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インタロゲーション;インタロゲイション /(n,adj-f) interrogation

インタロゲーションマーク;インタロゲイションマーク;インタロゲーション・マーク;インタロゲイション・マーク /(n) interrogation mark

過酷尋問 [かこくじんもん] /(n) harsh interrogation/enhanced interrogation

鞠問;鞫問 [きくもん] /(n,vs) examination/interrogation/questioning

取調室;取調べ室 [とりしらべしつ] /(n) interrogation room/interview room/sweatbox

審尋;審訊 [しんじん] /(n,vs) hearing/interrogation

審問 [しんもん] /(n,vs) interrogation/hearing/trial

尋問(P);訊問 [じんもん] /(n,vs) cross-examination/interrogation/questioning

調書 [ちょうしょ] /(n) protocol/written evidence/record (investigation, interrogation, etc.)/preliminary memo/charge sheet

問いかけ;問い掛け [といかけ] /(n) query/interrogation/enquiry/question/inquiry

問い合わせ(P);問合せ;問い合せ;問合わせ [といあわせ] /(n) enquiry/inquiry/query/interrogation/ENQ

He kept silent all the time during the interrogation.

Because I didn't face any charges in the interrogation.
取り調べたところで そもそも容疑すら特定できないのですから

Begin the test sequence. Based on the interrogations, I believe the prisoners are not temporal agents.
尋問によれば、囚人達は時間工作員 ではないと思われます

Being day after day in interrogations, aren't you tired?
連日の取り調べで お疲れでしょう?

Brody must have identified that camera blind spot while watching the interrogation.
ブロディは先の尋問の際に 多分カメラの死角を確認

Broke out of interrogation rooms 1 and 2.

But he was pretty cool under the interrogation.
ただ取り調べの時に コルトはかなり落ち着いていた

But the stress of arrest and interrogation...
でも 逮捕や取り調べのストレスが

But this isn't a normal interrogation, is it? To Tim, this is chess.
でも普通のやり方じゃ 通用しないよ ティムにとって これはチェスなんだ

But... The detective, in the interrogation, called it a suicide.
でも... 刑事さんは 取り調べで自殺と言ってた

By an act of visual interrogation.

Can somebody remove this person from the interrogation room?
誰かこの人を 片付けてくれる? 取調室よ

Can we leave the interrogation there, sergeant?
もういいかしら 巡査部長

Carrie, I want you to run the interrogation.

Coffee and interrogation in the morning?

Crawford and Gleason are in interrogation talking to her now.
クロフォードとグリーソンが今 彼女を取り調べ中です

Crazier still, he invites me to stay and watch him assist in the interrogation of this lunatic who'd been planting car bombs all over the city.
もっと滅茶苦茶なのはさ 街中の車に爆弾を仕掛けた 頭のおかしな奴を捜査してた時 彼が捜査を手伝ってるのを

Do a thorough interrogation of Nakao.
中尾を たたいてください。 おう。

Do we have a clear path to interrogation?

Does your breath smell bad while you're answering my interrogation right now?
答えている間にも 息が臭いかどうか判断したり

For enhanced interrogation. That's not gonna work. Navarro was in Covert ops.
無駄だ やつは諜報員だった

Found an interrogation room set up with tea for two.
取調室を発見 2つのお茶が準備されてる

Go and get him before the royal interrogation begins.
尋問が始まる前に 必ず捕まえろ

Hadad without due process, and that you used extreme interrogation methods on him until he answered your questions?
質問に答えるまで 極端な尋問方法を取ったということは 事実かね?

Have fun with your interrogations. We will.

Have someone put Simon Moran in interrogation one, please.
誰かサイモン・モランに 尋問して欲しい

Have we started with royal interrogation already?

He committed suicide while under interrogation.
あっ 本当?今 剥がすドキよ

He survived three solid days of interrogations.

He's in an interrogation room by himself.

He's transporting Navarro back here for interrogation.
訊問のためここへ― ナバロを連行中です

Not in at the moment http://fittor.top/porn613/ lustypuppy Comey said he fought enhanced interrogations internally, within the Bush administration, during his tenure as deputy attorney general but was overruled by his bosses and higher-ups on the Bush national security team. As for his approval of OLC memos okaying the practices, Comey said he found it difficult to disprove their legality, despite personally finding them reprehensible.

Just over two years https://daralebda.com/stmap_62ulz8u.html topiramate buy online uk Sayyab, now 37, was arrested in Pakistan along with hundreds of other foreigners following the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan and turned over to American authorities, who sent him to Guant叩namo for interrogation. His U.S. lawyer, Buz Eisenberg, said the prisoner was a trained chef who has worked in France and Syria and had no involvement with terrorism.

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