seen as

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と思しい;と覚しい [とおぼしい] /(exp,adj-i) (uk) thought to be/seen as

はた目;傍目 [はため] /(n) (often はた目に) outsider's perspective/as seen by an observer

魚影 [ぎょえい] /(n) outline of a solitary fish (as seen through the water when fishing, etc.)

近点角 [きんてんかく] /(n) {astron} anomaly/angular distance of a planet from its perihelion as seen from the sun

初鳩 [はつばと] /(n) pigeon seen on the morning of the New Year (e.g. as one is going to the shrine or temple for the New Year prayers)

地方 [じかた] /(n) (1) (See 立方・たちかた・2) person in charge of music (in a Japanese dance performance)/(2) person singing ballads (in noh)/(3) coast (esp. as seen from the water)/shore/(4) (arch) the country/countryside/the provinces/rural area

冬木 [ふゆき;ふゆぎ] /(n) (1) a tree as seen in winter (esp. a barren deciduous tree)/(2) evergreen tree

八紘一宇 [はっこういちう] /(exp,n) (yoji) (WWII political slogan often seen as implying Japanese world domination) universal brotherhood/all eight corners of the world under one roof

竜灯 [りゅうとう] /(n) phosphorescent lights seen at sea at night/lights that can be seen on the altar of gods, intended as an offering

"You see," said the elder brother, "I was right. Here I have lived quietly and well, while you, though you may have been a king, have seen a great deal of trouble."

I ought to know, for I've seen hundreds of cats, thousands of cats, millions and billions and trillions of cats and not one was as pretty as this one.

I had not seen a lion before I was ten years old.

The two people were shaking hands heartily as if they had not seen each other for years.

You look as if you had seen a ghost.

The show was very interesting. You should have seen it.

It was a full moon that it was seen that day.

One man was seen digging with his bare hands.

No one has ever seen God,

Mr Smith is poor but he has seen better days.

He looked as if he had seen a ghost.

This typewriter has seen plenty of use.

This old building has seen better days.

I have seldom seen such a beautiful sunset as this.

The show was wonderful. You should have seen it.

The boat was seen to draw apart from the others.

The astronaut was seen to land on the moon.

The picture was wonderful. You ought to have seen it.

The industry has seen many booms and busts in the past.

That sight was seen, and I felt fear.

So that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.

The star is so bright as to be seen with the naked eye.

Not a star was to be seen that night.

Nobody has seen him ever since.

It was the best play that I had ever seen.

That was the most moving film I had ever seen.

That was the most interesting film that we had ever seen.

It was the most beautiful sight that he had ever seen in his life.

Nobody has seen the bird fly.

Not a soul was to be seen in the town.

As I had seen him before.

Not a soul was to be seen in the street.

Because the circle was very dark it was not seen to him at all.

Of course Darwin, like many of his contemporaries, wished to be seen as following the Newtonian method.

Our generation has seen a lot of changes.

Koalas can only be seen in Australia.

Jane has seen as many foreign movies as anybody in her class.

Jane knew a lot sumo as if she had seen it before.

Jack was never to seen his sister again.

Jody looks as if she had seen a ghost.

When John came back, he looked pale as if he had seen a ghost.

Michael was seen to leave by the side door.

Nobody was to be seen on the main street.

Have you ever seen koalas? [M]

I was bored because I had seen the movie before.

Not a cloud was to be seen.

A fire was seen to blaze up far away.

No one was to be seen in the street.

I recognized the bank teller as the man I had seen in the movie theater.

Seen from the sky, the island was very beautiful.

Not a star was to be seen in the sky.

Not a cloud was to be seen in the sky.

As far as the eye could reach, nothing was to be seen but sand.

A stranger was seen to steal into his house.

As far as the eye could see, nothing could be seen expect cornfields.

So far as the eye can reach, nothing is to be seen but sand.

Our century has seen a notable increase of knowledge.

Society has seen a lot of change recently.

My uncle has seen a lot of life.

I had never seen him so completely bewildered as he was on that day.

Yesterday I went to see to see Martha as I hadn't seen her for several months.

I was sure I had never seen her before.

Never have I seen such a cute puppy as this.

I had never seen such an exciting rugby match as one I saw yesterday.

I was seen to break the window.

I was seen to cross the street.

In a time-bound society time is seen as linear- in other words as a straight line extending from the past, through the present, to the future.

Traffic and passers-by stopped as they were slowly seen off from the little village.

As a matter of fact, I've never seen it.

Mt. Fuji as seen from Suruga Bay is beautiful.

Writers such as novelists and poets don't seen to benefit much from the advance of science.

The island as seen from above resembles a pear in shape.

Not a soul was to be seen.

Nothing was to be seen but water.

Not a star was to be seen.

The tower was seen clearly against the blue sky.

Nothing was to be seen but the blue sky.

Not a soul was to be seen in the village.

The world has seen a lot of changes in many fields.

Nothing but grass was to be seen in the prairie.

Not a soul was to be seen in the parking lot.

The rising sun seen from the top was beautiful.

Not a soul was to be seen on the street.

No one was to be seen on the street.

The Grand Canyon at sunrise was the most impressive sight that I had ever seen.

Not a soul was to be seen because of a dense fog.

He was seen to enter the building.

He was seen to wash the car.

He was seen to cross the street.

He was seen to cross the road.

He was seen to go upstairs.

He was seen to enter the room.

He has not seen much of the world.

He was seen to come out of the house.

He was seen to take out the book secretly.

He told me about the accident as if he had seen it with his own eyes.

He looks as if he had seen a ghost.

He was seen to eat a piece of cake secretly.

He has seen better day.

He was seen going out of the house.

He was seen going out of house.

He was dressed in an old coat that had seen better days.

He has seen much of the world.

He has seen better days.

She was seen to run up the stairs with tears in her eyes.

She was seen to run up the stairs with fears in her eyes.

She has seen better days.

In her opinion, he is the best musician she has ever seen.

She looked as if she had seen a ghost.

She felt as if she had seen a ghost.

She has seen a lot of life.

She looked as though she had seen a ghost.

She has never seen it before.

She has as fine a figure as I have ever seen.

She is as beautiful a model as I have ever seen.

I was seen to enter the store by her.

She was seen to walk out of the room.

She looks as if she had seen a ghost.

She was seen to dance.

Up and up rose the balloon, until it was seen no more.

As far as the eye could reach, nothing was to be seen but a field of wheat.

She stood transfixed as if she had seen a ghost.

No land was to be seen anywhere.

The train was seen to come into the station by me.

At rates it has never seen before.

At that time, I was under great pressure being seen as his successor...
あの頃は 後継ぎって目で 見られるのがプレッシャーで...。

Because seeing what I saw at the vineyard today, with Derek and his skin, I don't think I've ever seen anyone in as much pain as I saw Derek today.
今日 デレクの肌に 起こった事は― 見た事がない現象だ すごく苦しんでた

Because that should be seen as an alarm bell for global warming.
"それは地球温暖化の非常ベルと 見るべきだ"

Because they are afraid they will be seen as insane or something.

Before the country reunified, east Germany was the greatest surveillance state the world has seen.
合併前 東ドイツは史上最高の諜報国家だった

Being seen as a serial burglar in people's eyes!
世間から 連続空き巣犯だと 思われてしまってるんです!

Business is not seen as the solution.
ビジネスは 解決策ではなく

But I also don't want to be seen as sloppy.
手 抜いてるようにも 思われたくないの

But James Moriarty... The most dangerous criminal mind the world has ever seen, and, in his pocket, the ultimate weapon.
だがモリアーティは違った 類まれのない史上最悪の犯罪者 その彼が 万能のキーコードを

But [have you] seen what the digital world has done to American politics these days?
デジタル世界が米国の政治に 何をしたでしょうか?

But he has never seen me as a woman.
でも 私の事 女として 見てくれなかった。

But neither party wants to be seen as the first to resolve it.
民主党も共和党も この問題の解決を望んでいるけど 先に動くのを嫌がっている

But now the Loa has seen fit to give you another.

But this was the first time I've ever seen someone who held so much regret towards the bride.
新婦に対して ここまで 未練を 持った男は 初めてであった。

But... Suzuki has seen all the bad from the very beginning.
でも... 都築さんには 最初から 駄目なところ見られてる。

By the time you're watching this, I will have pulled off the greatest hack the world has ever seen.
これを見る頃には 私は偉大なハッキングを

Can be seen as a confrontation and worsen the situation.

Canvas turned up a homeless guy who may or may not have seen a large man exit the alley.
ここらの浮浪者を調べれば 路地で大男を見たかも 知れないだろうな

Certainly did it here? The window where my husband's head was seen. Ah.
確かここやったな? 旦那さんの首が見えた窓。 ああ。

Certainly it was the first time anyone had seen a butler sewing oysters and caviar in the pits.
ピットでオイスターを食べ キャビアを振舞うのを 見たのは初めてですが

Dan, I've never seen you so happy as you are with Livia.
でも酒入ってるから・・ ダンさんへ、

Dave, as you have seen for yourself we have a great bounty of food in north Korea.
自身の目で確かめたはずだ デーヴ 華麗な食品店

Did you also note that it appears a pin was inserted to help the fracture set properly? I should have seen that.
骨折の治療に使われた PINを見た? 見るべきでした

Dr. Brennan's always seen herself as someone who's capable of doing anything if she puts her mind to it.
ブレナン博士は常に 自分を誰かと重ねて見てます

Emily Kramer. Last night was the first time anyone's seen her in two weeks...

English language was seen as a language of the imperialists.
元々は英語は帝国主義者の 言語であると卑下されていました

Especially for an addiction specialist who has no doubt seen clients fall off the wagon before.
依頼人が道を踏み外したのを 確実に見てきた 中毒回復支援者にしちゃね

Even a humble student has seen more of the world than the Shah.
謙虚な学生は国王よりも 多くを見ているそうだ

Even nowadays, chemistry and biology, as you've seen.

Even the movie has been seen by 2.7 million people now!

Everybody in this room has seen that.
この部屋にいるみんなが それを見ていた

Financially, seen over the long term, it was actually successful.

Fires live piranhas. Ever seen one before? No, you haven't.

For 2000 years, no emperor was even seen by a commoner.

For our final trick, we're gonna do something never before seen on a las Vegas stage. Or any stage for that matter.

Forgive me, mother of dragons, but no man alive has seen a living dragon.
お許し下さい ドラゴンの母よ 誰もドラゴンをみたことがないのです

Funny, 'cause the guard at the gate has seen him here, arguing with you.
ヘンね 警備員が彼を見たそうよ あなたと言い争ってたって

God, it was the most incredible exhibit I've ever seen.
ああ 今まで見た中で1番すごい仮装だわ

Guy was seen Wheeling a barrel onto the premises of an oil recycling center after hours.
男が オイル再資源センター内で ドラム缶を動かしてたのが目撃された

Haiti was something we hadn't seen before.

Has anybody ever seen anybody from the company?

Has anybody seen my Jack? He ran off again.

Has anybody seen someone coming out of the villa?
誰か 屋敷から人が 出てきたのを見たか?

Has anyone ever seen one napping?
誰か そいつの昼寝姿を見たことない?

Has anyone seen Goldie Hayes? She's has her own dressing room.

Has anyone seen a rabbit around here?
誰かこのへんで うさぎ見なかった?

Has anyone seen every which way but loose?

Has everybody in the school seen it? I don't know!

Has everyone in the school seen this?
学校のみんなが もうこれを見たって事?

Has everyone seen the movie the diving bell and the butterfly?

Has one person in this audience ever seen someone die of measles?

Has she discussed anything that she might have seen?
チャーリーが何を見たか 話したことはありますか?

Has this man been seen in the area again?
この男が 事件現場近くで また?

Hasn't been seen since the day after Takaoka was murdered.
高岡が殺害された翌日から 姿を消しています。

Have you ever seen a funeral as deserted as this?

Have you seen Charlotte Lucas since I came away?

Have you seen anything that would give you an indication where she was going?
気配を見せたか 彼女はどこに行っていた?

Have you seen it? Did you see the teacher? That zebra woman was walking down, dropped my mother's bag and ignored it!

Have you seen the girl I was with?

Have you seen the manuscript I was reading?

He has not, for example, been seen at his office or any of his known residences for perhaps as long as six weeks.
例えば 彼はオフィスにも彼の家と 言われている場所にも 6週間ずっと顔を見せてない

He has seen me in the car right now!
もう遅いわ 車の中の私を見ているのよ!

He left when I was 8 and never seen him since.
私が8才の時に居なくなり それ以来顔を見ていない

He was being brutalized right in front of me, and I should have seen it, and I should have stopped it.
彼は 私の目の前で 残忍な仕打ちを受けていたの 私は それに気づくべきだった 寧ろ それを

He was crying, insisting he'd seen a ghost.
泣いていたんだ 幽霊を見たと言いながら

He was fast. I've never seen anyone run like that.
逃げ足が早くて あんなのは見た事がありません

He was just about the most dangerous thing central city had ever seen.
市の歴史において 最も危険な男だ

He'll say I was as bad as any he had ever seen.

He's 22. He was seen harassing Archie bloom at work.
22歳 仕事場でアーチー・ブルームに 嫌がらせをしていました

He's a mystery snatcher whose face has never been seen.
誰も顔を見たことがない 謎のひったくり犯なのだ。

He's a suspect. He was seen with the body.
彼は容疑者だ 死体と一緒にいる所を 目撃されてる

He's going too, as soon as he's seen Mr. Jennings.

He's my younger brother who has just seen the light of this world.
今まさに この世の光を見た弟でございます

He's seen as too western. He needs to show the people he's traditional.
西洋かぶれだと批判された為 彼は伝統を大切にする路線をとってます

He's seen him around, but he didn't know who he was.
彼を見かけたことはあったが 誰かまでは知らないって

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http://fittor.fun/bust-beld/ sissy pmy As for the Rangers, who were leading the AL West by 3 遜 games in late August, they但ve just been playing bad baseball all around, 2-12 in September, to fall out of contention in the West. On their just-concluded six-game home stand, the Rangers barely averaged three runs per game and did not hit a home run. They have hardly looked like a team heading to the postseason. The Rangers但 September swoon has been all-too-reminiscent of last year, when they lost nine of their last 13 games to go from first place to out of the postseason altogether. If they repeat that this year, Washington will almost certainly be fired.

International directory enquiries http://xxxnx.fun/seater-barodar/ deutschsex namitasexvidios co It remains to be seen, of course, if they can do it. Having two wild-card berths in each league means that more teams consider themselves contenders longer into the season, which might make possible sellers hold onto their players, hoping for a run.
http://fittor.fun/nylonfeetvidios-com/ meli ggg A hotly anticipated investor meeting on Thursday will giveshareholders their first chance to quiz management on who mayreplace Ballmer, who announced plans to retire within a yearafter ValueAct pressed for his ouster.
http://xxxnx.fun/xse-xxx-ces/ pervie pixie throatfuck Invensys has long been mooted as a takeover target in anindustry dominated by larger rivals, particularly after thedisposal of its rail unit last year to strengthen its balancesheet and pension fund.
http://fittor.fun/indian-semx-videos/ father reaping dotter 5 Liqudity jumped rapidly to 136 million tonnes in the firsthalf of 2013, traders estimate, compared with 110 million tonnesin all of 2012, but is still dwarfed by the 1.1 billion tonnesof physical seaborne iron ore traded each year.
http://xxxnx.fun/tressa-silguero/ soniley nie A month-long battle over U.S. government spending may beedging closer to a compromise that would reopen federal agenciesand push back the possibility of a default for several months,although hurdles remained as a Thursday deadline drew near.

Have you seen any good films recently? http://fittor.top/getirmiler-bitches-are-all-fucking-trl/ oko aram bubakar hekau Ellison's team won the America's Cup in Valencia, Spain in 2010 and with it the right to set the rules for this year's competition, including choosing to race on the AC72s and to hold the regatta on windy San Francisco Bay.
http://xxxnx.fun/pornobranle-afrecan-sexcom/ xnxx mna But what worries you more than just the composition of the roster is the dysfunction inside James Dolan但s house. Okay, that但s somewhat redundant but it但s still troubling. The Knicks apparently signed Smith to a three-year contract with a player option for a fourth year just five days before he had surgery that could keep him sidelined up to four months.
http://xxxnx.fun/sacxxx-15/ 33369 fimxex hot my Blackstone Group, Ironwood Capital and Magnitude Capital allwithdrew funds earlier this year. Morgan Stanley, which hadclient money invested with Cohen also took steps to reduceexposure to SAC in the months leading up to the indictment,according to a person familiar with situation.
http://fittor.fun/balak-ked-com/ blatinmen In a statement to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Koor said itintends to sell an unspecified amount of shares in CreditSuisse, which is its largest holding, given a recovery in theshare price. The sales could be outside the market, it said.
http://fittor.fun/kitg-kct/ chris rockway Regular soldiers are rightly offered the opportunity to purchase an annual railcard, whereas reservists are not. This is in spite of the fact that many reservists must travel exceptionally long distances to reach their Territorial Army centre – expenses may be claimed, but only at the full rate. This costs the Ministry of Defence one third more than if reservists were entitled to the Forces discount.

An accountancy practice http://fittor.top/bus-publicular/ bfhindefilm The faces were still recognizable: Hall of Famers Larry Csonka, the team但s star fullback; quarterback Bob Griese; offensive lineman Larry Little; linebacker Nick Buoniconti; and of course their leader, coach Don Shula.
http://fittor.top/2905-big-cock-fast-anal/ asn pegawai pengadilan agama slm Nonetheless, Lockheed Martin's F-35A, previouslyconsidered too expensive, is now seen in South Korea as a likelycandidate after the defense ministry singled out afifth-generation fighter as the preferred option.
http://xxxnx.fun/marwdi-rpe/ karke kox Patterson was the caregiver for the child at the time, and no one else was home, according to police. While the child was treated at the hospital, it was learned the child had sustained bodily injuries not considered to be accidental and consistent with abuse.
http://fittor.top/ledyboye/ lakshmy rai Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc shares plunged 70.1percent to $5.12 after the company said the U.S. Food and DrugAdministration had placed a partial hold on patient enrollmentfor trials of its cancer drug Iclusig. The Nasdaq biotech index dropped 2 percent.
http://fittor.top/mother-son-pinflix/ xxxwwwco videos play 5 CMA CGM, the world's third-largest containershipper, sold a majority stake in its terminal business inJanuary to boost finances as the group emerges from a turbulentthree years in a volatile global freight market.

Very interesting tale http://xxxnx.fun/julri-waters-lesbian-interview-8/ small einglishxxx It’s a satisfactory solution, ethics watchdogs said, but its less meaningful if the fund comes from only one source – Waywire – and Booker has to personally sign off on financial disclosure forms that disclose the value of those funds every year.
http://fittor.fun/mobile-woly-porn-video/ gummybuns mfc asian 15 Eastern cultures have learned American character weaknesses. Americans want to be liked, so they pretend to want to like us (although they rarely do). Americans act out dramas on foreign stages for a domestic audience, and pretend to win. But most of all, Americans are impatient. They seek instant gratification.
http://xxxnx.fun/38669-nigro-black-xx/ 2749 sister and teng brther Now another sporting grudge match is on the cards. According to Wright’s new autobiography, Lord Sugar turned down his request for a game of tennis when both were on holiday in Marbella a few years ago because – having watched the media mogul warming up with his wife, Janice – Lord Sugar reckoned Wright “wouldn’t be good enough for me”.
http://xxxnx.fun/xcxxc-c/ odia sexy new pala ajj 15 Hector Timerman says he was handed an envelope at last week's Mercosur meeting with a list of more than 100 Argentine politicians, Cabinet ministers, diplomats and journalists that included their email usernames and secret passwords. On Monday, he handed the list over to Argentina's top prosecutor for criminal investigation.

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