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詰める [つめる] /(v1,vt) (1) to stuff into/to jam/to cram/to pack/to fill/to plug/to stop up/(v1,vt,vi) (2) to shorten/to move closer together/(v1,vt) (3) to reduce (spending)/to conserve/(v1,vt,vi) (4) (usu. as 根を詰める) (See 根を詰める) to focus intently on/to strain oneself to do/(v1,vt) (5) to work out (details)/(v1,vi) (6) to be on duty/to be stationed/(v1,vt) (7) to corner (esp. an opponent's king in shogi)/to trap/to checkmate/(8) (the meaning "to catch one's finger" is predominantly used in Kansai) (See 指を詰める・1) to cut off (one's finger as an act of apology)/to catch (one's finger in a door, etc.)/(suf,v1) (9) to continue .../to keep doing ... without a break/(10) to do ... completely/to do ... thoroughly/(11) to force someone into a difficult situation by ...

見る(P);観る;視る [みる] /(v1,vt) (1) to see/to look/to watch/to view/to observe/(2) (See 診る) to look over/to look on/to assess/to examine/to judge/(3) (uk) (See 看る) to look after/to keep an eye on/to take care of/(4) (usu. 観る) to view (e.g. flowers, movie)/(aux-v,v1) (5) (uk) (usu. after a conative verb as 〜てみる) to try/to try out/to test/(6) (uk) (usu. after an aconative verb as 〜てみると, 〜てみれば, 〜てみたら, etc.) to see that.../to find that...

似気無い;似気ない [にげない] /(adj-i) unlike/unbecoming/unworthy of/out of keeping with

世離れる [よばなれる] /(v1,vi) (See 世間離れ) to become unworldly/to stop keeping up with social norms/to be out of touch with reality

退ける(P);除ける [のける(P);どける(退ける)(P)] /(v1,vt) (1) to put something out of the way/to move (something, someone) aside/(2) (除ける only) to remove/to exclude/to take away/(3) (のける only) to set aside/to keep apart/(4) (のける only) to remove (someone) from the group/to shun/(v1,aux-v) (5) (のける only) (uk) (after the -te form of a verb) to do well despite difficulties/to accomplish despite adversity/(6) (のける only) (uk) (after the -te form of a verb) to do resolutely/to do boldly

眉に唾をつける;眉につばをつける;眉に唾を付ける [まゆにつばをつける] /(exp,v1) (id) (See 眉唾物・まゆつばもの) to keep one's wits about one/to be on one's guard/to be wary of trickery

門戸を張る [もんこをはる] /(exp,v5r) to keep a fine house/to put up a front/to make the front of the house nice (and be pretentious about it)

Throughout the five years of painful cancer treatments, he managed to keep a stiff upper lip.

I suggest you keep out of this.

Keep this medicine out of the children's reach.

Keep out of harm's way.

It's better for you to keep out of private affairs.

You keep out of this.

Keep out of reach of children.

All during my trip I could not keep you out of my mind.

All I want to do during the dog days is stay indoors and keep out of the sun.

Keep silent, or I will throw you out of here. [M]

Years of practice has enabled me to keep accounts without difficulty.

Keep out of the way, please.

He got out of the cab in haste, saying "keep the change."

Keep all medicines out of reach of children.

Because you keep accusing us of doing all these bad things, and I don't even know what you're talking about.
よく分からないのに 責められてばかりだから

But I keep thinking about all kinds of things.
つい いろいろ考えてしまって

But if you don't mind, I'd prefer to keep... My personal affairs out of the office.
職場に私的事情は 持ち込みたくない

Camarillo. May I? 'changing her name to Linda Gilbert didn't help her make it, 'or keep her out of an asylum.
カマリオだ ヴェルマ・ヴァレントからリンダ・ ギルバートに名を変えても―

Captain Whitaker, a lot of people are working to keep you out of the media, are you hiding something?
機長、メディアに出ませんが 何か隠してるんですか?

Chicago doesn't pay to keep people out of their way.
シカゴガこんな金を 出す筈が無い

Dave, you go right back out of this office and you keep writing music.
"歌を作り続けろ きっといつか成功する" そう言って追い返す

Do whatever it takes to keep them out of here, or they die.

Don't be an idiot. Keep your nose out of it.
バカな事言わないで おせっかいよ

Don't keep me around out of... Lam not!
やめてくれ 違うさ

Don't make me keep saying it. You got to get up out of bed.
同じ事を言わせるな 起きてベッドから出ろ

Even couple of days in a few days. How to keep it from outside.
数日かそこらだ 後はどうする?

Ever since that mall went bust, half the town is out of work. We cannot keep up with the drug violence.
失業者も多いから ドラッグも蔓延を

Everything you taught me was to keep me out of here.
捕まるな それが教えのすべてだ

Far enough away to keep the stink out of our hair.
髪に臭いが付かない位 遠くに

Fine, we'll talk. Just keep Dexter out of this.
話しましょ デクスタには内緒で

First, get your snipers off the roof, and tell those men you have assembled out front to stand down, and keep them away from the building, or hostages will continue to fall from the sky.
まず第一に 屋上のスナイパーを撤退させ 下にいる奴らもだ

For keeping quiet about lots of things.
色々 黙ってて ごめん

Freddie Lounds's ultimate failing was her inability to keep herself out of her own stories.
最大の失敗は、 自分の書いている話から 自分自身を外せなかった事だ。

Freddy, can you keep the riffraff out of here?
フレディ 誰も入れるなよ

From now on, keep out of my sight.
これからは 私の視界に映らないで

Get out of here, keep on being lucky.

Get out of the way. We can't keep her prisoner forever.

Get the fuck out of the car now! Keep your hands up!

Get them out of schools, and keep them out of schools.
学校から排除して 入れないようにすべきです

God, I'm going to run out of time, so I've gotta keep it moving.
おっと もうあまり時間がない 先を急ぐよ

Good luck keeping your job, by the way, and staying out of jail, and not being killed by the mob, but otherwise, you're doing a great job.
君の仕事がうまくいくことを祈るよ だが、しかし 刑務所から出てきた チンピラに殺されないようにな しかし、さもなければ、そりゃ大きな仕事だろうさ

Good. While I figure out a way out of this, you can keep an eye on Claypool.
良かった 出口を見つける間

He had such a knowledge of the dark side... He could even keep the ones he cared about... From dying.
ダークサイドの 知識を持っていた 死を避ける事も 可能なのだ

He keeps talking about the restaurant because he's hiding evidence of his guilt.
そのレストランのことを 話し続けているのは 彼が罪を犯した証拠を隠しているからだわ

He knows our protocols, he knows the layout of this facility, he even knows that special activities keeps the identity of their prisoners classified.
ヤツは我々のすべてを把握している この施設 特殊捜査課に拘置されている

He'll keep his nose out of it.

Here comes the victim. Keep the slack out of the line.

How about you show me some of that proof you keep talking about?!

How'd you keep her out of the papers?
遺体写真は 新聞に載ってない

I always keep at least $3 million stashed away somewhere special in case I've got to get out of town in a hurry.
私は町を出る時の為に 300万ドル隠してる

I believe I was 13 when my mother pulled me out of French literature class in Geneva and whisked us out of the country to keep us from being murdered...
13の時以来か ジュネーブの仏文学クラスから 母が私を引き寄せた時だから その後は母と共に国をさっさと出た 居れば殺されるから...

I can direct you out of the park, and keep you off the radar from a lot of bad people, but you need to stay on that phone, and listen to me very carefully.
公園の外へ逃がします、 悪い奴らから守る でも電話をもって まだ此処にいて

I can't even keep you out of my bed.

I can't keep the vision out of my head. They're my friends.

I can't keep you out of this house.

I can't sleep. I keep having that dream about the red car turning up in front of the house when you don't come home.
署の方が殉職を 通知しに来るのが

I did what I'm supposed to do, keep a bunch of random thoughts in my head, but then he knew I was doing that too, so I just got out of there.
それを見抜かれたので 逃げたんだ

I did you the courtesy of sending you out of here, so let's just keep it professional, okay?
君は外に出してやった まあ プロらしくやろう

I don't care how many lawyers you have, it's not gonna help keep you out of jail for murder.
何人呼んでも構いませんが 殺人容疑は免れませんね

I don't care how you do it. Just keep them out of here. Do you understand?
とにかく ここに 誰も近づけるな

I don't care. Just as long as they keep out of my way.
俺の邪魔さえしなければ どうでもいい

I endeavored to keep abreast of notorious crimes in other countries, but I confess to falling out of the habit during my habit.
新聞で報道され大騒ぎになった 他の国での悪名高い犯罪と同様 この件も注目していたんだが

I found out that with the bird of prey, it's their wingspan that keeps them in the air for so long.
獲物を狙う鳥で判ったんだ 翼の幅だよ 長時間 飛べる 一種の...

I grabbed a branch out of the fire to keep it back, but it never came for me.
他の人全ては まだ生きているだろう 聞いて欲しいの ピーター 今夜は避難所に泊まれない?

I had to slug the guy in front of his lawyer to keep you out of jail.
弁護士の前で そいつを殴る破目になったのは私よ

I have no proof thats gonna force him to keep his mouth shut.

I help you out of a jam by keeping my mouth shut.
あんたを 助けてやってるんだから

I just keep thinking about all of these years, all of the people that Dale fooled...
デイルが騙し続けて来た人達 私だけで無く 彼の友人 共通の友人 彼の奥さん

I keep asking myself, why would she tell us about her husband's brutality if she wasn't absolutely certain that she could show us some proof?
自問自答を続けてる 僕らに証拠を見せられると 彼女に絶対的な確信がなかったなら

I keep hearing them. I'm going out of my fucking mind!
聞こえ続ける 気が変になりそうだ!

I look at what I've done with my life, beating on cons at fox river, chasing money, trying to keep my own ass out of prison.
今まで、いろいろ成功してきた。 フォクスで、囚人を殴り金を追いかけ 刑務所送りにならないよう動いてる。

I need to know I can rely on you to keep me and Jim out of this.
俺とジムの事には 関わらないで いてくれ

I never knew a wee boy as bad at keeping his head out of harm's way.
まだ冷静になれないのね ラースが知ったらどう思うかしら?

I stay out of it, and I like to keep it that way.
私は関わらないようにしてるの それに関わるつもりもないし

I think I can keep her out of it.
巻き込まれないから大丈夫だ それは違うね

I think we can keep them out of it.

I wanted to keep you out of harm's way.

I was afraid I would be next. I wanted to keep you out of it. I know your marriage to Koss was for my sake.
次は自分ではと心配し、あなたに迷惑をかけたくありませんでした コスと結婚は、私のためだということは知っています

I will keep you out of it, I promise.
君を巻き込まないよ 約束する

I'll keep him out of his office for as long as I can.

I'll keep him out of you.

I'll keep out of sight. You there?
見つからないようにするわ そこにいるのか?

I'll keep your name out of it, they won't.
君の事は 隠してるんだ

I'll keep your name out of this story too.

I'll stick with the con man, keep him out of trouble.
詐欺師から離れないで 面倒に巻き込まない

I'll tell you everything if you keep the minister out of this!
全部話したんですから 大臣に迷惑はかかりませんよね?

I'm going to keep you safe. I'm going to keep you out of their hands.

I'm just gonna drive around. I'll keep my doors locked. I won't even get out of the car.
ドライブするだけよ 車からは降りない

I'm just trying to keep us out of jail.

I'm keeping his name out of this until we learn more.
我々がもっと知るまで 彼の名前は出せない

I've just made a deal that will keep the empire out of here forever.
帝国が永久に手を引くよう 取引したんだ

I've spent half my life trying to keep this technology out of the hands of a stark.
スタークから技術を隠す事に 半生を費やしたんだ

If I can get to her, stop the assassination... Keep her out of their hands... Then we can stop the sentinels from ever being born.
戻れるなら 暗殺を阻止し 彼らの手から彼女を救い

If it keeps up, we're gonna run out of uniforms.
この状態が続きますと 制服組は出払う事になります

If you guys want to keep that smile. On that pretty face, she doesn't hear about any of this.
あの娘の悲しい顔を 見たくないならー

If you keep talking like this, Kato I'm gonna beat the shit out of you.
そんな言い方を続けるなら お前をボコボコにしてやるぞ

Im begging you keep that professor out of our sight.
あの教授先生 頼むから 表に出さないでくれよ。

It just has to keep the arrows out of my heart.

It keeps going out of phase.

It keeps playing out in all of our minds.

It keeps the needle out of your arm, man. It's our only play, man.

It stands to reason you've got to keep out of sight.
君を人目に付かせない というのが最大の理由だ

It would keep us out of trouble.
俺らが悪さしてた時に トラブルから逃してくれたんやったな

It'll keep you out of trouble.

It's a good opportunity to keep up cover on the outside, for those of us who do.
世間での存在を確保する 良い機会だ

It's headed our way. Keep out of sight and stand by for further orders.
こちらの方向に飛んでる 自分の姿を消して、次の命令を待ってて

It's really, really difficult especially when you start out slow but you know there's a future for something and you put a lot of time into it, and they keep telling you, you should probably get a real job.
本当に難しい 今後は期待できるけど 今は発展途中なんだ それに沢山の時間をつぎ込む

It's the only way I can make sure to keep you out of this.

Just for the next few days maybe we should be vigilant keep you out of harm's way.
今後 数日だけでも 警戒すべきだ 君に危害が及ばぬよう

Just have your guys keep him out of sight.

Just keep all your men out of sight.
貴下の部下を 全員隠して下さい

Just keep everybody out of this car then everything is Jake.
この車両には誰でも入れないようにしてくれ そうすれば問題はない

Just keep them out of this room as long as you can.

Just keep your head down a few more minutes and you're out of this.
頭を下げてて もう少しの辛抱よ

Just... Keep my wife and kids out of it.

Keep after them, but stay out of sight or you'll frighten the forest spirit away.
言われるまでもねぇ. やつの顔にぬったのは猪の血か?

Keep an eye out, look out for anything out of the ordinary.
「よく見て いつもと違うものを探せ」 でしょ わかってる 俺は ウザイか?

Keep everybody out of this room.

Keep half your group out of range for the next run.
中隊の半分を残して 次の攻撃に備えるんだ

Keep it out of your eyes. Okay?

Keep kids out of Stores that look like this.

Keep low and out of sight. If you see something, report back, do not engage. Do you understand ?
視界が悪い、もし何か見えたら、報告に戻れ 〈敵軍と〉交戦するな、わかったか?

Keep me posted and keep Carter out of my way.

Keep my father out of this.

Keep out of it! Oh. You're strong against a teacher.
大きなお世話です おッ 先生には強く出るんですね

Keep out of sight until I call you. You better line up the police.
連絡するまで隠れて 出動の準備をしてろ

Keep out of sight, both of you.

Keep out of sight. Dad, I know.
ローレル、お願いだ、隠れて、 人目を避けろ、いいな?

Keep thinking about Charles Wynn, the man who was poisoned at the hospital by that group of yours.
チャールズ・ウィンの事が 気になって仕方ない 病院で毒殺された人 君のそのグループに

Keep this in the back of your mouth.
那? ??必?我?的忙

Keep those reporters out of here. You, on that door. Sorry, no press inside.
報道陣を抑えてろ 君はあっちのドアを

Keep up with half of the technical things they're banging on about all the time.
イラついて 小言を言ったりね

Keep you out of it. No.
この件は干渉するな いや

Keep your eyes open. Look for anything out of the ordinary. I suppose one can never have too many lab rats.
用心しなさい、異常な点を探して 枯れ木も山のにぎわい

Keep your finger out of my Areola.

Keep your head. We'll get out of this.
大丈夫 出られる

Keep your nose out of my business!
俺のする事に いちいち口出すんじゃねえよ!

Keep your tech out of there. Do you copy?
彼を戻しなさい 分かった?

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and loved ones of Seeley booth and temperance Brennan, if anyone here has any reasons why these two shouldn't be married, keep it to yourself or get out because this is going to happen.
ご列席の皆様 シーリー・ブースと テンペランス・ブレナンの 友人、愛する方々 ここにいらっしゃる方々で

Let's keep the feather out of any public statements.
羽のことは 公表を控えましょう

Look, I can keep you out of this okay, for a couple of days.
2日間は 今の話を黙っててやる

Look, I just thought it was best to keep her out of harm's way.
彼女を危険から遠ざけるのが ベストだと思ったんだ

Look, I'll drive you somewhere. Keep you out of trouble.
なあ ドライブしよう 君の安全を守る

Lying, keeping secrets about who she's spending time with does that remind you of anybody we know?
誰と時間を過ごしてるか秘密を守る嘘 - 我々が知ってる誰かか?

Matter of fact, I want you to find your boy at the airport pd, tell him to keep his eyes open for anything strange coming out of eastern Europe.
実は空港pdでお前の部下を見つけて欲しい 彼に油断せずに見張れと言え 東ヨーロッパから奇妙に姿を現す

Maybe he's finally going to buy some furniture. We'll need to keep eyes on both of them till we figure this out.
解明するまで 両方を見張らないと

Maybe it's best just to keep her out of the way for a while.
しばらく彼女を 人から遠ざけた方がいい

Maybe it's just some pipe dream that I have of finding any real family out there, but sometimes when I feel like it's me against the world, keeps me going.
多分ちょっとした 空想を見たのね 向こうで私の本当のまともな 家族を見つけだせるって でも時々世界に反してるのは 私だって感じる時は

Maybe she found a way to keep you out of her head.
あんたに気付かれない方法を 見つけたのかも

Maybethat's Hanson's strategy keep him in there until one of them passes out.
ハンソンの作戦は 倒れるまで閉じ込める事ね

Meaning the entire point of the protocol was to keep your judgment out of it.
今回は基本的に 君の判断は求めて無い

Meaning to thank you for being a woman of your word and keeping massive dynamic out of the press.
約束を守る人間だって マスコミにうちの名前を出さなかった

My business is keeping you out of custody.
私の仕事は君を 捕まらないようにすること

My guess is that you begged him to keep the company alive, he refused, and you killed him out of rage.
あなたはハワードに 会社を残してほしいと頼んだが 彼は断った カッとなって彼を殺した

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

No, what I need you to do, is to stay back and keep out of my way.
ダメだ 待機していてくれ

No... But you might want to keep him out of sight.
いいえ、でも目の届かないとこに おいて置いた方がいいでしょう

Now just keep quiet. I'll find a way to get him out of the apartment.
夫が出て行くまで 大人しくして

Now, I'm not out of the woods yet, not by any stretch but options is the word they keep bandying about.
完全に安心できる 状態ではないが 今後の"選択肢"は 増えたそうだ

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