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しゃぎり /(n) (1) short flute piece (in kyogen; usu. a lively solo)/(2) (also written as 砂切) flute and drum music played after each act but the last (in kabuki)

ぷかぷか;プカプカ /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) lightly (floating)/buoyantly/(2) (on-mim) puffing (on a pipe, cigarette, etc.)/(3) (on-mim) tooting (a trumpet, horn, etc.)/blowing (a flute, whistle)

ほう;ほー;ホー /(int) (1) oh/ho/exclamation of surprise, admiration, etc./(exp) (2) (on-mim) hoo (owl call)/toot (sound of a flute)

オカリナ /(n) ocarina (type of flute) (ita:)

ケーナ /(n) quena (Andean flute) (spa:)

シャンパングラス;シャンパン・グラス /(n) Champagne glass/Champagne flute

ノーズフルート;ノーズ・フルート /(n) nose flute

パンフルート;パンのプルート;パン・フルート /(n) pan flute

ピーピー;ぴーぴー;ぴいぴい;ピイピイ /(n,adv) (1) (on-mim) peep/chirp/beep/whistling, chirping, piping, etc. sound made by birds, insects, pipes, children, etc./(n,vs) (2) poor/hard up/pinched/(n) (3) the runs/diarrhea/diarrhoea/(4) flute/pipe/(5) beginner/novice

フルート(P);フリュート /(n) flute

レコーダー(P);リコーダー(P);レコーダ;リコーダ /(n) (1) (レコーダー, レコーダ only) recorder (e.g. tape recorder, time recorder)/recording device/(2) (usu. リコーダー) recorder (musical instrument)/English flute

葦笛;蘆笛 [あしぶえ;よしぶえ;ろてき(蘆笛)] /(n) reed pipe/reed flute

飴売り;飴売(io) [あめうり] /(n) candy vendor (esp. an Edo-period candy vendor who sold candy while walking around playing the flute or another musical instrument)/candy vender

一管 [いっかん] /(n) one flute/one brush

横笛 [よこぶえ;おうてき;ようじょう(ok);おうじゃく(ok)] /(n) (See 縦笛) transverse flute (e.g. a fife)

歌口 [うたぐち] /(n) (1) flute mouthpiece/(2) poetic style

管鑰;管籥 [かんやく] /(n) (1) key/(2) flute constructed of bamboo

虚無僧 [こむそう] /(n) begging Zen priest of the Fuke sect (wearing a sedge hood and playing a shakuhachi flute)

高麗笛;狛笛 [こまぶえ] /(n) Korean flute (horizontal bamboo flute with six holes; highest-pitched flute used in gagaku)

四拍子;4拍子 [よんびょうし;しびょうし] /(n) (1) {music} quadruple time/four-four time/common time/(2) {music} (See 囃子・はやし,笛・ふえ・1,大鼓・おおつづみ,小鼓・こつづみ,太鼓・たいこ) the four instruments in the accompanying orchestra in noh, etc. (flute, floor drum, small hand drum, large hand drum)

篠 [しの;しぬ] /(n) (1) (See 篠竹・しのだけ) thin-culmed dwarf bamboo (growing in clusters)/(2) (しの only) (abbr) (See 篠笛) Japanese transverse bamboo flute (high-pitched; usu. with seven holes)/(3) (しの only) sliver (strand of loose fibers)

篠笛 [しのぶえ] /(n) Japanese transverse bamboo flute (high-pitched; usu. with seven holes)

尺八 [しゃくはち] /(n) (1) shakuhachi/end-blown fippleless bamboo flute/(2) (sl) (vulg) blow job/fellatio

縦笛;竪笛 [たてぶえ] /(n) (See 横笛) end-blown flute (esp. the recorder)

哨吶 [チャルメラ;チャルメル] /(n) (uk) (See 哨吶・さない) shawm-like instrument played by street vendors (sometimes referred to as a flute) (por: charamela)

神楽笛 [かぐらぶえ] /(n) kagura flute (six-holed horizontal flute)

吹きすさぶ;吹き荒ぶ;吹き遊ぶ [ふきすさぶ] /(v5b,vi) (1) (esp. 吹き荒ぶ) to blow fiercely/to rage/(2) (arch) (esp. 吹き遊ぶ) to play (a flute, etc.) for fun

清笛 [しんてき] /(n) bamboo flute used in Qing music

太笛 [ふとぶえ] /(n) (obsc) (See 神楽笛) kagura flute (six-holed horizontal flute)

地無し管 [じなしかん] /(n) uncoated bamboo flute

竹笛 [たけぶえ] /(n) flute constructed of bamboo

笛 [ふえ(P);ちゃく(ok)] /(n) (1) flute/fife/pipe/recorder/flageolet/shakuhachi/clarinet/(2) whistle

笛座 [ふえざ] /(n) flute-player seating area (noh), behind upstage left

笛吹;笛吹き [ふえふき] /(n) flute player

笛竹 [ふえたけ] /(n) (1) bamboo flute/(2) bamboo for making flutes/(3) wind and string instruments

笛柱 [ふえばしら] /(n) upstage left pillar (on a noh stage), next to the flute player

唐竹;漢竹 [からたけ;かんちく(漢竹)] /(n) (arch) Chinese bamboo/bamboo imported from China (often used to make flutes)

洞簫 [どうしょう] /(n) dongxiao (Chinese bamboo flute similar to a shakuhachi)

能管 [のうかん] /(n) noh flute (transverse bamboo flute with seven holes; approx. 39 cm long)

法竹 [ほっちく] /(n) type of open-ended bamboo flute

魔笛 [まてき] /(n) magic flute/The Magic Flute (by Mozart)

竜笛;龍笛 [りゅうてき;りょうてき] /(n) dragon flute/medium-pitched bark-covered bamboo transverse flute with seven holes, used in gagaku

簫 [しょう] /(n) (See 洞簫,排簫) xiao (vertical Chinese bamboo flute)

簫の笛 [しょうのふえ] /(n) (obsc) (See 簫) xiao (vertical Chinese bamboo flute)

雉笛 [きじぶえ] /(n) (obsc) flute used to lure green pheasants (imitates the pheasant's song)

If a fire should break out, I would make off with my flute.

I plan to play a flute solo.

Bob plays not only the guitar but also the flute.

Now, I'm going mad to play the flute.

I wanted the musician to play some sad tune on his flute.

I am planning on studying and playing the flute by turns.

A girl is playing the flute.

He can play the piano, the flute, the guitar, and so on.

He is able to play the flute.

Because you look like a flute player in a wedding band.
お前はまるで結婚式バンドの フルート奏者みたいだからだ.

Bevel told me it's a flute!
ベベルに聞いたよ それって笛だったんだね

Did you think it was just a flute?
ヒッ! 普通の笛だと思ったか

Finally, I have a thing for the keys on a flute or a clarinet.
最後に 私はフルートやクラリネットのキーが大好きです

First entertainment comes evidence from flutes that are 35,000 years old.
最初の娯楽道具はフルートで 3.5万年前に作られました

For saying the best flutes should go to the best flute players.
なぜ 一番上手な演奏者が最良のフルートを持つべきか

Musical flutes

Fluting paper :

Semi-chemical fluting paper

Straw fluting paper

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