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ざんちょ /(n) (sl) (obsc) (See 残暑) late summer heat/lingering summer heat

ずるずる(P);ズルズル /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) dragging/trailing/(2) (on-mim) slipping (gradually)/drawing back (slowly)/sliding/slithering/(3) (on-mim) dragging on/putting off/lingering/(4) (on-mim) slurping/sniffling/(adj-na) (5) (on-mim) loose/lax/inconclusive/unresolved

なごり雪;名残り雪;名残雪 [なごりゆき] /(n) (1) (See 残雪) lingering snow/(2) snowfall at the end of the winter or the beginning of spring

ぶらつく;ブラつく /(v5k,vi) (1) to stroll about/to saunter/to wander/to ramble/to hang around/to linger/(2) to dangle/to swing

暗香 [あんこう] /(n) scent of a flower floating about in the air/lingering scent of a flower in the darkness

移り香 [うつりが] /(n) lingering scent

遺香 [いこう] /(n) lingering odor of giver (clothes, etc.) (odour)

凝り;凝;痼り [しこり;こり(凝り,凝)] /(n) (1) muscle stiffness (esp. in shoulders)/(2) (しこり only) (uk) {med} lump (in tissue, esp. breast)/swelling/hardening/lesion/(3) (しこり only) (uk) lingering discomfort/uneasiness/bad aftertaste/unpleasant feeling

愚図愚図(ateji) [ぐずぐず(P);グズグズ] /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (uk) (on-mim) slowly/tardily/dawdling/lingering/hesitantly/(adv) (2) (uk) (on-mim) complaining/grumbling/(adv,vs) (3) (uk) (on-mim) unsettled (e.g. weather)/(adj-na) (4) (uk) (on-mim) loose/slackened

後を引く [あとをひく] /(exp,v5k) (1) to be moreish/to have a quality that encourages you to eat (drink) more of them after/(2) to have lingering effects

根雪 [ねゆき] /(n) lingering snow

三日酔い [みっかよい] /(n) (col) (See 二日酔い) hangover (that still lingers two days after drinking)

残り香 [のこりが] /(n) lingering scent (of, from)

残炎;残焔 [ざんえん] /(n) (1) lingering heat (in autumn)/(2) remaining flame

残寒 [ざんかん] /(n) lingering cold (even after the beginning of spring)/lingering winter

残香 [ざんこう] /(n) lingering scent

残暑 [ざんしょ] /(n) (refers to heat following 立秋, approx. Aug. 8) (See 立秋) late summer heat/lingering summer heat

残心 [ざんしん] /(n) (1) continued alertness/unrelaxed alertness/remaining on one's guard/being prepared for a counterstroke/(2) follow-through (e.g. in archery)/(3) (orig. meaning) lingering affection/attachment/regret/regrets/reluctance

残雪 [ざんせつ] /(n) remaining snow/lingering snow

糸を引く [いとをひく] /(exp,v5k) (1) to pull (the puppet) strings/to direct things from behind the scenes/(2) to stretch out (and keep going)/to linger on

耳に残る [みみにのこる] /(exp,v5r) to remain in memory (of sounds and words)/to linger in one's ears

秋暑 [しゅうしょ] /(n) (obsc) lingering heat (in autumn)

宿雪 [しゅくせつ] /(n) (See 残雪) lingering snow

雪形 [ゆきがた] /(n) (See 雪占) shape of the lingering snow on a mountainside

雪占 [ゆきうら] /(n) divining the year's crop yields from the shape of lingering snow

棚引く;たな引く;棚曳く [たなびく] /(v5k) (uk) to linger/to hover above/to trail/to hang over/to lie over

鍋底 [なべぞこ] /(n) (inner) bottom of a pot/lingering recession

鍋底景気 [なべそこけいき] /(n) (yoji) lingering recession/an economy that lingers in the doldrums after bottoming out

熱り [ほとぼり] /(n) (1) remaining heat/(2) residual excitement/(3) lingering enthusiasm

粘る [ねばる] /(v5r,vi) (1) to be sticky/to be adhesive/(2) to persevere/to persist/to stick to/to hold out/to linger

斑雪 [まだらゆき;はだらゆき;はだれゆき;はつれゆき] /(n) lingering patches of snow/patches of unmelted snow/snow spots

風邪気味;風邪ぎみ [かぜぎみ] /(n) slight cold/bit of a cold/touch of a cold/lingering cold

暮れ残る [くれのこる] /(v5r,vi) (See 明け残る) to linger (faint light of twilight)/to remain lit in the lingering twilight

未練 [みれん] /(n,adj-na) lingering attachment/lingering affection/regret/reluctance/ruefulness

未練未酌 [みれんみしゃく] /(n) (yoji) regret and sympathy/having lingering attachment and sympathy toward someone

名残りの雪;なごりの雪;名残の雪 [なごりのゆき] /(n) (1) lingering snow/(2) snowfall at the end of the winter or the beginning of spring

夕明り [ゆうあかり] /(n) lingering light of evening

余韻 [よいん] /(n) (1) reverberation/swelling (of a hymn)/trailing note/(2) lingering memory/aftertaste/(3) suggestiveness (of a book, poem, etc.)

余韻嫋々;余韻嫋嫋 [よいんじょうじょう] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) (arch) (yoji) (sound) lingering in the air/trailing notes (of a bell, etc.)

余煙 [よえん] /(n) lingering smoke

余寒 [よかん] /(n) lingering winter

余薫 [よくん] /(n) lingering odor/lingering odour

余光 [よこう] /(n) afterglow/lingering light

余香 [よこう] /(n) lingering odor/lingering odour

余臭 [よしゅう] /(n) lingering odor/lingering odour

余情 [よじょう] /(n) suggestiveness (of a poem)/lingering charm/lasting impression

余芳 [よほう] /(n) lingering fragrance/continuing fame (after death)

余喘 [よぜん] /(n) lingering life/feeble existence/brink of ruin

余瀝 [よれき] /(n) lingering raindrops/remaining portion of a drink/favors/favours

揺曳 [ようえい] /(n,vs) flutter/linger

冷めやらぬ;覚めやらぬ;醒めやらぬ;冷め遣らぬ;覚め遣らぬ;醒め遣らぬ [さめやらぬ] /(adj-pn) lingering (usu. feeling, emotion, etc.)/continuing (to)/still (...)

The vision that was planted in my senses still silently lingers.

The superstition still lingers on among them.

He lingered in the classroom after school was over.

The shock of her father's death lingered on and she didn't feel like going out at all.

But shame lingered as an aftertaste.
でも恥辱はあと味として 尾を引いた

But the question I asked is, is it possible to linger in the stratosphere?
でも 私が知りたいことは 成層圏に留まれないかという事です

Do you linger at bus stations for pleasure?

Does it have a surprisingly fruity note that lingers on the tongue?
舌先がしびれるくらい フルーティーか?

Even though much didn't happen, there's lingering feelings.
色々あって ちょっとだけでも 気持ち傾いたわけじゃん

From 17 years ago. You've let it linger for a long time.
17年前 随分 引きずったね

He could have lingered on the edge of the battle with the smart boys and today his wife would be making him miserable, his sons would be ingrates, and he'd be waking three times in the night to piss into a bowl.
戦列の端に 身を置くこともできた あの賢い息子たちとな やつの妻はやつを 惨めな気持ちにさせ

He stench of burnt flesh and rotting bodies still lingers.
焼け焦がれ腐敗した人体の 悪臭が未だに漂っている

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