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Q熱 [キューねつ] /(n) Q fever (extremely contagious bacterial disease with flu-like symptoms)

アルゼンチン出血熱 [アルゼンチンしゅっけつねつ] /(n) Argentine hemorrhagic fever

ウィダール反応 [ウィダールはんのう] /(n) Widal reaction (for typhoid fever)

ウイルス性出血熱 [ウイルスせいしゅっけつねつ] /(n) viral hemorrhagic fever

ウエストナイル熱 [ウエストナイルねつ] /(n) West Nile fever

エボラ出血熱 [エボラしゅっけつねつ] /(n) {med} Ebola hemorrhagic fever

オウム病;鸚鵡病 [おうむびょう(鸚鵡病);オウムびょう(オウム病)] /(n) psittacosis/parrot fever

コクシエラバーネッティ /(n) Coxiella burnetii (causative agent of Q fever)

ジカ熱 [ジカねつ] /(n) Zika fever

デング /(n) (See デング熱・デングねつ) dengue (fever)

デング出血熱 [デングしゅっけつねつ] /(n) dengue hemorrhagic fever/DHF

デング熱 [デングねつ] /(n) dengue fever

ネッタイシマ蚊;熱帯縞蚊 [ネッタイシマか(ネッタイシマ蚊);ねったいしまか(熱帯縞蚊);ネッタイシマカ] /(n) (uk) yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti)

フィーバー /(n,vs) fever

プール熱 [プールねつ] /(n) pharyngoconjunctival fever

マールブルグ病 [マールブルグびょう] /(n) Marburg disease/Marburg hemorrhagic fever/green monkey disease

マルタ熱 [マルタねつ] /(n) Malta fever (variety of brucellosis caused by the bacteria Brucella melitensis)

ラッサ熱 [ラッサねつ] /(n) Lassa fever

リウマチ熱;リューマチ熱 [リウマチねつ(リウマチ熱);リューマチねつ(リューマチ熱)] /(n) rheumatic fever

悪熱 [おねつ] /(n) fever following a chill

粟粒熱 [ぞくりゅうねつ] /(n) miliary fever/(English) sweating sickness/sweating disease/polyhidrosis/polyidrosis/sudor anglicus

一過性 [いっかせい] /(n) transient (pain or fever)

咽頭結膜熱 [いんとうけつまくねつ] /(n) pharyngoconjunctival fever

疫病み;瘧 [えやみ] /(n) (1) (arch) (esp. 疫病み) infectious disease/plague/epidemic/(2) (arch) (esp. 瘧) ague/intermittent fever/the shakes/malarial fever (old name)

黄熱 [こうねつ;おうねつ] /(n) yellow fever

黄熱病 [おうねつびょう;こうねつびょう] /(n) yellow fever

下熱 [げねつ] /(n,vs) (See 解熱) being lowered (of a fever)

夏季熱 [かきねつ] /(n) summer fever

花粉症 [かふんしょう] /(n) hay fever/pollinosis (allergy to pollen)

解熱 [げねつ] /(n,vs,adj-no) (See 下熱・げねつ) lowering a fever/alleviation of fever

解熱剤 [げねつざい] /(n) fever medicine/antipyretic/antifebrile

回帰熱 [かいきねつ] /(n) recurrent fever

寒熱 [かんねつ] /(n) (1) cold and heat/(2) chills and fever

寒熱往来 [かんねつおうらい] /(n) alternating chills and fever

間欠熱;間歇熱;間けつ熱 [かんけつねつ] /(n) an intermittent fever

間日 [まび;あいび] /(n) (1) day off (between working days)/(2) (See 八専) 50th, 53rd, 55th or 59th day of the sexagenary cycle/(3) non-fever day (when running an intermittent fever, e.g. malaria)

稽留熱 [けいりゅうねつ] /(n) continued fever/sustained fever

原爆症 [げんばくしょう] /(n) atomic-bomb sickness/symptoms of radiation sickness caused by an atomic-bomb (i.e. high fever, nausea)/illness caused by atomic-bomb radiation exposure (e.g. leukemia, malignant tumors)

枯草熱 [こそうねつ] /(n) (obs) (See 花粉症) hay fever/pollinosis (allergy to pollen)

五日熱 [いつかねつ] /(n) (obsc) (See 塹壕熱) trench fever

高熱 [こうねつ] /(n,pref) (1) high fever/(2) pyro-

黒水熱 [こくすいねつ] /(n) blackwater fever

黒熱病 [こくねつびょう] /(n) kala-azar/black fever/visceral leishmaniasis

再帰熱 [さいきねつ] /(n) recurrent fever

三日熱 [みっかねつ] /(n) tertian malaria (causing a fever that recurs every second day)

産褥熱 [さんじょくねつ] /(n) puerperal fever

取れる [とれる] /(v1,vi,vt) (1) to come off/to be removed/(2) (of pain, a fever, etc.) to disappear/(3) (See 獲れる・1,捕れる・1) to be caught/to be harvested/(4) to be interpreted (as)/to be taken as/(5) (of balance, etc.) to be attained/(6) (potential form of 取る) (See 取る・1) to be obtainable

重症熱性血小板減少症候群 [じゅうしょうねっせいけっしょうばんげんしょうしょうこうぐん] /(n) {med} severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome/SFTS

出血熱 [しゅっけつねつ] /(n) hemorrhagic fever

西ナイル熱 [にしナイルねつ] /(n) (See ウエストナイル熱) West Nile fever

泉熱 [いずみねつ] /(n) Izumi fever (resembles scarlet fever)

腺熱 [せんねつ] /(n) (See 伝染性単核球症) mononucleosis/glandular fever

鼠毒 [そどく] /(n) (See 鼠咬症) rat-bite fever/sodoku

知恵熱 [ちえねつ;ちえぼとり] /(n) (1) teething fever/(2) developmental fever/fever that brings with it an intellectual or psycho-developmental growth spurt

窒扶斯(ateji) [ちふす;ちぶす;チフス(P);チブス] /(n) (uk) typhoid fever (ger: Typhus, dut:)/typhus

腸チフス [ちょうチフス] /(n,adj-no) typhoid fever

腸チフス菌 [ちょうチフスきん] /(n) Salmonella typhi (bacteria that causes typhoid fever)

伝染性単核球症 [でんせんせいたんかくきゅうしょう] /(n) infectious mononucleosis/mono/glandular fever

投機熱 [とうきねつ] /(n) speculation fever

豚コレラ [とんコレラ;ぶたコレラ] /(n) hog cholera/swine fever

南米出血熱 [なんべいしゅっけつねつ] /(n) {med} South American hemorrhagic fevers

日本紅斑熱 [にほんこうはんねつ] /(n) {med} Japanese spotted fever

猫ひっかき病 [ねこひっかきびょう] /(n) cat scratch fever

熱 [ねつ] /(n) (1) heat/(2) fever/temperature/(3) zeal/passion/enthusiasm/(4) mania/craze/rage

熱す [ねす] /(v5s,vi) (arch) to get a fever

熱に浮かされる [ねつにうかされる] /(exp,v1) (1) to be delirious with fever/to have a feverish dream/(2) to be crazy about something

熱型 [ねっけい] /(n) type of fever

熱臭い [ねつくさい] /(adj-i) warm (esp. from the fever of a sick person)/hot/stuffy

熱発 [ねっぱつ] /(n,vs) fever

熱病 [ねつびょう] /(n,adj-no) fever/febrile disease

発熱 [はつねつ] /(n,vs,adj-no) (1) generation of heat/(n,vs) (2) (attack of) fever/pyrexia

微熱 [びねつ] /(n) slight fever

風ほろし;風ぼろし [かざほろし(風ほろし);かざぼろし(風ぼろし)] /(n) (obsc) (See ほろ子・ほろし) skin eruptions caused by a cold or fever

風花 [かざばな;かざはな] /(n) (1) flurry of snow in a clear sky/(2) winter wind which brings scattered snowflakes or raindrops/(3) (See 風ほろし) skin eruptions cause by a cold or fever

風邪による発熱;風邪に因る発熱 [かぜによるはつねつ] /(exp,n) fever caused by a cold

糞葛 [くそかずら] /(n) (arch) (See 屁糞葛) skunkvine (Paederia foetida)/stinkvine/Chinese fever vine

野球熱 [やきゅうねつ] /(n) baseball fever/enthusiasm for baseball

野兎病 [やとびょう] /(n) rabbit fever/tularemia (tularaemia)

冷める [さめる] /(v1,vi) (1) to become cool (e.g. from a high temperature to room temperature)/to come down (fever)/(2) to cool down (interest)/to abate/to subside/to dampen

塹壕熱 [ざんごうねつ] /(n) trench fever

屁糞葛 [へくそかずら;ヘクソカズラ] /(n) (uk) skunkvine (Paederia foetida)/stinkvine/Chinese fever vine

猩紅熱 [しょうこうねつ] /(n) scarlet fever

瘧 [おこり;わらわやみ] /(n) ague/intermittent fever/the shakes/malarial fever (old name)

瘧が落ちる [おこりがおちる] /(exp,v1,vi) to wake from a fever-induced delirium

瘴気 [しょうき] /(n) miasma/(supposed) noxious gas originally believed to cause fever

I have a fever of 102 degrees.

The doctor told you to stay in bed until your fever goes down, didn't he?

Feed a cold and starve a fever.

The poor child suffers from hay fever.

This is snowy weather is giving me cabin fever.

The boy has a high fever.

The child was attacked by a high fever.

The initial symptoms of the disease are fever and sore throat.

High fever and throat of early period symptom of the sickness aches and be.

Fever and constant coughing weekend the old lady.

I have a slight fever.

I seem to have a fever.

I have a sore throat and a slight fever.

High fever is a frequent accompaniment of influenza.

Tom is in bed with a fever.

My forehead burned with fever.

You have a little fever today, don't you.

You have a little fever today, don't you?

My throat hurts, and I have a fever. Can I have some cold medicine?

I have a high fever.

High fever is a prominent symptom of this disease.

I had a little fever this morning.

I have a slight fever today.

The child was hot with fever.

There are several reasons why I have a fever.

I had a very high fever.

I had a high fever; otherwise I could have gone camping.

I have had a slight fever since this morning.

I had a little fever, I felt my heart beat violently.

Having a slight fever, I stayed in bed.

I think I've got a touch of fever.

You may have a slight fever.

Have you any fever?

I'm really out of it today. It must be because of my fever.

As you have a fever, you'd better stay home.

I have a fever and I ache all over.

Fever indicates sickness.

I have a fever.

The fever has abated.

My fever has gone.

My fever won't go away.

The fever has risen.

The patient was hot with fever.

Any fever?

I have no fever.

Do you have a fever?

Have the fever gone down?

I would have taken care of him. If I had known that he was ill bad with a fever.

He was burning with fever.

He seems delirious with a high fever.

He seems to have a touch of fever.

Her forehead burned with fever.

Her fever was still higher an hour later.

Her fever came down to normal.

She is in bed with a fever.

She was burning with fever.

I caught a cold, and I have a fever.

I have a fever at night.

Aunt Ada passed away from fever last spring.

Be extra cautious of bile leakage and fever.
胆汁漏や発熱には 特に気をつけてください。

Bites kill you. The fever... Burns you out.
噛まれれば死だ 熱が体を焼き尽くす

Bleeding is under control and no fever, but his breath is labored and his pulse is way down and he hasn't opened his eyes yet.
出血も発熱も無し でも脈が低下して 目を覚まさないわ

Bullet fever, right? Look, lieutenant, I know that that can happen...
撃てなかったんですね 固まって

But he doesn't have a fever.

But it's a bit different. His fever is 38.5c.
でもちょっと違うんです 熱は38.5度で

But she can't help. She wasn't there. Her daughter had a fever.
でも無駄だ 彼女は来なかった 娘さんが熱を出してね

But she is running a fever.

But she still has a fever?

Collecting their crops, they're home sick with a fever.
収穫しないといけないとき 熱で家にいることになるのです

Could that have all just been the fever?

Could this be more than a fever?

Count, this is a magic medicine that is very effective against a sudden fever.
伯爵 急な発熱に めっぽう効くという魔法の薬。

Default just because of hay fever?
俺は 欠席裁判がよくねえって... 花粉症も抜けてるだろうし。

Do you get slight fever? Can't sleep? Yes.
微熱 あるんだって? 寝てないと。はーい。

Do you have a fever? Did you take anything for it? No I didn't.
熱 あるの? 薬 のんだ? のんでな~い。

Do you have any fever attack or pain?
発熱や 痛みは ありませんか?

Doctor, she has a fever. Her entire body is hot.
先生 熱があります 身体が熱いです

Don't I have a fever?
俺 熱があるだろ?

During the classical swine fever outbreak.

Excuse me chief, my child seems to have a fever.
すいません 部長 子どもが熱出したみたいで。

Excuse me, I have a small fever...
あの~ ちょっと熱があるんですけど。

Family of six in Sudan, Lassa fever;

Fever and a rash on her face.
腹痛と発熱 そして 顔の吹き出物 といった症状がみられます。

Fever reducers, use cold saline or cooling pads.
胎児に良くないこともあるから 解熱剤ではなく 冷生理食塩水や冷却パッドをやってちょうだい

Fever would've killed you by now.

Fevers can be symptoms of dementia.

Gave him a fever and made him, you know, throw up.
熱が出て そのために吐いちゃって

Give me the symptoms for hemorrhagic fever.

Goro you're easy to get fever, so remember to...
「悟郎 あなたは 寝冷えを しやすいたちなので...」

Have you eaten? Do you have a fever or something?
昨日 寝てないんだろ。 飯は 食べてきたのか? 熱とかある?

He also spiked a fever overnight.

He died of scarlet fever when he was only two.

He got quite a high fever.
結構 熱が出て

He has a fever and blood pressure is low.
熱も9度以上で 血圧も異常に低下しています。

He has a fever and he's moaning but his eyes won't open.
熱で苦しんで 目が覚めない!

He infects everyone like a putrid fever.

He only thing I know for certain is, during the war, there was a fever over Japan.
唯一、私が確信して言えることは 戦時中は日本全体が 熱狂的にうかされていました

He thought yellow fever was not transmitted by dirty clothing.
彼は 黄熱病の原因を 汚れた衣服ではなく

He was a fighter too tried to beat the fever that took him.
闘志のある子でした -- 熱と戦いましたが 連れて行かれました

He's not running a fever anymore.

He's sweating profusely, and has a fever!

Her fever was going down, and I could come home as soon as I finished with my work.

Her vitals were fine and she only had a slight fever, so...

Hey, he has a really high fever.
おい すごい熱じゃねえかよ。

Hey, hey, doc. Chipmunk fever, catch it.
先生 しまっピー人形だ

High fever lasts for several days and this area around here swells up a lot.
高熱が何日も続くし この辺が ものすごい腫れちゃうし。

Hikari, she said you had a fever?
俺達が1年の時なんか 学校は もっと荒れてたしよ。

His breathing has stabilized, but his fever is still high.
呼吸は安定している だがまだ熱が高い

His cheeks are swollen and he has a high fever.

His collapse and fever coincided precisely as you were, uh, burning the colony.
衰弱と発熱は─ まさにコロニーを 焼いてる時

His fever has sunk and he's dehydrated a little.
熱は 下がってるし 水分も 取らせたから。

His fever went down, his appetite came back.
熱は下がり 食欲は戻り

How come you know so much about fever?
なぜ発熱について詳しく 知っているの?

How's your cold? Your fever? Does your head hurt?
カゼは? お熱は? 頭痛くない?

I can bring their fever down and keep them stable.
できれば熱を抑えて 少しでも回復させてあげたい

I can remember the feeling of your hand on my forehead when I ran a fever.
そして熱が有った時 額の上の貴方の手を覚えている ...

I can't keep her fever down.

I didn't. Do you have a fever?
してません。 熱は?

I don't have to beget a child or plant a tree... But it would be nice, coming home after a long day... To feed the cat like Philip Marlowe... To have a fever, blackened fingers from the newspaper.
子供を作り 木を植えるとまでは言わないが いいもんだろうな 長い1日の後 家に帰り フィリップ・マーローの様に猫にえさをやる

I feel that I have a slight fever. Otherwise, nothing in particular.
少し熱っぽい気がします。 それ以外は 特に。

I give this to my little brothers whenever they have a fever.
下の弟なんか これ食べさせてもらいたくて 熱出すんだから

I got a fever and was struck by the rain.
雨に打たれて 熱を出してしまったんだ。

I guess so, since your fever's gone too.
そうだな 熱も下がったしな。

I guess the reason why I have a fever is..

I had an illness as a child and I had an infection, which turned into a fever which turned into inflammation of my brain and spinal cord.
幼いころ 病気にかかった すごい高熱が 出たんだ 脳と脊椎に 炎症がおこった

I have a low fever, and I can't stop coughing.
咳が止まらんくて... ケホケホ...。

I learned that I had hay fever, so I quit.
自分が花粉症だと 学んだ

I may know a way to slow the fever down, but I'm gonna need some special herbs.
上手くいけば呪文で 発熱を遅くできるけど 特別なハーブが要る

I might have a bit of a fever too.

I need Fennel root for those with fever, willow bark.

I need something to bring down this fever.

I should have caught a fever and gone to the hospital, too.

I thought he might be running a fever...
熱でもあるんじゃないかと 思って...。

I was part of that fever.

I was so bold when I had that fever.

I'm getting the chills. Maybe I have a fever.
あッ 何か寒気がする 熱 出てきたかな

I've had a fever since this morning.

If the fever doesn't go down by tomorrow, then you have to go to the hospital.

If the fever doesn't take her, I think she'll live.
熱が下がれば 生きれると思う

If they don't get me, then the night fevers will.

If we were infected, we'd all be running a fever.
もし誰か感染してれば すでに広まってるわ

If you have a fever and cough or sore throat... Stay home.
熱や咳が激しく、 喉の痛みがある人は 家から出ないでください

If you take a leave every time your child has a fever. That can't be tolerated. It can't be helped.
子供が熱を出すたびに休まれちゃ そりゃ たまらん。 仕方なかろう。

If your child gets a fever, you have to go home.
子供が熱出したら 帰らなきゃなんないの

In the streets I saw piles of heads the head of the baker who makes my bread, the head of a young boy that I had cured of fever just three moons past.
通りには いくつもの首の山を見ました 私のパンを焼いてくれた パン職人の首や 3ヶ月前に私が熱を癒した 少年の首も

It can cause a severe fever and can often be fatal.
高熱を引き起こし 時に命をも奪います

It doesn't explain the fever.

It had to be the fever.

It has heat. A fevered sweetness.
熱を持ってる 不自然な甘い香り

It looks like he got excited and his fever rose.

It seems like neither of them have a fever.
《2人とも 熱は ないみたいなんだけどねぇ

It's just a fever. This man will be fine.
ただの熱だ この人は大丈夫

It's seems he has a fever.
≪ 熱があるみたいなんです

It's what's called fever of undiagnosed origin.

Like, you feel like you have a fever.
あなた熱があるようだけど 大丈夫なの?

Looks more like some kind of hemorrhagic fever.

Lyme disease, rocky mountain Spotted fever.
ライム病 ロッキー山紅斑熱

Maddy's got a slight fever. Ahh. I try and tell her it's nothing, but first baby, you know?
マディがちょっと熱があって グレースは心配してて 俺はたいしたことないと言ってるんですが

Mama wouldn't name me till I turned 10 case the fever took me.
10才を過ぎて 名付けられる前に 僕は病気になって

More people are coming in with fever and headache.
熱と頭痛の患者が もっと沢山来るわ

My child got a fever and I have to go get him.
子供が 熱 出しちゃって 迎えに行かなきゃいけないんです。

My daughter's fever isn't going down.
でもうちだって娘の熱が下がらないんです このままじゃ...

My father has a very high fever.

No fever. Her pulse is a little fast and her blood pressure is quite low.
熱は なし。 脈は やや速く 血圧は かなり低い。

No fever. You got a little tummy ache?

No lesions, no fever, no black mucus.
黒い粘液もあった - そうだ...

No wonder she came down with a cold and fever.
そこに風邪で 一気に熱が出たのね。

Not my conscience, but a fever.
顏色が悪いのは 熱病のせいだ

Yellow fever vaccine

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