keep myself

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I'll keep that book for myself.

I'll keep this cake for myself.

I'll keep this book for myself.

It occurred to me that I should keep the news to myself.

I told her I'd keep it secret, so I've kept that to myself.

I had a cup of tea to keep myself awake.

I read the newspaper to keep myself informed.

But I keep asking myself, what's the catch?
でも "何かのワナ"かも

Carlos, I can take care of myself and you need to keep your hands clean, you know that.
カルロス 自分で何とかする あなたは手を汚さないで

Each time I saw a rainbow, I couldn't keep myself from chasing after it.
あの 虹を見た時から

He said, if I keep tossing myself off I get fresh sperm being made.

How am I supposed to prove myself when you keep giving me orders that interfere with my investigatory methods?
どうやったらぼくが あなたの指示を受け続けて 捜査に参加できますか?

I also want to keep myself in check.

I get tired when I keep Fanning myself.

I had to isolate myself to keep Sane.
正気を保つ為には 孤立せねばならなかった

I have been most of my life. I usually keep it to myself.

I have to keep pinching myself.

I just keep asking myself, why did this happen?
なぜ こんな事故が起きたのか

I just remember I promised myself, and I really try to keep my word.
ただ 自分に誓ったことを覚えてますし 実現のために必死になりました

I keep asking myself, why would she tell us about her husband's brutality if she wasn't absolutely certain that she could show us some proof?
自問自答を続けてる 僕らに証拠を見せられると 彼女に絶対的な確信がなかったなら

I keep finding myself in some bad situations.

I keep finding myself waking up here.
目覚めたら ココにいた

I keep having to remind myself to go to the gym, see a movie, eat a good meal.
自分自身で ジムに行くのを忘れずにおく 映画を見て おいしい食事をする

I keep telling myself that this time we're stronger.

I need to see for myself what I should keep and not keep.

I only know enough to keep myself alive.

I pride myself on keeping a low profile.

I should start keeping bees myself.

I take just enough to keep myself balanced... But he takes too much.
適量なら 体のバランスを取れるが―― 彼は使い過ぎた

I was gonna keep it a secret myself, but, ah, under the circumstances...
俺一人で秘密にしてたが こうなったからには─

I was thinking about asking you something after all this is over, and then I realized how crazy it was, so I decided to keep it to myself.
この事件がすべて片付いたら 君に頼もうと思ってたんだが それが どれほど馬鹿げたことか気づいた

I was trying to save myself, keep pure for April.
エイプリルのために 純粋でいようとした

I will keep myself hearty until freedom is opportune!
自由になるまで 元気でありたい

I'd have thrown myself from the highest window in the red keep.

I'd keep that to myself, if I were you.
俺だったら そのことは黙ってる

I'll keep on enjoying myself.

I've always been able to keep myself distant.

I've been working very hard to keep the store in business all by myself.
私一人で 頑張ってきたデパートなのに

I've managed to keep myself busy. You know, you left that girl alive tonight.

If I do as you ask and surrender myself to you, can I trust you to keep your word?
もう決断したってことね もし君の要求を飲んだら 約束は守ってくれるな?

It's been hard enough keeping this place... Afloat by myself without you going...
この店をやっていくのに ― あなたのなしで 私ひとりでは とても難しいのよ

It's like I'm testing myself... How much can I keep believing in him?
神をどこまで信じられるガ 目分を試してる気分よ

It's more that I like to keep to myself.
話すより 留めておく方が好きなの

It's the first time I've ever wanted to keep someone for myself.
誰にも渡したくない人なんて 初めてなんだもん

Mother says it's dangerous on the Roads and I have to keep myself safe because I'm the lord of the Vale and the lord of the Vale is a very important person.
母上は、僕はヴェイルの領主だから 道は避けて安全にしていないといけないって ヴェイルの領主はとても大事なんだって

Now, I'm sorry, but I have to keep one for myself.
でも、すまないが、俺は自分用に一つ 持っておくよ。

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