half day

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小半日 [こはんにち] /(n-adv,n-t) nearly half a day/approximately half a day

半ドン;半どん [はんドン(半ドン);はんどん(半どん)] /(n) (ドン is short for ドンタク) (See ドンタク) half holiday

半休 [はんきゅう] /(n) half-holiday/taking half of the day off

半日 [はんにち(P);はんじつ] /(n-adv,n-t) half day

I study English half an hour everyday.

Half the office took a day off.

School begins at half past eight expected on Wednesdays and Saturday.

The Bank of Japan lowered its discount rate by half a percentage point Monday, bringing the key lending rate to 4.5%.

Do you offer any half-day tours?

He studied for one and a half hours every day.

Based on Lye and desiccated tissue, I'd say the remains have been buried a day, maybe a day and a half ago.
アルカリ液と 組織から判断して 遺体は36時間は 埋まってた

But all that evening, and next day, reports came in, one after another, of staggering losses, of the loss of half the army.
だが 次 々 と届 く 報告 が 事実を明確に した ロ シ ア軍は 全兵力の 半分 を失 っ て いた

But also we could gather sunlight for six and a half to seven hours a day.
一日6時間半から7時間の光を 集める事ができます

But it was good for a day and a half.
いや。 でも 1日半は 保温できてますからね。

But only half a day has passed?
たったの半日しか 経っていなかった。

Can we just have half of a day?
現れたその日から 逸らせない

Don't forget, I'm off half day today. Oh, that's right.
今日 半休なんで よろしく。 おっ そうだったな。

Even his birth, I labored a day and a half to bring him into this world.
彼の出産も難産で 産むのに一日と半日格闘した

Everybody looks like they're moving at half speed today.
今日は皆 調子がよく見えるわよ

Except for soul and body, that is, what's left of them, and a half day's ration.
心と 自分の体だけ もたせてきた 食料も 後1回で 尽きる

Half a pound per man, per day.

Half of the earth's population lives in cities today.
世界の人口の半分は 都市に住んでおり

Half the town going nuts yesterday, that wasn't a Fluke.

Half the world's people still living on less than two dollars a day;

Hang in there. I'll give you half my side dish today.
頑張って。 今日のおかず 半分やるから。

He can see half this guy's day in a mere 30 seconds...
コイツの半日を30秒足らずで のぞいていく。

He said, no. Half the cabinet went to see the grandmothers the next day.
翌日 閣僚の半数がそのお婆さんに会いに来ました

He's been in the weapons bay for a day and a half, modifying the torpedo.

He's had a good day. He doesn't need half of these guns.
彼には十分だっただろうけど これらの銃の半分も必要ないはず

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