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しっかり者;確り者 [しっかりもの] /(n) person of firm character/stable person/gutsy person

ちゃんこ長 [ちゃんこちょう] /(n) {sumo} most experienced chanko cook in the sumo stable

スカす /(v5s) {sumo} to leave one's stable

プレカリアート /(n) precariat (wasei: precarious + proletariat)/class of workers with no stable jobs

安固 [あんこ] /(adj-na,n) secure/solid/stable

安定した [あんていした] /(adj-f) steady/stable/calm/firm

安定期 [あんていき] /(n) stable period (with ref. to pregnancy, typically from 4th month when the placenta is fully formed, morning sickness usually goes away and risk of miscarriage decreases)

安定状態 [あんていじょうたい] /(n) steady state/stable state

安定成長 [あんていせいちょう] /(n) stable growth

安定多数 [あんていたすう] /(n) stable majority

安定的 [あんていてき] /(adj-na) stable

安定同位体 [あんていどういたい] /(n) stable isotope

安定陸塊 [あんていりくかい] /(n) stable land-mass

一門 [いちもん] /(n) (1) family/clan/kin/(2) sect/school/adherents/followers/disciples/(3) {sumo} group of related sumo stables

一門会 [いちもんかい] /(n) (1) {sumo} meeting or association of stable masters belonging to the same grouping/(2) meeting or association of followers of a famous performer (in rakugo, etc.)

一門別総当り [いちもんべつそうあたり] /(n) {sumo} obsolete rule prohibiting match-ups between wrestlers from the same group of stables

厩;廐;馬屋;廏 [うまや] /(n) stable/barn

厩舎;廐舎(oK);廏舎;きゅう舎 [きゅうしゃ] /(n) barn/stable

厩務員 [きゅうむいん] /(n) (obsc) stable boy/stable hand/groom

駅使 [えきし;うまやづかい;はゆまづかい] /(n) (arch) official during the ritsuryo period who was allowed to use the state-provided stables and horses

強固(P);鞏固 [きょうこ] /(adj-na) firm/strong/solid/stable

稽古場経費 [けいこばけいひ] /(n) {sumo} allowance paid by the Sumo Association to a coach for each wrestler in his stable

個人別総当り [こじんべつそうあたり] /(n) {sumo} hypothetical rule allowing match-ups between wrestlers regardless of their stable affiliation

刺蝿;刺蠅 [さしばえ;サシバエ] /(n) (uk) stable fly (Stomoxys calcitrans)

師匠 [ししょう] /(n,suf) (1) master/teacher/(n) (2) {sumo} coach who owns his stable

出稽古 [でげいこ] /(n) (1) giving lessons at pupils' homes/(2) {sumo} going to train in stable other than your own

寝藁 [ねわら] /(n) (stable) litter

親方 [おやかた(P);おやがた] /(n) (1) (おやかた only) (hon) (See 子方・こかた・2) master/boss/chief/foreman/supervisor/(2) (おやかた only) (hon) {sumo} stable master/(3) (おやかた only) (hon) craftsman/artisan/(4) (arch) foster parent

進化的に安定な戦略 [しんかてきにあんていなせんりゃく] /(n) evolutionarily stable strategy/ESS

相部屋 [あいべや] /(n) (1) sharing a room/dormitory room/(2) {sumo} match between wrestlers from the same stable

相撲部屋 [すもうべや] /(n) {sumo} stable

谷町 [たにまち] /(n) (uk) {sumo} sponsors of rikishi or their stables

地取り [じどり] /(n) (1) laying out (e.g. ground plan, garden)/layout/(2) taking space (Go)/obtaining land/gaining territory/(3) {sumo} training done in one's own stable/(4) (abbr) (See 地取り捜査) (police) legwork

底堅い [そこがたい] /(adj-i) stable (market) after having bottomed out

泥棒を捕らえて縄を綯う;泥棒を捕らえて縄をなう [どろぼうをとらえてなわをなう] /(exp) (proverb) (See 泥縄・どろなわ,泥縄式・どろなわしき) starting something in the eleventh hour/have not thy cloak to make when it begins to rain/don't lock the stable door after the horse has been stolen/braiding the rope only after the thief is caught

土俵開き [どひょうびらき] /(n) {sumo} opening ceremony for the new ring in a stable

同部屋 [どうべや] /(n) {sumo} wrestlers from the same stable

馬手 [ばしゅ] /(n) (obsc) stable boy/stable hand/groom

馬小屋 [うまごや] /(n) stable

馬丁 [ばてい] /(n) (sens) stable boy/stable hand/groom

馬房 [ばぼう] /(n) stall (i.e. in a stable)

部屋 [へや] /(n) (1) room/chamber/(2) apartment/flat/pad/(3) (abbr) {sumo} (See 相撲部屋) stable

部屋持ちの親方 [へやもちのおやかた] /(n) {sumo} coach who owns his own stable

部屋頭 [へやがしら] /(n) {sumo} highest ranked wrestler in a stable

部屋付きの親方 [へやつきのおやかた] /(exp,n) {sumo} coach associated with another coach's stable

部屋別総当り [へやべつそうあたり] /(n) {sumo} rule prohibiting match-ups between wrestlers from the same stable

牧舎 [ぼくしゃ] /(n) barn/stable

落ち着く(P);落ちつく;落着く;落ち付く;落付く [おちつく] /(v5k,vi) (1) to calm down/to compose oneself/to regain presence of mind/(2) to calm down/to settle down/to die down/to become stable/to abate/(3) to settle down (in a location, job, etc.)/to settle in/(4) (of an arrangement, conclusion, etc.) to be settled/to be fixed/to have been reached/(5) to harmonize with/to harmonise with/to match/to suit/to fit/(6) (usu. used pronominally as 落ち着いた) (See 落ち着いた・おちついた・3) to be unobtrusive/to be quiet/to be subdued

屁をひって尻窄め [へをひってしりつぼめ] /(exp) (proverb) there is no use shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted/squeezing your buttocks after you have farted

You will be paid a stable base salary plus a commission on sale.

Prices have been stable for the past three years.

Prices are stable these days.

This stable contains twelve stalls.

The government of the country is now stable.

The government of that country is now stable.

A stable economy is the aim of every government.

The current political situation is not very stable.

The Japanese yen is a stable currency.

The economy of Japan is still stable.

The stable is right behind the farm house.

Because the ground is not stable.
土台がしっかりしてないから 壊れてしまう。

Because the management foundation is stable.
次々と 最新設備が 揃えられていく。

Because the wormhole is stable at both ends matter and energy in their future is unaffected, life goes on undisturbed.
両端が安定してるので 未来にある物はそのままだ

Because we wanted to keep the number of jobs stable.

Been calling around the local stables.
馬を持つ農家を あたった

Beginning of next year, we get to a stable equilibrium outcome.
2010年初頭には 安定しバランスのとれた状態になります

Both the baby and mother are stable.

But her vital signs are stable.
でも バイタルサインは 安定してるわ。

But the procedure didn't fully take. The cells they aren't stable.
処置が充分じゃなくて 細胞が不安定に

Connects are stable. We are green on dock.
"結合状態 良好 ドックに到着"

Dalton came upon a man who was trying to break in the stables.
厩舎に押し入ろうとしてた男に ダルトンが出くわしたの

Dalton was coming to the stables to give the animal his usual medication.
ダルトンは 馬に いつもの治療をするために 厩舎に行ったの

Did you get your head injury when you were working at the stables, Peter?
厩舎で働いているときに 頭に怪我をしたのかい、ピーター?

Do you trust all those knights and ladies, stable boys and serving girls?
騎士から召使まで すべて信用できるか?

Don't worry, it's stable in this form.
心配ないわ 安定状態よ

Driver of the armored car is in a stable condition at st. Andrews, and no one's exactly sure how he got there.
運転手の容態は安定してますが 誰が運び込んだか不明です

Earning credits in industrial work and a chance to be stable.
工業で資格でも取れば もっと安定して...。

Eight wires keep the camera stable.
8本のワイヤーで カメラを支えています

Every room. My men can sleep in the stable.

Everything in our stable is remnant of the old world..
これらはすべて 古代の遺物

Find them and meet me at the stables.
見つけて厩舎で 私を待てと

Flores was then transferred to st. Joseph's hospital in serious but stable condition after suffering smoke inhalation.
フローレスさんは 重傷を負いましたが― 命に別状は 無いとの事です

For a stable society, a functioning economy, or peace.
平和が成立する条件すら まだわかっていない」

For sleep stable enough to create three layers of dreaming we'll have to combine it with an extremely powerful sedative.
第三階層へ行っても大丈夫だ 強力なのを用意するから

Gas is the least stable form of matter.

Had to kill a stable boy.
馬小屋の子を 殺さなければならなかった

Has your stable employment in this lord's house made all of you blind?
ー入 らい あられなガつたものガ

He is stable now, he's on the right medication.

He seems stable enough for me to get some air.
外の空気に当たれるほど 容態は安定してるよ

He was familiar with the stables.

He was throwing away a stable life, I wondered why.
安定した 生活を捨てて 何 考えてるんだろうってね。

He's clean, but he's far from stable.
傷は きれいにしたけど 安定には ほど遠い

He's decades ahead of anyone in creating stable antimatter.
反物質の安定化を 目指してるんだ

He's in bad shape stable but they think he's gonna make it.
良くないが 安定している 医者は回復すると言ってる

He's in some kind of coma but his vitals are stable.
意識はないけど バイタルは安定してる

He's stable for now but, uh.. his blood levels dropped dangerously low.
今は安定しているが 血液濃度が危険な状態だ

He's stable now, but... The problem is they waited too long taking care of him.
状態は安定していますが... もっと早く 処置していれば

He's stable, but he won't be awake for a while.
彼の容体は安定してますが しばらくは 目覚めないでしょう

He's stable, on a bird out to the carrier group now.
容体は安定していて ヘリで運ばれている

Heart rate is becoming more stable.
バイタルは90/50 心拍数はゆっくりと安定している

Her blood pressure is low, but everything else is stable.

His blood pressure and pulse are stable.

His vitals are stable but his memory is gone.
バイタルは安定ですが 記憶喪失です

How about there? Both mothers and children were stable.
そっちは?nあっ 母子共に安定しました。

How do we make stable societies? Longevity.
どうすれば 安定した社会を作ることができるか?

How is he? He is stable for now.
どうでした? とりあえず落ち着いた

How is she? Vital signs are stable.
どうですか? バイタルサインも安定し

How many stable marriages do you know?

I always called myself the unstable stable boy.
私の事は 不安定な馬小屋ボーイと呼んでくれ

I can bring their fever down and keep them stable.
できれば熱を抑えて 少しでも回復させてあげたい

I guess I need something more boring, stable.
もっと退屈な何かが必要だろう 安定した

I know you're a princess and I'm just a stable boy.
君は王女様だね ボクはしがない馬屋番さ...

I noticed that Joaquin Aguilar comes to the race track when one of two horses is racing both animals are owned by Mariotti farms, it's a stable and training facility in new jersey.
ニュージャージーに厩舎を持つ マリオッティ農場所有の 2頭のうちの1頭がレースに出る時

I regret what I did in the stable.

I think he's stable enough now for you to go see him briefly.
安定したので 少しなら会えます

I thought I should find a regular stable job.
ちゃんと続けられる 仕事を探そうと思って。

I turned, in my loneliness, to Dalton, the man in charge of Robert's stable of racehorses.
寂しくて ダルトンっていう ロバートの 競走馬を世話する人に 目が向いちゃったの

I'll come get you as soon as he's stable.

I'll get you as soon as he's stable.

I'll go first, make sure the ice is stable.

I'm pretty sure I can keep him stable, but the guy's a junkie, sir.
彼を落ち着かせることは可能です しかしジャンキーですからね

If I had a machine that could trigger an earthquake in an otherwise geologically stable area, where would I position it?
装置を持っていたら 違う方法で 地震を誘発する事ができた 地質学的に安定した地域 どこにそれを配置するか?

If we're home by the 15th, me and Morgan are gonna cut down all the trees around the stable.
もし15日に帰還できたら 厩舎の周りの木を 全部切り倒すよ

If you could devise a matrix stable enough to harness their power, you could travel faster than light.
そのパワーを安定して 取り出せるのならー 光より速く移動できる

In its stable form it powers reactors.

In the meantime, you two, go to the stable.
その間に2人は 馬小屋をあたって

Is he stable enough to be treated at c..u. Instead of the hospital?
彼の状態は病院の代わりに ctuで扱っても大丈夫か?

Is to have a release and fall and stay completely stable.
リリース後 完全に安定した状態で降下する事です

It doesn't mean your job is really stable.
安定してる会社なんて どこにもないですからね。

It's a little more stable than before.

It's been a lucky day for me in adventure consultants, and the weather is usually pretty stable around then.
AC隊にとって幸運の日だ 天候も安定してる

It's considered relatively more stable, however, than another big body of ice that's roughly the same size.
これは、もう一つの巨大な氷、よりは 比較的安定 していると考えられていました

It's my mistake that she couldn't have a stable profession.
私のせいで 安定した職業に 就けなかったからなんです。

It's not stable. I'm Lighter.
それは安定してない 私はずっと軽い

It's stable until you detonate it.

It's still charged, still stable.
電池はまだ残ってて 安定してる

Jem. I think maybe he's, um... Stable.

Lander's in a stable orbit but I don't have enough fuel to reach the Aurora.
ランダーは軌道上に ありますが オーロラへは 燃料不足です

Let's hope it's really stable.

Let's just hope when it interacts it remains stable.
対象に到達した時 安定したままである事を願おう

Let's keep her stable, folks.

Makris has got a whole stable of money mules transporting cash for him.
マクリスは金を 他に移動させてる 現金を輸送してる

Mr. Lennon is pretty much stable.
レノンさんは かなり安定した状態よ

My training has proved that I can't beat a stable boy with my left hand.
訓練の結果、 左手だけでは馬の世話係も倒せないとわかった

Now they thought this would be stable for at least 100 years, even with global warming.
これは少なくとも100年間は 安定と考えられていました 地球温暖化の影響があるとしても

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