get ready

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整える(P);調える;斉える [ととのえる] /(v1,vt) (1) (esp. 整える) to put in order/to arrange/to tidy up/to straighten/to adjust/to fix/(2) (esp. 調える) to get ready/to prepare/to arrange/to supply/to assemble/to buy/(3) (esp. 調える) to work out (e.g. business deal)/to arrange (e.g. marriage)/to settle

雪支度;雪仕度;雪じたく [ゆきじたく] /(n) (obsc) getting ready to go out in the snow/clothing for going out in the snow/snow gear

揃える [そろえる] /(v1,vt) (1) to collect/to gather/to get together/to complete (a collection)/(2) to arrange/to put in order/to prepare/to get ready/(3) to make uniform/to make even/to match

湯をわかす;湯を沸す [ゆをわかす] /(exp,v5s) to boil water/to get the bath ready

用意 [ようい] /(n,vs) preparation/arrangements/provision/getting ready/laying out (e.g. a meal)

Whatever I say, he has a comeback ready. You can't get a word in edgewise.

You must get ready quickly.

Let's get things ready beforehand.

When will you get ready to leave?

Get ready for the trip at once.

And in many countries, where the animals are already under pressure because their homes are being destroyed by agriculture, things can get even worse.

Get it ready at once.

Everybody is very busy getting ready for the New Year.

Mrs. West is busy getting breakfast ready.

If the tip was a dime in one glass, the waitress, in her haste to get the table ready for the next customer, would pick up the glass, the water would spill out, and that would be the end of it.

I get ready for a party.

When will they have that picture ready that I wanted to get blown up?

My school is getting ready for the campus music festival.

Please get my account ready by tonight.

In order to get the soil ready for planting you must plow it.

The cherry trees are getting ready to bloom.

Whenever I get ready to go shopping, he invariably starts getting on my back.

I told my wife to get ready in a hurry.

I must get the breakfast ready.

Get ready in advance.

Get ready quickly.

She's getting breakfast ready.

He took little time getting ready to go out.

He was busy getting ready for his journey.

She was getting ready for leaving home.

She is getting breakfast ready.

She's got to get ready for dinner.

My father is busy getting ready for his trip.

Mother is getting breakfast ready.

Mother was busy getting ready for dinner.

Did you get everything ready for tomorrow?

Midterm exams are next week. Just cramming the night before won't get you ready. The time to start studying is now. [M]

Avery, I suggest that we discuss this in private, and when we're ready, we'll get back to the detectives.
エヴリー 非公式で話そう 準備ができたら連絡します

Be ready to fly within a half hour, get you to the cayman islands.
30分以内に飛べる ケイマン諸島へ行く

Behavior has damaged this family's good name, and I've already spent a fortune getting you out of trouble.
...行動が家名を汚した そして お前を守るのに 財産を注ぎ込んでいるんだ

Better add it, and get ready to write down missing molar.
逮捕記録を訂正しないと "歯も欠けていた" みたいだ

Better get those jumper Cables ready.

Bible, get ready to snatch that .30. Roger.

Brenda! Go get the trailer ready.

Brenda, go get the where's mom? Go get the trailer ready.
ブレンダ トレーラーに

Brighton, I haven't even begun to get ready yet.
ブライトン, まだ 始まってもいないのに

But he has a small army of lawyers, and I'm sure they're already putting his Bail up for review. No way he'll get out.
だが精鋭の弁護団が 再審理に動いてる

But if this is too hard for you, or too complicated, then please, just get out now, because I've already been hurt too much.
でも これがあなたにとって過酷で 複雑すぎるなら どうか 帰って

But it's a fact! Get ready!
でも これは事実なのよ さっ!

But they're getting ready for you, and the dream is alive.
でも君が本当に来るとは 思っていない

By a giant eagle. That body may not be sufficiently degraded for us to get the call. I already took care of that.
この遺体は十分に分解されて ないようだけど 手は打ってあるわ

By the time I get back, you'll be ready to spill everything in your little head.

By the time he gets the boat ready, there is no sun.
明日の朝に 会えるようにするよ

Can I get a bloody pint already!

Can we decide who gets to live already?
そろそろ 決めません? 誰が 生き残るのか。

Can we get an arrest warrant ready?
とにかく 逮捕状 出していただけませんか。

Can you get up? Breakfast is ready.

Carver is getting the Trucks ready.

Cheer up already. Yeah, since we get treated, right?
もう機嫌 直せよ。 何か おごってもらうからね。

Claire, get ready for school. Now.

Come on, Betty, come on. Get ready.
ベティ 準備して

Come on, we'll get ready for bed.

Cossacks were getting ready to leave for the may Camps.
コサック達が五月の野営の 準備をしていた

Crew quarters. Paxton's getting ready to fire the array.
クルーの部屋です パキストンはアレイの発射準備をしています

Daddy just has to get my tent ready.
パパがテントの 用意をしてくれるの

Did you already get my message?

Did you get drunk already? No.
え もう 酔っちゃったんですか? ううん。

Did you try to get ready for it?

Didn't I get you already?
さっきしたろう! ?

Didn't I tell you girls to get ready?

Do you know how hard it was to get that money ready?!
その金を工面するのだって どんなに苦労したか!

Do you need me here for this? I need to get back to uh, getting ready for the rally tonight.
私は今夜のパーティなんかで 見る事があるのだけど

Doesn't it? I'll get it ready right away. What's this? Shuriken?
でしょ。 すぐ用意するね。 何? これ。 手裏剣?

Don't get me wrong. It was already like this when I found it.
誤解しないで。私が見つけた時は この状態だったの。

Don't get too comfortable. You already scratched my settee.
くつろぎ過ぎよ 長椅子にも傷を

Don't say it! Oh, god, I see you getting ready.

Don't worry about anything. Just get ready for the surgery.

Dr. Brennan, I thought you'd be home getting ready. I'm checking Dr. Edison's work so that I can talk to him before I leave. Uh, he doesn't need your help.
エジソン博士の仕事を 帰る前にチェックしないと 彼は1人で大丈夫よ

Especially when I need to get ready for tests.
ウフフ... 特にテストのときとかね

Even if you get home late and I'm already asleep... Just whisper in my ear one little thought you had today.
もしも家に戻るのが遅くなって、 私が寝てしまっていても... . 私の耳元にちょっとだけ 今日何があったのかを囁いて...

Everybody get ready, wait for my signal.

Everyone's already working on getting it repaired.
もうすでに全員で 修復作業に取りかかってます

Fight. Let's get ready to go again, please. Let's get ready to go again.
"もう一度やろう" "もう一度やろう..."

For the generation in their 30's and 40's getting ready to buy their own house, it's a topic of interest.
30代40代のマイホーム持とうとする 世代には興味あるテーマですよね

Forget it. I already tried. You need to get to higher ground.
諦めろ もう試したんだ もっと高い場所に行かなきゃ無理だ

From headquarters to all sit teams! Get ready for breaking in!
本部より SIT各局! 突入準備!

Geez, what are you going to do, getting even more energy than what you already have?
もう それ以上 元気になって どうするんですか。

Get 'em ready. We gotta gun into the wall.

Get a good meal ready for us.
急いで昼メシの準備して かしこまりました

Get a hold of yourself already! Mama.
もう いいかげんにして。 ≪ママ。

Get a hold of yourself. You already went through the trouble of being a full time employee.
しっかりしろよ 小山田 せっかく正社員になれたのに~。

Get a letter of dismissal ready for him.

Get away from jump characters, already!
なんで 新妻エイジやねん!? ジャンプキャラから離れろや!

Get back to the ship, get it ready.

Get everyone ready to move out.

Get first platoon ready. You're working for him now.

Get him out of here. I'll cover you. Ready?
彼を連れ出せ 援護する

Get him ready for transport back to the hotel.

Get ready for him. It's beautiful.

Get ready for major remodel, fellas! We're back in hardware mode.
大改造の準備して置けよ 実物でやるからな!

Get ready for some eggplant with mozzarella!
ナスとモツァレラチーズの スパゲティーの登場だ

Get ready for some sleepless nights.
寝かせねえから 覚悟しとけよ。

Get ready for spooky time, but there's this family secret.

Get ready for the games to begin!

Get ready for what's next.

Get ready so we can leave.
現場 行くから すぐ用意して。

Get ready to adjust your image for tan raincoat.

Get ready to bleed, rich bitches! This is our time now!

Get ready to clear the crowd. Move out of the way! Look out!
群集排除の用意を 催涙ガスじゃ効かない ゆっくり ゆっくり

Get ready to cut the engines.

Get ready to cut the rope!

Get ready to eat my dust.

Get ready to get a lot of Winks.

Get ready to go as soon as they kill that noise.

Get ready to go balls to the walls with painful daze.
今度は 痛みのある錯綜 にタッチだ

Get ready to go to sports.

Get ready to hit the flares.

Get ready to hold on. That's why he's the arc trooper.
つかまる準備をしろ さすがアークトルーパーだ

Get ready to initialize the matrix!

Get ready to launch the gangplank.

Get ready to make the course change.

Get ready to meet your maker.

Get ready to move. He's armed, but I want him taken alive, if possible.
武装してるが 可能なら殺すな

Get ready to phone in a tip to homeland.
保障省に密告する 準備しろ

Get ready to send him back in.

Get ready to take his leg.
足を押さえろ - やめろ!

Get ready to unlock the door.

Get ready to unlock the door. I have to go in order.

Get ready with that Lighter. Yeah, pass it, pass it.

Get ready! It will not be okay!
ばーかったれ! 大丈夫なわけねえでしょう!

Get ready, Cathy. Things are about to move very quickly.
準備しろ 事態が動くぞ

Get ready, because more is coming.
備えるということ これで終わりではないからです

Get ready, then I can come and pick you up from home.
今から迎えに行くから 準備して

Get ready, this is for real!

Get ready, we're dancing tonight.
準備しろ 今夜はキレまくるぞ

Get ready. He's about to go off the grid.
準備をして 彼は外出するところよ 彼は陰の中にいる T

Get ready. I'm counting to 100.
いいか 100数えるよ

Get ready. Margot may have set up a perimeter.
気をつけろ 警備がいるはずだ

Get ready. What am I supposed to do?
どうしたら いいの?

Get ready. You, come on. Let's go shake him up.
行くぞ、 アーサーロバートを起こしてくれ

Get some dinner. Be ready in an hour.

Get that weapon higher up. 219, are you ready?
きちんと持て! 219 準備いいか?

Get the Gauze ready to stop the bleeding.
出血を止めるのに ガーゼがいるわ

Get the ambulance ready once it arrives.
着いたら すぐ アンビューの準備 してね。

Get the camera ready for her statement.

Get the car ready. You're gonna drop me outside.

Get the differential lung ventilation ready. Wait a minute.
分離肺換気の準備 お願いします。 ちょっと待って。

Get the kid ready to move.
あの娘を 他へ移す準備をしろ

Get the plane ready. I need a shower.
飛行機の準備を その間にシャワーよ

Get the rest of lightning squadron ready.

Get the rocket ready to launch asap.
ロケットの発射を 急がせろ。

Get the tracheal tube ready, contact the or. Okay!
挿管準備 オペ室連絡して はい!

Get them ready. Do it yourself.

Get this rig ready to block the street.
これで 通りを ふさぐんだ

Get this thing over with. I'm ready.

Get under way when ready, make turns for 30 knots.
準備が出来たら 30ノットで旋回させて

Get up already! Cold! That was different.
もう 起きて! 冷たい! あ 違った。

Get up and get ready for school.

Get used to it already, brother.
もう高くねえぞ ブラザー!

Get your boots on and your guns ready.
ブーツを履いて 銃の用意をしろ

Get your men ready. Uh, Roger that.

Get yourself ready to take a shot.

Getting ready to give to the kids.

Give me a minute with the prisoner, and get ready for level r insertion and retrieval.
私に1分ちょうだい レベルrの準備をして

Go become a Barnacle and get eaten by humans, already.

Go get that ring. You didn't give it to someone else already, did you? I...

Good timing it appears our friend in the safe house is getting ready to do business.
良いタイミングだ あの偽装施設の 仲間から報告があって

Gregor a few years older already a big lad, already getting a bit of a reputation.
グレゴールは数歳年上で... 体格の良い少年で すでに名も知られていました

Gun lightning length missile loading. Get ready for launch.
砲雷長 ミサイル装填。 発射準備に入れ。

Hanae, you are not getting ready?
花笑 支度しなくていいの?

Have the or get ready for emergency surgery! Hurry up!
ヨンエ様が自殺を試みた手術室へ早く! 緊急手術を準備するんだ!

Have you finished proofing the special feature? Oh, I was getting ready to do that.
あんた 特集の校了は? あっ。 これからです。

He already has a boyfriend, and he's getting friendly with another boy!
もう ちゃんと彼氏がいるのに他の男の子ともいい感じなの!

He gets ready, the ball is set, and he Kicks.
彼は準備をして ボールがセットされ 彼が蹴るのです

He said he was getting ready to close, remember?
彼、お店閉めるとこだって 言ってなかった?

He said he'll get it ready as soon as possible.

He's a little boy behind there. He's scared. He's like a butterfly, getting ready to emerge...
彼は怖がってるかも サナギが蝶へと...

He's getting ready to run.

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