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セツルメント;セッツルメント /(n) (1) settlement work/social work/welfare work/(2) settlement house/neighborhood house/voluntarily run welfare facility

チャランケ /(n) Ainu dispute settlement through discussion (ain: charanke)

バヒタット /(n) HABITAT (1996 UN conference on Human Settlements)

ビス /(n) (1) screw (fre: vis)/(2) -bis (again, second version) (fre: bis)/(3) Bank of International Settlements/BIS

斡旋案 [あっせんあん] /(n) mediation plan/settlement proposal

囲郭村 [いかくそん] /(n) walled settlement/walled town

慰謝料;慰藉料 [いしゃりょう] /(n) consolation money/solatium/reparation/damages/settlement

円満解決 [えんまんかいけつ] /(n) (yoji) amicable settlement/settling the case leaving no parties dissatisfied

解決 [かいけつ] /(n,vs) settlement/solution/resolution

皆済 [かいさい] /(n,vs) settlement

外山 [とやま] /(n) nearby mountain/mountain near a human settlement

確定 [かくてい] /(n,vs) (1) decision/settlement/(2) {math} definition

確立 [かくりつ] /(n) (1) establishment/settlement/(vs) (2) to establish/to settle

勘定 [かんじょう] /(n,vs) (1) calculation/computation/counting/reckoning/count/(2) bill/check/account/payment (of a bill)/settlement (of an account)/(3) consideration/allowance

勘定日 [かんじょうび] /(n) settlement day

期日 [きじつ(P);きにち;ごじつ(ok)] /(n,adj-no) fixed date/settlement date

居留地 [きょりゅうち] /(n) (1) foreign settlement/concession/(2) reservation (e.g. American Indian)

共同居留地 [きょうどうきょりゅうち] /(n) (obsc) (See 共同租界) jointly held concession in China (e.g. Shanghai International Settlement)

共同祖界 [きょうどうそかい] /(n) international settlement

共同租界 [きょうどうそかい] /(n) (See 専管租界) jointly held concession in China (e.g. Shanghai International Settlement)

決まり(P);決り;極まり;極り [きまり] /(n,adj-no) (1) rule/regulation/(2) settlement/conclusion/end/agreement/arrangement/(3) (See 御決まり) habit/custom/habitual way/(4) (usu. as 決まりが悪い, etc.) (See 決まりが悪い) countenance in front of another person/face/(5) (arch) love relationship between a customer and a prostitute

決済 [けっさい] /(n,vs) settlement/payment of account

決算 [けっさん] /(n,adj-no) settlement of accounts/closing accounts/financial results/reporting (of accounts)

決算日 [けっさんび] /(n) settlement day/day of reckoning

決着(P);結着 [けっちゃく] /(n,vs) conclusion/decision/end/settlement

後仕舞 [あとじまい] /(n) settlement/winding or straightening up

後始末(P);跡始末 [あとしまつ] /(n,vs) settlement (of affairs)/remedial measures/cleaning up afterwards

国際決済銀行 [こくさいけっさいぎんこう] /(n) Bank for International Settlements/BIS

差金決済 [さきんけっさい] /(n) {finc} net settlement/making up differences

債務整理 [さいむせいり] /(n) adjustment of debts/debt-workout/consolidation of debts/settlement of debts

散村 [さんそん] /(n) (See 集村) dispersed rural settlement

仕切り(P);仕切(io) [しきり] /(n) (1) partition/division/boundary/compartment/(2) settlement of accounts/(3) {sumo} preliminary warm-up ritual/toeing the mark/(4) directing/controlling/managing/taking responsibility for

仕切り価格;仕切価格 [しきりかかく] /(n) settlement price/invoice price

始末(P);仕末(iK) [しまつ] /(n,vs) (1) management/dealing with/settlement/cleaning up/disposal/(n) (2) course of events/circumstances/particulars/(3) end result (usu. bad)/outcome/(n,vs,adj-na) (4) economizing/economising/frugality/being thrifty

示談 [じだん] /(n,vs) settlement out of court

示談金 [じだんきん] /(n) settlement money/compensation to settle a case out of court

示談交渉 [じだんこうしょう] /(n) (See 示談) settlement negotiation (insurance)

手切れ金 [てぎれきん] /(n) consolation money/compensation for breaking off relations (e.g. with a mistress)/settlement

収まり(P);納まり;治まり [おさまり] /(n) conclusion/end/settlement

集村 [しゅうそん] /(n) (See 散村) agglomerated rural settlement

集落(P);聚落 [しゅうらく(P);じゅらく(聚落)] /(n) village/community/settlement/town/colony (animals, etc.)

住居跡 [じゅうきょあと] /(n) dwelling (habitation) site/site of a (prehistoric) settlement

処決 [しょけつ] /(n,vs) settlement/decision

政治解決 [せいじかいけつ] /(n) political solution/political settlement

政治決着 [せいじけっちゃく] /(n) (yoji) a political settlement/settling (a dispute) politically (without resorting to force)

整理 [せいり] /(n,vs) (1) sorting/arrangement/organization/putting in order/adjustment/regulation/(2) liquidation/settlement/consolidation/clearance (e.g. debt)/paying off/(3) retrenchment/curtailment/cutting down/disposal

清算 [せいさん] /(n,vs) (1) settlement (financial)/squaring accounts/clearing debts/(2) liquidation/(3) ending (a relationship)/breaking up (with)/burying (the past)/redeeming (one's faults)

租界 [そかい] /(n) concession/settlement

早期解決 [そうきかいけつ] /(n) (yoji) early (prompt) settlement/swift resolution/speedy solution

総勘定 [そうかんじょう] /(n) final settlement

村落 [そんらく] /(n) village/hamlet/settlement

妥結 [だけつ] /(n,vs) settlement/an agreement

仲裁裁定 [ちゅうさいさいてい] /(n) settlement by arbitration

調整手当 [ちょうせいてあて] /(n) adjustment payment/compensatory payment/indemnity payment/severance (termination) pay/settlement payment/gratuity

沈澱;沈殿 [ちんでん] /(n,vs) precipitation/deposition/settlement (e.g. of sediment)

定住 [ていじゅう] /(n) (1) settlement/permanent residency/(vs) (2) to settle down in/to reside in

纏まり [まとまり] /(n) (1) (uk) unity/coherence/consistency/coordination/(2) (uk) settlement/conclusion/completion

纏め [まとめ] /(n) (uk) settlement/conclusion/summary

内済 [ないさい] /(n,vs) settlement out of court

入植 [にゅうしょく] /(n,vs) settlement/immigration

入植地 [にゅうしょくち] /(n) settlement (of people on land)

粉飾決算 [ふんしょくけっさん] /(n,vs) (yoji) fraudulent accounting/window-dressing settlement of accounts/creative accounting

弁済 [べんさい] /(n,vs) settlement/payment

民団 [みんだん] /(n) foreign-settlement corporation

利害調整 [りがいちょうせい] /(n) reconciliation of interests/settlement of interests

里山 [さとやま] /(n) (1) undeveloped woodland near populated area/(2) settlement pattern of living in upland valleys and cultivating lower slopes

隣保館 [りんぽかん] /(n) settlement house/neighborhood house/voluntarily run welfare facility

隣保事業 [りんぽじぎょう] /(n) (See セツルメント・1) settlement work/social work/welfare work

和解 [わかい(P);わげ] /(n,vs,adj-no) (1) reconciliation/amicable settlement/accommodation/compromise/mediation/rapprochement/(2) (わかい only) {law} court-mediated settlement/(3) (arch) translation of a foreign language into Japanese

和解案 [わかいあん] /(n) {law} settlement/compromise settlement/settlement offer

和解離婚 [わかいりこん] /(n) divorce by settlement

和約 [わやく] /(n) peace settlement

埒が明く;埓が明く [らちがあく] /(exp,v5k) to come to a settlement

The two countries came to a political settlement over this dispute.

We believe, however, that over a period of time, we will be able to make remittance in full settlement.

A part of the country was at one time a French settlement.

We expect an early settlement of the affair.

May we ask you to remit in full settlement at your earliest convenience?

The settlement is a matter of time.

Some scholars ascribe the settlement of America to social unrest in Western Europe.

The superpowers negotiated in earnest for the settlement of the intense conflict.

The struggle ended in a satisfactory settlement.

Wage settlements in Japan this year were moderate.

They established settlements in Africa.

The two countries will negotiate a settlement to the crisis.

Before the arrest warrant goes out, you can get by with a settlement.
《資金提供者に金を返せば 示談で済むんです》

Being amicable settlements comparable to a win.

Believe me, what they have done to the settlements we have given back tenfold.
我々の開拓地にした事は 10倍にしてやり返す

But 5.6 billion in settlement money is amazing!
しかし和解金 56億ってのは すごい!

But I can make sure the city offers you a sizable settlement.
だが市に相当の 和解をさせられる

But if we offer a settlement, aren't we saying...

But the lawyer...? she sued oceanic, and she's in town to pick up her settlement.
オーシャニックを訴え 和解のためにいる

Clearly, the settlement has been reached.

Comanche didn't attack those settlements.
コマンチは開拓地を 襲撃しなかった

Create ownership and wealth and structure and settlement.
所有権と富を獲得し 体系と訴訟を生み出しました

Did Tsukuda contact you about the settlement?
早速ですが 佃から和解の連絡は ありましたか?

Divorce settlement, so she sought legal advice.
プライベートなことも 話していた相手です

First, the briefing on the settlement of accounts that we're preparing.
まずは 我々が作成してる 決算短信ですが

For alternative areas for Jewish settlement.

From some of the poorest settlements in Latin America.

Gene, how much could we pull together for a settlement if we had to?

Get back to the settlement. No, I...
下がってから 決着を付ける

Go somewhere else and set up a new settlement.

Harnessing the intelligence of that land settlement pattern.

He might not know since you withdrew them and had the record sealed as a condition of your settlement.
あなたが諦め 和解条件として 記録を封印したからでしょ

He'd proposed a settlement offer.

He's asking for a settlement of 1 million yen.

Dispute mediation or conciliation or negotiation or settlement

Agrarian reform or land settlement services

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