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ピローマネー;ピロー・マネー /(n) (See 枕銭) pillow money/tip left by the pillow for the room maid

下がり [さがり] /(n) (1) (ant: 上がり・1) fall/decline/lowering/hanging down/drooping/slanting (downward)/(2) {sumo} string apron/ornamental cords hanging from the front of a sumo wrestler's belt/(3) (usu. as お下がり) (See お下がり) food offering to the gods/leftovers/hand-me-downs/(4) leaving (one's master's place for home)/(n-suf,n) (5) a little after ...

殻 [がら] /(n,n-pref) (1) (uk) (See 鶏がら) chicken bones (e.g. for soup)/chicken carcass/(n) (2) (uk) poor-quality coke (coal)/(suf) (3) (uk) left-overs/remnants

棄民 [きみん] /(n) abandoned people (people left to fend for themselves after a war or natural disaster)

左前 [ひだりまえ] /(n) (1) wearing a kimono with the right side over the left (normally used only for the dead)/(2) going badly (one's business, one's fortune, the economy)/being in a bad financial situation

残置 [ざんち] /(n,vs) left behind (for later use)

振舞い水;振舞水 [ふるまいみず] /(n) water left in buckets on the roadside during the summer for travellers

垂れ [たれ] /(n) (1) hanging/something hanging (i.e. a flap, lappet, etc.)/(2) (uk) (also タレ) sauce for dipping, etc. made from soy sauce, mirin, vinegar and dashi/(3) (in kendo) loin guard/(4) kanji radical enclosing the top-left corner of a character/(n-suf) (5) (derog) (also ったれ) -ass (used after a noun or na-adjective indicating someone's nature)/-head

棚晒し;店晒し;棚ざらし;店ざらし;店曝し;棚曝し [たなざらし] /(n,adj-no) (1) shopworn goods/dead stock/shelf warmer/(2) (often as 〜が店晒しになる or 〜を店晒しにする) being left unresolved for a long time (e.g. a problem)/being shelved

日増し [ひまし] /(n) (1) increasing daily/increasing day by day/(2) (See 日増し物) foodstuffs left out for many days

日増し物 [ひましもの] /(n) foodstuffs left over for many days

配置薬 [はいちやく] /(n) medicine left by a salesman, and paid for when used

偏旁;扁旁 [へんぼう] /(n) (1) left and right kanji radicals/(2) (col) (now used for 冠, 脚, etc. as well) kanji radical positions

枕銭 [まくらぜに;まくらせん] /(n) pillow money/pillow tip/tip left by the pillow for the room maid

味噌っかす;味噌っ滓;味噌っ粕 [みそっかす] /(n) (1) (uk) miso lees/miso strainings/miso dregs/(2) (uk) child who is made light of/child who is left out of games/immature child or person/good-for-nothing

無縁墓地 [むえんぼち] /(n) (yoji) cemetery for those who left no relatives behind/potter's field

I left Japan for the first time in ten years.

I couldn't drink both bottles, so I left one for you.

Prior to your arrival, he left for London.

Your boyfriend got tired of waiting for you and left just now.

Nothing has been heard from him since he left for America.

On a rainy morning he left his house early so as to be in time for school.

This is why they left for America yesterday.

These paintings will be left here for posterity.

Jo-Jo left his home in Tucson, Arizona for some California grass.

The evidence left no room for uncertainty.

The evidence left little room for doubt.

But now, nothing is left for me.

For God's sake, tomorrow's left behind.

It's high time you left for school, isn't it?

I'd like to be left alone for a while, if you don't mind.

Carol will have left for London by eight tomorrow.

Kate left this place for good.

Has Jane left Japan for good?

I left Jeremy poring over his notes for his first accountancy exam tomorrow.

John is waiting for Lucy but the train has already left.

John left for France yesterday.

Chaplain left America for good.

I left some scallions out on the balcony/veranda for too long and they dried out.

Brian left for New York.

Mr Brown left for England on May 15.

Has Bob left the company for good this time?

My love for you won't let me tell you everything. Some things are better left unsaid.

I left off work for a few hours to see the doctor.

Has left pool of tears crying for the day.

We left a margin for error in our estimates.

There's a lot of room left for improvement.

The bear left no stone unturned in his search for fat bugs under the rocks.

There are few high-ranking positions left open for you.

Has Ken left Japan for good?

I left my keys on the table; could you fetch them for me?

This morning I left for school without washing my face.

Are there any seats left for tonight?

Do you have any rooms left for tonight?

His work finished, he left for home.

The messenger left for London in secret.

She left home early in the morning for fear that she might miss the first train.

The girl (whom) I know well has already left for Tokyo.

When my uncle left for America, many people come to see him off at the airport.

It was five days after she graduated that my daughter left Osaka Airport for Germany.

I left for America at ten o'clock.

I left home early so as to be in time for the meeting.

The president held himself responsible for the slump in business, and left his post.

There was no time left for explanation.

The train bound for Sendai has just left.

Ships and helicopters left for the spacemen's rescue.

The National Center for Education Information says a predicted teacher shortage won's pan out because teachers who left the profession are returning.

The President left for America this morning.

The investigator left no stone unturned in his search for evidence. When he left the place, it was in an utter mess.

I left in my pocket for a coin to make a phone call.

The mailman left a letter for her.

He left for England at the beginning of August.

I have not heard from him since he left for America.

Have you heard from him since he left for America?

It is two years since he left for Hawaii.

Two months have passed since she left for France.

It is for this reason that he left school.

No one went to the station to see him off when he left for Tokyo.

He left for New York a week ago.

He had left Spain for South America with 200 men looking for treasures.

He left for America the day before yesterday.

He came to see me three days before he left for Africa.

He scolded her for having left the door open.

He left Japan for Europe.

He left for Europe a week ago, that is, on the tenth of May.

He left Africa for ever.

He left Japan for good.

He had learned English before he left for England.

Had he learned English before he left for England?

He left for Tokyo on urgent business by the 7 o'clock express this morning.

He left a note to the effect that he was going out for lunch.

He may have left for Kyoto.

He left for America by air.

He left home for Spain.

He left for London yesterday.

He left for the mountain never to return.

He left his poorly paid job for greener pastures elsewhere.

He left Tokyo for Osaka.

He left Tokyo for Europe.

He left Tokyo for Kyoto.

He left Japan for America.

It seems that he left for school just now.

They have left here, here perhaps for good.

They left for New York, didn't they? - Exactly.

They left for Europe by air.

She left for America the day before yesterday.

She left for Osaka yesterday.

She left for Paris.

She left France for America.

She left for London yesterday.

She seems to have left for Tokyo yesterday.

She left Tokyo for New York yesterday.

She left home early in the morning for fear that she would miss the first train.

She left me standing there for two hours.

She dressed up and left for the party.

She left for Paris at the end of last month.

I had left a present for her at my house.

I left home later than usual, but fortunately I was in time for the train.

Mother left some of the food for me.

Night coming on, we left for home.

Early next morning the circus left for the next town.

I left home early in the morning for fear that I should miss the train.

The train left for Kobe station.

Back and forth, up and down... Left to right for more than 100 years.
行ったり来たりの旅だった あちこちへだ... 百年以上に渡り 左から右へ

Before your mother left for Geneva... She asked me to finish administering the empathy tests.
お母上がジュネーブへ発たれる前に 感情検査を完了させよと

Believed that she left for good.

Ben had shot me and left me for dead.
ベンに撃たれたんだ ウォルトが救ってくれた

Benki left the forest for the first time.
初めて森を離れ 3,000マイルも

Binkowski, see that Kraut Stinger in the cellar on my left? Mind giving him what for?
ビンコウスキー 左側だ 見えるか?

Bitch, you left me for dead.
全く 死んだ事にしやがって

Brain death for all children. No child left behind.

Bucket on the left is for washing, right is for rinsing.
左のバケツで洗って 右のですすぐのよ

But I remember him for the bruises he left on Janet.
オレはジョーが彼女に 残した青アザを覚えている

But after her funeral, he left for like two years.
でも 彼女の葬儀の後 彼は2年置き去りにした

But are you left for dinner? Exactly!
でも夕食のために残っている? そのとおり!

But good writers usually die broke, so after I left college, I wrote for travel mags.
いい作家は文無しで死ぬ それで卒業後は 旅行雑誌に

But it's the only thing left for us humans to do.
だからオレ達が今やるべきことは これしかないんだ

But me, though my life has left me uniquely unfit for constraint.
しかし 束縛は俺の性に合わない

But now my husband has left me, and so it has all been for nothing.
でも 主人も出て行きました。 愚かな事です。

But there is still some of this story left for me to tell you.
しかし まだあなたに言うことが残っている

But there was no one left to speak for me.
でも私のために 声をあげる人は残っていなかった」

But this is all I've got left. It's really just for emergency.
これしかないけど 非常用なんだ

But... When she left for Tokyo, she said something else.
でも 東京に行くときに言ったんだよ

By your side for a little while left.
あなたのそばに いてあげられない

College fees don't leave a lot left over for fancy apartments.
大学の支払いが大変で アパートには何も無いけどな

Continue to descend through 1500. Headed downwind for a left base on runway 17.
高度1,500フィートまで 降下してください

Did you see anybody near there when you left for your cars?
車に戻る時に 見ませんでしたか? どんなケージですか?

Do we have enough antidote left for Nick?
解毒剤は ニックに足りますか?

Do you still have feelings left for you ex?
まだ あの男に対する 愛情がありますか?

Don't know how many times I've been crossed off the list and left for dead.
死にかけたのは もう何回目だ

Don't trust the instinct that left you beaten and homeless... Sleeping in your car, fearing for your life.
ホームレスになるような 本能は信じるな

Donald said the person he left the radio for would know the code.
彼が言ってた ラジオを拾った者ならわかると

Eh! Is this what you left for earlier?
えっ? もしかして これ 買いに?

Emmy, who left for the university in central, right?

Even my mother disliked my father's greedy character and she left for that reason.
お母さんも 父の欲張りな性格が 嫌で 逃げ出したんやから。

Everybody is looking for him outside the asylum, but what if he never left?
みんな 精神病院の外で彼を探してる でも 抜け出してなかったら?

Everyone hold a thought for him and the family that he left behind.
追悼し 家族の為に祈ろう

Except for soul and body, that is, what's left of them, and a half day's ration.
心と 自分の体だけ もたせてきた 食料も 後1回で 尽きる

Fight hard for this one beautiful, pristine place left alone on earth.

Fights from all the world has gathered, and only eight will be left for the knockout round.
世界中から集まった選手の中から 決勝に残れるのは たったの8人だ。

Fine, there's nothing left for me here anyway.

For a girl he loved, who left this world.
愛を知り 一人この世界を去っていた彼女を・

For all I know, there could be some serious bad business left on it.
よからぬモンが 残っているやもしれない

For eight months since you left, I've been running this town just fine.
あんたが去ってからの8ヶ月 俺は順調に この街を切り盛ってきた

For example, no student will be left back in school.
例えば 学校にn落ちこぼれは一切いなくなる

For example, you're walking along, minding your own business, you're looking neither to the left nor to the right, when all of a sudden you run Smack into a pretty face.
例えば・・・・・ おまえたちが道を歩いている まぁ、いつもの日課だな? いつもの見慣れた景色が、左も右も変わるんだ

For my country, I left my country...
自国のために 自国を離れた

For sure there are some foot prints left somewhere.
必ず どこかに 足跡を残してるはずだ。

For the dwellers who left me forgiving me.
わしを許し そばに置いてくれた 殿のために。

For the family you left behind, right?

For the woman you left behind.

For thinking, wind number one under left arm.
"左うでの下の1番のネジを巻けば 考える"

For those of you who haven't used crampons before left and right are mark you can't get it wrong.
これがアイゼンだ 印がついてる 左右を間違えるな

Forgive me for being nervous but you said when he left you it took you over a year to get over him.
だってあなた彼を忘れるのに 一年以上かかったんでしょ

Grandpa's coming today to pick up the watch he left for repair.

Guys, I'm telling you, I looked for it this morning before we left. It's not anywhere.
今朝探した時も どこにも無かった

Hayashi rice left over for you.
春のハヤシライス たっぷり残してあるからね。

He left a radio for us, and this morning it started transmitting a signal that Led us here.
彼の残したラジオが 今朝 信号を だからここへ

He left for like two years.

He left for st. Petersburg... Actually I've no idea where he is.

He left his post for 5 minutes.
5分間 持ち場を離れます

He left in the morning for a meeting.

He left messages for you to see him at the embassy.
大使館に会いに来いって... - メッセージは受け取ってたよ

He left this here for me.

He left this pile of papers on the table for the next generation.
机の上には 紙の山が残されていました

He left town to come here and look for you, you know?!
裁判員を辞退することに 決めたんです。

He looked everywhere for any magic that stranger left behind.

He might have left this town for good.
順一 この町 出たのかもしれない。

He said he was going home, and left for the train station.
帰るって 駅へ行ってしまったんです?

He used to work for massive dynamic, but he left the company maybe ten years ago.
ここで働いてて 10年程前に退職してる

He wanted me to see you all before I left for good.
二酸化炭素は 当然 空気中にあるでしょうけど。

He'll see me when he wakes up and when he crawls to sleep in whatever rat hole is left for him after I shred his house down.
家を失ったあと ヤツはドブの中で― 起きた時から眠る瞬間まで 俺の影にうなされるだろう

He's fine, and he hasn't punished Klaus for daggering him, so, as usual, they'll be thick as thieves, and I'll be left to clean up the mess.
彼はもう元気だし クラウスを罰しなかった 刺されても毎度ながらに 仲睦まじくやってくでしょ

He's got enough face left for an open casket.
棺を開けた時に 顔があるだけで 奴は 十分だろ

He's left his phone at home, so there's no way for us to track him.
彼は自宅に電話を忘れた 彼を追跡する方法がない

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http://fittor.fun/xxxviod2018/ free mea kalefa However, this type of study cannot conclusively prove that drugs help dementia symptoms or improve mental ability in dementia patients. Only a large, high-quality randomised controlled trial would be able to demonstrate what effect these drugs have on mental ability.
http://fittor.top/deho-babsa/ janvaro ki sexy movie urdu zubaan It is especially odd to claim that New York但s interests are best served by his neutrality. His first campaign, in 2001, was successful largely because Rudy Giuliani endorsed him. Had Giuliani stayed silent, far-left Democrat Mark Green would have been mayor.

Through friends http://fittor.fun/desi-xnt-xxx/ desi xnt xxx He says donations came from a number of groups – "the farming community, especially small farmers. Some were foodies – and there were animal welfare people too. After all, Steve is a farmer who makes sure his 55 cows have a good life. He takes great care of them all."
http://xxxnx.fun/japinexxx/ dehatl “You know, it was so close, it could have been my life. I just hate that it was him, you know? Because he had a family, a young wife, a baby, all left behind because an individual wanted to bring harm on this man,” the neighbor, who was not identified, told KNXV-TV.
http://fittor.top/masturba-caovideo/ pod koldr The fate of Cambodia shocked the world when the radical communist Khmer Rouge under their leader Pol Pot seized power in 1975 after years of guerrilla warfare. In pursuit of a rural utopia, the Khmer Rouge abolished money and private property and ordered city dwellers into the countryside to cultivate the fields.
http://fittor.fun/gian-coock/ mylf chr "Clearly shipments (to Thailand) started going up since the intervention scheme started," Cooper said. "It is highly attractive for the neighboring countries to try and get as much rice across to Thailand as possible and supply into the scheme."
http://fittor.top/xxx-xbxx2/ youtubesex bangla Pryor has gotten better every week, mixing his ability to outrun pass rushers and make plays with his feet and his arm with self-control. After throwing two interceptions in the season opener in Indianapolis, Pryor hasn't thrown one in his past three games.

I'd like to order some foreign currency http://fittor.top/seachxxx-vsa/ torjakan scandal videos Alipay and Tianhong developed the new funds and paymentplatform - called Yu E Bao, or "leftover treasure" in Chinese -to allow Alipay customers to convert their spare cash into moneymarket fund units.
http://fittor.top/mulu-anti-xxxesx-vidio-you-teb/ 21386 sleeping bed romance “The proposal for establishing international control over Syria’s chemical weapons is not quite Russian,” Lavrov said today. “It derives from exchanges we had with American colleagues and from yesterday’s statement by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who said that a strike could be avoided if this problem is solved.”
http://xxxnx.fun/katena-kif-nuwxxx-vdeocom/ xnxx cct camera mms video Monsanto Co reported a fourth-quarter loss that waswider than expected, and offered a lower outlook for 2014 evenas it said it was positioned for strong growth next year. Sharesfell 2.7 percent to $102.21.
http://xxxnx.fun/28age-mallu-fat-aunty/ wwww xxxxdop Though there is little data on the procedures or injuries they cause, doctors and authorities say they are seeing them more often. Online forums used to set up the illegal procedures have attracted thousands of responses. Some men also seek out buttocks enhancements, but the procedures are much more popular among women.
http://xxxnx.fun/adam-zkt-eva-tv/ xxxxww2017 “This is about jobs for Louisianians — and preserving an industry rooted in our culture,” said Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne, who testified before the commission. “My testimony centered on the importance of leveling the playing field and preventing foreign governments from putting Louisiana shrimpers and processors at a competitive disadvantage.”

I live here http://fittor.top/porncop-katiemorgan/ 35258 mother daughter gyno Valterra's advice? Tell your marital partner the truth. "When it comes to other relatives, you don't owe them anything," she says. "If they are constantly hounding you for money, being over-honest could harm you."
http://fittor.fun/24389-old-vrs-young/ bacd cal Fujimori said Lixil would take a break from overseasacquisitions and focus on integrating the firms it has alreadypurchased. But he left open the possibility of deals in Japan."There is room left to do something domestically," he told anews conference in Tokyo.
http://fittor.top/sxe-kch/ bond ma dalna vla xxx Currently, notice is provided to the news organization only if an assistant attorney general agrees that it would not pose a clear or substantial threat to the investigation. Under the new guidelines, the department would also provide notice except when the attorney general finds that it would pose a threat to the investigation.
http://fittor.top/mvk60937nice-giant-tits/ massage zndayy The drugmaker said it will buy privately held MolecularProfiles Ltd for about $25 million to gain access to the UKcompany's clinical manufacturing services. Columbia Labs saidthe deal will immediately add to its earnings.
http://fittor.top/lov-wed-yubeporno/ nida ch sexy mujra “ We clearly realise that everything that has happened to us has been connected with Putin’s and the patriarch’s visit, because we constantly criticise their policies and we have attacked both of them several times.”

I'm in a band http://xxxnx.fun/3975-angry-xxx-hd/ he male1432152 After catering college he travelled to Sydney with his wife-to-be, Sammy (they met aged 16), and Quinn worked in kitchens. On returning to England, they chose Cornwall over London – ‘it was closer to our lifestyle in Sydney’ – and Quinn worked in various restaurants before ending up as a trainer in Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen in Watergate Bay in 2009. ‘It was incredibly rewarding because every day I was teaching our trainees something new. The kitchen is open plan, so it’s bringing the cooking process to the customers.’ In 2010 he left Fifteen to start his private chef business.
http://xxxnx.fun/videos-de-whasapxxx/ xvi docom Clearly, with such a move, Samsung can posit a phablet each against all its vital rivals out there. Let us have a look into the picture; the Note 3 5.5 will face off LG但s Optimus G Pro, while the Note 3 5.7 and Note 3 5.99 will be bloodthirsty to all phablets that come under the 6-inch belt. Still, the series would lack a machine that could take on Sony但s Xperia Z Ultra, the world但s largest handset with a whopping 6.4-inch display.
http://fittor.top/rj-gjd-amgj/ manusia ngentot sama hewan The results will put more pressure on BlackBerry to find a buyer for either some parts of the company, or for all of it. It said last month it is weighing its options, including an outright sale, in the face of persistently lackluster sales of its new smartphones, which run on the BlackBerry 10 operating system.
http://fittor.fun/sasa-basta-nude/ reshma jawan ho gai Known as a tough man fond of doing pushups to show off his physical strength, Zhou was one of the Communist Party's nine top bosses during the administration of President Hu Jintao, which ended in March. He ruled the country's vast law enforcement machinery for a decade. He has an extensive power base in the oil industry and in Sichuan province.
http://fittor.fun/46907-blick-boy-and-girl-xxx/ barzeel dr No matter what a smartwatch can do, no matter how much technology you pack into it, only a tiny minority of highly motivated geeks are going to walk around with a giant, dorky gadget lashed to their wrists.

What qualifications have you got? http://fittor.top/xvideos-mi-pornoteca-com/ ah ah amarkalam xxx Boko Haram has been fighting since 2009 for an Islamic state in religiously mixed Nigeria. The insurgency has left more than 3,000 dead, rights groups say, and is seen as the number one security threat to Africa's leading energy producer.
http://fittor.fun/radtobe-live/ geexxx booty Cummings said the newly released documents "raise serious questions" about the inspector general's work, which he said "has been characterized by one-sided and partial information leading to unsubstantiated accusations with no basis in fact."
http://fittor.fun/kosove-behu-me-pdk-visio-fr/ anemia xlxx Dr Anders Sandberg, a neuroscientist and research fellow at Oxford University's Future of Humanity Institute said that neither the findings, nor common stories of near death experiences in humans, should be interpreted as evidence of "life after death".
http://xxxnx.fun/latinasbigase/ panama jack squirt rapid 但You continue to support him, to point out the issues, to try to understand how it happened so it doesn但t happen again,但 he said. 但You coach him, just like you coach anybody who但s had some issues. He但s trying as hard as he can to stay away from interceptions, but you但re not going to go back to not throwing the football. He但s been too successful for so many years throwing the football.但
http://fittor.top/squirt-games-futuria/ celd xxx hd "They know that they're going to get bigger numbers on thePaula Deen special," Thompson said. "I think for a long timethere were a lot professionals that found it too embarrassing,but that's not the case anymore." (Editing by Mary Milliken and Lisa Shumaker)

Get a job http://xxxnx.fun/rihana-xmuvi/ porno ucrainesc RM: This was a seminal experience in the short history of the Islamic Republic. There are no two stories that are alike, but the common thread you hear is that a significant amount of Iranians feel the international community turned their back on Iran. They feel international law is not reliable. This in turn has informed a generation of decision makers in Iran, who think that it但s good to interact with international community, but that you can但t trust them. That is an overarching Iranian prerogative and it's connected to this experience of having a blind eyeturned.
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http://fittor.fun/egy-xxnx/ nadia gull sex posto "They should start pumping as soon as practical," said Barrett, adding that groundwater would have to be released into the sea along with water that had been treated to remove most radiation - by a system designed by Toshiba Corp.
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http://fittor.top/skinny-asian-bitch-gets-sluted-by-black/ pornlaba 2 The official added, "More broadly I would emphasize that every visa decision is a national security decision. Our visa procedures and processes are designed to address national security concerns at every stage of the visa application process."

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http://fittor.top/sexx-xx-xvo/ king tblack hoc He retired after not being selected for the British Olympic team in 1988, and in 1992 became Conservative MP for Falmouth, rising no higher than the whip’s office before being turfed out in the Labour landslide of 1997.
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http://fittor.fun/kvalej-ke-boy-boy-xxx-bp/ gia meri machol The Yanks reached Giants righty Ryan Vogelsong for three runs in the third, set up by their 7-through-9 batters 但 Mark Reynolds, Brendan Ryan and Chris Stewart 但 loading the bases via two singles and a walk. The first two runs came via outs 但 Ichiro Suzuki's sacrifice fly and A-Rod's grounder to short 但 before Robinson Cano made it 3-0 with an RBI single to left.

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http://xxxnx.fun/xxxxxxxxxhi-d/ abadangel chaturbate Hundreds of thousands of people in cities like Oakland and Berkeley depend on the two transit systems for their daily commutes and would spill out into already congested roadways or be left stranded without a mass transit alternative if the strikes coincide.
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http://fittor.top/blondsweety-das-zimmermdchen-tube/ bangaors august NEW YORK, Sept 16 (Reuters) - Wall Street was set to rise 1percent at the open on Monday as investor bets that the formerTreasury Secretary Lawrence Summers' withdrawal as a candidatefor Federal Reserve chairman could mean slower tapering ofstimulus by the Fed.
http://fittor.fun/www-arabsexload-not/ sheave girl fuking While Erdogan reiterated that the proposed reforms are not directly linked with efforts to end the 29-year conflict with the outlawed PKK, the changes are largely viewed as an effort to advance the flagging peace process.

Have you got any qualifications? http://xxxnx.fun/sexy-video-crem-bala/ gahd mee la In 2012, New Jersey passed a freedom to marry act but it was vetoed by Gov. Chris Christie, who opposes gay marriage. Today但s ruling butts heads once again with the Governor, who has already stated he will appeal the ruling 但all the way to the (New Jersey) Supreme Court但 (nj.com). Christie但s administration argues that the matter of gay marriage for the state但s same-sex couples cannot be decided by New Jersey law, since the main sticking point deals with federal not state benefits. After the U. S. Supreme Court extended hundreds of tax and inheritance benefits to same-sex couples in June this year, attorneys presenting the case ruled on today argued New Jersey lawmakers needed to revisit the question of same-sex marriage. Civil unions did not qualify for the legal protections granted by the Supreme Court ruling. New Jersey was left behind, and civil union couples were no more than 但second-class但 under the law.
http://fittor.fun/lielib-2/ synettes bedtime A gauge of manufacturing output fell sharply to 49.5 from a measure of 55.3. This was the first sub-50 reading, which indicates contraction, since 2009. This fall dragged the overall measure of activity to a 12-month low of 51.1, down from September's 52.8.
http://fittor.top/telugu-dengulata-photos/ coital alignment technique sex position Then it was over again. Mont Ventoux on Bastille Day did not really need any cycling fireworks to add to the sense of occasion, but Froome provided them anyway. Two vicious accelerations away from Contador and Colombia's Nairo Quintana left British cycling's new hero alone on the road where Britain's first Tour contender, Tom Simpson, so tragically died back in 1967.

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