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なくても良い;無くても良い [なくてもよい;なくてもいい] /(exp) (1) (uk) (after neg. stem of verb) need not (verb)/(not) have to/expressing absence of obligation or necessity/(2) (uk) (See 無い・1) need not have/need not exist

オブリゲーション;オブリゲイション /(n) obligation

恩 [おん] /(n) favour/favor/obligation/debt of gratitude

恩を受ける [おんをうける] /(exp,v1) to be indebted/to be under an obligation

恩を売る [おんをうる] /(exp,v5r) to demand gratitude/to do something for someone in order to create an obligation of gratitude from that person

恩義;恩誼 [おんぎ] /(n) obligation/favour/favor/debt of gratitude

恩返し [おんがえし] /(n,vs) requital of a favour (favor)/repayment (of an obligation, kindness, etc.)

義務 [ぎむ] /(n,adj-no) duty/obligation/responsibility

義務を課す [ぎむをかす] /(exp,v5s) to place an obligation/to impose a duty/to obligate

義務感 [ぎむかん] /(n) sense of duty (obligation)

義務付け [ぎむづけ] /(n) obligation

義理 [ぎり] /(n,adj-no) (1) duty/sense of duty/honor/honour/decency/courtesy/debt of gratitude/social obligation/(adj-no) (2) in-law/relation by marriage

義理マン;義理まん [ぎりマン(義理マン);ぎりまん(義理まん)] /(n) (sl) sexual intercourse permitted (by a woman) due to a sense of obligation (rather than desire)

義理人情 [ぎりにんじょう] /(n) (yoji) duty and humanity/(a sense of) moral obligation and humane feelings

金銭債務 [きんせんさいむ] /(n) monetary liabilities/pecuniary obligation

厚恩 [こうおん] /(n) great favor/great favour/obligation

債権譲渡 [さいけんじょうと] /(n) {law} cession of an obligation/assignment of an obligation/transfer of an obligation

債権法 [さいけんほう] /(n) the law of obligations

債務 [さいむ] /(n) (ant: 債権) debt/liabilities/obligation to a person or party (usu. legal or contractual)

債務担保証券 [さいむたんぽしょうけん] /(n) Collateralized Debt Obligation/CDO

柵 [しがらみ] /(n) (1) weir/(2) bonds/fetters/ties of obligation

使命 [しめい] /(n) (1) mission/errand/(2) task/duty/obligation

自然債務 [しぜんさいむ] /(n) {law} natural obligation

重恩 [じゅうおん] /(n) heavy obligation

少丁 [しょうちょう;しょうてい] /(n) (arch) men 17-20 years, subject to a quarter of the obligations of older men (ritsuryo system)

責 [せき] /(n) (See 責任・1) responsibility/duty/obligation

責務 [せきむ] /(n) duty/obligation

組み戻し [くみもどし] /(n,vs) unwinding of funds transfer obligations/requesting a bank to return money that was transferred (e.g in error or in excess)

相済む [あいすむ] /(v5m,vi) (1) (formal version of 済む) to finish/to end/to be completed/(2) (See 相済まない) to fulfill one's obligations (often used in negative form as an apology)

貸し(P);貸(io) [かし] /(n) (1) loan/lending/(2) favor/favour/debt/obligation/(3) (abbr) (See 貸方・かしかた) creditor/method of lending/credit side

大恩 [だいおん] /(n) great debt of gratitude/great obligation

道義的責任 [どうぎてきせきにん] /(n) moral obligation

二酸化炭素削減義務 [にさんかたんそさくげんぎむ] /(n) carbon dioxide reducing obligation

任 [にん] /(n) obligation/duty/charge/responsibility

返還義務 [へんかんぎむ] /(n) obligation of restitution

保証責務 [ほしょうせきむ] /(n) guarantee obligations

芳恩 [ほうおん] /(n) (hon) (See 恩) favour/favor/kindness/obligation/debt of gratitude

厄介 [やっかい] /(adj-na,n) (1) trouble/burden/nuisance/bother/worry/(2) care/dependence/support/kindness/obligation/staying (with a person)

浪花節的 [なにわぶしてき] /(adj-na) (yoji) of the old feeling of naniwa-bushi/marked by the dual themes of obligation and compassion that distinguish the naniwa-bushi ballads

You have no obligation to help us.

In everyday life we have many obligations and responsibilities.

We fulfill our obligations.

We have a legal obligation to pay our taxes.

It is the obligation of every worker to pay taxes.

Every player is under obligation to keep the rules.

Beast in human form is beast with a mind that wear human mask. It's a human that doesn't have moral obligation and humane feelings.
人面獣心とは 人の面して心は獣。 義理人情に欠ける 人でなしだ。

Because it's my obligation to protect this child.
<この子を 守んのが 俺の役目なんだから>

Because when you are civilizations last hope peace is not merely an ideal its an obligation.
どんな組織も内部から 汚染されていきます あなた方こそ 文明の最後の望みです 秩序は理想でありません それは義務です

But you can't become a legend of the silver screen with an obligation hanging on your skirt.
でも "銀幕の伝説" には なれない スカートの下に くっつけたままじゃ

Can't say I do. And even if I did, I have no obligation to tell you.

Choices I made years ago, because of my obligation to maintain secrecy, you were placed in terrible danger.
秘密を守らなきゃならない義務のせいで 君を大変な危険な目に遭わせた

Don't we have a moral obligation to say something?

Ending it is the moral obligation of a nation as powerful as ours.
終結させるのはわが国のような大国の 道徳的責務だ

Escape from all guarantee obligations if you don't inherit the property.
遺産を継がない代わりに すべての保証債務からも逃れる。

Generaly I have no obligation at all...

He does what he does out of a sense of familial obligations.
彼は 家族としての義務感から やってるだけだ

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