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K−1 [ケイワン] /(n) K-1 (Japanese kick-boxing promotion)

NPO法 [エヌピーオーほう] /(n) (See 特定非営利活動促進法) the NPO Law (1998)/Law Concerning the Promotion of Specific Non-Profit Organization Activities

SP [エスピー] /(n) (1) security police/special police/(2) (See スペシャル) special/TV special/(3) (See LP・1) standard-playing (record)/SP/(4) shore patrol/(5) (See セールスプロモーション) sales promotion/(6) {baseb} (See セーブポイント) save point/(7) {sports} (See ショートプログラム) short program (in figure skating)/(8) {comp} (See 構造化プログラミング) structured programming

キャンペーン /(n) (1) promotion (e.g. sales, etc.)/marketing campaign/(2) campaign (election, membership, enrolment, fund-raising, etc.)/drive/movement/(3) military campaign/military action/military maneuvers (maneouvers)

セールスプロモーション;セールス・プロモーション /(n) sales promotion

テーマプロモーション;テーマ・プロモーション /(n) Theme promotion

トップセールス /(n) trade promotion by a government or industrial leader (wasei: top sales)

プロモーション /(n) promotion

プロモーションビデオ;プロモーション・ビデオ /(n) promotional video (wasei: promotion video)/music video

プロモート(P);プロモウト(ik) /(n,vs) promote/promotion

育成(P);育生 [いくせい] /(n,vs) rearing/training/nurture/cultivation/promotion

栄進 [えいしん] /(n,vs) promotion/advancement

栄転 [えいてん] /(n,vs) promotion

横綱審議委員会 [よこづなしんぎいいんかい] /(n) {sumo} Yokozuna Deliberation Committee/body that recommends promotion of wrestlers to grand champions

仮進級 [かりしんきゅう] /(n) conditional promotion

拡大販売 [かくだいはんばい] /(n,vs) (See 拡販) sales promotion

拡販 [かくはん] /(n,vs) (abbr) (See 拡大販売) sales promotion

起業 [きぎょう] /(n,vs) starting a business/promotion of enterprise

起用 [きよう] /(n,vs) appointment (to a position, job, etc.)/being used for a role/promotion

挙用 [きょよう] /(n,vs) appointment/promotion

桂成り [けいなり] /(n) knight promotion

健康づくり [けんこうづくり] /(n) health promotion

原子力村;原子力ムラ [げんしりょくむら(原子力村);げんしりょくムラ(原子力ムラ)] /(n) (derog) nuclear power village/tight-knit community of legislators, regulators and manufacturers involved in the promotion of nuclear power

交詢 [こうじゅん] /(n) promotion of social intercourse

綱取り;綱とり [つなとり] /(n) {sumo} (See 横綱・よこづな・1,大関・おおぜき) ozeki wrestler's attempt to reach the rank of yokozuna/being eligible for promotion to yokozuna

高揚(P);昂揚 [こうよう] /(n,vs) enhancement/exaltation/promotion/uplift

試供 [しきょう] /(n,vs) offering something free as a promotion

資源の有効な利用の促進に関する法律 [しげんのゆうこうなりようのそくしんにかんするほうりつ] /(exp,n) Law for the Promotion of Utilization of Recycled Resources

実力本位 [じつりょくほんい] /(n,adj-no) (yoji) the precedence of merit/performance orientation/ability- (merit-) based (promotion, pay scale, etc.)

主催 [しゅさい] /(n,vs) sponsorship (i.e. conducting under one's auspices)/promotion/organizing/organising/hosting/staging

主唱(P);首唱(P) [しゅしょう] /(n,vs) advocacy/promotion

取り立て(P);取立て [とりたて] /(n) (1) collection (of a debt)/(2) patronage/promotion/(adj-no) (3) fresh (e.g. freshly picked)

出世 [しゅっせ] /(n,vs) success in life/getting ahead/successful career/promotion/climbing the corporate ladder/eminence

出世払い [しゅっせばらい] /(n) promise to repay a debt after achieving promotion or success

助長 [じょちょう] /(n,vs) (1) promotion/encouragement/fostering/furtherance/(n) (2) unwanted help (usu. unintentionally harmful)/unnecessary help

奨励 [しょうれい] /(n,vs) encouragement/promotion/inducement/incitement/stimulation

昇格 [しょうかく] /(n,vs,adj-no) raising of status/promotion/advance

昇格人事 [しょうかくじんじ] /(n) promotion/appointment to a more senior position

昇級 [しょうきゅう] /(n,vs) (ant: 降級) promotion/advancement

昇叙;陞叙 [しょうじょ] /(n,vs) promotion/advancement

昇進(P);陞進 [しょうしん] /(n,vs,adj-no) promotion/advancement/rising in rank

昇進人事 [しょうしんじんじ] /(n) (See 昇格人事) promotion/appointment to a more senior position

昇段 [しょうだん] /(n,vs) promotion

昇任;陞任 [しょうにん] /(n,vs) (ant: 降任) promotion/advancement

殖産興業 [しょくさんこうぎょう] /(n) promotion of industry/encouragement of new industry

振興 [しんこう] /(n,vs) promotion/encouragement

振興策 [しんこうさく] /(n) measures for the promotion of/stimulation measure (for the economy)

進級 [しんきゅう] /(n,vs) promotion (school, military, etc.)

進士 [しんし;しんじ;しじ(ok)] /(n) (1) (See 科挙) palace examination (national Chinese civil servant examination based largely on classic literature)/someone who has passed this examination/(2) (See 式部省) examination for promotion in the Ministry of Ceremonies (based largely on political duties and Chinese classics)/someone who has passed this examination

推進 [すいしん] /(n,vs) (1) propulsion/drive/(2) promotion (e.g. of a government policy)/furtherance/implementation

推進部 [すいしんぶ] /(n,n-suf) (usu. as XXX推進部) promotion department/development department/enhancement department

生産奨励 [せいさんしょうれい] /(n) manufacturing promotion/promotion of production

総合職 [そうごうしょく] /(n) regular position/position with a prospect of promotion

促進 [そくしん] /(n,vs,adj-no) promotion/acceleration/encouragement/facilitation/spurring on

促成 [そくせい] /(n,vs) promotion of growth

地域振興 [ちいきしんこう] /(n) promotion of regional development/encouragement of local development

地域振興券 [ちいきしんこうけん] /(n) (See 地域振興) regional promotion coupons/merchandise coupons for the promotion of the local economy

定年(P);停年 [ていねん] /(n) (1) retirement age/(2) (arch) years of service in a military rank before eligibility for promotion

登用(P);登庸 [とうよう] /(n,vs) appointment/assignment/promotion

特進 [とくしん] /(n,vs) special promotion (in rank or grade)

特定非営利活動促進法 [とくていひえいりかつどうそくしんほう] /(n) (See NPO法) Law Concerning the Promotion of Specific Non-Profit Organization Activities (1998)/the NPO Law

日本的経営 [にほんてきけいえい] /(n) Japanese-style business management/adoption of Japanese business practices (such as lifelong employment, seniority-based promotions, etc.)

売り込み(P);売込み [うりこみ] /(n) sales promotion/hard selling

発起;発企 [ほっき;はっき(発起)(ok)] /(n,vs) (1) proposal/promotion/(2) {Buddh} (See 発心) spiritual awakening/resolution

発頭 [ほっとう] /(n,vs) (1) (See 発頭人) origin/promotion/(2) originator/promoter

抜擢;抜てき [ばってき;ばったく(抜擢)] /(n,vs) selection (esp. from many people for an important job position)/exceptional promotion

販推 [はんすい] /(n) (abbr) (See 販売推進) sales promotion

販促 [はんそく] /(n) (abbr) (See 販売促進・はんばいそくしん) sales promotion

販売推進 [はんばいすいしん] /(n) sales promotion

販売促進 [はんばいそくしん] /(n,adj-no) sales promotion

不招請勧誘 [ふしょうせいかんゆう] /(n) unsolicited promotion

累進 [るいしん] /(n,vs) successive promotion/gradual promotion/graduated

I am sure your promotion was timely and well deserved.

No matter how capable you are, you're not going to get a promotion.

There are good chances of promotion in this firm.

This promotion properly reflects the quality and diligence of your work.

I am so happy about your promotion.

The scandal was an obstacle to his promotion.

The big promotion of that company's stock was just a cover up to hide their impending bankruptcy.

How about giving me a promotion from just-a-friend to boyfriend?

All hope of my promotion went up in smoke after my reorganization plan fell through.

We can say that there's not a clear winner in terms of a policy to curtail medical expenses and benefits. Out of of the four policies that were suggested, I think the most effective one would be the "Improvement of Preventive Care and Health Promotion" policy.

Science and art must contribute to the promotion of human welfare.

The company rewarded him with promotion.

Diligence was the principle factor in his remarkable promotion.

You are the next in line for promotion.

Local finance are bankrolling the industrial promotion program.

My promotion hangs on his decision.

I had to compete with him for promotion.

I'm anxious for a promotion.

I have to set up a budget for sales promotion.

Promotion was an incentive to harder work.

Are you worried about the promotion?

She had no incentive to work after she was refused a promotion.

It's great that you got the promotion.

I'm afraid a promotion is out of the question now.

The chance of promotion dispoised him to accept the offer.

I worked hard in expectation of promotion.

His desire for promotion blinded him to other's feelings.

The newcomers will have to compete with each other for a promotion.

I was delighted to hear of your promotion to Senior Managing Director.

He looked blank when he heard the announcement of his promotion.

The meeting on sales promotion is dragging on.

He deserves a promotion.

His lack of technical knowledge precluded him from promotion.

His selfishness got in the way of his promotion.

He is happy. For one thing he's got a promotion and for another he has just got married.

He is qualified for promotion.

He is out for promotion.

He is angling for promotion.

He was envious of his friend's promotion.

They are making every effort for the promotion of world peace.

They congratulate their `sempai' on his promotion.

Her husband, having failed to obtain promotion, retired at the age of 55.

Bridgy, you just got a promotion.
ブリジット 昇進したぞ

But at a certain point I stopped caring about my profile or promotions...
しかしある時期に私は評価や 昇進に気を使うのを止めた

But every day, you're paying your dues to monkeys like Raja without any chance of promotion.
しかし 毎日が ラジャの様な 猿でなかったので 昇進の機会も無く

But he's mostly going to run after a promotion and a medal.

But this is like a big promotion for him, isn't it?
ええ でも 大抜てきよね

Colin, I haven't had a chance to congratulate you on your promotion yet.
コリン まだ祝いの言葉を 言ってなかったな

Come on. We can talk about my big promotion, boss man.
私の昇進について 話し合えるでしょ

Congrats on your promotion to headquarters!
統括本部長 昇進 おめでとう。

Congratulations on your promotion, this time! Congratulations!
このたびはご昇進、おめでとうございます! お、おめでとうございます!

Damn him. I'm gonna pass the promotion exam and make him eat his words!
クソッ 早く昇進試験 パスして ギャフンと言わせたい!

Daniel Cho is gonna get that promotion.
君は 自分の上司をハメるつもりなんだ

Did you do it for a promotion?

Did you get a promotion? Correct answer.
えっ 昇任したんすか? ピンポン。

Director? I guess you get a promotion.

Er...Are you dressed like this for the promotion of the film?
その仮面は 映画の宣伝?

For a promotion. Don't you think that's terrible?
出世までしてます。 悔しくないんですか?

For its open and generous promotion of young values.

For our free Tote bag promotion.
私達の自由な仕事の 昇進のために

Good luck on your promotion exam next month.
来月の昇任試験 頑張んなさい。

Has passed me over for promotions?

He thinks he's gonna lose his promotion. Is there anything I can do to help?

He was in line for promotion when he was drafted.
軍時代は 出世コースにいたそうだ

He wrote you a recommendation when you applied for promotion to the vice squad.
彼は 君が昇進を希望していた 風俗取締班への推薦状を書いてた

He's on the fast promotion track now!
パパは。 これから どんどん 出世コースに乗っていくんだから。

Sales and business promotion activities

Sales promotion services

Trade promotion services

Sports event promotion and sponsorship

Sporting event promotion services

International law promotion or recognition services

Promotion of human rights services

Cultural heritage preservation or promotion services

Traditional handcrafts promotion services

Employment promotion or planning services

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