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どちらか;どっちか /(n) (どっちか is more colloquial) either/one (of the two)

どちらにせよ /(exp) in either case (used specifically in the instance of two possible outcomes or situations)/either way/one way or another

どっちにしても;どちらにしても /(exp) either way/in any case/one way or another

どっちにしろ;どちらにしろ /(exp) whichever one one chooses/either way

どっち道;何方道 [どっちみち;どちみち(何方道)] /(adv) (uk) anyway/either way/one way or the other/whichever/whatever

にも /(exp) (1) also/too/not ... either/as well/even/(2) (after the volitional or dictionary form of verb) (it's not possible) no matter what/although one might wish otherwise

カグラザメ科 [カグラザメか] /(n) Hexanchidae/family with four species and three genera of cow sharks characterized by either one or two additional pairs of gill slits

シャンポン待ち;双序尅メち;双ポン待ち [シャンポンまち] /(n) {mahj} wait to turn either of two pairs into a pung to finish one's hand

何れ(P);孰れ [いずれ(P);いづれ(ik)] /(adv,pn,adj-no) (1) (uk) where/which/who/(2) (uk) anyway/anyhow/at any rate/(adv,adj-no) (3) (uk) sooner or later/eventually/one of these days/at some future date or time/(pn,adj-no) (4) (uk) both/either/any/all/whichever

何れも [どれも;いずれも] /(adv) (uk) any/all/every/both/either/none (with neg. verb)

玉 [ぎょく] /(n) (1) (also formerly read as ごく) precious stone (esp. jade)/(2) {food} egg (sometimes esp. as a sushi topping)/(3) stock or security being traded/product being bought or sold/(4) (See 建玉) position (in finance, the amount of a security either owned or owed by an investor or dealer)/(5) geisha/(6) (abbr) (See 玉代) time charge for a geisha/(7) (abbr) {shogi} (See 玉将) king (of the junior player)

似 [に] /(suf) takes after (either of one's parents)

双ポン;双序・[シャンポン] /(n) (uk) {mahj} (See シャンポン待ち・シャンポンまち) wait to turn either of two pairs into a three-of-a-kind to finish one's hand (chi:)

担い;荷い;荷ない [にない] /(n) (1) carrying (on one's shoulder)/bearing/shouldering/taking responsibility for/(2) (abbr) (See 担い桶) bucket carried on either end of a pole

突き倒し;突倒し [つきたおし] /(n) {sumo} thrusting down one's opponent either inside or outside the ring

如何とでも [どうとでも] /(exp) (uk) one way or the other/either way

如何とも [どうとも] /(exp) (uk) one way or the other/either way

半挿;楾;所、(oK) [はんぞう;はにそう(半挿)(ok);はにぞう(半挿,所、)(ok)] /(n) (1) teapot-like object made typically of lacquerware and used to pour hot and cold liquids/(2) (See 盥) basin of water with two handles on either side used for washing one's face or hands

両面 [リャンメン] /(n) {mahj} (See 両面待ち・リャンメンまち) double-sided wait (for one's last tile)/wait for either of two different tiles to complete a chow which will finish one's hand

両面待ち [リャンメンまち] /(n) {mahj} double-sided wait (for one's last tile)/wait for either of two different tiles to complete a chow which will finish one's hand

Choose either one or the other.

None of us want to go, but either you or your wife has to go.

A to tell the truth serious though there seemed seemingly to be not a what either failure was done.

You may take either the big box or the small one.

He won a sum of money, and not such a small one, either.

Because either she's dead and dumped, Fara, or alive and no one will ever find her.
彼女はもう死んでるわ、ファラ 生きてても 誰も彼女を見つけられないはず

Because either way... It'll be one hell of a ride.
だって― すごい旅だったのよ

But I won't mind one more either.
でも私も もう一人いてもいいかな なんて

But it's not about fire and brimstone either.

But there's no hope of anyone teaching us either.
でも教えてもらえる アテもねえだろ

Chief Fukui; it was going to be one of either of them.
福井係長の どっちかだったのよね。

Didn't come to the last one either.

Do as you like. Either way, I will be the one who finishes him off.
さあな。 どっちにしても 大したことなさそうだ。

Do you either of you know how to cut someone's hair?
岡田~!! キサマ なにやっとるか!

Doesn't look like anyone else is home either.
うん おうちの人も誰も出ないね。

Either I give up, like everyone else... And live, knowing I let a killer go free... Or I keep on, and someone I love is killed.
他の奴なら事前に諦める... 俺なら殺人者に臆さないと... だとすれば

Either I make it down there in one piece and I have one hell of a story to tell, or I burn up in the next ten minutes.
無事に降りて この体験を話すか― 10分で燃え尽きる

Either a big one will show up, or a useless little one.

Either combatant can postpone a duel indefinitely if there are no children to continue his clan.
「一族の存続のため子供がいない場合、 決闘を無期限に延期することがでる」

Either means that your maintenance schedule here aligns perfectly with their escape route or it means that someone here is working with them.
逃走計画と保守点検予定が 完全に一致したか ここに協力者が居るかの どちらかですが

Either my stepfather doesn't want to be found or someone doesn't want him to be found.
どちらも 義父が 見つかる事を望んでない それか 誰かが 彼が見つかる事を望んでない

Either no one told me or no one knows.
俺が聞いていないだけか あるいは誰も知らないか

Either one is fine with me.

Either one of them get hit? There an awful lot of shots fired.
かなりの発砲だが 誰か撃たれたか?

Either one of those will do.

Either one of you guys know about engines? Oh, of course you do.

Either one of you killed her.

Either one of you know a woman about your age, works the same place, about 5'5, blond like you?
君達と同年代で 同業の女性 約170cm 髪はブロンド

Either one would be fine with me.

Either one. They're both very comfortable.

Either she can't, or she won't. She's protecting someone.
話せないか話さないのよ 誰かを守ってるんだわ

Either she doesn't have one, or it's currently turned off.

Either someone made Sakura look like the killer. This is a possibility.
誰かが 桜を犯人に仕立てようと 罠にかけてる可能性だってある。

Either way, it is a noble gesture that one... Finds bestowed upon them.
それは崇高な行為によって 見出すべきもの

Either way, no one knows the outcome.

Either way, someone's gonna notice him missing sooner or later.
彼の不在に 誰か気付くぞ

Either way, the balance of probability is the murderer has her phone.
どっちにしても、おそらく犯人が 彼女の携帯を持っている。

Either we all go, or none.
神様 お守り下さい

Either you or someone you know has been a victim of a flagrant violation of their privacy.
君達が知る人物が 被害者になったのは 重大な違反のせいだ

Everyone else is either dead or missing. I picked up air force here.
死亡か行方不明です そっちは空軍です

Everyone's either gonna wanna kiss you, kill you, or be you.
皆があなたにキスしたくなる 殺したくなる あなたになりたがる

Everyone's eyes should stay at a specific vector angle on either side of the trail.
視線を一定のベクトルに保つ 角度だ 道の両脇だぞ

Falcone's not gonna trust either of us again.
我々のどちらかが ファルコーネのお咎めを受ける

Haha... I guess someone who can't ride the waves can't go riding money on horses either.
《ハハ... さすが波に乗れない男は

He didn't want either one of you to ever know.
この事を 秘密にした

He didn't want to go with either one.

He said he doesn't blame either one of us for anything.

He's my lawyer. And he's not a very good one either.
俺の弁護士なんだ インチキ弁護士だがね

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