keep go on

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押さえる(P);抑える(P);押える [おさえる] /(v1,vt) (1) (esp. 押さえる) to pin something down/to hold something down/to hold something back/to stop/to restrain/to curb/(2) (esp. 押さえる) to seize/to grasp/to arrest/(3) (esp. 抑える) to gain control of something/to govern/to keep down (e.g. information)/to suppress/(4) to catch happening/to determine (important points)/to find (proof)/to understand

頑張って [がんばって] /(exp) do your best/go for it/hold on/keep at it

頑張れ [がんばれ] /(exp) (uk) (See 頑張る・1) hold on/go for it/keep at it/do your best

言い続ける [いいつづける] /(v1) to keep talking/to go on and on/to talk non-stop

糸を引く [いとをひく] /(exp,v5k) (1) to pull (the puppet) strings/to direct things from behind the scenes/(2) to stretch out (and keep going)/to linger on

車宿り [くるまやどり] /(n) (1) building where one keeps oxcarts and other conveyances inside a private estate/(2) resting area for one's oxcart, wagon, etc.

制御(P);制禦;制馭 [せいぎょ] /(n,vs) (1) control (of a machine, device, etc.)/(2) control (over an opponent, one's emotions, etc.)/governing/management/suppression/keeping in check

生き続ける [いきつづける] /(v1) (1) to carry on/to go on with one's life/(2) to keep alive/to stay alive/to survive

続く [つづく] /(v5k,vi) (1) to continue/to last/to go on/(2) to continue (without a break)/to be unbroken/(3) to occur again and again/(4) to lead to/to connect to/to adjoin/(5) to come after/to follow/to succeed/to rank next to/(6) to hold out/to keep/to last

通じる [つうじる] /(v1,vi) (1) to be open (to traffic)/to lead to/to communicate (with)/(2) to flow (liquid, current)/to pass/to get through to/(3) to be understood/to be comprehended/(4) to be honored/to be good/(5) to be well versed in/to be well-informed/(6) to communicate clandestinely/to keep in touch (e.g. with the enemy)/(7) to form a liaison/to be intimate/(8) to spread widely/to disseminate

通ずる [つうずる] /(vz,vi) (1) (See 通じる・1) to be open (to traffic)/to lead to/to communicate (with)/(2) to flow (liquid, current)/to pass/to get through to/(3) to be understood/to be comprehended/(4) to be honored/to be good/(5) to be well versed in/to be well-informed/(6) to communicate clandestinely/to keep in touch (e.g. with the enemy)/(7) to form a liaison/to be intimate

土作り;土づくり [つちづくり] /(n,vs) keeping soil in good condition

付き合う(P);付合う;つき合う [つきあう] /(v5u,vi) (1) to associate with/to keep company with/to go out with/to go steady with/to get on with/(2) to go along with/to follow someone's lead/to accompany someone/to compromise

物持ち;物持 [ものもち] /(n) (1) rich person/wealthy person/(2) taking good care of things/keeping things for a long time and taking care of them

Just go about your business and don't keep looking at me.

The picture (on this TV) is no good. It keeps flickering.

Mr Potter keeps himself in good condition by going jogging every day.

An athlete must keep in good condition.

I gotta keep on movin'

Foreigners in general don't need as many compliments as Japanese are required to give each other, and it is good to keep this in mind.

I think it's a good thing because it keep us on our toes.

Keep on going. You'll see bank on your left.

I'm going to keep track of all the expenses on this trip.

We must keep nature in good condition.

I was not going to keep up the family tradition.

I am on good terms with him. He always keeps his promise and is relied upon by everybody.

The government are desperate to keep inflation down.

When he goes out, he asks me to keep an eye on his house.

She tries to keep up with what is going on in the world.

Keep a good heart and go on writing.

Back at the office. You need to go keep an eye on her.
それなら 一緒に行こう

Backhand. You got speed on this guy. Just keep moving.
危ない スピードを上げてきたぞ

Because Washington gets paid to keep it going by the prison industry lobby.
政府は刑務所産業界の 圧力団体で稼いでるからだ

Because she couldn't keep her goddamn opinion to herself. That's why.
批判を黙ってられなかった それが理由だ

Best you stay where I can keep my one good eye on you.

Billy, let that e on, keep e on, let's go.
放っておいて 歩き続けて ほら 早く

But I can also keep in touch with what's going on.

But I want to keep on going.
でも 生きてくって そういうことだと思う。

But everything else just keeps on going.
ところが 自分の周りは 動き続ける

But if I'm going to keep lying to government agents to protect you two, I'm gonna need a damn good reason.
でももしCIAに あなたたちを守るための嘘をつくなら それなりの理由が必要なの

But if things keep going the way they're going... There won't be any future generations.

But the goddamn bankers, they're keeping their money on the sidelines.
しかし、ひどい銀行家だ, 彼らは、傍観するだけのお金を持っています

But they found out that actually what happens is that it just keeps on going.
しかし、実際に起こった事は 水は浸透を続けました 穴を作り底まで到達しました

But they seem to do a pretty good job of keeping their cars on the road.

But they're still gonna stick around for a while, keep an eye on things.

But we were going to push forward and keep moving on.
そこで止めてしまわず 前進し続けるしかなかったんです

But, if he wants to stay on top, he's gotta keep the real power brokers happy.
しかし 彼が王の座に 留まりたいなら 陰の実力者の幸せにも 配慮しなければならないのです

C'Mon, kids. Keep it going! Keep it going!
さあ皆 その調子だ

Come on! Keep it going! We're gonna need more!
頑張れ もっと必要だ

Come on! We gotta keep moving, let's go!

Come on, Annie, you were right. We got to keep moving.
君が正しい 行こう

Come on, I'm just gonna keep stalking you.
でなきゃ ずっと付け回すよ

Come on, sweetheart. Breathe. You got to keep breathing.
さあ、お譲ちゃん 呼吸だ、続けて

Come on. Keep going. Keep going.
さぁ 早く

Come on. Let's keep going. About time the cops decided to see what's going on with this place.
さあ 続けよう ここで何が起きているのか

Could you go in and keep an eye on your sister for me?

Do you undertake to keep god's commandments and the faith of his son, our lord?
あなたは主の 戒めを守り イエスを救い主として 受入れますか?

Don't let me keep you. You should go home, get some rest.
いいから 帰って休んで

Don't let that mud slow you down, keep going.

Don't make me keep saying it. You got to get up out of bed.
同じ事を言わせるな 起きてベッドから出ろ

Don't stop, keep on rolling!! go even further on!
更に チェーン・リペアラーが バトルで 相手モンスターを破壊したとき

Don't turn around, keep going.
キョロキョロするな。 前進。

Don't worry, man, you're gonna earn your keep.
心配するな 生活費を稼ぐんだ

Don't you dare stop! Keep going!
止まるな 進め!

Either I give up, like everyone else... And live, knowing I let a killer go free... Or I keep on, and someone I love is killed.
他の奴なら事前に諦める... 俺なら殺人者に臆さないと... だとすれば

Find him, but we've gotta keep this quiet for his own protection!
彼を探せ だが内密に 証人保護下に あるんだからな

Forgone conclusion does not keep our interest.
予測できる結末には 興味をそそられないのです

Go on, now. You've plenty of cat food to keep you happy.
おいで、キャットフードがあれば ゴキゲンでしょう?

Go! Don't slow down! Keep moving!

Go, I'll keep an eye on Sarah.

God. Keep your shirt on, dude. Far out.
落ち着いてよ 変よ

Going to get a lock on my door, keep all this crap out.
「5月3日 誰も入れないように 部屋のドアに錠をつけてやる」

Good. While I figure out a way out of this, you can keep an eye on Claypool.
良かった 出口を見つける間

Good. You keep an eye on my girl.
そうだ 僕の彼女を守ってくれ

Guys, someone running an operation this tight, is gonna keep themselves insulated.
誰かがこの作戦を実行してる 自分自身を守るためだ

Hate's as good a thing as any to keep a person going.

He might not go to jail, but he certainly won't keep his job.
刑務所送りは 無理かもしれないけど 彼を確実に退職に追い込める

He watched over the coast always over the coast looking for signs of the dragon men to keep the wolves of hate away from our Shores.
彼は海岸から監視した いつも海岸から ...ドラゴン族の 兆候を求めて ...憎しみの狼どもを 我らの海岸に近寄らせない為に

He's alive, but we are gonna have to keep an eye on him.
ああ なんてこと 彼は大丈夫? 彼は生きてる

He's probably got eyes on the audience so keep it quiet.
客席が監視されてる恐れがある 速やかに行動しろ

Hey, don't you worry about your old man. I'm gonna keep my eye on him.
心配するな 親父は任せとけ

Hey, you keep eyes on that window. Make sure you take pictures of anybody coming and going.
窓を見張れ 出入りは全て撮影しろよ

Hey, you two, if you keep on wandering around you're going to get lost instead of the prince!
王子の代わりに あんたたちが はぐれてしまうわよ

How to keep the government going in case the line of succession were terminated.
政府がテロを引き起こした場合に 統制権を排除するために発動します

I always keep at least $3 million stashed away somewhere special in case I've got to get out of town in a hurry.
私は町を出る時の為に 300万ドル隠してる

I am your partner, and you cannot keep going on like this!
私は あなたのパートナーよ あなたをこんな状態のままには しておけないわ!

I can't explain it yet, but, as far as I can tell, these anomalies are just gonna keep on increasing exponentially.
まだ説明できないけど─ 今後も増えるはず

I could have them put pressure on our government to go after the fifth column and help keep you here.
フィフス カラムを糾弾させ 貴方達が地球に留まれる様に 貴方の仕事は ニュースを伝える事

I could only imagine what would happen if his wife found out. We're gonna keep an eye on you, Jeremy.
もしアダムの奥さんが 知ったら大変でした あなたから目を 離さないつもりですので

I didn't want to keep division going.
ディブジョンを 存続させたく無かった

I don't care how many lawyers you have, it's not gonna help keep you out of jail for murder.
何人呼んでも構いませんが 殺人容疑は免れませんね

I don't feel well, we gotta keep moving.
具合が悪い とにかく逃げるんだ

I don't know how I could keep going.
私はどうすればいいのか わからない

I don't know how much longer we're gonna get to keep you here.
君をいつまで ここに置いておけるか わからなんだ

I don't know why we gotta keep driving around like this.

I don't think god is keeping an eye on your sperm.
神様が精液に 目を付けてるわけないだろ

I don't want to keep going like this. I can't.
あんな思いは嫌 できない

I don't want to keep going over it.
それ以上は 望まないわ

I don't want to keep going.

I don't want to lose sleep worrying if you're gonna keep me up to speed on everything I need to know.
迅速に話してくれたら 私は心配なく眠れる

I got no reason to keep at this.
ここで頑張る理由は もうないんだ

I got someone keeping an eye on Gretchen and Bagwell.
、 同僚が、グレトゲンとバグウエルを 観察してる。

I gotta keep my eye on you all the time.
油断も 隙も ねえな。 もう。

I keep going in there, but I don't think you ever lose them.
オレは何度も、そこに行こうとしたが キミは決して負けなかったよ

I keep saying, I won't fall in love. Good luck to those who do, though.
だから 私は 恋しないの。 ほかの人で頑張って。

I mean, even if she doesn't remember the attackers, we're gonna try and keep her here during the investigation.
ともかく 捜査中は 街にいてもらう

I mean, if we can judge anything by the damage done by that fire in the apartment, these things are just gonna keep on getting worse.
悪化する前に─ 過去の火事で何があったか 突き止めないと

I mean, you know better than to keep sensitive government documents on a personal phone, so... What exactly are you worried about?
重要文書を個人の電話で 保管するほど あなたは愚かではない それで... 実際 何が心配なので?

I need evidence if I'm gonna keep the team on this.
この件をチームで捜査し続けるには 証拠が必要なの

I need someone dependable to keep an eye on things while I'm gone.
私がいない間 ここを監督する人が必要だ

I say, uh, would you mind keeping an eye on the box while I go to the restroom?
トイレに行く間 この箱を 見ていて 貰えませんかね?

I started digging through one of the files I keep on open serial murders after you'd gone to bed, and I lost track of time.
君が寝た後 僕が持ってる未解決の 連続殺人犯のファイルの1つを 調べ始めて 時間が経つのを忘れた

I was just telling frank we should set up a weekly so he can keep us up to date on what's going on in the house.
毎週 彼と会って 議会の報告を聞きたい

I won't tell, because you... Are gonna keep working for fish.
私は話しません あなたが... このまま フィッシュのために働き

I'm afraid you're gonna have to keep an eye on him, which means it's back to the phones.
彼から目を離さない方がいい つまり電話に戻れという事だ

I'm going to die if I keep on working at a place like this... Miss Mikami...
こっ こんな職場にいたら 死んでしまう

I'm gonna do us both a favor and keep a lid on this.
考えるとは 限らないから 特別扱いとして

I'm gonna have to keep an eye on you.
いいねえ 君に目をかけないとだな

I'm gonna keep a contract out on you and your girlfriend for as long as it takes.
お前とお前の女を 追い続けるぞ どこまでもな

I'm gonna keep an eye on him.

I'm gonna keep my eye on you, Shorty.

I'm gonna keep that number for now, if you don't mind.

I'm gonna try to keep it at that level for the duration.
期間中 その水準を 維持するつもりだ

I'm just gonna drive around. I'll keep my doors locked. I won't even get out of the car.
ドライブするだけよ 車からは降りない

I'm not gonna keep cooking you special Meals if you're gonna gorge yourself on ice cream.
アイスを それだけ食べるなら 特別メニューは もう作らない

I've given her a sedative, and we're gonna keep her on a psych hold for a few days.
彼女には 鎮静剤を与えています 数日間は 精神科に入院させましょう

I've got quite enough to keep me busy on enterprise.
エンタープライズでやることが いっぱいあるんでね

I've got the op keeping an eye on us, but we don't want to get taken by surprise.
引き続き注意しろ 驚きたくないからな

I've got to move a peace keeping operation.

If Gordon's behind everything, that would mean that he's been keeping her somewhere for the last four years.
ゴードンがすべての黒幕なら 彼は この4年間 妻をどこかに 閉じ込めていたことになる

If he keeps going down, he's going to get some distance on us.
あいつが下り続けるなら 俺達と距離が離れていく

If our lives keep going on like this...
いや~ 船は好きじゃけれども 船に弱くてのぅ...。

If the role of the public servant is to keep an eye on the greater good, then why keep me from my work?
公務員の役割は より大勢の人の 利益を守ることだ なら なぜ僕に仕事をさせない?

If this keeps going on, its arm will...!
フッ... だとしたら?

If this keeps up, I'm not gonna survive the season.
食い荒らされていないだろ。 これが続けば、やってけない。

If this thing keeps going on, your intestines will be perforated.
このままだと 腸に 穴が開いてしまいます

If you don't mind, I can stay, keep going through the list.
もしご迷惑じゃなければ ここでリストの照合を手伝いたいんだが

If you keep going straight, you'll see the station.
いえいえ まっすぐ行けば駅が見えますから

If you keep on trying to do too much, you're gonna get crushed one of these days.
あんまり頑張り過ぎると いつか つぶれるぞ。

If you keep saying stuffs like that, you won't be a good adult.
そういうこと言ってると ろくな大人になれないよ。

If, at that time... Someone had said don't keep on trying, you don't need to go to school, it would have been much easier...
もしも あの時 がんばらなくてもいい... 学校なんか行かなくてもいいって 言ってくれる人がいたら

In order to protect our nation's citizens, it's important we keep certain government operations confidential.
国民を守る為に― 政府の仕事を 機密にする事もある

In the meantime, you should keep on working on Nina, 'cause if this doesn't pan out, you're gonna have to do the impossible.
これに何も無きゃ やるしかない

It explains why your gang keeps going, why they don't fall out.
ボロを出さない理由は これなのよ

It just keeps going on, doesn't it?

It stands to reason you've got to keep out of sight.
君を人目に付かせない というのが最大の理由だ

It's a good opportunity to keep up cover on the outside, for those of us who do.
世間での存在を確保する 良い機会だ

It's alright. I can keep on going even here...
大丈夫。 私は ここでも やっていける...。

Its been up, it's going to keep on going up and down.

Jump off the right side of the tank, keep going in that direction.

Keep digging on Lango. It sounds promising.
ランゴをもっと調べて 見込みがありそうよ

Keep going your current direction. The target is crossing open ground, headed north.
追跡を続けろ ターゲットは北へ逃走

Keep going. Don't stop. Don't worry about me.
止まらないで 私のことは いいから

Keep moving. Go ahead of me. Don't you turn around!
さあ行くんだ こっちを振り向くな!

Keep on going at them as time permits.

Keep on trying to get up and go, but... Just don't.
立ち上がって努力すべきよね ただ... お父さんがここにいてくれたら

Keep your arm like this. Aim it straight at the other person's chest. Got it?
で 手も こう。 相手の胸んとこな。分かったか。

Keep your hands on your head move it! Go! Move it!

Keep your skirt on Goldie Locks. Moldova sucks!
悪いことが 起こると言ったろ

Lisbon! Tish got Vega's gun! Keep everyone inside!

Listen, if you're gonna be up for a while, will you keep your ears open, because I don't know if those two are making up or breaking up forever.
しばらく起きてるつもりなら 聞き耳をたててくれない? あの2人が仲直りするのか 別れるのか 私にはわからない なによ?

Loki's going to keep this fight focused on us, and that's what we need. Without him, these things could run wild.
ロキがいなくても 状況は変わらん

Look, if you want a promotion, you gotta earn it. Now, what do I keep saying?
なんて言いながら 近所中の男とヤリまくってた

Lots of good things will happen if you keep on living!
生きてりゃ いいこと いっぱいあるんだぜ。

Loyalty issues going on, and I do not want to end up torn between my fidelity to you and the reality of having to keep my nose clean.
俺の貞節は、問われるかもしれない。 それで問題にならなければいいなと思ってる。

Marcus and Pella do a pretty good job of keeping him on the property.
マーカスとペラは 犬が敷地内から 出ないようによく世話をしてるがね

Maybe he's finally going to buy some furniture. We'll need to keep eyes on both of them till we figure this out.
解明するまで 両方を見張らないと

Maybe it's because I'm so busy that I can't keep a good watch on my son.
忙しさに かまけて 息子に 目配りが 足りなかったのかも。

Maybe the question is... What makes Hugo's litter worth keeping alive?
なぜヒューゴの赤ん坊だけ 生かし続けているのかだ

Maybe they never got disconnected. Keep your eyes on these consoles.
これは外されたことは無いだろう コンソールをよく見ていてくれ

Maybe you got to keep on reminding me sometimes.
一緒に居ればきっと 思い出してしまう

Minygululu keeps going, on the same branch.

Mr. Mahone, I'm going to ask you to please keep your answer related to the question.
マホーンネさん、質問だけに 答えてください。

Mr. Scofield, although you're going to be anesthetized and should feel no significant pain, we will need to keep you awake for the duration of the procedure.
スコフィールドさん あなたには麻酔をかけて 痛みを感じないようにしますが

No one is gonna ever call you mayhem if you keep on acting like such a pussy.
そんな臆病だったら メイヒムとは呼ばれないぞ

No way things will keep on going on so well...
そんなに うまくは いかないでしょう。

No, I'm going to keep my clothes on.

No, I'm just gonna keep talking and talking, so you can't say you have some meeting to go to or make up whatever other excuse you're gonna make up, so you don't have to deal with me.
いいえ 止めません ミーティングがあるとか 貴方が口実を作れない様に 貴方が私から 逃げない様に

No, you don't know, because you keep going outside.
わかりっこないさ, 自分はずっと そと出歩いてるからね.

Now I'm going back to Sacramento to keep an eye on the suspects.
私は 容疑者を見張るために サクラメントに戻るわ

Now get on your knees. Keep going.
ひざまずけ 続けるんだ

Now it's below 75 days a year because the spring comes earlier and the fall comes later and the temperatures just keep on going up.
現在、75日を下回っています なぜなら、春は早くやって来て 秋は遅く来ます 気温は上昇し続けています

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