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お隣さん [おとなりさん] /(n) (hon) the next-door neighbour (neighbor)/
引越し蕎麦 [ひっこしそば] /(n) buckwheat noodles given to one's new neighbors after moving in/
下の人 [したのひと] /(exp,n) (1) downstairs neighbour (neighbor)/(2) subordinate/
近郷 [きんごう] /(n) neighboring districts/neighbouring districts/countryside/
近郷近在 [きんごうきんざい] /(n) (yoji) surrounding country/neighboring villages/
近県 [きんけん] /(n) neighboring prefectures/neighbouring prefectures/
近郊都市 [きんこうとし] /(n) neighboring towns/neighbouring towns/
近国 [きんごく] /(n) (1) neighboring country/neighbouring country/(2) lands outlying Kyoto/
近在 [きんざい] /(n) neighboring villages/neighbouring villages/suburban districts/
近所さん [きんじょさん] /(n) (col) neighbors/neighbours/
近所づきあい [きんじょづきあい] /(n,vs) interaction with one's neighbors/relationship with one's neighbors (neighbours)/
近所付き合い [きんじょづきあい] /(n,vs) interaction with one's neighbors/relationship with one's neighbors (neighbours)/
近接 [きんせつ] /(n,vs,adj-no) neighboring/neighbouring/adjacent/adjoin/
近村 [きんそん] /(n) neighboring villages/
近隣諸国 [きんりんしょこく] /(n) neighboring countries/neighbouring countries/surrounding countries/
向こう三軒 [むこうさんげん] /(n) one's next three neighbors/one's next three neighbours/
合壁 [がっぺき] /(n) neighbor with just a wall between/neighbour with just a wall between/
最寄 [もより] /(io) (n,adj-no) nearest/neighbouring/neighboring/nearby/
最寄り [もより] /(n,adj-no) nearest/neighbouring/neighboring/nearby/(P)/
周辺国 [しゅうへんこく] /(n) neighboring or surrounding country/neighbouring or surrounding country/
周辺諸国 [しゅうへんしょこく] /(n) surrounding countries/neighboring countries/neighbouring countries/
上の人 [うえのひと] /(exp,n) (1) superior/boss/higher-up/(2) them (as opposed to "us")/(3) person above/upstairs neighbour (neighbor)/
尻が長い [しりがながい] /(exp) being a guest for too long (e.g. of a neighbor)/
善隣 [ぜんりん] /(n) good neighbour/good neighbor/(P)/
善隣外交 [ぜんりんがいこう] /(n) (yoji) good-neighbor diplomacy/a good-neighbor policy/
善隣政策 [ぜんりんせいさく] /(n,adj-no) Good Neighbor Policy/
相接する [あいせっする] /(vs-s) to be adjacent (with each other)/to neighbor (neighbour)/to border/
汝の隣人を愛せよ [なんじのりんじんをあいせよ] /(exp) (as commanded by Jesus) love your neighbour (neighbor)/
隣 [となり] /(n,adj-no) neighbor (neighbour)/next to (esp. living next door to)/(P)/
隣り [となり] /(io) (n,adj-no) neighbor (neighbour)/next to (esp. living next door to)/
隣る [となる] /(v5r) to neighbor (neighbour)/to be next to (esp. to live next door to)/
隣家 [りんか] /(n,adj-no) neighbouring house/neighboring house/(P)/
隣近所 [となりきんじょ] /(n) neighbors/neighbours/neighborhood/neighbourhood/
隣県 [りんけん] /(n) neighboring prefecture/adjacent prefecture/
隣国 [りんこく] /(n) neighbouring country/neighboring country/neighbouring state/neighboring state/
隣国 [りんごく] /(n) neighbouring country/neighboring country/neighbouring state/neighboring state/(P)/
隣人 [りんじん] /(n,adj-no) neighbour/neighbor/neighbourhood/neighborhood/(P)/
隣接した [りんせつした] /(adj-f) adjoining/neighboring/neighbouring/adjacent/
隣接局 [りんせつきょく] /(n) (comp) neighboring office/adjoining office/
隣接局通知 [りんせつきょくつうち] /(n) (comp) neighbor notification/
隣接県 [りんせつけん] /(n) neighboring prefecture/neighbouring prefecture/
隣村 [となりむら] /(n) neighboring village/neighbouring village/
隣村 [りんそん] /(n) neighboring village/neighbouring village/
隣町 [となりまち] /(n) neighboring (adjacent) town/neighbouring town/
隣通し [となりどうし] /(iK) (n) next-door neighbors/(living, sitting) next to each other/
隣通し [となりどおし] /(iK) (ik) (n) next-door neighbors/(living, sitting) next to each other/
隣通し [となりどし] /(iK) (ok) (n) next-door neighbors/(living, sitting) next to each other/
隣同士 [となりどうし] /(n) next-door neighbors/(living, sitting) next to each other/
隣同士 [となりどおし] /(ik) (n) next-door neighbors/(living, sitting) next to each other/
隣同士 [となりどし] /(ok) (n) next-door neighbors/(living, sitting) next to each other/
隣保 [りんぽ] /(n) neighbouring house/neighboring house/neighbors/neighbours/
隣邦 [りんぽう] /(n) neighboring country/neighbouring country/
鄰 [となり] /(oK) (n,adj-no) neighbor (neighbour)/next to (esp. living next door to)/
Are you getting along with your neighbors? あなたは近所の人々とうまくやっていますか。
That country broke off diplomatic relations with the neighboring countries. あの国は近隣諸国との外交関係を絶った。
We can conjecture that it may be advantageous for a particular bird to be known to its neighbors or its mate. ある種の鳥においては、周りの鳥たちやつがいに存在を知られていることが有利であると推測することができる。
My mother doesn't care for our neighbor very much. うちの母は隣の人があまり好きではない。
My neighbors say they're going on a family trip to Hokkaido. お隣さんは北海道まで家族旅行だって。
This country was subject to a neighboring country. この国は隣国の支配下にあった。
You must keep in with your neighbors. ご近所の人たちとは仲良くしなければならない。
To make matters worse, he isn't even conscious of annoying his neighbors. さらに危芥なことに、彼は近所の人に迷惑をかけていることにさえ気づいていない。
The noise was so loud that it was a nuisance to the neighbors. その音はとてもおおきく隣近所の人々にとっては迷惑だった。
The army made inroads into the neighboring country. その軍隊は隣国に侵入した。
The humble man is getting along with his neighbors. その謙虚な男は近所の人達とうまくやっている。
The country declared war against its neighbor. その国は隣国に対し宣戦を布告した。
The Prime Minister became all the more popular because he never gave way to pressure from the neighboring country. その首相は隣国の圧力に決して屈しなかったので一層人気を増した。
The province supplies its neighbors with various raw materials. その州は周辺にさまざまな原料を供給している。
The small country was annexed to its larger neighbor. その小国は隣の大国に併合された。
The price was in the neighboring. その値段は約50ドルだった。
You shall love your neighbor as yourself. なんじの隣人をおのれのごとく愛すべし。
Love your neighbors. なんじの隣人を愛せよ。
I can't get along with the neighbors any more. もうこれ以上隣近所の人たちとはうまくやっていけない。
If our neighbors around the world are in need, let's lend a helping hand. もし世界のあちこちで私達の隣人が困っていれば援助の手をさしのべよう。
Good fences make good neighbors. よい垣根はよい隣人をつくる。
We have a saying to the effect that a good neighbor is better than a faraway relative is. よい隣人は遠くの親戚よりよい、という趣旨の格言がある。
We should love our neighbors. わたしたちは隣人を愛すべきだ。
Joe was not on speaking terms with his noisy neighbor. ジョーはやかましい隣人と口をきく間柄ではなかった。
When John's neighbor saw John selling drugs, she blew the whistle on him. ジョンの隣人はジョンが麻薬を売っているのを見て密告した。
The Smiths are our neighbors. スミスさん一家は私たちの隣人です。
Mr Philips, along with some friends and neighbors, is planning a celebration. フィリップス氏は友人や隣人と一緒になって祝宴を計画している。
The French are our neighbors across the Channel. フランス人はイギリス海峡を越えた私たちの隣人だ。
The ball bounded away into our neighbor's garden. ボールははねて隣の庭へ入ってしまった。
A near neighbor is better than a distant cousin. 遠くの親戚より近くの他人。
A near neighbor is better than a far-dwelling kinsman. 遠くの親類よりは近くの友。
The fire spread and licked the neighboring house. 火がめらめらと隣家に燃え移っていった。
We must promote commerce with neighboring countries. 我が国は近隣諸国との貿易を促進させねばならない。
It's on the coast about 13 kilometers to the north of its more famous neighbor, Dover. 海に面した都市で、隣のもっと有名な都市、ドーヴァーからは、海岸を13キロほど北に寄ったところに位置しています。
While we were on holiday, a neighbor took care of our cat. 休暇中、近所の人がうちの猫の世話をしてくれた。
Have you heard that a burglar broke into my neighbor's house? 強盗がきんじょの家に押し入ったことを聞いていますか。
Our American neighbor will have lived in Japan for five years next year. 近所のアメリカ人は来年で日本に5年住んでいることになる。
The neighbors took turns sitting up with him. 近所の人々が彼とともに、交替で夜を明かした。
Before saying "good by" to their neighbors, the Smiths had to tie up some loose ends inside the house. 近所の人たちに、お別れをいうまえに、スミスさんの一家は家の中の最後の取り片づけをしなければならなかった。
The neighbors made a fool of him. 近所の人たちは彼をばかにした。
You must be friendly with your neighbors. 近所の人とは仲良くしなければなりません。
My neighbors provided food for me. 近所の人達が、私に食べ物をくれた。
His neighbors are suspicious of him. 近所の人達は彼を疑わしく思っている。
The neighboring countries never submitted to his terrorism. 近隣諸国は決して彼の恐怖政治に屈服しなかった。
The police charged him with leaking information to a neighboring country. 警察は彼を、隣国に情報を流したという罪に問った。
Sister cities are the same as good neighbors. 姉妹都市はよき隣人と同じである。
While we were on holiday, a neighbor took care of our cat. 私たちが休暇をとっている間、近所の人が私たちの猫の世話をしてくれた。
Our neighbors were compelled to sell their houses. 私たちの隣人は家を売らざるをえなかった。
We were next-door neighbor. 私たちは隣り同士です。
We have harmonious relations with our neighbors. 私たちは隣近所とは仲良くしている。
We should love our neighbors. 私たちは隣人を愛するべきだ。
My neighbor is what we call a nosy person. 私の隣人はいわゆる詮索好きなのです。
I saw my neighbor's dog running around in the yard. 私は、隣の犬が庭を走りまわっているのを見た。
I heard about it at first hand from my neighbor. 私はそのことについて隣の人から直接聞きました。
I had an interesting conversation with my neighbor. 私は近所の人と楽しい会話をした。
I had an interesting conversation with my neighbor. 私は近所の人と楽しい会話をしました。
I'm on good terms with the neighbors. 私は近所の人と仲が良い。
I sometimes talk to my neighbor across the fence. 私は時々隣の家の人と垣根越しに話をする。
I have not spoken to our new neighbors; I simply know them by sight. 私は新しく隣に越してきた人と話しをしたことはない。ただ、ちらっと顔を見ただけだ。
I have lived on this block, and next to the same neighbor, all my life. 私は生まれてこの方同じ隣人で、この一画に住んでいます。
We should love our neighbors. 私は隣人を愛すべきである。
We should keep up friendly relations with neighboring countries. 私達は近隣諸国との友好関係を維持すべきである。
We are next-door neighbors. 私達は隣同士です。
One must love one's neighbor. 人は自分の隣人を愛さなければならない。
The Bible tells us that we should love our neighbors. 聖書は私たちに隣人を愛するべきであると教えている。
I felt the terror of my neighbors after the earthquake. 地震の後、この辺りは物騒だ。
Is loud music OK with the neighbors at this hour? 遅くまで音楽かけているけど、ご近所さんは平気?
Love your neighbors. 汝の隣人を愛せよ。
In Japan, relations between neighbors are apt to be cooler than in USA. 日本では、隣同士の関係は合衆国より冷たい傾向がある。
Japanese and South Korea are neighbors. 日本と韓国は、隣国同士だ。
Japan is at peace with her neighbors. 日本はその隣国と平和である。
His neighbor will care for the children while she is away. 彼の隣人が彼女の留守の間子供たちの世話をするだろう。
He was furious at his neighbor for allowing their dog to run into his yard. 彼は、隣の人が飼い犬が彼の庭に走り込んでくるのを放りっぱなししているのに腹を立てた。
He was made a fool of by his neighbors. 彼は近所に人たちから笑いものにされた。
He is a cut above his neighbors. 彼は近所の人々より社会的に一段上だ。
He was made a fool of by his neighbors. 彼は近所の人たちから笑い者にされた。
I think he can get along with his neighbor. 彼は近所の人たちと仲良くできると思う。
He could not get along with his neighbors. 彼は近所の人とうまくやっていけなかった。
He is my next-door neighbor. 彼は私の隣に住んでいる人です。
He is one of my neighbors. 彼は私の隣人の一人です。
For the time being he is staying at a neighboring hotel. 彼は当分の間近くのホテルに泊まる。
He is my neighbor, but I don't know him well. 彼は隣に住んでいますが、私は彼をよく知らないんです。
He was displeasured with his neighbor. 彼は隣の人に腹を立てていました。
I think he can get along with his neighbors. 彼は隣人たちとうまくやっていけると思う。
They extend kindness to their neighbors. 彼らは、近所の人々に親切にしている。
They always extend kindness to their neighbors. 彼らはいつも近所の人々に親切にしている。
They are next door neighbors. 彼らはお隣同士です。
They are on good terms with their neighbors. 彼らはご近所と仲良くやっている。
They are on good terms with their neighbors. 彼らは近所の人たちと仲がよい。
They have made friends with their new neighbors across the street. 彼らは向かいの新しい隣人と仲良しになった。
They have been good neighbors to this day. 彼らは今日までずっとよい隣人だった。
They are on good terms with their neighbors. 彼らは隣人と仲がよい。
Her neighbors were such as you meet everywhere in this country. 彼女の近所の人たちは、この国のどこでも見かけるような人々だった。
Her neighbor will care for the children while she is away. 彼女の隣人が彼女の留守の間、子供たちの世話をするだろう。
She is a most gracious neighbor. 彼女はとても愛想のよい隣人だ。
She fell into conversation with her neighbors. 彼女は近所の人たちと会話をはじめた。
She shared her book with her neighbor. 彼女は本を隣の人にも見せてあげた。
She shared her book with her neighbor. 彼女は本を隣りの人に見せてあげた。
She was jealous of her neighbor's good fortune. 彼女は隣の人の幸運を妬んでいた。
She is always finding fault with he neighbors. 彼女は隣人のあらさがしばかりしている。
The rotten apple injures its neighbors. 腐ったりんごは仲間を腐らせる。
There is a fence marking the boundary between our yard and the neighbor's. 隣の家との境を示す柵がある。
Did you hear that our neighbor was fooling around with a younger woman? 隣の人が若い女の人と不倫しているらしいよ。
Let's ask the neighbors to look after the dog while we're away. 隣の人たちに、私たちが留守にしている間、犬の世話をしてくれるように頼みましょう。
I found it difficult to get along with my next neighbor. 隣の人とうまくやるのは難しかった。
You should be good to your neighbors. 隣の人とは仲良くすべきだ。
Our neighbor's ground yields better corn than our own. 隣の人の土地は自分の土地より優れた穀物を産出する。
I called my neighbors over for dinner. 隣り近所の人を夕食に招いた。
Our next-door neighbor asked us to look after his plants while he was away on vacation. 隣人から休暇で留守の間植木の世話をしてくれるように頼まれました。
When her neighbors were sick, she asked doctors to give them medical supplies. 隣人が病気になると、彼女は医者に治療してくれるように頼んだ。
My neighbors's hen is better than mine. 隣人の鶏は自分の鶏にまさる。
My neighbors are four sisters and a cat. 隣人は4人姉妹と猫1匹です。
You ought to love your neighbors. 隣人は愛すべきである。
To love our neighbors is our duty. 隣人を愛するのは我々のつとめだ。
{adj: Costa Rican} of or relating to Costa Rica or its people "the Costa Rican rain forest" "our Costa Rican neighbors"
{adj: Oxonian} of or pertaining to or characteristic of the city of Oxford, England, or its inhabitants "his Oxonian neighbors" "Oxonian bookstores"
{adj: abutting, adjacent, adjoining, conterminous, contiguous, neighboring} having a common boundary or edge; touching "abutting lots" "adjoining rooms" "Rhode Island has two bordering states; Massachusetts and Conncecticut" "the side of Germany conterminous with France" "Utah and the contiguous state of Idaho" "neighboring cities"
{adj: avaricious, covetous, grabby, grasping, greedy, prehensile} immoderately desirous of acquiring e.g. wealth "they are avaricious and will do anything for money" "casting covetous eyes on his neighbor's fields" "a grasping old miser" "grasping commercialism" "greedy for money and power" "grew richer and greedier" "prehensile employers stingy with raises for their employees"
{adj: chatty, gabby, garrulous, loquacious, talkative, talky} full of trivial conversation "kept from her housework by gabby neighbors"
{adj: closed} not open or affording passage or access "the many closed streets made travel difficult" "our neighbors peeped from behind closed curtains" <-> open
{adj: curious} eager to investigate and learn or learn more (sometimes about others' concerns) "a curious child is a teacher's delight" "a trap door that made me curious" "curious investigators" "traffic was slowed by curious rubberneckers" "curious about the neighbor's doings" <-> incurious
{adj: kind, tolerant} tolerant and forgiving under provocation "our neighbor was very kind about the window our son broke"
{adj: near, close, nigh} not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances "near neighbors" "in the near future" "they are near equals" "his nearest approach to success" "a very near thing" "a near hit by the bomb" "she was near tears" "she was close to tears" "had a close call" <-> far
{adj: neighboring, neighbouring} situated near one another "neighbor states"
{adj: neighborly, neighbourly} exhibiting the qualities expected in a friendly neighbor
{adj: nosy, nosey, prying, snoopy} offensively curious or inquisitive "curious about the neighbor's doings" "he flipped through my letters in his nosy way" "prying eyes" "the snoopy neighbor watched us all day"
{adj: unneighborly, unneighbourly} not exhibiting the qualities expected in a friendly neighbor
{adj: unsocial} not seeking or given to association; being or living without companions "the unsocial disposition to neglect one's neighbors" <-> social
{adj: working} serving to permit or facilitate further work or activity "discussed the working draft of a peace treaty" "they need working agreements with their neighbor states on interstate projects"
{adv: combatively, scrappily} in a bellicose contentious manner "`Don't trespass onto my property,' the neighbor shouted combatively"
{adv: sociably} in a sociable manner "sociably, the new neighbors invited everyone on the block for coffee" <-> unsociably
{adv: unsociably} in an unsociable manner "the new neighbors behave quite unsociably" <-> sociably
{adv: well} favorably; with approval "their neighbors spoke well of them" "he thought well of the book" <-> ill
{n: Armenia, Republic of Armenia, Hayastan} a landlocked republic in southwestern Asia; formerly an Asian soviet; modern Armenia is but a fragment of ancient Armenia which was one of the world's oldest civilizations; throughout 2500 years the Armenian people have been invaded and oppressed by their neighbors
{n: Australasia} Australia, New Zealand, and neighboring islands in the South Pacific
{n: Inca, Inka, Incan} a member of the small group of Quechuan people living in the Cuzco valley in Peru who established hegemony over their neighbors to create the great Inca empire that lasted from about 1100 until the Spanish conquest in the early 1530s
{n: Loloish} languages spoken by hill tribes in northern Burma and neighboring areas
{n: Oriya} a member of a people in India living in Orissa and neighboring areas
{n: Serbian, Serb} a member of a Slavic people who settled in Serbia and neighboring areas in the 6th and 7th centuries
{n: Tajik, Tadzhik} a native or inhabitant of Tajikistan and neighboring areas of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan and China
{n: Tajik, Tadzhik} an ethnic group (mostly Moslem) living in Tajikistan and neighboring areas of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan and China
{n: Tungusic, Tungusic language} a family of Altaic languages spoken in Mongolia and neighboring areas
{n: Turkoman, Turkmen, Turcoman} a member of a Turkic people living in Turkmenistan and neighboring areas
{n: Uzbek, Uzbeg, Uzbak, Usbek, Usbeg} a member of a Turkic people of Uzbekistan and neighboring areas
{n: Walloon} an ethnic group speaking a dialect of French and living in southern and eastern Belgium and neighboring parts of France
{n: Yue, Yue dialect, Cantonese, Cantonese dialect} the dialect of Chinese spoken in Canton and neighboring provinces and in Hong Kong and elsewhere outside China
{n: amphictyony} an association of neighboring states or tribes in ancient Greece; established originally to defend a common religious center
{n: beggar-my-neighbor policy, beggar-my-neighbour policy, beggar-my-neighbor strategy, beggar-my-neighbour strategy} a policy of promoting oneself at the expense of others; used especially of national policy "the United States has pursued a beggar-my-neighbor policy"
{n: beggar-my-neighbor, beggar-my-neighbour, strip-Jack-naked} a card game for two players in which the object is to win all of the other player's cards
{n: coefficient of mutual induction, mutual inductance} a measure of the induction between two circuits; the ratio of the electromotive force in a circuit to the corresponding change of current in a neighboring circuit; usually measured in henries
{n: domino theory} the political theory that if one nation comes under Communist control then neighboring nations will also come under Communist control
{n: house-raising} construction by a group of neighbors
{n: infection} (phonetics) the alteration of a speech sound under the influence of a neighboring sound
{n: jumpstart, jump-start} starting an automobile engine that has a weak battery by means of jumper cables to another car "my battery was dead so I had to get a jumpstart from my neighbor"
{n: meningeal artery, arteria meningea} any of three arteries supplying the meninges of the brain and neighboring structures
{n: moral, lesson} the significance of a story or event "the moral of the story is to love thy neighbor"
{n: neighbor, neighbour} a nearby object of the same kind "Fort Worth is a neighbor of Dallas" "what is the closest neighbor to the Earth?"
{n: neighbor, neighbour} a person who lives (or is located) near another
{n: neighborliness, neighbourliness, good-neighborliness, good-neighbourliness} a disposition to be friendly and helpful to neighbors <-> unneighborliness
{n: ophthalmic artery, arteria ophthalmica} a branch of the internal carotid artery that supplies the eye and neighboring structures
{n: primary coil, primary winding, primary} coil forming the part of an electrical circuit such that changing current in it induces a current in a neighboring circuit "current through the primary coil induces current in the secondary coil"
{n: scream, screaming, shriek, shrieking, screech, screeching} sharp piercing cry "her screaming attracted the neighbors"
{n: snootiness} the quality of being snooty "he disliked his neighbors' snootiness"
{v: alarm, alert} warn or arouse to a sense of danger or call to a state of preparedness "The empty house alarmed him" "We alerted the new neighbors to the high rate of burglaries"
{v: carry, extend} continue or extend "The civil war carried into the neighboring province" "The disease extended into the remote mountain provinces"
{v: cut} pass directly and often in haste "We cut through the neighbor's yard to get home sooner"
{v: drop by, drop in, come by} visit informally and spontaneously "We frequently drop by the neighbors' house for a cup of coffee"
{v: electioneer} work actively for a political candidate or a party "My neighbors are busy electioneering during the Presidential election campaign"
{v: hold down} restrain "please hold down the noise so that the neighbors can sleep"
{v: introduce, present, acquaint} cause to come to know personally "permit me to acquaint you with my son" "introduce the new neighbors to the community"
{v: intrude on, invade, obtrude upon, encroach upon} to intrude upon, infringe, encroach on, violate "This new colleague invades my territory" "The neighbors intrude on your privacy"
{v: invite, ask in} ask to enter "We invited the neighbors in for a cup of coffee"
{v: neighbor, neighbour} be located near or adjacent to "Pakistan neighbors India"
{v: neighbor, neighbour} live or be located as a neighbor "the neighboring house"
{v: reciprocate} act, feel, or give mutually or in return "We always invite the neighbors and they never reciprocate!"
{v: roll in} pour or flow in a steady stream "mist rolled in from the sea" "tourists rolled in from the neighboring countryside"
{v: service, serve} be used by ; as of a utility "The sewage plant served the neighboring communities" "The garage served to shelter his horses"
{v: sneak, mouse, creep, steal, pussyfoot} to go stealthily or furtively "..stead of sneaking around spying on the neighbor's house"
{v: solicit, beg, tap} make a solicitation or entreaty for something ; request urgently or persistently "Henry IV solicited the Pope for a divorce" "My neighbor keeps soliciting money for different charities"
{v: total, tot, tot up, sum, sum up, summate, tote up, add, add together, tally, add up} determine the sum of "Add all the people in this town to those of the neighboring town"
{v: want} hunt or look for ; want for a particular reason "Your former neighbor is wanted by the FBI" "Uncle Sam wants you"

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