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インサイト /(n) insight

管を以て天を窺う [くだをもっててんをうかがう] /(exp) (See 管窺・かんき) to make a personal judgment on a problem with little insight/to look at the sky through a tube (Zhuangzi)

管窺 [かんき] /(n) (See 管見・かんけん・1) narrow insight/narrow view

管見 [かんけん] /(n) (1) narrow insight/narrow view/(2) my humble opinion

観入 [かんにゅう] /(n,vs) insight/penetration

眼 [まなこ] /(n) (1) eye/eyeball/(2) (arch) pupil and (dark) iris of the eye/(3) (arch) insight/perceptivity/power of observation/(4) (arch) look/field of vision/(5) (arch) core/center/centre/essence

眼鏡 [めがね(P);がんきょう;メガネ] /(n) (1) spectacles/glasses/(2) (めがね only) judgement/discrimination/discernment/insight

眼光炯々;眼光炯炯 [がんこうけいけい] /(adj-t,adv-to) (yoji) having piercing eyes/eagle-eyed/having a penetrating insight (into)

眼識 [がんしき] /(n) discrimination/insight

眼力 [がんりき;がんりょく] /(n) insight/power of observation

慧眼 [けいがん] /(adj-na,n) discerning (quick) eye/keen insight

見通し(P);見透し;見通(io) [みとおし] /(n) (1) unobstructed view/perspective/visibility/vista/(2) forecast/outlook/prospect/prediction/(3) insight/foresight

高察 [こうさつ] /(n) (hon) superior insight/your idea

史眼 [しがん] /(n) historical view/historical insight

識見 [しきけん;しっけん] /(n) views/opinion/discernment/pride/self-respect/insight

閃き [ひらめき] /(n) (1) (uk) flair/flash/(2) (uk) insight/(3) (uk) waving (e.g. of a flag in the wind)

達見 [たっけん] /(n) farsightedness/insight

達識 [たっしき] /(n) farsightedness/insight

知恵(P);智恵;智慧 [ちえ] /(n) (1) wisdom/wit/sagacity/sense/intelligence/(2) {Buddh} (usu. 智慧) prajna (insight leading to enlightenment)

直覚 [ちょっかく] /(n,vs,adj-no) intuition/insight

直感(P);直観(P) [ちょっかん] /(n,vs,adj-no) intuition/instinct/insight/hunch/immediacy

透察 [とうさつ] /(n,vs) insight

洞見 [どうけん] /(n,vs) insight/discernment

洞察 [どうさつ] /(n,vs) discernment/insight

洞察力 [どうさつりょく] /(n) insight/discernment/perception/perspicacity/acumen

不明 [ふめい] /(adj-na,n) (1) unclear/obscure/indistinct/uncertain/ambiguous/(adj-no) (2) unknown/unidentified/(n) (3) ignorance/lack of wisdom/lack of insight

明察 [めいさつ] /(n,vs) discernment/penetration/insight/intellectual acumen

This poem calls for great insight from the reader.

The myth offers insights into the ancient civilization.

The exhibition offers profound insights into ancient civilization.

He gave them the benefit of her insight.

He has a deep insight into human psychology.

She has a feminine insight into human behavior.

She gave them the benefit of her insight.

Attention to aesthetics and insight into the human condition.

Besides some entertaining insights about human desire.
人間の欲求についての面白い洞察以外に どういう利益があるか見てみましょう

Bones. I think you'd find my insight valuable, captain.
私の洞察力を示せたな 船長?

But a source of insight into solvable emotional problems.

But during studies of dysfunction, data revealed an unexpected insight:
しかし 機能障害の研究が進むと 調査データから予期せぬことが明らかになりました

But it's also based on a very good psychological insight:

By offering insights into this third way.

Captain Rogers does not have clearance for project insight. Director override.
キャプテン・ロジャースは出入り権限がありません。 局長権限だ。

Come on, it's not psychological insight.

Do you have any insight as to how she became this way?
彼女がどうしてこんなふうになったのか 理由は おわかりですか?

Dr. Cahill's insights may cast them in a new light.
ドクター・ケーヒルの洞察力が 新しい光を当ててくれるかもしれない 記録のコピーは 自宅にあります

For giving one some insight as to how the brain works.

For insights into one of my human patients?

Gave me a lot of insight into animals.

Good insight of the notion of area.
基本的なイメージを 与えることができます

Have a deeper insight into human psychology...
だいぶ 分かるように なってきたんですよね。

Having such an insight being this young is good.
若いのに 随分 物分かりがいいね。

He gives us the insight and the wisdom.

His insights and these clips with you all.

Hypotheses, and in fact, insights emerged.
深く思考する必要がありました そして ある真相を明らかにしました

I call these the navigating insights.

I can get insight into that on a daily basis.

I have to admit I've had a few dark nights when I've looked to you for a little insight into the feminine mind.
徹夜で読んだよ 女心を知る為に あんたに期待してね

I just want to share with you four key insights.
私が得た4つの見識について お話ししようと思います

I knew you'd know him. Any insights?

I meant the insight you had into my project.

I need more time. If she dies, any insight her body can give us about the visitors, or Tyler, will die with her.
もっと時間が要る 死なれたら調査は出来ない

I need to know, and I would love your insight.
知る必要がある 教えて欲しい

I see enormous insight and potential.

I simply can't offer you any more insight than I already have.
これ以上私が得ている知見を あなたに教えられないだけです。

I thank you not to take credit for any of my insights into the case.
この事件に対する僕の推理洞察を 何一つ自分の手柄にしないでもらいたい

I tip my hat to the old woman's insight.

I took off my helmet to the old woman's keen insight.

I was hoping that it would give me more insight into the man, but so far...
あの男のもっと内側が見れるんじゃないかと 期待していたが これまでのところ・・・

I won't be the sole focus of the book... You can still get your story out... But they're insisting that candid insight into your company's collapse and your perspective on the ensuing trials will be a major selling point.
自叙伝だから 生い立ちにも触れるだろうが 彼らは会社が倒産に至った 内部事情や― 訴訟の展望を 売りにしたがってる

I wondered if you had any personal insights as to where he might be?
彼の居場所について 個人的に何か 思いあたることは無いかね?

I'll leave you with one final, valuable insight.
最後に大事なヒントを 皆さんに お教えしようと思います

I'll offer one insight. She doesn't think she married the wrong guy.
私の推測では 彼女はそう思ってない

I'll thank you not to take credit for any of my insights into the case.
何一つ自分の手柄にしないでもらいたい [ローレンス・ペンドリーが実際 罪を犯し]

I'm giving you a chance to explore career options and get insight into my organization.

I'm hoping that you might be able to provide some insight as to who's trying to harm you.
あなた達を殺そうとしている人物について 何か考えがあるんじゃないかな

I'm prepared to marvel at your insight.
君の洞察力に驚く準備は 出来てる

If I had any insight into any of this... I would share them with you, believe me.
直覚があったら 教えてあげるよ。 絶対ね

If she contacts you, if you find anything out about her, if you have any insights into the case...
もし彼女があなたに接触して来たら 彼女について何かわかったら 事件のことで何かひらめいたら・・・

If they'd review it, grant me a few, well, then I'd be happy to lend my insights.
それを見直して 少し認めてくれるなら 喜んで 私の洞察力を貸してあげるわ

If we could find patterns and meaning and insight in it.
ここにパターン、意味を見出し 洞察することができたら?

If you look at the insights of contemporary psychology.

In that last question, a surprising insight was revealed.

Insight into our enemy, the very thing that fuels humans love.
敵意が 敵意を生み出している物 人間を突き動かす物の本質が

It increases your insight and broadens your world!
見識を高め 世界を広げてくれる!

It made me reassess the man. I would appreciate more of those insights.
この前の助言で彼を再評価したの あなたの洞察力を高く評価してる

It was an amazing sort of insight for me.
この見方には 驚かされました

Let me give you a little insight, pal.

Maybe you should bring sweets here to... Analyze the environment for psychological insights.
スイーツを呼んだら? 心理学的に部屋を分析するわ

Might be. Thanks for the insight.
"かもしれない"、よ 意見には感謝するわ

My flash of insight cleared out my nose.
毛利君? は 鼻声が治ってる。

My studies have given me insight that has saved many lives.
研究をしていて 多くの命を救えると直感した

Nick fury used your friendship to coerce this council into delaying project insight.
ニック・フューリーは、 あなたとの友情を利用し、 プロジェクトインサイトを 遅延させた。

Now, I've gained some insight into this.

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