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オープンプランニング;オープン・プランニング /(n) open planning

カラープランニング;カラー・プランニング /(n) color planning/colour planning

キャパシティプランニング;キャパシティ・プランニング /(n) {comp} capacity planning

グリッドプラニング;グリッド・プラニング /(n) grid planning

ゴスプラン /(n) Gosplan (rus:)/State Planning Committee (Soviet Union)

ニュータウン(P);ニュー・タウン /(n) new town (esp. planned satellite towns of Osaka Prefecture)/new housing development

ネットワーク計画 [ネットワークけいかく] /(n) {comp} network planning

ファイナンシャルプランニング;ファイナンシャル・プランニング /(n) financial planning

ブライダル /(adj-f) (1) bridal/nuptial/(n) (2) wedding/wedding planning

プラニング /(n) planning

プランニング /(n) planning

プロジェクト計画 [プロジェクトけいかく] /(n) {comp} project planning

プロジェクト立案 [プロジェクトりつあん] /(n) {comp} project planning

プロダクトプランニング;プロダクト・プランニング /(n) product planning

ライフデザイン;ライフ・デザイン /(n) life plan (wasei: life design)/life planning

ライフプラン;ライフ・プラン /(n) life plan/life planning

音頭取り [おんどとり] /(n) forward planning/planning/planner/leader

家族計画 [かぞくけいかく] /(n) family planning

街づくり(P);町づくり;街作り;町作り [まちづくり] /(n) (uk) town planning/urban development/community development/creating a community

企画(P);企劃 [きかく] /(n,vs) planning/project/plan/design

企画課 [きかくか] /(n) planning section

企画室 [きかくしつ] /(n) planning office

企画部 [きかくぶ] /(n) planning department

企画力 [きかくりょく] /(n) ability to make plans/planning ability

企業資源計画 [きぎょうしげんけいかく] /(n) enterprise resource planning/ERP

希図;冀図(oK) [きと] /(n,vs) hopefully planning

共謀共同正犯 [きょうぼうきょうどうせいはん] /(n) criminal conspiracy (participation in the planning a crime, but not its execution)

区画整理;区劃整理 [くかくせいり] /(n) land readjustment/town planning

経企庁 [けいきちょう] /(n) (abbr) (See 経済企画庁・けいざいきかくちょう) Economic Planning Agency (defunct as of 2001)

経済企画庁 [けいざいきかくちょう] /(n) (See 内閣府) Economic Planning Agency (defunct as of 2001)

経済企画庁長官 [けいざいきかくちょうちょうかん] /(n) Director General of Economic Planning Agency

計画経済 [けいかくけいざい] /(n) planned economy

計画決定 [けいかくけってい] /(n) planning decision

計画性 [けいかくせい] /(n,adj-no) planning/planning ability/deliberateness

計画段階 [けいかくだんかい] /(n) planning stage/planning stages

計画通り;計画どおり [けいかくどおり] /(exp) in accordance with plans/just as planned

計画停止 [けいかくていし] /(n) {comp} planned shutdown/planned outage

計画停電 [けいかくていでん] /(n) planned power outage

計画的 [けいかくてき] /(adj-na) planned/scheduled/systematic

計画的陳腐化 [けいかくてきちんぷか] /(n) planned obsolescence

計画都市 [けいかくとし] /(n) planned city

計画倒産 [けいかくとうさん] /(n) planned bankruptcy

計画犯罪 [けいかくはんざい] /(n) planned crime

検討会 [けんとうかい] /(n) meeting convened to discuss issues/planning conference/review meeting/feedback session/investigative commission

国土計画 [こくどけいかく] /(n) national land planning

才略 [さいりゃく] /(n) wise planning

参画 [さんかく] /(n,vs) taking part in planning

仕済ます;為済ます [しすます] /(v5s,vt) (uk) to succeed as planned/to carry through/to accomplish

市区改正 [しくかいせい] /(n) shiku-kaisei city planning/city renewal that occurred in the Taisho and Meiji eras

資金計画 [しきんけいかく] /(n) financing plan/funding plan/cash planning

資財所要量計画 [しざいしょようりょうけいかく] /(n) {comp} MRP/Material Requirement Planning

首謀(P);主謀 [しゅぼう] /(n) (1) plotting/planning (crime, intrigue)/(2) (See 首謀者) ringleader/mastermind/leader (of a plot)

商品設計 [しょうひんせっけい] /(n) product design/product planning

人生設計 [じんせいせっけい] /(n,vs) life plan/plan for one's life/planning one's life

政権構想 [せいけんこうそう] /(n) (yoji) planning a new government/plan for a new administration

生活設計 [せいかつせっけい] /(n) plan for one's life/life planning

生販在計画 [せいはんざいけいかく] /(n) sales, inventory and production planning/SIPP

税金対策 [ぜいきんたいさく] /(n) tax planning/tax reduction strategy

節税 [せつぜい] /(n,vs,adj-no) tax reduction/tax avoidance/tax planning

狙い通り;狙いどおり [ねらいどおり] /(n,adj-na,adj-no) according to plan/as planned

中央計画 [ちゅうおうけいかく] /(n) centralized planning/centralised planning

都市計画 [としけいかく] /(n) city planning/urban planning/town planning

都市計画税 [としけいかくぜい] /(n) city planning tax

動線計画 [どうせんけいかく] /(n) circulation planning flow planning

白地地域 [しろじちいき] /(n) area outside an urban planning zone/no land-use zoning area

本意ない;本意無い [ほいない] /(adj-i) (1) reluctant/unwilling/(2) unfortunate/sad (when something doesn't go as planned or as you had hoped)

予定通り;予定どおり [よていどおり] /(n) as planned

旅行計画 [りょこうけいかく] /(n) travel planning/travel plans

Are you planning to take part in the meeting?

The group was planning a bull session to talk about the upcoming party.

When are you planning to tie the knot?

What are you planning to do for the New Year vacation?

What are you planning to do after all this over?

The project is well-planned and interesting, but its immediate impact on the bottom line is not considered substantial.

Who planned that trip?

It is difficult planning meals for so many people.

Where are you planning to stay?

Our company is planning to build a new chemical plant in Russia.

I'm planning to stay at the Hillside Hotel.

Mr Philips, along with some friends and neighbors, is planning a celebration.

Planning the wedding before proposing is putting the cart before the horse.

I'm planning to stay at the hotel.

The manager threw in the towel in defeat and planned how to win the next game.

Whether it rains or not, Fujita is planning to have a picnic.

How much is the car you are planning to buy?

Are you planning on staying long in Berlin?

Capital investments planned by major Japanese businesses for this year have been revised upward in view of an improving economic outlook.

Try to carry out what you have planned.

Sometimes being overcautious in planning could upset the apple cart.

Smart shopping requires careful planning.

I already have something planned for Friday, so I won't be able to make (it to) the drinking session.

I'm planning to read as many books as I can this year.

I'm planning to study tonight.

We were planning to go to the cinema last night, but everyone was tired, so we ended up watching a movie at home instead.

The city is planning to extend the boardwalk.

We're planning on doing the sights of the city tomorrow morning.

I am planning to visit Kyoto, and Nara as well.

I'm planning to go to graduate school.

I planned to introduce him to her.

I am planning on studying and playing the flute by turns.

I am planning to make an overnight trip to Nagoya.

I am planning to call on Mary the day after tomorrow.

I'm planning to stay at my uncle's place.

With a little planning, I think we can take our company to the top.

While the birth rate is intended to be decreased in developing countries, that of developed nations is selfishly planned to be increased, resulting in the difficulty of getting mutual consent.

My grandfather is planning to retire the year after next.

Additional imports of American beef are planned to meet rising demand.

I'll ask him where he is planning to go during the vacation.

His new book is planned to appear next month.

He is now planning to study abroad next year.

I think he is planning something.

He works in the planning section.

He belongs to the planning section.

He is planning to go home on leave.

He is planning to launch his business.

He is planning to develop his business.

He planned to murder his boss, but did not carry it out.

He planned the project along with his colleagues.

They are planning to settle in New Zealand.

They are planning to settle Missouri.

They are planning to connect the cities with a railroad.

They are planning to extend the railroad to the next town.

I planned to introduce him to Beatrice.

She planned a birthday dinner for her cousin.

She directed the planning of the project.

The gang was planning a robbery.

I am planning to call on Mary the day after tomorrow. [M]

I planning to leave for Europe next week.

We must take into account the wishes of all the family in planning a trip.

At first, you were planning to set up master as the culprit.
最初は マスターを犯人に 仕立てあげようと考えた。

At the same time, we are planning to do a solar system equator festival.
それと同時に 太陽系赤道祭も行う予定だ。

Bauer is here for a reason and we need to find out what it is, and what he's planning on doing.
バウアーは目的があってこの場所に来たのよ 目的が何か調べるべきよ

Beats me. I stopped planning two minutes ahead years ago.

Beaver also mentioned that you planned on turning him into a hat.
ビーバーが言っていた 君はビーバーを帽子にするとね

Because Charlie planned on leaving Lena silver 30% of the income generated from his speeches.
レナ・シルバーに残す計画だった 約1万ドルですよ

Because I was planning to take a day off tomorrow?
明日 休むつもりだったので また?

Because I was right... You're planning a hit on Brody.
私が正しかったからだ 君のブロディ暗殺計画の事だ

Because of Dr. Filmore, we know the killer planned to electrocute Magnuson as he got into his car.
犯人はアルバートを 感電させようとした その後 車に

Been through design review... The planning commission, city council.
建築デザインは 計画委員会と市議会の許可をもう得てるんだ

Before I had planned to leave new haven.

Before I saw a titan, I seriously planned to enlist in the survey corps.

Besides that, president Kawaguchi has planned to recruit you, right?
それより 河口社長がn君の引き抜きを画策するとはねえ

Besides, I'm not planning to lie to her about it whilst taking her into my bed.
それに僕は彼女をベッドに連れ込みながら 嘘をつくつもりは無い

Billy wintergreen and I were planning on saving it for a rainy day.
だが 万事うまくいくと考慮すると

Bring him to a dark place. What are you planning on doing?
アイツを暗がりに連れ込む。 何するつもり?

But I was planning to tell her exactly how I feel about her.
彼女に気持ちを 伝えようと思って

But I'm planning to refuse it.

But are you planning to never see mama again, for the rest of your life?
このまま一生 ママに会わないつもり?

But as planned, Mari, can become mother by cesarean section.
でも 予定どおり 帝王切開で 茉莉 ママになる。

But everyone planned, prepared, and worked together aggressively.
みんなで考えて準備して アグレッシブに頑張ったので

But his appearance here means whatever Nazir has planned is happening now, and that guy is a part of it.
でもあの男が現れたのは アブ ナジールが動き出したから あれはそれに関与する人物

But if I'm planning to commit a murder...

But if this continues, this will turn out just as the head office planned.
でも このままじゃ 事務局の思うつぼです。

But if you have anything else planned, now it's scrapped.
計画したことは、 全部中止。

But instead, you planned how you were gonna get rid of Lem.
その代わりに おまえ達は レムを消す計画を立てたんだな

But it does require a lot of planning.

But it's going as planned. It's okay!
これも想定内ですから。 あぁ... 大丈夫です。

But she wanted your crown 'cause she's planning on doing something even worse.
でも彼女は王冠を使って... もっと悪い事をしようと たくらんでるんだ

But since it was just boring practice day after day, I was planning to quit.
毎日退屈な練習ばかりで いつかやめようと思ってました

But so many crimes are planned days, weeks in advance.
多くの犯罪が 計画的に行なわれてる

But the fate that I have planned for you will make their suffering seem as a gentle sleep.
でも貴様に用意した 運命と比べれば 彼らの苦しみなぞ 穏やかな眠りに思えようぞ

But the resistance is planning something bigger.
しかし 抵抗軍はそれ以上だ

But things didn't go as planned.
什?事 ??

But this time the business has to go a planned.
こんな時ですが 業務は通常通りに 進めなければなりません。

But tomorrow I'm planning on having something a bit spicier.
ありがとう でも明日はちょっと

But we could be outlaws together, just like we planned.

But we just started planning. We're not ready yet.
でも計画を組み始めたばかり 準備が出来ていない

But we're not planning on fighting any witch.
しかし 私たち魔女なんかと 戦うつもりは無いわ

But what are you planning to do? Hmm?
でも どうするつもり? ん?

But what you're planning now, it's...
だが 君が今企んでることは・・・

But where are you planning to work?
それは ありがたいけど... どこで働くつもり?

But you also broke up a little family reunion that I had planned.
だが 俺の計画していた ファミリーの再結成を潰した だが 俺の計画していた ファミリーの再結成を潰した

But you were actually planning to do it.

But you're aware that we need the planning division to cooperate on this?
でも それには設計部との 連携が必要になってくるな。

But you're not planning on talking to him. Uhuh.

But, between four classes and planning a wedding my plate was full still, I know that our students are in good hands.
でも 授業と結婚式の準備で 大忙しだったから・・・ 私が二度と教員に戻らなくても

By community dwellings, civil engineering, urban planning.

By now this thing's been very well planned.

By the bureaucrats in the town planning office.

By the way, what was the thing you'd planned in the faculty room?

Came in a little Hotter than we planned. I'm sorry we trenched the lawn here.
計画より刺激的な登場となりました 芝生を掘ってしまってすいません

Chances are, they're planning to use him for leverage, or worse.
おそらく 彼を利用する計画だ 利用のために または悪化

China's planning to scale back coal.
そして中国は 石炭の使用を控えるようになりました

City planning office should have old blueprints.

Clu's planning something. We've known that for a while.

Consult with me! I was planning to marry you!
決めることかよ。 俺は葵と 結婚するつもりだったんだ》

Continue with the rocket launch as planned.

Could be... Someone's planning on shutting him up for good.
たぶん... 彼を永久に閉じ込める 誰かの計画

Could it be because maybe you're not planning on being in them much longer?

Current information, all books, planning and financial statements..
現時点での情報 すべての帳簿 計算書 決算書

Damn it! I planned this out so it'd just be the two of us, like a date!
移動はさせるが 船ではない。 2人には この島にいてもらう。

Danny said he has something else planned.
ダニーは彼が 何か企んでると言ってた

Deanna's planning to have a meeting tonight. For anyone who wants to.
ディアナが会合を開くらしい 自由参加だ

Deploy the battle line at Mt. Nobe as planned.
しかし! 予定通り野辺山で戦線を展開、目標を撃破しろ

Did it tell you what it's planning?

Did no planning, no prewar planning, to respond to terrorism.

Did you know that that building was one that we were planning on refurbishing so families could move back into it?
あのビルは改装して 人を住まわす予定だった

Didn't I say I had it all planned out?
将来を懸けて 引き受けたんじゃないのか?

Didn't quite turn out as I'd planned, but that is why we rewrite.
計画通りには 進まなかったが だから書き直すのだ

Director general of the planning department.

Dna tests, autopsies, contingencies we've planned for.
dnaテスト、検死 全て、想定の範囲内

Do I look like I'm running around planning murders?
私が殺人を計画して走り回ってるように 見えるかね?

Do they know what you're planning on doing with the device?
あなたの計画を 知ってるの?

Do you have anything planned later?

Do you have something planned today?
何慌ててんの 今日は何かあったっけ

Do you know if Donnie and Megan were planning to meet with anyone when they left the dorm?
ドニーとミーガンが寮を出た時 誰か一緒にいませんでしたか?

Do you know what sweets has planned?

Do you think you can take what has cost millions, years of planning, for the good of this country?
ニカも間違いだったってか? 娯楽のため、彼女の人生を ぶち壊したのか? この長年の計画に どれほど費やしたか分かるか?

Does he arrive here planning to make a name for himself at my expense?
彼は私を犠牲にして自ら 名声を得る意向でここに到着したのか?

Doesn't happen by accident. It takes planning.

Don't forget the guy who planned the job.

Don't tell me you were planning to fight the dragon in your normal clothes!
まさか 私服で ドラゴン 倒すわけにもいかないだろ。

Don't think for a minute that I'm ever gonna forget that you were planning to murder someone on my watch.
俺の監視下で 君が誰かを殺そうとしたことを 俺が忘れるとは 1分でも思うなよ

Don't worry, the scenario was planned so that she would not get hurt.
元々あの子は 傷つけないようにするシナリオだった

Don't worry. The ceremony can go on just fine as planned!
大丈夫。 挙式予定日は 何事も うまくいく 大安だもの!

Don't you see what the admiral's planning?

Edwards has been planning this for years.
エドワーズは長い間 これを計画していた

Eh? So, you mean you were planning to divorce me?
えっ? じゃあ 君が

Either he doesn't trust Hugo boss lapels to stay in place, or he's planning to start his next frame at tonight's gala.
どちらにしても ヒューゴボスの襟を信用してない ここにいて彼は計画してる 今夜のパーティで 彼の次の企みが始まる

Even if things don't go as planned it's proper Manners to film it today!
つながらなくても 今ここで 撮るのが筋だと思います!

Even if you didn't, you were still planning on killing thousands of people.
お前らじゃなくても 何千人もの人を殺そうと 計画してたことには変わりない

Even then, are you still planning to continue?
それでもまだ 続けるおつもりですか?

Even though they don't know anything about urban planning:

Everyone quit! What are you planning to do?
みんな 辞めさせて! 何様のつもりや?

Everything turned out exactly as we planned.
全部 計画通りに終わったね - そうね

Everything was planned from the start?!
明日の夜明けとともに 始まる戦いで すべてが

Everything... Are you the one who planned those plans?
何もかも... あんたが仕組んだ事なのか?

Evil heathens are trying to disturb our faith by spreading absurd rumors, and the military is planning to oppress us!

Excelled at planning. Because I'm a person who carries with him a perfectionist side....
計画性に長けた完璧主義者の 側面を持つ人間だから

Except for the fact that I was planning on calling you.
まあ 私も電話しようと したけどね

Except wedding planning and serviettes, he's rubbish at those.
結婚式の計画と ナプキン畳みを除いて

Excuse me for asking, but how much are you planning to spend?
ご予算は おいくらぐらいをお考えですか?

Fact is, we don't really know what he's planning.

Fair planning team decided that food.
食品チームの フェアの企画が 決定した。

Father is planning to farm crayfish there!
お父さん そこで ザリガニの 養殖をしようと思ってるんです!

Figured they planned on killing me somewhere and making it look like I did it myself.
彼らが どこかで殺すつもりだと思った 自分でやったように見せかけた

Find out who Takagi was planning to meet! Yes!
高木が会おうとしていた人物を 探れ! はい!

First time in my career someone's alibi for murder has been that they were busy planning the same murder.
ある人物のアリバイが 同じ被害者を殺す計画で 忙しかったからというのは 僕の経験でも初めてだ

Flight course to the moon will be unchanged. We will enter the countdown as planned.
カウントダウンは省略する 行くぜ

Flowers that she was planning to give to her friend.

Fluttershy said this is where I'd find the head of the fall formal party planning committee.
フラタシャイに聞いたけど... ここに来れば準備委員長に会えるって

For a period of planned austerity in wealthy nations.
一定期間 豊かな国が 計画的に緊縮を行うのです

For economic planning and a variety of other fields.
こうした協力する能力は 経済計画など多くの分野に応用できます

For now, everything is proceeding as planned.

For one of the event planning project, I won an award.
社内公募で イベントの企画で 賞 取ってね。

Fortunately, you didn't have to. Just tell me what they're planning.
幸せだな あんたは、それで済んで...

From this world where nothing goes as planned...
<思いどおりにならない この世界から

Fucking guy, man! Is he planning on flying out of this shit anytime, or what?

Furthermore, I was given every assurance it never pass the planning stage.
しかもそれが具体化する事のないよう 念入りに釘を刺しておいた

Geez, I'd just planned the shifts.
っうかさ ねぇ アボカドって合わなくない?

Gloria knew this, so she planned her own death, down to the last detail...
それで彼女は 綿密に自殺の計画を

God knows what else he has planned.

Gohan ... I planned to raise you a cup.
悟飯。 俺は 貴様を一人前に育てたつもりだ。

Good, then we rendezvous at 2130 hours, as planned.

Good. Then, the operation will proceed as planned.
そう。では作戦は予定どおりに 了解

Governing is the art of planning and predicting.
「統治とは 計画と予測である」

Had planned to have dinner in a restaurant overlooking the bonfires ...
関西ファッション協会の 会合のあと

Had planned to start new lives...
それぞれに 人生を生き直すはずだった〉

Harada and I were planning to get married.
原田と私は結婚の 約束をしたの

Has settled upon a thoroughly planned compliance policy.
コンプライアンスの徹底を図ろう という方針を決めました。

He and Tom Walker are planning an attack on the united states.
トム ウォーカーと 米国でのテロを画策

He called me after we planned the fake corpse masquerade.
≪死体偽装の計画を 話し合ったあと呼び出されて...

He couldn't chance you warning the Mainland what he has planned.
本土警告したから機会がなかった 彼が計画したの

He denies it, but I know he's planning on staying.
否定してる だが、ここにい続けるつもりだ

He doesn't know. He's still planning on running.

He gave me the name of somebody who's been involved in the planning.

He left on the ferry this morning. His vacation was already planned.
今朝、フェリーで出港しました 予定された休暇があったので

He made me steal the bill of sale, he planned everything.

He planned on filing an appeal, so that gave him access to everything even remotely related to the case.
上告するつもりだったのよ コネを使いまくって 彼は上告してませんよ

He planned the whole thing. No. Bennett is an idiot that thinks he's in control.
いいや 彼は自分で そう思っていただけのバカで

He planned to kill the other two team members in a hotel full of policemen?
警官だらけのホテルで 他の2人のメンバーを 殺そうとするか?

He recorded his boss planning a bribe.
上司の賄賂の実態を 記録したのね

He resigned last month as director general of planning.
彼が ボブ・ファン・カンプを 選んだ

He thinks erudite is planning to overthrow abnegation.
「博学」の人たちが「無欲」の 人たちをを打倒しようとしている

He thinks that the booking, hospitalization, flower basket, and presents were all planned by me.

He thinks you're planning an attack against him.

He was planning on framing me.

He was planning to sabotage the ship.

He wasn't planning on framing her.

He wasn't planning to kill her, so she must still be planning to kill him.
〈君はそこを離れろ〉 〈彼は殺す気がないが〉

He'll never get the chance. What are you planning?

He's an advisor to the city planning commission.

He's been called there yesterday too, right? I wonder, if this has anything to do with the planning.
昨日も呼ばれてたよな。 この企画に関係することかな?

He's been planning this for a while.

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