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せき止める;堰き止める;塞き止める [せきとめる] /(v1,vt) (1) to dam up/to hold back/to keep back/to bring to a halt/to intercept/(2) to stem (an activity)/to check (e.g. progress)

チェック /(n,adj-no) (1) check/plaid/checkered/(n,vs) (2) checking/monitoring/looking over/scrutinizing/inspecting/(n) (3) check (banking)/cheque/bill (restaurant)/(4) check (chess)

チェックイン /(n,vs) check-in

チェックインカウンター;チェックイン・カウンター /(n) check-in counter

意馬心猿 [いばしんえん] /(n) (yoji) {Buddh} it is hard to keep one's worldly desires and passions in check

引き合わせる;引合せる;引き合せる;引合わせる [ひきあわせる] /(v1,vt) (1) to introduce/(2) to compare/to check/(3) to adjust/to pull into place

閲す [えっす;けみす] /(v5s) (1) (えっす esp. refers to documents) (See 閲する) to inspect/to examine/to check/(2) to elapse/to pass (time)

閲する [えっする;けみする] /(vs-s) (1) (えっする esp. refers to documents) to inspect/to examine/to check/(2) to elapse/to pass (time)

改める(P);検める;革める [あらためる] /(v1,vt) (1) (改める, 革める only) (See 改まる) to change/to alter/to revise/to replace/(2) (改める, 革める only) to reform/to correct/to mend/to improve/(3) (改める, 検める only) to examine/to check/to inspect/(4) (改める, 革める only) to do properly/to do formally

割符;割り符 [わりふ;わっぷ(割符)] /(n) tally/check/piece of wood or paper split in half and given to each party as a form of proof (e.g. of a transaction)

間遮 [あいしゃ] /(n,vs) {shogi} (See 間駒) piece placed to block opponent's check/interposed piece

検問 [けんもん] /(n,vs) inspection/examination/check

振り出す;振出す [ふりだす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to shake out/(2) to draw a check (bill, draft, etc.)/to issue (e.g. money order)/(3) to infuse (e.g. in hot water)

制御(P);制禦;制馭 [せいぎょ] /(n,vs) (1) control (of a machine, device, etc.)/(2) control (over an opponent, one's emotions, etc.)/governing/management/suppression/keeping in check

制止 [せいし] /(n,vs) control/check/restraint/inhibition

素行調査 [そこうちょうさ] /(n) (yoji) probity check/background investigation

阻止(P);沮止 [そし] /(n,vs) obstruction/check/hindrance/prevention/impediment/interdiction/preemption/blocking

中っ腹 [ちゅうっぱら;ちゅっぱら] /(n) anger (held in check)/irritation/rage

調べる [しらべる] /(v1,vt) to examine/to investigate/to check up/to sense/to study/to inquire/to search

調べ上げる [しらべあげる] /(v1) to check through/to thoroughly investigate

定期点検 [ていきてんけん] /(n) periodic check/periodic inspection/routine inspection

搭乗手続き [とうじょうてつづき] /(n) boarding/check-in

搭乗手続きカウンター [とうじょうてつづきカウンター] /(n) check-in counter

当たる(P);当る;中る;中たる [あたる] /(v5r,vi) (1) (ant: 外す・5) to be hit/to strike/(2) to touch/to be in contact/to be affixed/(3) to be equivalent to/to be applicable/to apply to/(4) to be right on the money (of a prediction, criticism, etc.)/(5) to be selected (in a lottery, etc.)/to win/(6) to be successful/to go well/to be a hit/(7) to face/to confront/(8) to lie (in the direction of)/(9) to undertake/to be assigned/(10) to be stricken (by food poisoning, heat, etc.)/to be afflicted/(11) to be called upon (by the teacher)/(12) to treat (esp. harshly)/to lash out at/(13) (as 〜するには当たらない, etc.) to be unnecessary/(14) {baseb} (usu. as 当たっている) to be hitting well/to be on a hitting streak/(15) (in fishing) to feel a bite/(16) (of fruit, etc.) to be bruised/to spoil/(v5r,vt) (17) to feel (something) out/to probe into/to check (i.e. by comparison)/(18) to shave/(19) (as 〜の〜に当たる) to be a relative of a person/to stand in a relationship

入国審査 [にゅうこくしんさ] /(n) immigration check/immigration inspection

抜き打ち検査 [ぬきうちけんさ] /(n) (See 抜き打ち・2) spot check/snap inspection/surprise test

抜き打ち調査 [ぬきうちちょうさ] /(n) (See 抜き打ち検査・ぬきうちけんさ) spot check/snap inspection/surprise test

分解検査 [ぶんかいけんさ] /(n) (See 分解修理・ぶんかいしゅうり) overhaul/check-up/inspection

抑止 [よくし] /(n,vs) check/checkmate/stave off/control/restraint/inhibit/deterrent/deterrence

抑制 [よくせい] /(n,vs,adj-no) control/restraint/suppression/constraint/curtailment/inhibition/check/curb

You should go to the police and check in out yourself.

You got the date wrong when you were filling in the check.

In this hotel you have to check out by nine o'clock.

Deposit this check in my checking account.

I'll check further into the matter.

Do you pay for it in cash or by check?

I'm just about to check in.

Provided you have a reservation, you can check in anytime.

In the U.S., it is common for people to write a check instead of paying cash.

Check in, please.

I'd like to check in, please.

I'll be a little late tonight for check-in.

Can I check in now?

Can I leave my bags with you until I come to check in?

Where is the United Airlines check-in counter?

What time do you start check-in?

What time should I check in?

How late can I check in?

When I flew to New York, I was told to check in two hours before my flight.

I'd like to check in.

Write the amount on the check in letters as well as figures.

Putting the check in my pocket, I started for the door.

The government has held commodity prices in check.

Please check in at least an hour before leaving.

Be sure to check in at least 45 minute prior to departure time.

You must not forget to check your paper before you hand it in.

Can I check in here?

Where is the check-in counter?

Where should I check in for Tokyo?

He was cheated into accepting the forged check.

He didn't say anything as to whether he was going to pay in cash or by check.

He drew a check for twenty thousand yen in favor of his wife.

At the bottom you got the people you see when you pass a check over the counter in the bank.

Attention. Warp core antimatter containment check in three minutes.
3分でワープコア燃料の 格納が完了します

Aw, fuck! Stay in here and check out those tapes, man!

Back in the day, he used to double his paycheck playing this game.
昔こいつは ハーツで荒稼ぎしてた

But I need to get in and check your storage facility first.

But could you check into the woman who is in those pictures?
調べといてもらえますか? じゃあ。

But it would be very helpful if you could just check in with me once a week and let me know what's happening.
頼みたいのは 週1度の 51分署内の 実情報告よ

But that's why she wanted me to check out that plastic surgeon in Florida.
でも その理由が... 彼女はフロリダの 外科医を調べてくれと言った

But three days before she was killed, ... Claire Wolcott made a $200,000 withdrawal in the form of a cashier's check, ... Made out to none other than Paul Fricke.
クレア・ウォルコットが 20万ドル引き出して まさしくポール・フリックに 預金小切手を切ってるの

By the way, feel free to check in on my head at any time.
私の脳波はいつでも見ていただいて 構いませんけどね

Call it in. I'm gonna go check the rest of the house.
介抱を 家をチェックする

Can you check on the invoice order?

Can you think of any reason why Jonas Siedel would check into a hotel under an assumed name? Jonas wasn't a big one for talking about his past, that's for sure.
ジョナスさんが偽名でホテルに チェックインした理由は? ジョナスは昔の話を あまりしませんでした

Can't check back in without him.
彼が戻らないと 確認できない

Check his I.V. And get me an electrolyte bag just in case.
[静注をチェック 万一に備えて] [電解液点滴バッグを用意]

Check ids on her and everyone else in the building.
建物にいるみんなと 彼女のIDを確認してくれ

Check if there is a infant warmer. Yes.
インファントウォーマー 周辺確認して。 はい。

Check in here from the investigation.

Check in the refrigerator. Also in the freezer.
冷蔵庫 調べて。 フリーザーの中も。

Check in with everybody. They'll show up.
全員帰らせろ サツが張ってる

Check in with me every 15, okay?

Check in with me when you're approaching the power plant.

Check into the Hyatt hotel. If I don't turn up, go to the dutch embassy.
ハイアット・ホテルへ行け もし俺が 来なければ オランダ大使館へ

Check it out. What's that in your pocket? It's my cigarettes.
確認を タバコだ

Check it out. You just touch someone's phone with your phone, and it automatically downloads your contact info.

Check my record... I've never been in trouble before.
オレはトラブルは 起こしたことがない

Check out the view. Then, imagine that this is our own private oasis, right in the heart downtown.
見てくれ 俺達のオアシスを想像して

Check out these footprints. Pretty deep in there.

Check out today's inquirer, and they'll have you believing a virus is sweeping the city.
今日の訪問者を観察してくれ 都市ではウィルスが流行している

Check over the whole system in the morning.
朝一番にシステムを 点検してくれ

Check that out, Lambert. You maybe getting interference.
ちゃんと見ろ 干渉じゃないのか?

Check the incident reports, first of September.
報告書を調べろ 9月1日の・・・

Check the rest of the house, see how they got in.

Check them in, and let's make sure they don't crowd up the common areas.
チェックインしたら、確認しよう 彼らは共通の場所で 群衆の中には入らない

Check this out. I am moving in on the bar...

Check this shit out. We're not gonna push you in.

Check to see if you inadvertently brought it with you.
間違って持ってきてないか 点検しなさい。

Check us out, here's my information.

Come on. Let's get out of here. Better check up in the tower here.

Cop sure was in a hurry to check out that be I faked.
俺が偽装した不法侵入に 警官が慌てて出掛けただろ

Detective Fusco. I need to check this in.
ファスコ刑事 これを確認しないと

Did you check in the car? I saw it.
車の中は確認したか? - 見た見た

Did you check on it in the morning?

Did you guys check in or not?

Did you wake up at any other point in the night and check in on him?
分かる... 冒涜され

Do you mind if I come in and check the Jacks?
ジャックをチェックするために 上がってもよろしいですか?

Do you need anything else before I go check on the device fueled by evil that's sitting in our cargo hold?
私が例の装置をチェックしに行く前に、 必要な事があれば言ってくれ 貨物室にあるよね?

Don't even bother to check him in. We're not to even check you in, sir, just get you on that plane.
命令で あなたを飛行機に乗せろと

Dr. Farragut, we need you to check in. Dr. Farragut.
"ファラガット博士 チェックしてください"

Dr. Farragut. I asked you to check in on the hour.
1時間ごとに来るよう お願いした

During... Asked me to check in with you.
君に... 確かめておきたい

Ed: all right. Well, I guess we'll double check it when I come in.
ED: 分かりました 今度お会いする時に 再確認できますね

Elias is keeping you and yours in check until his plan is finished.
イライアスは 君と家族を抑えている 計画の完了まで その後...

Every family has the one person who keeps the genealogy in check.
どの家系にも家族を まとめる人が一人は居る

Excuse me, miss... Can you check and see if I have a hook in my lip?
釣り針がひっかかってるかどうか 見てくれないか?

Figured I'd check in on you, see if I can do something right today.
ここの様子を見に来たんだ いま何か出来る事が無いかと

For security purposes, I'm gonna have to ask you to check in your mobile.
セキュリティ対策で 携帯をお預けに

Franklin, you and Bob get in the car. Check the block, see if you get any action.

Get down to isolation. Check on the infected patients.
隔離して 感染者を調べてくれ

Give him the intravenous drip as soon as possible! Please check his vital signs!
大至急 点滴! バイタルチェック!

Give us 20 minutes to check in.

Glenn's right, we should do a perimeter check. Know our exits just in case.
グレンの言うとおり 周囲を調べて策を練ろう

Goddamn it, I must have lost her. Could be hiding in the woods. I'd better go back and check.
見失ったか 戻って森を捜した方がいいな

Gonna be back to check on you in an hour.
1時間くらいしたら 診察に戻ってくる

Gonna come check on you in a second. I'll be right back.
少ししたら また来るよ

Good. Why don't you go and check us in.

Ha ha. Wainright's coming in. He wants to check on things.
ウェインライトが来るのよ 捜査の進み具合を知りたがってる

Had to toss my phone, so I'll call you on a Burner, check in.
携帯は捨てたから 後で使い捨てで電話する

Have asked me to check in here.
こっちでチェックしてくれと 言われて。

He could probably use a call now, and we figured you'd want to check in and let him know that you're all doing fine.
今お話できるかも お話しになりたいかと 皆さん ご挨拶は?

He got in around three. Neither parent thought to check on Danny.
で 3時頃戻って来たけど 両親どちらもダニーの様子を見ようとは 思わなかった

He might have forgotten to check in.

He must have been in contact with. We need to check.
接点があったはず。 その誰かを調べて...。

He said he heard something in the woods, went to check it out, that's where the electrostatic anomaly occurred.
証言によると、彼は森で何かを聞いたと言い、 それを確認する為、 静電気異常が発生した場所に行った。 僕が納得できないのは、普通、

He used it to check into a motel.
モーテルにチェックインするとき、 使った名前よ。

He was never arrested or in any kind of a job that required any type of security clearance or background check.
彼には逮捕歴はなく、 人物調査や身元調査が必要な いかなる職業にも就いたことはない。 - 運が良ければ歯医者にかかっているかも。

He went in to check on her for school, and he got very excited.
朝 娘を起こしに行った彼は すごく動揺してた

He'd be in here right now if he took the check, but no, you did.
彼が小切手を 受けたなら... けど違う 君だ

He'd forget to check for cars, just run right into traffic.
車が来るか 確認もせずに 道に飛び出すし

He'd go check up on her once in a while.
時々 気にかけて 顔を見に行っとったんじゃね。

He's got two strikes for larceny, and check this out I found a disposable camera in Archie's locker and had the film developed.
窃盗で2回捕まっています これを見てください アーチーのロッカーにあった 使い捨てカメラです フィルムを現像してもらいました

Inline check valves

Intravenous or arterial tubing check valves

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