was taken to

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ワンクッション;ワン・クッション /(n) action taken to soften the impact of something (wasei: one cushion)

All thing taken into consideration, my father's life was a happy one.

All things taken into consideration, my father's life was a happy one.

The man injured in the accident was taken to the hospital.

The old man was run over and immediately taken to hospital.

In the U.S. I was often taken to be Chinese.

Tom broke his right leg and was taken to hospital a few weeks before Christmas.

Perry is mistaken in thinking that Emmet's theory was constructed without reference to Newtonian physics.

It was fortunate that he was taken to a nearby hospital right away after the accident.

He had taken to drinking more than was good for him.

He was taken to drinking recently.

She was taken ill on holiday and had to find a doctor.

She came to herself when she was taken to the hospital.

He was all but dead when taken to the hospital.

Taken by surprise, I was at a loss for what to answer.

I was taken to a circus for the first time. [M]

At the age of six, I was taken to a circus for the first time. [M]

At the gas station just before you got taken, you were ready to come home with me, and I was ready to think that that was okay.
あのガソリンスタンドで―― 俺と帰る気になってたね 俺もそれでいいと思ってた

Based on the damage to her liver, it was taken three hours earlier.

Because of that incident he was taken to the juvenile penitentiary.
その事件で 少年刑務所に送られたんだが

Before her surgery she turned her head to feature it whenever her picture was taken.
手術を受ける前は 写真を撮る時 ホクロが目立つように顔を向けてた

But the one thing he never ran away from was his belief that the company needed to be taken down.
でも、会社が破壊させるべきと 根強く信じ、それから逃げてはいない。

But, everything I wanted to protect was taken from me in 30 minutes.

Chief commissioner Filippo Raciti was hit in the face by a homemade explosive, he was taken to Garibaldi hospital and died there.
手製の爆発物が 顔面に直撃した―― フィリッポ・ラチーティ氏は 搬送先の病院で 亡くなりました

Davis was wrong. I mean, Volker is a sociopath, and he needs to be taken down.
フォルカーは 社会病質者です 逮捕しなくては いけません

Do you remember where he was taken to?
どこに運ばれたか 覚えてます?

Do you think I would have taken that money if it wasn't the right thing to do?
それが正しい行いでないならば 私にあのお金を使ったと思うか?

Erika did win, but then the cup was taken away from her and given to Lana Brewster, who came in second.
エリカが1位だったんだが 2番だったラナに 優勝カップが送られた

Family environment was taken into consideration.

Far away from the land of the shrine, he was taken to the children ....
神社の土地どころか 子供たちまで連れていかれて...。

Franklin's wife. Was taken into custody in the north Dakota.
フランクリンの妻が、 ノースダコタ州に逮捕された

Frau was questioned by the police afterward but wasn't taken into custody.
<あの後 フラウは 警察に事情を聴かれたけど

Have you never taken anything that didn't belong to you because you knew it was the right thing to do?
犯罪者扱いはするな? それが正しいことだとしたら 自分のものでなくともとっておくだろう?

He said it was the key to him getting back everything that was taken from him.
すべてを取り戻す カギだと言っていた

He was later taken into police custody for psychiatric evaluation.
後に警察に 精神鑑定の為 連行 拘留されました

He was taken at my command to answer for his crimes.
私の兵が連れて行った 犯罪の取調べだ

He was taken to the airport and he was deported.
空港に連れて行かれ 国外退去処分になりました

He was taken to the hospital, but died soon after.

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