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あしらい /(n) treatment/reception

お愛想;御愛想 [おあいそ;おあいそう] /(n) (1) (pol) compliments/civilities/courtesies/flattery/(2) (pol) hospitality/special treatment/entertainment/(3) (pol) bill (at a restaurant)/check

お持て成し [おもてなし] /(n,vs) (uk) (See 持て成し) hospitality/reception/treatment/service/entertainment

お草々;お草草;御草々;御草草 [おそうそう] /(adj-na) neglectful (i.e. in the treatment of one's guests)

お草々様;お草草様;御草々様;御草草様 [おそうそうさま] /(adj-na) (pol) neglectful (i.e. in the treatment of one's guests)

ごみ処理;ゴミ処理 [ごみしょり(ごみ処理);ゴミしょり(ゴミ処理)] /(n) garbage disposal/refuse disposal/waste treatment

ごみ処理施設 [ごみしょりしせつ] /(n) garbage disposal plant/refuse disposal facility/waste treatment plant

ひどい仕打ち;酷い仕打ち [ひどいしうち] /(exp) (See 仕打ち) cruel treatment/raw deal/kick in the pants

アイパック /(n) (1) {comp} iPaq/(2) eye pack (beauty treatment)

エステ /(adj-na) (1) (abbr) (See エステティック) esthetic (fre: esthetique)/aesthetic/(n) (2) (abbr) (See エステティックサロン) beauty salon/beauty-treatment clinic

エステティックサロン(P);エステティック・サロン /(n) beauty salon (wasei: esthetic salon)/beauty-treatment clinic

エレキテル /(n) (1) hand-operated electric generator (used in Edo-period medical treatment) (dut: elektriciteit)/(2) (arch) (orig. meaning) (See 電気・1) electricity

カクテル療法 [カクテルりょうほう] /(n) cocktail treatment

クール /(adj-na) (1) cool (temperature, color, etc.)/(2) cool (i.e. calm and collected)/(3) cool (i.e. fashionable, attractive, etc.)/(n) (4) course (of medical treatment) (ger: Kur)/(5) season (series) of a television program (usu. 13 installments over a 3-month period) (fre: cours)

ケミカルピーリング;ケミカル・ピーリング /(n) chemical peeling (esp. in cosmetic treatment)/chemexfoliation

ショック療法 [ショックりょうほう] /(n) shock therapy/shock treatment

スカルプトリートメント;スカルプ・トリートメント /(n) scalp treatment

スパ;スパー /(n) (1) hot spring/mineral spring/spa/(2) salon offering beauty treatments, weight reduction, relaxation, etc./(3) (スパ only) (abbr) (See スパゲティ) spaghetti

トリートメント /(n,vs) treatment (esp. hair treatment)

ノングレア処理 [ノングレアしょり] /(n) {comp} non-glare treatment

ヘッドスパ;ヘッド・スパ /(n) (1) treatment offered at beauty salons, etc. usually including hair care, scalp care and head massage (wasei: head spa)/(2) salon offering hair care, scalp care, etc.

ホームエステ;ホーム・エステ /(n) (abbr) service that goes to clients' homes to give beauty treatments (wasei: home esthetics)

ボディートリートメント;ボディー・トリートメント /(n) body treatment

メンズエステ;メンズ・エステ /(n) (See エステ・2) men's beauty treatment (wasei: men's aesthetic)

愛想 [あいそ(P);あいそう(P)] /(n) (1) amiability/friendliness/affability/sociability/(2) (See 愛想を尽かす) fondness (of someone)/affection/liking/(3) (See お愛想・1) compliments/civilities/courtesies/flattery/(4) (See お愛想・2) hospitality/special treatment/entertainment/(5) (See お愛想・3) bill (at a restaurant)/check

扱い [あつかい] /(n,n-suf,vs) treatment/service

医原性 [いげんせい] /(n,adj-no) iatrogenic (disease or condition caused by medical treatment)

医者に掛ける;医者にかける [いしゃにかける] /(exp,v1) (See 医者に掛かる) to entrust to a doctor (for treatment)

医者通い [いしゃがよい] /(n-adv) course of medical treatment/under-the-doctor

医療 [いりょう] /(n,adj-no) medical care/medical treatment

飲泉 [いんせん] /(n) drinking spring water/taking the waters/onsen water used for medical treatment

院外 [いんがい] /(adj-no,n) (1) outside congress/non-parliamentary/(2) non-hospital (e.g. dispensary, pharmacy, treatment)/outside a hospital

延命治療 [えんめいちりょう] /(n) life-prolonging treatment

塩対応 [しおたいおう] /(n) (sl) cold reception/unwelcoming treatment

応急手当;応急手当て [おうきゅうてあて] /(n) first-aid (treatment)

応急処置 [おうきゅうしょち] /(n,adj-no) (1) emergency measure/emergency procedures/first-aid treatment/(2) temporary repairs/stop-gap treatment

下水処理 [げすいしょり] /(n) water treatment

下水処理施設 [げすいしょりしせつ] /(n) sewage treatment facility/sewage treatment works

下水処理場 [げすいしょりじょう] /(n) sewage (treatment) plant

加工 [かこう] /(n,vs) manufacturing/processing/treatment/machining

加療 [かりょう] /(n,vs) medical treatment

家族主義 [かぞくしゅぎ] /(n,adj-no) familism/the treatment of society (an organization) as a family

苛虐 [かぎゃく] /(adj-na,n) cruel treatment

株元 [かぶもと] /(n) (obsc) plant foot treatment (stump, root)

患畜 [かんちく] /(n) animal under treatment/patient (referring to pets)

緩和医療 [かんわいりょう] /(n) palliative medicine/palliative therapy/palliative treatment/palliative care

気候療法 [きこうりょうほう] /(n) climatotherapy/climate treatment

飢餓療法 [きがりょうほう] /(n) inaniation treatment/starvation therapy

虐遇 [ぎゃくぐう] /(n,vs) (See 虐待) ill-treatment/abuse

虐待 [ぎゃくたい] /(n,vs,adj-no) abuse/ill-treatment/maltreatment/mistreatment/cruelty

灸治 [きゅうじ] /(n,vs) treatment with moxa

灸点 [きゅうてん] /(n,vs) moxa-treatment points

強持て;恐持て [こわもて] /(n) deferential treatment (out of fear)

後処理 [あとしょり;こうしょり] /(n) after-treatment/post-treatment/post-processing/dealing with the aftermath

後療法 [あとりょうほう;こうりょうほう] /(n) {med} aftercare/after-treatment

厚遇;好遇 [こうぐう] /(n,vs) cordial welcome/hearty welcome/kind treatment/hospitality

口触り [くちざわり] /(n) (food that meets one's) taste/treatment

好転反応 [こうてんはんのう] /(n) healing crisis/cleansing reaction/reaction during the elimination of toxins after antibiotic, etc. treatment

荒治療 [あらちりょう] /(n,vs) (See 荒療治) drastic measure or treatment (common mistake or alternative version)

荒療治 [あらりょうじ] /(n,vs) drastic measure or treatment

拷問等禁止条約 [ごうもんとうきんしじょうやく] /(n) Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

差別待遇 [さべつたいぐう] /(n) discriminatory treatment

差別的取扱い;差別的取り扱い [さべつてきとりあつかい] /(n) {law} discriminatory treatment

最恵国待遇 [さいけいこくたいぐう] /(n) most favored nation treatment/most favoured nation status

最優遇 [さいゆうぐう] /(n) most favourable treatment/most favorable treatment/very warm reception

在宅医療 [ざいたくいりょう] /(n) home healthcare/medical treatment received at home

産業廃棄物処理施設 [さんぎょうはいきぶつしょりしせつ] /(n) (See 産業廃棄物処理場・さんぎょうはいきぶつしょりじょう) industrial waste disposal facility/wastes treatment facility

産業廃棄物処理場 [さんぎょうはいきぶつしょりじょう] /(n) industrial waste treatment plant

酸素処理 [さんそしょり] /(n,vs) (induced) oxygenation/treatment with oxygen

仕向け [しむけ] /(n) delivery/sending/treatment

仕打ち [しうち] /(n) (See ひどい仕打ち) (poor) treatment/(bad) behavior/behaviour/action/act

使い方(P);遣い方 [つかいかた] /(n) way to use something/treatment/management (of help)

施術 [しじゅつ;せじゅつ] /(n,vs) (See 手術) medical treatment (esp. surgical)

施療 [せりょう] /(n,vs) free medical treatment/gratuitous treatment

止血法 [しけつほう] /(n) (See 止血) hemostatic method/styptic treatment/stanching

紫外線療法 [しがいせんりょうほう] /(n) ultraviolet treatment/ultraviolet light therapy

歯根管治療 [しこんかんちりょう] /(n) (See 根管治療) root canal treatment/root canal therapy

歯内療法 [しないりょうほう] /(n) (See 歯内療法学) endodontia/endodontic procedure/endodontic treatment

持て成し(P);持てなし [もてなし] /(n,vs) (uk) hospitality/reception/treatment/service/entertainment

治効 [ちこう] /(n) treatment efficacy

治療 [ちりょう(P);じりょう] /(n,vs,adj-no) medical treatment/cure

治療者 [ちりょうしゃ] /(n) healer/clinician/physician/person who gives treatment/therapist

治療中 [ちりょうちゅう] /(n) undergoing treatment (medical)/receiving treatment

治療法 [ちりょうほう] /(n) treatment/cure/remedy

自由診療 [じゆうしんりょう] /(n) medical treatment at one's own expense/treatment not covered by health insurance

取り扱い(P);取扱い(P);取り扱(P);取扱(P) [とりあつかい] /(n) treatment/service/handling/management

取り持ち;取持ち [とりもち] /(n) (1) mediation/intermediation/procuration/go-between/facilitating a rendezvous between lovers/(2) (See もてなし) entertainment/treatment/reception

手を加える [てをくわえる] /(exp,v1) (1) to perform some process/to apply some treatment/(2) to revise/to correct

手遅れ(P);手後れ;手おくれ [ておくれ] /(adj-na,n) (1) being (too) late/(2) belated treatment

手当(P);手当て(P) [てあて] /(n,vs) (1) (esp. 手当) salary/pay/compensation/allowance (e.g. housing allowance)/benefit/bonus/(2) (esp. 手当て) medical care/treatment/(3) (esp. 手当て) advance preparation

受療 [じゅりょう] /(n,vs) receiving medical treatment

樹脂加工 [じゅしかこう] /(n) resin treatment

処遇 [しょぐう] /(n,vs) treatment (of a person)/dealing with

処置 [しょち] /(n,vs) (1) measure/step/dealing with/(2) medical treatment

処理 [しょり] /(n,vs) processing/dealing with/treatment/disposition/disposal

処理施設 [しょりしせつ] /(n) treatment plant/treatment facility

処理場 [しょりじょう] /(n) processing plant/treatment plant

衝撃療法 [しょうげきりょうほう] /(n) (obsc) (See ショック療法) shock therapy/shock treatment

診療 [しんりょう] /(n,vs) diagnosis and treatment/medical care

整体療法 [せいたいりょうほう] /(n) chiropractic treatment

正露丸;征露丸 [せいろがん] /(n) seirogan/beechwood extract popular as a herbal treatment for diarrhoea (diarrhea), etc.

粗診粗療 [そしんそりょう] /(exp,n) (yoji) poor medical consultation leading to poor treatment

素人療法 [しろうとりょうほう] /(n) (yoji) home remedy/medical treatment by a layperson

早期治療 [そうきちりょう] /(n) early treatment

賊虐 [ぞくぎゃく] /(n) damage and ill-treatment

待期療法 [たいきりょうほう] /(n) (obsc) palliative treatment

待遇 [たいぐう] /(n,vs,n-suf) (1) treatment/reception/service/(n,vs) (2) working conditions/salary/pay/remuneration

大尽振舞 [だいじんぶるまい] /(n,vs) (yoji) royal treatment/entertain someone extravagantly

単剤 [たんざい] /(adj-no) (See 単剤治療) single-drug/single-agent/single-treatment

単剤治療 [たんざいちりょう] /(n) monotherapy/single-drug therapy/single-agent treatment

超音波処理 [ちょうおんぱしょり] /(n) ultrasonication/sonication/ultrasonic treatment

通院 [つういん] /(n,vs) going to the hospital for regular treatment

低所得者医療扶助 [ていしょとくしゃいりょうふじょ] /(n) (obsc) (See メディケイド) support for medical treatment for those on low income/Medicaid

透析療法 [とうせきりょうほう] /(n) dialysis/dialytic treatment

同一 [どういつ] /(adj-no,adj-na) (1) identical/same/one and the same/equal/(2) fair/equal treatment/without discrimination

特恵 [とっけい] /(n,adj-no) preferential treatment/special favour or benefit/special favor or benefit

特待 [とくたい] /(n) special treatment/priority

特定疾患 [とくていしっかん] /(n) diseases specified by the Japanese government as being worrisome, having no known treatment and of unknown causes

特別扱い [とくべつあつかい] /(n,vs) (1) preferential treatment/(2) special treatment/discrimination/(3) express delivery/special delivery

特別待遇 [とくべつたいぐう] /(n) special treatment

内科 [ないか] /(n,adj-no) (1) (See 外科・1) internal medicine, i.e. treatment by medical procedures rather than surgical procedures/(2) department of internal medicine (hospital, etc.)

内国民待遇 [ないこくみんたいぐう] /(n) national treatment/treating foreigners and locals equally

熱処理 [ねつしょり] /(n,vs) heat treatment

廃棄物処理 [はいきぶつしょり] /(n) waste disposal/waste treatment

廃棄物処理施設 [はいきぶつしょりしせつ] /(n) waste treatment facility/WTF/waste disposal and treatment facility

非熱処理 [ひねつしょり] /(n) (esp. on draft beer cans) unpasteurized (beer)/draft (beer)/draught (beer)/nonthermal treatment

美顔術 [びがんじゅつ] /(n) facial care or treatment

美容法 [びようほう] /(n) beauty regimen/beauty treatment/cosmetic technique

不妊治療 [ふにんちりょう] /(n) infertility treatment

風当たりが強い;風当りが強い [かぜあたりがつよい] /(exp,adj-i) (1) (See 風当たりの強い) windswept/(2) receive harsh treatment

物療 [ぶつりょう] /(n) physical treatment/physiotherapy

併用治療 [へいようちりょう] /(n) combined treatment/combination therapy

保存処理 [ほぞんしょり] /(n,vs) curing (meat, etc.)/preservative treatment

補法 [ほほう] /(n) revitalizing treatment that stimulates the organs or the meridians (in Chinese medicine)

補瀉温涼 [ほしゃおんりょう] /(n) (obsc) supplementation, causing bowel movements, heating, and cooling (four main treatments of traditional Chinese medicine)

薬餌療法 [やくじりょうほう] /(n) treatment by medicine and diet

薬石 [やくせき] /(n) (1) various medicines/medical treatment/(2) supper in a Zen temple/rice porridge served for supper in a Zen temple

薬石効無く;薬石効なく [やくせきこうなく] /(adv) no medical treatment having proved effective

優遇 [ゆうぐう] /(n,vs,adj-no) favorable treatment/favourable treatment/hospitality/warm reception/good treatment/hearty welcome

優遇措置 [ゆうぐうそち] /(n) preferential treatment/privilege/favor/benefit/incentive

優先扱い [ゆうせんあつかい] /(n) priority treatment/preferential treatment

優待 [ゆうたい] /(n,vs,adj-no) preferential treatment/hospitality/warm reception/welcome

予防的治療 [よぼうてきちりょう] /(n) prophylactic treatment

要治療 [ようちりょう] /(exp) requiring medical treatment

乱診乱療 [らんしんらんりょう] /(n,vs) (yoji) unnecessary medical tests and treatments

療治 [りょうじ] /(n,vs) treatment/therapy/cure

療病 [りょうびょう] /(n) medical treatment/cure

療法 [りょうほう] /(n,adj-no) therapy/treatment/remedy/cure

療養 [りょうよう] /(n,vs) recuperation/medical treatment

礼遇 [れいぐう] /(n,vs) courteous reception/honorable treatment/honourable treatment

論策 [ろんさく] /(n) (written) treatment of current events

Throughout the five years of painful cancer treatments, he managed to keep a stiff upper lip.

There seems to be a slight difference on the treatment of the B factor between their approaches.

This kind of case is amenable to statistical treatment.

This is important enough for separate treatment.

For these patients, surgical treatment is far from being satisfactory.

Such treatment would make anybody rebel.

Please give her a fluoride treatment.

Foreigners get special treatment in that country.

She's feeling much better thanks to that medical treatment.

The discovery will have a momentous effect on the treatment of cancer.

I'll give you a temporary treatment.

What kind of treatment will I get?

Bad treatment fanned his dislike to hate.

The doctor's careful treatment of the patient brought about her quick recovery.

The doctor's careful treatment of the patient brought about her recovery.

In general, communication between doctors and their patients is the most important part of medical treatment.

A new treatment for hepatitis is being studied.

I'm not accustomed to such treatment.

I remonstrated with him about his treatment of his children.

About how much will I have to pay for all the treatments?

Women have been subjected to unjust treatment for too long.

A new study suggests that hospital records for patients older than 65 are often incorrect, which may lead to serious treatment errors.

Please give him a fluoride treatment.

I'd like to make an appointment for fluoride treatments for my son.

A freezing beggar was brought into the hospital for treatment; he did not have a red cent with which to settle the bill.

Could get some temporary treatment because I'll be going back to Japan soon?

You should stay in the hospital for treatment.

Extra special treatment is imperative to get the vessel through government red tape, so that she can leave port on time.

He doesn't need such treatment.

He is always complaining of ill treatment.

He is entitled to better treatment.

He was refused medical treatment.

He's been under treatment.

He smarted under his friend's ill-treatment.

He received rough treatment.

They will not stand for such treatment.

She was none the better for the treatment.

She has suffered his ill treatment of her in silence for years.

Please follow the treatment given by the hospital.

Preventive measures are much more effective than the actual treatment.

At the end, his doctors were trying all sorts of different treatment avenues.
最後に医者は 異なる処置を ためしていた

Barton's gonna need the full treatment. Very good, sir. Jarvis, take the wheel.

Battling side effects of the treatments.

Because he had received such great treatment from the hospital.

Because if you want to live you have to get to some medical treatment.
生きたいのなら 治療が必要だということです

Because she was getting special treatment.
だって ひいきされてたから。

Because these are all affordable treatments now.
より多くの人のために より少ないものからより多くを得ているのです

Because they never received adequate treatment.

Because you weren't worth the cost of treatment.

Believe me, I know that the treatment can feel worse than the disease... But they're just trying to fix you.
治療は時に 病気そのものよりも辛い だが 君を治そうと してくれてるだけだ

Besides, treatment for fractures is going to cost quite a bit too.
それに 骨折すれば 結構 金も掛かんだぞ。

Between the patient and the treatment.

Boy, I did not want to get any treatment.

Bring in 2 more beds for treatment.
処置用のベッドを あと 2台 追加してください。

But I can say that... Some of the children didn't handle the treatments as well as you did.
これだけは言える 君のようには 上手く出来ない子もいた

But I decided not to have this treatment.
しかし この治療は受けないことに決めました

But I said, Veronica, now let's talk about your treatment.
私は続けて 「治療法をお話ししましょう―

But as long as it doesn't interfere with our treatment, anything that helps my patient have a better outlook, a better comfort, is fine by me.
現在の治療の 妨げにはならない それで患者の気持ちが 落ち着くならば― 私は構いません

But because of the treatments that we're giving them and the complications of those treatments?
施された治療とそれによる 合併症で死亡しているのです

But compared to what? What happens if you're not on treatment?
では 治療を受けない場合と比べるとどうでしょう

But for grandma, there was no treatment.
おばあちゃんの場合は 治療法がなくて。

But for him, the hardest part wasn't the treatment.
上司にとって、 一番つらいのは治療じゃなく

But he's giving you special treatment because he thinks you're pitiable.
だって かわいそうだからって 特別扱いしてんじゃん。

But still, if you switch over to internal medicine treatment...
だからといって 内科治療に 切りかえてしまっては...。

But the cancer got worse and the treatment tortured her.
だが ガンが進行して 病院での治療は 彼女を苦しめた

But the first step is the admissions panel requires a psychological evaluation to determine whether or not the boy is a candidate for institutional treatment or electroshock therapy.
受け入れる前に 心理検査をして 精神病院での治療や

But the student, who could no longer put up with such treatment, begged for mercy.
そういう行為に 耐え切れなくなった生徒は?

But the treatments we have at our disposal can be very effective.
治療の効果は 見込めるでしょう

But there's no treatment and there's no cure.

But they have better treatments today.
でも今日彼らに 良い治療をしてもらった

But what will you do if they decide to check the treatment marks on her teeth?

But who is comfortable with alternative treatments.

But you can aggregate this and you can discover things about treatments.
こうした情報を集めていけば 治療に関する情報も見えてきます

But you have to prove to the judge that you're getting the treatment you need.
でも君が手続きしてる事を 裁判官に証明しないと

By reducing inflammation using internal medicine treatment.

By the success rate of medical treatment.
フフフ... それに 病院の評価は 治療の成功率で決まるからなぁ。

Call me when you wanna continue treatment. I'd be happy to see you.

Can afford the best medical treatment money can buy.
お金で買える 最高の治療の余裕がある

Can we do treatment more efficiently?

Christopher's responding extraordinarily well to treatment.
クリスは治療の効果が 良く出てる

Commonly used in water treatment, but also a key ingredient in a dangerous new class of drugs.
一般的に使用される 水処理において 新種の 薬の危険な 重要な成分以外も

Complained abdominal pain during work, needs emergency treatment.
[スピーカ]勤務中に腹痛を訴え 救急要請

Concealing a matter related to a patient's treatment...
患者さんの治療にかかわる事を 隠すっていうのは...。

Crowd stormed the treatment center, nearly killed them.
群衆が 救援センターを襲撃した

Describing the treatment plan until they are convinced.
納得してもらうまで 治療方針を 説明する。

Dina and I have been trying to have a kid for a long time, and be... Between artificial insemination, in Vitro and fertility treatments... We spent all of our money, and the last of it went...
ディナと私は長い間 子どもを作りたくて 人工授精も試したし 不妊治療に ずいぶん金も費やした

Do you have the treatment program?

Do you recommend pursuing these treatments now, for most cancer patients?

Doctor, I'm curious to know how you think... These tests will help you develop an effective treatment.
ドクター、この検査が有効な治療法の発見に 役立つと考えてるか興味があるんですが

Does that deserve such harsh treatment?

Donna, do you remember who did this treatment?
担当は誰だったか 覚えてる?

During a routine treatment, he almost killed a client.
通常の療法でも 彼はお客を殺すところだった

During her time in the ministry, she was their inspector general for medical treatments...
厚労省時代は 医療指導監査官として

Elliott and I offer to pay for your treatment, no strings attached an offer which still stands, by the way and you turn us down out of pride, whatever, and then you tell your wife that in fact we are paying for your treatment.
夫と私は 治療費を申し出た 無条件でね 今でも そのつもりよ

Even a skilled scam to defraud through both treatments and insurance in a double Billing...
医療機関の巧妙な保険請求や 不正な二重請求に目を光らせ

Even before thousands years ago, there is no easy treatment for that.
もう何千年も前から 治療法は 一つしかないの。

Even more critical are the water treatment and distribution systems.
さらに深刻なのが 上下水道網です

Even so, you still want to continue the treatment?
「それでも治療は続けますか?」 と言うこともあるね

Every child who needs treatment is treated.

Every other treatment they could think of.

Excuse me, your treatment is over for now.
"すいません 処置は終わっていますので"

Fabulous food, fabulous wine, the massages, spa treatments.
最高の食事 最高のワイン マッサージ スパ 最高のものを用意させた

Faysal Ahmad, is undergoing treatment for a viral infection.
フェイサル・アフマッドは ウイルス性感染症の診断を 受けています

Fertility treatment? Did you not get pregnant by this treatment?
不妊治療? 治療して 妊娠されたんですよね?

First bank of starling is located right above the water treatment tunnels.
スターリングの第一銀行の場所は 水処理トンネルの真上だ

First, I've had excellent treatment.
第一に 私は優れた治療を受けてきました

First, we needed safe treatment solutions.
まず 必要だったのは 安全な処理方法です

For the treatment of other brain disorders.

For the treatment of symptomatic uterine fibroids.

Get some more heads in the game when finding a safe treatment and a vaccine.
作業に指揮官を作ろう 安全な処置と ワクチンを見つける

Good lord. Is there any treatment?
あきれた 治療法があるの?

Good. The sooner we have a viable treatment option, the sooner we get Julia back.
いいね 治療法につながる

Halt's treatment is not available. Now I believe it.
ハルトの治療法は手に入らない。 今は それを信じるんだ。

Have you decided on a specific treatment for Setsuko?
節子さん 具体的な 治療方針 決まったんですか?

He asked for no special treatment, and I gave him none.
特別な治療も要求しなかった だから、何もしなかった

He declined treatment. We got video on it, though.
必要ないと これが映像です

He did it with no official record so that his valued assistant would not have to wait for treatment.
治療の順番を待たずに済むよう 正式な記録を残さずに入れ歯を作った 君が刑務所で喧嘩して歯を全部失くしたら

He intends to leave the infected downstairs with whatever food and supplies they can scrounge until there's a treatment.

He met her last year when he was in America for treatment.
去年、アメリカに治療に行って 知り合ったの

He was sick. He needed treatment.
彼は病気で 治療が必要だった

He won't let the paramedics take him for treatment until he talks to you.
あんたと話をするまでは 救命士にも治療をさせないってさ

He'll first take his fees for the treatment from the patients themselves...
患者から自費で 治療費を取ってるくせに

He's been cleared of all 21 murder charges, and we're getting him the proper treatment for his mental illness.

He's in the middle of medical treatment. You can't see him now.
霧島は診療中ですので 今 会うことはできません。

He's not gonna have a future if he doesn't get treatment.
治療を受けなければ 未来すらないのよ

He's probably some rich kid or something who got special treatment.
≪どうせ 特別待遇の金持ちの ボンボンか なんかやろ≫

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