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案ずるより産むが易し;案ずるより生むが易し [あんずるよりうむがやすし] /(exp) (proverb) it is easier to do something than worry about it/the anxiety that comes from doing nothing is worse than any danger you might face/fear overruns the danger/an attempt is sometimes easier than expected/it is easier to bear (a child) than to worry about it

I'll try to live up to your expectations.

I will try to live up to your expectations.

We expect you to carry out what you have once promised.

I do not expect you to subscribe to my opinion.

You are the last person I would have expected to see here.

You can hardly expect me to help you.

Your behavior does not come up to my expectations.

You're expected to hail it as a triumph.

Did you really expect him to tell you the truth?

The talented young chess player is very bold. He deliberately lays himself open to attack, makes himself vulnerable and then checkmates his opponent when least expected.

I become in trouble your expecting to me.

You are the last person that I expected to see here.

I little expected to see you here.

Never did I expect to see you here.

You are expected to appear well here at the shop.

That's the last thing that I expected you to do.

I didn't expect that to come from you.

Oh my gosh! You're the last person I expected to meet in a situation like this.

You are the last person I expected to see here.

You can not be rude to everyone and expect to get away with it forever.

I'll expect to hear from you by Tuesday.

You shouldn't expect thing to be easy.

How do you expect to weather the financial storm when the bank refuses to extend a helping hand.

How do you expect to weather the financial storm when the bank refuses to extend a helping hand?

I didn't expect you to turn up here.

I didn't expect you to get here so soon.

I expect you to work harder.

I expect you to be punctual.

Your work did not come up to his expectations.

Your work didn't come up to our expectations.

You are expected to come by 5:00.

You are expected to pass the exam.

If you study earnestly you can expect to pass the exam.

You are expected to do a good job.

Don't expect me to do it for you. It's your baby. [F]

You can no more expect me to change my opinion than expect the sun to rise in the west.

It is very rude of you to expect me to eat food that I do not want to.

What did you expect me to do?

You can't expect me to be free from wrong spellings.

You are the last person that I expected to meet.

I expect you all to do your best.

I expect him to take care of my younger brother.

I expect you to pay off all your debts.

I don't understand how in the world they can take your stuff for safekeeping, but then the post office guy has the nerve to tell you "Sorry, we lost it" and expect that to be the end of it.

You are expected to put out lamps and heaters before you leave the office.

You can't expect a man to change his habits at once, girl.

You can not expect him to know the story seeing he has not read it.

She married to the kind of man you would expect her to pick.

You can reasonably expect her to come.

I'll never fail to meet your expectations.

My father is expecting you to phone him tomorrow.

Did the trip live up to your expectations?

Barrett said change is the one reality we can count on. Trying to hang on to our expectation that is death. Yeah, but these are the people that you grew up with.
バレットはいつも 何にでも挑戦しろ、と言ってました でも一緒に育った仲間だろ

Believe me, nobody expects you to fix it overnight.
一晩でなんか なんとか出来やしないさ

Beth, I didn't expect to see you. Do you want a drink? What?
ベス あなたが来るとは・・・ 何か飲む? わかった もうやめて

But I don't expect you to know a thing about responsibility.

But I don't expect you to understand that because you're a chorus girl.
お前はコーラスガールだから 分からないと思うがね。

But I still expected you to win.
だが それでも勝つと期待してた

But I'm going to give you a little preview of what you can expect.

But do you expect us to believe you didn't bug that balcony?
だが バルコニーに盗聴器を 仕掛けなかったと思ってるのか?

But if he's always been this way, why would you suddenly expect him to change?
彼の生き方が ずっと同じなら なぜ急に 変わって欲しいと?

But if it's a burglar alarm, you wouldn't expect it to attack the jellyfish directly.

But if those mistakes you made come back to haunt you, you will not expect me to cover for you.
でも、過ちを犯したたなら あだとなって返ってくる そんな事するつもりないでしょう あなたの援護をすると思って

But if you can't stand your own company for 10 seconds how you gonna expect to do it for the rest of your life?
でも10秒 孤独に耐えられなければ― 先の人生は真っ暗だよ

But over here, the thing I expect most of you have come to see.
でも 見たかったのは コレでしょう?

But please do not sit there with that smug look on your face and expect me to regret the decisions that I have made, because, sir, the truth is, I don't.
しかし、独善的な態度で 私の後悔を期待しないでください なぜなら、真実は

But to become that image that is expected of you, you will have to shed a lot of sweat and tears.
〈しかし 本当の偶像になろうとしたら

But when I give you a job to do, I expect you to do it.
だがこの仕事を与えた時 君ならやってくれると思ったんだ

But when you told me to look after her, you didn't actually expect her to wait for a man who walked away?
彼女の事を頼んだ時ー 実はもう、諦めてたんだろう?

But you don't really expect me to be working with her...
本気で彼女と俺が 一緒に仕事ができると?

But you don't really expect me to be working...

But you'll have to spin a better story than that if you expect it to get you off the hook.
嘘をつくならもっとマシな 嘘をつけ

But you're gonna need to lower your expectations.

Calm down. You expect me to calm down?!
落ち着いて。 落ち着けるか!

Can't protect your own, and expect me to do it for you.
自分で守れないから 私にして欲しいんだ

Carrie, you didn't come here today expecting to get reinstated, right?
今日ここへ来て 復職は期待して無いだろう

Come on, you don't really expect me to believe that.
孤独な生活を送ってきた そんな事 私が信じるとは 思ってないでしょ

Commonly it takes one month of searching for every $10,000 you expect to earn in salary.
あなたの給料1万ドルに見合う 職を探すのに普通1ヶ月ほどです

Did you expect it to be small?

Did you expect them to move in?

Did you just make a decision to possibly end your life earlier than you were expecting?
人生最悪の決定だったな どうなるのかわかってんのか?

Did you really expect her to come?

Didn't expect to find you up this late.

Didn't expect to hear from you tonight.
今夜 連絡を貰うとは 思ってなかった

Didn't expect to hear you laughing about it.

Didn't expect to see you here tonight, Dolan.
今夜 ここで会えるとはな ドーラン

Didn't expect to see you here. What is it?
あら珍しい。 何?

Didn't expect to see your mother last night.
昨晩 お前のママに会うとは 思わなかった

Didn't expect your friend to run off like that, did you?

Do you expect her to watch her people starve without breathing fire?

Do you expect me to be rude in front of the manager.
所長さんの前で そういう態度 失礼だろ。

Do you expect me to believe that you bought your wife fakes?
女房に偽物 持たせていたと 俺に信じろってか?

Do you expect me to believe this?

Do you expect me to believe you with just that email?
そんなメールだけで 信じられると思う?

Do you expect me to believe you're gonna lay a finger on me at your legitimate business?
私に指一本触れたら 合法的な仕事はやりにくくなるわよ?

Do you expect me to come make war on him?
君は私に 彼と戦わせたいのか?

Do you expect me to let you get away with all this?

Do you expect the Alliance to continue after you've thrown our future into prison?
私達の未来を投獄しておいて、 同盟が続くと思っているの?

Do you have a handkerchief? You can't expect me to have one on short notice.
今日 ハンカチある? そんな急に言われても ないよ。

Do you just expect them to line up and say, ah?
彼らが一列に並び 投与させると?

Do you really expect anyone to believe that after watching this?
それを信じろと? これを見た後で

Do you really expect the dark lord to be bound by the ideals of this world?

Do you seriously expect that excuse to work?

Don't expect me to patch you up every time you break something.

Don't expect me to save you.

Don't know what you expect to find here.

Expected to find your resignation on my desk this morning.

Expected your divorces to take a toll.
君の離婚が 打撃を与えると予期してた

Expecting him to abide by your limitations is a folly.
彼が君たちのルールに従うのを 期待するなんて 馬鹿げてる

For the past two hours I've been expecting you... To make exactly that asinine statement.
この2時間のあいだ・・ いつ君が、その愚かな提案を するかと期待していたよ

From the beginning I'm not expecting you to be one at all.
《そもそも女のお前に 期待したことなんか一度もない》

From what I hear about you all the time, I expected you to be more guarded.
有効時間は 20分程度だが

General, didn't expect to be hearing from you directly.

Give a lift to a tomato, you expect her to be nice, don't you? Yeah.
拾ってやった俺に 愛想良くするはずだろ?

Give it up for today. You can't expect to find him in one day.
今日は もう諦めろ 一日で見つかるわけないだろ

Go to San Francisco, but don't expect me to be waiting for you when you get back!
帰った時 私がいると思わないで

Got to admit, you're the last person I expected to see here.
いずれわかるが、君はここで会うだろうと 思っていた最後の人間だ

He expects to hear this big plan of ours. I need your help.
周りを見れば 何が見える?

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