please me for

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お願いだから [おねがいだから] /(exp) please/I beg you/for mercy's sake

くだちゃい /(exp) (col) (colloquial form of ください) please/please give me/please do for me

ちょ;ちょー /(exp) (col) (abbr) (after te-form of a verb) (See 頂戴・3) please/please do for me

ちょんまげ /(aux) (sl) (joc) (after the -te form of a verb, punning form of ちょうだい) please do (for me)

下さい [ください] /(exp) (1) (uk) (hon) please give me/(2) (uk) (hon) (after te-form of a verb or a noun prefixed with o- or go-) please do for me

呼び出し放送;呼出放送;呼出し放送 [よびだしほうそう] /(n) announcement calling for someone (e.g. "would XX please come to the ticket counter")

頂戴(P);頂だい [ちょうだい] /(n,vs) (1) (hum) receiving/reception/getting/being given/(2) (hum) eating/drinking/having/(exp) (3) (fam) (fem) (uk) (also used after -te forms) please/please do for me

Could you please put me up for the night?

As the attendees of the DTA General Meeting will be offered the block rate, when you reserve Marriott Hotel for me, please notify them that I will attend it.

While you are about it, please make a cup of coffee for me, too.

Please excuse me for calling you by your first name.

Please call on me when it is convenient for you.

Please forgive me for not answering your letter.

Would you please let me know when it would be convenient for us to meet?

Please be quiet for mercy's sake during the lesson.

Please keep this money for me.

If you have any reasons for not clearing this payment, please let us know.

Please choose me a tie for this suit.

Please mail this letter for me at once.

Please mail this letter for me.

Please lend me this book for a few days.

Could you change these for me, please?

I would be very pleased if you do this for me.

Please excuse me for calling you so early in the morning.

Please come and see me when it is convenient for you.

Could you please pick Sigemi up for me at the day-care center?

Hold still for a moment, please.

Please wait for me at the entrance of the building.

Please try me for the job.

Please tell me the requirements for admission to the college.

Please forward the document to the administrative office for review.

Please put it aside for me.

Buy it for me, please.

While you are about it, please make some coffee for me.

Please don't interrupt me for a while.

Please let me know if I can provide you with any further information, or if you would like to contact me for questions.

Please come to my house next Saturday if you care for it.

Please forgive me for not having written sooner.

Please help yourself to some apple pie. I baked it for you.

Please make a cup of coffee for me.

Please call a taxi for me.

Please slice a loaf of bread for me.

Please give me the number for Mr Brown.

Please give us a 20-30 min. time slot for our presentation.

Please feel free to contact me for details about the meeting or the schedule.

It's getting dark. Please turn the light on for me.

Please cover for me at the reception desk for about one hour.

Please forgive me for telling a lie.

Please wait for me at the station.

Please say hello to your wife for me.

If I should be late getting home, please don't wait up for me.

If you find any interesting book, please buy it for me.

Please bring me some medicine for airsickness.

Please let me know immediately if you would like to set up an area of the conference room for your products.

Will you keep valuables for me, please?

Please forgive me for not having written for along time.

Please send me a catalogue for review.

If there's anything I can do for you, please let me know.

Please answer this question for me.

Please advise me of the date for the next meeting.

Please excuse me for being rude.

Please use our toll-free number for calls regarding merchandise.

Please wait a moment. Yes, we have a room reserved for you.

Could you please make room for me?

Please pardon me for coming late.

Please forgive me for being late.

Please excuse me for coming late.

Please wake me for breakfast.

Please forgive me for not having written for a long time.

Please forgive me for forgetting to call you.

Please come and see me whenever it is convenient for you.

Will you please arrange for me to meet Mr Doi?

Will you please arrange for me to meet Mr Doi.

Please drop in when you go to out for shopping sometime.

Please say hello to him for me.

In case you see him, please say hello to him for me.

In case you see her, please say hello to her for me.

Please make a milkshake for me. [M]

Oh, would you catch the phone for me, please. [M]

I'm still waiting for my breakfast. Bring to me it now, please.

Please boil an egg for me.

Please play it back for me after you've finished the recording.

Ben, could you get my coat for me, please?
ベン コートを取ってくれる?

Brenda, please assemble all the staff for me.
ブレンダ スタッフを 全員集めてくれ

Bro, could you please come out here for once?

But I'm asking you now. Please. For me.
でも 今は言います どうか 私と一緒に来て

But please let me underline that this is an instructional video shot for surgeons.
予めお断りしておきますが これは外科医のための 教育用ビデオです

But please, I invite you to suspend your disbelief for just a moment.
でも少しの間 その疑念は 保留して欲しいのです

But please, give me some time. Time for me to wrap things up.
でも 時間をちょうだい

But, please, there's just one more thing, one more thing, one more miracle, Sherlock, for me, don't be... Dead.
頼むから あと一回だけ 奇跡を起こしてくれ こんな状態はやめてくれ... 死ぬな

Can I speak to you for a moment, please?

Can I speak with you for a moment, please?
お話よろしいですか? お願いです

Can I wait here for a moment. Please.
では こちらで待たせて頂きます。 どうぞ。

Can my daughter and I please go home? There's nothing more she can do for you.
他に出来る事がないなら 帰っても?

Can someone please lay out for me who the hell that guy is?
誰か分かり易く頼む そいつが何者なのか

Can you check another name for me, please?
もう1つの名前も 調べてください?

Can you check it again for me, please? Yeah.

Can you fetch Artie for me, please?

Can you just forgive me for this, please.
悪かったよ 許してくれない?

Can you please ask her for his number for me?
姉さんから 聞いてくれない?

Can you please spread your legs for me, Ma'am?
足を広げてもらえるかな お嬢さん?

Can you please state your name for the camera?

Can you please, dear wife, get some honey for me?
親愛なる妻よ どうかお前が... 俺のために蜂蜜を少しくれないか?

Can you please, please do that for me right now?

Can you unlock it for me, please?

Can't you finally please agree with me for once?
ねぇ 最後ぐらい 私に賛成して くれても いいんじゃないの?

Can, I, um, come in and wait for him? Please.

Carol, come on, please go for Phil.
キャロル、出てくれ こちら、フィルです

Chairman! Please wait for a moment.
議長! ちょっと待ってください。

Chappie, please, have respect for me. I'm your maker.
チャッピー 私を尊敬しろ 創造主だぞ

Check this out. What's up? Uh, could you guys keep an eye on my car for me, please?
見ろよ 君たち 僕の車を見張っててくれないか?

Check your pockets for me one more time, please.

Come on, man, could you just check it out for me, please?
なぁ どうだい? ちょっと見てくれねぇかなぁ?

Come on, please. Please, you gotta work for me now.

Come on. Don't be a nosy Nellie. Just put Paul on the phone for me, please.
いいから ポールを出してくれ

Come on. Sky, do this for me, please. You can yell at her.
俺のために頼む どうなってもいい

Could you autograph that for me, please?

Could you hold on... Hold on for one moment please.
ちょっと待って... ちょっと待ってください。

Could you please fix the button for me?

Could you please get the car for me?

Could you please not do anything awful for 5 seconds? What did you just do to me?

Could you please... Remind me how many times you've been sued for Libel?
教えていただけますか... あなたは一体何回 名誉棄損で訴えられましたか?

David, can you please do this for me?

Dear Marisol, please keep this safe for me.
"マリソル これを預かって"

Dearjim please will you fix it for me to get rid of my lover's nasty sister?
"ジムさん・・・" "恋人の意地悪な姉を 処分する方法を教えて下さい"

Dearjim, please will you fix it for me to disappear to south America?
"ジムさん 南アメリカに 姿を消す方法を教えて下さい"

Do it for me! Please, do it for me!
やってくれよ!お願いだよ やってくれよ!

Do it for me, milady. Please?
わたしのために そうしてくれないでしょうか 議員

Do me a favor and run down and get it for me, please? I gotta urinate.
取って来てくれよ オレは小便する

Don't do this. Please don't do this. Not for me.
私のためなら やめて

Dr. Hodgins, please tell me you put in a proper requisition for this and didn't steal it from the exhibit.
ホッジンズ博士 展示室から備品を使う時は きちんと報告して

Dre, for the one hundredth time, can you please pick up your jacket?
ドレ 何回言ったら ジャケットをかけてくれるの?

Elena, please just let me do this for you.
エレナ 頼むから お前のためにやらせてくれ

Er, please, let me just go to the kitchen and dry that off for you.
すみません 今 厨房で乾かしてきます!

Even though it's only for a short time, please take care of her.
短え間だげっど よろすぐな。

Everybody, please listen to this for a moment.
はい 皆さん ちょっと聞いていただけますか。

Everyone, please vote for someone who can really win the election.
みんな 本気で選挙に 勝てると思う人に投票してくれ

Excuse me! Please excuse me for this female fox.
すいません! どうか この女ギツネをお許しください。

Excuse me, please. Thank you for your consideration.
すいません お願いします。 お願いします お願いします。

False alarm, but next time I offer to be bait for a serial killer, please turn me down.
誤警報 でも次回 連続殺人犯のための餌だと申し出る時 拒否して

For a professional, it's like, please, give me a break!
プロ的には まあ つよし 勘弁してくれ!

For details please see the program home page.

For details, please check out the official homepage.
詳細は 公式ホームページを見てください。

For fuck's sake, Sharon, can you trust me, please?
頼むよ シャロン 信じてくれ

For god sake, somebody please help Hoot here back up on his goddamn horse.
誰かあいつを 馬に乗せろ

For he danced the first two with her, and then the next with Charlotte Lucas, which vexed me greatly, but Lo, there in the very next nothing would please him but to stand up with Jane again.
最初の2曲はジェーンで 次はシャーロットと その後もう一度 ジェーンと踊ったのよ

For now, please have all of the family members wear a mask.

For now, please let us have the recordings of the security camera.
とりあえず 防犯カメラの映像n預からせてください

For once in your life, would you please just listen to me? !
一生に一度くらい 僕の言うことを聞いてよ!

For once, please! Please help me.
メガー 消えろ

For the last time, please detach every single note.
これで最後だ 一音ごとに離すことだ

For the time being, please don't tell her anything like that.

For today, please call me 'poir'!
ハッハ~ 今日は ポア郎と呼んでくれ!

For your own safety, please evacuate the streets immediately.
安全のために 速やかに路上から避難してください

For your size measurement. Please go lie down over there.
サイズを計る為です あそこに横になってください

Gentlemen, please help me correct this man for his own good.

Gentlemen, please know you have my deepest gratitude for bringing my partner home in one piece.
君たち 僕のパートナーを 無事に家に連れ戻してくれて 心から感謝している

Gentlemen, please, I think I can speak for myself.
みんさん、いいですか? 聞いてください

Gentlemen, please, let's give a big round of applause... For Christina.
紳士の皆様 大きな拍手喝采を クリスティーナに! オゥ!

Get ensemble in costumes for wolf please.
集まってくれ "狼" の衣装で オケはピットへ

Get inspector Anderson for me, please.

Give this to your mother for me, please.

Good morning. Please come to the dining table for breakfast.
グッドモーニング 朝食を食べにおいで

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Could I have a statement, please? http://fittor.top/tcock-net-school-girl/ bengali actress june malia And finally, there are reasons beyond cancer risk that these medications are used. Using birth control risks may have some risks, but it's safer than going through a pregnancy. And some people find menopausal symptoms almost unbearable without estrogen replacement.
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