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もりもり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (eating) heartily/(2) (on-mim) energetically/vigorously/(working) hard/enthusiastically/(adv,adv-to,vs) (3) (on-mim) bulging (muscles)/welling up (of strength, courage, etc.)

ケーゲル /(n) pubococcygeal muscle/Kegel muscle

ヒラメ筋;平目筋;比目魚筋 [ヒラメきん(ヒラメ筋);ひらめきん(平目筋,比目魚筋)] /(n) soleus muscle

ベクロニウム /(n) vecuronium (muscle relaxant)

引き締まった [ひきしまった] /(adj-f) lean/firm/toned (body, muscles)/compact/compressed

運動失調 [うんどうしっちょう] /(n,adj-no) ataxia/loss of coordination of the muscles/failure of muscular coordination

運動皮質 [うんどうひしつ] /(n) motor cortex (area of the brain just anterior to the central sulcus responsible for controlling voluntary muscle activity)

横紋筋 [おうもんきん] /(n) (See 平滑筋) striated muscle

仮性筋肥大 [かせいきんひだい] /(n) pseudohypertrophy of muscle

貝柱 [かいばしら] /(n) (1) (See 閉殻筋) adductor muscle/(2) {food} adductor muscle of a bivalve (e.g. scallop, etc.)

外眼筋 [がいがんきん] /(n) extraocular muscle/external eye muscle

外転筋 [がいてんきん] /(n) (See 内転筋) abductor muscle

割り込み(P);割込み;割込(io) [わりこみ] /(n) (1) queue jumping/breaking into a line/muscling in on/wedging oneself in/interruption/sharing a theater box (theatre)/(2) {comp} interrupt

割り込む(P);割込む;割りこむ;わり込む [わりこむ] /(v5m,vt) to cut in/to thrust oneself into/to wedge oneself in/to muscle in on/to interrupt/to disturb

括約筋 [かつやくきん] /(adj-na,n) sphincter/sphincter muscle/constrictor

眼筋 [がんきん] /(n) ocular muscles/muscles that control eye movement

眼輪筋 [がんりんきん] /(n) orbicularis oculi muscle

雁下 [がんか] /(n) (obsc) {MA} area below the pectoral muscle

顔面筋 [がんめんきん] /(n) facial muscle

起毛筋 [きもうきん] /(n) (obsc) (See 立毛筋) erector pili (muscle fiber attached to a hair follicle)/erectores pilorum

挙筋 [きょきん] /(n) {anat} levator/levator muscle

胸筋 [きょうきん] /(n,adj-no) pectoral (muscle)

胸鎖乳突筋 [きょうさにゅうとつきん] /(n) sternocleidomastoid muscle/sternomastoid

凝り;凝;痼り [しこり;こり(凝り,凝)] /(n) (1) muscle stiffness (esp. in shoulders)/(2) (しこり only) (uk) {med} lump (in tissue, esp. breast)/swelling/hardening/lesion/(3) (しこり only) (uk) lingering discomfort/uneasiness/bad aftertaste/unpleasant feeling

筋 [きん] /(n) muscle

筋(P);条 [すじ(P);スジ] /(n) (1) muscle/tendon/sinew/(2) vein/artery/(3) fiber/fibre/string/(4) line/stripe/streak/(5) (See 筋が通る) reason/logic/(6) plot/storyline/(7) lineage/descent/(8) school (e.g. of scholarship or arts)/(9) aptitude/talent/(10) source (of information, etc.)/circle/channel/(11) well-informed person (in a transaction)/(12) logical move (in go, shogi, etc.)/(13) {shogi} ninth vertical line/(14) seam on a helmet/(15) (abbr) (See 筋蒲鉾) gristly fish paste (made of muscle, tendons, skin, etc.)/(16) (arch) social position/status/(n-suf,n,adj-no) (17) on (a river, road, etc.)/along/(suf,ctr) (18) counter for long thin things/counter for roads or blocks when giving directions/(19) (arch) (Edo period) counter for hundreds of mon (obsolete unit of currency)

筋けいれん;筋痙攣 [きんけいれん] /(n) muscle spasm/myospasm/cramp

筋を違える [すじをちがえる] /(exp,v1) to pull a muscle/to strain a muscle

筋トレ [きんトレ] /(n) (abbr) (See トレーニング,筋肉) weight training/muscle training

筋萎縮 [きんいしゅく] /(n) {med} amyotrophia/muscle atrophy/disuse atrophy

筋違い(P);すじ違い [すじちがい] /(n,vs) (1) cramp/sprain/crick/strain (muscle)/(n) (2) unreasonableness/absurdity/(adj-no,adj-na) (3) illogical/unreasonable/(4) misdirected/misplaced/wrong (of estimate, guess)

筋炎 [きんえん] /(n,adj-no) inflammation of a muscle/myositis

筋覚 [きんかく] /(n) (abbr) (See 筋肉感覚) muscle sense

筋蒲鉾 [すじかまぼこ] /(n) gristly fish paste (made of muscle, tendons, skin, etc.)

筋緊張 [きんきんちょう] /(n) (1) muscle tone/muscular tone/(2) {med} myotonia

筋緊張性頭痛 [きんきんちょうせいずつう] /(n) (See 緊張型頭痛) muscle-contraction headache/tension headache

筋群 [きんぐん] /(n) {anat} myotome/muscle group

筋硬直 [きんこうちょく] /(n) muscle stiffness

筋骨 [きんこつ;すじぼね] /(n) muscles (sinews) and bones/structure

筋骨隆々;筋骨隆隆 [きんこつりゅうりゅう] /(adj-na,adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) (yoji) muscular/strong-muscled

筋細胞 [きんさいぼう] /(n) muscle cell

筋収縮 [きんしゅうしゅく] /(n,adj-no) muscle contraction

筋繊維;筋線維 [きんせんい] /(n) muscle fiber/muscle fibre

筋断裂 [きんだんれつ] /(n) muscle rupture/myorrhexis

筋弛緩剤 [きんしかんざい] /(n) muscle-relaxant drug

筋肉 [きんにく] /(n,adj-no) muscle/sinew

筋肉細胞 [きんにくさいぼう] /(n) muscle cell/muscle cells

筋肉組織 [きんにくそしき] /(n,adj-no) muscle tissue

筋肉弛緩剤 [きんにくしかんざい] /(n) muscle relaxant

筋板 [きんばん] /(n) muscle plate/myotome

筋力 [きんりょく] /(n) physical strength/muscle strength

屈筋 [くっきん] /(n) flexor muscle

呼吸筋 [こきゅうきん] /(n) respiratory muscles

固肥える [かたごえる] /(v1,vi) to put on a moderate amount of lean or firm weight/to gain healthy weight (e.g. from muscle)/to become overweight as opposed to obese

鼓膜張筋 [こまくちょうきん] /(n) tensor tympani muscle

口輪筋 [こうりんきん] /(n) orbicularis oris muscle

広背筋 [こうはいきん] /(n) latissimus dorsi muscle

骨格筋 [こっかくきん] /(n) skeletal muscle

骨盤底筋 [こばんぞこきん] /(n) pubococcygeal muscle/Kegel muscle

三角筋 [さんかくきん] /(n) deltoid (muscle)

資金力 [しきんりょく] /(n) financial muscle/economic clout

小腰筋 [しょうようきん] /(n) {anat} psoas minor muscle

小柱 [こばしら] /(n) {food} (See 馬鹿貝) trough shell adductor muscle/columella

上腕筋 [じょうわんきん] /(n) brachial muscle

上腕三頭筋 [じょうわんさんとうきん] /(n) triceps brachii muscle

上腕二頭筋 [じょうわんにとうきん] /(n) biceps brachii muscle

伸筋 [しんきん] /(n) protractor muscle

心筋 [しんきん] /(n,adj-no) heart muscle/myocardium

身じろぎもしない [みじろぎもしない] /(exp,adj-i) didn't stir an inch/not stirring a muscle

随意筋 [ずいいきん] /(n) voluntary muscle

前鋸筋 [ぜんきょきん] /(n) {anat} serratus anterior muscle

前頭筋 [ぜんとうきん] /(n) frontalis muscle

僧帽筋 [そうぼうきん] /(n) trapezius muscle

大胸筋 [だいきょうきん] /(n) pectoralis major muscle

大腰筋 [だいようきん] /(n) {anat} psoas major muscle

大腿筋 [だいたいきん] /(n) femoral muscle/thigh muscle

大腿四頭筋 [だいたいしとうきん] /(n) quadriceps muscle

大腿二頭筋 [だいたいにとうきん] /(n) biceps femoris muscle

大殿筋 [だいでんきん] /(n) gluteus maximus muscle

弛緩 [しかん;ちかん] /(n,vs) relaxation (e.g. of muscles)/becoming flaccid

遅発性筋肉痛 [ちはつせいきんにくつう] /(n) delayed onset muscle soreness/DOMS

電気的筋肉刺激 [でんきてききんにくしげき] /(n) electric muscle stimulation/EMS

怒張 [どちょう] /(n,vs) (1) overswelling (of a blood vessel)/engorgement/bulging/(2) squaring one's shoulders/flexing one's muscles

瞳孔括約筋 [どうこうかつやくきん] /(n) {anat} sphincter muscle of the pupil/sphincter pupillae

内転筋 [ないてんきん] /(n) (See 外転筋) adductor muscle

肉の厚い [にくのあつい] /(exp,adj-i) thick (esp. of muscles, wood, leaves, etc.)

肉柱 [にくちゅう] /(n) (See 貝柱) adductor muscle (of a bivalve)

肉離れ [にくばなれ] /(n,vs) pulled or torn muscle

脳筋 [のうきん] /(n) (sl) muscle-brain/meathead/hot-blooded idiot/person who charges in before thinking

背筋 [せすじ(P);はいきん] /(n) (1) the muscles along the spine/dorsal muscles/(2) spinal column/(3) seam in the back/back seam

表情筋 [ひょうじょうきん] /(n) mimetic muscles

不随意筋 [ふずいいきん] /(n) involuntary muscles

腹横筋 [ふくおうきん] /(n) transverse abdominal muscle/transversus abdominis muscle

腹筋 [ふっきん;ふくきん;はらすじ] /(n,vs) (1) sit-up/(2) abdominal muscles/abs

腹筋運動 [ふっきんうんどう] /(n) sit-ups/exercise to strengthen one's abdominal muscles

腹直筋 [ふくちょくきん;ふくちょっきん] /(n) rectus abdominis muscle/abdominal rectus muscle

平滑筋 [へいかつきん] /(n) (See 横紋筋) smooth muscle

閉殻筋 [へいかくきん] /(n) adductor muscle (of a bivalve)

縫工筋 [ほうこうきん] /(n) sartorius muscle

頬筋 [きょうきん] /(n) buccinator muscle

翼状筋 [よくじょうきん] /(n) (1) {anat} pterygoid muscle/(2) {zool} alary muscle

梨状筋 [りじょうきん] /(n) {anat} piriformis muscle

立毛筋 [りつもうきん] /(n) erector pili (muscle fiber attached to a hair follicle)/erectores pilorum

力を抜く [ちからをぬく] /(exp,v5k) to relax/to release tension from one's muscles/to let go limp

肋間筋 [ろっかんきん] /(n) intercostal muscle

咀嚼筋 [そしゃくきん] /(n) muscle of mastication

咬筋 [こうきん] /(n) masseter muscle

拮抗筋 [きっこうきん] /(n) antagonist (muscle)

揉み返し [もみかえし] /(n) muscle pain caused in reaction to excess massaging

腓腸筋 [ひちょうきん;はいちょうきん(ik)] /(n) (obs) (See 腓腹筋) gastrocnemius muscle

腓腹 [ひふく] /(n) (1) calf muscle/(adj-no) (2) sural

腓腹筋 [ひふくきん] /(n) gastrocnemius muscle

膀胱括約筋 [ぼうこうかつやくきん] /(n) sphincter muscle of urinary bladder

膂宍;背宍 [そしし;そじし] /(n) (arch) meat, flesh, or muscles along the spine

膂力 [りょりょく] /(n) physical strength/the strength of one's muscles

ALS slowly destroys the nerves and muscles needed for moving your body.

His muscles ached from sitting too long in one position.

This medicine helps relieve muscle pain.

The runner has firm muscles.

Each muscle shows perfect teamwork.

Hence 50 percent of the muscle can give way to fat.

Jim pulled a muscle in his leg while skiing.

You need to have strong thigh muscles to skate.

Sports help to develop our muscles.

The cat didn't move a muscle.

Exercise trains the muscles.

My muscles have got soft.

Muscle tissue consists of innumerable cells.

My muscles ached from playing tennis too much.

I always stretch my leg muscles before playing tennis.

The heart is made of muscle.

Swimming will develop many different muscles.

Swimming develops our muscles.

I have sore muscles all over my body.

I have a ruptured muscle.

The hot bath relaxed my muscles.

Bodybuilding is his hobby so he has a very firm tight body with lots of (muscle) definition.

He has been working out to develop his muscles.

He muscled his way through the crowd.

Their muscles are stiff.

The ballerinas around the walls are stretching their legs and feet so their muscles will not become hard.

Because we're putting a big fat nerve onto a little piece of muscle.

Beneath this carbonized layer of skin lie immaculate strata of muscles and soft tissue.
炭化した皮膚の下に 筋肉と組織の層があって

Between the drugs and the atrophied muscles, she was quite weak.

Body fat to the body muscles of the whole body.
そうですよ 体脂肪を全身の筋肉と比較できる体格指数インデックスがあるんです

But I feel like I'm going to pull my finger muscles.

But of metastases going to skeletal muscle.

But the doctors can't find anything wrong with her bones or muscles.

But the heart muscle has died.
しかし もう心筋は死んでいます

But the pile of angry muscles never had any muscles here or... Here.
しかし、怒った筋肉の塊も、 ここには筋肉がない ここにも

By prostate, by breast, by muscle.
前立腺 乳房 筋肉というように

Call it in. Tell Mendez the muscle comes or I don't.
メンデスに言っても 構わない

Check it out! You've got quite a bit of muscle, too!
やっぱ お前 カッコイイな~! 筋肉も結構あるんやな

Compared to the needle and syringe into muscle.

Complete paralysis of his body and muscle functions, but his brain is still active.
脳は活動してますが 体は麻痺を

Cut through the muscles that support its neck!

Darpa's been developing it to create artificial muscle for wounded soldiers.
国防省が負傷した 兵士のために開発した

Decamethonium causes paralysis in all the major muscle groups.
筋肉弛緩効果で 麻痺させるものだろ

Designed to strengthen muscles and improve balance.
筋力を強化し 平衡感覚を養うよう 設計しました

Did your hot muscle bear cub break up with you already?

Didn't go to skeletal muscle made that seem unlikely.

Didn't you see his muscles?

Do you believe that my being stronger or faster has anything to do with my muscles in this place?
私がここで 君より強く、速いのは 筋力の差か?

Do you get muscle spasms for no reason?

Do you know who this muscle guy is?

Do you want to see my arm muscles?
あっ 二の腕の筋肉 見る?

Don't dare move a muscle.

Don't move a muscle if you don't have to.

Don't move a muscle. Prospecting?
正式な道具なしの試掘か 筋肉を動かすなよ

Dr. Erskine said that the Serum wouldn't just affect my muscles, it would affect my cells.
アースキン博士がこう言った... 血清は筋肉に作用するのではなく... 細胞に作用する。

Drink this. Oh, you gotta stay hydrated, or else your muscles will Cramp.
脱水のせいで 筋肉が痙攣を

Everything else goes through contractions of muscles.

Except that we've evolved to make the facial muscles really rich with emotion.
ことに顔の筋肉は とても豊かに感情を表せるよう 進化してきました

Fifty diesel engines per muscle strand. Deadly, precise fighter.
ディーゼルエンジン 50基で駆動

First off, tighten your stomach muscles.

Flexing our deductive muscles, are we?
僕らの論理的推理能力の腕前を 見せようか?

For why tumors don't go to skeletal muscle.

Give me more muscles. Give me more flames.
爐發辰肇泪奪船腓 もっと炎を

Goku who got into a single muscle tower.
単身 マッスルタワーに 乗り込んだ悟空。?

Great job, Brandon! Way to work Matteo's inner thigh muscles.
ブランドンその調子で マテオの股ほぐし続けるの

Guess saving a piece of muscle's not high on their priority list.
筋肉マンを救うのは 彼らの優先リストの中で重要じゃない

Had a pretty big bite taken out of him. Shattered his tibia and took out a hunk of muscle.
脛骨を噛み砕かれ筋肉も外に飛び出る程 ひどく噛まれた様です

He had dense bone mass and robust muscles and joints.

He has amazing muscle memory from all those years of signing books.
彼は筋肉の 記憶を持っている 本に署名をするんだよ

He loves muscle training more than three Meals a day.
三度のメシより 筋トレが好きです。

He resisted arrest and muscle memory kicked in and you had to disarm him.
思わず体が動いて 彼を殴ったの

He's muscle for a fort worth loan shark.

He's this hot black guy. Ripped muscles.

He's trying to get his muscles going and get out of this.

Muscle stimulator lead sets

Inspiratory muscle trainer

Centrally acting skeletal muscle relaxants

Pacemakers for stimulating heart muscles, excluding parts and accessories

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