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あやかし /(n) (1) ghost that appears at sea during a shipwreck/(2) something strange or suspicious/(3) idiot/fool/(4) noh mask for roles involving dead or ghost characters

くっ付く(P);食っ付く [くっつく] /(v5k,vi) (1) (uk) to adhere to/to stick to/to cling to/(2) (uk) to keep close to/to go along with/(3) (uk) to get involved with/to be thick with/to become intimate

インボルブ /(n) involve

オレオレ詐欺;おれおれ詐欺;俺俺詐欺;俺おれ詐欺;おれ俺詐欺 [オレオレさぎ(オレオレ詐欺);おれおれさぎ(おれおれ詐欺,俺俺詐欺,俺おれ詐欺,おれ俺詐欺)] /(n) type of fraud involving phone calls pretending distress

キャッチセールス;キャッチ・セールス /(n) unscrupulous sales practice involving expensive hard-to-break contracts (wasei: catch sales)

セックスフレンド;セックス・フレンド /(n) friend with benefits/fuck-buddy/sex friend/someone with whom one is not romantically involved but frequently has sexual relations with anyway

セフレ;セクフレ /(n) (abbr) (See セックスフレンド) friend with benefits/fuck-buddy/sex friend/someone with whom one is not romantically involved but frequently has sexual relations with anyway

タッチ /(n,n-suf,vs) (1) touch/(n,vs) (2) (ant: ノータッチ) being involved in

ポーセラーツ /(n) (abbr) (See ポーセリンアート) porcelain art/artwork involving application of decals, etc. to white porcelain

ポーセリンアート;ポーセレンアート;ポーセリン・アート;ポーセレン・アート /(n) porcelain art/artwork involving application of decals, etc. to white porcelain

マットプレイ;マット・プレイ /(n) sexual activity (at a brothel) involving body lotion and an air mattress (wasei: mat play)

ヤングラ市場 [ヤングラいちば] /(n) young underground market (the underground economy in goods and services, involving lots of barter and buying and selling of secondhand goods)

一枚噛む [いちまいかむ] /(exp,v5m) to participate in (as a member)/to get involved in

一翼を担う [いちよくをになう] /(exp,v5u) to play a part/to get involved/to take a share/to share the burden

引き合い(P);引合い;引合 [ひきあい] /(n) (1) reference/comparison/example/(2) inquiry/enquiry/(3) witness/being involved in a court case/deal

引っかかる(P);引っ掛かる(P);引っ掛る(P) [ひっかかる] /(v5r,vi) (1) to be caught in/to be stuck in/(2) to stop by/to drop in for a short visit/to be delayed/to take time/(3) to get mixed up in (trouble)/to get entangled in (a problem)/to be involved with/(4) to fall for (a trick)/to be deceived/to be cheated/(5) to be on one's mind/to worry one/to be bothered by/to feel uneasy/(6) to be obstructed/to be hindered/(7) to splash

陰乍ら;陰ながら [かげながら] /(adv) (uk) secretly/behind someone's back/unbeknownst to the parties involved

燕 [つばめ(P);つばくらめ(ok);つばくら(ok);つばくろ(ok);ツバメ(P)] /(n) (1) (uk) swallow (bird of the Hirundinidae family)/martin/(2) barn swallow (Hirundo rustica)/(3) (See 若い燕) younger man involved with an older woman

火祭;火祭り [ひまつり] /(n) (1) fire festival (often celebrating the absence of fires)/(2) New Year's ritual at Izumo Shrine/(3) festival involving fire dedicated to the gods

花鳥風月 [かちょうふうげつ] /(n) (1) (yoji) (See 花鳥諷詠) beauties of nature/the traditional themes of natural beauty in Japanese aesthetics/(2) artistic pursuits involving nature themes

課徴金減免制度 [かちょうきんげんめんせいど] /(n) {law} (See 独占禁止法) leniency policy/addition to Japan's antitrust law that allows lower fines for the first company involved in a cartel, etc. to admit their involvement

格技;挌技 [かくぎ] /(n) (abbr) (See 格闘技) martial arts which involve fighting without weapons/combat sport/one-on-one fighting sport

格闘技;挌闘技 [かくとうぎ] /(n) martial arts which involve fighting without weapons/combat sport/one-on-one fighting sport

掛かり合う;かかり合う [かかりあう] /(v5u,vi) to have dealings with/to be involved in

噛む(P);咬む(P);暑リむ;嚼む [かむ] /(v5m,vt) (1) to bite/to chew/to gnaw/(2) to crash against (e.g. of waves)/to break onto (shore)/(3) to engage (of cogs, zippers, etc.)/to mesh/to fit together/(4) (See 一枚噛む) to be involved in/(5) to fumble one's words (during a play, broadcast, etc.)/to falter with one's words/(6) (arch) to strongly confute/to argue down/to rebuke/to scold harshly

巻き込む(P);巻きこむ;巻込む(P);まき込む [まきこむ] /(v5m,vt) (1) to roll up/to enfold/to swallow up/(2) to involve/to drag into

巻き添えを食う [まきぞえをくう] /(exp,v5u) to get entangled in/to be involved in/to be embroiled in/to get mixed up in

関わり合う;関わりあう;係わり合う;かかわり合う [かかわりあう] /(v5u) to get involved or entangled in/to get mixed up in/to have something to do with/to have dealings with

関係者各位 [かんけいしゃかくい] /(exp) (hon) to whom it may concern/to the involved parties/to all persons concerned

客いじり;客弄り [きゃくいじり] /(n,vs) involving the audience (by talking to them, bringing them on stage, etc.)

係る [かかる] /(v5r,vi) (1) (See 掛かる・かかる・4) to be the work of/to be the result of/to be done by/(2) to concern/to affect/to involve/to relate to

携わる [たずさわる] /(v5r,vi) to engage in/to participate in/to take part in/to be involved in

経済単位 [けいざいたんい] /(n) (1) economic unit (entity involved in economic activity, e.g. households, businesses, nations)/(2) economic unit (measurement of economic activity)

警察沙汰 [けいさつざた] /(n) (yoji) a matter for the police/with the police involved/a brush with the law

原子力村;原子力ムラ [げんしりょくむら(原子力村);げんしりょくムラ(原子力ムラ)] /(n) (derog) nuclear power village/tight-knit community of legislators, regulators and manufacturers involved in the promotion of nuclear power

現業官庁 [げんぎょうかんちょう] /(n) (See 政策官庁) government agency providing public services/government agency involved in public enterprise

現業庁 [げんぎょうちょう] /(n) (See 三公社五現業) government agency providing public services/government agency involved in public enterprise

五目並べ [ごもくならべ] /(n) gobang (game played on go board involving lining up stones)/gomoku/Five in a Row

功程 [こうてい] /(n) amount of work/extent of labor (involved in ..., accomplished, etc.)

降り口;下り口 [おりぐち;おりくち] /(n) top of a flight of stairs/exit involving a descent (e.g. from a bus)

桜桃忌 [おうとうき] /(n) (太宰治) anniversary that celebrates author Dazai Osamu's birthday, and incidentally, the day his body was found after he was involved in a double suicide

参する [さんする] /(vs-s,vi) to participate/to take part/to engage in/to be involved

事故機 [じこき] /(n) aircraft involved in an accident/crashed aircraft/distressed aircraft

舎人;舍人(oK) [しゃじん;とねり(gikun)] /(n) (1) servant/valet/footman/(2) (arch) someone who works in close quarters with the emperor or imperial family/(3) (arch) low-ranking official who works for the imperial family or nobility (under the Rituryo system)/(4) (arch) ox-tender for oxcarts/horse boy/(5) (See 宮内省) honorary junior official of the Imperial Household Department's Board of Ceremonies involved in miscellaneous duties related to ceremonies

主とする [しゅとする] /(exp) (usu. 〜を主とする) (See 主として・しゅとして) mostly involve/principally involve

手を出す;手をだす [てをだす] /(exp,v5s) (1) to turn one's hand to/to reach out one's hand/(2) to get involved in/to make a move on/(3) to start a fight/to make a move in violence

手を染める [てをそめる] /(exp,v1) to get involved (with)/to begin (with)/to have a hand (in)

従事 [じゅうじ] /(n,vs) engaging in (work)/pursuing (e.g. studies)/following (a profession)/being involved in

深入り [ふかいり] /(n,vs) getting deeply into/becoming deeply involved in

神経衰弱 [しんけいすいじゃく] /(n) (1) (yoji) neurasthenia/nervous breakdown/(2) concentration (card game involving turning over face-down cards to find identical pairs)

人質事件 [ひとじちじけん] /(n) incident involving the taking of hostages/hostage situation

西安事件 [せいあんじけん] /(n) Xi'an Incident (involving the arrest and confinement of Chiang Kai-shek, December 1936)

西序 [せいじょ] /(n) {Buddh} memorial rite involving the western sanctum

町人 [ちょうにん(P);まちにん(ok)] /(n) townspeople/townsfolk/commoner/civilian/merchant/tradesman/tradeswoman/tradespeople/artisan/members of the lowest Edo-period social class (comprising commoners not involved in farming)

当事国 [とうじこく] /(n) countries concerned (involved)

同棲(P);同せい [どうせい] /(n,vs) (See 同居) cohabitation (usu. of a romantically involved couple)/living together

道州制 [どうしゅうせい] /(n) administrative reform proposal, involving integration of prefectures into 7 or 9 states

突き込む;突込む;突きこむ [つきこむ] /(v5m,vt) (1) (See 突っ込む・つっこむ・1) to thrust (something) into (something)/to cram/to stuff/to shove/(v5m,vi) (2) (See 突っ込む・つっこむ・2) to plunge into/to charge into/to rush into/to ram into/to crash into/(3) (See 突っ込む・つっこむ・3) to delve into (a matter)/to go into depth/to get to the heart (of something)/(v5m,vt) (4) (See 突っ込む・つっこむ・4) to press (someone) about/to point out (e.g. an inconsistency)/to question sharply/to grill/(5) (See 突っ込む・つっこむ・5) to get involved with/to meddle in/to poke one's nose into/(v5m,vi) (6) (See 突っ込む・つっこむ・5) to riposte/to retort/to quip

突っ込む(P);突っこむ;突込む [つっこむ] /(v5m,vt) (1) to thrust (something) into (something)/to cram/to stuff/to shove/(v5m,vi) (2) to plunge into/to charge into/to rush into/to ram into/to crash into/(3) to delve into (a matter)/to go into depth/to get to the heart (of something)/(v5m,vt) (4) to press (someone) about/to point out (e.g. an inconsistency)/to question sharply/to grill/(5) (See 首を突っ込む) to get involved with/to meddle in/to poke one's nose into/(v5m,vi) (6) to riposte/to retort/to quip

二天一流 [にてんいちりゅう] /(n) style of classical Japanese swordsmanship involving use of two swords

波乱曲折;波瀾曲折 [はらんきょくせつ] /(n) (yoji) very involved and troublesome situation/complicated twists and turns

抜き差しならない [ぬきさしならない] /(exp,adj-i) (See 抜き差しならぬ) be inextricably involved/be in a sticky situation

伴う(P);伴なう(io) [ともなう] /(v5u,vi) (1) (usu. ~に伴う) to accompany/to go hand in hand with/to be consequent upon/(v5u,vt) (2) (usu. ~を伴う) to be accompanied by/to bring with/to take with/to be involved in

百マス計算;百ます計算 [ひゃくマスけいさん(百マス計算);ひゃくますけいさん(百ます計算)] /(n) method of learning through repetition conceived by Kageyama Hideo, which involves multiplying and other calculations carried out on a 10-by-10 grid of numbers

宝探し;宝さがし;宝捜し [たからさがし] /(n) (1) treasure hunting/(2) lucky dip/game involving finding hidden prizes from a sand box, barrel of leaves, etc.

抱き込む;抱込む [だきこむ] /(v5m,vt) (1) to hold in one's arms/(2) to bring over a person to one's side/to involve

薬害ヤコブ病訴訟 [やくがいヤコブびょうそしょう] /(n) Japanese lawsuit involving cases where hospitalized patients contracted Creutzfeld-Jakob disease from infected transplants

絡まる [からまる] /(v5r,vi) to be entwined/to be involved

絡む(P);搦む [からむ] /(v5m,vi) (1) to entangle/to entwine/(2) to pick a quarrel/to find fault/(3) to be involved with/to be influenced by/to develop a connection with

立ち回り;立回り [たちまわり] /(n) (1) fight/scuffle/(2) walking about/walking around/(3) conducting oneself/(4) stroll (in noh, an action piece involving circling the stage)

恋愛禁止 [れんあいきんし] /(n) love ban/talent agency rule forbidding clients from getting involved in romantic relationships

連座(P);連坐 [れんざ] /(n,vs) implicated (involved) in (a crime)

孕む(P);妊む [はらむ] /(v5m) (1) (uk) to conceive/to become pregnant/(v5m,vt) (2) (uk) to get filled with (e.g. sails filled with wind)/to be swollen with/(3) (uk) to contain (a contradiction, danger, etc.)/to carry (a problem, consequences, etc.)/to involve (e.g. risk)/(v5m,vi) (4) (uk) to be swollen and ripe (of a plant ear, head, sprout, etc.)

穢多(ateji) [えた] /(n) (vulg) (See 被差別部落民) one group comprising the lowest rank of Japan's Edo-period caste system (people whose work usually involved handling human bodies or animal carcasses)

I'm worried whether your house was involved or not.

You wouldn't be so casual about it if you were directly involved.

The questions involved go far beyond economics.

Leave me out of this plan. I don't want to get involved.

This project will involve 50 trained staff members.

This job involves lots of hard work.

There's a lot of red tape involved in this procedure.

Dear woman, why do you involve me? Jesus replied.

The army was involved in a number of brilliant actions during the battle.

Not less than 10 people were arrested for being involved in the riot.

As regards the expense involved, it is of no concern to me. [M]

I don't want to get involved in that sort of thing.

I don't want to get involved in that business.

Anyways we choose will involve danger.

Service industries include communication, transportation, distribution, finance and a host of other areas which do not involve production of goods.

Takeo is involved in working out the mathematical problem.

Don't get involved with bad men.

He didn't deny that he was formerly involved in the program.

We got involved a traffic accident.

Mastering a foreign language involves a lot of patience.

Not only you but also I was involved. [M]

I got involved in other people's quarrel.

There may be microscopes involved, bringing us ever closer to the heart of the matter; but even microbiology is objective, adding to knowledge by putting space between an object and its observer.

I was involved in a traffic accident.

A whistle involves blowing out of your mouth in a certain way.

Happily, she was not involved in the troubles.

We've got some new business coming in and I want to discuss it with you. Do you mind getting involved?

At first many things seemed different, but I soon got involved in my new life.

We are here because we have a right to be involved in these decisions.

My uncle was involved in the traffic accident.

To my knowledge, he has not been involved in the fraud scheme.

My father is very much involved in the stock market now.

I was Involved in a petty argument.

I don't want to be involved in this affair.

I was involved in the quarrel.

I don't want to be involved in that matter.

I was involved in the trouble.

I came near to getting involved in a crime.

I don't want to have you involved in the trouble.

We were involved in a petty argument.

Calculating the risk which is involved in the event of failure, he demanded a show-down with the other party.

The Prime Minister was involved in a scandal.

The youngster was arrested for being involved in the riot.

He tends to shy away from anything that involves public speaking.

He has a reputation as being straight as an arrow. He'd never get involved in corruption.

The whole world was involved in the war.

You speak pretty highly of him but you're directly involved. I think my less charitable view might be more accurate since I can look at things objectively.

He was involved in the trouble.

He refuses to become involved in the trouble.

He admits being involved in the scandal.

He seems to be involved in that matter.

He is involved in the case a little.

He denied having been involved in the affair.

He was involved in the accident and killed on the spot.

He is involved in working out the mathematical problem.

He is involved in working out a crossword puzzle.

He was involved in the puzzle.

He was involved in a murder case.

I hope that neither of them has been involved in the traffic accident.

She didn't want to get involved.

She seems to be involved in that murder case.

She did not want to get involved.

She is now involved in tennis.

There are grammatical principles involved.

Mother is now involved in tennis.

At that time, the first department was involved in it. There is no mistake.
当時の第一営業部が絡んでる事は 間違いないんだ。

Audrey, a lot of people are involved in stopping those drones.
テロを阻止する力になったのは 俺だけじゃない

Back then... People didn't used to get involved in education.
昔は皆 教育への関心が 希薄だった

Bad news, it involves me digging up the radioisotope thermoelectric generator.
悪い知らせ rtg(放射性同位体熱電気転換器)を 掘り起こすこと

Based largely on rumors that he was involved in devil worship.
彼が悪魔崇拝に関与した事も 大きかった

Bauer's involved in the operation?

Because I am involved in the startup.
ほら 俺 立ち上げに関わってっからさ。

Because I have plans that don't involve me going to prison with people I put there.
ムショに入れた奴らに 関わりたくない

Because I'm involved in this.
当事者だからです お前だけの責任じゃねえってば

Because I'm not going to get involved. What?

Because it doesn't involve improving on evolution.

Because nobody forced your brother to get involved with drugs.
誰もあんたの弟に 麻薬を強制してない

Because she was afraid to involve everyone in it.
当時 藤崎弁護士は

Because that would involve me talking to my wife, which I am never gonna do again!
オレの女房との問題に 巻き添え食らっちまうからな!

Because you don't want to get involved.
知らないふり してるんでしょうけど

Because you're going to be asked questions, and if any of those questions involve Rio bravo, then you need to be able to say that you don't know anything about it.
もしきみが リオ・ブラボーのことを 聞かれたとしても 何も知らなければ

Bitch tried to involve me in that shit.
あのアマが私を 巻き込もうとした

Blood rituals involve a symbolic death and then a rebirth.

Bring in everybody involved in the case.
この事件に関係する人を 全員呼んで

Bring me all files involving the death of children between the ages of 9 and 15.
すべてのファイルを頼む... 9歳から15歳の 子供の死亡記録だ

But I also involved you two.

But I also said this. Keep in mind that I'm in no way involved with this matter.
ですが こうも言ったはずですよね あくまでも私は関与していないと

But I can't find the names of anyone else involved in the project.
でも、名前は見つけられないの プロジェクトに関係ある誰でも

But I didn't think I'd be involved in this.

But I do know somebody who's pretty involved.
そこに関わってる知り合いは いるよ

But I don't understand why Mcnamara is in here if he was involved in the blackmailing.
マクナマラがここにいる 理由がわからないわ 脅迫に関与してたの?

But I don't want to involve you in this mess.

But I mean, there might be money trouble involved.
お金が絡んでるかも しれないんでしょ?

But I won't involve my family in this anymore.
でもこれ以上自分の家族を 巻き込みたくない

But Mr. Secretary, the expenses involve this time only makes sense if there was a military purpose.
しかし 今回の出費は 軍事的な実験ででもなければ 説明がつきませんよ

But be involved in a gem Heist?

But causally involved in face perception.

But do not forget that every war worth fighting involves collateral damage.

But finally, I got myself involved.

But for some very nauseating, political reasons... Any rescue plans involving any us government forces or entity... Has been strictly ruled out.
政治的理由と ... ... 政府の秘密保持のために ... ... この装置は封印されている

But he got involved in an incident and that was it.
お互いに忘れましょう。 あれは一夜の過ちだったんです。

But in your... Vision... You were involved with him.

But involves finding an equilibrium with them that's a useful balance.
共に助け合う バランスの取れた関係はなし得るのです

But it was a little surprising for the person involved.

But it wasn't what happened to Gabby that got us involved.
ギャビーの事件が理由で 取組みを始めたのではありません

But it's a special circumstance because murder's involved, and booth has clearance.
何か特殊な事情に 殺人が関与してるのか

But it's better not to get involved with that kind of company.
この手の会社とは 関わり 持たない方がいいんだよ。

But please don't be involved with Kenji anymore.
でも 憲次を 巻き込まないでくれ))

But she's clearly romantically involved with Carter, as well.

But since she's been assigned to this department, you've been involved in some questionable calls.
ですが 彼女が配属され 疑問ある通話があるわ

But the people involved are different. Only they understand their pain and conflict.

But there is nothing to remotely suggest they'd be involved in terrorist attacks on their own country for any amount of money.
しかし、彼等がテロに関与してる 証拠は何処にもないだぞ 金はいくら払った?

But there's a high chance that he was involved.
しかし 犯行に かかわってた可能性は高いですね。

But we must remember that no one in this peaceful town, involved in the gruesome killing your men.
だが平和なこの町の誰も あなたの仲間を 殺したとは思えません

But whatever trouble Mr. Casey's gotten into, it involves the united states government.
だが ケーシー氏が どんな厄介になったとしても 米国政府が関与してる

But why are they saying you're involved?

But why get involved in the first place?
それが何で つきあうことになったの?

But would you not involve her in your problems anymore.
でも これ以上 妹を 巻き込むのはやめてもらえませんかね。

But you said there was a con man involved.
でも 詐欺師が関与してると言ったな

But you were romantically involved with Tanya Barrett.
君は ターニャ・バレットと 恋愛関係だったな

But, Dr. Senju's job doesn't only involve using anesthesia.
でもね 千住先生の仕事は 麻酔をかけるだけじゃないんだよ。

But, gradually they got involved with some dangerous items.
しかし次第に ヤバイ商品に 手を出すようになった

By definition, it involves having someone to communicate with.
そもそも 誰かを相手に通信するからです

Ca: we are not to get involved politically and interfere in that way.

Can you work out a scenario that involves a car accident?

Can't believe you're involved in that again.

Can't believe you're involved in that again. You should be hiding.

Come now, we cannot involved the police.
あなた 警察沙汰なんて とんでもないわよ

Coming up, love! Okay. Well, we've got two of the kids... Involved in the assault of Mr. Azziz.
ええと 少年二人がアジッズ氏の 暴行事件に関与してる

Confessions of everyone involved have been necessary.
犯人の方の 善意の自白が必要なんです。

Cops got involved. He got shot.
警官が関与して 彼は撃たれた

Dancing, a series of movements involving two partners where speed and rhythm match harmoniously with music.
ダンスとは 2人のパートナー によってなされる 一連の動きで 音楽に合わせて 速さやリズムが変化します

Deb, I never meant to get you involved in any of this.

Derek Watson is about to be involved in a violent crime.
デレク=ワトソンはまさしく今 凶悪犯罪に手を染めようとしている

Destroys the happiness of those involved now.
関係者の今の幸せを 壊してしまうとしたら

Didn't want y'all involved.
お前らを 巻き込みたくなかった

Do we think she's involved?

Do you really want to get them involved?
いいのかい? 彼らを巻き込んで。

Do you say there is a prove that my dad was involved in this?
父が かかわったっていう証拠は あるんですか?

Do you think a demon could be involved in this?
何か 悪魔が絡むような お心当たりは?

Do you think he was involved?

Do you think she knew that her brother was involved?
姉なら 不思議は無いが

Do you want to get the police involved?

Doctor, your patient was involved in a terrorist attack against the white house in an effort to kill the president of the united states, and I believe the people he's working with want to try it again, so if you've got a problem...
合衆国大統領を殺そうとしたんです それに再攻撃があるでしょう だから問題があるとしても...

Does it involve the potential for losing fingers?

Does it involve you raising 3.2 million?

Does it involve you shooting me in the back? No.
背中への不意打ちに 関係がある?

Does not involve belief in god.

Does, um, being on squad involve having to stick a full twisting double layout?
スクワッドでいる為には 避けて通れない道よね?

Don't ever try to involve the department in your private quarrels.
個人的争いに 警察を巻き込むな

Don't get involved any further with me.

Don't get involved in senseless things.
つまらんことに 足を引っ張られないように

Don't get involved with me again!

Don't get involved with me again.
言ったはずだ。 俺に二度とかかわるなと。

Don't get involved, as the flash or yourself.
フラッシュとしても あなた自身としても

Don't get involved. Go home to your wife.
関係するな 君の妻、家に帰れ

Don't involve Shu in this!

Don't involve us anymore than this!
ん? まあ 片思いなんだけどね?。

Don't involve yourselves at all. We can't do that.
今後一切 関わらないことだ 聞き入れることはできません

Don't let your private feelings involved in your work.
プライベートの感情を 仕事に引きずらない

Don't say this shit to me. You won't be involved.
ー おくびにも出すな ー アンタは巻き込まれずにすむ

Don't suppose one of those ways involves me walking out of here.
1つにしてくれないか 巻き込まれただけだ

Don't tell me, she involved with something dangerous again.
もう いいっつうの はいはい 分かったよ おごるよ! もう。

Dr. Bloom, weren't you and the accused romantically involved?

Dr. Phlox was involved in an altercation the last time he was in San Francisco.
Dr. フロックスは、以前サンフランシスコで いざこざに巻き込まれたことがありますね

Dr. Wells was somehow involved. In of Barry's mother's death and her murder.
博士がバリーの母親の殺人に 関与してると言ってた

Drake, our son, heard that Emma was romantically involved with a dubious character.
息子のドレークの話では エマが いかがわしい人物と恋愛関係にあると・・・

Earlier, you said you involved us in it.
私達を巻き込んだと おっしゃいましたが

Edward Rasmus is involved, I know it.
エドワード・ラスマスが 関係してる 分かってる

Edwards' job involved dredging up a lot of details about violent crimes.
エドワーズの仕事は 嫌な事を思い起こす複雑な仕事だ 暴力犯罪について

Either way, we're going to find out who this old guy is. Either way, we're going to get involved in this guy's life. Here's the pressing question.
どっちでも身元は聞き出し 彼の人生に干渉する

Even I don't want to involve myself!
俺だってな 関わりたくねえよ!

Even getting a student from my class involved.

Even if she wanted to leave, other people may be involved.
自分の意思で出て行った 可能性も否定しきれませんね。

Every flake he's ever been involved in, every agent he's ever won.
関わった任務 担当者 全てだ

Every marine involved in the assault was vaccinated.

Everybody involved in that is either in prison or has been killed.

Everybody involved in the production seems to think you were off drinking.
舞台関係者はみんな あなたが 他の場所で お酒を飲んでいたと 思ってるようですよ

Everyone involved in the ritual knew that this would happen.
儀式に携わるもの全員が これが起きることを 知っていたのか

Everyone who got involved with this man.
この人に関わった人 全員

Except Oliver brought me a laptop riddled with bullet holes, had me trace a black arrow, and research a company involved in armored car heists.
オリバーが弾痕だらけの パソコンを持ってきた事以外は 私に黒い矢を捜し出させた 装甲車強盗の会社の調査

Except in this instance, that hunch involves you.
その直感が あなたに関係あることなの

First share I've ever heard involving a mongoose.
聞いたのは 初めてだった

For getting you involved in this.

For many people, acting involves courage.

For me to be involved, but it was encouraged.

For one thing they must be involved in things like imitation and emulation.
一つには 真似や模倣に関わっているに違いありません

For the safety of all those involved, it's important that we keep what happened here today quiet.
皆さんの安全のため 今日起きた事に 沈黙を守ることは 重要です

Foreign background, boring life, a job involving travel. Spycraft 101.
移住 無色の人生 旅行の多い仕事 と言えばスパイ

Former employees of solidus? I will not do any work involving solidus.
元ソリダスの社員? ソリダス絡みの仕事は 一切やらない。

Fraser's work involves finding a way to safely harness the energy of fusion reactions to in theory make faster than light travel possible.
フレイザーは安全な核分裂の 方法を探っている 光速以上の移動が可能になる

Friendship can sometimes involve a breach of individual separateness.
友情は時として 個々人の精神の独立を妨げる こともある。

From the last few months that may involve our mystery girl.
謎の少女が関連するかもしれない 最後の数ヶ月から

From what I understand... You and Mycroft were involved for a time.
君とマイクロフトは しばらく つきあっていたと 私は考えていたんだが

Gabriel took in the boy because he was in love with him, only Gabriel's form of love involved bouts of Meth and violence.
ガブリエルは 彼が好きだったから あの子を部屋に泊めていたんです ガブリエルの愛の形は

Get a complete account from those involved.
関係者への聞き込みは 徹底的に行ってくれ。

Get all the vice ministers of the ministries involved. I'm calling a meeting.
関係省庁の次官を集めてください 会議を開く

Get involved in that, you'll either end up a Crook or you'll go broke.

Getting deeply involved with her is not a good thing.
深入りしても いいことなんかないんだぞ

Getting emotionally involved with a woman under investigation.
指名手配犯の女と 深く 関わりすぎたからじゃないのか?

Getting involved with a fellow officer.

Getting involved with detective is not such a bad idea.
お前ら 探偵と絡んでもさ ろくなこと ないんだよ。

Getting yourself more and more deeply involved in other people's affairs.
自分から どんどん 深みにハマって行くの。

Given that, all the animal hybrid programs he was involved in were destroyed to restore investor confidence.
そして... 投資家の信頼を回復するために 全ての動物 ハイブリッドプログラムは破壊された

Good. Let me know if I need to get involved.
よし 何かあったら 知らせろ

Hard to believe, but there are ways of getting things done that don't involve illegal activities.
違法行為など、しなくても... 解決する方法はある

Has Bauer gotten you involved with something?

Has your experience ever involved any actual fighting?

Have a variety of people involved.

Have you been involved in this from the beginning?

Hayatosan got involved in something that I did...
私が 勝手なことして 隼人さん 巻き込んで...。

He believes Abigail Hobbs was involved in her father's crimes and he suspects will is protecting her.
彼はアビゲイルが 共犯だと考えてる ウィルが彼女を守ってると

He gave me the name of somebody who's been involved in the planning.

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