it is good for

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奇貨可居;奇貨居くべし [きかおくべし;きかかきょ(奇貨可居)] /(exp) (yoji) You must seize every golden opportunity/Strike while the iron is hot/When you find a rare good buy, seize upon it for a future sale at a much higher price

It is not good for you to break your promise.

This cloth is good in quality for its price.

And as with so many aspects of British life, there's a good historical reason for it.

It is not good for the health to smoke too much.

It is important for us to choose good friends.

It is not good for your health to shut yourself in all day.

It is good for you to take exercise.

It is good for nothing.

It is not good for a scientist to get emotional.

It is good for us to understand other cultures.

I think it good for you to read this book.

Though I have studied English at school for the past six year, I am still not good at speaking it.

It is a good idea for us to play shogi after dinner.

Kobe is famous for its good beef.

It is his constant boast that he has a good memory for names.

I think it is good for students to clean their classroom.

Aomori is famous for its good apples.

It is good for the health to get up early.

It is good for the health to keep early hours.

It is good for the health to keep early house.

Knowledge is power, but it is power for evil just as much as for good.

It is good for the health to rise early.

It is good for the health to take moderate exercise.

In Japan it is not customary to tip for good service.

It is no good waiting for him to come.

It's probably a good idea for us to speak in English, so he'll be able to understand.

It is a good idea asking him for help.

It is good for them to work during their vacation.

It is not good for her to live alone.

It remains to be seen whether or not going to America to study is good for me.

It is good for your health to take a walk every morning.

Because I know that if you're going to vote for a candidate I'm kind of glad that it's good that you're having a talk show like this because it's kind of nice that we can call in and ask our questions because you really can't ask questions of candidates.
投票するほうとしては― ドーク・ショーなんて いい機会だし だって候補者に質問なんて なかなかできないでしょ

Because if Widmore finds the island, it's good night for everybody on it.
ウィドモアが島を見つけたら 島にいる人間は終わりだ

But it is a good opportunity for the kid to grow up.
じゃが小僧にとっても 成長できる いい機会じゃ

But it's a risk I'm willing to take for the good of the camp.

But the list is only good for 96 hours. Which means, wherever Shaw's crew is going to hit next, it's going to happen within the next four days.
但し リストは96時間のみ有効であり それはショーに制約を掛け

But the question is, is it good for us?

Certainly it is a good fit for you.
確かに 君にぴったりだ

Don't you think that it isn't a good thing for you if they find out that you tried to kill Maya?
麻耶を 殺そうとした事が ばれたら

Even for a ghost, it isn't good to enter a cinema for free...
幽霊といえども 映画館に タダでは入っちゃいけない?

For our price range, this is as good as it gets.
予算を考えると 妥当だと思う

For the money, this is as good as it gets.
その金額じゃ ここは悪くない

Good for you ban, this time battle it with my warrior!
よかったな バン。 今度 俺のウォーリアーとバトルしようぜ。

Good morning! It's time for bomber exercise.
[テレビ]おはよう! 『ボンバー体操』の 時間です。

Good morning, Dave. It is now safe for you to emerge from stasis.
お早うデーブ もう外に出ても安全です

Good morning. It's time for bomber exercise.
[テレビ]おはよう。 『ボンバー体操』の 時間です。?

Good, because I know how difficult it must be for you to lose a service job like this at your age.
あなたへの借りを お返しします よろしい 君の歳で 失業する辛さが 私には よくわかるからな

Good. She said she'd be gone for the rest of the week. Is it the flu or something?
よかった 休むのは 風邪か何か?

Good. Well, goddamn, motherfucker, for this money, it better be.
しかし ふんだくりやがるよ

Half of good police work is the ability to sit on one's ass when it's called for.
警官にとって必要なのは 長く座ってられる能力だ

Hawaiians say it's a good night for fishing.
ハワイでは 釣りに適した夜と言われます

He isn't a good swimmer, and it's a little too soon... For him to be out here unsupervised.
息子はまだあまり泳げないんです 私が思うには 誰か監視する人がいないか と

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