/cool/smooth/neat/with-it/groovy

かな(P);かなあ /(prt) (1) (at sentence end) I wonder/(2) (at sentence end) should I?/is it?/(3) (at sentence end) I wish that (with a negative)/I hope that

かに玉;蟹玉;蠏玉 [かにたま] /(n) Chinese dish with fried egg and crab

かぼちゃ野郎;カボチャ野郎;南瓜野郎 [かぼちゃやろう(かぼちゃ野郎,南瓜野郎);カボチャやろう(カボチャ野郎)] /(n) (derog) man with an unattractive, unusually shaped face

かまくら /(n) (1) mid-January festival in northern Japan, with snow huts in which children play house/(2) snow hut

からから;カラカラ /(adj-na,adj-no) (1) (on-mim) parched/dried-up/bone-dry/(adj-na) (2) (on-mim) empty/hollow/(adv,adv-to) (3) (on-mim) rattling/clattering/(4) (on-mim) laughing loudly/roaring with laughter

がかる /(suf,v5r) (1) (after a noun) (See 時代がかる) to appear .../to look like .../to seem .../(2) (See 赤がかる) to have a trace of/to be tinged with

がさがさ(P);ガサガサ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) rustling/(adj-na,adj-no,adv,vs) (2) (on-mim) dry/rough feeling/rough to the touch/(adv,vs) (3) (on-mim) rough (of a person)/course/crude/unrefined/uncouth/(n,vs) (4) catching fish with a net

がさっ;ガサッ /(adv-to) (on-mim) with a swoosh/at one fell swoop

がたっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) with a clunk/with a clank/(2) the sound of a sudden decrease (in profits, vigor, etc.)

がたり /(adv) (on-mim) with a bang (clash, bump)

がたん;ガタン /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) (with a) bump/(with a) bang/(with a) crash/sharply

がちゃりと /(adv) (on-mim) with a clank

がっつり;ガッツリ /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) firmly/plentifully/with all one's might

がつがつ;ガツガツ /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) greedily/burning with desire for something

がてら /(prt) on the same occasion/at the same time/coincidentally/along with/partly (to do, for)

がな;がなあ /(prt) (1) (at sentence-end) (See もがな) particle used to indicate the speaker's hope, desire, wish, etc. (e.g. "it would be nice if ...", "I wish there were ...", etc.)/(2) (col) (at sentence-end) emphatic particle/(3) (often associated with an interrogative) particle adding uncertainty

がぶり寄り [がぶりより] /(n) {sumo} pushing the opponent with the torso

がめ煮 [がめに] /(n) {food} (See 筑前煮) chicken stew with taro, carrot, burdock, etc.

がり;ガリ /(n) (1) sliced ginger prepared in vinegar (served with sushi)/pickled ginger/(2) (abbr) (See がり版) mimeograph/(3) (usu. as がりを食う) reprimand/rebuke/censure/reproof/(4) (sl) (derog) (See がりがり・3) overly skinny person

がんも /(n) (abbr) (See 雁擬き) deep-fried tofu mixed with thinly sliced vegetables

きなこ餅;きな粉餅;黄な粉餅;黄粉餅 [きなこもち] /(n) (uk) (See 餅) mochi sprinkled with sweetened soy flour

きゃぴきゃぴ;キャピキャピ /(adv,adv-to,vs,adj-na,adj-no) (on-mim) (col) (See 浮き浮き) brimming with youthful enthusiasm/in high spirits/raring to go/overflowing with youthful energy (used mainly of girls)/acting all cute and charged up

きゅう /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (See きゅっと・1) (rubbing, twisting) hard/with a squeal/with a creak/(2) (on-mim) (See きゅっと・2) (drinking) in one sweep

きゅん;キュン /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) (esp. 胸がきゅん(と)なる) choked up (with emotion)/heart-wringing/momentary tightening of one's chest caused by powerful feelings (e.g. parting with a loved one)

きょろり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) with bright almond eyes/eyes wide open/(2) (on-mim) (See けろり・2) nonchalantly

きょろん /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (See きょろり・1) with bright almond eyes/eyes wide open/(2) (on-mim) (See きょろり・2,けろり・2) nonchalantly

きらっと;キラッと;キラっと /(adv) (on-mim) with a single flash of light/glitteringly/sparklingly/twinklingly

きらり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) with a momentary flash of light

ぎりぎり(P);ギリギリ /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) grinding (sound)/grating/gnashing/(2) (on-mim) forcefully/strongly/with effort/(binding) tightly

くそ食らえ;糞食らえ [くそくらえ] /(exp,int) (uk) fuck off!/eat shit/up yours!/up your arse (ass)/(that's a) load of rubbish/nonsense!/to hell with it/codswallop

くっ付く(P);食っ付く [くっつく] /(v5k,vi) (1) (uk) to adhere to/to stick to/to cling to/(2) (uk) to keep close to/to go along with/(3) (uk) to get involved with/to be thick with/to become intimate

ぐさっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) (See ぐさりと) piercingly (as though cutting with a sharp sword)/(2) (on-mim) hard-hitting (e.g. criticism)

ぐっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) suddenly/at once/in one go/with a jerk/with a gulp/(2) (on-mim) considerably/very much/a lot/(3) (on-mim) firmly/with an effort/tightly/exerting pressure/(4) (on-mim) completely (e.g. at a loss)/(5) (on-mim) deeply (e.g. moved)

ぐりぐり;グリグリ /(n) (1) hard lump under the skin (e.g. adipous tumor, lymph node tumor, etc.)/(adv,adv-to,vs) (2) (on-mim) grinding against/pressing or rubbing with turning movements (e.g. someone's shoulders with one's elbow)/(3) rolling one's eyes/goggling one's eyes/googly eyes/(4) rattling sound

ぐるみ /(suf) (together) with/-wide/including

けり /(aux-v) (1) indicates recollection or realization (i.e. of hearsay or the past)/can form a poetic past tense/(2) indicates continuation from the past to the present/(3) (also written with the ateji 鳧) end/conclusion

こいこい /(n) (See 花札) koi-koi/koi koi/card game played with a hanafuda deck

こつんと /(adv) (on-mim) with a bump/with a clunk

ことを分ける;事を分ける [ことをわける] /(exp,v1) to reason with (a person)

この期;此の期 [このご] /(n-t) now (with the nuance of 'the last moment')/this late in the game

これで /(exp) here/with this

これで勝つる [これでかつる] /(exp) (sl) victory is mine/with this, I'll win

これと言った [これといった] /(exp) (uk) nothing special (with neg. verb)

これと言って;此れと言って [これといって] /(exp,conj) (uk) not worth mentioning (with neg. verb)/nothing special

これを以て;此れを以て [これをもって] /(exp,adv) (uk) with this I (formal)/by this I (formal)

こん /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) (See こつんと) with a bump/with a clunk/(2) (on-mim) yelp (e.g. of a fox)/bark/howl

ごった返す;ごった返えす(io) [ごったがえす] /(v5s,vi) to be in confusion or commotion/to be in a turmoil/to be crowded or jammed with people

ごぼごぼ /(adv-to) (on-mim) gurgling/burbling/bubbling/sound of water mixing with air (e.g. water welling up, pouring water, drain pipe, gushing forth)

ごま塩頭;胡麻塩頭;ゴマ塩頭;ごましお頭 [ごましおあたま(ごま塩頭,胡麻塩頭,ごましお頭);ゴマしおあたま(ゴマ塩頭)] /(n) salt and pepper hair/dark hair streaked with gray

ご多分にもれず;ご多分に漏れず;御多分に漏れず;ご多分に洩れず;御多分に洩れず;御多分にもれず [ごたぶんにもれず] /(exp) (See 御多分) as is usual with/in common with

さあらぬ体で;然有らぬ体で [さあらぬていで] /(exp) with a nonchalant air

さくっ;サクッ /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) with a crunching or grinding sound/(2) quickly/promptly/abruptly/simply/efficiently/(3) (See さくさく・1) crispily/crunchily

さくらめーる;さくらメール /(n) congratulatory postcards with a spring pattern sold every year in February

さっぱり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) feeling refreshed/feeling relieved/(2) neat/tidy/clean/(adv,adv-to,vs,adj-na) (3) frank/open-hearted/plain/simple/light/(adv,adv-to) (4) completely/entirely/(adv) (5) not in the least (with neg. verb)/not at all/(adj-na) (6) nothing at all/completely useless/hopeless/awful

さん /(suf) (1) (hon) (fam) (after a person's name (or position, etc.)) (See 様・さま・1) Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms./-san/(2) (pol) (usu. after a noun or na-adjective prefixed with お- or ご-) (See ご苦労さん) makes words more polite (usu. in fixed expressions)

ざくろ鼻;石榴鼻 [ざくろばな] /(n) (See 鼻瘤) rhinophyma/red swollen nose (often associated with alcoholism)

ざけんなよ;ざけんじゃねーよ /(exp) (vulg) (See ふざけんなよ) fuck you!/don't fuck with me!/don't fuck around!/don't be a screw off!

ざっくり /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) roughly/approximately/loosely/(2) (on-mim) cutting or breaking apart with vigour/(3) (on-mim) deeply (cut or split)/(4) (on-mim) rough (woollens, etc., as adjectival phrase with (to)shita)/(5) (on-mim) sound of treading on pebbles

ざる蕎麦;笊蕎麦;ザル蕎麦;笊そば [ざるそば(ざる蕎麦,笊蕎麦,笊そば);ザルそば(ザル蕎麦)] /(n) (uk) zaru soba (soba served on a bamboo draining basket with dipping sauce)

しか /(prt) (used with neg. verb) only/nothing but

しくしく /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (See しくしく泣く) weeping/sobbing/softly (crying)/(adv,adv-to,vs) (2) (on-mim) with a prologued dull pain/having a gripping pain

しけ込む [しけこむ] /(v5m,vi) (1) (uk) to slip into for the purposes of sex (e.g. lover's house, hotel, red light district, etc.)/to shack up with/(2) (uk) to shut oneself away at home (due to lack of money)

しっくり行く [しっくりいく] /(v5k-s) to get on well with (someone)

しばく /(v5k,vt) (1) to strike (with a stick, whip, etc.)/(2) (ksb:) to hit/to punch/to kick/to beat/(3) (sl) to go to (a place to eat, drink, etc.)

しめ飾り;注連飾り;注連飾;七五三飾;標飾り [しめかざり] /(n) (See 注連縄) decorating shrines and gates with shimenawa ropes for the New Year

しゃがみ込む [しゃがみこむ] /(v5m,vi) (uk) to squat/to crouch down (completely, generally with face looking through knees)

しゃくり上げる [しゃくりあげる] /(v1) to sob convulsively/to heave with sobs

しゃこめし;シャコめし /(n) (See 蝦蛄) shako meshi/rice cooked with shrimp

しゃぶしゃぶ /(n) (on-mim) {food} (from the sound of this dish being prepared) shabu-shabu/thinly sliced meat boiled quickly with vegetables, and dipped in sauce

しゃり;シャリ /(n) {food} (See 寿司飯・すしめし,舎利・しゃり・2) sushi rice/rice seasoned with vinegar, sugar and salt

しょうが酢;生薑酢 [しょうがず] /(n) {food} vinegar mixed with ginger juice and soy sauce, etc.

じゃかすか /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) with gusto

じゃぶじゃぶ(P);ジャブジャブ /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) splashing water sound/with a splash

じわじわ来る [じわじわくる] /(exp,vk) (col) (uk) (See じわじわ・1) to begin to like something (one did not initially like)/to gradually become enamoured with something/to have something grow on you

じわる;ジワる /(v5r,vi) (sl) (abbr) (See じわじわ・1,じわじわ来る) to begin to like something (one did not initially like)/to gradually become enamoured with something/to have something grow on you

すき焼き(P);すき焼(P);鋤焼き;鋤焼;剥焼;寿喜焼(ateji) [すきやき(P);スキヤキ] /(n) {food} sukiyaki/thin slices of beef, cooked with various vegetables in a table-top cast-iron pan

すくみ上がる;竦み上がる;竦みあがる [すくみあがる] /(v5r) to cringe with fear/to cower with fright/to be terribly afraid

すっきり(P);スッキリ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) (See さっぱり・1) feeling refreshed/feeling fine/feeling clear-headed/(2) shapely/neatly/refinedly/(3) cleanly/without trouble/(4) (See はっきり・1) clearly/plainly/distinctly/(5) (See すっかり) completely/thoroughly/(6) (See さっぱり・5) not at all (with negative sentence)/not even slightly

すとん;ストン /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) (with a) thump/(2) (on-mim) (hanging) straight down

すぽっと;スポッと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) snugly (into hole, container, etc.)/tightly (fitting, covering)/firmly/(2) (on-mim) (with a) pop (i.e. sound of a cork, etc. being pulled out of a hole in one movement)/with a plop/(fall) straight

すぽり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (See すぽっと・1) snugly (into hole, container, etc.)/tightly (fitting, covering)/firmly/(adv) (2) (on-mim) (See すぽっと・2) (with a) pop (i.e. sound of a cork, etc. being pulled out of a hole in one movement)/with a plop/(fall) straight

すぽん;スポン;ずぼん /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (See すぽっと・1) snugly (into hole, container, etc.)/tightly (fitting, covering)/firmly/(2) (on-mim) (See すぽっと・2) (with a) pop (i.e. sound of a cork, etc. being pulled out of a hole in one movement)/with a plop/(fall) straight

すり流し;擂り流し [すりながし] /(n) {food} ground soup/ground seafood, beans, nuts, etc. seasoned and mixed with broth

するり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) with a smooth, unhindered motion/speedily and without delay

ずっぷり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (See どっぷり) completely submerged (e.g. in water)/(2) (on-mim) completely soaked (e.g. with rain)

ずぶずぶ /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) deeply immersed (in water, mud, etc.)/(2) (on-mim) pushing something deep inside a soft object/(3) (on-mim) very drunk/(adj-na) (4) (on-mim) soaked with water

ずぼら箸 [ずぼらばし] /(n) (obsc) picking up a bowl with one's right hand which is already holding one's chopsticks (a breach of etiquette)

ずんと;づんと(ok) /(adv) (1) much/remarkably/noticeably/(2) not at all (with neg. verb)/(3) quickly and vigorously/unhesitatingly

せせら笑う;嘲笑う(oK);嘲ら笑う(oK) [せせらわらう] /(v5u,vt) (See あざ笑う・あざわらう) to laugh mockingly/to smile with contempt/to scorn

せせり箸;署硼「(oK) [せせりばし] /(n) poking one's food around using one's chopsticks/playing with one's food with one's chopsticks (a breach of etiquette)

そっち系 [そっちけい] /(n) (sl) (See あっち系・1) person with differing ideology, attitudes, etc. to one's own

その気 [そのき] /(exp,n) what one has a mind to do/what one feels like (doing)/being so minded/(with) that in mind

そば飯;蕎麦飯 [そばめし] /(n) (uk) soba and rice cooked together along with meat, vegetables, etc. on a metal plate

そぼろ /(n) (1) {food} minced meat or fish with soy sauce, etc. (served on rice)/(n,adj-na) (2) shred (e.g. old clothing falling apart)/tangle (objects twisted together)/thin slices (esp. food)

そよ /(adv-to) (See そよ風) with a slight (breeze)

それっ切り;其れっ切り [それっきり] /(n,adv) (1) (uk) (stronger version of それきり) (See それ切り) no more than that/with that/on that note/altogether/(2) since then/ending there

それ切り;其れ切り [それきり;それぎり] /(n,adv) (uk) (See それっ切り) with that/on that note/altogether/ending at that point/cut off there

ぞくぞく(P);ゾクゾク /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) shivering/feeling chilly/(2) (on-mim) shuddering (with fear)/feeling creepy/(3) (on-mim) thrilled/excited

たい焼き;鯛焼き;タイ焼き;鯛焼 [たいやき(たい焼き,鯛焼き,鯛焼);タイやき(タイ焼き)] /(n) fish-shaped pancake filled with bean jam

たこ焼き器;蛸焼き器 [たこやきき] /(n) (See たこ焼き) takoyaki pan (cast iron with semi-spherical molds)

たこ焼き鍋;蛸焼き鍋 [たこやきなべ] /(n) (obsc) (See たこ焼き器) tako-yaki pan (cast iron with semi-spherical molds)

たすき掛け;襷がけ;襷掛け;襷掛 [たすきがけ] /(n,vs) (See 繦・1) tucking up the sleeves of a kimono with a tasuki

たでる /(v1,vt) (1) to treat with medicinal steam (a swelling, etc.)/(2) to dry the bottom of a ship (to prevent insect damage)

たぬき丼;タヌキ丼;狸丼 [たぬきどん(たぬき丼,狸丼);タヌキどん(タヌキ丼)] /(n) {food} (See 天かす) hot rice served with tenkasu and tempura dipping sauce on top

たらしい;ったらしい /(suf,adj-i) (after a noun or the stem of an adjective) seeming very... (usu. with a negative connotation)

だけしか /(exp) (emphatic form of しか; used with a negative verb) (See だけ・1,しか) only/nothing but

だみ声;濁声;訛み声;訛声 [だみごえ;だくせい(濁声)] /(n) (1) thick voice/hoarse voice/(2) voice with a thick accent

だらけ /(n-suf) (1) full of (e.g. mistakes)/riddled with/(2) covered all over with (blood, mud, etc.)

だ体 [だたい] /(n) (See である体) literary form imparting the nuance of speech (with sentences ending in "da")

ちょこちょこ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) toddling/with small, quick steps/(2) (on-mim) restlessly/in continuous motion/(3) (on-mim) quickly and easily/(4) (on-mim) often/frequently/now and then/occasionally

ちょっかいを出す [ちょっかいをだす] /(exp,v5s) (1) to meddle/to poke one's nose into/to interfere/(2) to make a pass at/to flirt with/to make a move on

ちり /(n) (See ちり鍋) dish of fish (meat, etc.), tofu, vegetables boiled together and served with ponzu dipping sauce

ちり鍋 [ちりなべ] /(n) dish of fish (meat, etc.), tofu, vegetables boiled together and served with ponzu dipping sauce/pot used to cook such a dish

っきゃ /(prt) (abbr) (col) (used with a negative verb) only/nothing but

っぱ /(n-suf) (col) (abbr) (See っぱなし) keep ...-ing (negative nuance, with the state being improper, unpleasant, etc.)/have been ...-ing/leaving (something) on/leaving (something) still in use

っ子 [っこ] /(suf) (col) (See 江戸っ子) someone with a liking or characteristic/a true representative of (place)

っ放し [っぱなし(P);っはなし] /(n-suf) (uk) keep ...-ing (negative nuance, with the state being improper, unpleasant, etc.)/have been ...-ing/leaving (something) on/leaving (something) still in use

ついて行く(P);付いていく(P);付いて行く;付いてゆく [ついていく(ついて行く,付いていく,付いて行く)(P);ついてゆく(ついて行く,付いて行く,付いてゆく)] /(v5k-s) (uk) to accompany/to follow/to keep up with

つつある /(suf) (See つつ・1) (with masu stem) to be doing/to be in the process of doing

つまみ食い;摘まみ食い;摘み食い;撮み食い [つまみぐい] /(n,vs) (1) eating with one's fingers/(2) snitching food/snatched food/secret eating/food snatched and eaten without the meal starting/(3) embezzlement/misappropriation/exploiting something/(4) flirting

つるっ禿 [つるっぱげ] /(n) shiny, bald head/person with a shiny, bald head

つるり;つるん /(adv-to) (on-mim) smoothly/with a slipping or sliding motion

つる鍋;弦鍋;鉉鍋 [つるなべ] /(n) (See 鍋・1) pot with a bail for a handle

つんと澄まして [つんとすまして] /(exp) primly/with one's nose in the air/smugly

てば;ってば /(prt) (1) indicates emotional closeness or annoyance with someone/(2) indicates annoyance (in sentence-final position)

てんから /(adv) (1) from the start/(2) (with negative verb) not at all

である体 [であるたい] /(n) (See だ体) literary form imparting a formal written nuance (with sentences ending in "de aru")

ですます体 [ですますたい] /(n) (See です体) style of polite speech in Japanese (with sentences ending in "desu" and verbs ending in "masu")

です体 [ですたい] /(n) style of polite speech in Japanese (with sentences ending in "desu" and verbs ending in "masu")

ではある /(exp,v5r-i) (である with は) (See である) to be (in contrast to something that is not the case)

でもある /(v5r-i) (1) (である with も) (See である) to also be (formal, literary)/implies that as well as the earlier stated this is also the case/(2) to be ... or something

と /(prt,conj) (1) if/when/(2) and/(3) with/(4) (See って・1) particle used for quoting (with speech, thoughts, etc.)/quoting particle/(n) (5) (abbr) {shogi} (See と金) promoted pawn/(prt) (6) (kyu:) indicates question (sentence end)

とことこ /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) briskly with small steps/trotting

とする /(exp,vs-i) (1) (after the volitional form of verb) to try to .../to be about to do .../(2) (after the dictionary form of verb) to decide to .../(3) to take as/to treat as/(4) to use for/(5) to suppose that (such) is the case/to assume/(6) to decide that/to think that/(7) to make into/to change into/(8) to feel (e.g. after sound symbolism or psychological experience word)/to look/to feel like/(9) (with を目的) to intend/to have the intention

とち狂う [とちぐるう;とちくるう] /(v5u,vi) to be playful/to gambol/to be amused (with something)/to play/to sport/to frolic/to joke

となく /(suf,exp) (See それと無く,何となく,幾度となく) adds vagueness and indirectness to the word or phrase it is used with

とも /(prt) (1) certainly/of course/to be sure/surely/(2) (usu. with vol. verb or adj. stem) even if/no matter (who, what, when, where, why, how)/though/although/(3) (with neg. verb) without even/without so much as/(4) (after an adverb) (See 遅くとも) at the (least, earliest, etc.)/(exp) (5) also (called)/(prt) (6) (sometimes esp. an emphatic form of the particle と) (See と・1,と・2,と・3,と・4) emphatic particle

とやかく言う;兎や角言う [とやかくいう] /(exp,v5u) to say all kinds of things/to complain/to find fault (with)

とんとん(P);トントン /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) tap/rap-tap/tapping/(2) without delay/smoothly/without a hitch/(adj-na) (3) even/equal/with no advantage or disadvantage

と共に [とともに] /(exp) (uk) together with/as X, then Y (e.g. as we age we gain wisdom, as wine matures it becomes more valuable, etc.)

と比べて [とくらべて] /(exp) compared with

どうかしている /(exp) something wrong with (someone)/not oneself/crazy/nuts

どうかと思う [どうかとおもう] /(exp,v5u) to doubt/to have a problem with/to think badly of

どうしたもの;どうしたもん /(exp) (col) what's up with/what's the deal with/what's to be done with

どうどう /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) with a roaring sound (of water or wind)/sound of feet stamping on the ground/(int) (2) (See どう) whoa! (command used to stop or quieten down a horse, etc.)

どうも /(int) (1) (abbr) (See どうも有難う) thanks/(adv) (2) much (thanks)/very (sorry)/quite (regret)/(3) quite/really/mostly/(4) somehow/(5) (in positive sense, esp. どうも〜しまう) (See どうしても) in spite of oneself/no matter how hard one may try (one is unable to) (with negative verb)/no matter how hard one may try not to (one ends up doing) (with positive verb, esp. -shimau)/(int) (6) greetings/hello/goodbye

どかどか /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) noisily/with loud footsteps/(2) in a crowd/incessantly/all together

どきつく /(v5k,vi) to palpitate (with anxiety, etc.)

どさっと;ドサっと /(adv) (on-mim) (See ドサ) with a thud

どさり /(adv-to) (on-mim) with a thud

どじょう汁に金鍔;泥鰌汁に金鍔 [どじょうじるにきんつば] /(exp) (id) (See 金鍔・きんつば・1) two things that do not go well together/pairing kintsuba with loach soup

どたりと /(adv) (on-mim) with a flop/flump/plump

どち狂う [どちぐるう] /(v5u,vi) (See とち狂う) to be playful/to gambol/to be amused (with something)/to play/to sport/to frolic/to joke

どっかと /(adv) (on-mim) with a thump/floppingly

どっさり;ドッサリ /(adv,adv-to,adj-no) (1) (on-mim) heaps/a lot/plenty/(adv,adv-to) (2) (on-mim) (See どさり) with a thud

どぶ川;溝川 [どぶがわ] /(n) ditch with running water/drainage channel

どぶ漬け;どぶ漬 [どぶづけ] /(n) (1) {food} (See 糠味噌漬け) vegetables pickled in salted rice-bran paste, esp. with lots of liquid/(2) (col) {engr} hot-dip galvanizing

どぼ漬け;どぼ漬 [どぼづけ] /(n) (ksb:) {food} (See どぶ漬け・どぶづけ・1) vegetables pickled in salted rice-bran paste, esp. with lots of liquid

どれにも /(exp) none (in sentence with negative verb)

どれ一つ [どれひとつ] /(exp) not one (in sentence with negative verb)

どんと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) powerfully/vigorously/with all one's strength/(2) (on-mim) lots of/heaps of/plenty

どんな /(adj-pn) (1) (See あんな,こんな,そんな) what/what kind of/(2) (as in どんな人でも) (with -temo, demo, etc.) any(body, thing, means, etc.)

ど演歌;ド演歌 [どえんか(ど演歌);ドえんか(ド演歌)] /(n) (See 演歌) quintessential enka/enka with age-old lyrical themes set to a haunting traditional-style melody

な /(prt) (1) (sentence end, mainly masc.) indicates emotion or emphasis/(2) (abbr) (from なさい) (used with masu stem verb) command/(3) (used with dictionary form verb) prohibition

ない /(aux-adj) (1) (verb-negating suffix; may indicate question or invitation with rising intonation) not/(suf,adj-i) (2) (after the root of an adjective) (See 忙しない) emphatic suffix

ないことには /(exp) (with verb stem) unless you do something

なえ;なえに;なへに;なべに /(adv) (arch) accompanying/at the same time as/together with

なさぬ仲;生さぬ仲 [なさぬなか] /(n,adj-no) with no blood relation

なの /(exp) (1) (fem) (col) (at sentence-end with falling intonation) used to make an assertion/(2) (fem) (col) (at sentence-end with rising intonation) used to ask a question

なのだ(P);なんだ(P) /(aux) (1) (See のだ) it is assuredly that .../can say with confidence that .../(2) (なんだ only) (ksb:) (after the -nai stem of a verb) did not ...

なのである /(aux) (See なのだ・1) it is assuredly (that).../can say with confidence that it is...

なのです(P);なんです(P) /(aux) (pol) (See のです) it is assuredly that .../can say with confidence that ...

なり /(prt) (1) or something/for instance ... (though there are other suitable options)/(2) (usu. in the form ...なり...なり) ... or .../(3) (after dictionary form verb) as soon as/right after/(4) (after past tense verb) while still/with previous state still in effect

に /(prt) (1) at (place, time)/in/on/during/(2) to (direction, state)/toward/into/(3) for (purpose)/(4) because of (reason)/for/with/(5) by/from/(6) (See として・1) as (i.e. in the role of)/(7) per/in/for/a (e.g. "once a month")/(8) and/in addition to/(9) (arch) if/although

にきび面;面皰面 [にきびづら] /(n) face covered with pimples

にぎり寿司(P);握り寿司(P);にぎり鮨;握りずし;握り鮨;握鮨(io);握寿司(io) [にぎりずし] /(n) {food} nigirizushi/hand-formed sushi with a topping of seafood, etc.

にたっと;ニタッと /(adv) (See にたにた) with a broad grin/smirking

にたにた;ニタニタ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) with a broad grin/smirking

にっと;ニッと /(adv) with a grin

にんまり /(adv,adv-to,vs) with a complacent smile/with a smile of satisfaction

に因んで [にちなんで] /(exp) (uk) (See 因む) named after/associated with/connected with

に沿って [にそって] /(exp,adv) (See 沿う・そう) along/parallel to/in accordance with

に於ける [における] /(exp) (uk) in/at/on/as for/regarding/with regards to

に向けて [にむけて] /(exp) (See 向ける) towards (a destination)/for the purpose of/with the goal of/targeting (a group, a demographic)

に従い [にしたがい] /(exp) in accordance with/according to

に従って [にしたがって] /(exp) in accordance with/according to/as X, then Y (e.g. as we age we gain wisdom, as wine matures it becomes more valuable, etc.)

に照らして [にてらして] /(exp) (See に照らすと) in comparison with/when compared with/according to/in light of/in view of

に照らすと [にてらすと] /(exp) (See に照らして) in comparison with/when compared with/according to/in light of/in view of

に対し [にたいし] /(exp) (See に対する) towards/against/regarding/in contrast with

に対して [にたいして] /(exp) (See に対する) towards/against/regarding/in contrast with

に対する [にたいする] /(exp) (See に対して) regarding/in/to/towards/with regards to

に伴い [にともない] /(exp) as/because/with/due to

ぬかみそ臭い;糠味噌臭い;ぬか味噌臭い [ぬかみそくさい] /(exp,adj-i) overly concerned with domestic affairs/having an air of domesticity

ね(P);ねえ /(prt) (1) (at sentence end) indicates emphasis, agreement, request for confirmation, etc./is it so/(int) (2) hey/come on/listen/(aux-adj) (3) (col) (verb-negating suffix; may indicate question or invitation with rising intonation) (See ない・1) not

のー饅頭 [のーまんじゅう] /(n) no-manj醇・Okinawan sweet manj醇・with hiragana "no" written on it

のし紙;熨斗紙 [のしがみ] /(n) (See 熨斗・のし) wrapping paper for a present/gift wrapping paper/wrapping paper with a noshi decoration printed on it

のっぺら坊;野箆坊 [のっぺらぼう;のっぺらぽう;ぬっぺらぼう(野箆坊)] /(adj-na,adj-no) (1) (uk) smooth/flat/lacking bumps and dents/(2) (uk) featureless/uneventful/(n) (3) (uk) noppera-b醇v/mythical being with flat featureless face

の様に [のように] /(exp,adv) (1) (uk) like/similar to/(2) (uk) as with/in the same way

は /(prt) (1) (pronounced わ in modern Japanese) topic marker particle/(2) indicates contrast with another option (stated or unstated)/(3) adds emphasis

はい /(int) (1) (pol) yes/that is correct/(2) understood/I see/OK/okay/(3) (as a response to a roll call) present/here/(4) (col) (with rising intonation) pardon?/what's that?/come again?/(5) giddy-up/giddap

はいから饂飩 [はいからうどん] /(n) (uk) (ksb:) (See たぬきうどん,天かす・てんかす,揚げ玉・あげだま) noodles with bits of deep-fried tempura batter (tenkasu, agedama)

はかが行く;捗が行く [はかがゆく] /(exp,v5k) (See 捗・はか) to make progress/to move right ahead (with the work)/to advance

はさみ焼き;挟み焼き [はさみやき] /(n) {food} grilled slices of lotus root, eggplant, etc. with a filling (usu. minced meat)

はず押し;筈押し [はずおし] /(n) {sumo} pushing up with hands under opponent's armpits/armpit push

はと胸;鳩胸 [はとむね] /(n,adj-no) (1) pigeon chest (Pectus carinatum, deformity of the chest, protruding ribs and sternum)/pigeon breast/(2) (col) woman with big breasts

はわく /(v5k) (kyu:) to sweep (with a broom)/to clean up

ばさばさ;バサバサ /(adv-to,adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) rustling/flapping/fluttering/(2) (on-mim) unkempt (hair, etc.)/loose/dishevelled/(adj-na,adv-to,adv,vs) (3) (on-mim) dry/(adv-to,adv,vs) (4) (on-mim) decisively/with a whack

ばさりと /(adv) (on-mim) with a thud

ばちゃん;バチャン /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) with a splash

ばちん;バチン /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (with a) slap/smack/whack/sound of a sharp blow with something flat/(2) (on-mim) wham/sound of striking with something solid/(3) (on-mim) zap/crack/sound of thunder

ばっさり /(adv) with a single stroke/resolutely/drastically/completely

ばったり;バッタリ;ばたり;バタリ;ばったん;バッタン /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) with a clash/with a thud/with a bang/with a flop/plump/(2) (on-mim) unexpectedly (meeting someone)/(3) (on-mim) suddenly (ending)/abruptly (coming to a halt)

ばら寿司;ばら鮨 [ばらずし] /(n) (ksb:) (See 五目寿司) type of sushi with a variety of ingredients sprinkled on the rice

ぱしぱし /(adv-to,adj-no) (on-mim) with a snap

ぱたぱた /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) flap (sound of something light and thin such as a fan moving through the air)/(2) pitter-patter (sound of light footsteps)/(3) dealing with a situation quickly

ぱたり /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) with a clink/with a flop/(2) (on-mim) (See ぱったり) suddenly/all of a sudden

ぱちっ /(n,adv-to) (on-mim) snapping (e.g. fingers) sound/with a pop

ぱちり;パチリ /(adv-to) (on-mim) (with a) click (e.g. camera shutter)/(with a) snap

ぱらつく;パラつく /(v5k,vi) (See パラパラ・2) to sprinkle (e.g. with rain)

ひねくり回す;捻くり回す [ひねくりまわす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to twist/to twirl/(2) to fiddle around with/to play with/to rewrite/(3) to rack one's brains

ひねり回す;捻り回す [ひねりまわす] /(v5s,vt) (See ひねくり回す・ひねくりまわす・2) to fiddle with/to play with

ひゅーっ;ひゅー /(adv-to) (on-mim) (with a) whizzing sound/sound of something whizzing by

ひょいと /(adv) (on-mim) by chance/suddenly/accidentally/with agility

ひょいひょい /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (See ひょいと) with agility/(2) (on-mim) casually

ひょっとこ /(n-pr) (1) (See お亀・1) Hyottoko/comical male character with puckered, skewed mouth/(n) (2) clown/ugly mug/ugly guy

ひれ酒;ヒレ酒;鰭酒 [ひれざけ(ひれ酒,鰭酒);ヒレざけ(ヒレ酒)] /(n) hot sake with grilled fish fins (esp. fugu or sea bream)

ひん曲げる [ひんまげる] /(v1,vt) (1) to bend (with great force)/to twist/to wrench/(2) to distort (the truth)

びしり /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (See びしっと) with a snap/(break) cleanly/(2) (reject) sternly/flatly/(3) smartly (e.g. of dressing up well).

ぴかり;ピカり /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) (See ピカッと) with a flash/brightly/dazzlingly/sparklingly/brilliantly

ぴくっと /(adv) with a twitch (e.g. an eyebrow)/with a dip/with a bob/with a flutter

ぴくり /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) (See ぴくっと) with a twitch (e.g. an eyebrow)/with a dip/with a bob/with a flutter

ぴしっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) with a crack/with a snap/with a slam/(2) (on-mim) firmly/sharply/sternly/(adv,vs) (3) (on-mim) precisely/properly/neatly/tidily

ぴしり /(adv-to) (on-mim) with a click/with a snap

ぴちぴち;ピチピチ /(adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) bursting with youth and energy (esp. young woman)/vivaciously young/spunky/energetic/(adv-to) (2) (on-mim) (fish) jumping around energetically (e.g. when caught in a net)/(adj-no) (3) (on-mim) bursting (e.g. seams)/tight/(adv-to) (4) (on-mim) splattering (e.g. cooking oil)

ぴょん /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) with a nimble jump/light-footed

ふう /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) huffing and puffing/gasping/with a deep breath

ふっと;ふうっと;ふーっと;フーッと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) with a whiff/with a puff/(2) (ふっと only) suddenly/abruptly/without warning

ふにゃふにゃ /(n,vs) (1) limpness/(adj-na,adj-no) (2) soft/limp/flabby/(3) (sometimes instead of むにゃむにゃ) mumbling/talking with food in one's mouth

ふんぞり返る;踏ん反り返る;ふん反り返る [ふんぞりかえる] /(v5r,vi) (1) to lie on one's back with legs outstretched/to recline/(2) to get cocky/to be arrogant

ぶくぶく;ブクブク /(adv,adv-to,vs,n) (1) (on-mim) bulging/swelling (e.g. with water)/loose-fitting or baggy (clothing)/(2) (on-mim) bubbling/foaming

ぶっかけ飯;打っ掛け飯 [ぶっかけめし] /(n) (See 打っ掛け・ぶっかけ・2) rice with other ingredients poured on top

ぶっ切れる;打っ切れる [ぶっきれる] /(v1,vi) (1) to suddenly break with a snap/to suddenly get cut off/(2) to snap/to become furious

ぶっ飛ぶ;打っ飛ぶ [ぶっとぶ] /(v5b) (1) to jump/to leap with great strength/(2) to lack common sense/(3) to be extremely surprised (by)

ぶるぶる(P);ブルブル /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) trembling (with fear, anger, etc.)/shivering (with cold)/shaking/quivering

ぶるん;ぶるり /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) with a vroom/with a sudden shaking

ぷっと /(adv) (1) (See ふっと・1) puffing motion (when blowing, spitting, etc.)/(2) pouting (with displeasure)

へったくれ /(exp) (often as as 〜もへったくれもない, etc.) to hell with/be damned

べた焼き [べたやき] /(n) (1) contact print/(2) pancake topped with vegetables, etc.

べったり;ベッタリ /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) sticking/clinging/(2) (on-mim) with a smack (e.g. sitting down)/hard/(3) (on-mim) all over/thickly

ぺこん;ぺこり;ぺこりん /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) sound of thin metal or plastic surface caving in and springing back/(2) (on-mim) action of quickly bowing or lowering one's head/(with a) bob of the head

ぺたぺた /(adv) (1) (on-mim) sound of a flat surface repeatedly making contact with something/(2) (on-mim) applying a seal or stamp again and again/pasting (paper) all over/(3) (on-mim) daubing/smearing

ぺたん /(adv) (on-mim) (See ぺたぺた・1) sound of something making firm contact with a flat surface

ほかほか;ホカホカ /(adj-no,adj-na,adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) comfortably warm/steaming hot (food)/piping hot/glowing (with warmth)

ほくほく;ホクホク /(adv,vs,adj-no) (1) (on-mim) soft and flaky (pie, potatoes, squash, etc.)/fluffy/crumbly/fresh-baked/fresh from the oven/(adv,vs) (2) (on-mim) being pleased with oneself/beaming happily/chuckling to oneself

ぼーっと(P);ボーっと(P);ボーッと;ぼうっと;ぼおっと;ボウッと;ボウっと;ボオッと;ボオっと /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) doing nothing/being stupefied/flushingly/abstractedly/dazedly/blankly/dreamily/(2) (on-mim) dimly/hazily/faintly/vaguely/indistinctly/(adv) (3) (on-mim) with a roar (e.g. flames)/with a whoosh

ぼたり;ぼったり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) (ぼったり is more emphatic) falling with a splat/oozing/dripping

ぼってり /(adj-f) (1) fleshy/plump/chubby/corpulent/(vs) (2) to apply thickly/to slap on/to coat with something thick

ぼりぼり食べる [ぼりぼりたべる] /(exp,v1) to eat with a munching or crunching sound

ぼんぼん /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) fiercely (e.g. of a fire burning)/(2) (on-mim) bong-bong (of clock ringing)/(3) (on-mim) with repeated bangs (e.g. of fire cracker)/(n) (4) (abbr) (on-mim) (See ぼんぼん時計) striking clock/(5) (ksb:) green young man from a well-to-do family

ぽかり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (See ぽかん・3) with a whack/with a thump/(2) (on-mim) (See ぽかん・2) openmouthed/with one's mouth wide-open/gaping/flabbergasted/(3) (on-mim) (See ぽかん・1) vacantly/blankly/absentmindedly/(4) (on-mim) gaping (of a hole, etc.)/suddenly opening

ぽかん(P);ポカン;ぱかん;パカン /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) vacantly/blankly/absentmindedly/(2) (on-mim) openmouthed/with one's mouth wide-open/gaping/flabbergasted/(3) (on-mim) with a whack/with a thump

ぽきり;ぽきん;ぼきり;ぼきん /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) (See ポキッと) snappingly/with a snap

ぽたぽた焼 [ぽたぽたやき] /(n) pota pota yaki (var. of senbei (rice cracker) coated with a sweet soy-sauce glaze on top)

ぽっくり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (dying) suddenly/(2) (on-mim) (breaking) brittly/with a snap/(3) (on-mim) softly and swellingly

ぽとり /(adv-to) (on-mim) (See ぽとりと落ちる) with a "plop" (of tears, drop of water, etc.)

ぽとりと落ちる [ぽとりとおちる] /(exp,v1) to fall down with a "plop"

まかり通る;罷り通る [まかりとおる] /(v5r,vi) to go by/to let pass/to get away with/to let slide/to overlook

ますです体 [ますですたい] /(n) (uk) (See ですます体) literary form imparting the nuance of polite speech (with sentences ending in "desu" and verbs ending in "masu")

まずあり得ない [まずありえない] /(exp) very improbable/vanishingly unlikely/only with a miracle

まず隗より始めよ [まずかいよりはじめよ] /(exp) (1) (See 隗より始めよ・1) start with the first step/when embarking on a great project, start with immediate steps/(2) (See 隗より始めよ・2) he who first suggests it should be the first to do it

まなじりを決して;眦を決して [まなじりをけっして] /(exp) with one's eyes flashing

まめぶ汁 [まめぶじる] /(n) {food} soup of dumplings filled with walnuts and brown sugar, boiled together with vegetables, tofu, etc.

まんが喫茶;漫画喫茶;マンガ喫茶 [まんがきっさ(まんが喫茶,漫画喫茶);マンガきっさ(マンガ喫茶)] /(n) (See 漫画) manga cafe/coffee shop with a manga library (usu. has Internet facilities and charges by the hour)

まんじり /(n) (1) (See まんじりともしない・1) (usu. with negative verb) nap/doze/short sleep/(adv-to) (2) staringly/fixedly

み /(suf) (1) (also written with the ateji 味) (See 甘み・1) -ness (nominalizing suffix, esp. of sensory or subjective adjectives)/(2) (See 深み) nominalizing suffix indicating location/(3) (See 降りみ降らずみ) (as ...mi ...mi) alternating between ... and ...

みぞれ和え;霙和え [みぞれあえ] /(n) {food} (See おろし和え・おろしあえ) seasoning of grated daikon with soy and vinegar, usu. for fish or vegetables

むかご飯;零余子飯 [むかごめし;ぬかごめし(零余子飯)] /(n) (See 零余子・むかご) cooked rice with with yam bulblets

むせび泣き;咽び泣き;噎び泣き [むせびなき] /(vs) (1) to sob/to be choked with tears/(n) (2) sobbing

むっつり助兵衛 [むっつりすけべえ] /(n) lecher with a quiet exterior/lecher who doesn't seem it and doesn't talk about it

むっつり助平 [むっつりすけべい;むっつりすけべ] /(n) (See むっつり・1) lecher with a quiet exterior/lecher who doesn't seem it and doesn't talk about it

むにゃむにゃ;ムニャムニャ;もにゃもにゃ;モニャモニャ /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) mumbling/incomprehensible muttering/talking with food in one's mouth/talking in sleep

むむ /(int) (1) (on-mim) hum/hmm/mild surprise or doubt/(2) (on-mim) (See ふふ) mm mm/light chuckle with mouth closed/(3) (on-mim) (See うんうん) mm mm/agreeable sounds (sound indicating agreement)/(4) (on-mim) mm/hmm/deep in thought/(5) (on-mim) well/calling attention

むんず /(adv-to) strongly/violently/with all one's strength

めった打ち;滅多打ち [めったうち] /(n) showering with blows

もつ鍋 [もつなべ] /(n) {food} (See もつ) hot pot stew made with offal, vegetables and (often) miso

もて扱う;持て扱う [もてあつかう] /(v5u,vt) (1) (arch) to take care of/(2) (arch) (See 持て余す) to be too much for one/to find unmanageable/to be beyond one's control/to not know what to do with

ものが言えない;物が言えない [ものがいえない] /(exp,adj-i) speechless (with amazement)/struck dumb/tongue-tied/dumbfounded

ものを /(conj,prt) (usu. at sentence end) although (with nuance of strong discontent)/but/even though/I wish ....

もろ肌を脱ぐ;諸肌を脱ぐ [もろはだをぬぐ] /(exp,v5g) (1) to strip to one's waist/(2) (id) to go at with might and main

もんじゃ焼き [もんじゃやき] /(n) (See お好み焼き) savoury pancake with various fillings, thinner than okonomiyaki

やって見る;遣ってみる;遣って見る [やってみる] /(exp,v1) (uk) to have a go/to try and do (something)/to take a chance with something

やって行く;遣って行く [やっていく] /(v5k-s,vi) (uk) to live/to make a living/to get on with

やっとの事で [やっとのことで] /(exp) (uk) just managing/with great difficulty

やねん /(aux) (ksb:) it is assuredly that .../can say with confidence that ...

やりコン;ヤリコン /(n) (sl) blind date party, with the object of sex

やり合う;遣り合う;遣りあう [やりあう] /(v5u,vt) (uk) to compete with/to argue with/to quarrel

やり逃げ;遣り逃げ [やりにげ] /(n) (sl) (vulg) breaking off contact with someone after having sex with them/wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am/hit it and quit it/fuck and chuck

ゆかりご飯;紫ご飯;紫御飯 [ゆかりごはん] /(n) {food} rice sprinkled with red perilla

ゆさゆさ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) swaying (with large slow movements)/shaking

ゆとり教育 [ゆとりきょういく] /(exp) "education with breathing space" system/pressure-free education

よいよい /(n) (col) (sens) locomotor ataxia/difficulty walking or speaking (due to alcoholism, a stroke, etc.)/someone with this problem

よそ事;余所事 [よそごと] /(n) another's affair/matter of no concern/nothing to do with one

よちよち /(adv,int,n,vs) (on-mim) totteringly/with tottering steps

よりを戻す;縒りを戻す [よりをもどす] /(exp,v5s) to get back together (with a former partner)

よろしくお願いします;宜しくお願いします [よろしくおねがいします] /(exp) please remember me/please help me/please treat me well/I look forward to working with you

らりる;ラリる /(v5r,vi) (sl) to become intoxicated (e.g. with drugs)

ろくろっ首;轆轤っ首 [ろくろっくび] /(n) (See 轆轤首) rokurokubi/long-neck woman/monstrous person (often a woman) with a neck that can expand and contract (in Japanese folklore)

ろくろ回し;轆轤回し [ろくろまわし] /(n) (1) shaping ceramics on a pottery wheel/spinning a pottery wheel/(2) (sl) (joc) gesticulating with your hands as if you were shaping ceramics on a pottery wheel

ろくろ首;轆轤首 [ろくろくび] /(n) rokurokubi/long-neck woman/monstrous person (often a woman) with a neck that can expand and contract (in Japanese folklore)

わさび醤油;山葵醤油 [わさびじょうゆ] /(n) soy sauce flavoured with grated wasabi (used for sashimi, etc.)

わさび漬け;山葵漬け;山葵漬 [わさびづけ] /(n) pickled Japanese horseradish/wasabi cut up and mixed with sake lees

わな猟;罠猟 [わなりょう] /(n) animal trapping/hunting with traps

を以て;を以って [をもって] /(adv) (uk) by (means of)/with

アイコラ /(n) (abbr) (See アイドルコラージュ) altered photograph, usu. with sexual connotations, such as putting someone's face on top of a picture of a nude idol, etc.

アイス染料 [アイスせんりょう] /(n) (See 氷染染料,ナフトール染料・ナフトールせんりょう) insoluble azo dye that is cooled with ice during dyeing/ice color

アイドルオタク;アイドルおたく;アイドル・オタク /(n) (See オタク) (male) otaku obsessed with (female) idols

アイドルコラージュ;アイドル・コラージュ /(n) altered photograph, usu. with sexual connotations, such as putting someone's face on top of a picture of a nude idol, etc. (wasei: idol collage)

アイドルヲタ /(n) (sl) (abbr) (See アイドルオタク) (male) otaku obsessed with (female) idols

アガリクス /(n) Agaricus subrufescens (species of mushroom with purported medicinal properties)

アジア太平洋戦争;アジア・太平洋戦争 [アジアたいへいようせんそう] /(n) (See 十五年戦争,太平洋戦争) Asia-Pacific War (starting with the Manchurian Incident in 1931 and ending with the Japanese surrender in 1945)

アズマギンザメ属 [アズマギンザメぞく] /(n) Harriotta (genus with two species of long-nosed chimaeras in the family Rhinochimaeridae)

アポスティーユ;アボスティル;アポスティユ /(n) apostille/stamp or certificate of public document authentication in accordance with Hague Convention XII

アポミクティック /(n) apomictic/of or relating to a plant that reproduces by apomixis/related to reproduction without fertilization, meiosis or production of gametes, with the result that the seeds are genetically identical to the parent plant

アミメカゲロウ目;網目蜉蝣目 [アミメカゲロウもく(アミメカゲロウ目);あみめかげろうもく(網目蜉蝣目)] /(n) Neuroptera/order of insects with four membranous wings

アルサロ /(n) (abbr) (from アルバイト and salon) "salon" where the hostesses are supposedly part-timers with other jobs

アルバー;アルバ /(n) alvar/biological environment based on a limestone plain with thin or no soil

アンコン /(n) (abbr) overcoat with very simple lines and no shoulder pads, etc. (from: unconstructed)

アンドゥイエット;アンデュイエット /(n) andouillette (fre:)/French sausage filled with pork and tripe

イージーパンツ;イージー・パンツ /(n) loose-fitting pants with an elastic or drawcord waist (wasei: easy pants)

イエローキャブ;イエロー・キャブ /(n) (1) (trademark) Yellow Cab/(2) (sl) Japanese woman who readily sleeps with foreign men (sometimes a stereotype of all Japanese women)

イケてる /(adj-f,v1,vi) (sl) cool/stylish/with-it/turn-on/sexy

イットガール;イット・ガール /(n) It girl/personable young woman with sex appeal

イヤドロップ /(n) eardrop (earring with a pendant)

イヤミス /(n) (from イヤな汗 and ミステリー) (See 嫌・いや) iyamisu/mystery fiction subgenre dealing with grisly episodes and the dark side of human nature

インキー;イン・キー /(vs) shutting yourself out of your car with the key left inside (wasei: in key)

インサイドアウト;インサイド・アウト /(n) inside out/swinging golf club with an inside out motion

インフォーマント /(n) informant (often with regard to survey respondents)

ウォシュレット;ウォッシュレット /(n) (Toto brandname) (See 温水洗浄便座) toilet seat with bidet functions (wasei: wash toilet)

エーコッコシー /(adj-f) (ksb:) someone who is overly concerned with status. Can be used enviously with reference to someone of real accomplishment

エアーパッキン;エアー・パッキン /(n) (See エアキャップ) plastic packing material with air bubbles (wasei: air packing)/bubble wrap

エアキャップ;エア・キャップ /(n) (1) plastic packing material with air bubbles (wasei: air cap)/bubble wrap/(2) cap on a tyre valve/(3) brand of lawn mower

エアロビサイズ /(n,vs) aerobicising/exercising with aerobics

エコー葉書 [エコーはがき] /(n) (uk) postcards with the bottom third of the front side reserved for an advertisement, and sold at a lower cost than regular postcards

エタロン /(n) etalon (optical element with parallel surfaces used to increase the coherent length of a laser)

エネトピア /(n) (abbr) housing development designed with an eye toward energy conservation

エネルギースポット;エネルギー・スポット /(n) (See パワースポット) location thought to be flowing with mystical energy (wasei: energy spot)

エバチップ /(n) (abbr) special version of a product with features that allow it to be used for evaluation (wasei: evaluation chip)

エラーカード;エラー・カード /(n) telephone card etc. with a misprint or other error (wasei: error card)

エラー終了 [エラーしゅうりょう] /(n,vs) {comp} error termination/terminate with error

エンリッチドエア;エンリッチド・エア /(n) enriched air/air with additional oxygen added

オートマ車 [オートマしゃ] /(n) automatic car/car with automatic transmission

オーバードクター;オーバー・ドクター /(n) (1) unemployed person with a PhD (wasei: over doctor)/(2) postdoctoral fellow/postdoc

オープンスクール;オープン・スクール /(n) school(s) with flexible, child-centred curricula (wasei: open school)

オシザメ科 [オシザメか] /(n) Pseudotriakidae/family with only one species of false catshark, Pseudotriakis microdon

オタ車 [オタしゃ] /(n) (col) (See オタク,ヲタ車,痛車・1) otaku car (painted with anime characters, loaded with figures and stuffed dolls, etc.)

オドオド(P);おどおど /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) timidly/nervously/hesitantly/trembling (with fear)

オナガザメ科 [オナガザメか] /(n) Alopiidae/family with three species of thresher sharks all within the genus Alopias

オフィスラブ;オフィス・ラブ /(n) office romance (wasei: office love)/workplace romance/love affair with colleague

オフタートル;オフ・タートル /(n) knit top with a loose turtleneck or cowl neck design (wasei: off turtle)

オムライス /(n) (abbr) omurice/omelet with a filling of seasoned fried rice (omelette)

カーアクション;カー・アクション /(n) genre of action film or TV production with car chases or racing (wasei: car action)

カウ /(n) (abbr) {comp} (See カウンター・4,モニ) automatically responding with an upload slot to someone who allows you to download (e.g. in P2P systems)

カウンター(P);カウンタ /(n) (1) counter/(2) service counter (e.g. at a bank)/(3) counter (at a bar, cafe, etc.)/(4) {comp} (See カウ,モニター・3) automatically responding with an upload slot to someone who allows you to download (e.g. in P2P systems)

カウンターキッチン;カウンター・キッチン /(n) kitchen with a small counter for eating, usu. allowing a view into the living and dining rooms (wasei: counter kitchen)

カキタレ /(n) (sl) woman one dates only with the purpose of having sex

カグラザメ科 [カグラザメか] /(n) Hexanchidae/family with four species and three genera of cow sharks characterized by either one or two additional pairs of gill slits

カスケット /(n) (1) style of watch with a rectangular face/(2) ornamental box/(3) fishing lure/(4) (largish) cap

カタログレゾネ /(n) catalogue with the entire works of one artist (used to check authenticity) (fre:)/catalogue raisonne

カチッと;カチっと;かちっと /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) with a click (door sound)/(2) (on-mim) with tenseness or firmness

カチューシャ /(n) (1) (named after a character in Tolstoy's novel "Resurrection") Alice band (rus: Katyusha)/horseshoe-shaped hairband made of metal or plastic (often covered with cloth)/(2) Katyusha rocket launcher (Soviet)

カチンと来る;かちんと来る [カチンとくる(カチンと来る);かちんとくる(かちんと来る)] /(exp,vk) (uk) to be annoyed (by)/to be offended (at)/to be irritated (with)

カッサータ;カサータ /(n) (1) {food} cassata (ita:)/Italian layered sponge cake/(2) ice-cream with nuts and preserved fruit

カラーシャツ;カラー・シャツ /(n) (1) colored shirt (wasei: color shirt)/(2) shirt with a collar (wasei: collar shirt)

カラーボール;カラー・ボール /(n) (1) colored ball/(2) anti-thief colored ball (filled with a colored dye)/paintball

カラオケボックス;カラオケ・ボックス /(n) karaoke box/club with individual rooms that can be rented with karaoke machines

カリ活用 [カリかつよう] /(n) classical form of i-adjective inflection formed by contraction of the "ku" adverbial form with the classical verb "ari" ("aru")

カルタ金 [カルタがね] /(n) armor covered with small rectangular plates of metal

カルタ取り [カルタとり] /(n) (See カルタ,読み札,取り札) karuta game in which players race to grab cards associated with a given reading

カルメラ(P);カルメル /(n) honeycomb toffee (por: caramelo)/sponge toffee/foam candy from heated brown sugar mixed with baking soda

カルメ焼き;カルメ焼;軽目焼(ateji) [カルメやき] /(n) (See カルメラ) honeycomb toffee/sponge toffee/foam candy from heated brown sugar mixed with baking soda

カレー饂飩 [カレーうどん] /(n) Udon cooked with curry topping

カンチョー /(n) (sl) (from 浣腸) (See 浣腸) poking someone's anus with one's index fingers (childish prank)

カ行 [カぎょう] /(n) classification for Japanese verb with the dictionary form ending in "ku"/"ka" column or row of the kana syllabary

ガーッと;がーっと;があっと /(adv) (on-mim) with a grinding noise

ガールズバー;ガールズ・バー /(n) (See ショットバー) small shot bar with an all-female staff (wasei: girl's bar)

ガクンと;がくんと /(adv) (on-mim) suddenly/with a jerk

ガシる /(v5r) to well up/to be overcome with emotion/to be close to tears

ガシャッ;がしゃっ /(adv-to) (on-mim) (with a) crack

ガステーブル;ガス・テーブル /(n) (See ガス台) gas range (wasei: gas table)/gas burner/gas ring/hot plate/gas cooker/gas cooktop/esp. table-top unit with two or more burners and a fish oven

ガチッと;がちっと /(adv) (on-mim) with a clashing or clanging sound

ガチャン;がちゃん;ガチン;がちん /(adv-to,n) (on-mim) (with a) slamming noise (door, telephone receiver)/(with a) banging noise/(with a) clash (broken dish)/(with a) clank/(with a) bang

ガツン;がつん /(n) (1) (on-mim) klop/klunk/whonk/crash/thump/(adv-to) (2) (on-mim) (See がつんと言う) with a heavy impact/forcibly

ガブッと;がぶっと;ガプッと(ik);がぷっと(ik) /(adv) (on-mim) chomping/gulping/with a big bite

ガラホ /(n) (from ガラケー and スマホ) smartphone with features of a typical Japanese keitai/smartphone with typically Japanese features

ガルバリウム;ガルバニウム /(n) Galvalume (brand name)/Galvanium/steel with an Al-Zn coating

ガ行 [ガぎょう] /(n) classification for Japanese verb with the dictionary form ending in "gu"/"ga" column or row of the kana syllabary

キーボードプログラム入力式計算器 [キーボードプログラムにゅうりょくしきけいさんき] /(n) {comp} calculator with keyboard program input

キッズカフェ;キッズ・カフェ /(n) restaurant with a play area for children (wasei: kids' cafe)

キャバクラ /(n) (abbr) (See キャバレークラブ) hostess bar (wasei: cabaret club)/bar with female companions for male customers

キャバレークラブ;キャバレー・クラブ /(n) (See キャバクラ) hostess club (wasei: cabaret club)/bar with female companions for male customers

キャラバンカー;キャラバン・カー /(n) van or truck with a display, retail, etc. facility (wasei: caravan car)/mobile showroom

キャリーバッグ;キャリー・バッグ /(n) (1) small case with wheels/(2) large bag with handles/carry bag

キャリア検知多重アクセス衝突回避ネットワーク [キャリアけんちたじゅうアクセスしょうとつかいひネットワーク] /(n) {comp} carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance network/CSMA/CA network

キャリア検知多重アクセス衝突検出ネットワーク [キャリアけんちたじゅうアクセスしょうとつけんしゅつネットワーク] /(n) {comp} carrier sense multiple access with collision detection network/CSMA/CD network

キュンメル /(n) kummel (liqueur flavored with caraway seed or cumin) (ger: K醇・mel)

ギクッと;ぎくっと;ギクっと /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (See ぎくり・1) (with a) start/(vs) (2) (on-mim) (See ぎくり・2) to feel shocked

ギクリ;ぎくり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (with a) start/(vs) (2) to be startled

ギチギチ;ぎちぎち /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) creakily/(adj-na) (2) (on-mim) close (i.e. with no room to spare)

ギンザメ科 [ギンザメか] /(n) Chimaeridae/family of shortnose chimaeras, cartilaginous fish with short round snouts

クールー /(n) kuru (degenerative brain disease usually associated with New Guinean cannabalism)

クイックブレッド;クイック・ブレッド /(n) quick bread/bread made with baking powder instead of yeast

クォータ;クォーター;クオータ;クオーター;クウォウタ;クォウタ /(n) (1) quarter/(2) (See ハーフ・2) someone with one non-Japanese grandparent/(3) (esp. クォータ and クオータ) quota

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