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O157 [オーいちごなな] /(n) O-157 (E. coli strain)

ぎっくり腰;ギックリ腰 [ぎっくりごし(ぎっくり腰);ギックリごし(ギックリ腰)] /(n) strained back/slipped disk/lumbosacral strain

こし餡;漉し餡;漉餡(io) [こしあん] /(n) (uk) {food} (See 餡・1) strained bean paste/smooth anko/fine-grained sweet bean paste

こじつけ /(n,adj-no) distortion/stretch/strained interpretation/technicality/casuistry/sophistry

こじつける /(v1,vt) to distort/to strain (interpretation)/to force (meaning)

しわ寄せ;皺寄せ [しわよせ] /(n,vs) shifting (the bad effects) elsewhere/negative consequences/burden/strain/fallout

よいしょ;よいっしょ /(int) (1) (expression of) effort or strain/Yo-heave-ho!/(vs) (2) to butter up/to suck up to

よっこいしょ /(int) (See よいしょ) (expression of) effort or strain/heave-ho

よっこらしょ;よっこらせ /(int) heigh-hoh/heave-ho/alley oop/(expression of) effort or strain

ギクシャク;ぎくしゃく /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) awkward (movements, speech, etc.)/jerky/stiff/stilted/(2) (on-mim) strained (relations)/sour

ギスギス;ぎすぎす /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) strained (atmosphere)/(2) (on-mim) thin and bony

ストレーンゲージ;ストレーン・ゲージ /(n) strain gauge

ストレイン /(n) strain/effort/tension/tiredness

一節 [いっせつ(P);ひとふし] /(n) a verse (e.g. in the Bible)/stanza/paragraph/passage/a joint/section/a tune/note/strain/measure

引き絞る;引きしぼる;引絞る(io) [ひきしぼる] /(v5r,vt) (1) to draw (a bow) to the limit/(2) to pull tight/to squeeze tight/to clasp/(3) to strain (voice)

引き締める(P);引きしめる;引締める [ひきしめる] /(v1,vt) to tighten/to stiffen/to brace/to strain

引っ張り応力 [ひっぱりおうりょく] /(n) tensile strain/tensile stress

応える(P);報える;徹える [こたえる] /(v1,vi) (1) (応える, 報える only) to respond/to answer/to meet (e.g. demands, expectations)/(2) (sometimes 堪える) (See 堪える) to affect/to take a toll/to strike home/to have an effect on/to be hard on someone (e.g. heat, cold, work, illness, etc.)/to be a strain

過労 [かろう] /(n,adj-no) overwork/strain

我田引水 [がでんいんすい] /(n) (yoji) seeking one's own interests/straining (the interpretation or argument) to suit one's own interests/drawing water for one's own field

改良種 [かいりょうしゅ] /(n) improved strain/improved breed

角を矯めて牛を殺す [つのをためてうしをころす] /(exp,v5s) to throw the baby out with the bath water/to strain at a camel and swallow a gnat/to obsess over insignificant details and miss the larger point

株 [かぶ] /(n,ctr) (1) stock/share/(n) (2) (orig. meaning) stump/(n,ctr) (3) root/rootstock/(4) strain (of bacteria, etc.)/(n,n-suf) (5) tradeable rank/goodwill/(n) (6) (See お株) one's forte

気が張る [きがはる] /(exp,v5r) to strain every nerve/to feel nervous

気張る [きばる] /(v5r) to strain or exert oneself/to go all out

詰める [つめる] /(v1,vt) (1) to stuff into/to jam/to cram/to pack/to fill/to plug/to stop up/(v1,vt,vi) (2) to shorten/to move closer together/(v1,vt) (3) to reduce (spending)/to conserve/(v1,vt,vi) (4) (usu. as 根を詰める) (See 根を詰める) to focus intently on/to strain oneself to do/(v1,vt) (5) to work out (details)/(v1,vi) (6) to be on duty/to be stationed/(v1,vt) (7) to corner (esp. an opponent's king in shogi)/to trap/to checkmate/(8) (the meaning "to catch one's finger" is predominantly used in Kansai) (See 指を詰める・1) to cut off (one's finger as an act of apology)/to catch (one's finger in a door, etc.)/(suf,v1) (9) to continue .../to keep doing ... without a break/(10) to do ... completely/to do ... thoroughly/(11) to force someone into a difficult situation by ...

凝らす [こらす] /(v5s,vt) to concentrate/to devote/to apply/to strain/to rack

筋を違える [すじをちがえる] /(exp,v1) to pull a muscle/to strain a muscle

筋違い(P);すじ違い [すじちがい] /(n,vs) (1) cramp/sprain/crick/strain (muscle)/(n) (2) unreasonableness/absurdity/(adj-no,adj-na) (3) illogical/unreasonable/(4) misdirected/misplaced/wrong (of estimate, guess)

緊張 [きんちょう] /(n,vs) tension/mental strain/nervousness

緊張関係 [きんちょうかんけい] /(n) tense relationship/tense relations/strained relations/strained ties/tension

緊迫 [きんぱく] /(n,vs) tension/strain

菌株 [きんかぶ] /(n) strain of microorganism

菌種 [きんしゅ] /(n) bacterial strain

近交系 [きんこうけい] /(n,adj-no) inbred line/inbred strain

苦しい [くるしい] /(adj-i) (1) painful/difficult/agonizing/(2) (See 苦しい懐・くるしいふところ) needy/tight (budget)/straitened (circumstances)/(3) (See 苦しい言い訳・くるしいいいわけ) forced (smile, joke)/lame (excuse)/strained (interpretation)/(4) awkward (situation)/painful (position)/(suf,adj-i) (5) (often ぐるしい) (See 寝苦しい・ねぐるしい,聞き苦しい・ききぐるしい,見苦しい・みぐるしい) (after masu stem) hard to do/unpleasant

苦笑 [くしょう] /(n,vs) bitter smile/wry smile/strained laugh/sarcastic laugh

苦笑い [にがわらい] /(n,vs) bitter smile/wry smile/forced smile/strained laugh

系統 [けいとう] /(n) (1) system/(2) lineage/ancestry/family line/(3) group (e.g. of colors) (colours)/family (e.g. of languages)/party/school (of thought)/(4) close (evolutionary) relationship/(5) a population sharing a common ancestor (in genetics)/strain (e.g. bacterial)

血筋 [ちすじ] /(n) lineage/stock/strain/blood relationship

牽強付会 [けんきょうふかい] /(adj-no,n,vs) (yoji) farfetched (argument, opinion)/forced (sense, view)/strained (interpretation)/distorted

絹ごし;絹漉し [きぬごし] /(n,adj-no) filtering through silk cloth/straining through silk cloth

原種 [げんしゅ] /(n) (1) seed stock/seed grain/foundation seed/(2) pure breed/original strain/ancestor

絞りかす;搾りかす;絞り粕;搾り粕;しぼり粕;絞り滓;搾り滓;しぼり滓 [しぼりかす] /(n) strained lees (e.g. sake, tofu)/draff

絞り上げる;搾り上げる;しぼり上げる [しぼりあげる] /(v1,vt) (1) to squeeze (to the utmost)/to wring out/(2) to squeeze (money) out of someone/to wring (money) from/(3) to scold/to criticize severely/to lay into/(4) to train ruthlessly/to give punishing training/(5) to strain (one's voice)/(6) to gather up (a curtain)

絞る(P);搾る(P) [しぼる] /(v5r,vt) (1) (esp. 絞る) to wring (towel, rag)/to squeeze/(2) (esp. 搾る) to squeeze (fruit to extract juice)/to press/to extract/to milk/to express milk/(3) to rack (one's brains)/to strain (one's voice)/(4) to extort/to exploit/(5) (often passive voice) (See 油を絞る・1) to chew out/to reprimand severely/to rake over the coals/to give a sound scolding/to tell someone off/to scold/to rebuke/(6) to drill into/to train/(7) to narrow down (one's focus)/to whittle down/(8) to gather up (curtain, etc.)/to tighten (drawstring)/(9) to stop down (lens)/(10) to turn down (e.g. radio)/(11) to bend (bow)/to draw/(12) {sumo} to hold down/to constrict/to immobilize

三角コーナー [さんかくコーナー] /(n) triangular sink tidy (usu. used to strain waste)

耳を澄ます;耳をすます [みみをすます] /(exp,v5s) (See 澄ます・すます・4) to listen carefully/to strain one's ears

種変わり [たねがわり] /(n) (1) (See 種違い・たねちがい) half-sibling/half-brother or sister/(2) different strain/hybrid/new variety

純系 [じゅんけい] /(n,adj-no) pure line/pure strain

振り絞る;振りしぼる;振絞る [ふりしぼる] /(v5r,vt) (1) to muster (one's strength)/(2) to strain (e.g. one's voice)

新型(P);新形 [しんがた] /(n,adj-no) new type/new style/new model/new strain (e.g. infectious disease)

新型インフルエンザ [しんがたインフルエンザ] /(n) new strains of (pandemic) influenza

水切り;水きり [みずきり] /(n,vs) (1) straining/draining/(n) (2) drainer/strainer/colander/(3) cutwater (on ship)/forefoot/drip (on building)/flashing/throating/starling (on bridge)/(4) stone skipping/skipping rocks/ducks and drakes/(n,vs) (5) snipping the stem of a cut flower without raising it out of water

澄ます(P);清ます [すます] /(v5s,vt) (1) to clear/to make clear/(2) to be unruffled/to look unconcerned/to feign indifference/(3) to look demure/to look prim/to put on airs/(4) (See 耳を澄ます・みみをすます) to strain (one's ears)/to listen carefully

粗漉し [あらごし] /(adj-no,n) (1) (uk) coarsely strained/(2) (uk) rough strainer

息む [いきむ] /(v5m,vi) (1) (uk) to strain (e.g. with constipation)/(2) (uk) to bear or push down (during childbirth)

息張る [いきばる] /(v5r,vi) to strain/to bear down (in giving birth)

張り詰める;張りつめる [はりつめる] /(v1,vi) to strain/to stretch/to string up/to make tense/to cover over/to freeze over

張る(P);貼る(P) [はる] /(v5r,vt) (1) (esp. 貼る) to stick/to paste/to affix/(v5r,vi,vt) (2) to stretch/to spread/to strain/to tighten/to put up (tent)/(v5r,vi) (3) to form (e.g. ice on a pond)/(v5r,vi,vt) (4) to fill/to swell/(v5r,vt) (5) to stick out/to put/to slap/(v5r,vi) (6) to be expensive/(v5r,vt) (7) to keep a watch on/to be on the lookout/(v5r,vi) (8) (張る only) {mahj} (See テンパる・1,聴牌) to become one tile away from completion/(v5r,vt) (9) {math} to span/to generate

調子 [ちょうし] /(n) (1) tune/tone/key/pitch/time/rhythm/(2) vein/mood/way/manner/style/knack/(3) condition/state of health/(4) impetus/spur of the moment/strain/(5) trend

瞳を凝らす [ひとみをこらす] /(exp,v5s) (See 目を凝らす) to strain one's eyes/to stare

反復過多損傷 [はんぷくかたそんしょう] /(n) repetitive-strain injury/RSI

疲れ目 [つかれめ] /(n) eye strain

不自然 [ふしぜん] /(adj-na,n) unnatural/artificial/affected/strained

聞き耳;聞耳;聴き耳;聴耳 [ききみみ] /(n) straining one's ears

無理が利く;無理がきく [むりがきく] /(exp,v5k) to be able to handle strain (overexertion, inconvenience, etc.)

無理なく;無理無く [むりなく;ムリなく] /(adv) reasonably/comfortably/without hardship/without straining oneself

無理算段 [むりさんだん] /(n,vs) (yoji) scraping together (a sum of money)/raising (a sum of money) by straining one's credit

目を凝らす;目をこらす [めをこらす] /(exp,v5s) to strain one's eyes/to look closely/to stare at

力が入る [ちからがはいる;りきがはいる] /(exp,v5r) (1) (See 力を入れる) to be filled with strength/to be filled with effort/to be under strain/to be under pressure/(2) to be enthusiastic about/(3) {sumo} to be tired (ironic)

力む(P);勉む;努む [りきむ] /(v5m,vt) (1) to strain/to bear up/to exert one's strength/(2) to swagger/to bluff/to boast

力を入れる [ちからをいれる] /(exp,v1) (See 力が入る・1) to put effort into/to strain/to put strength into/to put forth effort

歪み [ひずみ;ゆがみ;いがみ] /(n) strain/distortion/deformation/bend

歪む [ゆがむ(P);いがむ;ひずむ] /(v5m,vi) to warp/to swerve/to deflect/to be crooked/to be distorted/to be bent/to incline/to slant/to be perverted/to be gross-grained/to get bent/to be strained

欹てる;側てる [そばだてる] /(v1,vt) (uk) to strain to hear/to prick up one's ears

濾す;漉す [こす] /(v5s,vt) to filter/to strain

I have a strained back.

You'll strain your eyes trying to read in this light.

You will strain your eyes trying to read in this light.

The liquid does not strain well.

The strain has begun to tell on his health.

The rope broke under the strain.

Air traffic controllers are under severe mental strain.

Take care not to strain your eyes.

I strained to hear what the President said.

The atmosphere became strained when he came.

His weight strained the rope.

He strained every nerve to see in the darkness.

He'd been three months in the job and the strain was beginning to tell on him.

He sang with his voice strained.

He strained his eyes by reading too much.

You shouldn't do partial-word searches, since they put a lot of strain on the server.

The atmosphere can become rather strained.

The strain is beginning to tell on me.

The strain is beginning to tell on him.

Relations between the two countries have been strained to the breaking point.

Being the vigilante's wingman was a strain.
自警団の 操縦士はふたんだった

Besides eye strain, not much, boss.

Breathing without... [strained] ...Feeling like my whole body's on fire.

Bressler's supposedly working on a new strain of corn.

But I strained to listen for information.

But if you strain yourself with studying too much, it's not good for your health.
「ただ あまり 勉強に根を詰め過ぎると 体に良くありません

But the pregnancy put lots of strain on her body.
でも 妊娠ってのは 体に相当な負担がかかる

But you don't have the strain that Abby was selling.

Carrie, you're under a lot of strain.

Ebola strains that could wipe out half the country!

Either way, it puts a strain on a relationship.
いずれにしても 悪い結果を生むだけだ

Even if you do believe in coincidences, that one strains credulity, does it not?
それは こじつけというものじゃないか?

Favored the harmful strains in one place, and mild strains in another.
その違いが ある場所では有害な株を生み 他では毒性の弱い株を生んだのでしょう

He is weak. He cannot remain here, it is straining his life.
彼は弱っている、彼をここに残せない 彼の命が抜けていく

Strain reliefs

Strain gauges

Straining cloth of a kind used in oil presses or the like, including that of human hair

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