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たこ部屋;蛸部屋 [たこべや] /(n) labor camp/labour camp/low-quality accommodation for laborers

たゆまず努力 [たゆまずどりょく] /(n,vs) untiring labor (labour)

チープレーバー;チープ・レーバー /(n) cheap labour (labor)

トラバーユ /(n,vs) (1) job change (fre: travail)/change of occupation/(n) (2) work/labour/labor

レーバーユニオン;レイバーユニオン;レーバー・ユニオン;レイバー・ユニオン /(n) labor union/labour union

レイバー /(n) labor/labour

偉跡;偉蹟 [いせき] /(n) remaining works/results of a man's labor (labour)

違法ドラッグ [いほうドラッグ] /(n) (term formerly used by government bodies, e.g. the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) (See 脱法ドラッグ,危険ドラッグ) law-evading drug (e.g. amyl nitrates, MiPT)/quasi-legal drug/designer drug

英国病 [えいこくびょう] /(n) British disease/Britain's 1970s economic and labour problems

衛士 [えじ;えいし] /(n) (1) soldiers of the ritsuryo system that guarded gates of the imperial palace, the court, etc./(2) term used in error to refer to young men that were made to do forced labour in the ritsuryo system/(3) guards originally stationed at the grand shrine at Ise and shrine at Atsuta, Nagoya to protect the officials there

稼ぐ [かせぐ] /(v5g,vt) (1) to earn (income)/to make (money)/(2) to score (points, victory)/to gain (time)/to play (for time)/(v5g,vi) (3) to work hard (at one's job)/to labor/to labour/to toil

外部労働市場 [がいぶろうどうしじょう] /(n) external labor market/external labour market

感情労働 [かんじょうろうどう] /(n) emotional labour

汗の結晶 [あせのけっしょう] /(n) fruits of one's labour/crystals of sweat

寄場;寄せ場 [よせば] /(n) (1) gathering place/(2) (abbr) (See 人足寄場) labour camp for drifters, criminals, etc. (Edo period)/(3) (See 寄席) entertainment hall (for rakugo, manzai, magic, music, etc.)/vaudeville theater (theatre)/music hall

季節労働 [きせつろうどう] /(n) seasonal labor/seasonal labour

求人難 [きゅうじんなん] /(n) labor shortage/labour shortage

強制連行 [きょうせいれんこう] /(n,vs) being moved forcibly, e.g. being carted to a police station, transportation for forced labour, etc.

強制労働 [きょうせいろうどう] /(n) forced labor/forced labour/slave labor/slave labour

勤労 [きんろう] /(n,vs) labor/labour/exertion/diligent service

勤労感謝の日 [きんろうかんしゃのひ] /(n) Labour Thanksgiving Day (November 23rd) (Labor)

勤労奉仕 [きんろうほうし] /(n,vs) labor service/labour service

筋肉労働 [きんにくろうどう] /(n) physical or manual labor/physical or manual labour

苦心 [くしん] /(n,vs) pains/hard work/effort/trouble/labour/labor

苦労(P);苦勞(oK) [くろう] /(n,vs) (1) trouble/hardship/difficulty/labour/labor/toil/pains/(2) anxiety/worry/concern/cares

経営参加 [けいえいさんか] /(n) labor participation in management (labour)

軽労働 [けいろうどう] /(n) light labor/light labour

血と汗の結晶 [ちとあせのけっしょう] /(exp) result of one's blood, sweat, and tears/fruits of one's labour

権兵衛が種蒔きゃ烏がほじくる;権兵衛が種まきゃ烏がほじくる;権兵衛が種まきゃカラスがほじくる [ごんべえがたねまきゃからすがほじくる(権兵衛が種蒔きゃ烏がほじくる,権兵衛が種まきゃ烏がほじくる);ごんべえがたねまきゃカラスがほじくる(権兵衛が種まきゃカラスがほじくる)] /(exp) spoiling someone's work/useless effort/laboring in vain/labouring in vain/if a peasant sows seeds, the crows will dig them up

呼吸困難 [こきゅうこんなん] /(n,adj-no) labored breathing/laboured breathing/dyspnea/dyspnoea

雇用可能人口 [こようかのうじんこう] /(n) workforce/work force/labor force/labour force

公益を図る [こうえきをはかる] /(exp,v5r) to labor (labour) for the public good/to work for the public good

厚生省 [こうせいしょう] /(n) (See 厚生労働省) Ministry of Health and Welfare (now Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

厚生労働省 [こうせいろうどうしょう] /(n) Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

厚生労働相 [こうせいろうどうしょう] /(n) (See 厚生労働大臣) Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare

厚生労働大臣 [こうせいろうどうだいじん] /(n) Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare

厚労省 [こうろうしょう] /(n) (abbr) (See 厚生労働省) Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

厚労相 [こうろうしょう] /(n) Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare

荒業;荒技 [あらわざ] /(n) (1) (荒業 only) physical labor/physical labour/manual work/heavy work/(2) drastic move (e.g. hold or strike in martial arts)/power technique/display of power

荒働き [あらばたらき] /(n) (See あらしごと) hard work/rough physical labour

合同労組 [ごうどうろうそ] /(n) joint labor union/joint labour union

国際分業 [こくさいぶんぎょう] /(n) {econ} international division of labor/international division of labour/international specialization

骨折り [ほねおり] /(n) pains/efforts/trouble/labor/labour/services

骨折り損 [ほねおりぞん] /(n) waste of labor or energy/waste of labour/vain effort

裁量労働 [さいりょうろうどう] /(n) discretionary work (labour, labor)

雑徭 [ぞうよう;ざつよう] /(n) forced labour (labor) imposed upon commoners (ritsuryo period)

産む機械 [うむきかい] /(exp) baby-making machine (famously used by Health, Labour and Welfare Minister Yanagisawa Hakuo to refer to women)

産気 [さんけ] /(n) labor pains/labour pains

産気付く;産気づく [さんけづく] /(v5k) to go into labor/to go into labour

産痛 [さんつう] /(n) labor pains/labour pains

失業労働者 [しつぎょうろうどうしゃ] /(n) unemployed labor/unemployed labour

手間 [てま] /(n) time/labour/labor

手間賃 [てまちん] /(n) wages (charge) for labor (labour)/pay

手作業 [てさぎょう] /(n) manual labor/manual labour/manual procedures

手仕事 [てしごと] /(n) handwork/manual labor/manual labour/working with one's hands

手分け [てわけ] /(n,vs) division of labour/division of labor/splitting into groups (e.g. to search)

囚人労働 [しゅうじんろうどう] /(n) prison labor/prison labour/forced labor/forced labour

囚役 [しゅうえき] /(n) prison labor/prison labour

重禁錮 [じゅうきんこ] /(n) imprisonment with hard labor (hard labour)

重労働 [じゅうろうどう] /(n) heavy labor/heavy labour/hard labor (in prison)/hard labour

順法闘争 [じゅんぽうとうそう] /(n,adj-no) labor slowdown/labour slowdown

女手 [おんなで] /(n) (1) (See 男手・おとこで・1) female help/female labor/female labour/(2) (See 男手・おとこで・2) woman's handwriting/(3) (arch) (See 男手・おとこで・3) hiragana

少年労働 [しょうねんろうどう] /(n) child labor/child labour

省力 [しょうりょく] /(n,adj-no) labor saving/labour saving

省力化 [しょうりょくか] /(n,vs) labor saving/labour saving

職業紹介所 [しょくぎょうしょうかいじょ] /(n) (See 公共職業安定所) employment agency/placement agency/labour exchange/labor exchange

職場闘争 [しょくばとうそう] /(n) labor unrest/labour unrest

人件費 [じんけんひ] /(n) (1) personnel expenses/labor cost/labour cost/(2) indirect labour costs/indirect labor costs

人減らし [ひとべらし] /(n) personnel cut/labor cut/labour cut

人手不足 [ひとでぶそく] /(n) (yoji) labour shortage/labor shortage

人足寄場;人足寄せ場 [にんそくよせば] /(n) labour camp for drifters, criminals, etc. (Edo period)

陣痛 [じんつう] /(n) labour pains/labor pains/birth pains/contractions

陣痛室 [じんつうしつ] /(n) labor room/labour room

世話が焼ける;世話がやける [せわがやける] /(exp,v1) to be troublesome/to require the aid and labour of others

政労 [せいろう] /(n) (abbr) government-labour (e.g. liaison meeting)/government-labor

正期産 [せいきさん] /(n) {med} full-term birth/labor at term (labour)/term delivery

船員労働委員会 [せんいんろうどういいんかい] /(n) Labour Relations Commission for Seafarers

組織票 [そしきひょう] /(n) block votes (e.g. of a labor union, labour union)

組織労働者 [そしきろうどうしゃ] /(n) organized labour (organised, labor)/unionized labour

待遇改善 [たいぐうかいぜん] /(n) (yoji) improvement of labor conditions (labour)

第二組合 [だいにくみあい] /(n) rival labor union/rival labour union

単位組合 [たんいくみあい] /(n) local labor union/local labour union

単位労働組合 [たんいろうどうくみあい] /(n) local labor union/local labour union

男手 [おとこで] /(n) (1) (See 女手・1) male help/male labor/male labour/(2) (See 女手・2) man's handwriting/(3) (arch) (See 女手・3) kanji

抽象的人間労働 [ちゅうしょうてきにんげんろうどう] /(n) abstract human labour/abstract human labor

懲役 [ちょうえき] /(n) penal servitude/imprisonment with hard labor (hard labour)

直接労務費 [ちょくせつろうむひ] /(n) direct labor costs/direct labour costs

賃率 [ちんりつ] /(n) labour rate/pay rate/wage rate/income rate

奴隷労働 [どれいろうどう] /(n) slave labor/slave labour

働き [はたらき] /(n) (1) work/labor/labour/(2) achievement/performance/ability/talent/(3) salary/income/earnings/(4) action/activity/workings/function/operation/movement/motion/(5) {ling} (also written as 活) conjugation/inflection

働く [はたらく] /(v5k,vi) (1) to work/to labor/to labour/(2) to function/to operate/to be effective/to work (i.e. ... works)/to come into play/(3) to commit (e.g. a crime)/to perpetrate/to do/to act/to practise/to practice/(4) {ling} to be conjugated

内助の功 [ないじょのこう] /(exp,n) fruits of one's wife's labour (in assisting her husband's career, e.g. by running the household)

肉体労働 [にくたいろうどう] /(n) manual or physical labor/manual or physical labour

能力 [のうりき] /(n) {Buddh} (See 寺男) low-ranking priest who does manual labour at a temple/male temple employee

微弱陣痛 [びじゃくじんつう] /(n) {med} hypotonic contractions (during labor (labour))/uterine inertia/weak labor/weak labour/slow labor/slow labour

不当労働行為 [ふとうろうどうこうい] /(n) unfair labor practices/unfair labour practices

賦役;夫役 [ふえき(賦役);ぶえき(夫役);ぶやく] /(n) slave labour/slave labor/compulsory service/forced labour/forced labor/exacted service

分業 [ぶんぎょう] /(n,vs) division of labor/division of labour/specialization/specialisation/assembly-line production

無駄骨折り [むだぼねおり] /(n,vs) laboring in vain or for no result/labouring in vain

野良仕事 [のらしごと] /(n) (yoji) farm work/field labour/field labor

役務 [えきむ] /(n) labor/labour/service

粒々辛苦;粒粒辛苦 [りゅうりゅうしんく] /(n,vs) (yoji) toil and moil/working assiduously for/tireless hard work/painstaking labor (labour)

力業;力技(iK) [ちからわざ] /(n) (1) heavy work/manual labour/(2) feat of strength

力仕事 [ちからしごと] /(n) physical work/manual labour (labor)

力役 [りきえき;りょくえき] /(n,vs) (1) physical labor/physical labour/physical work/(2) (See 力役・りきやく) forced labor imposed by the government (e.g. under the ritsuryo system)

労 [ろう] /(n) labor/labour/toil/trouble/pains/work/effort/striving

労する [ろうする] /(vs-s,vi) (1) to work/to labor/to labour/(vs-s,vt) (2) to put to work/to make (someone) work

労り;功り;功 [いたわり] /(n,adj-no) (1) (労り only) (uk) sympathy/consideration/carefulness/attention/(n) (2) (arch) service/labor/labour/trouble/meritorious deed/(3) (労り only) (arch) illness/disease/sickness

労金 [ろうきん] /(n) (abbr) (See 労働金庫・ろうどうきんこ) workers' credit union/labour credit association

労銀 [ろうぎん] /(n) wages/labor wages/labour wages

労苦 [ろうく] /(n,vs) labor/labour/toil/hardship

労作 [ろうさく] /(n,vs) toil/labor/labour/laborious task

労使 [ろうし] /(n) labour and management/labor and management

労使協調 [ろうしきょうちょう] /(n) labor-management cooperation/labour-management cooperation

労使交渉 [ろうしこうしょう] /(n) (yoji) labor-management negotiation/labour-management negotiation

労使紛争 [ろうしふんそう] /(n) (yoji) industrial (labor-management) dispute (labour)/industrial strife

労資 [ろうし] /(n) capital and labor/capital and labour/capitalists and laborers/capitalists and labourers

労政 [ろうせい] /(n) labor administration/labour administration

労組 [ろうそ(P);ろうくみ] /(n) (abbr) (See 労働組合) labor union/labour union/trade union

労働(P);労動(oK) [ろうどう] /(n,vs,adj-no) (1) manual labor/manual labour/toil/work/(2) (abbr) (See 労働党) Labour Party

労働委員会 [ろうどういいんかい] /(n) labor-relations board/labour-relations board

労働運動 [ろうどううんどう] /(n) labour movement/labor movement

労働運動者 [ろうどううんどうしゃ] /(n) labor agitator/labour agitator

労働歌 [ろうどうか] /(n) songs of labor/songs of labour

労働関係調整法 [ろうどうかんけいちょうせいほう] /(n) labor relations adjustment law (labour)

労働基準監督官 [ろうどうきじゅんかんとくかん] /(n) labor standards inspector (labour)

労働基準局 [ろうどうきじゅんきょく] /(n) labor standards bureau/labour standards bureau

労働協約 [ろうどうきょうやく] /(n) labor agreement/labour agreement

労働金庫 [ろうどうきんこ] /(n) workers' credit union/labour credit association

労働契約書 [ろうどうけいやくしょ] /(n) labour contract (labor)

労働交渉 [ろうどうこうしょう] /(n) labor negotiation/labour negotiation

労働攻勢 [ろうどうこうせい] /(n) labor offensive/labour offensive

労働三法 [ろうどうさんぽう] /(n) the three labor laws (trade union law, labor standards law, labor relations adjustment law) (labour)

労働市場 [ろうどうしじょう] /(n,adj-no) labor market/labour market

労働者集会 [ろうどうしゃしゅうかい] /(n) labor rally/labour rally

労働収容所 [ろうどうしゅうようしょ] /(n) labor camp/labour camp

労働集約 [ろうどうしゅうやく] /(n,adj-f) labour intensive

労働集約産業 [ろうどうしゅうやくさんぎょう] /(n) labour intensive industry

労働集約的産業 [ろうどうしゅうやくてきさんぎょう] /(n) (See 資本集約的産業) labor-intensive industry/labour-intensive industry

労働省 [ろうどうしょう] /(n) (See 厚生労働省) Ministry of Labour (now Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

労働生産性 [ろうどうせいさんせい] /(n) labor productivity/labour productivity

労働組合 [ろうどうくみあい] /(n) labor union/labour union/trade union

労働争議 [ろうどうそうぎ] /(n) labor dispute/labour dispute/industrial dispute/strike

労働相 [ろうどうしょう] /(n) Minister of Labor (Labour)

労働大臣 [ろうどうだいじん] /(n) Minister of Labour

労働団体 [ろうどうだんたい] /(n) labor body/labour body/labor organization/labour organization/labor federation/labour federation

労働党 [ろうどうとう] /(n) Labour Party/Labor Party/worker's party

労働同盟 [ろうどうどうめい] /(n) labor federation/labour federation

労働能率 [ろうどうのうりつ] /(n) labor efficiency (labour)

労働不足 [ろうどうぶそく] /(n) labour shortage

労働法 [ろうどうほう] /(n) labor law/labour law

労働法典 [ろうどうほうてん] /(n) labor code (labour)

労働問題 [ろうどうもんだい] /(n) labor problem/labour problem

労働力 [ろうどうりょく] /(n) labor/labour/manpower/working force

労働力人口 [ろうどうりょくじんこう] /(n) labor force/labour force

労働力不足 [ろうどうりょくぶそく] /(n) labor shortage (labour)

労働力率 [ろうどうりょくりつ] /(n) labor force participation rate/labour force participation rate

労農党 [ろうのうとう] /(n) labor-farmer party/labour-farmer party

労務 [ろうむ] /(n) labor/labour/work/service

労務課 [ろうむか] /(n) labor section/labour section

労務管理 [ろうむかんり] /(n) labor management/labour management

労役 [ろうえき] /(n) work/labor/labour/toil

労役場 [ろうえきじょう] /(n) prison labor camp/prison labour camp

労力 [ろうりょく] /(n) labour/labor/effort/toil/trouble

労力を省く [ろうりょくをはぶく] /(exp,v5k) to save labor/to save labour

労連 [ろうれん] /(n) labour union/labor union

"I'd rather get the sack than not join the labour union," said the disgruntled worker.

Hanson is wrong when he states international economic developments led to great migrations of labour in the seventeenth century.

I work for a publishers http://nhentai.in.net/ nhenta First Minister Alex Salmond, current Tory leader Ruth Davidson, Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont and Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie joined family, friends and colleagues of the politician at the service.

How long are you planning to stay here? http://yuvututube.fun/ yuvutu tube videos Mr Miliband had earlier demanded a right to reply after the Mail published what he described as a 但character assassination但 based on a diary Ralph Miliband wrote when he was a teenager. But although the paper printed the Labour leader但s response, it did so alongside an abridged version of the original article and an editorial headlined: 但An evil legacy and why we won但t apologise但. The editorial reiterated the Mail但s claim that Ralph Miliband had 但nothing but contempt for Britain但s values, traditions and institutions但 and suggested that Mr Miliband would like to censor discussion about his father但s past.

Wonderfull great site http://beeg.in.net/ teen beeg Donald Macintyre writes political sketches for The Independent, having been Jerusalem correspondent since 2004, covering Israel and the Occupied Territories, as well as travelling for the paper to Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Libya and Egypt. As Political Editor and then Chief Political Commentator, he previously covered the John Major and early Tony Blair era. He has written for the Daily Express, Sunday Times, Times and Sunday Telegraph, and Sunday Correspondent. He is the author of Mandelson and the Making of New Labour (2000).

Accountant supermarket manager http://ghettotube.in.net/ ghettotube.com One of his earliest acts as leader – within hours of his coronation, in fact – was to inform Nick Brown, chief whip under Gordon and assumed to be ready to continue in Opposition, that his services would no longer be required. The act was risky, brutal and decisive. As was Ed's unexpected but entirely correct decision to dispense with the absurd requirement on Labour MPs to elect the shadow cabinet. On Falkirk and the related vexed question of trade union influence in the party, Ed's response has been thoughtful and far more radical than anyone expected.

I work for myself http://ampland.fun/ amp land He will say: "We stand to inherit a very difficult situation. After three wasted years of lost growth, far from balancing the books, in 2015 there is now set to be a deficit of over 贈90bn 但側 We won't be able to reverse all the spending cuts and tax rises the Tories have pushed through. And we will have to govern with less money around. The next Labour government will have to make cuts, too. Because while jobs and growth are vital to getting the deficit down 但 something this government has never understood 但 they cannot magic the whole deficit away at a stroke."

Children with disabilities http://fittor.top/ unga fittor While Labour should be prepared to say it would outspend the Conservatives and Lib Dems, Lord McFall said increases should be relatively modest and targeted at long-term spending that would help to boost the economy.

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