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Walter Mondale ran for President.

Walter was taken aback by John's cruel insult.

At one point, I was half naked, and Barbara Walters walked into the dressing room.
試着室で服を脱いだら― バーバラ・ウォルターズが 入ってきた

Baghadad Iraq so this guy's Walter bishop's son.
イラク バグダッド

Becky, hi, it's Walter white.
ベッキー、ハーイ ウォルター・ホワイトです

Besides, I'm sure you love birds could use a little time together. Walter.
それに2人きりの方が 良かろう?

Besides, Walter is doing a very good job here.
ウォルターは うまくやってる

Bite my hand, and I will put you down. I am Dr. Walter bishop.

But I knew Walter had a big day today, and if I called, you'd come.
ウォルターの大事な日に あなたを 横取りしたくなくて...

But Walter seems to think we can get the dead guy to answer some questions.
親父は死んだ人間と話せると 思ってるらしい

But Walter will figure it out.
ウォルターなら 見つけてくれる

But even Walter couldn't save him.
でも... ウォルターでも 救えなかった

But thank you. Dr. Walter bishop.
けどありがとう ウォルター ビショップ博士です

But the Walter who lay on an operating table in William's laboratory, begging to have pieces of his brain removed, for fear of what he would become, he would.
ウィリアムの手術台に 居たウォルターよ 自分を恐れ 脳の除去を懇願した男

But we put Rufus to sleep almost 20 years ago, Walter.

But we're continuing on with Walter's plan... For Etta.
でもウォルターの計画は 進めてるわ エッタの為に

But what about Walter's plan? We have a mission, this could put that in jeopardy.
ウォルターの計画を 進めるべきよ

But, uh, compliance needs to file the 8k connected to my assuming Walter's position in the company and they can't wait.
でも ええと 規則で 8Kを提出しなければならない ウォルターの地位を 引き受ける事に関係あるの

Can I get out of the car? Stay right there, Walter!

Can Walter's dormitory sleep elsewhere in the house? We could move their mattresses to the dining room.
家の ウォルターの寮内で 他に眠れる場所は?

Canaan, this is Peter and Walter bishop.
ケイナン ピーターとウォルターだ

Captain, just got off the phone with one of the junior partners at Walter Devlin's firm.
警部 ウォルター・デヴリィン事務所の ジュニアパートナーの1人と電話で 話したんですが

Children fit in the snow Walter, you're staying here.
"子供たちは雪にフィットしてる" - ウォルター ここに残るんだ

Come on, Walter, it's time to go.
ウォルター もう行く時間だ

Come on, Walter, let's go.
さあウォルター 行きましょ

Come on, Walter. Let's go.
ウォルター 何が起こってるの?

Come on, Walter. Nina said the observers would detect the atmospheric change.
早くして 奴らが大気の変化に気付くわ

Come on, Walter. We're waiting for you.
早く降りて みんな待ってる

Come, come. Leave the lights on. Walter.
おいおい ダナム

Consultants Peter bishop and doctor Walter bishop.
コンサルタントのピーター・ビショップと ウォルター・ビショップ博士です

Did you reach Walter? No, I'm sorry.
いいえ ごめんなさい

Do you have a son, Walter?

Do you have any thought about how we're going to approach this with Walter Jr?
どう説明すればいいかしら ジュニアに 話さないといけない

Do you prefer Walt or Walter?

Do you work at Walter reed? Yeah, I used to.

Does Walter have a gauss meter?

Don't worry, I'll get Walter to the safe house.
心配ない 私はウォルターを 隠れ家に連れて行く

Donald? That was the name of the man that was waiting for Walter, 21 years ago?
21年前にウォルターを 待ってた男ね

Eh,his injuries were the most severe. He's undergoing rehabilitative physical therapy at Walter reed.
負傷が最もひどく 今も海軍病院にてリハビリを

Feed the following to Walter Winchell.

Felicity Smoak. She said that Walter found it in their bedroom.
彼女は寝室で ウォルターが発見したと言った

Finally we have your sculptor, sergeant Walter Garfield.

For the 11th time, Walter, I drive the speed limit.

Fuck you doing here? You're supposed to be in Walter reed.

Guide her, Walter. You can do this.

Hang on, Walter. I wanna get a Dna sample.
待ってて ウォルター

Happy memories, Walter. What she meant was...

Has Walter ever talked to you about why he got into this particular line of work?
ウォルターは君に この仕事を始めた理由を?

Have you made any progress with Walter's device?
ウォルターの装置に 進展が?

He and Walter used to share a lab together.

He is. He's the best. You don't wanna lose him, do you, Walter?
そうだよ 最高の父だ

He looks like the kind of lowlife someone would hire to kidnap Walter.
彼はウォルターを 誘拐する為に誰かを雇う犯罪者に見える

He says that the company's stock price has been damaged by Walter's absence, and my stepping in would help settle the board.
会社の株価が 損傷を受けたと言ってる ウォルターが不在だから 私が 入れば取締役会の 解決に役立つわ

He wants mom to take Walter's place.
よ 彼は ママが ウォルターの場所を取るのを望んでる

He's a lot like my Walter, this one. What's she like?
彼は俺のウォルターに 良く似てる

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