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レスキュー /(n) rescue

レスキューダイバー;レスキュー・ダイバー /(n) rescue diver

レスキュー隊 [レスキューたい] /(n) rescue squad/rescue party

レスキュー部隊 [レスキューぶたい] /(n) rescue party/rescue squad

海難救助 [かいなんきゅうじょ] /(n) sea rescue/air-sea rescue/ASR

救い出す [すくいだす] /(v5s,vt) to rescue/to free

救い上げる [すくいあげる] /(v1) to pick up and rescue

救う [すくう] /(v5u,vt) to rescue from/to help out of/to save

救援 [きゅうえん] /(n,vs) relief/rescue

救援活動 [きゅうえんかつどう] /(n) rescue operation

救援隊 [きゅうえんたい] /(n) relief party/rescue party

救急隊 [きゅうきゅうたい] /(n) ambulance crew/ambulance squad/rescue squad

救急隊員 [きゅうきゅうたいいん] /(n) (See 救急救命士) rescue worker/emergency rescue team member

救護班 [きゅうごはん] /(n) relief squad/rescue party

救済 [きゅうさい] /(n,vs) relief/aid/rescue/salvation/help

救済機関 [きゅうさいきかん] /(n) (See 人権救済機関) aid agency/rescue organization/organization to monitor human rights

救出 [きゅうしゅつ] /(n,vs) rescue/extricate/reclaim/deliverance

救出作戦 [きゅうしゅつさくせん] /(n) rescue mission/evacuation operation

救助 [きゅうじょ] /(n,vs) relief/aid/rescue

救助活動 [きゅうじょかつどう] /(n) rescue operation/aid operation/rescue work

救助船 [きゅうじょせん] /(n) lifeboat/rescue ship

救助隊 [きゅうじょたい] /(n) rescue team or party

救助艇 [きゅうじょてい] /(n) lifeboat/rescue boat

救難 [きゅうなん] /(n) rescue/salvage

救難ヘリコプター [きゅうなんヘリコプター] /(n) rescue helicopter

救難船 [きゅうなんせん] /(n) rescue ship/salvage boat

公助 [こうじょ] /(n) rescue and assistance (by public bodies) (e.g. in time of disaster)

災害救助犬 [さいがいきゅうじょけん] /(n) rescue dog

助 [じょ] /(pref) help/rescue/assistant

助かる [たすかる] /(v5r,vi) (1) to be saved/to be rescued/to survive/(2) to escape harm/to be spared damage/(3) to be helped/to be saved trouble

助く;輔く;扶く [たすく] /(v5k,vt) to help/to save/to rescue

助ける(P);援ける;救ける;扶ける;佐ける;佑ける;輔ける [たすける] /(v1,vt) (1) to save/to rescue/(2) to help/to assist/(3) to aid/to contribute (financially)/(4) to facilitate/to stimulate

人質救出作戦 [ひとじちきゅうしゅつさくせん] /(n) hostage rescue operation

遭難救助隊 [そうなんきゅうじょたい] /(n) rescue party

奪回 [だっかい] /(n,vs) recovery/rescue/recapture

奪還 [だっかん] /(n,vs) recovery/rescue/recapture

免れる [まぬがれる(P);まぬかれる] /(v1) (1) to escape (disaster, death, etc.)/to be saved from/to be rescued from/(2) to avoid (e.g. punishment)/to evade (e.g. responsibility)/to avert/to elude/to be exempted from

If you help, I am truly rescued.

Your soul needs rescue.

You are soul needs rescue.

The child was rescued from a burning house.

The boy was on the point of drowning when his father came to his rescue.

The brave fireman rescued a boy from the burning house.

If you were to fall from that bridge, it would be almost impossible to rescue you.

A stewardess was rescued from the wreck.

The rangers decided to go to the sailor's rescue.

The rescue party searched for the missing passengers.

We must rescue the environment from pollution.

The man and his horse that fell off the cliff were soon rescued.

The rescue flight had to reckon with strong winds and freezing temperatures.

He was still alive when the rescue party arrived.

The rescue worker beat the area, looking for the child.

She did not eat anything until she was rescued.

The rescued refugees were longing for freedom.

Try to hold on until a rescue team arrives.

The rescue workers are going to hand out supplies to the victims of the earthquake.

My brother is a member of the rescue squad.

They were hanging tight until the police came to rescue them.

We accused the photographer of not rescuing the child fast.

We went to his rescue.

We went to her rescue.

We accused the photographer of not rescuing the child first.

I came near being drowned, trying to rescue a boy.

The people were rescued all but one.

Ships and helicopters left for the spacemen's rescue.

I am only too glad to hear that all of them are safe and sound in the rescue.

Nobody came to my rescue.

The climbers were brought off by the rescue party.

He came to my rescue.

But for his timely rescue, I would have drowned.

He rescued a boy from drowning.

He rescued the child from the burning house.

He rescued the child from the fire.

He had the good fortune to be rescued from the burning building.

He rescued a cat from a high tree.

He rescued a girl from drowning and was given a reward.

He did his best to rescue her.

He rescued the little girl at the cost of his life.

He rescued the dog at the risk of his own life.

They rescued the boy from drowning.

They went to the boy's rescue.

They were rescued by helicopter.

They kept singing until a rescue team came.

They rescued him from danger.

They came presently to our rescue.

They came to our rescue at once.

They were rescued by a passing ship.

They hurried to their father's rescue.

The lost boy held out until the rescue team came.

Awaiting rescue, we can't afford to be gentle about it.
救出を待っている 悠長に 紳士対応はしておれん

Away the fire and rescue team...
消火・救助チームは 急行して下さい

Back to what would be a fair life, really rescuing them from their pimps, and using it.
支援をしています 売春あっせん業者から助けるのです

Because robots are coming to the rescue.

Before I came here to rescue your father.
君の父親を 救出する為にここに来る前に

Before he turns around to rescue more.
他の人を助けるため 戻って行きました

Being used by rescue team in Haiti.

Better than waiting to be rescued by people who don't know we're missing.
食べられずに脱出する? 待つより良い 私達の行方不明を知らない人達から 救出されるために

Big and powerful, will come rescue us.

Bravo 6 to fleet rescue, do you copy?

But Charlie drowned trying to help his friends find rescue.
しかしチャーリーは 彼の友人の救助を探すのを手伝って溺れて死んだ。

But I guess Mr. Mctierney felt guilty or something because ever since then he's been trying to rescue me.
でも マクティアニー先生は 罪悪感を感じてたと思う

But first, the rescue of high vision monster is the first.
でも まずはハイビジョンモニタモンの救出が 先決だ。

But for some very nauseating, political reasons... Any rescue plans involving any us government forces or entity... Has been strictly ruled out.
政治的理由と ... ... 政府の秘密保持のために ... ... この装置は封印されている

But has been in this state since his rescue.

But he came to rescue me, and he protected me!
すっごくすごく怖かったけど 彼が私を助けに来て守ってくれた

But it's all right. You came to rescue me...
でも いいわ こうして助けに来てくれたし

But now more than ever, I want to be a rescue diver.
僕は今 心の底から 潜水士になりたいと思っています

But there was new hope for rescue.
だがそこには 救助への新しい希望が出来た。

But we rescued her unharmed in the Nick of time.
間一髪 無傷で救い出しました

But we're doing on average 2.41 active rescues a day.
1日平均で2.41回 救助を要請します

But you didn't eat me. You rescued me.
私は食べずに 助けてくれた

By a rescue helicopter to a large spinal unit in Sydney.
シドニーの脊髄病棟に 運ばれました

Can you imagine it trying to go up and rescue somebody at that upper floor? Ok?

Copping to your various criminal activities in exchange for help with rescuing Watson.
ワトソン救出に力を借りる代わりに 自分の様々な犯罪行為を自白した

Dennis' pioneering work is credited with rescuing the papaya industry.
デニスのこの先駆的な仕事のお陰で パパイヤ産業は救われました

Destruction of the island's power grid and transportation infrastructure has hampered international rescue efforts as thousands are unaccounted for, many feared dead.
「電力網と交通インフラに 甚大な被害が及び」 「各国の救援隊の 受け入れが困難に」 「数千名が安否不明 死者多数との懸念が」

Did we rescue my sisters from the queen?
妹達を女王から 取り返せたか?

Did you see the victim in conflict with anyone during your rescue?
救出された時 被害者が誰かと争ってるのを 見てないか?

Dionysus rescued her, but she ended up dying anyway.
ディオニュソスは彼女を 救い出した でも彼女は死んだ

Disaster areas. We helped with the first responders, the search and rescue.
初期対応者の一員として 調査と救助を行いました

Do not exit the rescue Pod under any circumstances.
いかなる状況でも 脱出ポッドからは出ないように

Dobby has come to rescue Harry Potter, of course.
勿論、ハリー・ポッターを 助けに来たんです。

Does good triumph over evil, does the hero rescue the girl?
悪を見返す善の勝利か 主人公は少女を救うのか?

Does good triumph over evil? Does the hero rescue the girl?

Does he mean getting rescued from drowning?
昨日? 溺れた時?

Don't look like no rescue team.

Dramatic rescue before the light of dawn this morning.
今朝 夜明け前に 劇的な救助活動が 行われました

Dude, I hope you're here to rescue me because these dudes are not messing around.
俺を救う為にここにいると願ってる 奴らはぐずぐずしてない

Elijah will never forgive us, and rescuing him will be for nothing.
イライジャは決して 私達を許さないわ そうしてまで 彼は救出を望まない

Environmental monitoring, search and rescue, logistics.
自然環境の観測や 捜索と救難 輸送などです

Everybody was rescued except Dr. Worley.

Everybody, there's a rescue helicopter coming!
みんな! ヘリの救助がくるわ!

Everyone came here to rescue me.
みんなを 誘導してやれ。 はっ!

Fears of a possible downed aircraft... Have put local emergency rescue workers on the alert.
落雷にご注意ください 航空機の墜落に備えて

Fine. When we all rescued each other.
構わない みんなで お互いを救助した

Fire from an explosion rages during rescue operations.
(本部長) 本事案に関して 我々はこれを 大規模海難と認定します

First. We gotta rescue Gail. Then comes the kill.
まずゲイルを救出し そして敵を殺す

Fortunately, general Augustin will come to my rescue.
幸運にも、オーギュスティン将軍が私の 救出に来てくれるわ

French people! It must be a rescue team.
フランス人だ! 救助隊に違いない。

Go ahead, give Linda the Dose. Uh, medical, this is rescue one.
さあ リンダに投与して

Goku employed a brilliant battle strategy to rescue you.
悟空のやつが 見事な作戦で あなたを救い出したのです。

Grace, we're not gonna be rescued.
グレース 救出されないぞ

Had rescued me before. I wanted to rely on this person ...
そう言われて 私 誰かに すがりたくて...。

Hasumi, the rescue mat is not here yet?
蓮見! はい。

Have you considered the option that we could go rescue the girl?
選択肢を考慮した 少女を救いだせるかしら?

Haven't had the chance to step in and rescue their loved ones.
救うことができなかった親が あまりにも多くいます

He just wanted me to keep rescuing people.

He made you a victim so that he could rescue you.
自分が君を助けられるように 君を被害者にしたんだ

He ran in to rescue his machines.

He told me god wanted him to rescue that boy. I'll go get him.

He told me that, since you tried to save her at the fortune cup, you could definitely rescue Aki now!
フォーチュンカップで 娘を救おうとしてくれたキミなら

He wants me to rescue him.

He was buried under rubble for 21 days and survived, but has been in this state since his rescue.
21日間、瓦礫の下で 生き残っていたけど 救助の時にはこの状態だったみたいです

He was the sole survivor of the attack on the safe house where you were rescued.
貴方が救出された敵拠点で 攻撃を逃れた唯一の人物

He was trying to rescue you.

He went there to rescue me.

He's flying. G.I. Joe to the rescue.
飛んでる gi ジョーを助けるんだ

He's flying. Gi Joe to the rescue.
飛んでる GI ジョーを助けるんだ

He's gonna be joining rescue squad.

He's not rescue diver material.
体力的にもついてこれないし 注意力もない

He's still requesting that you authorize a rescue operation.

Hey, remember when Slade and I rescued you?
ねえ スレイドと俺が 君を救った時を覚えてる?

His comrade was abducted and he had to go rescue him.
仲間が らちられて 助けに行っただけです

Hostage rescue teams are moving into place.

How about you rescuing me too ? Me !
あなたも救ってくれない? 私を...。

How long after we're declared overdue can we expect a rescue?
救助を呼んだら どれくらいかかる?

Hurry up and rescue the pilot!

I am sorry to keep you waiting. I came to the rescue.
待たせてすまない。 救援に来たよ。

I believe they intend to rescue you.
彼らは あなたを 救うつもりよ

I believe you're familiar with the two who came to her rescue.
あなたなら精通してると思う 彼女を救助に来た2人に

I came here to rescue you from him.

I came to this world to rescue ancient fairy.
私 エンシェント・フェアリーを助けるために この世界に来たの。

I can call in a rescue ship, you can go home.
救助船に呼び出して 家に帰ることができる

I can't believe we're rescuing actual legends of Kung Fu.
信じられないなぁ ぼくがカンフーの英雄を助けてるんだ

I come from a group that aim to make rescued children smile again...

I contacted search rescue. They'll be here in the morning.
捜索隊に連絡した 朝には着く

I don't know whether to thank you for rescuing me... Or to kick your ass for throwing me off a cliff.
誰だか知らないけど 助けてくれてありがとう ... ... そのうえ転落まで

I don't need to be rescued by anyone, grant ward.
僕には誰の助けも必要ない! グラント・ウォード・・・

I don't need to be rescued.

I don't think he's search and rescue.

I don't think you understand. I didn't come here to rescue Rambo from you.
誤解があるようだ 私はランボーを救いに来た訳じゃない

I guess you could say I'm a rescue.
あなたの犬のように 救われたの

I hate to bring this up... ..But this is a commercial ship, not a rescue ship.
俺はイヤだね 民間の船だぞ 救助船じゃない

I have the feeling that being with you somehow rescued me.
私 典子さんといると なんか 少し気持ちが救われるみたい...。

I have to be rescued in it.

I just wanted to rescue her, to get her away from that disgusting old man!
助けようとして あのキモいジジイから

I just wanted to thank him for rescuing my doll.
人形を助けてくれたお礼を 言っただけだよ

I knew Mandi set me up, and you guys came to rescue me.
マンディが私をやっつけるから 阻止するために来てくれた

I know you think that this ship rescued you... When you were stranded at sea.
君はこの船が 君を救ったと思ってる 海で足止めされたとき

I need rescue hot south of Orr lake, forest route 42 north 12.
至急 救命要請 場所は オア湖の南 林道42号の北12だ

I need someone to rescue me.

I need you to rescue my guys. Take the guns out.
私の隊を救助し 対戦車砲を破壊するのだ

I promise I'll rescue you.

I read many stories of princes rescuing princesses.

I reckon you're not too happy about being rescued by a woman.

I rescued you from hell and I took you to paradise!
あなたを地獄から救って 天国に連れてきた!

I saw how she looked at you in class when you rescued her.
授業で彼女を助けた時 彼女はあなたを見ていた

I see ... I will call the rescue team right away.
そうか...。 すぐに 救護班を呼ぶ。 大丈夫だ。

I still thought I could march south and rescue him in time, but only if I crossed that bridge.
あの橋を渡れさえすれば 南進して父を救えるとまだ考えていた

I think I rescued that bar from you.
いや 君から酒場を救ったんだ

I thought I'd lost it the day they rescued me.
助けてもらった時に 失くしていたと思ってた

I trust you've already formulated a brilliant plan to rescue the senator.

I volunteer for the rescue service.
ボランティアで レスキューをしてるからさ

I vowed to rescue them if they were ever in danger.
絶対 俺が 助けてやるんだって思ってた

I wanted to rescue you from within black rock shooter.
ブラックロックシューターの中から 救い出したかった。

I was able to rescue one of our numbers, but I'm afraid his office building wasn't so fortunate.
私は我々の 番号の1人を救う事ができた だが 彼のオフィスビルは そんな運が良くなかったと思う

I was going to go into that snake pit and rescue her from the very place she had me committed.
私はこの蛇穴に潜入し かつて彼女が私を収容した この場所から彼女を 救出しに来ました

I was gonna send a dog on a search and rescue.

I'd better get inside, rescue your father from his guests.
中に入るとしよう お前の父を客から救い出そう

I'll help you rescue him, but that's it.
彼を救うのを手伝います でも それだけ

I'm a demon , but my hero came to rescue me...
私は鬼やのに ヒーローが 助けにきてくれた...》

I'm a sumo wrestler who's just been rescued from the desert!
ブーッ! 砂漠で救助されたお相撲さん。

I'm afraid he went to rescue you.

I'm afraid we can't risk any more ships with a rescue mission.

I'm at saint Mary's hospital. I got a baby on a ventilator that needs a rescue team.
セントメアリー病院だ 保育器の乳児の救援を頼む

I'm her only chance of rescue.
救出できるのは 俺だけだ

I'm here to rescue you from yourself.

I'm here to rescue you.

I'm here to rescue you. I've got your r2 unit.
助けに来たんです r2も一緒に ベン・ケノービも一緒です

I'm not gonna sacrifice John to help rescue an Ai that on its best days is cryptic and withholding, and on its worst, borderline homicidal.
aiの救出を助ける為に ジョンを犠牲にするつもりはない それの全盛期は 曖昧で差し控える 最悪の場合 殺人すれすれの状態だ

I'm not in the rescue business.

I'm not letting you go on a rescue mission. Certainly not by yourself.
例え救助に行くのが目的だとしても 行かせられない

I'm not the one that needs to be rescued, Kate.
私は救出されたくないの ケイト

I'm sending the rescue team.

I'm sorry. Can we get back to the rescue now?
すいませんけど 捜索を再開してもらえませんか?

I'm sure we can all agree that the safety of the family was paramount, and we thank you both for their rescue.
家族の安全が図られ 人質が救助されたことに感謝します

I'm very glad that you came to our rescue.

I, uh... Thought we were going on a rescue mission.
俺は・・・ 救助に行くと思っていたが・・・

If Emma never rescued me? What would I be?

If Emma never rescued me? Yeah!
?全部 エマがいてくれたからなんだ?

If Emma never rescued me? Yeah! Yeah!
?ここでこうして話をしていられる そうさ?

If Katie Hopes to save her one true love from Marcel's punishment, well, a rescue mission like that will require something positively magical, but then...
もしケイティが 真実の愛を貫くならば マルセルに処罰されようと 救助作戦には 当然 何かしら 魔法が必要となるだろう

If a rescue team is what you're waiting for, don't.

If at all possible, wait for rescue.
出来るなら 救出を待ってほしい

If utilized in a rescue effort, it would be revealed to the indigenous specie.
もし私を助けに来たら 先住民に 見られてしまいます

If you are having a hard time, we will come to your rescue.
だから 太一だって 私達が苦しいときは

If you were to rescue them, I will do anything for you.

If your engine dies, you can use them as a makeshift rudder or to rescue a man overboard.
エンジンが故障したら これで舵を取れます

Imagine leaving behind your own pet in an evacuation or a rescue.
避難や救出の際にペットを置き去りに することを想像してみてください

In truth, he rescued me, your grace.
実際は彼が私を救ってくれたのです 一度だけではありません

Is there a battle? A rescue operation?

Iss, if you hear us... We could sure use a rescue mission.
ISS 聞こえるなら― 救助活動を頼む

It appears that Bauer's purpose for being in London was to effect that rescue.
バウアーがロンドン に現れた目的は 彼女を脱走させるためだったようです

It cant be... Bring the stretcher, well head there for the rescue!
そんな... 担架だ すぐ救出に向かう!

It didn't occur to me that if this was a rescue mission, my captors could hear the choppers.
もし救援任務だったなら、 拉致グループ達も、 ヘリの音が聞こえることを、 すっかり忘れていた。

It gave us our only chance to rescue the president's husband.

It should be relatively safe for four or five hours. Enough time for you to mount a rescue mission.
4?5時間は比較的安全だ 救助には十分な時間だろう

It shows things that are needed [for rescue and relief work].

It took identity to rescue me from sadness.
悲しみから立ち直るには アイデンティティが必要でした

It would not be possible to rescue any more oiled birds.

It would take twelve hours for a rescue team to arrive from the moon base.
月面基地からの救援隊が来るまで 12時間かかる

It'll stay there, until... Until it's rescued.
そこに留まっています、時まで... 救助される時まで

It's a reminder that you found me, you rescued me, you protected me.
私を救助した 私を守った

It's a rescue mission. You'll love it.
救助だ 楽しみだろ?

It's important to rescue the frog.

It's in that context that I rescue children.

It's like a rescue animal thing they're going there.

It's okay. After all, you came to my rescue.
フフッ やっぱり これだ

Kidnapped billionaire, Alfred Heineken, has been rescued in a police raid earlier this evening.
誘拐された億万長者 ハイネケンは 警察の襲撃により 救助されました

Kido Kenji. He's the person you rescued from isolation facility number four.
あなたが 第4隔離施設から 助け出した人物ですよ 集。

Kofi was rescued from a fishing village.

Kousuke will be rescued safely for sure.
康介くんは 必ず無事に救出します。

Lay under the rubble for three and a half hours without rescue.
救助されず がれきの下に放置されました

Let me step outside without sending a dozen guards to rescue me.
多くの騎士団なしで外に出て... ...救助の必要なく

Let's go rescue ancient fairy together!
一緒に エンシェント・フェアリーを助けに 行きましょう。

Like the lie you are now concocting that somehow you'll survive being tossed into the void and find some way to rescue Ms. Jones.
君がついた嘘のように 何とか宇宙に放り込まれても 生き残るだろう そしてジョーンズを救い出す 方法を見つけなさい

Look, Michael, we will rescue Nikita, but you can't do anything if you're dead.
クソ食らえだ ニキータは必ず助ける 君には生きていて貰わないと

Look, these animals need somebody to rescue them.

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