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ぐいっと;グイッと;ぐいと;グイと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) suddenly and forcefully (e.g. jerk, poke, shove)/(2) (on-mim) in a single gulp/in one go

ぐっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) suddenly/at once/in one go/with a jerk/with a gulp/(2) (on-mim) considerably/very much/a lot/(3) (on-mim) firmly/with an effort/tightly/exerting pressure/(4) (on-mim) completely (e.g. at a loss)/(5) (on-mim) deeply (e.g. moved)

めく /(suf,v5k) (1) to show signs of .../to have the appearance of .../(v5k) (2) (vulg) (col) to jerk off/to masturbate

ガクンと;がくんと /(adv) (on-mim) suddenly/with a jerk

ジャーク /(n) jerk

ピクピク動く;ぴくぴく動く [ピクピクうごく(ピクピク動く);ぴくぴくうごく(ぴくぴく動く)] /(exp,v5k) to jerk/to wiggle/to twitch

マスをかく /(exp,v5k) (col) to jerk off/to masturbate

顎をしゃくる [あごをしゃくる] /(exp,v5r) (See 決る・しゃくる・3) to jerk one's chin/to nod toward/to point one's chin at

決る;抉る;刳る;杓る [しゃくる;さくる(決る,抉る,刳る)(ok)] /(v5r,vt) (1) (uk) to dig out/to gouge out/to hollow out/(2) to scoop/to ladle/to bail/(3) to jerk (one's chin)

懲りない奴;懲りないやつ [こりないやつ] /(exp) person (generally male) who won't learn their lesson/persistent jerk

躍度 [やくど] /(n) {physics} jerk/surge/lurch/derivative of acceleration with respect to time

He's such a shameless jerk.

The train jerked forward.

He's completely convinced of his own greatness/righteousness but to the people around him he's just a selfish jerk.

Because he's punishing me for being a condescending jerk.
罪滅ぼしをさせられてる 僕の事を "慇懃無礼で非常識" だと

Because the ship's only gonna be here 24 more hours, and you're gonna clip Napoleon iii and make me look like a jerk again.
船が 出港する お前は ダイヤを盗み また 俺にマヌケの烙印を押す

Before the island, I was a jerk, and now I'm just a...
島に行くまで嫌な奴だった 今はただの...

Besides you sleeping with her sister and her sister dying and her father hating your guts and you basically being a jerk to everybody since you've been back?
彼女の妹と寝たでしょ 妹は死んで 父親は あなたを心から憎んでる

But I can't promise, when all this is over I'm not gonna kill every last one of you jerks.
だからお前は 友人がいないんだ!

But I know that my father was a controlling jerk so I can believe that he used you.
私は私の父が、 制御したことを知ってい詈ジャーク ので、私は信じることができないどれだけ彼女が 利点。

But I think I'll pass, jerk off.

But I want to make sure that everything we talked about is still heading my way. The car, the office and the house. Bagwell, if you're jerking me around...
しかし 私との約束が有効かどうか 確認したいんですが... 車に オフィス そして 家 バグウェル 時間を無駄にするなら...

But that jerk won't believe me.
でも その間抜けは信じてません

But the jerk who wrote it, sold it. Which gave me an idea.

But what if they didn't sound like a bunch of jerk offs?
彼らが間抜けな群れに 感じなかったら?

By the end, I'm going to try to get the commander to do the jerk.
最後は司令官にも ジャークを 踊ってもらおう

Come on. Don't jerk the rope.

Could have put me on with a bigoted jerk.

Derek, you are a selfish jerk.
デレク、あなたはわがままです ジャーク。

Detective? Those jerks dragged me down here.
間抜けどもは 私をこんな所へ

Dexter's such a great guy, but he's really kind of a pompous jerk, don't you think?
ハンナ・マッケイが じきに来る いま忙しいんだが

Did that jerk just dent my car?

Do the jerk. Please do the jerk.
ジャークダンスを 踊ってください

Don't be such a jerk!
そんなことより 今は斬り裂き魔の情報をよこせ

Don't jerk around so much, kid!

Don't jerk me around, okay, Chris?
クリス! 面倒かけるな、クリス

Don't talk about that jerk, robin.
するな ロビンの話は

Don't touch me, you jerk.

Especially the kind of total jerk loser who has to beat up on a girl to make himself feel like a man.
女を殴って 男になったような気でいる

Even better. Now they won't jerk.
良かった 今ならヤツらも動かない

Even though he's a jerk, he's still his beloved former subordinate.
あんなんでもさ 昔の部下はかわいいのよ

Ever since that Jayson Blair jerk ruined it for all of us.
ジェイソン・ブレアのやつが みんなを破滅に追いやったものですから

Every hook I baited with that jerk chicken got a gator.
鶏の餌の仕掛けに 全部ワニがかかってるぜ

Everyone's being such a jerk. They don't have to hate the guy so much...
ひどいな みんな。 そんなに 嫌わなくてもいいのにさ。

Excuse me, where's your non jerking off bathroom?
下りて左へ - どうも

Fine ! Go get fucked by that jerk!
うるせえ 色気づいた雌豚 お前なんか...

Fine. Be a jerk. I'd go in.
なによ 気取っちゃって 中に入りたいけどさ 傷を濡らせないだろ

Get over here and comfort her, jerk.

Give me the picture as soon as possible, you jerk!
早く写真を渡しなさい このクズ!

God, I am such a jerk. Don't start.

Guys, okay, if the charge here is that I am a greedy jerk with really questionable judgment, then I'm guilty.
いいかね 怪しげな判断基準で 私の罪が 欲ばりなことにあると言うなら

Guys. Last year, all three of us fell for this jerk of a senior.
去年 私たち三人共 最低の上級生に恋して

He really is a jerk, isn't he?
あいつ ホントにひどいな

He was a jerk. He shot my car.

He was kind of a jerk about it.
」 ちょっと震えてたみたいで

He's just jerking me around.

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