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ストーキング /(n,vs) stalking

ノ木偏;禾偏 [のぎへん] /(n) (as in 秘) grain stalk radical at left (radical 115)/two-branch tree radical at left

伽羅蕗 [きゃらぶき] /(n) stalks of butterbur boiled in soy sauce

花梗 [かこう] /(n,adj-no) flower stalk/peduncle

芽株;和布蕪 [めかぶ;めかぶら] /(n) (uk) thick wakame leaves, from near the stalk

幹;柄 [から] /(n) (1) (arch) trunk/stem/stalk/(2) shaft (of an arrow)/(3) handle

茎 [くき] /(n) stalk/stem

茎漬;茎漬け [くきづけ] /(n) salt pickling of a turnip or daikon, incl. leaves and stalk

根茎 [こんけい] /(n,adj-no) rhizome/root stalk

削ぎ切り;そぎ切り [そぎぎり] /(n,vs) (See 削ぐ・1) cutting a thin object (e.g. vegetable stalk) at a 45 degree angle/cutting in a way that blunts or rounds the cut

四つ葉 [よつば] /(n,adj-no) plant having four leaves on one stalk

軸 [じく] /(n,n-suf) (1) axis/shaft/axle/(n) (2) center/centre/focal point/key point/(3) stalk/stem/(4) (See 掛け物・かけもの・1) hanging scroll

集団ストーカー [しゅうだんストーカー] /(n) (1) gang stalker/mass stalker/(2) gang stalking/mass stalking

短稈 [たんかん] /(adj-no) short-stalked (i.e. plants)/dwarf

茶柱 [ちゃばしら] /(n) upright-floating tea stalk (considered a lucky omen)

追跡 [ついせき] /(n,vs,adj-no) (1) chase/pursuit/tracking/stalking/(2) following up/tracing

追蹤 [ついしょう] /(n,vs) (See 追跡・1) chase/pursuit/tracking/stalking

唐の芋 [とうのいも] /(n) (See 里芋・さといも) var. of taro with long purple stalks

当て馬;あて馬 [あてうま] /(n) (1) stallion brought close to a mare to test her readiness to mate/(2) stalking horse/spoiler

尾ける [つける] /(v1) (from 尾行する and 付ける) to hunt a spy/to put a tail on someone/to stalk

柄 [え] /(n) (1) handle/grip/(2) stalk (of a mushroom, leaf, etc.)

麻幹 [おがら] /(n) hemp reed/hemp stalk

葉柄 [ようへい] /(n) leaf stalk/petiole

藁しべ;藁徐V(oK) [わらしべ] /(n) central stalk of a dried rice plant

徐V [しべ] /(n) (See 藁しべ) central stalk of a dried rice plant

The stalk is a little bigger around than your little finger.

Wolves stalked the flock.

Benton's not stalking the doctor.
ベントンが ストーカーじゃない

But I think someone's stalking me.
"しかし 誰かにストーカー されていると思います"

Claire, I think someone is stalking me and Samuel.

Come on, I'm just gonna keep stalking you.
でなきゃ ずっと付け回すよ

Dalia Royce is stalking you... Your next girlfriend.

Did you find the guy you were stalking?

Directly to the stalk of the plant.

Do you know what a stalking horse is?

Eva's brother said she was being stalked by someone at the ballet.
エバには ストーカーがいました

Except for when I drunkenly stalked you at your...

Finch, I know why the doctor's stalking Benton. 96?
ベントンを 狙う理由がわかったぞ

Forced yourself on her and sexually harassed her by stalking or something.
無理やり 近づいていく こう ストーカー的なセクハラ。

Fresno pd did say that all of the girls were taken at opportune moments, often the only time of day that they were left alone, meaning he stalks them before he kills them.
フレズノ警察は 犯人に都合のよい 少女達が一人になる数少ない機会を 狙って誘拐したもので 殺す前に被害者を ストーカーしていたとみています

He only knows about it cos he stalked him one night.
ある晩 彼を尾行したから

He was reprimanded by the police as a suspect for a stalking case.
確かにストーカー容疑で 警察から厳重注意を受けてますね。

He's a meticulous, maladjusted Loner who's into stalking young women, and he has no alibi.
彼は 几帳面で 環境に適応出来ない一匹狼ね 若い女性の後を付けまわし アリバイもない

He's been stalking Kruger, just like his own daughter was stalked.
彼はクルーガーをスト??ーキングしている 自分の娘がストーカーされた様に

He's been stalking her like a chicken.
奴は 鶏みたいに彼女につきまとってる

He's been stalking me for months, but I was too afraid to tell anyone.
何ヶ月もストーカーになったんです とても怖くて 誰にも言えなかった

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