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アヴェマリア;アベマリア;アヴェ・マリア;アベ・マリア /(exp) Ave Maria (prayer) (lat:)/Hail Mary

パラパラ(P);ぱらぱら /(n) (1) disco dancing with synchronized arm motions/(adv-to) (2) (on-mim) falling in (large) drops (e.g. rain, hail)/sprinkle (e.g. rain, salt)/pattering/clattering (e.g. hail)/(3) (on-mim) flipping through a book/thumbing through a book/riffling cards/(adv-to,adj-na) (4) (on-mim) sparse/scattered (e.g. clumps of grass)/(adv-to,adj-no) (5) (on-mim) crumbly (e.g. tofu, cheese, non-sticky rice)/loose and falling apart

雨あられ;雨霰 [あめあられ] /(n,adv-to) (1) hail (e.g. of bullets)/barrage/storm/(n) (2) rain and hail

迎える(P);邀える [むかえる] /(v1,vt) (1) to go out to meet/(2) to receive/to welcome/to greet/to salute/to hail/to reach/to approach/to enter (a phase, era, etc.)/(3) to accept (e.g. as a member of a group or family)/(4) to call for/to summon/to invite/(5) to approach (a certain time, a point in one's life, etc.)

呼びかける(P);呼び掛ける(P);呼掛ける [よびかける] /(v1,vt) (1) to call out to/to hail/to address/(2) to appeal

呼び声(P);呼声 [よびごえ(P);こせい(呼声)] /(n) call/hail/yell

呼応 [こおう] /(n,vs) (1) hailing each other/(2) acting in concert/(3) {ling} agreement/concord

降ひょう;降雹 [こうひょう] /(n) hailstorm/hail

指呼の間 [しこのかん] /(n) hailing distance

銃連射 [じゅうれんしゃ] /(n) rapid (weapons) fire/hail of bullets

春霰 [しゅんさん] /(n) spring hail

硝煙弾雨 [しょうえんだんう] /(n) (yoji) smoke of powder and hail of bullets/(in) the thick of the raging battle

雪あられ;雪霰 [ゆきあられ] /(n) (See 氷霰) soft hail/snow pellets

弾雨 [だんう] /(n) hail of bullets

弾丸飛雨 [だんがんひう] /(n) (yoji) hail of bullets/heavy bombardment

南無 [なむ] /(conj,int) {Buddh} amen/hail

南無阿弥陀仏 [なむあみだぶつ] /(exp) {Buddh} Namu Amida Butsu/Hail Amitabha Buddha/Homage to Amida Buddha/prayer for rebirth in Sukhavati, the Pure Land of Amitabha

南無妙法蓮華経 [なむみょうほうれんげきょう] /(exp) {Buddh} Glory to the Sutra/Hail Lotus Sutra

氷;冰 [ひ] /(n) (1) (arch) ice/(2) hail

氷あられ;氷霰 [こおりあられ] /(n) (See 雪あられ) small hail/ice pellets

氷雨 [ひさめ] /(n) hail/chilly chilly rain

雹 [ひょう] /(n) (See 霰・1) hail (esp. hailballs 5 mm or greater)

雹害 [ひょうがい] /(n) hail damage

霰 [あられ] /(n) (1) (See 雹) hail (esp. hailballs under 5 mm)/graupel/(2) {food} dicing/small cubes/(3) (abbr) (See 霰餅) roasted mochi pieces (usu. flavoured with soy sauce, etc.)

You're expected to hail it as a triumph.

The hail harmed the crops.

The hail cracked the window.

As a rule, hail falls in summer.

The crowd hailed the winner.

People hailed him as king.

We marched under a hail of bullets.

He is hailed as the father of modern anthropology.

He hailed a cruising taxi.

It's hailing.

Have you ever seen it hail?

Cabs have been hailed this way for decades because this is the most efficient way to hail a cab.
タクシーは 何十年も こうして呼び止められてた これが一番効率的だからね

Daddy wants to eat sushi! Daddy wants to hail cabs!
寿司も食べたいし タクシーにも乗りたい

Experts are hailing it as the artistic find of the century and Noone...
専門家は世紀の 芸術的発見として歓迎してます - 朝食は?

From where do you hail, captain?

Got killed by a hail stone.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee. Hail Mary, full of grace.

Hail hydra! Hail hydra! Hail hydra!

Hail hydra. You're out of your depth, kid.
Hail HYDRA。 相手を間違えたな。

Hail stone comes down, size of a softball, crushes his skull.
そこにソフトボールの大きさの雹が落ちてきて 彼の頭がい骨を砕いたんだって。

Hail the iron hammer, attack blast of the black lance!
鉄槌のヘイルで 黒槍のブラストを攻撃!

Hail, Mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee.
ヘイル、マリー、恵みにあふれ、 主はわれと共に

He Hails from England, o sublime one.

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