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ケツ持ち [ケツもち] /(n) (1) (sl) person or organization (esp. yakuza) in charge of solving problems caused by subordinates/(2) (sl) (See 暴走族) member of a biker gang driving behind the rest (in charge of keeping the police away from the other members)

活き締め;活締め [いきじめ;いきしめ] /(n) (1) (いきじめ only) (See 活け締め・いけじめ・1) draining blood from a live fish (from above the gills and at the base of the tail) to keep it fresh/(2) (esp. いきしめ) (See 活け締め・いけじめ・2) fasting fish for several days to preserve flavour and quality (and reduce mortality during transport)/(3) (esp. いきしめ) (See 活け締め・いけじめ・3) killing fish in a fishtank (immediately before cooking)/fish killed in a fishtank

活け締め;活締め(io);活締(io);活〆(iK);活け〆(iK) [いけじめ;いけしめ] /(n) (1) (いけじめ only) draining blood from a live fish (from above the gills and at the base of the tail) to keep it fresh/(2) (esp. いけしめ) fasting fish for several days to preserve flavour and quality (and reduce mortality during transport)/(3) (esp. いけしめ) killing fish in a fishtank (immediately before cooking)/fish killed in a fishtank

君子危うきに近寄らず [くんしあやうきにちかよらず] /(exp) (id) A wise man keeps away from danger

敬遠 [けいえん] /(n,vs) (1) pretending to respect someone while in fact staying distant/keeping at arms length/giving a wide berth/(2) avoiding (something unpleasant)/shying away from/(3) {baseb} giving the batter an "intentional walk"

三舎を避ける [さんしゃをさける] /(exp,v1) (id) to keep one's distance from someone (due to fear or because that person is superior)

思い出の記 [おもいでのき] /(exp,n) (1) one's memoirs/(2) keepsake (not from a dead person)

止める(P);留める;停める [とめる] /(v1,vt) (1) (esp. 止める, 停める) to stop/to turn off/(2) (esp. 止める, 停める) to park/(3) (esp. 止める, 停める) to prevent/to suppress (a cough)/to hold back (tears)/to hold (one's breath)/to relieve (pain)/(4) to stop (someone from doing something)/to dissuade/to forbid/to prohibit/(5) (See 目を留める,気に留める) to notice/to be aware of/to concentrate on/to pay attention to/to remember/to bear in mind/(6) (esp. 留める) to fix (in place)/to fasten/to tack/to pin/to nail/to button/to staple/(7) (esp. 留める) to detain/to keep in custody

糸を引く [いとをひく] /(exp,v5k) (1) to pull (the puppet) strings/to direct things from behind the scenes/(2) to stretch out (and keep going)/to linger on

鹿火屋;蚊火屋 [かびや;かひや] /(n) (arch) (meaning uncertain) hut where a fire was kept to keep deer, wild boars, etc. away from fields/hut where a mosquito-repelling fire was kept

食い下がる(P);食い下る;食下がる;食下る [くいさがる] /(v5r,vi) (1) to hang on to/to hang from/to cling to/(2) to hound/to keep after (someone)/to refuse to back down/to persist/to tenaciously face (someone)/to doggedly oppose/(3) {sumo} to grab the front of the opponent's mawashi, place one's head against their chest, and lower one's hips

世間離れ;世間ばなれ [せけんばなれ] /(n,vs) (See 世離れる) becoming unworldly/being free from worldliness/not keeping up with social norms

世知弁足袋 [せちべんたび] /(n) (obsc) (See 足袋) something worn over tabi to keep them from getting dirty

選び取る;選びとる [えらびとる] /(v5r) to pick out item(s) from a group to keep

阻む(P);沮む [はばむ] /(v5m) to keep someone from doing/to stop/to prevent/to check/to hinder/to obstruct/to oppose/to thwart

足止め(P);足留め;足留 [あしどめ] /(n,vs) (1) preventing (someone) from leaving/confinement/keeping indoors/inducement to stay/(2) being stranded/grounding/(3) (足留め, 足留 only) level dyeing

退ける(P);除ける [のける(P);どける(退ける)(P)] /(v1,vt) (1) to put something out of the way/to move (something, someone) aside/(2) (除ける only) to remove/to exclude/to take away/(3) (のける only) to set aside/to keep apart/(4) (のける only) to remove (someone) from the group/to shun/(v1,aux-v) (5) (のける only) (uk) (after the -te form of a verb) to do well despite difficulties/to accomplish despite adversity/(6) (のける only) (uk) (after the -te form of a verb) to do resolutely/to do boldly

張る(P);貼る(P) [はる] /(v5r,vt) (1) (esp. 貼る) to stick/to paste/to affix/(v5r,vi,vt) (2) to stretch/to spread/to strain/to tighten/to put up (tent)/(v5r,vi) (3) to form (e.g. ice on a pond)/(v5r,vi,vt) (4) to fill/to swell/(v5r,vt) (5) to stick out/to put/to slap/(v5r,vi) (6) to be expensive/(v5r,vt) (7) to keep a watch on/to be on the lookout/(v5r,vi) (8) (張る only) {mahj} (See テンパる・1,聴牌) to become one tile away from completion/(v5r,vt) (9) {math} to span/to generate

鎮子 [ちんし;ちんす;ちんじ] /(n) ornamental weights used to keep curtains and the like from blowing around in the wind

忘れ形見 [わすれがたみ] /(n) (1) memento (from a dead person)/souvenir/keepsake/(2) orphan/posthumous child

無想無念 [むそうむねん] /(n,adj-no) (yoji) being free from all distracting thoughts/keeping one's mind clear of all worldly thoughts/being free from all ideas and thoughts

目覚まし(P);目覚し;目ざまし [めざまし] /(n) (1) (abbr) (See 目覚まし時計・めざましどけい) alarm clock/(2) opening one's eyes/keeping one's eyes open/(3) (See お目覚) type of candy given to a child after it wakes up from a nap

落ちこぼれ(P);落ち零れ [おちこぼれ] /(n) (1) fallen scraps/scatterings/(2) leftovers/remainder/pickings/odds and ends/(n,adj-no) (3) (col) (sens) student who cannot keep up in school/dropout (from school, society, a movement, etc.)

"Keep away from the vertical cliff!" she shouted.

It will be better for you to keep away from such a man.

I keep nothing from you.

Keep away from the dog.

Keep away from that pond, please.

I couldn't keep from snickering.

You must keep this machine free from dust.

From now on, let's keep in touch.

Keep away from the vertical cliff!

Keep away from the pond.

We should keep away from the poisonous plants.

Keep away from that.

Sometimes we lie to keep from hurt someone else's feelings.

We must keep the children from danger at all costs.

What are you hiding? Come on, tell me. You can't keep it from me. That's (too) creepy.

Keep away from me because I have a bad cold.

Coffee keeps me from going to sleep.

Keep away from bad company.

You should keep away from bad company.

Keep away from had company.

The doctor advised him to keep away from drinking.

Keep away from me.

Thousands of Americans have a hard time keeping the wolf from the door.

Please keep the fire from going out.

Keep away from the fire.

We are trying to keep the wolf from the door.

Activity keeps the mind from rusting.

The cold weather may keep the plants from budding.

Try to keep from crying.

Business keeps going from bad to worse.

The police tried to keep people away from the accident.

Can not keep your dog from coming into my garden?

I could not keep the tears from my eyes.

Tell the children to keep away from the water's edge.

Children should keep away from the danger.

Children should keep away from the danger. It's dangerous.

Keep the children away from the knives.

Keep children away from medicine.

Children should keep away from the river. It's dangerous.

Children should keep away from the pond.

Keep the child away from the pond.

I keep nothing a secret from you.

I will keep nothing back from you.

Strange noises keep coming from the receiver and won't stop.

With no supply of water from trees, rainfalls diminish in time and the area keeps drying up.

His relatives began to keep away from him.

The other team tried to keep them from crossing the line.

Keep your son from having his own way.

In order to keep our feet warm we had to shift from one foot to another and keep moving.

Most athletes are told to keep away from cigarettes.

No one can keep me from going there.

Cold weather keeps many plants from blooming.

Keep away from the electrical equipment.

Keep away from the unlicensed taxis.

He said he would keep from keeping.

It was discreet of you to keep it a secret from him.

He keeps Kate from wine.

He tried to keep the secret back from us.

I'm sure he is keeping something from me. [M]

I could hardly keep from liking him.

It was wise of you to keep away from him.

She fainted, and I had to hold her to keep her from falling.

I had to grab her to keep her from falling.

She tried to keep prevent the rumor from spreading.

She could hardly keep from laughing when she saw the dress.

She told him to keep away from bad friends.

She tried to keep away from him.

She could not keep her daughter from going out.

Take lots of vitamin C to keep from catching cold.

Many American parents encourage their sons to play football to keep them away from drugs.

Mother often keeps me from watching TV.

Mothers should keep their children from playing in the streets.

I keep nothing a secret from you. [M]

I will keep nothing back from you. [M]

I could hardly keep from laughing. [M]

Keep the medicine away from children.

You should keep the medicine box away from your child.

Keep oil away from the fire.

Please keep from breaking the eggs.

His trip will keep him away from the office for a week.

Barry's been acting different around me lately, like he's keeping some sort of secret from me.
最近バリーが私の周りで 変な風だった? 何か隠し事してるとか...

Because it stops us in our tracks and it keeps us from progress.
なぜなら この機能不全が 行く手を阻み 進歩を妨げるからだ」と

Because you can't keep your eyes away from reality.
現実から 目を そらさない主義なの。

Besides, you and I both know she needs Anna's bliss to keep her from terrible pain.
知ってるだろう あの子にはアンナの "ブリス" が要る 強い苦痛を緩和する為に

Birkhoff had a hell of a time keeping the border patrol from Picking up your trail.
バーコフが苦労してた... 国境を越えさせるのに

Built to keep any wireless or radio signals from getting in or out.
無線や無線信号を保持する為だ 中から、それか外から

Busy, keeping the wolf from the door.
あぁ オオカミから守らんと

But I am very good at keeping secrets from my good friends.

But I'm not certain how much longer I can keep this from him.

But a little snow won't keep the dogs from finding it.
雪が降ってるが 犬が見つけてくれる

But a sandwich and a Stroll ain't gonna keep me from killing penguin.
サンドイッチは散歩の後に ペンギンを殺してから

But more spiders keep coming out from the south.
南方からスパイダーが 次々入って来てます

But we didn't really keep track of where the money came from.
どこからの収入か わからないものもあります

But you can't keep something like this from the police.
でも こんな事 警察に黙ってちゃだめだって!

But you need to keep away from Mary.
だが メアリーからは 手を引いてくれ

But you were keeping secrets from us, Evan.

But you're unable to keep a distance from any of the other patients you're treating?
患者さんとの距離の取り方が 近すぎるってことない?

But, dad, you can't keep me from it.
それから守ることなんて 出来ないはずだ

Carol, you keep this up, 20 years from now you're gonna look like me.
キャロル 私のような 仕事人間になるぞ

Carter, you keep an eye on the Desoto from there.
カーター そこから デソットを見張れ

Come on, Kyle. And, you, keep away from her.
来いよカイル お前も 彼女から離れろ

Convince me that you can keep your shit together from now on.
今からおれと行動できるということを 納得させるんだ

Could you keep this from them?
そこんところ よろしく。

Did you kill him to keep him from leaving the country with them?

Did you really think you could keep it from me?
あなたは本当に思うかを 私からは預かっていただけますか?

Do not keep things from me anymore!
現在は 一瞬で過去になる。

Do not take permission? Keep an extension keep your eyes away from here!
許可取ってないの? 引き留めといてください こっから先は入れないように よろしく!

Do you always keep mementos from the lives of people you've become?
いつも殺した人の 記念品を? 俺のだ

Do you realize that I just flew 3,000 miles to keep you from getting killed?
あなたが殺されるのを止めたくて はるばる5千キロも空を飛んできたのよ

Doesn't it feel like she's still keeping something from us?
それって彼女はまだ 私達に何かを隠してるように感じない?

Dr. Jordan. You're the one keeping us from losing our heads.
ヨルダン博士は 皆を安心させてくれている

Each time I saw a rainbow, I couldn't keep myself from chasing after it.
あの 虹を見た時から

Even couple of days in a few days. How to keep it from outside.
数日かそこらだ 後はどうする?

First Andre, then you steal Aaron from me and don't even keep him.
私から2人を奪って 振っておいて

First, get your snipers off the roof, and tell those men you have assembled out front to stand down, and keep them away from the building, or hostages will continue to fall from the sky.
まず第一に 屋上のスナイパーを撤退させ 下にいる奴らもだ

For god's sake, Campbell, I told you to keep her away from the window.
キャンベル 退避させとけと言ったろ

For reasons unknown, he has chosen to keep his existence a secret from you.
どういう訳か― 彼は存在を秘密にしている

For you. A keepsake from me.

Frog from the south milky way keeps expanding.
西の銀河出身 マーライコー選手。 タピカー選手。?

From here on, you can keep raising your skill level.
これから どんどん 腕を上げる事が出来ますよ。

From now on you keep your weapons close and ready.
これからは武器を いつでも用意しておけ

From now on, I'm asking that everyone keep their card on them ...At all times.
これから、全員がカードを いつでも持ち歩くように。 いつでも。

From now on, I'm asking that everyone keep their card on them.
これから、 全員カードを置きっ放しにするな。

From now on, keep out of my sight.
これからは 私の視界に映らないで

From now on, no matter what happens, I will not teach you absolutely and I will keep a secret. Is that okay?

From now on, please don't keep these issues from me.
これからは そういう隠し事は なしにしてください。

From now on, when you're driving, keep both hands high on that wheel.
両手をハンドルの上に のせておけ お前は 片手をシートの背に置け

From now on, you keep me in the loop.
今後 私に報告するように

From the generates to keep itself running.

Given that, it serves no one's interest for you to keep me from my work.
だとしたら 君が僕に仕事をさせないのは 誰のためにもならない

Great, I keep her home from school one day and she gets eaten! Ring around the Rosie. Hey, you want some food?
娘の学校休ませて、 食われたら大変だ 食べる?

Have you been able to keep you away from the boy school?

Hazel grace, I hope you realize... That you trying to keep your distance from me in no way lessens my affection for you.
ヘイゼル 分かって欲しい 距離を置こうとしても 君への愛は減ったりしない

He always keeps a bunch of keys hanging from his waist, so he makes a jingling sound whenever he's running.
あいつ いつも 鍵の束を腰にぶら下げてて

He begged me, keep that dirty nigger away from me!
こう言ってた "あの黒人を近づけるな"

He had such a knowledge of the dark side... He could even keep the ones he cared about... From dying.
ダークサイドの 知識を持っていた 死を避ける事も 可能なのだ

He hates that I take money from the government to keep this place running.
ここを維持するのに 政府から 金をもらってる事が あいつは気に入らない

He just keeps moving from one restaurant to the next, blabbing about wine.
彼はただ1つのレストランから 次の店に移動し続けた ワインについて ベラベラと秘密を話して

He keeps telling the medical staff that he's from 2077 and that he talks to dead people.
未来から来たと言い 死者と語らっている

He made me vow to keep the world away from him.
彼は私を彼から遠ざけ 世界を守ると誓いました

He may have come to keep me from being alone...
もしかしたら アイツは私を 1人ぼっちにしないために...>

He obviously needs something from Michael, and as long as Michael doesn't give it to him, he'll keep breathing.
マイケルが何かに必要なんだろう。 マイケルが、情報を教えないうちに、 マイケルを殺さない。

He says he's protecting you, but he's keeping Claire from you.
守ると言ってるけど クレアを隠してる

He takes great care to keep his face angled away from the platform security cameras.
彼は ホームの監視カメラに映らないよう 注意深く自分の顔を隠している

He was an evil monster who used murder and torture to keep himself from feeling like a eunuch.
彼は凶悪な怪物よ 自分が去勢されていないことを 確認する為に 殺人と拷問を行った

He watched over the coast always over the coast looking for signs of the dragon men to keep the wolves of hate away from our Shores.
彼は海岸から監視した いつも海岸から ...ドラゴン族の 兆候を求めて ...憎しみの狼どもを 我らの海岸に近寄らせない為に

He's a goddamn animal, and I'm trying to keep him from meeting you.
奴は悪党よ あんたに 会わせたくない

He's alive, but we have to keep an eye on him. Stay away from Thea.
彼は生きている、だが、 目を離すわけにはいかない

He's got a project, and it keeps him away from the more important truths.
彼には目論見があるから 真実から遠ざけた方がいいわ

He's keeping Claire from you.

He's like a dog that gets loose from his yard... And keeps humping and shitting his way through the neighborhood.
まるで庭から逃げ出した 犬のように... 近所中で交尾して 糞をするようにね

He's trying to keep his ass from touching!
座り方 変になってる! ケツに触れないようにしてる~!!

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