even so

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あるに /(conj) (arch) and yet/even so/however

お神酒上がらぬ神はない;御神酒上がらぬ神はない [おみきあがらぬかみはない] /(exp) even the gods drink sake (so it's only natural that humans do as well)

からして /(exp) (1) even/for starters/(2) (emphatic form of から) so/therefore/(3) judging from/based on/(4) since/from

その癖;其の癖 [そのくせ] /(conj) (uk) and yet/even so/nonetheless/for all that

それとて /(conj) even so/even that

それなのに /(conj) and yet/despite this/but even so/but even then/however/nevertheless/for all that/notwithstanding that

それならそうと /(exp) even so (expressing frustration, etc.)/still

それならそれで /(exp) even so (expressing frustration, etc.)/still

それにしても /(exp) (See 其れでも・それでも) nevertheless/at any rate/even so/all things considered/be that as it may

それも /(conj) and in addition to that/even so

たって /(prt) (1) (also だって) even if/even though/(2) (also ったって) however/no matter how

だからって /(exp) even so/all the same/nevertheless/yes, but ...

だって /(conj) (1) (col) after all/because/(2) (col) but/(prt) (3) even/(4) too/as well/also/(5) they say/I hear/you mean

ても /(prt) (1) (also でも, っても) even if/even though/(int) (2) (abbr) (See さても) wow

でも /(conj) (1) but/however/though/nevertheless/still/yet/even so/also/as well/(prt) (2) even/(3) however/no matter how/even if/even though/(4) ... or something/(5) (as 〜でも〜でも) either ... or .../neither ... nor .../(pref) (6) (before an occupation, etc.) pseudo-/quack/in-name-only/(7) (before an occupation, etc.) (See でもしか) for lack of anything better to do

とも /(prt) (1) certainly/of course/to be sure/surely/(2) (usu. with vol. verb or adj. stem) even if/no matter (who, what, when, where, why, how)/though/although/(3) (with neg. verb) without even/without so much as/(4) (after an adverb) (See 遅くとも) at the (least, earliest, etc.)/(exp) (5) also (called)/(prt) (6) (sometimes esp. an emphatic form of the particle と) (See と・1,と・2,と・3,と・4) emphatic particle

なのに /(conj) (See それなのに) and yet/despite this/but even so/but even then/however/nevertheless/for all that/notwithstanding that

にも /(exp) (1) also/too/not ... either/as well/even/(2) (after the volitional or dictionary form of verb) (it's not possible) no matter what/although one might wish otherwise

も /(prt) (1) too/also/in addition/as well/(not) either (in a negative sentence)/(2) (as AもBも) both A and B/A as well as B/neither A nor B (in a negative sentence)/(3) (used for emphasis or to express absence of doubt regarding a quantity, etc.) even/as much as/as many as/as far as/as long as/no less than/no fewer than/(4) (often as 〜ても, 〜でも, 〜とも, etc.) even if/even though/although/in spite of/(adv) (5) (col) (abbr) (See もう・3) further/more/again/another/the other

もさる事ながら;も然ることながら;も然る事ながら;も然る事乍ら [もさることながら] /(exp) (uk) one may well say so, but .../even more than

やっぱ /(adv) (1) (abbr) (See やっぱり・1) too/also/likewise/either/(2) (abbr) still/as before/(3) (abbr) even so/either way/nonetheless/in any event/all the same/(4) (abbr) as expected

一寸の虫にも五分の魂 [いっすんのむしにもごぶのたましい] /(exp) (id) tread on a worm and it will turn/even a tiny bug will defend itself/even the weakest and smallest beings have their own wills, so do not make light of them

何にしても [なんにしても;なににしても] /(exp) even so/anyhow/at any rate

我ながら;我乍ら [われながら] /(adv) even if I say so myself/for me (to do such a thing)

事(P);縡(oK) [こと(P);こん] /(n) (1) (uk) thing/matter/(2) (uk) incident/occurrence/event/something serious/trouble/crisis/(3) (uk) circumstances/situation/state of affairs/(4) (uk) work/business/affair/(5) (uk) after an inflectable word, creates a noun phrase indicating something the speaker does not feel close to/(n-suf) (6) (uk) (See 事・ごと・1) nominalizing suffix/(7) (uk) (See 事・ごと・2) pretending to .../playing make-believe .../(n,n-suf) (8) (uk) (esp. as AことB or AとはBのことだ (A alias, B formal)) alias/aka/nickname/alternative name/also known as

所が [ところが] /(conj) (uk) even so/however/still/whereupon/even though/nevertheless/on the contrary/as a matter of fact/despite

尚且つ(P);尚かつ;なお且つ [なおかつ] /(adv) (1) (uk) besides/furthermore/on top of that/(2) (uk) and yet/nevertheless/even so

千番に一番の兼ね合い;千番に一番の兼合 [せんばんにいちばんのかねあい] /(exp) (obsc) something so difficult that one doesn't know if there's even a 1 in 1000 chance of success

然るを;而るを [しかるを] /(conj) even so/though that may be

然れど [されど] /(conj) (uk) be that as it may/even so/though that be so

然れども [されども;しかれども] /(conj) (uk) (See 然れど・されど) nevertheless/even then/however/be that as it may/even so/though that it be so

其れでも [それでも] /(conj) (uk) but (still)/and yet/nevertheless/even so/notwithstanding

其れと [それと] /(conj) (uk) (See それとも) and then/even so/and

猫の手も借りたい [ねこのてもかりたい] /(exp,adj-i) extremely busy/so busy one would even welcome the help of a cat

迄 [まで] /(prt) (1) (uk) until (a time)/till/to/up to/(2) (uk) to (a place)/as far as/(3) (uk) to (an extent)/up to/so far as/even/(4) (uk) only/merely

迄も [までも] /(exp) (1) (uk) (more emphatic than まで) (See 迄・まで・3) to (an extent)/up to/so far as/even/(2) (uk) (usu. as 〜までもない) doesn't amount to doing .../not significant enough to require .../(3) (uk) (usu. as 〜ないまでも) even if ...

味噌たき;味噌炊き [みそたき] /(n) (1) annual event of miso-making/(2) first steps of miso making, from simmering the beans to fermentation

網呑舟の魚を漏らす [あみどんしゅうのうおをもらす] /(exp) (id) (obsc) (of a legal system) so lax that even the greatest criminal can escape

矢っ張し(ateji) [やっぱし] /(adv) (1) (uk) too/also/likewise/either/(2) (uk) still/as before/(3) (uk) even so/either way/nonetheless/in any event/all the same/(4) (uk) as expected

矢っ張り(ateji) [やっぱり] /(adv) (1) (uk) (See 矢張り・やはり・1) too/also/likewise/either/(2) (uk) (See 矢張り・やはり・2) still/as before/(3) (uk) (See 矢張り・やはり・3) even so/either way/nonetheless/in any event/all the same/(4) (uk) (See 矢張り・やはり・4) as expected

矢張り(ateji)(P);矢張(ateji)(io) [やはり] /(adv) (1) (uk) (See 矢っ張り・やっぱり・1) too/also/likewise/either/(2) (uk) (See 矢っ張り・やっぱり・2) still/as before/(3) (uk) (See 矢っ張り・やっぱり・3) even so/either way/nonetheless/in any event/all the same/(4) (uk) (See 矢っ張り・やっぱり・4) as expected

輪をかける;輪を掛ける [わをかける] /(exp,v1) to exceed/to be even more (so)/to exaggerate

呂 [りょ] /(n) (1) (abbr) (See 甲・かん) bass range (in Japanese music)/(2) (See 十二律,律・6) six even-numbered notes of the ancient chromatic scale/(3) (See 呂旋) Japanese seven-tone gagaku scale similar to Mixolydian mode (corresp. to: re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do)

駟も舌に及ばず [しもしたにおよばず] /(exp) talking so fast that even a four-horse coach cannot catch up to the words

Those two used to get along so well together but even with them you can sense a chill coming on.

He was so vigorous in making love that his companion of the evening went down for the count.

I'm so busy these days it makes my head spin. I don't even have time to watch a video.

This novel is so easy that even a child can read it.

The climate of this town is so mild that the thermometer seldom rises to thirty degrees even in midsummer.

This is so enduring as to make even the most diligent worker give up.

And we can communicate so many things in so many ways - with our faces, hands, bodies, and voices. We can even write our thoughts in words.

That girl is so beautiful that she attracts even the most self-possessed men.

That girls is so beautiful that she attracts even the most self-possessed men.

"Even if there is a convention, I shouldn't ask them for so much money."

So, players were often seriously injured and sometimes even killed in these rough games.

But every train is so crowded that whatever we have in our hands doesn't fall even if we let it go.

Even the most graceful and imposing existing buildings may now be so sadly diminished as to seem slightly ridiculous beside the monster.

A good newspaper reporter takes advantage of what he learns from any source, even the "little bird told him so" type of source.

Lisa is so skillful that she can even make screws and similar small objects for herself.

You bought the food, so if I buy the wine that will even things up. [M]

These days, when people emigrate, it is not so much in search of sunshine, or food, or even servants.

I got blind drunk last night - so drunk I don't even know how I got home.

As my room faces south, it is not so cold even in winter.

Water is so important that we can hardly do without it even for a day.

I met so many people that I do not even remember their faces.

Animals and plants have right to live, and men even more so.

He is not so foolish that even he can't see the reason.

He did not so much as speak to me all the evening.

He is keen on rock music, but she is even more so.

He worked so hard that eventually he made himself ill.

She has a lot of faults; even so, she is liked by everybody.

She went in for too many events, and so won none.

The mist was so dense that I could not see even an inch ahead.

A good newspaper reporter takes advantage of what he learns from any source, even the little bird told him so" type of source.

At high tide, the water level rises so much that even this boat has trouble getting under Bridges.
ハハハ... 満潮の時なんか 水位が上昇するから

At that time, 35 millimeter nitrate film was so flammable that you couldn't even bring a reel onto a streetcar.
ナレーター: 当時の35ミリフィルムは硝酸化合物で 極めて燃えやすかったため... ...公共交通機関には持ち込みが禁止されていた。

At university he also seemed to have been attending an evening course while working.
大学も 働きながら 夜学に通ったそうです

Beasts so fast, you won't even know what's happened until you feel the warm blood soaking through your clothes.
獣は素早いぞ 服が暖かい血で ぐっしょりになって初めて 君は何が起きたか 気付くんだ

Because it so much sums up that event.

Because to your parents, you were also the first star that twinkled in the evening.
ご両親にとっては あなたも一番星だったからです

Before I knew it, it was gone. Even so...
あっという間になくなる だからって...

Breaking even is not so bad. In this economy, a lot of people would kill to break even.
このご時世だしな 元が取れただけマシだよ

Burrows, we were able to baseline him off the footage from his trial, so we got even more Clarity there.
バローズには、裁判の時の映像があって 比べやすかった。

But a higher floor, so even better.

But also could potentially even be green.

But even more so, she's scared.
でもね それ以上に怖がってる

But even so I want to see him.
それでも 会いたい

But even so, I cannot simply leave this place.

But even so, I spent days thinking about it.
それでも その申し出を 何日も考え続けた

But even so, I'm happy!

But even so, around the time he was in junior high, he started getting wild...
なのに 中学のころから荒れ始めて...。

But even so, becoming infected by being bitten...
しかし、噛まれる事により 感染するようになって

But even so, for some reason I'm able to keep on living.
でも ちゃんとなぜか生きてられるの

But even so, it's not like I don't love him.
だからって あの子のこと 愛してないわけじゃないのよ

But even so, my new vocation kept me plenty busy.

But even so, the moment I saw her tears, I knew.
そんな俺でも その涙を見て さすがに気付いた

But even so, there are only four of them.
といっても たかだか4人。 とっとと始末して?

But even so, this is great!

But even so, this world is beautiful!
それでも この世界は やっぱり奇麗だ!

But even so, you could catch a cold if you come in too often.

But even so, you made a good selection!
しかし いいチョイスしてますね

But even so, you probably know what this is.
でも それでも 多分これが何か分かってるな

But even so, you'd catch a cold in this temperature.
しかし さすがに この温度じゃ 風邪ひいちゃいますね。

But even so... I still wish to protect them!
でも... それでも僕は 守りたいんだよ!

But even so... I will never...
いや でもですね...。 もう二度と

But even so... The circumstances haven't changed.
けど... だからといって 状況は変わらなかった>

But even so... Your behavior seems somewhat strange, doesn't it?
きさま! それにしても あんたの行動は

But even taking the global climate shift a shift is also taking youth.
地球の気候も ズレとるけど 青春時代も ズレとるな。

But even though I am a mother, I am also a doctor.
そんな事 考えたくありません。

But even though they make so much, I still didn't get a chance to use even one.
それなのに 俺は 今まで 1つも使うチャンスが なかった。

But he also didn't even last a year in the spirit department.

But he helps out, though. He's even changing some diapers now, so....
何かと手伝ってくれる オムツを替えたりね

But he promised to make her coeditor, so she knew that was coming eventually.
でも編集者としては 認めてたみたいです

But he was also smart, charismatic, brilliant even.
彼は賢くて カリスマもあり 輝いていたわ

But it also records some natural events.

But out that door, it's demons and it's angels, and they would all love to get their hands on a prophet, so even with Crowley here, this is still the safest place for you.
外に出たら 悪魔と天使だらけ 預言者は標的の的だ クラウリーがいるとしても

But she is a real beauty; so much so that even I can't take my eyes off her.

But then I remembered that even if I only drove the car for a hundred miles or so I would need money for gas.
だが しばらく車で走れば... ガソリン代が必要になる

But then, you know, came the visions of shales begging for his life and I couldn't get rid of them, so I, I got these drugs that kept me on an even Keel.
でもその後、悪夢をみた。 オスカーが出てくる悪夢だ。 なかなか忘れられなかった。

But to buy so much... Even though we have no money.
けど あんたに たくさん...。 うちだって 金 無いのに。

But unfortunately... They're so invested in the idea that they've already caught their maniac... That they won't even entertain the idea that maybe they haven't.
残念ながら警察は 狂人を逮捕したという 考えに捕らわれていて 疑う事すらしない

But you don't even know if she's watching or not I also want to tell her something.
でも 奥さん 見てるか どうか。 俺も 伝えたいんだよ。

But, even if you say so.
いや。 そんなこと 言われても。

But, even if you won't say so boss...
でも ボスは あの場に いなかったから...。

But, even so, I didn't really mind.

But, even so, how would I do that with this leg...?
だとしても この足で 私がどうやって...?

But, it's subtle, sophisticated. So you probably won't even get it.
でも それは繊細で洗練されてるから 君はそれさえ分からないだろう

By the time I noticed, so much time had passed that even my little sister would have died naturally.
気付いたら 妹だって死んで当然なほど

By the way, since the place is warded, your powers are useless, which means you are useless, even more so than usual.
所で あの場所は 結界が張られているから お前の力は使えない つまりお前は役立たずだ 普段以上に

Can my heart beat so fast when I don't even want to see her face?
顔も見たくないのに 心臓がドキドキするか?

Cell, you're still so vicious even in hell?
まともに受けたのに まだ生きてる。

Changes so subtle, you'd hardly even notice.

Davina withdrew the dagger, unaware that doing so even once would negate its power.
ダヴィーナが短剣を引いた 1度でも引けば 効力を否定するとも 気付かず

Didn't you say that even though you have bad memories, you also have good memories?

Dillon's playing his cards so close, even I can't read them.
ディロンは秘密主義だ 俺にも読めん

Does god even really exist? My faith feels so weak.
神はどこにおられるのか 信仰心が揺らいでいます

Doing so calmly ... Anyway I do not even know the feelings of Naruto!
そうやって 冷静になんでも...。 ナルトの気持も知らないくせに!

Don't act so high and mighty. You don't even look good in that uniform.
偉そうにいいなや 似合いもせん制服 着て。

Dorothy, may I call you mom, even if it isn't so?
ドロシー ママって呼ばせてくれない? 違うのはわかってるけど

Easily concealed, so even you boy scouts won't make me leave it behind.

Ed was in the military, so... When he got the chance to settle down... You know, the nice company car, the big house, the even bigger salary... I pushed him to take that job.
エドは軍に居たの 落ち着く機会が来たとき つまり社有車、大きい家

Eikichisan ... So you take part in such events ?
栄吉さんが こういうのに参加するなんて。

Even 300000 yen are possible, so won't permit any unnecessary performed autopsies.
30万円かかるかもしれない 余計な解剖は認めん。

Even I have never done anything so cruel.

Even I was able to get a license, so anyone has a chance.
私だって ライセンスが取れたんだから

Even I was also affected by you leaving.
さすがの私も 部長に出て行かれたのは

Even after she went to sleep, he'd stay up for a few more hours so he could learn the next chapter and help her the next day.
ミアが寝た後も 数時間起きていて 次の日の為に 続きをやっていた

Even after so many hardships even you don't know!
見つかんねーから 苦労してんだろうがッ

Even all personal belongings are gone so we can't identify her.
所持品は何もなく 身元確認ができません。

Even before they have symptoms so we can save their life.
症状を自覚する前からです これなら命を守れます

Even beyond the domain explored so far.
既知のものだけという 仮定から始めました

Even gave my baby a bottle of formula... So there's no way...

Even here in this monster world, there's a population, so towns should be here too.
魔物の世界とはいえ 生物がいる以上

Even if I couldn't hit a home run, I was able to move around so much, so that was enough.

Even if I have to dirty my hands, I don't mind so long as this world is maintained.
この手が汚れても 今ある この世界が 維持されれば

Even if it does work, the machine will be so highly compressed that it won't be able to process information, or send signals, or communicate in any way.
たとえそれが機能するとしても マシンはある それが可能でないように高度に圧縮した 情報を処理するか信号を送る

Even if it so what will happen if you faint.
だからって それで 倒れてしまったら

Even if she hates you, you got to let her hate you, so she can feel better about it, she can get better.
彼女がお前を憎むなら― 憎ませておけばいい そうすれば彼女は少し楽になれる

Even if so, I've never heard of symptoms like yours.
アレルギーかしら? それにしては 聞いたことがない症状よね

Even if that is so, we can't do that.
そういうわけには いきませんよ

Even if that's so, isn't that's too fast?
いくらなんでも それ早すぎじゃね?

Even if the land is united, 400 years of hatred and killing... Will not be forgiven so easily.
国が一つになろうとも 四百年にわたる 憎しみあいと殺しあい そう簡単に許しあえるとは 思えませぬ

Even if the spirits with grudges against me sneak into my house, so...
私のことを恨みに思ってる霊が 侵入してきても

Even if the target is also fire.
文句あんなら 作り笑いなんかしてねえで?

Even if there are people who open up to you there are also people who definitely won't.
心を開いてくれる人もいれば 絶対に開いてくれない人もいる

Even if they offer me the job, it's like so what.
受かったところで どうなのって 感じだよね。

Even if we lose at trial, you may never have to pay a figure so high.
負けても そんな額にはならないかも

Even if you are the principal, if you insist on being so persistent...
いくら校長先生だからってね あの あんまり しつこいと...。

Even if you didn't remain. That would also give a bad impression.
何も残らない。 周りからも いい顔されない。

Even if you have to fight me to do so?
俺と戦ってでも 人造人間を壊すつもりか?

Even if you say so, I don't see anything..
そう言われれば 見えなくもないんだけど...。

Even if you say that so proudly...

Even if you tell me that, it's so sudden..
責任取ってもらわないと いきなり言われても

Even if you try to become friends with me, it is impossible. So ....
私と友達になろうとしても... 無理だから。 だから...。

Even in such a small aquarium there's so much life.

Even in these times, we know so little about the brain.
未だに脳は 解明されてない

Even more so if you'd left a fruit knife out in the kitchen, and were about to phone your boss while hiccuping.
キッチンに果物ナイフが出しっぱなしに でもなっていれば 尚更ね。

Even more so than a hot air balloon!
これも目立つと思う。 むしろ 気球より目立つと思う!

Even more so, I think he did it to protect the woman he loved.
もっと言えば... 好きな女を守るため... か。

Even now business is not going so well.

Even now, she's so cute.
今でも かなり可愛いのに

Even one so brave as bill. Byebye, bill.
さようなら ビル

Even so I thought I'll just protect this place...

Even so it's really hot...

Even so that wasn't necessary.
[tv]でも あれを言っちゃ おしまいでしょ。

Even so that's nearly twice the price.

Even so the piano over there.
あっちにある ピアノだって そう。

Even so what is this mountain of stuffed animals ...
それにしても何だあ この縫いぐるみの山は...

Even so you can not cheat.

Even so, I don't mind.
塞神 塞神是神?

Even so, I intended to put all my energy into the duties that have been given to me.
それでも 与えられた職務には 全力を尽くしてきたつもりです。

Even so, I kept on walking. That was my strength.

Even so, I still think that was a cruel thing you did.
それにしても えげつないこと 考えるね おまえ。

Even so, I sure don't want to take care of the dogs.
かといって 犬当番だけは やりたくねえもんな

Even so, I think that effectively, this is for the best.
おう! 最高です!

Even so, I thought you would want to see her for once...
それでも 一度くらいは 会いたがられると思っていましたが

Even so, I'm glad to have met them.

Even so, I'm not about to forgive him.
清花先生が許してやらなきゃ アイツは消えるしかない!

Even so, I'm not going to let go of your hand.
手が震えてるの 気がつかなかった?

Even so, after the Lehman shock we went into recession...
なのに リーマンショックで暴落して

Even so, as long as we can get some clue as to who he is...
年を取ると これだからいかん

Even so, attacking a transport ship is going too far!
だからといって 輸送船を襲うのはやり過ぎじゃない?

Even so, can you come with me for a bit.
まあ そう言うなって

Even so, can you still say there's no choice?
よし。 じゃあ 巴さんと 赤ちゃん 両方 優先させましょう。

Even so, dodging it, I could understand.
更に巨大に なっちゃいましたね。

Even so, everything does come with a cost.

Even so, father, in the world outside, only four hours have gone by!
あれから4時間。 ザーボンさんは 何をしてるんでしょう。

Even so, from me it hurts.
それなのに 自分から。 痛て。

Even so, he's devising a strategy. If he detects...
それでも、大佐は作戦を考えてて、 それには時間がかかるわ。

Even so, he's got 25 billion in other investments.

Even so, he's still her son.

Even so, how can this be allowed here?
だからって こんなことが許されるんですか?

Even so, how can you suspect us?
だからって我々を疑うのは どうなんだ

Even so, if that's what you want to do, go for it!
あ 嫌なら別に

Even so, in order to win, he had to make a painful decision.
それでも勝つために 苦しい選択を したんだと思いますよ

Even so, is a gold medal really such a big deal?
ハァ。 それにしても 金メダルって

Even so, is it not okay for me to want it?

Even so, it doesn't change the fact that this was a suicide.
だとしても 自殺には 変わりないと思いますが。

Even so, it doesn't mean we need her help.
だとしても 私たちに彼女の手助けが必要とは 限らないわ

Even so, it is very small. Wow .
あれでも すごく小さいほうよ。 へぇ~。

Even so, it took me a long time to come to terms with his passing.
立ち直るには 時間がかかりました

Even so, it was fine in the old days.
それでも 昔はよかった。

Even so, it's nice to have help...
そうかもしれないけど、 援助して貰うと助かるわ...

Even so, it's no reason for us to leave the people in front of us to die!
だからって 目の前の人間を見殺しにする理由はない

Even so, it's not a good reason to turn away.
だからって 目を背けていい理由にはならない。

Even so, it's not congratulations right?
それにしても おめでとうは ないだろ。

Even so, it's only 800 points of damage!
たかが 800ポイントのダメージなど...。

Even so, it's still unforgivable!

Even so, lately all I hear about is their relaxed attitude and selfishness.
それなのに 最近の子は 自然体だの 自分らしくだの

Even so, my feelings will reach out.
"「きっと 破り捨てることだろう」"

Even so, no one gave up.

Even so, our friend is in trouble!
どうでもいいだよ! 仲間がピンチなのに

Even so, please expect a small token of our gratitude.
それでも 僕らからのささやかな感謝の印をひとつ

Even so, she had a bitter experience in Paris.
それにな ああ見えても パリじゃ つらい目に遭ってきたんだぜ。

Even so, she really looked like you.

Even so, that ain't much food.
そうかもだけど 腹一杯にはほど遠いぞ

Even so, that girl is having her rendezvous in a park, huh?
にしても あの子が 公園で 待ち合わせなんてねえ。

Even so, that won't happen again.
もう ないだろうから

Even so, that's no reason to go back to district two, right?
だからって 二丁目は 違うんじゃない?

Even so, the calamity began in April.
でも でもね

Even so, the company carried on as always.
それでも会社は 変わらずに動いていて

Even so, the managing director is still a splendid person.
いや。 それでも 黒崎専務は 立派な方ですよ。

Even so, the only person I love is you.
それでも 私が愛した男は 勇ちゃんだけ。

Even so, the opponent is a savior of the underground world.
にしても 相手は闇社会の救世主だぞ

Even so, the price for burning the entire mountain is too big.
だからといって 山ごと焼くのは代償がデカすぎる

Even so, there are traces of his flaky skin where his fingers have come into contact with them, so he suffered from eczema.
触れた場所に 皮膚片が残ってるので 皮膚炎だったようだ

Even so, there's a problem.
それでも 問題があるわ

Even so, there's really no need for that prosecutor to hide things.
それにしても あの検事 隠し事なんてする必要ないのに。

Even so, they're angry about the performance standards.

Even so, they're here, right?
それでも いるだけマシだろ

Even so, this woman betrayed Togashi.
それにしても その富樫くんを裏切った

Even so, we do not lose our way.
それ ほとんど 僕らの思い出じゃなくね?

Even so, we have no choice but to find them.

Even so, we know the devastation was fairly...
かなりの被害になっていることは 確かです

Even so, we thank you for the truth.
それでも 真実には感謝するわ

Even so, we will be long gone by then.
そうだとしても それまでには人類は絶えているでしょう

Even so, we're still responsible.
だとしても こっちの責任よ。

Even so, well done for writing a letter.
それにしても よくラブレターなんて書けたな

Even so, what can we do!

Even so, why are they looking for the culprit among us trainees?
だからって なんでオレら訓練兵の中で犯人捜しなんだ

Even so, why did the culprit designate a place like this for delivery site?
それにしても 犯人は どうして こんなところを?

Even so, why tell us where he is?
だとしても 何で自分の居場所を教えたんだ?

Even so, you have to wonder about it.
どうなんだろうねぇ ホントのところは。

Even so, you must have great passion for your work to push out so many volumes.
それにしても これだけの仕事量 すごい情熱。

Even so, you run him for governor, people are going to dig into his past.
知事選になれば 過去を探られる

Even so, you see. I do not. What?
だら~んって ほら。 だら~ん。 んっ?

Even so, you still want to continue the treatment?
「それでも治療は続けますか?」 と言うこともあるね

Even so, you wouldn't know him with this face.
といっても この顔じゃ わからないだろうがねえ

Even so, you're quite well informed.
≪よく知ってるのね でも

Even so, you've got to do it.
それでも やってもらわねばなりません

Even so.. I still want to try.
初戦で負けてもいい。 それでも やってみたいんだ。

Even so... Even if I am... I...
わかるんだよ... オレにも あのじいさんの苦しみが。

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