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あーん;ああん;アーン /(adv,adv-to,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) (See アーンして) opening (one's mouth) wide/saying "aah"/(adv,adv-to,vs) (2) (on-mim) crying loudly/wailing/bawling

あんぐり;アングリ /(adv,adj-f) open-mouthed

おちょぼ口 [おちょぼぐち] /(n) puckered-up mouth/button of a mouth

くわえ込む;咥え込む;銜え込む;咥えこむ;銜えこむ [くわえこむ] /(v5m) (1) to hold fast deep in (one's mouth or other orifice, often used in a sexual context)/(2) to bring in a man for sex

くわんくわん /(n) having food stuck around the mouth/having food all over the face

ぐぶぐぶ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) gurgling/sound of rinsing one's mouth

その日暮らし;その日暮し;其の日暮らし;其の日暮し [そのひぐらし] /(n) (1) financially scraping by/meagre existence (meager)/hand to mouth existence/(2) living one's life without plan/living life day-by-day/taking life one day at a time

ただじゃおかないぞ;ただではおかないぞ /(exp) You'll pay for this!/You'd better keep your mouth shut!

ぱくぱく;パクパク /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) repeatedly opening and closing (one's mouth)/gasping/(adv,vs) (2) (on-mim) flapping (e.g. shoe sole)/gaping open and shut/(adv,adv-to,vs) (3) (on-mim) heartily (eating)/devouring/munching/gobbling

ぱくり;ぱっくり;パクリ;パクり /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) gaping (e.g. mouth, wound)/(2) (on-mim) snapping into/biting into/(n,vs) (3) (See パクる・2) cribbing/lifting/plagiarism/rip-off

ひょっとこ /(n-pr) (1) (See お亀・1) Hyottoko/comical male character with puckered, skewed mouth/(n) (2) clown/ugly mug/ugly guy

ふにゃふにゃ /(n,vs) (1) limpness/(adj-na,adj-no) (2) soft/limp/flabby/(3) (sometimes instead of むにゃむにゃ) mumbling/talking with food in one's mouth

への字 [へのじ] /(n) (See への字に結んだ口) mouth shaped like a kana "he" character/mouth turned down at the corners

への字に結んだ口 [へのじにむすんだくち] /(exp,n) mouth shaped like a kana "he" character/mouth turned down at the corners

ほっかり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) pleasantly (warm)/(2) (on-mim) faintly/lightly/(3) (on-mim) suddenly/unexpectedly/(4) (on-mim) accidentally/carelessly/(5) (on-mim) gaping wide/opening one's mouth wide

ほろほろ /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) by ones and twos/(2) (on-mim) (See はらはら・2,ぼろぼろ・3) tears or flower petals falling quietly/(3) (on-mim) gurgling bird sound/(4) (on-mim) falling apart/crumbling/melting (in one's mouth)/(n) (5) {food} dish made from fiveleaf aralia sprouts, pickled daikon, walnuts, etc.

ぽかり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (See ぽかん・3) with a whack/with a thump/(2) (on-mim) (See ぽかん・2) openmouthed/with one's mouth wide-open/gaping/flabbergasted/(3) (on-mim) (See ぽかん・1) vacantly/blankly/absentmindedly/(4) (on-mim) gaping (of a hole, etc.)/suddenly opening

ぽかん(P);ポカン;ぱかん;パカン /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) vacantly/blankly/absentmindedly/(2) (on-mim) openmouthed/with one's mouth wide-open/gaping/flabbergasted/(3) (on-mim) with a whack/with a thump

むにゃむにゃ;ムニャムニャ;もにゃもにゃ;モニャモニャ /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) mumbling/incomprehensible muttering/talking with food in one's mouth/talking in sleep

むむ /(int) (1) (on-mim) hum/hmm/mild surprise or doubt/(2) (on-mim) (See ふふ) mm mm/light chuckle with mouth closed/(3) (on-mim) (See うんうん) mm mm/agreeable sounds (sound indicating agreement)/(4) (on-mim) mm/hmm/deep in thought/(5) (on-mim) well/calling attention

カッと(P);かっと /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) flaring up/burning hotly/suddenly becoming bright/(2) (on-mim) flying into a rage/losing one's cool/(3) (on-mim) opening suddenly and widely (e.g. eyes, mouth)/(4) (on-mim) (arch) acting resolutely

シズルカット /(n) sizzle cut/sizzle shot/mouth-watering image in an advertising

ダム穴 [ダムあな] /(n) (col) bell-mouth spillway/morning glory spillway/glory hole spillway

ハーモニカ(P);ハモニカ /(n) (1) harmonica/mouth organ/(2) (sl) (vulg) cunnilingus/(3) (sl) hypodermic syringe

パクつく;ぱくつく /(v5k,vt) (See ぱくぱく・1) to open one's mouth wide and eat heartily/to gulp down food

パクる;ぱくる /(v5r,vt) (1) to filch/to snatch/to pinch/to swindle/to cheat (someone out of something)/to rip off/(2) to steal (an idea, work, etc.)/to plagiarize/(3) to arrest/to nab/to round up/(4) to open one's mouth wide and eat heartily/to gulp down food

パクパク人形 [パクパクにんぎょう] /(n) puppet with a moving mouth

ビッグマウス;ビッグ・マウス /(n) big mouth

マウス /(n) (1) (See 二十日鼠・はつかねずみ) mouse (esp. laboratory)/(2) {comp} mouse/(3) mouth

マウスボー;マウス・ボー /(n) mouth bow

ムックリ /(n) Ainu mouth harp (ain:)

ヤツメウナギ科 [ヤツメウナギか] /(n) Petromyzontidae/family of parasitic lamprey with a toothed sucking mouth

阿形 [あぎょう] /(n) open-mouthed form (statue with open mouth, symbolizing the "a" half of "aum")

悪口(P);惡口(oK) [あっこう(P);わるくち(P);わるぐち] /(n,vs) abuse/insult/slander/evil speaking/bad mouth

悪口を言う;悪口をいう [わるくちをいう] /(exp,v5u) to insult/to say something insulting about/to bad-mouth

圧面;女ィ見;べし見 [べしみ] /(n) beshimi/noh mask with a slanted mouth, bulging eyes and large nostrils

飲み口;呑み口;呑口;飲口 [のみくち;のみぐち] /(n) (1) (usu. のみくち) taste (of a liquid, esp. alcoholic beverages)/(2) someone who enjoys alcohol/(3) place one's lips touch on the rim of a cup/(4) shape of one's mouth when drinking/(5) (usu. のみぐち) tap/faucet/spigot

円口類 [えんこうるい] /(n) (See 無顎類) cyclostomes (eel-like jawless fishes with round mouths used for sucking)

猿轡;猿ぐつわ [さるぐつわ] /(n) (mouth) gag

横銜え;横ぐわえ [よこぐわえ] /(adv) holding horizontally in one's mouth/holding on the side of one's mouth

河口(P);川口(P) [かこう(河口)(P);かわぐち(P)] /(n,adj-no) mouth of river/estuary

河口港 [かこうこう] /(n) port at the mouth of a river

蝦蟇口;蟇口;がま口 [がまぐち] /(n) (etym: toad's mouth) (See 財布) purse with a metal clasp/handbag (with clasp)/pouch (with clasp)/coin purse (with clasp)

開く(P);空く(P);明く [あく] /(v5k,vi) (1) (esp. 開く) to open (e.g. doors)/(2) (esp. 開く) to open (e.g. business, etc.)/(3) (esp. 空く) to be empty/(4) (esp. 空く) to be vacant/to be available/to be free/(5) (esp. 明く) to be open (e.g. neckline, etc.)/(6) (esp. 明く) to have been opened (of one's eyes, mouth, etc.)/(7) (esp. 明く) to come to an end/(v5k,vt) (8) (esp. 明く) to open (one's eyes, mouth, etc.)/(v5k,vi) (9) (See 穴が開く) to have a hole/to form a gap/to have an interval (between events)

開口 [かいこう] /(n,vs) (1) opening/aperture (e.g. camera)/(2) opening one's mouth/beginning to speak/(adj-f) (3) open/broad

開口一番 [かいこういちばん] /(n-adv) (yoji) at the very beginning of one's speech/the first thing (one) says after opening the mouth

噛ます;咬ます;嚼ます [かます] /(v5s,vt) (1) (uk) (See 猿ぐつわをかます・さるぐつわをかます) to force something into someone's mouth (i.e. a gag)/(2) (uk) to wedge something into a space, filling it/(3) (uk) (See 一発かます・いっぱつかます) to inflict (a blow)/to deal (a hit)/(4) (uk) to pull (a joke)/to say or do (something stupid)/to try (a bluff)

噛ませる [かませる] /(v1) (1) (uk) to force something into someone's mouth (i.e. a gag)/(2) to wedge something into a space, filling it/(3) to feed someone (something)

缶 [ほとぎ] /(n) (1) fat-bodied, small-mouthed earthenware jar for carrying water/(2) water vessel used for a baby's first bath

含ます [ふくます] /(v5s) to soak/to saturate/to suckle/to make one hold something in the mouth/to include/to instruct/to make one understand

含ませる [ふくませる] /(v1,vt) (See 含む) to soak/to saturate/to suckle/to make one hold something in the mouth/to include/to instruct/to make one understand

含む(P);銜む [ふくむ(P);くくむ] /(v5m,vt) (1) to contain/to comprise/to have/to hold/to include/to embrace/(2) (See 口に含む) to hold in the mouth/(3) to bear in mind/to understand/to harbor (grudge, etc.)/to harbour/(4) to express (emotion, etc.)/to imply

含める [ふくめる] /(v1,vt) (1) to include (in a group or scope)/(2) to instruct/to make one understand/(3) to include (a nuance)/to put in (an implication)/(4) to put in (someone's) mouth/(5) to permeate with flavor

含嗽;含漱 [がんそう;うがい(含嗽)(gikun)] /(n,vs) gargling/rinsing one's mouth

巨口 [きょこう] /(n) big mouth

鶏口 [けいこう] /(n) mouth of a chicken

言い継ぐ;言継ぐ [いいつぐ] /(v5g,vt) to transmit by word of mouth

固唾 [かたず;かたづ] /(n) (See 固唾をのむ・かたずをのむ) saliva held in one's mouth during times of tension

御手洗川 [みたらしがわ] /(n) river in which worshippers wash their hands (and rinse their mouth) prior to entering a shrine

鯉口 [こいぐち] /(n) mouth of a (sword) sheath

口 [く;こう] /(n) (1) (く only) {Buddh} mouth/speech/(suf,ctr) (2) (usu. こう) counter for people or implements

口 [くち] /(n) (1) mouth/(2) opening/hole/gap/orifice/(3) mouth (of a bottle)/spout/nozzle/mouthpiece/(4) gate/door/entrance/exit/(5) (See 口を利く・1) speaking/speech/talk (i.e. gossip)/(6) (See 口に合う) taste/palate/(7) mouth (to feed)/(8) (See 働き口) opening (i.e. vacancy)/available position/(9) (See 口がかかる) invitation/summons/(10) kind/sort/type/(11) opening (i.e. beginning)/(suf,ctr) (12) counter for mouthfuls, shares (of money), and swords

口々(P);口口 [くちぐち] /(n) each entrance/every mouth

口あんぐり [くちあんぐり] /(n) dumbfounded/open-mouthed

口が曲がる [くちがまがる] /(exp,v5r) (1) to incur the wrath of god (e.g. by speaking ill of somebody behind their back)/to get into trouble/(2) to warp one's mouth

口が減らない;口がへらない [くちがへらない] /(exp,adj-f) (See 口の減らない) fast-talking/always having another argument ready/not able to keep one's mouth shut/never at a loss for words

口が多い [くちがおおい] /(exp,adj-i) (1) talkative/loquacious/garrulous/voluble/(exp) (2) having a large family to support/having too many mouths to feed

口づて;口伝て [くちづて] /(n,vs) (1) (See 口伝え・1,口伝・くでん・1) oral instruction/(2) (See 口伝え・2) passing information by word-of-mouth/(n) (3) (See 口伝え・3) oral tradition

口では大阪の城も建つ [くちではおおさかのしろもたつ] /(exp) (id) easier said than done/talking is easy/building Osaka Castle with one's mouth

口どけ;口溶け;口解け(iK) [くちどけ] /(n) melt-in-the-mouth feeling

口に運ぶ [くちにはこぶ] /(exp,v5b) to put into the mouth/to eat

口に含む [くちにふくむ] /(exp,v5m) to hold in one's mouth (without biting, before chewing or swallowing, etc.)

口に入る;口に入いる [くちにはいる] /(exp,v5r) (1) to ingest/to eat/to enter the mouth/(2) to be able to eat

口の端 [くちのは] /(exp,n) (1) gossip/(2) corner of the mouth

口は禍の元 [くちはわざわいのもと] /(exp) (id) Out of the mouth comes evil

口をついて出る;口を突いて出る;口を衝いて出る [くちをついてでる] /(exp,v1) to rush out from one's mouth (words, phrases, etc.)

口を開く [くちをひらく] /(exp,v5k) to open one's mouth (to talk)

口を拭う [くちをぬぐう] /(exp,v5u) (1) (id) (from wiping one's mouth and feigning innocence after sneaking a bite of food) to feign innocence/to feign ignorance/(2) to wipe one's mouth

口を閉ざす [くちをとざす] /(exp,v5s) to keep one's mouth shut/to refuse to talk

口コミ [くちコミ(P);クチコミ] /(n) (1) word of mouth/(2) comment on an Internet forum or web page

口移し [くちうつし] /(n) (1) mouth-to-mouth feeding/(2) conveying by word of mouth/oral tradition

口炎 [こうえん] /(n) mouth ulcer/stomatitis

口汚い;口汚ない [くちぎたない] /(adj-i) foul-mouthed/abusive

口角 [こうかく] /(n) corners of the mouth

口角泡;口角あわ [こうかくあわ] /(n) frothing at the mouth

口渇 [こうかつ] /(n) thirst/dry mouth/dipsia

口琴 [こうきん] /(n) mouth harp/Jew's harp

口元;口もと;口許 [くちもと] /(n) (1) mouth/lips/(2) shape of the mouth/(3) near an entrance/vicinity of an entrance

口減らし;口べらし [くちべらし] /(n,vs) giving up children for adoption or apprenticeship, etc. (out of poverty)/reducing the number of mouths

口腔 [こうこう;こうくう] /(n,adj-no) (こうくう is used by medical professionals) the oral cavity/mouth cavity

口細 [くちぼそ] /(n) (1) (fem) having a small mouth/eating only a little/(2) (See 持子) topmouth gudgeon (Pseudorasbora parva)/(3) (See 梭魚) barracuda

口耳 [こうじ] /(n) mouth and ear

口寂しい [くちさびしい] /(adj-i) longing to have or put something in one's mouth

口書き;口書 [くちがき] /(n,vs) (1) writing with the brush in one's mouth/(n) (2) foreword/preface/(3) affidavit/written confession (of a commoner in the Edo period)

口承 [こうしょう] /(n,vs) passing on by word of mouth/oral tradition

口尻 [くちじり] /(n) commissures (of the lips)/lip corners/mouth corners

口先(P);口さき [くちさき] /(n) (1) lip service/mere words/professions/(2) lips/mouth/snout/proboscis

口中 [こうちゅう] /(n,adj-no) interior of the mouth/oral cavity

口中清涼剤 [こうちゅうせいりょうざい] /(n) mouth freshener/oral deodorant

口蹄疫 [こうていえき] /(n) foot-and-mouth disease/hoof-and-mouth disease

口伝 [くでん;こうでん] /(n,vs) (1) oral instruction/(2) passing information by word-of-mouth/(n) (3) oral tradition

口伝え [くちづたえ] /(n,vs) (1) oral instruction/(2) passing information by word-of-mouth/(n) (3) oral tradition

口内 [こうない] /(n,adj-no) oral/in the mouth

口内炎 [こうないえん] /(n) mouth ulcer/stomatitis

口内射精 [こうないしゃせい] /(n) ejaculating into someone's mouth

口内謝(iK) [こうないしゃ] /(n,vs) (See 口内射精) ejaculation in the mouth

口付き;口つき [くちつき;くちづき(口付き)] /(n) (1) (in the shape of a) mouth/(2) mouthpiece (of a cigarette)/(3) manner of speech

口吻 [こうふん] /(n) (1) way of speaking/intimation/(2) (See 口先・くちさき・2) lips/mouth/snout/proboscis

口偏 [くちへん] /(n) kanji "mouth" radical at left (radical 30)

口辺に [こうへんに] /(adv) around the mouth

口無し [くちなし] /(n) (1) something unspoken/(2) non-functional mouth

口凌ぎ [くちしのぎ] /(n) living from hand to mouth

口話 [こうわ] /(n) silent mouthing

口脇 [くちわき] /(n) edges of the mouth

口枷;口かせ [くちかせ] /(n) (vulg) (See 猿轡) (mouth) gag/muzzle

広口 [ひろくち] /(n,adj-no) a wide mouth/wide-mouthed (bottle)

塞ぐ [ふさぐ] /(v5g,vt) (1) to stop up/to close up/to block (up)/to plug up/to shut up/to cover (ears, eyes, etc.)/to close (eyes, mouth)/(2) to stand in the way/to obstruct/(3) to occupy/to fill up/to take up/(4) to perform one's role/to do one's duty/(v5g,vi) (5) (See 鬱ぐ・ふさぐ) to feel depressed/to be in low spirits/to mope

指をくわえる;指を咥える;指を銜える [ゆびをくわえる] /(exp,v1) (often 〜て見る) to look on enviously while doing nothing/to look on with a finger in one's mouth

指笛 [ゆびぶえ] /(n) whistling through one's fingers/whistle made by sticking one's fingers in one's mouth and blowing

手水舎 [てみずや;ちょうずや] /(n) place for ritual cleansing of hands and mouth with water when visiting shrines

手足口病 [てあしくちびょう] /(n) hand, foot and mouth disease/HFMD

受け口;受口;承口 [うけぐち;うけくち] /(n) (1) mouth with a protruding lower lip and jaw/(2) (うけぐち only) socket/receiving window/slot

傷口(P);疵口 [きずぐち] /(n) (opening of) a wound/(mouth of a) wound/cut

食うや食わず [くうやくわず] /(exp,adj-no) (living) from hand to mouth/living on the fringe of subsistance

食べカス;食べかす;食べ滓;食べ粕 [たべかす(食べかす,食べ滓,食べ粕);たべカス(食べカス)] /(n) (1) leavings of a meal/food scraps/leftovers/(2) food particles (in one's teeth or mouth)/bits of food

垂涎 [すいぜん;すいえん;すいせん(ok)] /(n,vs) watering at the mouth/covetousness

垂涎三尺 [すいぜんさんじゃく] /(n) (yoji) avid desire/drooling over (something)/watering at the mouth

生唾;生つば [なまつば] /(n) saliva (in one's mouth)

川尻 [かわじり] /(n) mouth of a river/lower stream

袋八目 [ふくろやつめ;フクロヤツメ] /(n) (uk) pouched lamprey (Geotria australis)/wide-mouthed lamprey

大口 [おおぐち(P);おおくち] /(n,adj-no) (1) big mouth/(2) boastful speech/tall talk/(3) (ant: 小口・こぐち・2) large amount/large sum

虫も殺さぬ [むしもころさぬ] /(exp) innocent-looking/looking as though butter would not melt in the mouth

道聴塗説 [どうちょうとせつ] /(n) (yoji) shallow-minded mouthing of secondhand information

徳利(ateji) [とっくり;とくり] /(n) (1) sake bottle/tall and slender bottle with a narrow mouth made from ceramic, metal or glass that can be used for sake, shoyu or rice vinegar/(2) turtleneck (sweater)/(3) someone who cannot swim

読書三到 [どくしょさんとう] /(n) (yoji) using mind, mouth and eyes to understand a book fully

入口(P);入り口(P) [いりぐち(P);いりくち;はいりぐち;はいりくち] /(n,adj-no) (See 出口) entrance/entry/gate/approach/mouth

琵琶笛;口琴 [びやぼん] /(n) Edo-period mouth harp (with a hairpin-like frame and a long straight tongue)

鼻の下 [はなのした] /(n) (1) upper lip/philtrum/under one's nose/(2) mouth

鼻口 [びこう] /(n,adj-no) (1) nose and mouth/muzzle (e.g. of a dog)/(2) nostril/nostrils/naris/nares

聞こえよがし;聞えよがし [きこえよがし] /(n,adj-na) bad-mouthing someone so as to be deliberately overheard/intentionally letting someone hear insults or sarcasm regarding them

吠え出す [ほえだす] /(v5s) to give mouth/to bark

頬張る;頬ばる [ほおばる;ほうばる(ik)] /(v5r,vt) to stuff one's cheeks/to fill one's mouth (with food)

万口 [ばんこう] /(n) (mouths of) many people

目元千両口元万両 [めもとせんりょうくちもとまんりょう] /(exp,n,adj-no) (proverb) (See 目元千両) (woman with) beautiful eyes and mouth

薮蛇になる;薮蛇に成る [やぶへびになる] /(exp,v5r) you'll only make work for yourself/to stir up a hornet's nest/to put one's foot in one's mouth

羊痘 [ひつじとう] /(n) orf/contagious pustular dermatitis/sheep pox/scabby mouth

落ち口 [おちぐち] /(n) mouth (of a river)/spout

鰐口 [わにぐち] /(n,adj-no) (1) (derog) wide mouth/(n) (2) alligator/(3) temple gong

湾口 [わんこう] /(n) entrance to a bay/mouth of a bay

吽形 [うんぎょう] /(n) closed-mouthed form (statue with closed mouth, symbolizing the "um" half of "aum")

咥える;銜える;啣える [くわえる] /(v1,vt) (uk) to hold in one's mouth

嗽(P);漱 [うがい] /(n,vs) (uk) (See 含嗽・がんそう) gargling/rinsing one's mouth

噤む;鉗む [つぐむ] /(v5m,vt) (uk) to shut one's mouth/to hold one's tongue/to keep silent

漱ぐ [すすぐ;ゆすぐ] /(v5g,vt) (uk) (See 濯ぐ・すすぐ・1) to rinse (one's mouth)/to gargle

漱ぐ;嗽ぐ [くちすすぐ] /(v5g,vi) to gargle/to rinse (the mouth)

盥漱 [かんそう] /(n,vs) washing one's hands and rinsing one's mouth

銜え箸 [くわえばし] /(n) holding one's chopsticks in one's mouth (a breach of etiquette)

所、;半挿 [はそう;はぞう] /(n) (1) wide-mouthed ceramic vessel having a small hole in its spherical base (into which bamboo was probably inserted to pour liquids)/(2) (See 半挿・はんぞう・1) teapot-like object made typically of lacquerware and used to pour hot and cold liquids

If we had been in Venice one mouth before, we could have taken part in the carnival.

That politician put his foot in his mouth when he made those racist comments.

You must rinse often with a mouth-wash.

Grandfather talked to me with a pipe his mouth.

A lot of children live from hand to mouth in this country.

I'm sick of this hand-to-mouth existence.

There was, however, a need for food to be carried from the bowl to the mouth, and chopsticks came along to meet that need.

Then, finally, she opened her mouth.

The orange left a strange taste in my mouth.

Refugees in that camp have been living from hand to mouth for a month.

The refugees in that camp have been living from hand to mouth for a month.

The dog had a piece of meat in its mouth.

The gorgeous cake made my mouth water.

That word dropped from his mouth.

The child stared at me, his mouth being open.

The girl has a sweet, small mouth.

The man lives from hand to mouth and never saves a cent.

Live from hand to mouth.

That poor family lives from hand to mouth every month.

The story has been passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth.

My heart comes in my mouth at the sight.

You took the words right out of my mouth. [M]

Why don't you give your mouth a rest?

Why is your mouth so big?

He was in open-mouthed amazement.

Never [Don't] look a gift horse in the mouth.

It offers a mouth-watering selection of delights.

Pepper burned his mouth.

Donna was born with a silver spoon in one's mouth.

Not knowing that Nancy had left him, I put my foot in my mouth when I asked Paul how she was.

Quit talking like you've got something stuck in your mouth and say what you mean.

The gentleman with his pipe in his mouth is a famous reviewer.

Those homeless people are living hand-to-mouth.

The lion opened its huge mouth and roared.

The doctors wore white masks over their mouths and noses.

Guess what the managing director started off the meeting by saying. The first thing out of his mouth was an announcement of some major restructuring.

Cover your mouth when you cough, sneeze, or yawn.

I threw a ball to my dog and he caught it in his mouth.

You should keep your mouth shut.

Watch your mouth!

Don't speak with your mouth full.

You must not speak with your mouth full.

Keep your purse and your mouth close.

Keep your purse and mouth close.

Don't speak with your mouth full!

It is rude to speak with your mouth full.

You mustn't speak with your mouth full.

It is bad manners to speak with your mouth full.

It's not polite to speak with your mouth full.

Do not talk with your mouth full.

Honey in the mouth and poison in the heart.

You must not talk with your mouth full.

My mouth was dry.

Out of the mouth comes evil.

It's better not to prattle on about meaningless things. The more you open your mouth the more likely you are to put your foot in it.

The mouth is the executioner and the doctor if the body.

Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.

Please rinse out your mouth.

Open your mouth and close your eyes.

Open your mouth wide.

Open your mouth wide, please.

Shut your mouth.

A whistle involves blowing out of your mouth in a certain way.

I have a ulcer in my mouth.

I have ulcers in my mouth so it's very painful when I eat.

From hand to mouth will never make a worthy man.

What the heart thinks, the mouth speaks.

He stood with his finger in his mouth.

I have six mouths to feed.

I saw a dog. The dog held a piece of meat in its mouth.

I taste, eat and drink with my mouth.

I had hardly opened my mouth, when she interrupted me.

I have to reduce my expenses this mouth.

When I was young, I was living from hand to mouth.

It is not good to talk with your mouth full.

What is the best way of getting food into the mouth?

You shouldn't speak with your mouth full at table.

The baby opened his mouth.

No sooner is one lie out of your mouth than you're telling (yet) another.

My mouth forms a lot of saliva.

Did you take your temperature with a thermometer in your mouth?

The boy stuffed cake into his mouth.

Sadako wanted to say more, but her mouth and tongue wouldn't move.

Keep not two tongues in one mouth.

He paid much money to stop her mouth.

He was then living from hand to mouth.

He lives from hand to mouth.

He's living from hand to mouth.

He is living from hand to mouth.

He has a big mouth.

He closed his mouth for a moment.

He spoke with a pipe in his mouth.

He used to be well off and generous, but now he lives from hand to mouth.

He lives from hand to mouth without saving a penny.

He was sitting there with a pipe in his mouth.

He never opens his mouth without complaining about something. [F]

He stood gazing at the sight with his mouth open.

He spoke with his mouth full at table.

He set out for Paris last mouth.

They live from hand to mouth.

They looked forward to a time when they would no longer have to live from hand to mouth.

They had better have kept their mouths shut.

She laughed the way schoolgirls do, with her hand over her mouth.

She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

She got it into her head that I was bad-mouthing her.

By opening my mouth at the wrong time, I'm always putting myself and my pals behind the eight ball.

A fly does not fly into a shut mouth.

Shut your big mouth.

Shut your eyes and open your mouth.

Babies actually don't come out of your mouth.
赤ちゃんは口から 出てくるわけではないでしょう

Be a good boy while Abby scrubs the inside of your mouth for Dna.

Be very careful choosing the next words that come out of your mouth.

Because for me, my mouth is not as good as my arm, right?

Because no one will open their mouths anyway.
何も 口を開かないから

Because the thing which is vibrating goes inside my mouth.

Because you can't keep your mouth shut.
じゃ 口を閉じるのね

Because, again, I think, sort of, putting our money where our mouth is, here.
いままでお話ししたようなことに お金を寄付することは

Bette, if you are going to talk, make sure what comes out of your mouth is more than just a regurgitated plot.
ベット 口を開く時は 使い古された筋書以上の事を 話すよう気をつけなさい

Better watch your mouth. You're gonna get yourself shanked.
黙らねぇと ブッ刺すぞ ボケカス

Bind his eyes and mouth at once!
さっさと目と口にも 拘束をかけろ!

Bitch, you keep your damn mouth shut, or I'll shut it for you!
テメー その口を閉じてろ

Blond... A cigarette in her mouth... Carries a bat...
金髪 くわえタバコ バット...。

Both your face and your mouth are as terrible as ever...
ヘヘヘ...。 相変わらず 口も顔も悪いのう。

Boyama: do not let leaves in your mouth.
坊丸殿。 ああ。 葉っぱを 口に入れてはなりませぬ。

Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth.

Breathe through the nose, release through the mouth.

But I had such, such dry mouth.

But I know what you're going to hand me even before you open your mouth.
何と言われるか 分かってる

But everything out of your mouth is a lie, and I don't believe a word of it.
だがすべて嘘だ 一言も信じない

But he has been running his mouth about beating you. Really?

But he has huge teeth on one side of his mouth.

But remember, keep your mouths shut.
だが忘れるな 秘密にしろよ

But the mouth, esophagus, and stomach lining were all eaten away.
しかし 口、食道と胃を 内部から腐食し

But this time it's not a tiger at the cave mouth.
でも 今の脅威は洞窟入口に迫った目の前のトラではないので

But three of them, that's a lot of mouths to feed.
しかし三人もいるとなりゃ 相当な食料が必要だ

But when I see you two, words I shouldn't say threaten to spill out of my mouth.
口から ぼろぼろ こぼれそうになる。

But when that idiot opened his mouth, then a miracle happened!
あのバカは 奇跡的な 言葉を口にした!

But you got to close your mouth.
でも、 君は口を閉ざしてしまった

But you gotta knock its guts clean out... Its mouth if you wanna score a run.
でも1点欲しいなら 口をキレイにするんだな

But you had a bruise on your face and you were wiping your mouth.
でも あのとき 上杉さんの顔には傷があり

Can I get a glass of this for my mouth?

Can I give out your mouth? What!?
口は出してもいいですか? なに!?

Can I rinse out my mouth first? Sorry.
口 ゆすいできていいっすか? すいません。

Can you open your mouth for me?

Can you say something like this with your mouth?
どの口が そういうこと 言うんだ? お前。

Can't eat that now. Your dirty mouth's been on it.
もう食べられないじゃない オーウェンが口付けたもの

Can't keep his mouth shut.

Caught me with my mouth open!

Change them round, eat your breakfast and wipe your mouth.
履き替えたら 食べて口を拭け

Chekov screams. He sprays blood out of his mouth.
チェコフが叫ぶ 口から血を吹き出す

Chew with my mouth closed, no scratching.
噛む時は口を閉じ 引っかきもしません

Close your god damn mouth, Doris.
いまいましい口を閉じろ ドリス

Close your mouth for two seconds.

Close your mouth, Watson. You'll catch a fly.
口を閉じてろ ワトソン ゴミが入るぞ

Close your mouth. There you go.
口を閉じるんだ ほら、開けるな

Come here. I'm bleeding out of my mouth, baby.

Come on her fuck her in the mouth, in the e on her face.
...口でやらせても ケツに突っ込んでも 顔にぶっかけてもいい

Come on, just shut your mouth, let's go to work, okay?
口を閉じて 仕事をしろ 行くぞ

Come on, sister, put me in your mouth.
さぁシスター 俺を咥えてくれよ

Come on. Open your mouth! No.
さあ、口開けて ? いやだ

Come to your dad and get mashed up food shoved into your mouth!
パパのとこに来て 食べ物をお口に入れてもらいなさい!

Couldn't keep her mouth shut.
彼女は言うことを 聞いていたし

Crawl out of here with this in your mouth.
これを咥えて 這って出て行け

Crushed teeth, soft tissue from inside his mouth, bound with cartilage from his jaw.
サトクリフ博士 歯と口の組織 アゴの軟骨

Cut his little cock off and stuff it in his mouth.
おちんちんを切って その口に押し込もう

Cut it out! Are you guys working with your mouth or hands!
ええかげんにせぇ! お前ら 口 動かす前に 手 動かせや!

Cutting wound at the mucous membrane inside the mouth. Yes.
口腔内粘膜に傷。 はい。

Dad! I said shut your mouth!

Daddy, I'm begging you. I'm begging you with all my mouth.
ねえパパ お願い お願いだからぁ

David, watch your mouth ! You come here and kiss your mother before you go.
デビッド 言葉に気をつけて キスを

Dear me, he's finally opened his mouth for us.

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