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GHQ [ジーエッチキュー] /(n) General Headquarters (office of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers)/GHQ

JPDR [ジェーピーディーアール] /(n) Japan Power Demonstration Reactor/JPDR

NPS [エヌピーエス] /(n) nuclear power station/NPS

SCAP [スキャップ;スキャプ] /(n) Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers (in Japan)/SCAP

SNAP [スナップ] /(n) Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power/SNAP

USBバスパワー [ユーエスビーバスパワー] /(n) {comp} USB bus power

おなり神 [おなりがみ] /(n) (belief in) spiritual power possessed by sisters to protect their brothers (in the Ryukyu Islands)

べき級数;冪級数;羃級数 [べききゅうすう] /(n) {math} power series

べき乗;冪乗 [べきじょう] /(n,vs) {math} exponentiation/power

ウーマンパワー;ウーマン・パワー /(n) woman power

エナジーセーブモード;エナジー・セーブ・モード /(n) {comp} energy save mode/low power mode

エネルギー(P);エネルギ(ik) /(n) (1) (See エナジー) energy (ger: Energie)/(2) strength/power/stamina/get-up-and-go/(3) food energy/calories

オートパワーオフ;オート・パワー・オフ /(n) {comp} auto power off

オールドパワー;オールド・パワー /(n) old power

カリスマ /(n,adj-f) (1) charisma (i.e. attractiveness, charm) (ger: Charisma)/(2) charisma (i.e. divinely conferred power or talent)/charism/(3) charismatic person/(4) (col) someone famous (usu. for their talent)/celebrity/idol/icon

ガソリン車 [ガソリンしゃ] /(n) gasoline-powered vehicle/gasoline automobile/gasoline car/gasoline truck

キープ力 [キープりょく] /(n) (1) {sports} (See キープ・1) ball-keeping ability/ability at keeping possession/(2) (hair) holding power (hairdressing product)

グリーンPC [グリーンピーシー] /(n) {comp} environmentally friendly computer (e.g. low power consumption) (wasei: green PC)

グローバルパワー;グローバル・パワー /(n) global powers

コンセント /(n) electrical outlet (wasei: concentric plug)/wall socket/power plug

コンセントタップ;コンセント・タップ /(n) power strip/power board

コンバインドサイクル発電;コンバインド・サイクル発電 [コンバインドサイクルはつでん] /(n) combined cycle power generation

シーパワー;シー・パワー /(n) sea power

ショベルカー;シャベルカー;ショベル・カー;シャベル・カー /(n) digger (wasei: shovel car)/excavator/power shovel

スチューデントパワー;スチューデント・パワー /(n) student power

ソーラーパワー;ソーラー・パワー /(n) (See 太陽エネルギー) solar power

ソフトパワー;ソフト・パワー /(n) (See ハードパワー) soft power

チェルノブイリ原子力発電所事故 [チェルノブイリげんしりょくはつでんしょじこ] /(n) Chernobyl disaster (April, 1986)/Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident

チェルノブイリ原発事故 [チェルノブイリげんぱつじこ] /(n) Chernobyl disaster (April, 1986)/Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident

チャクラ /(n) chakra (san:)/centers of spiritual power in the human body, in Indian thought

テーブルタップ;テーブル・タップ /(n) power strip (wasei: table tap)/power bar

ディーゼルカー;ディーゼル・カー /(n) (1) (See ディーゼル動車) diesel locomotive/(2) (See ディーゼル自動車) diesel powered car

ディーゼル自動車 [ディーゼルじどうしゃ] /(n) diesel powered car

トランス /(n) (1) (abbr) (power) transformer/(2) trance/(pref) (3) (See シストランス異性) trans

ハードパワー;ハード・パワー /(n) (See ソフトパワー) hard power

ハイパワー;ハイ・パワー /(n,adj-f) high power/high-powered

ハイパワードマネー;ハイパワード・マネー /(n) high-powered money

バーゲニングパワー;バーゲニング・パワー /(n) bargaining power

バートレット法 [バートレットほう] /(n) (1) Bartlett Act (1964)/(2) Bartlett method/technique for estimating power spectra

バイイングパワー /(n) buying power

バックアップ電源 [バックアップでんげん] /(n) backup power supply

バッテリ駆動 [バッテリくどう] /(n,adj-no) {comp} battery-powered

バラカ /(n) barakah (type of spiritual power in Islam) (ara:)/baraka

バランスオブパワー;バランス・オブ・パワー /(n) balance of power

パステ /(n) (abbr) power steering

パワー /(n) power

パワーアップ(P);パワー・アップ /(n,vs) making more powerful (wasei: power up)

パワーアンプ;パワー・アンプ /(n) (abbr) power amplifier

パワーウインドー;パワー・ウインドー /(n) power window

パワーウエイトレシオ;パワー・ウエイト・レシオ /(n) power weight ratio

パワーエリート;パワー・エリート /(n) power elite

パワーエレクトロニクス;パワー・エレクトロニクス /(n) power electronics

パワーオンキー;パワー・オン・キー /(n) {comp} power-on key

パワーゲーム;パワー・ゲーム /(n) power game

パワーサプライ;パワー・サプライ /(n) {comp} power supply

パワーシェアリング;パワー・シェアリング /(n) power sharing

パワーショベル;パワーシャベル;パワー・ショベル;パワー・シャベル /(n) power shovel

パワーステアリング(P);パワー・ステアリング /(n) power steering

パワーストーン;パワー・ストーン /(n) (1) gemstone totem (esp. as jewelry) (wasei: power stone)/healing crystal/(2) Power Stone (video game series)

パワースペクトル;パワースペクトラム(ik);パワー・スペクトル;パワー・スペクトラム /(n) power spectrum

パワースポット;パワー・スポット /(n) (See エネルギースポット) location thought to be flowing with mystical energy (wasei: power spot)

パワートレイン;パワー・トレイン /(n) power train

パワーハラスメント;パワー・ハラスメント /(n) harassment, e.g. in the workplace, from a position of power (wasei: power harassment)/bullying

パワープラスプラス /(n) {comp} Power++

パワーポリシー;パワー・ポリシー /(n) power policy

パワーポリティックス;パワー・ポリティックス /(n) power politics

パワーマネージメント機能 [パワーマネージメントきのう] /(n) {comp} power management function

パワーユーザー;パワー・ユーザー /(n) {comp} power user

パワーランチ;パワー・ランチ /(n) power lunch

パワーリード;パワー・リード /(n) power lead

パワーリフティング /(n) power lifting

パワエレ /(n) (abbr) (See パワーエレクトロニクス) power electronics

パワステ /(n) (abbr) power steering

パワハラ /(n) (abbr) (See パワーハラスメント) harassment (in the workplace) from a position of power/power harassment

ヒーリング /(n) healing (esp. through alternative therapies, music, color therapy, supernatural powers, etc.)

ビューゲル /(n) bow collector (type of power contact on the top of electric trains) (ger: Bugel)

ピークカット;ピーク・カット /(n) limit on maximum power consumption (wasei: peak cut)

ピープルパワー;ピープル・パワー /(n) people power

フルパワー;フル・パワー /(adv) full throttle/full power

ブラックパワー;ブラック・パワー /(n) Black Power

マルチソケット /(adj-no) multi-socket (spanner set, drill set, power strip, etc.)

マンパワー(P);マン・パワー /(n) man power

ヤングパワー;ヤング・パワー /(n) young power

ユンボ /(n) backhoe (fre: Yumbo (orig. a brand name))/power shovel

握る [にぎる] /(v5r,vt) (1) to clasp/to grasp/to grip/to clutch/(2) to make (nigirizushi, rice ball, etc.)/to form/to press into shape/to mold/to mould/(3) to seize (power, etc.)/to take hold of

圧政 [あっせい] /(n) (1) despotic administration/tyrannical rule/(2) power politics/political pressure

圧力抑制 [あつりょくよくせい] /(n) pressure suppression (e.g. pool, container in a nuclear power plant)

暗記力 [あんきりょく] /(n) memorization power/ability to remember/(good) memory

闇将軍 [やみしょうぐん] /(n) power behind the throne/醇Pminence grise/kingmaker/wire-puller/shadow shogun

委任状 [いにんじょう] /(n) commission/proxy/power of attorney/authorization

威 [い] /(n) power/authority/might/influence/dignity/majesty

威権 [いけん] /(n) authority/power

威光 [いこう] /(n) power/authority/influence

威勢 [いせい] /(n) (1) power/might/authority/influence/(2) spirits/vigor/vigour/energy/boldness

威力(P);偉力 [いりょく] /(n) power/might/authority/influence

威霊 [いれい] /(n) (1) powerful spirit/(2) power of the emperor

意志堅固 [いしけんご] /(n,adj-na) (yoji) strong determination/strong-willed/having strong will power/firmness of purpose

意志薄弱 [いしはくじゃく] /(adj-na,n,adj-no) (yoji) weak-willed/lacking a purpose/lacking will power to be patient, purposeful, or resolute

意力 [いりょく] /(n) will/will-power

異能 [いのう] /(n) unusual power/superpower/ability beyond that of humans

一等国;1等国 [いっとうこく] /(n) first-class power

一発屋 [いっぱつや] /(n) all-or-nothing gambler/power hitter (baseball)/slugger/one hit wonder (e.g. in music)

引きずり降ろす;引き摺り下ろす;引きずり下ろす;引きずりおろす;引き摺り降ろす;引き摺りおろす [ひきずりおろす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to drag down/to pull down/(2) to force out (of power, office, role, etc.)

羽振り [はぶり] /(n) (1) plumage/(2) influence/power

運命の力 [うんめいのちから] /(exp) (1) agency of fate/power of fate/(2) La forza del destino (opera by Verdi)/the force of destiny

栄耀栄華;榮耀榮華(oK) [えいようえいが;えようえいが] /(n) (yoji) wealth, prosperity, and arrogant splendor (splendour)/(living sumptuously) intoxicated by wealth and power/luxury

王権 [おうけん] /(n) royal authority/regal power/authority of the king

下意上達 [かいじょうたつ] /(n) (yoji) conveyance of the opinions of the lower classes to the powers that be

下野 [げや] /(n,vs) (1) (of a public servant) retirement from public office/(2) (of a political party) (See 野党) going into opposition/losing power

化け猫 [ばけねこ] /(n) monster cat/cat with magical powers

火力 [かりょく] /(n) (1) heating power/thermal power/(2) {mil} firepower

火力発電 [かりょくはつでん] /(n) thermal power generation

火力発電所 [かりょくはつでんしょ] /(n) thermal power station (i.e. using combustion)

解像力 [かいぞうりょく] /(n) resolving power (of a lens)

怪猫 [かいびょう] /(n) monster cat/cat with magical powers

海底電線 [かいていでんせん] /(n) undersea cable (communications, power)/submarine cable

海老反り;えび反り [えびぞり] /(n) holding out one or both hands and arching one's body backward like a shrimp (in kabuki, represents being overwhelmed by someone's power)

外部電源 [がいぶでんげん] /(n) external power source/external power supply

拡大率 [かくだいりつ] /(n) rate of magnification/magnification power

核保有国 [かくほゆうこく] /(n) nuclear power/nuclear state

確定力 [かくていりょく] /(n) {law} power of finality (of a legal decision, e.g. when a case is dismissed with prejudice)

活殺自在 [かっさつじざい] /(n) (yoji) the power of life or death

叶うことなら;叶う事なら;かなう事なら [かなうことなら] /(exp) if possible/if it is in my power/if it was realistic

干渉電力 [かんしょうでんりょく] /(n) {comp} interference power

観客動員力 [かんきゃくどういんりょく] /(n) drawing power

観察力 [かんさつりょく] /(n) powers of observation

眼 [まなこ] /(n) (1) eye/eyeball/(2) (arch) pupil and (dark) iris of the eye/(3) (arch) insight/perceptivity/power of observation/(4) (arch) look/field of vision/(5) (arch) core/center/centre/essence

眼力 [がんりき;がんりょく] /(n) insight/power of observation

願力 [がんりき] /(n) the power of prayer (in Buddhism)

奇御魂 [くしみたま] /(n) spirit who possesses a wondrous power

機械工具 [きかいこうぐ] /(n) (1) tools for machine operation and maintenance/(2) machine tool/power tool/cutting tool/(3) machines and tools

気動車 [きどうしゃ] /(n) railcar powered by a diesel or gasoline engine/rail motor

起動力 [きどうりょく] /(n) motive power/impetus

及びもつかない [およびもつかない] /(exp,adj-i) (See 及びもつかぬ) far beyond one's power/not at all equal/no match for

及びもつかぬ;及びも付かぬ [およびもつかぬ] /(exp) (See 及びもつかない) far beyond one's power/not at all equal/no match for

吸収力 [きゅうしゅうりょく] /(n) absorbing power

求心力 [きゅうしんりょく] /(n) (1) {physics} (See 向心力) centripetal force/(2) unifying force/cohesive power

競争力 [きょうそうりょく] /(n) competitive power

協約国 [きょうやくこく] /(n) high contracting powers/signatories

強さ [つよさ] /(n) strength/power

強権 [きょうけん] /(n) power of the state

強権発動 [きょうけんはつどう] /(n) invoking the coercive power of the state/calling upon the power of the state

強電 [きょうでん] /(n) power electrics

強電線 [きょうでんせん] /(n) power line/high current electrical line

強力さ [きょうりょくさ] /(n) power/strength

教育力 [きょういくりょく] /(n) educational capability/education skills/educational power

凝集力 [ぎょうしゅうりょく] /(n) cohesive power

均勢 [きんせい] /(n) uniformity/balance (equilibrium) of power

金権 [きんけん] /(n,adj-no) power of money/financial influence

金尽く;金ずく;金づく [かねずく(金尽く,金ずく);かねづく(金尽く,金づく)] /(n) using money as a weapon/power of money

金銭ずく;金銭尽く;金銭づく;金銭尽(io) [きんせんずく(金銭ずく,金銭尽く,金銭尽);きんせんづく(金銭尽く,金銭づく,金銭尽)] /(n) using money as a weapon/power of money

金力 [きんりょく] /(n) monetary power

駆動力 [くどうりょく] /(n) driving power

空軍力 [くうぐんりょく] /(n) air power

空想力 [くうそうりょく] /(n) (power of) imagination

軍船 [ぐんせん;いくさぶね] /(n) (wind or human-powered) warship

経済大国 [けいざいたいこく] /(n) economic power

計画停電 [けいかくていでん] /(n) planned power outage

警察権 [けいさつけん] /(n) police powers

検出力 [けんしゅつりょく] /(n) {math} statistical power/power

権 [けん] /(n-suf,n) (1) right (to do something)/(n,n-suf) (2) authority/power

権威 [けんい] /(n) authority/power/influence

権限 [けんげん] /(n) power/authority/jurisdiction

権限委譲 [けんげんいじょう] /(n) (yoji) delegation of authority (power)/devolution/empowerment

権勢 [けんせい] /(n) power/influence

権能 [けんのう] /(n) authority/power/function

権柄 [けんぺい] /(n) power/authority

権力 [けんりょく] /(n,adj-no) (political) power/authority/influence

権力に媚びる [けんりょくにこびる] /(exp,v1) to be obsequious to power

権力の座 [けんりょくのざ] /(n) position of power

権力への意志 [けんりょくへのいし] /(exp) (See 力への意志) will to power

権力を握る [けんりょくをにぎる] /(exp,v5r) to seize power

権力意志 [けんりょくいし] /(n) the will to power (philosophical concept of Nietzsche)

権力政治 [けんりょくせいじ] /(n) power politics

権力争い [けんりょくあらそい] /(n) power struggle

権力中枢 [けんりょくちゅうすう] /(n) centre of (political) power

権力闘争 [けんりょくとうそう] /(n) power struggle

権力欲 [けんりょくよく] /(n) lust for power

牽引力 [けんいんりょく] /(n) pulling power

原子力 [げんしりょく] /(n,adj-no) atomic energy/nuclear power

原子力空母 [げんしりょくくうぼ] /(n) nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

原子力施設 [げんしりょくしせつ] /(n) nuclear power facility/NPF/nuclear facility/nuclear installation

原子力船 [げんしりょくせん] /(n) nuclear(-powered) ship (vessel)

原子力村;原子力ムラ [げんしりょくむら(原子力村);げんしりょくムラ(原子力ムラ)] /(n) (derog) nuclear power village/tight-knit community of legislators, regulators and manufacturers involved in the promotion of nuclear power

原子力発電 [げんしりょくはつでん] /(n) nuclear power generation/nuclear electricity generation

原子力発電所 [げんしりょくはつでんしょ] /(n) nuclear power plant/nuclear power station

原子炉衛星 [げんしろえいせい] /(n) nuclear-powered satellite

原単位 [げんたんい] /(n) output level (e.g. in manufacturing)/consumption rate (e.g. fuel, power)/intensity

原動力 [げんどうりょく] /(n) motive power/driving force

原発 [げんぱつ] /(n) (1) (abbr) (See 原子力発電所,原子力発電) nuclear power plant/nuclear power generation/(adj-no,n,vs) (2) primary (e.g. primary immunodeficiency syndrome)

原発危機 [げんぱつきき] /(n) nuclear crisis/nuclear power-plant crisis

原発銀座 [げんぱつぎんざ] /(n) (yoji) area where a string of nuclear power plants are located

原発事故 [げんぱつじこ] /(n) accident at a nuclear power generation plant/nuclear accident

原発震災 [げんぱつしんさい] /(n) combined earthquake and nuclear power plant disaster

言霊;言魂;こと霊 [ことだま] /(n) soul of language/power of words

五大国 [ごだいこく] /(n) the Five Powers

護法 [ごほう] /(n) (1) {Buddh} defence of Buddhist doctrines/god who defends Buddhist doctrines/(2) defence of the constitution/(3) religious power to dispel demons and diseases

交際国 [こうさいこく] /(n) friendly powers/treaty powers

光 [ひかり] /(n) (1) light/(2) illumination/ray/beam/gleam/glow/(3) happiness/hope/(4) influence/power/(5) vision/eyesight

光力 [こうりょく] /(n) the intensity or illuminating power of light

公権力 [こうけんりょく] /(n) public power/governmental authority

功力 [こうりき] /(n) spiritual power resulting from Buddhist discipline

構想力 [こうそうりょく] /(n) power of conception/conceptual ability

荒業;荒技 [あらわざ] /(n) (1) (荒業 only) physical labor/physical labour/manual work/heavy work/(2) drastic move (e.g. hold or strike in martial arts)/power technique/display of power

行使 [こうし] /(n,vs) use/exercise (of one's right, authority, power, etc.)

行政権 [ぎょうせいけん] /(n) executive power/authority

購買力 [こうばいりょく] /(n) buying power/purchasing power

購買力平価 [こうばいりょくへいか] /(n) purchasing power parity/PPP

購買力平価説 [こうばいりょくへいかせつ] /(n) purchasing power parity theory/PPP theory

高倍率 [こうばいりつ] /(n,adj-no) high magnification (telescope, etc.)/high power

国家権力 [こっかけんりょく] /(n) power of the state

国権 [こっけん] /(n) power of the state/national sovereignty/sovereign rights

国力 [こくりょく] /(n) national power

黒幕 [くろまく] /(n,adj-no) (1) black curtain/(2) wire puller/mastermind/political fixer/power broker

今をときめく;今を時めく [いまをときめく] /(exp,v5k) at the height of one's power or influence/at the peak of one's popularity

差し込み;差込み;差込(io) [さしこみ] /(n) (1) insertion/(2) plug/(electrical) outlet/power point/(3) spasm of pain/griping pain/(fit of) convulsions/stitch

再稼働;再稼動 [さいかどう] /(n,vs) restarting/resuming operations (e.g. at a power plant)

裁量権 [さいりょうけん] /(n) discretion/discretionary power

在野 [ざいや] /(adj-no,n) (1) out of office/out of power/in opposition/(2) (See 在朝) unaffiliated (e.g. researcher, scientist)/in private practice

財政力 [ざいせいりょく] /(n) economic power/economic strength

殺菌力 [さっきんりょく] /(n) sterilizing properties/germicidal properties/bactericidal power

三権 [さんけん] /(n) the three powers of government (legislative, executive and judicial)

三権分立 [さんけんぶんりつ] /(n) separation of powers (legislative, executive and judicial)

三才 [さんさい] /(n) the three powers: heaven, earth and man

三乗 [さんじょう] /(n,vs) {math} cube/third power

三日天下 [みっかてんか;みっかでんか] /(n) (yoji) short-lived rule/being in power only for a brief period/brief championship

司法権 [しほうけん] /(n) judicial power/jurisdiction

支持基盤 [しじきばん] /(n) (yoji) one's support (power) base/the base of one's support in an electorate

支配力 [しはいりょく] /(n) controlling power

死力を尽くして [しりょくをつくして] /(exp) desperately/to the full extent of one's power/with all of one's ability

事大根性 [じだいこんじょう] /(n) (yoji) slavish submission to power/sycophancy/flunkeyism/toadyism

時の権力者 [ときのけんりょくしゃ] /(exp) (id) (See 権力者) the powers that be

自家発電 [じかはつでん] /(n) (1) private power generation/(2) (col) masturbation

自浄能力 [じじょうのうりょく] /(n) (yoji) self-cleansing power/being capable of purifying oneself

自然治癒力 [しぜんちゆりょく] /(n) natural healing power/self-healing power/spontaneous cure

自由裁量 [じゆうさいりょう] /(n,adj-no) (yoji) latitude/(at one's) discretion/discretionary powers/a free hand

自由裁量権 [じゆうさいりょうけん] /(n) discretionary power

識別力 [しきべつりょく] /(n) ability to discriminate or discern/(powers of) discrimination or discernment

失脚 [しっきゃく] /(n,vs) losing one's position/losing one's standing/falling (from power)/being overthrown/downfall

実権 [じっけん] /(n) real power

実効輻射電力 [じっこうふくしゃでんりょく] /(n) {comp} ERP/effective radiated power

実力以上 [じつりょくいじょう] /(exp,adv,adj-no) beyond oneself/beyond one's ability/exceeding one's power

実力者 [じつりょくしゃ] /(n) influential person/powerful person/big wheel/big gun/power behind the throne

弱小国 [じゃくしょうこく] /(n) minor power

主 [ぬし] /(n) (1) head (of a household, etc.)/leader/master/(2) owner/proprietor/proprietress/(3) subject (of a rumour, etc.)/doer (of a deed)/(4) guardian spirit (e.g. long-resident beast, usu. with mystical powers)/long-time resident (or employee, etc.)/(5) husband/(pn) (6) (fam) (See おぬし) you

手に掛かる;手にかかる [てにかかる] /(exp,v5r,vi) to fall into someone's hands/to place oneself in someone's power

手に余る [てにあまる] /(exp,v5r) to be beyond one's capacities/to be beyond one's powers/to be beyond one's control/to be unmanageable

手の内;手のうち [てのうち] /(n) (1) palm (of one's hand)/(2) skill/(3) scope of one's power/(4) one's intentions/one's plan/(5) one's hand (mahjong, card games, etc.)

手織り機;手織機 [ておりばた] /(n) manually powered loom/hand loom

手動による [しゅどうによる] /(exp,adj-f) manually powered/manual

呪力 [じゅりょく] /(n) magical power/mystical force

集権 [しゅうけん] /(n) centralization (e.g. power)/centralisation

集中力 [しゅうちゅうりょく] /(n) (powers of) concentration/ability to concentrate

集電装置 [しゅうでんそうち] /(n) current collector/power collector

重電気 [じゅうでんき] /(n) heavy electric (power)

宿命通 [しゅくみょうつう] /(n) {Buddh} (See 六神通) knowledge of previous lifetimes (one of the six supernormal Buddhist powers)

出力荷重比 [しゅつりょくかじゅうひ] /(n) specific power (W-kg)

瞬間電断 [しゅんかんでんだん] /(n) power flicker

瞬断 [しゅんだん] /(n) (abbr) power flicker

瞬発力 [しゅんぱつりょく] /(n) (See 瞬発) high power/high power output/explosiveness/explosive power/instantaneous force

処理能力 [しょりのうりょく] /(n) {comp} throughput/processing power

商用電源式計算器 [しょうようでんげんしきけいさんき] /(n) {comp} mains-powered calculator

小電力 [しょうでんりょく] /(adj-no) low-power (electric)

消す [けす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to erase/to delete/to cross out/(2) to turn off power/(3) to extinguish/to put out/(4) (sl) to bump off

消化力 [しょうかりょく] /(n) digestive capacity/digestive power/digestive strength

省エネタップ [しょうエネタップ] /(n) energy-saving power strip (power board)

省電力 [しょうでんりょく] /(n,adj-no) conservation of electric power

省電力機能 [しょうでんりょくきのう] /(n) {comp} power saver (feature)

乗 [じょう] /(suf) (1) (nth) power/(ctr) (2) counter for vehicles/(n) (3) multiplication/(4) {Buddh} Buddha's teachings

乗冪;乗羃 [じょうべき] /(n) {math} power

冗長電源 [じょうちょうでんげん] /(n) {comp} redundant power supply

条約国 [じょうやくこく] /(n) a treaty power

振りかざす;振り翳ざす;振り翳す [ふりかざす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to raise (esp. overhead)/to brandish (e.g. sword)/to flourish/(2) to wield (e.g. power, authority)/to proclaim one's principles

振り回す(P);振りまわす;振回す [ふりまわす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to wield/to brandish/to flourish/to wave (about)/to swing/(2) to display (one's knowledge)/to show off/(3) to abuse (one's power)/(4) to manipulate someone

振るう;揮う;振う(io) [ふるう] /(v5u,vt) (1) (See 槍を振るう) to swing/to wield (physically)/to exert/(2) (See 威を振るう) to exercise (e.g. power, ability)/to exhibit/to display/to wield (metaphorically)/(3) to flourish/to prosper/to thrive

神鬼 [しんき] /(n) (1) gods and demons/divine spirits and souls of the dead/(2) one with (spiritual) power beyond that of humans/(3) (See 鬼神・きしん) fierce god

神足通 [じんそくつう] /(n) {Buddh} (See 六神通) unimpeded bodily function (one of the six supernormal Buddhist powers)

神通力 [じんつうりき;じんずうりき;じんづうりき] /(n) supernatural power/divine power/magical power

神力 [しんりょく;しんりき;じんりき] /(n) (1) divine power/sacred power/mysterious power/(2) (しんりき only) Shinriki (variety of rice)

親欧米路線 [しんおうべいろせん] /(n) alignment with the Western powers of America and Europe

人間力 [にんげんりょく] /(n) human resources/man-power

人的資源 [じんてきしげん] /(n) human resources/man-power resources

人力 [じんりき;じんりょく] /(n) human power/human strength/human effort/human agency

推進力 [すいしんりょく] /(n) propulsive power/driving force

推理力 [すいりりょく] /(n) deductive powers/reasoning capability/reasoning skill

水機関;水絡繰り;水絡繰(io) [みずからくり] /(n) puppet powered by (falling) water/water-powered contrivance/show using such a device (in Edo-period Osaka)

水上原子力発電所 [すいじょうげんしりょくはつでんしょ] /(n) floating nuclear power station

水力 [すいりょく] /(n,adj-no) hydraulic power/water power

水力発電 [すいりょくはつでん] /(n,adj-no) hydroelectric power generation/water-power generation

水力発電所 [すいりょくはつでんしょ] /(n) hydroelectric plant or power station

枢軸国 [すうじくこく] /(n) (World War II) Axis powers

勢い(P);勢(io) [いきおい] /(adv,n) (1) force/vigor/vigour/energy/spirit/life/(2) influence/authority/power/might/(3) impetus/momentum/course (of events)/(n-adv) (4) naturally/necessarily

勢いを振るう [いきおいをふるう] /(exp,v5u) to wield power/to exercise authority

勢威 [せいい] /(n) force/power/influence

勢家 [せいか] /(n) influential family/the man in power

勢望 [せいぼう] /(n) power and popularity

勢門 [せいもん] /(n) influential family/the man in power

勢力 [せいりょく] /(n) influence/power/might/strength/potency/force/energy

勢力拡大 [せいりょくかくだい] /(n) (yoji) expansion of one's sphere of influence/increase in one's power (strength, influence)

勢力関係 [せいりょくかんけい] /(n) (yoji) power relations/balance of power (between)

勢力均衡 [せいりょくきんこう] /(n) balance of power

勢力伯仲 [せいりょくはくちゅう] /(n) (yoji) (the two sides) being evenly-matched in influence or power

政権 [せいけん] /(n) (political) administration/political power

政権を握る [せいけんをにぎる] /(exp,v5r) to come to power/to assume the reins of government

政権争い [せいけんあらそい] /(n) political power struggle

政権党 [せいけんとう] /(n) political party in power

政権亡者 [せいけんもうじゃ] /(n) (yoji) one who is obsessed with (getting into, holding on to) political power/one who is obsessed with the idea of taking over government

政治力学 [せいじりきがく] /(n) (yoji) political dynamics/dynamics of political forces/the balance of political power

政柄 [せいへい] /(n) political power

整級数 [せいきゅうすう] /(n) {math} (See べき級数) power series

生殺与奪 [せいさつよだつ] /(n) (yoji) (having) life-and-death power (over)

石炭火力 [せきたんかりょく] /(n,adj-f) coal-fired thermal power

石炭火力発電所 [せきたんかりょくはつでんしょ] /(n) coal-fired power plant

積載能力 [せきさいのうりょく] /(n) carrying (loading) capacity (power)

節電機能 [せつでんきのう] /(n) {comp} power conservation (facility)

説得力 [せっとくりょく] /(n) persuasiveness/persuasive power

絶対権力 [ぜったいけんりょく] /(n) absolute authority or power (over someone or something)

占領統治 [せんりょうとうち] /(n) rule of an occupying power

専権 [せんけん] /(n) arbitrary use of power

戦力 [せんりょく] /(n) (1) war potential/military strength/fighting power/(2) ability (to compete)/capabilities/valuable asset

前進力 [ぜんしんりょく] /(n) driving power

全権 [ぜんけん] /(n) plenipotentiary powers/full authority

全権を委ねる [ぜんけんをゆだねる] /(exp,v1) to entrust (a person) with power of attorney (to do something for one)

全権委任 [ぜんけんいにん] /(n) complete power of attorney

全力 [ぜんりょく] /(n,adj-no) all one's power (strength, energy, efforts)/one's utmost

訴求効果 [そきゅうこうか] /(n) (yoji) customer appeal/the power to appeal to customers

創作力 [そうさくりょく] /(n) creative power/genius/creative originality

創造力 [そうぞうりょく] /(n) creative power/creativity

想像力 [そうぞうりょく] /(n) (power of) imagination

捜査権 [そうさけん] /(n) right to investigate/investigatory power

送電線 [そうでんせん] /(n) power line

送電網 [そうでんもう] /(n) electricity supply network/transmission network/power grid

送配 [そうはい] /(n,vs) distribution (e.g. power, water, etc.)

即戦力 [そくせんりょく] /(n) {bus;sports} ready fire-power/battle-ready forces/immediate asset (to a team or firm)/someone who can be an immediately effective player or worker

他心通 [たしんつう] /(n) {Buddh} (See 六神通) awareness of the minds of others (one of the six supernormal Buddhist powers)

太陽エネルギー [たいようエネルギー] /(n) solar energy/solar power

太陽光発電 [たいようこうはつでん] /(n) solar power (generation)

太陽熱発電 [たいようねつはつでん] /(n) solar thermal power generation

打力 [だりょく] /(n) batting power

待機電力 [たいきでんりょく] /(n) standby electricity consumption/power use by devices on standby/phantom load

逮捕権 [たいほけん] /(n) right to arrest/power of arrest

代理委任状 [だいりいにんじょう] /(n) power of attorney

台頭(P);擡頭 [たいとう] /(n,vs) rise (e.g. of a movement)/emergence/rearing one's head/gaining prominence/coming to the fore/gaining power/gathering strength

大規模停電 [だいきぼていでん] /(n) major power outage/massive blackout

大権干犯 [たいけんかんぱん] /(n) (yoji) infringing on the power of the sovereign

大国 [たいこく] /(n) large country/major powers

大国主義 [たいこくしゅぎ] /(n) (yoji) policy favouring major powers (favoring)/policy of great powers favorable only to themselves

大政 [たいせい] /(n) sovereign power/the reins of government

大邦 [たいほう] /(n) large country/great nation/major power/great power

脱官僚 [だつかんりょう] /(n) debureaucratization/curtailing the power of the bureaucracy

脱原発 [だつげんぱつ] /(n) abandoning nuclear power generation

知は力なり [ちはちからなり] /(exp) knowledge is power

知的能力 [ちてきのうりょく] /(n) one's intellectual powers/one's mental faculties

知力;智力 [ちりょく] /(n,adj-no) wisdom/intellectual power/intelligence/mental capacity/brains

地域主権改革 [ちいきしゅぎかいかく] /(n) regional sovereignty reform/decentralization of power to local governments

地域大国 [ちいきたいこく] /(n) regional power/powerful nation within region

地熱エネルギー [じねつエネルギー] /(n) geothermal energy/geothermal power

地熱発電 [ちねつはつでん;じねつはつでん] /(n) geothermal electric power generation

地盤 [じばん(P);ちばん] /(n) (1) ground/crust (earth)/bed (gravel, river, etc.)/(2) foundation (building, etc.)/base/(3) constituency/power base/support (electoral)/footing/foothold

地方分権 [ちほうぶんけん] /(n) decentralization of power/decentralisation of power

畜力 [ちくりょく] /(n) animal power

着雪 [ちゃくせつ] /(n,vs) accretion of snow (on power lines, tree branches, etc.)/snow sticking to surfaces

中央集権化 [ちゅうおうしゅうけんか] /(n,vs) centralization of power/centralisation of power

中立国 [ちゅうりつこく] /(n) neutral power

張り [はり] /(n) (1) stretch/tension/(2) resilience/springiness/tone/(3) will-power/pluck/pride

潮汐力 [ちょうせきりょく] /(n) tidal force/tidal power

潮力発電 [ちょうりょくはつでん] /(n) tidal power generation

超高圧送電 [ちょうこうあつそうでん] /(n) extra-high-voltage power transmission

超能力者 [ちょうのうりょくしゃ] /(n) person with supernatural power/person capable of extrasensory perception

跳躍力 [ちょうやくりょく] /(n) jumping power

直流送電 [ちょくりゅうそうでん] /(n) (See 直流) direct current power transmission

通力 [つうりき] /(n) mysterious power

低消費電力 [ていしょうひでんりょく] /(n) {comp} low power consumption

低消費電力状態 [ていしょうひでんりょくじょうたい] /(n) {comp} reduced power state

低電力 [ていでんりょく] /(n) {comp} low power (electrical)

停電 [ていでん] /(n,vs) power outage/electricity outage/blackout/failure of electricity supply

定電圧定周波数電源装置 [ていでんあつていしゅうはすうでんげんそうち] /(n) {comp} CVCF/Constant Voltage Frequency Power Supply

抵抗力 [ていこうりょく] /(n) (power of) resistance

締約国 [ていやくこく] /(n) signatory nation/treaty power/party to a treaty/contracting state

敵わない(P);適わない [かなわない] /(adj-i) (1) (uk) no match for/(2) (uk) unbearable/(3) (uk) unable/can't do/beyond one's power

敵勢 [てきせい;てきぜい] /(n) enemy's strength or fighting power

天が下 [あまがした;あめがした] /(n) the whole country/the public/the world/the ruling power/having one's own way

天の下 [あめのした] /(n) the whole country/the public/the world/the ruling power/having one's own way

天下 [てんか(P);てんが;てんげ] /(n) (1) the whole world/(2) the whole country/(3) society/the public/(4) supremacy over a nation/government of a country/the ruling power/(5) having one's own way/doing as one pleases/(adj-no) (6) peerless/incomparable/superlative/world-famous/(n) (7) (arch) shogun (Edo period)

天耳通 [てんにつう] /(n) {Buddh} (See 六神通) divine hearing (one of the six supernormal Buddhist powers)

伝達会社 [でんたつかいしゃ] /(n) (power, electricity) transmission company

伝動 [でんどう] /(n,vs) transmission (of motive power)/drive/gearing

電気料金 [でんきりょうきん] /(n) electricity charges/power rates

電源 [でんげん] /(n) (1) source of electricity/electrical power/(2) power (button on TV, etc.)

電源を切る [でんげんをきる] /(exp,v5r) (ant: 電源を入れる) to turn off power

電源を入れる [でんげんをいれる] /(exp,v1) (ant: 電源を切る) to turn on power

電源アダプター [でんげんアダプター] /(n) power adapter

電源ケーブル [でんげんケーブル] /(n) power cable/power lead

電源コード [でんげんコード] /(n) {comp} power cord

電源スイッチ [でんげんスイッチ] /(n) {comp} power switch

電源ユニット [でんげんユニット] /(n) {comp} power supply unit/PSU/power module

電源ランプ [でんげんランプ] /(n) {comp} power light

電源異常 [でんげんいじょう] /(n) power failure

電源回路 [でんげんかいろ] /(n) {comp} power supply

電源開発 [でんげんかいはつ] /(n) development of electrical power resources

電源管理 [でんげんかんり] /(n) {comp} power management

電源供給 [でんげんきょうきゅう] /(n) power supply

電源車 [でんげんしゃ] /(n) (1) vehicle-mounted electricity generator (e.g. for filming, emergencies, etc.)/(2) power-generating railway car (e.g. for air-conditioning on a non-electric train)

電源切断状態 [でんげんせつだんじょうたい] /(n) {comp} power disconnected (state)

電源装置 [でんげんそうち] /(n) power supply (device)

電源投入 [でんげんとうにゅう] /(n) {comp} power-up

電源投入シーケンス [でんげんとうにゅうシーケンス] /(n) {comp} power-on sequence

電源投入時パスワード [でんげんとうにゅうじパスワード] /(n) {comp} power-on password

電線 [でんせん] /(n) (1) electric line/electric cable/power cable/(2) telephone line/telegraph wire

電断 [でんだん] /(n) (abbr) interruption of power

電池式計算器 [でんちしきけいさんき] /(n) {comp} battery-powered calculator

電柱 [でんちゅう] /(n) utility pole/power pole/telephone pole/telegraph pole/lightpole

電動式 [でんどうしき] /(adj-no) electrically operated/electric powered

電動車 [でんどうしゃ] /(n) (See 気動車・きどうしゃ) electric-powered rail motor/railcar

電動車いす;電動車椅子 [でんどうくるまいす] /(n) (See 車椅子) electric wheelchair/powered wheelchair/powerchair/motorized wheelchair

電網 [でんもう] /(n) (1) Internet/WWW/web/(2) (abbr) (See 配電網,送電網) power grid

電力 [でんりょく] /(n) electric power

電力ケーブル [でんりょくケーブル] /(n) power cable

電力会社 [でんりょくがいしゃ] /(n) (electric) power company

電力危機 [でんりょくきき] /(n) power crisis

電力供給 [でんりょくきょうきゅう] /(n,adj-no) power supply/power distribution

電力供給会社 [でんりょくきょうきゅうかいしゃ] /(n) power supply company/power distribution company

電力系統 [でんりょくけいとう] /(n) electric power system/electric system/power system

電力需要 [でんりょくじゅよう] /(n) demand for (electric) power

電力小売り [でんりょくこうり] /(n) power retailing

電力制限 [でんりょくせいげん] /(n) {comp} power limitation/power restriction

電力切れ [でんりょくぎれ] /(n) {comp} power (supply) cutoff

電力束密度 [でんりょくそくみつど] /(n) {comp} power flux density

電力輸送 [でんりょくゆそう] /(n) electric power transmission

電纜;電らん [でんらん] /(n) (uk) (electrical) cable/power cable

透視力 [とうしりょく] /(n) clairvoyant powers

動力 [どうりょく] /(n,adj-f) (1) power/motive power/dynamic force/(n) (2) {engr} (See 三相交流・さんそうこうりゅう) three-phase electricity

動力源 [どうりょくげん] /(n) source of power

動力故障 [どうりょくこしょう] /(n) power failure

動力降下 [どうりょくこうか] /(n) power drive

動力資源 [どうりょくしげん] /(n) sources of power

動力炉 [どうりょくろ] /(n) nuclear power reactor

特定省電力無線機 [とくていしょうでんりょくむせんき] /(n) special low power transceiver (wireless)

独創力 [どくそうりょく] /(n) creative powers

独立発電事業者 [どくりつはつでんじぎょうしゃ] /(n) independent power producer/IPP

二の冪;2の冪;2のべき [にのべき] /(n) (See 冪) power of two

二乗;自乗 [にじょう(二乗);じじょう] /(n,vs) squaring/multiplying (a number) by itself/second power

二大強国 [にだいきょうこく] /(n) (the) two great powers

任命権 [にんめいけん] /(n) appointive power

任命権者 [にんめいけんしゃ] /(n) appointer/person with appointive power

熱設計電力 [ねつせっけいでんりょく] /(n) {comp} thermal design power

粘着力 [ねんちゃくりょく] /(n) adhesive power/viscosity

脳力 [のうりょく] /(n) brain power

農業大国 [のうぎょうたいこく] /(n) major agricultural country/agricultural power/agripower

波力 [はりょく] /(n) wave power/wave force

派閥均衡 [はばつきんこう] /(n) (yoji) balance of power among factions (within a political party)/factional balance

派閥力学 [はばつりきがく] /(n) (yoji) factional dynamics/power relationships among factions/factional power politics

破壊力 [はかいりょく] /(n) destructive power/destructive energy/destructive force

馬鹿力;バカ力;ばか力 [ばかぢから(馬鹿力,ばか力);バカぢから(バカ力)] /(n) great physical power/animal strength

配光 [はいこう] /(n) light distribution (e.g. in candle-power or candela)/luminous intensity distribution/spatial distribution of luminous intensity

配電器 [はいでんき] /(n) {comp} power distribution unit

配電所 [はいでんしょ] /(n) power (sub)station

配電線 [はいでんせん] /(n) power line

配電網 [はいでんもう] /(n) electrical distribution network/power grid

売電 [ばいでん] /(n) selling electricity (e.g. domestic solar power to a power company)

爆発力 [ばくはつりょく] /(n) explosive power

発受電 [はつじゅでん] /(n) (abbr) (See 発受電電力量・はつじゅでんでんりょくりょう) generated and purchased electric power

発受電電力量 [はつじゅでんでんりょくりょう] /(n) generated and purchased electric power

発条(P);撥条;弾機 [ばね(gikun)(P);ぜんまい(発条,撥条);はつじょう(発条,撥条);だんき(弾機);バネ] /(n) (uk) spring (e.g. coil, leaf)/mainspring/power spring

発信力 [はっしんりょく] /(n) communicativity/ability to convey one's opinion, message, etc./power to make oneself understood

発生 [はっせい] /(n,vs,adj-no) (1) outbreak/spring forth/occurrence/incidence/(2) generation (e.g. of power or heat)/genesis/origin/(3) (See 個体発生) ontogeny/development of complex multicellular structures from cell(s) in a simple state

発想力 [はっそうりょく] /(n) expressive power/inventiveness/creative power

発送電 [はっそうでん] /(n) electric power producer and supplier (PPS)/electric power production and supply

発送電分離 [はっそうでんぶんり] /(n) separation of electrical power production from power distribution and transmission

発電(P);發電(oK) [はつでん] /(n,vs,adj-no) (1) generation (e.g. power)/(n,vs) (2) (obs) sending a telegram/telegraphing

発電会社 [はつでんかいしゃ] /(n) power generation company

発電機 [はつでんき] /(n) dynamo/power generator

発電効率 [はつでんこうりつ] /(n) power generation efficiency/generating efficiency

発電施設 [はつでんしせつ] /(n) power generation facility

発電所 [はつでんしょ] /(n) power plant/power station

発勁 [はっけい] /(n) {MA} release internal power

半値電力幅 [はんちでんりょくはば] /(n) {comp} half power beamwidth (also 3dB beamwidth)

反原発運動 [はんげんぱつうんどう] /(n) anti-nuclear power movement/antinuclear power movement

反射能 [はんしゃのう] /(n) reflective power/albedo

繁殖力 [はんしょくりょく] /(n) reproductive (procreative) power/fertility

批判力 [ひはんりょく] /(n) critical power/critical ability

非常用電源 [ひじょうようでんげん] /(n) emergency power supply/backup power/emergency power source

非理法権天 [ひりほうけんてん] /(exp) (proverb) (banner used by 14th century samurai Kusunoki Masashige) right triumphs over wrong, law triumphs over right, power triumphs over law, heaven triumphs over power/no man can oppose the divine

微弱電波 [びじゃくでんぱ] /(n) low-power transmission/weak signals

筆鋒 [ひっぽう] /(n) power of the pen

筆力 [ひつりょく] /(n) strength of the brush stroke/power of the pen/ability to write

表現力 [ひょうげんりょく] /(n) power of expression/expressiveness/expressive power

描写力 [びょうしゃりょく] /(n) power of description/descriptive powers/ability to describe

富強 [ふきょう;ふうきょう] /(adj-na,n,adj-no) wealth and power/rich and powerful

富国強兵策 [ふこくきょうへいさく] /(n) policy of increasing national prosperity and military power

浮力 [ふりょく] /(n) buoyancy/floating power

負荷分散電源供給 [ふかぶんさんでんげんきょうきゅう] /(n) {comp} load sharing power supply

武威 [ぶい] /(n) military power

武力 [ぶりょく] /(n) armed might/military power/the sword/force

武力政治 [ぶりょくせいじ] /(n) power politics

風力 [ふうりょく] /(n) (1) wind power/(pref) (2) force (level on the Beaufort wind speed scale)

風力エネルギー [ふうりょくエネルギー] /(n) wind power energy

風力発電 [ふうりょくはつでん] /(n) wind power generation

風力発電所 [ふうりょくはつでんじょ] /(n) wind farm/windfarm/wind power station

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