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△ [さんかく] /(n) (See 三角) average (e.g. as a mark for homework)/weak

3元材料 [さんげんざいりょう] /(n) ternary material (e.g. semiconductor)

4元材料 [よんげんざいりょう] /(n) quaternary material (e.g. semiconductor)

8ナンバー [はちナンバー] /(n) (1) special licence plate beginning with 8 used by police, ambulance, etc. vehicles/(2) (col) special use vehicle (e.g. police car, ambulance, sprinkler truck, etc.)

B級グルメ [ビーきゅうグルメ] /(n) cheap everyday food that most people enjoy (e.g. ramen, curry, etc.)/eating cheap delicious food/person who seeks out cheap delicious food

GK [ジーケー] /(n) (1) (abbr) {sports} (See ゴールキーパー) goalkeeper/(2) (abbr) {sports} (See ゴールキック) goal kick/(3) (abbr) (sl) (See 合コン) joint party (e.g. by students from several colleges)

KY [ケーワイ;ケイーワイ;ケイワイ] /(n) (See 空気読めない) being unable to read the situation/being unable to pick up on the mood of a conversation (e.g. A and B are complaining about C, and D joins the conversation praising C)

P波;ピー波 [ピーは] /(n) P-wave (e.g. of earthquake)/primary wave

S波;エス波 [エスは] /(n) S-wave (e.g. of earthquake)/secondary wave

UHT [ユーエイチティー;ユーエッチティー] /(n) ultrahigh temperature (e.g. pasteurization)/UHT

W杯 [ワールドカップ(P);ダブルはい] /(n) World Cup (e.g. soccer)

あく抜け;灰汁抜け [あくぬけ] /(n,vs) (state of) having got rid of something (e.g. bad taste)

あぶり出す;炙り出す;焙り出す [あぶりだす] /(v5s,vt) to bring into the open/to reveal/to uncover (e.g. evidence)/to bring to light

ある時;或る時 [あるとき] /(exp) once (e.g. "once, when I was studying ..")/on one occasion/at one point

ある日;或る日;或日(io) [あるひ] /(n,exp) one day (e.g. "one day while studying, ..")

いい /(adj-ix) (1) (See 良い・よい・1) good/excellent/fine/nice/pleasant/agreeable/(2) (See 良い・よい・2) sufficient (can be used to turn down an offer)/ready/prepared/(3) (See 良い・よい・3) profitable (e.g. deal, business offer, etc.)/beneficial/(4) (See 良い・よい・4) OK

いいとこ取り [いいとこどり] /(exp,n,vs) (uk) focusing on only the good points or strong points/incorporating the benefits (while ignoring the drawbacks)/picking the best of both (everything)/cherry-picking (e.g. information)

いい話 [いいはなし] /(exp,n) (1) good story (e.g. heartwarming)/(2) good prospect (e.g. marriage, business)

うぃる /(aux) (sl) (commonly used at the end of ultra-short sentences on microblogs, e.g. Twitter) I will .../I'm going to ...

うたた寝;ごろ寝;転寝;転た寝 [うたたね(うたた寝,転寝,転た寝);ごろね(ごろ寝,転寝)] /(n,vs) dozing/napping (e.g. on the floor in one's clothes, in the train)

うっとい /(adj-i) (1) (osb:) (See 鬱陶しい・うっとうしい・2) irritating/troublesome/(2) (osb:) (See 鬱陶しい・うっとうしい・1) gloomy (e.g. mood)/depressing/(3) (osb:) (See 鬱陶しい・うっとうしい・3) heavy (weather)/cloudy

うつ状態;鬱状態;欝状態 [うつじょうたい] /(n,adj-no) depressive state (e.g. of manic depression)/depressive condition

うなぎの寝床;鰻の寝床 [うなぎのねどこ] /(exp,n) (col) long, narrow house (e.g. traditional Kyoto townhouse)/eel bed

うなぎ上り;うなぎ登り;鰻上り;鰻登り;うなぎ昇り [うなぎのぼり] /(n,adj-no) rising rapidly (e.g. prices, popularity)/soaring/skyrocketing/going through the roof

うなり声;唸り声 [うなりごえ] /(n) (1) groan/moan/(2) roar/growl/(3) buzz/hum (e.g. motor)/whistling (e.g. wind, wires in the wind)

うまい話;甘い話 [うまいはなし] /(exp,n) too-good-to-be-true offers (e.g. scams and frauds)/too-good-to-be-true stories

うま味調味料;うまみ調味料;旨味調味料;旨み調味料 [うまみちょうみりょう] /(n) flavour enhancer (e.g. monosodium glutamate)/flavor enhancer

うるうる /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (See 潤む・うるむ・1) teary-eyed/(2) damp (e.g. skin, hair)/moist

ええじゃないか /(exp) (1) isn't it great?/(n) (2) carnival-like religious celebrations (e.g. dancing festivals) that occurred across Japan from June 1867 to May 1868

えんこ /(n,vs) (1) squatting/sitting/(2) breaking down/stopping (e.g. of car engine)

お開きにする [おひらきにする] /(vs-i) to break up (e.g. a meeting)/to call it a night

お気に入り(P);御気に入り [おきにいり] /(exp,adj-no) (1) (See 気に入り) favorite/favourite/pet (e.g. teacher's pet)/(exp) (2) bookmark (in web browser)

お見通し [おみとおし] /(n) seeing through (e.g. a trick, someone's mind)

お色直し;御色直し [おいろなおし] /(n,vs) changing one's dress (e.g. at the wedding reception)

お代;御代 [おだい] /(n) (pol) (See 代金) charge (e.g. admission, menu item)/cost/price

お鍋;御鍋 [おなべ] /(n) (1) (pol) pot/(2) (arch) typical name for a female servant in the Edo-period/(3) working at night/(4) (uk) (sl) (often derog.) female with symptoms of gender identity disorder (e.g. a transvestite)

お馴染み(P);御馴染み;お馴み(iK) [おなじみ] /(adj-no,n) (pol) (uk) (See 馴染み) familiar/well-known/regular (e.g. customer)/old stand-by

お晩です [おばんです] /(exp) (thb:) good evening (greeting, e.g. in emails sent in the evening)

お疲れ;御疲れ [おつかれ] /(int) (1) thanks (e.g. for coming, helping, etc.)/glad you could make it/(n,adj-no) (2) (See 疲れ・つかれ) tiredness/fatigue

お百度;御百度 [おひゃくど] /(n) hundred times worship (e.g. walking back and forth a hundred times before a shrine offering a prayer each time)

お負け(P);御負け [おまけ] /(n,vs) (1) (uk) freebie (e.g. with a purchase)/something additional/bonus/an extra/(2) (uk) price reduction/discount/(3) (uk) exaggeration

お約束;御約束 [おやくそく] /(n,vs) (1) (hon) (hum) (See 約束・1) promise/agreement/arrangement/one's word/contract/pact/appointment/engagement/date/(n,adj-no) (2) something expected or predictable (e.g. running gag)/typical or clich醇Pd development (in a story)/something considered obligatory or guaranteed (in a certain situation)

か /(prt) (1) (was written as 歟; used at sentence-end) indicates a question (sometimes rhetorical)/(2) (after each alternative) or/whether or not/(3) (after an interrogative) (See 何か) some- (e.g. something, someone)/(4) (sometimes after other particles) (See とか) indicates doubt, uncertainty, etc./(pref) (5) (usu. before an adjective) (See か弱い) emphatic prefix/(suf) (6) (after an indeclinable word) (See 定か) suffix forming adjectives or adverbs/(adv) (7) (arch) in that way

かっちり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) tightly/exactly/precisely/(2) (on-mim) close-fitting (e.g. suit)/firm (body)/lean

かっ飛ばす;戛飛ばす [かっとばす] /(v5s,vt) to knock out (e.g. homer)/to slam/to send flying (e.g. a ball)/to wallop (someone)

から /(prt) (1) from (e.g. time, place, numerical quantity)/since/(2) from (originator)/by/(3) (follows verbs, adjectives) because/since/(4) out of (constituent, part)/(5) through (e.g. window, vestibule)/(6) (following the te-form of a verb) after/since

からっと;カラッと /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) changing suddenly and completely/(2) crisp and dry (e.g. skies, weather, tempura, laundry, etc.)

からり /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) clatter (noise made by hard objects coming in contact, e.g. a door flinging open)/(2) (on-mim) bright and clear (e.g. sky)/(3) (on-mim) nicely dry (e.g. laundry)/crisp (e.g. tempura)/(4) (on-mim) cheerful and open-hearted/(5) (on-mim) changing suddenly and completely/(6) (on-mim) completely forgetting something

がったんごっとん /(n) clickety-clack (e.g. train sound)

がな;がなあ /(prt) (1) (at sentence-end) (See もがな) particle used to indicate the speaker's hope, desire, wish, etc. (e.g. "it would be nice if ...", "I wish there were ...", etc.)/(2) (col) (at sentence-end) emphatic particle/(3) (often associated with an interrogative) particle adding uncertainty

がぶがぶ /(adv-to,n) (1) (on-mim) gulping down/guzzling/(adj-na,n) (2) (on-mim) sloshing around (e.g. liquid in one's stomach, esp. from drinking too much)

がぶる /(v5r) (1) to pitch (e.g. a boat)/(2) {sumo} to force out an opponent

がめる;ガメる /(v1,vt) (1) to greedily try to win big (e.g. in mahjong)/(2) to swipe/to nick/to pilfer

がらがら声 [がらがらごえ] /(n) rough voice (e.g. when one has a cold or sore throat)

きちきち;キチキチ /(adj-na,adv-to,n) (1) (on-mim) jam-packed (physically or of schedule, etc.)/(2) (used to denote a) grinding noise/(3) precisely/correctly (e.g. when working, etc.)/(n) (4) (See 精霊飛蝗) acrida cinerea/oriental longheaded locust

きゅん;キュン /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) (esp. 胸がきゅん(と)なる) choked up (with emotion)/heart-wringing/momentary tightening of one's chest caused by powerful feelings (e.g. parting with a loved one)

きりっと /(adv,vs) (on-mim) (often きりっとした) (See きりり・1) having a crisp appearance/stiffly/tensely/smartly (e.g. dressed)/neatly

きんきん;キンキン /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) shrill/strident/piercing/tinkling/metallic-sounding/(2) (on-mim) sharp (pain, e.g. headache, earache)/(adj-na) (3) ice-cold/very cold

ぎょろり;ギョロリ;ぎろり;ギロリ;ぎらり;ギラリ /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) staring (e.g. eyes)/goggling/glaring

くっちゃべる /(v5r) to talk/to chatter/to tell (e.g. secrets)

くり下がる;繰り下がる;繰下がる;繰り下る;繰下る [くりさがる] /(v5r,vi) (1) (ant: 繰り上がる・くりあがる・1) to be moved back (e.g. date, rank, order)/to be postponed/(2) {math} (See 繰り上がる・くりあがる・2) to be borrowed (of a number in subtraction)

くり抜く;くり貫く;刳り抜く;刳り貫く;刳抜く(io);刳貫く(io) [くりぬく] /(v5k,vt) to gouge out/to excavate/to hollow/to bore/to drill/to carve (e.g. pumpkin)

くるっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) (See くるり・1) turning around/spinning around/curling up/(adv,vs) (2) (on-mim) round and charming (e.g. eyes)

くわっと;クワッと /(adv) (on-mim) opening suddenly and widely (e.g. eyes)

ぐいっと;グイッと;ぐいと;グイと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) suddenly and forcefully (e.g. jerk, poke, shove)/(2) (on-mim) in a single gulp/in one go

ぐさっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) (See ぐさりと) piercingly (as though cutting with a sharp sword)/(2) (on-mim) hard-hitting (e.g. criticism)

ぐさりと /(adv) (on-mim) deeply (e.g. dagger thrust)

ぐしぐし /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) grumbling/complaining/muttering/(2) (on-mim) crumpling (e.g. paper)

ぐっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) suddenly/at once/in one go/with a jerk/with a gulp/(2) (on-mim) considerably/very much/a lot/(3) (on-mim) firmly/with an effort/tightly/exerting pressure/(4) (on-mim) completely (e.g. at a loss)/(5) (on-mim) deeply (e.g. moved)

ぐりぐり;グリグリ /(n) (1) hard lump under the skin (e.g. adipous tumor, lymph node tumor, etc.)/(adv,adv-to,vs) (2) (on-mim) grinding against/pressing or rubbing with turning movements (e.g. someone's shoulders with one's elbow)/(3) rolling one's eyes/goggling one's eyes/googly eyes/(4) rattling sound

けじめ(P);ケジメ /(n) distinction (e.g. between right and wrong, public and private, etc.)

けばい /(adj-i) (See 毳々しい) gawdy/glitzy/loud (e.g. of makeup)

こざと偏;阜偏 [こざとへん] /(n) (e.g. left side of 防) (See 邑・おおざと) kanji "mound" or "small village" radical at left (radical 170)

こすり合わせる;擦り合わせる [こすりあわせる] /(v1,vt) to rub together (e.g. one's hands)

こそあど /(n) {ling} Japanese ko-so-a-do demonstratives (e.g. pronouns: kore, sore, are, dore)

こちらの話;此方の話 [こちらのはなし] /(exp) (1) matter being discussed (e.g. in a private conversation)/(2) our side of the story (in contrast to another's version)

こっちの話 [こっちのはなし] /(exp) (1) (col) (See こちらの話・1) matter being discussed (e.g. in a private conversation)/(2) our side of the story (in contrast to another's version)

こてんぱん;コテンパン;こてんぱ;コテンパ;こてんこてん;コテンコテン /(n,adv) (on-mim) black and blue (e.g. beaten ...)

こぼれ種;零れ種 [こぼれだね;こぼれダネ] /(n) (1) self-sown seed/self-sown seedling/(2) illegitimate child (e.g. of one's servant)

こま飛び;齣飛び [こまとび] /(n) (obsc) frame skipping (e.g. during video playback)

ころころ(P);コロコロ;ころんころん /(adv-to,adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) lightly rolling (of a small and round thing)/(2) (on-mim) pleasant, high-pitched sound (e.g. bell, young woman's laughter)/(3) (on-mim) changing frequently (e.g. conversation, plans)/(occurring) in rapid succession (e.g. sumo wrestlers being defeated)/fickly/in a fickle manner/(4) (on-mim) roly-poly/(adv-to,adv) (5) (on-mim) chirp chirp/sound of insects/(6) (on-mim) (See ケロケロ) ribbit ribbit/croak croak/sound of frogs/(n) (7) (ころころ, コロコロ only) (on-mim) roller/lint roller/paint roller

ころっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) sound of something small rolling once (often into a hole)/(2) easily/(3) suddenly/(4) completely (e.g. forgetting)/utterly/(5) disappointing/(6) curling up into the fetal position/going to sleep suddenly

こん /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) (See こつんと) with a bump/with a clunk/(2) (on-mim) yelp (e.g. of a fox)/bark/howl

ごぼう抜き;牛蒡抜き [ごぼうぬき] /(n) (1) pulling something out (in a stroke)/plucking out/(2) forcibly removing one after another (e.g. demonstrators)/(3) overtaking multiple people (in a spurt)/pulling ahead

ごぼごぼ /(adv-to) (on-mim) gurgling/burbling/bubbling/sound of water mixing with air (e.g. water welling up, pouring water, drain pipe, gushing forth)

ごろん /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) (See ごろごろ・3) flopping (e.g. on a bed)/scattering (e.g. limbs horizontally)

ご遠慮ください(P);ご遠慮下さい(P);御遠慮下さい;御遠慮ください [ごえんりょください] /(exp) please refrain from ~ (e.g. smoking, etc.)

ご馳走(P);御馳走 [ごちそう] /(n) (1) (pol) (See 馳走・1) feast/treating (someone)/(vs) (2) to treat (someone, e.g. to a meal)

ご破算;御破算 [ごはさん;ごわさん] /(n) (1) starting afresh/going back to square one/abandoning (e.g. a plan)/calling off/(2) (orig. meaning) clearing an abacus

さやさや /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) soft, light rustling (e.g. leaves in the wind)

ざら場;ザラ場 [ざらば(ざら場);ザラば(ザラ場)] /(n) continuous session (e.g. trading in a stock exchange)/zaraba

ざわざわ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) noisily (e.g. from many people talking)/creating a commotion/(2) (on-mim) rustling (leaves)/(3) (on-mim) feeling a chill/getting the chills

しけ込む [しけこむ] /(v5m,vi) (1) (uk) to slip into for the purposes of sex (e.g. lover's house, hotel, red light district, etc.)/to shack up with/(2) (uk) to shut oneself away at home (due to lack of money)

しのび逢い;忍び逢い;忍び会い;忍会(io) [しのびあい] /(n) (See 密会) clandestine meeting (e.g. for lovers)/rendezvous/tryst/secret meeting

じゃりっぱげ /(n) (col) (obsc) bald spot (e.g. on a pet due to injury, stress, etc.)/bald patch

じゅるり /(adv-to) (on-mim) sound effect for slurping back up excess saliva (e.g. as stimulated by desire for food)

じんじん /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) tingling sensation (e.g. in a leg)/feeling numb/painful tingle/throbbing/(2) (on-mim) noisily/ears ringing

すくい出す;掬い出す;掬いだす [すくいだす] /(v5s) to bail (e.g. water from a boat)/to ladle

すっぽ抜ける [すっぽぬける] /(v1) (1) to slip out (e.g. from one's fingers)/(2) to cleanly forget

すればするほど /(exp) the more you do (it), the... (e.g. "the more you drink, the better it tastes")

ずっこける /(v1,vi) (1) to fall down (e.g. off a chair)/to slip down (e.g. one's eyeglasses)/to slide down/(2) to make a fool of oneself/(3) to whoop it up/to be on the spree/to cut loose/to mess around

ずっぷり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (See どっぷり) completely submerged (e.g. in water)/(2) (on-mim) completely soaked (e.g. with rain)

ずべら坊 [ずべらぼう] /(n) (1) (See ずんべら棒) plain (e.g. face)/smooth/(2) slovenly

ずんずん /(adv) (on-mim) rapidly (e.g. progress, moving forward)/growing visibly/quickly/steadily/by leaps and bounds

ずんべら棒;ずんべら坊 [ずんべらぼう] /(n) (1) (See ずべら坊) plain (e.g. face)/smooth/(2) slovenly

せき止める;堰き止める;塞き止める [せきとめる] /(v1,vt) (1) to dam up/to hold back/to keep back/to bring to a halt/to intercept/(2) to stem (an activity)/to check (e.g. progress)

そこ退け;其処退け [そこのけ] /(n-suf) (1) (uk) (See 裸足・はだし・2) superior to (e.g. professional, etc. in ability or achievement)/(n) (2) (uk) (See 其方退け・そっちのけ) ignoring (one thing) for (another)

そぼろ /(n) (1) {food} minced meat or fish with soy sauce, etc. (served on rice)/(n,adj-na) (2) shred (e.g. old clothing falling apart)/tangle (objects twisted together)/thin slices (esp. food)

ぞっき;ゾッキ /(n) (See 投げ売り,ぞっき本) selling something for cheap (e.g. books)/selling at a loss/dumping

ぞろぞろ(P);ゾロゾロ /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) in a crowd/in droves/in a stream/in succession/(2) (on-mim) crawling (of insects)/swarming/(3) (on-mim) dragging (e.g. along the ground)/trailing/stretching out

ただ乗り;タダ乗り;只乗り [ただのり(ただ乗り,只乗り);タダのり(タダ乗り)] /(n,vs) free ride (e.g. on train)

たどり着く(P);辿り着く;辿りつく [たどりつく] /(v5k,vi) to arrive at (after a struggle)/to finally reach/to find one's way to/to finally hit on (e.g. an idea)

ため書き;為書き;為書 [ためがき] /(n) dedication (e.g. in books)/inscription

たらたら /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) drop-by-drop/dripping/dribbling/in a trickle/(2) (on-mim) incessantly (esp. speaking, e.g. complaints, compliments)/in great profusion

たり(P);だり /(prt) (1) (as …たり…たり, after the ren'youkei forms of multiple verbs) -ing and -ing (e.g. "coming and going")/(2) (used adverbially) doing such things as.../(3) (as …たり…たり at sentence-end, after the ren'youkei forms of a repeated verb) expresses a command/(aux-v) (4) (たり only) (arch) (from とあり, after a noun) (See たる) to be/(5) (たり only) (arch) (from 〜てあり, after the ren'youkei form of a verb) indicates completion or continuation of an action

たりけり /(exp,aux-v) (arch) auxiliary verb indicating past condition or occurrence (e.g. "was", "had been", etc.)

たるたる /(adj-no) (col) droopy (e.g. of skin)/drooping

だくだく /(adv) (1) (on-mim) gushing out (e.g. sweat or blood)/flowing profusely/(2) (on-mim) thump-thump/bang-bang/pit-a-pat/pitapat/pitter-patter/(3) (on-mim) sound of hoofbeats

だぶだぶ(P);ダブダブ /(adj-na,adj-no,adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) (See ぶかぶか・1,ゆったり・2,たぶたぶ・2) loose (of clothing)/baggy/(adv,adv-to,vs) (2) (on-mim) flabby/saggy/(adv,adv-to,adj-na,vs) (3) (on-mim) sloshing/slopping/overflowing/(adv,adv-to) (4) (on-mim) plenty (of pouring a liquid)/drowning (e.g. in a sauce)

だらけ /(n-suf) (1) full of (e.g. mistakes)/riddled with/(2) covered all over with (blood, mud, etc.)

だれる /(v1,vi) (1) to lose interest/to weaken/to slacken/(2) to lose value after a peak (e.g. stock)

ちょい役 [ちょいやく] /(n) bit part (e.g. in a film)/extra

ちょろちょろ;チョロチョロ /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) trickling (of water)/(2) (on-mim) flickering (of fire)/(adv,adv-to,vs) (3) (on-mim) darting about (e.g. a small animal)/scampering about/moving rapidly

ちょん;チョン /(adv-to,n) (1) (on-mim) (See ちょんちょん・1) clap (sound of wooden clappers)/(2) (See ちょん切る) chop vigorously/(3) (See ちょんちょん・2) slight movement (e.g. poke, small bird alighting)/(4) (See ちょんになる) the end/originally end of a play, marked by clap of clappers/(n) (5) (See ちょんちょん・3) dot (esp. typographical)

ちょんちょん;チョンチョン /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) sound of something striking repeatedly (e.g. wooden clappers)/(2) (on-mim) something small hopping repeatedly/touching lightly and repeatedly/(n) (3) punctuation marks such as the dakuten/(4) Chonchon (arn:)/South American mythical bird

ちょん切る [ちょんぎる] /(v5r,vt) to chop something off (e.g. head)/to snip off/to fire

ちらちら(P);チラチラ;チラッチラッ /(adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) falling lightly (e.g. snow, petals, confetti)/fluttering/(2) (on-mim) flickering/twinkling/glimmering/sparkling/dazzling/(3) (on-mim) appearing and disappearing/catching glimpses/(4) (on-mim) (See ちらっと) glancing (repeatedly)/(5) (on-mim) (hear, see) from time to time/intermittently

ちらりズム /(n) the art of giving a brief glimpse of something (e.g. one's underwear)

ちんちこちん /(adj-na) very hot (e.g. tea) (Nagoya dialect)

つめ見出し [つめみだし] /(n) thumb index (e.g. in a dictionary)

てる;でる /(v1,aux-v) (col) (from ..て or で plus いる) indicates continuing action or state (e.g. to be ..ing, to have been ..ing)

とぐろを巻く;塒を巻く;蜷局を巻く [とぐろをまく] /(exp,v5k) (1) to coil itself (e.g. a snake)/(2) to loaf around

として /(exp) (1) as (i.e. in the role of)/for (i.e. from the viewpoint of)/(2) apart from... (used to change the topic)/(3) (before a negative form) even (e.g. "not even a single person")/(4) (after a volitional form) (See とする・1) thinking that.../trying to...

とする /(exp,vs-i) (1) (after the volitional form of verb) to try to .../to be about to do .../(2) (after the dictionary form of verb) to decide to .../(3) to take as/to treat as/(4) to use for/(5) to suppose that (such) is the case/to assume/(6) to decide that/to think that/(7) to make into/to change into/(8) to feel (e.g. after sound symbolism or psychological experience word)/to look/to feel like/(9) (with を目的) to intend/to have the intention

とろっと;トロッと /(vs) (1) (See とろとろ・1) to become syrupy/to become thick (e.g. when cooking)/(adv) (2) stickily

とろとろ;トロトロ /(adj-na,adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) (See とろみ,とろっと・1) sticky/syrupy/pulpy/(adv,adv-to,adj-no) (2) (on-mim) weakly (of a flame)/gently (e.g. boil)/simmering/(adv-to,vs) (3) (on-mim) dozing off/napping/(adv,adv-to,vs) (4) (on-mim) sluggishly/dawdling

とろみ /(n) {food} (See とろとろ・1,とろっと・1) thickness (e.g. of a sauce, oil, etc.)/viscosity

と共に [とともに] /(exp) (uk) together with/as X, then Y (e.g. as we age we gain wisdom, as wine matures it becomes more valuable, etc.)

どうたらこうたら;どったらこったら;どたらこたら /(exp,n) something-something (e.g. platitudes, waffling)/yada yada/so-and-so

どさ回りをやる [どさまわりをやる] /(exp,v5r) to go on tour/to be on the road (e.g. theatre troupe) (theater)

どたんばたん;ドタンバタン /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) banging around (e.g. in a fight)

どっぷり /(adj-na,adv,adv-to) (on-mim) totally (immersed in something, e.g. liquid, work)/addicted

なりけり /(exp,aux-v) (arch) auxiliary verb indicating the speaker's personal recollection or something they've heard (e.g. "was", "wasn't it?", "is said to have ...", etc.)

に /(prt) (1) at (place, time)/in/on/during/(2) to (direction, state)/toward/into/(3) for (purpose)/(4) because of (reason)/for/with/(5) by/from/(6) (See として・1) as (i.e. in the role of)/(7) per/in/for/a (e.g. "once a month")/(8) and/in addition to/(9) (arch) if/although

にかけて /(exp) (1) till/to/over (a period)/through (e.g. Monday through Thursday)/about (approx. time or place)/on/(2) concerning (an area of expertise)/(3) swearing by (one's sword, God, etc.)

にしては /(exp) for (e.g. "she dances well for an eight-year old")/considering it's (something or someone)

に就いて(P);に就て(io);に付いて(iK) [について] /(exp) (1) (uk) concerning/regarding/(2) (uk) per (e.g. 100 yen per person)/for every

に従って [にしたがって] /(exp) in accordance with/according to/as X, then Y (e.g. as we age we gain wisdom, as wine matures it becomes more valuable, etc.)

に連れ [につれ] /(conj) (uk) (See に連れて) as X, then Y (e.g. as we age we gain wisdom, as wine matures it becomes more valuable, etc.)

に連れて [につれて] /(conj) (uk) as X, then Y (e.g. as we age we gain wisdom, as wine matures it becomes more valuable, etc.)

のそのそ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) (See のっそり・1) (move) slowly (e.g. walk)/sluggishly/stolidly/ploddingly/heavily

の余り [のあまり] /(exp) (uk) so much (something) as to (e.g. so moved as to cry)/overwhelmed/carried away/because of too much

はぐる /(v5r,vt) to roll up (e.g. sleeves)/to turn over

はけ口;捌け口;さばけ口 [はけぐち(はけ口,捌け口);さばけぐち(捌け口,さばけ口)] /(n) (1) outlet (e.g. for water or gas)/(2) market (for something)/(3) outlet (e.g. for excess energy)/vent (e.g. for emotions)

はためく /(v5k,vi) to flutter (e.g. a flag)

はね上げる;撥ね上げる [はねあげる] /(v1,vt) (1) to splash/(2) to raise (e.g. prices)

ばきっと /(adv) (on-mim) snapping (e.g. branch)

ばつ /(n,adj-no) (1) (See ばつが悪い) one's circumstances or condition, esp. compared to that of another/(2) coherence (e.g. of a conversation)

ばらす /(v5s,vt) (1) to expose/to lay open (e.g. secret)/(2) to take to pieces/(3) to kill/to murder

ばらつき /(n) scattering (e.g. in statistics)/scatter/dispersion/variation

ばら撒く(P);ばら蒔く;散蒔く;散播く [ばらまく] /(v5k,vt) (1) (uk) to scatter/to disseminate (e.g. a rumor)/to spread (e.g. germs)/to broadcast/(2) (uk) to distribute widely (e.g. leaflets)/to hand out freely/to spend recklessly

ぱくぱく;パクパク /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) repeatedly opening and closing (one's mouth)/gasping/(adv,vs) (2) (on-mim) flapping (e.g. shoe sole)/gaping open and shut/(adv,adv-to,vs) (3) (on-mim) heartily (eating)/devouring/munching/gobbling

ぱくり;ぱっくり;パクリ;パクり /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) gaping (e.g. mouth, wound)/(2) (on-mim) snapping into/biting into/(n,vs) (3) (See パクる・2) cribbing/lifting/plagiarism/rip-off

ぱちっ /(n,adv-to) (on-mim) snapping (e.g. fingers) sound/with a pop

ぱちつかせる /(v1) to blink repeatedly/to wave repeatedly (e.g. a paper fan)

ぱちり;パチリ /(adv-to) (on-mim) (with a) click (e.g. camera shutter)/(with a) snap

ぱらつく;パラつく /(v5k,vi) (See パラパラ・2) to sprinkle (e.g. with rain)

ひけらかす /(v5s,vt) to show off/to make a display (e.g. of wealth)

ひたひた /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) lapping (e.g. of waves against the shore)/(2) (on-mim) steadily (advancing)/gradually (approaching)/(adj-no,adj-na) (3) (on-mim) (often used adverbially as ひたひたに) sufficient (of the amount of liquid needed to cover a submerged object)/just enough/(adv-to,adv) (4) (on-mim) (arch) speedily/promptly/quickly/smoothly/(5) (on-mim) (arch) closely/exactly

ひっくり返す;引っくり返す;引っ繰り返す;引繰り返す(io) [ひっくりかえす;ひっくりがえす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to turn over/to turn upside down/to turn up/to turn inside out/to turn out/(2) to knock over/to tip over/(3) to overturn (e.g. a decision)/to upset/to reverse

ひと浴び;一浴び [ひとあび] /(n,vs) quick bath/quick shower/quick dip (e.g. in the sea)

ひも付き;紐付き [ひもつき] /(n,adj-no) (1) (uk) conditions/strings attached/restriction/restrictions/controls/(n) (2) something that has a cord or string attached (e.g. clothes)/(3) (of a woman) having a lover/lover/(4) (See 縄付き) criminal/someone bound by ropes

びしり /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (See びしっと) with a snap/(break) cleanly/(2) (reject) sternly/flatly/(3) smartly (e.g. of dressing up well).

ぴくっと /(adv) with a twitch (e.g. an eyebrow)/with a dip/with a bob/with a flutter

ぴくり /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) (See ぴくっと) with a twitch (e.g. an eyebrow)/with a dip/with a bob/with a flutter

ぴちぴち;ピチピチ /(adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) bursting with youth and energy (esp. young woman)/vivaciously young/spunky/energetic/(adv-to) (2) (on-mim) (fish) jumping around energetically (e.g. when caught in a net)/(adj-no) (3) (on-mim) bursting (e.g. seams)/tight/(adv-to) (4) (on-mim) splattering (e.g. cooking oil)

ぴゅう;ぴゅん;ピュウッ;ピュー /(adv-to) (on-mim) (See ぴゅうぴゅう) whiz (e.g. projectile through air)/swoosh/whoosh/whistling sound

ぴょこん;ピョコン /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) quickly, in a bouncing way (e.g. for a bow)

ふうふう;ふーふー;フーフー;フウフウ;フゥフゥ /(adv) (1) (on-mim) sound of heavy breathing/(n,vs) (2) blowing on something (e.g. to cool it down)

ふかふか /(adv-to,vs,adj-na,adj-no) (1) (on-mim) soft (and fluffy) (e.g. bed, bread, baked potato)/(adv-to,vs) (2) (on-mim) absent-mindedly

ふける /(v1,vi) (sl) to run away (e.g. from work)

ふらふら(P);フラフラ /(adj-na,adv-to,vs,adj-no) (1) (on-mim) unsteady (e.g. on one's feet)/staggering/reeling/tottering/dizzy/(2) (on-mim) wandering/without knowing what one is doing/having no goal in mind

ふるちん;フルチン;フリチン;ふりちん /(n) (sl) (vulg) (also written 振りチン, etc.) having the penis hang out (e.g. no trousers or pants)

ぶくぶく;ブクブク /(adv,adv-to,vs,n) (1) (on-mim) bulging/swelling (e.g. with water)/loose-fitting or baggy (clothing)/(2) (on-mim) bubbling/foaming

ぶち込む;打ち込む;打ちこむ [ぶちこむ] /(v5m,vt) (1) to throw/to toss/to cast/(2) to hit/to strike/to smash/to hammer in/to drive in/(3) to fire into (e.g. a crowd)/to launch (e.g. missiles)/to lob (e.g. grenades)/(4) to wear (sword, etc.)/to carry

ぶち当たる;打ち当たる [ぶちあたる] /(v5r) (1) to slam into (e.g. a wall, a limit) (figuratively)/to hit/(2) to face (e.g. trouble, a problem)/to confront

ぶっ掛ける;打っ掛ける;打っかける [ぶっかける] /(v1,vt) (uk) to dash (e.g. liquid on someone's face)/to slosh/to splash/to souse/to pour

ぶら下がり [ぶらさがり] /(n) (1) (id) cornering someone by lying in wait, e.g. for an unexpected interview or photograph/doorstepping/(adj-f) (2) hanging/dangling

ぷかり;ぷかりぷかり /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) puffing (e.g. cigarette smoke)/(2) (on-mim) bobbing (to the surface)/floating lightly

ぷちぷち;プチプチ /(adv-to,adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) sound of bubbles (or other small objects) being popped/(2) (on-mim) lumpy sensation (e.g. of food)/(n) (3) little bits/small grains/(4) (プチプチ only) (See 気泡緩衝材) bubble wrap (trademark of Kawakami Sangyo Co.)

ぷつぷつ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) bumpy (e.g. of a rash)/knobbly/pimply/(2) (on-mim) easily cut

へ /(prt) (pronounced え in modern Japanese) indicates direction or goal (e.g. "to")

へどもど /(vs,adv) (on-mim) flustered/flurried/stuttering (e.g. an apology)

べったり;ベッタリ /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) sticking/clinging/(2) (on-mim) with a smack (e.g. sitting down)/hard/(3) (on-mim) all over/thickly

べっとり /(adv) (1) sticky/thick (e.g. thickly plastered)/ikky/gummy/(2) to stick closely

ぺらっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) (See ぺらぺら・2) flipping (e.g. a page)/peeling off/(2) (on-mim) (See ぺらぺら・1) fluently

ほっほっほっ;ホッホッホッ /(exp) ho-ho-ho (e.g. Santa Claus)

ほわんほわん /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) cool/collected/(2) (on-mim) expression of disappointment (e.g. falling "wuh-wuh-wuh" sound in TV shows, etc.)

ぼーっと(P);ボーっと(P);ボーッと;ぼうっと;ぼおっと;ボウッと;ボウっと;ボオッと;ボオっと /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) doing nothing/being stupefied/flushingly/abstractedly/dazedly/blankly/dreamily/(2) (on-mim) dimly/hazily/faintly/vaguely/indistinctly/(adv) (3) (on-mim) with a roar (e.g. flames)/with a whoosh

ぼやぼや(P);ボヤボヤ(P) /(vs,adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) carelessly/inattentively/absentmindedly/doing nothing/(adj-na,vs,adv) (2) (on-mim) long and disheveled (e.g. hair) (dishevelled)/(vs,adv,adv-to) (3) (on-mim) flaring up (e.g. fire)/rising (e.g. steam)

ぼんぼん /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) fiercely (e.g. of a fire burning)/(2) (on-mim) bong-bong (of clock ringing)/(3) (on-mim) with repeated bangs (e.g. of fire cracker)/(n) (4) (abbr) (on-mim) (See ぼんぼん時計) striking clock/(5) (ksb:) green young man from a well-to-do family

ぽくぽく /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) rhythmically (beating, e.g. gong)/(2) (on-mim) clip-clopping (e.g. horse)/(adj-no) (3) (on-mim) (See ほくほく・1) crumbly/(adv,adv-to,vs) (4) (on-mim) ambling/strolling/(5) (on-mim) dozing

ぽっぽ;ポッポ /(n,vs) (1) (on-mim) puffing (e.g. steam train)/chugging/cooing (e.g. dove)/(2) (on-mim) steaming/(3) (on-mim) feeling hot

まあ(P);ま /(adv) (1) (when urging or consoling) just (e.g. "just wait here")/come now/now, now/(2) tolerably/passably/moderately/reasonably/fairly/rather/somewhat/(3) (when hesitating to express an opinion) well.../I think.../it would seem.../you might say.../Hmmm, I guess so.../(int) (4) (fem) oh!/oh dear!/oh, my!/wow!/goodness gracious!/good heavens!

まくり上げる;捲り上げる [まくりあげる] /(v1) to tuck (e.g. sleeves)/to roll up

までなら /(exp) up to ... (e.g. items) (nuance of comparison)/until ... (times)/as far as

まどろっこしい;まどろこしい;まどろっこい;まどろこい /(adj-i) dull (e.g. of movement or reaction)/sluggish

みこしを据える;御輿を据える [みこしをすえる] /(exp,v1) to ensconce oneself (e.g. in a chair)/to settle oneself down/to plant oneself

むくむく /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) rising up/towering/billowing (e.g. clouds of smoke)/(2) (on-mim) plump/chubby/fat/(3) (on-mim) shaggy/hairy

めくれ上がる;まくれ上がる;捲れ上がる;捲れあがる [めくれあがる(めくれ上がる,捲れ上がる,捲れあがる);まくれあがる(まくれ上がる,捲れ上がる,捲れあがる)] /(v5r,vi) to be turned up/to be lifted up (e.g. by the wind)

めぐり合う(P);巡り会う(P);巡り合う;めぐり会う;巡りあう;巡り逢う;廻り合う;回り合う [めぐりあう] /(v5u,vi) to meet fortuitously (e.g. running into an old friend)/to meet by chance/to happen across

めりめり /(adv-to) (on-mim) splintering or cracking (e.g. in a strong wind)

もがな /(prt) particle used to indicate the speaker's hope, desire, wish, etc. (e.g. "it would be nice if ...", "I wish there were ...", etc.)

もしもし /(int) (1) hello (e.g. on phone)/(2) excuse me! (when calling out to someone)

もつれ込む;縺れ込む [もつれこむ] /(v5m,vi) to proceed though deadlocked/to be carried over (e.g. to next meeting)/to go into a shootout (e.g. sport)

ものか;もんか /(prt) (male) used to create a form of question indicating that the speaker actually believes the opposite is true/emphasizes a determination not to do something, e.g. "Like hell I will!"

もみ消す;揉み消す;揉消す [もみけす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to stub out (e.g. a cigarette)/to crush out/to smother (fire)/(2) to hush up/to cover up/to stifle/to suppress

ももんじい;ももんじ /(n) (1) (arch) large game (e.g. deer, boar)/(2) (arch) speaking badly of someone/(3) (arch) squirrel-like costume for frightening children

ももんじい屋 [ももんじいや] /(n) (arch) (See ももんじ屋) Edo-era meat vendor (esp. of large game, e.g. deer, boar)/butcher

ももんじ屋 [ももんじや] /(n) (arch) (See ももんじい・1) Edo-era meat vendor (esp. of large game, e.g. deer, boar)/butcher

やり込み [やりこみ] /(n) speedrun/playing through a video game for additional challenge (e.g. as quickly as possible, to obtain the highest score, without using a certain weapon, etc.)

やる気;遣る気 [やるき] /(n) willingness (e.g. to do something)/eagerness/motivation/inspiration/determination/high aspirations

やんや /(int) (1) (See よいやよいや) applause/ovation/loud praise/(adj-no,adv-to) (2) loud (e.g. applause)/enthusiastic/tumultuous

よう /(aux-v) (1) (non-五段 verbs, e.g. 食べよう) indicates speculation/(2) indicates will/(3) indicates invitation

よそ行き(P);余所行き;他所行き [よそゆき(P);よそいき] /(n,adj-no) (1) going out/(2) one's best clothes/(adj-no) (3) formal (e.g. language)/best (behaviour, manners, etc.)

より小さい [よりちいさい] /(exp,adj-i) (1) (e.g. 〜より小さい) less than .../(2) (e.g. より小さい〜) smaller ...

より大きい [よりおおきい] /(exp,adj-i) (1) (e.g. 〜より大きい) greater than .../(2) (e.g. より大きい〜) bigger ...

らりる;ラリる /(v5r,vi) (sl) to become intoxicated (e.g. with drugs)

わっと;ワッと;ワっと /(adv) (on-mim) suddenly and in a loud voice (e.g. sobbing)

アームカバー;アーム・カバー /(n) arm cover (e.g. chair)

アームリフター /(n) armlifter (e.g. on a gramophone turntable)

アイスバーン /(n) (1) icy road (ger: Eisbahn)/(2) frozen snow surface (e.g. on a ski slope)/(3) (orig. meaning) skating rink

アカ /(n) (abbr) {comp} (See アカウント) account (e.g. online service)

アクセス禁止 [アクセスきんし] /(exp) {comp} (See アク禁) banned from access (e.g. from a web forum, etc.)

アクセス集中 [アクセスしゅうちゅう] /(exp,n) {comp} heavy traffic (e.g. to an online server)/traffic spike

アクチュエータ;アクチュエーター;アクチュエター;アクチュエタ /(n) {comp} actuator/access mechanism (e.g. disk)

アクティベート /(n) {comp} activation (e.g. of network accounts, etc.)

アク禁 [アクきん] /(n) (col) (abbr) {comp} (See アクセス禁止) banned from access (e.g. from a web forum, etc.)

アジア系 [アジアけい] /(n,n-pref) Asian/(person) of Asian descent/Asian- (e.g. Asian-American)

アタリ /(n) collision/overlapping (e.g. of two objects in a video game)

アダルトチルドレン;アダルト・チルドレン /(n) (1) (col) people psychologically traumatized from being raised in an abusive or dysfunctional family (e.g. by alcoholic parents) (wasei: adult children)/(2) immature adults/childish adults

アテスト /(vs) (esp. in golf) attest (e.g. scorecard)/sign

アナログディスク;アナログ・ディスク /(n) analogue disc (e.g. LP, LaserDisc, etc.)/analog disc

アナログ入力チャネル [アナログにゅうりょくチャネル] /(n) {comp} analog input channel (e.g. in process control)

アビーム /(n) abeam (e.g. wind)

アピール(P);アッピール /(n,vs) (1) appeal (e.g. to public opinion)/plea/request/(2) appeal (e.g. sex appeal)/attractiveness/allure/(3) {sports} appeal (e.g. in baseball)/(4) emphasizing (strong points, etc.)/showing off/touting/calling attention to/playing up/using as a selling point/pitch

アブストラクト /(adj-na) (1) abstract (e.g. art, music)/(n) (2) (abbr) (See アブストラクトアート) abstract art/(3) abstract (e.g. of a paper)/summary/extract

アンカー(P);アンカ /(n) (1) (See 錨・いかり) anchor (of a ship)/(2) last runner or swimmer in a relay team/(3) (abbr) (See アンカーマン) news anchor/news presenter/(4) (See アンクル・3) anchor (clock component)/pallet fork/(5) {comp} anchor (HTML)/(6) {comp} (See レスアンカー) link to previous post (e.g. in web forums)

アンチウィルス;アンチウイルス;アンチ・ウィルス;アンチ・ウイルス /(n,adj-no) {comp} anti-virus (e.g. software)

アンプラグド /(exp) unplugged/not needing or having electrification (e.g. music)

アンマウント /(n) {comp} (ant: マウント) unmount (e.g. a drive)

イエローカード;イエロー・カード /(n) yellow card (e.g. in soccer)

イガイガ;いがいが;イカイカ;いかいか /(n) (1) (イガイガ, いがいが only) (See 毬・いが) bur (of a chestnut, etc.)/burr/(adv,adv-to) (2) (イガイガ, いがいが only) irritating (e.g. one's throat)/thorny/bristling/(adv-to,adv) (3) (arch) (on-mim) crying of a baby

イベコン /(n) (abbr) (See イベントコンパニオン) promotional model (e.g. at a trade show)/booth babe

イベントコンパニオン;イベント・コンパニオン /(n) promotional model (e.g. at a trade show) (wasei: event companion)/booth babe

イメージトレーニング;イメージ・トレーニング /(n) training method in sports, etc. where one imagines how a scenario would play out (wasei: image training)/mental rehearsal/mental preparation/visualization (for practicing a skill in one's mind)(practising)/practicing under simulated conditions (e.g. while watching a video)/mental dry run

イメトレ /(n) (abbr) (See イメージトレーニング) training method in sports, etc. where one imagines how a scenario would play out/mental rehearsal/mental preparation/visualization (for practicing a skill in one's mind)(practising)/practicing under simulated conditions (e.g. while watching a video)

インサイド /(n) inside (e.g. of home plate)

インターコンチネンタル /(n) intercontinental (e.g. hotel)

インタプリタ;インタープリター;インタープリタ;インタプリター /(n) (1) (See 通訳者,説明者) interpreter (languages, events, etc.)/(2) {comp} interpreter/software that decodes and executes a high-level language (e.g. Java, Python, PHP)

インバネス /(n) Inverness (e.g. coat, cape)

インフルエンサー /(n) influencer (e.g. on social media)

ウィケット /(n) wicket (e.g. in cricket)

ウェイティング;ウエイティング;ウェーティング;ウエーティング /(n) (1) {baseb} tactic of avoiding hitting the ball (e.g. to tire out the pitcher) (eng: waiting)/(2) waiting/holding back/refraining

ウェイ系;ウェーイ系;うぇい系;うぇーい系 [ウェイけい(ウェイ系);ウェーイけい(ウェーイ系);うぇいけい(うぇい系);うぇーいけい(うぇーい系)] /(n) young people who behave in a rowdy fashion (e.g. in a pub)/young people who cheer and drink loudly

ウェルカムドリンク;ウエルカムドリンク;ウェルカム・ドリンク;ウエルカム・ドリンク /(n) welcome drink (e.g. free drink served to hotel guests upon arrival)

ウェルカムボード;ウェルカム・ボード /(n) welcome board (e.g. placed outside wedding reception to greet guests, and confirm location)

エード /(n-suf) (1) (See オレンジエード) -ade (e.g. orangeade)/(n) (2) (usu. エイド) (See エイド) aid

エキゾチックアニマル;エキゾチック・アニマル /(n) exotic animal (e.g. tarantula)

エクストラ(P);エキストラ(P) /(n) (1) (esp. エキストラ) extra (e.g. in a film)/supernumerary/(adj-f) (2) (esp. エクストラ) extra/surplus/excess/additional/special/extraordinary

エンゲージ;エンゲイジ /(n) (1) (abbr) (See エンゲージメント) engagement/(adj-no) (2) engage (e.g. angle)

エンジンルーム;エンジン・ルーム /(n) (1) engine compartment (of a vehicle)/(2) engine room (e.g. of ship)

オーバーラン /(n,vs) (1) {baseb} overrun/(2) overrun (e.g. runway)/overshoot

オール電化 [オールでんか] /(adj-no) all-electric (e.g. heating)

オフ /(n,vs) (1) switching off (e.g. electricity)/turning off (e.g. water)/(n) (2) (abbr) (See シーズンオフ) off-season/(3) (abbr) (See オフセット) offset/(4) (abbr) (See オフロード) off-road

オミット /(n) (1) exception/exclusion/(vs) (2) to omit/to disallow (e.g. in a sport after a rule is broken)/to reject (e.g. faulty product)/to eject/to expel/to throw out

オリジナル /(adj-no,n) (1) original/(2) unique (e.g. product)/signature/exclusive/one-of-a-kind/custom

オンプレミス;オン・プレミス /(n,adj-no) (1) {comp} on-premises (server, database, software, etc.)/(2) single location manufacture and sales (e.g. bakery)

カートン;カルトン /(n) (1) carton (e.g. of cigarettes)/(2) tray (in which money is placed when paying)/dish/(3) (カルトン only) pasteboard (fre: carton)

カートン買い [カートンがい] /(n,vs) (col) buying by the carton (e.g. cigarettes, trading cards, etc.)

カウ /(n) (abbr) {comp} (See カウンター・4,モニ) automatically responding with an upload slot to someone who allows you to download (e.g. in P2P systems)

カウンター(P);カウンタ /(n) (1) counter/(2) service counter (e.g. at a bank)/(3) counter (at a bar, cafe, etc.)/(4) {comp} (See カウ,モニター・3) automatically responding with an upload slot to someone who allows you to download (e.g. in P2P systems)

カウンターストップ;カウンター・ストップ /(n) (See カンスト) maximum value in games (e.g. 99, 255, etc.) (wasei: counter stop)

カチカチ;コチコチ;カチコチ;かちかち(P);こちこち(P);かちこち /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) ticktock/(2) (on-mim) chinking (e.g. of a hammer against rock)/knocking/clicking/clacking/clattering/(adj-no,adj-na) (3) (on-mim) dry and hard/(frozen) stiff/(4) (on-mim) hidebound/die-hard/stubborn/obstinate/bigoted/(5) (on-mim) scared stiff/tense/nervous/frightened

カッと(P);かっと /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) flaring up/burning hotly/suddenly becoming bright/(2) (on-mim) flying into a rage/losing one's cool/(3) (on-mim) opening suddenly and widely (e.g. eyes, mouth)/(4) (on-mim) (arch) acting resolutely

カッティングス /(n) cuttings (e.g. from boring)

カットオフ /(n,vs) (1) cutoff (e.g. audio, electrical flow, production)/cutting off/(2) {baseb} cutoff (play)/(n,adj-no) (3) cutoff (jeans, etc.)

カラーストーン;カラー・ストーン /(n) gemstones (apart from diamond, e.g. ruby, sapphire, etc.) (wasei: color stone)

カリカリ;かりかり /(adj-na,adv-to,adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) (See こりこり・1) crisp (e.g. potato chip, fried fish, etc.)/crunchy/(adv-to,adv,vs) (2) (on-mim) grumpily/touchily/edgily/irritably/(3) (on-mim) scratching

カルテ /(n) (1) patient's chart (ger: Karte)/clinical records/(2) record (e.g. student, equipment maintenance, etc.)

ガス状惑星 [ガスじょうわくせい] /(n) (See 木星型惑星・もくせいがたわくせい・1) gas giant (e.g. Jupiter, Saturn)/gas planet

ガタがくる;がたがくる /(exp,vk) (See ガタガタ・4) to show one's age (e.g. to start creaking at the joints)/to wear out (e.g. machinery)

ガチガチ;がちがち /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) chattering (teeth)/(adj-na) (2) (on-mim) (frozen, worried) stiff/(adj-na,adj-no) (3) (on-mim) rigid (personality, thinking, etc.)/inflexible/overly serious/(adv,adj-no) (4) (on-mim) voracious (e.g. work, study)/without slack or pause

ガラガラ;がらがら /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) clattering/rattling/(2) (on-mim) gargling/(adj-no,adj-na) (3) (on-mim) empty/bare/uninhabited/vacant/unoccupied/(4) (on-mim) raspy (voice)/gravelly/husky/(vs,adv) (5) (on-mim) rough (personality, speech, etc.)/unreserved/outspoken/boorish/ill-mannered/(n) (6) (on-mim) rattle (e.g. baby's toy)

ガラパゴス化 [ガラパゴスか] /(n,vs) (because the Galapagos contains many endemic species) Galapagosization/widespread design of Japanese products (e.g. cell phones) specifically for the domestic market, which are therefore unsuccessful overseas and also vulnerable to competition from imports

ガラパゴス現象 [ガラパゴスげんしょう] /(n) (because the Galapagos contains many endemic species) (See ガラパゴス化) Galapagos phenomenon/Galapagos syndrome/tendency of Japanese products (e.g. cell phones) to be designed specifically for the domestic market, which are therefore unsuccessful overseas and also vulnerable to competition from imports

ガレージキット;ガレージ・キット /(n) (See ガレキ,フィギュア・2) small scale production model kit (e.g. for figurines) (wasei: garage kit)

ガレキ /(n) (abbr) (See ガレージキット) small scale production model kit (e.g. for figurines)

キャスター上げ [キャスターあげ] /(n) tipping a wheelchair back (e.g. to negotiate stairs)

キャスト /(n,vs) (1) cast (play, film, etc.)/(2) {comp} cast (e.g. type conversion)

キャッチ /(n,vs) (1) catch/catching/obtaining (e.g. information)/receiving (e.g. radio transmission or phone call)/(2) {baseb} catch/(n) (3) shop tout/puller-in/(n,vs) (4) catching (in swimming and boating)/catching the water/(n) (5) {baseb} (See キャッチャー) catcher

キャンドルサービス;キャンドル・サービス /(n) (1) candlelight service (e.g. in a church)/(2) ceremony during a wedding reception where the bride and the groom go from table to table lighting a candle at each

キャンペーン /(n) (1) promotion (e.g. sales, etc.)/marketing campaign/(2) campaign (election, membership, enrolment, fund-raising, etc.)/drive/movement/(3) military campaign/military action/military maneuvers (maneouvers)

キリキリ;きりきり /(adv) (1) (on-mim) chafing/grinding (e.g. teeth)/(2) (on-mim) binding tightly/pulling tight (e.g. a bow)/(3) (on-mim) rotating quickly/(4) (on-mim) hurting sharply/(5) (on-mim) briskly/quickly/promptly/at once/right away

キリリク /(n) (col) (abbr) (from キリ番 and リクエスト) (See キリ番,リクエスト) lucky-number request (the person who is the Nth visitor to a web site gets to make a request, e.g. for a custom drawing, where N is a special number like 10000)

ギャーザー /(n) gather (e.g. in cloth)

ギリギリセーフ;ぎりぎりセーフ /(exp) (col) (See ぎりぎり,セーフ) (ant: ギリギリアウト) just safe (e.g. just avoiding being late, failing an exam, etc.)/just (barely) OK

ギリセーフ /(exp) (col) (abbr) (See ぎりぎりセーフ) just safe (e.g. just avoiding being late, failing an exam, etc.)/just (barely) OK

クイックモーション;クイック・モーション /(n) (1) {baseb} quick motion (e.g. slide step)/(2) (See スローモーション) fast motion (video) (wasei:)

クスッと;くすっと;くすりと /(adv) (on-mim) unintentionally/slipping out (e.g. a chuckle)

クッションワード;クッション・ワード /(n) (obsc) (e.g. 申し訳ありませんが、あいにく) word to soften awkward topics (esp. refusal in business conversation, e.g. "I am afraid that ...") (wasei: cushion word)

クッション言葉 [クッションことば] /(n) (e.g. 申し訳ありませんが、あいにく) (See クッションワード) word to soften awkward topics (esp. refusal in business conversation, e.g. "I am afraid that ...")

クリーンルーム;クリーン・ルーム /(n) clean room (e.g. in semiconductor manufacturing)/cleanroom

クリア;クリアー;クリヤー /(adj-na) (1) clear/(n,vs) (2) {sports} clearing (a bar, hurdle, etc.)/(3) overcoming/settling/solving/meeting (e.g. a standard)/(4) {sports} (in soccer) clearing (the ball)/(5) {comp} clearing (e.g. a checked box)

クリアリング /(n) (1) clearing/cleaning up/(2) clearing/settling (e.g. payment)

クローラー;クローラ /(n) (1) crawler (e.g. web crawler, robot)/(2) (See 無限軌道・むげんきどう) continuous track/caterpillar track

ク語法 [クごほう] /(n) creating a noun by affixing "ku" to the end of an inflectable word (e.g. "omowaku", "osoraku")

グラグラ(P);ぐらぐら /(adv,adv-to,vs,adj-no,adj-na) (1) (on-mim) wobbling/tottering/shaking/unstably/unsteadily/(adv,adv-to,vs) (2) (on-mim) wavering (e.g. over a decision)/dithering/indecisively/(adv,adv-to) (3) (on-mim) boiling up/(adv,adv-to,vs) (4) (on-mim) (See くらくら) dizzily/giddily

グラスフィッシュ /(n) Asiatic glassfish (e.g. the Indian glassy fish, Parambassis ranga)

グランド(P);グラン /(adj-no) (1) large (fre: grand)/(n) (2) (グランド only) gland/(3) (グランド only) (See グラウンド) ground (e.g. land, electrical, base material of textiles, etc.)

グリーンPC [グリーンピーシー] /(n) {comp} environmentally friendly computer (e.g. low power consumption) (wasei: green PC)

グロス /(n) (1) gross (i.e. 12 dozen)/(2) gross score (in golf)/(3) gloss (e.g. lip gloss)

ケース(P);ケイス(P) /(n) (1) case (e.g. receptacle, condition, event, legal action, letter style, etc.)/(2) {comp} Computer-Aided Software Engineering/CASE

ケトジェニック /(adj-f) ketogenic (e.g. diet)

ゲロゲロ鳴く [ゲロゲロなく] /(exp,v5k) to croak (e.g. like a frog)

コーデ /(n) (abbr) (See コーディネート・2) coordination/matching (e.g. clothes, accessories, furniture, colours)

コーディネート(P);コーディネイト /(n,vs) (1) coordinate/co-ordinate/coordination/(2) matching (e.g. clothes, accessories, furniture, colours)/(n) (3) coordinated outfit (clothes and accessories)/ensemble/(4) coordinates (items of clothing, furniture, etc. designed to be used together)

コール /(n,vs) (1) (telephone) call/(telephone) ring/(n) (2) shout/call/chant/(3) (abbr) (See コールローン,コールマネー) call loan (e.g. 30-day call)/call money/(4) coal/(adj-f) (5) (ksb:) (See コールド・1) cold

コマーシャル /(n) commercial (e.g. TV)

コメント欄 [コメントらん] /(n) {comp} comment field (e.g. on a blog)

コラム /(n) column (e.g. in newspaper)/stand-alone feature article framed by a box

コンコン;こんこん /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) tap-tap/knock-knock/bang-bang/(2) (on-mim) cough-cough/(3) (on-mim) bark (of a fox)/yelp/cry/(4) (on-mim) heavily (e.g. of snow falling)/(n) (5) (chn) (See 狐・1) fox

コンテナ(P);コンテナー /(n) container (e.g. shipping)/skip

コンテンション /(n) {comp} contention (e.g. in LANs)

コンプ /(n,vs) (See コンプリート) complete (e.g. a game)

ゴロゴロ(P);ごろごろ(P);ゴロンゴロン;ごろんごろん /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) thundering/purring/grumbling (e.g. stomach)/(2) (on-mim) something large and heavy starting to roll/(3) (on-mim) scattered about/common/commonplace/all over/(4) (on-mim) idleness/idling about/(5) (on-mim) having a foreign substance in (e.g. one's eye or stomach)/(n) (6) (chn) (on-mim) thunder

サークル /(n) (1) group with a common interest (e.g. students)/club (e.g. company sports club)/circle/(2) circle (shape)

サービスゲーム;サービス・ゲーム /(n) {sports} service game (e.g. in tennis)

サーブ /(n,vs) (1) {sports} serve/(2) serving (e.g. of food)

サーモインナー;サーモ・インナー /(n) thermo inner/inner lining (e.g. of ski boots) that is thermally molded to fit

サイドアウト;サイド・アウト /(n) (1) {sports} side out (e.g. volleyball)/side-out/gaining the right to serve/(2) {sports} ball going over the sideline (tennis)

サイドキック;サイド・キック /(n) (1) side-foot (e.g. in soccer) (wasei: sidekick)/kick with the side of the foot/(2) side kick (e.g. in martial arts)/(3) sidekick/companion

サイドチェンジ;サイド・チェンジ /(n) change of sides (e.g. in sport)

サブグループ /(n) subgroup (e.g. in society)

サブソサイエティ /(n) sub-society (e.g. of an academic society)

サポーター(P);サポータ /(n) (1) supporter (e.g. wrist supporter)/athletic supporter/jockstrap/(2) supporter (esp. of soccer)/backer

サンプル /(n) (1) sample/example/specimen/(2) (See 食品サンプル) display model (e.g. plastic food models used by restaurants)

ザクザク;ざくざく /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) walking on frost/crunching (e.g. on gravel)/(2) (on-mim) lots of coins or jewels/(3) (on-mim) cutting into large pieces/loosely weaving/(adj-na) (4) (on-mim) large (pieces, stitches, sand grains, etc.)

シースルー /(adj-no) see-through (e.g. blouse)

シーズンイン;シーズン・イン /(n) start of a season (e.g. soccer) (wasei: season in)

システムトレイ;システム・トレイ /(n) {comp} system tray (e.g. in Microsoft Windows)

システム手帳 [システムてちょう] /(n) personal organiser (e.g. Filofax)

シャッター街 [シャッターがい] /(n) street where many shops and businesses are closed (e.g. due to an economic slump)

シャトル(P);シャットル /(n) (1) (abbr) (See シャトルコック) shuttlecock/(2) (See シャトルバス) shuttle service (e.g. bus)/(3) (See 杼・ひ) shuttle (weaving)/(4) (abbr) (See スペースシャトル) space shuttle

シャンティー /(n) Chantilly (e.g. lace)

シュプール /(n) trace (e.g. from skis) (ger: Spur)

シュラウド /(n) shroud (e.g. of a reactor core, motor cycle, etc.)

シュンシュン /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) whistling (e.g. of a kettle)

ショック /(adj-na,n) (1) shock (psychological)/(n) (2) shock (physical, mechanical)/(3) {med} shock (e.g. due to lack of blood flow)

ショット /(n) (1) shot (in films)/(2) shot (of alcohol)/(3) hitting a ball (e.g. in tennis)/(n,vs) (4) shoot (in basketball)

シングル /(n,adj-no) (1) (See ダブル・1) single/(2) (abbr) (See シングルベッド) single bed/hotel room with a single bed/(3) single-breasted/(4) single-cuffed/(5) (abbr) (See シングル幅) single width (of cloth; usu. 0.71 meters)/(6) (abbr) {sports} (See シングルス) singles (e.g. in tennis)/(n) (7) (abbr) {baseb} (See シングルヒット) single/(8) {sports} (See シングルプレーヤー) single-figure handicap (in golf)/(9) shingle

ジャケットタイプ;ジャケット・タイプ /(n) (1) jacket type (e.g. a style of clothing)/(2) jacket-style buoyancy control device (BCD) shaped like a sleeveless coat

ジャコウネコ科;麝香猫科 [ジャコウネコか(ジャコウネコ科);じゃこうねこか(麝香猫科)] /(n) Viverridae/family of viverrids (e.g. civets)

ジャッキアップ;ジャッキ・アップ /(n,vs) something that has been jacked up (e.g. a car)/raising something with a jack

スキン /(n) (1) skin/(2) (col) condom/(3) {comp} skin (e.g. alternative look and feel for interface of a program)

スクラム /(n) (1) scrum/scrummage/(2) scram (nuclear reactor)/(3) huddle (e.g. locking arms in a demonstration)

スクリュー(P);スクリユー /(n) (1) screw/(2) propeller (e.g. on a ship)

スケーリング /(n) {comp} scaling (e.g. in computer graphics)

スケールメリット;スケール・メリット /(n) (See 規模効果) economy of scale (wasei: scale merit)/cost saving or benefit from having a larger scale (e.g. of production)

スター /(n) (1) star (cinema, sports, etc.)/celebrity/idol/(2) (e.g. ★ or ☆) star symbol/asterisk/(3) (celestial) star

スタートボタン /(n) {comp} start button (e.g. in Windows)

スタッフィング /(n) (1) stuffing/padding/filler/(2) stuffing (e.g. for roast meat)/(3) order problems with an intermediary seller

スタンド /(n) (1) stands/bleachers/(2) stand (e.g. newspaper stand)/counter (e.g. lunch counter)/(3) stand (e.g. inkstand)/(4) (abbr) (See 電気スタンド・でんきスタンド) desk lamp/floor lamp/standard lamp/(5) (See ガソリンスタンド) station (e.g. gas station)

スタンプ /(n) (1) (See シャチハタ) stamp/(2) stump (e.g. in cricket)

ストライク /(n) {sports} strike (e.g. in baseball, bowling)

ストリップ /(n) (1) (abbr) (See ストリップショー) strip show/striptease/(2) stripping/removing one's clothes/(3) strip (e.g. of wood)

ストレート /(adj-na,n) (1) straight/(2) straightforward/direct/straight out/blunt/(3) neat (e.g. spirits)/black (e.g. tea, coffee)/(n) (4) {baseb} (See 直球・ちょっきゅう・1) fast ball/straight ball

スナップ /(n) (1) snap (e.g. of the wrist in baseball)/(2) (abbr) (See スナップショット,スナップ写真) snapshot (esp. of people)/(3) (See ホック・2) snap fastener/press stud

スピードラン;スピード・ラン /(n) (See やり込み・やりこみ) speedrun/playing through a video game for additional challenge (e.g. as quickly as possible, to obtain the highest score, without using a certain weapon, etc.)

スライダー(P);スライダ /(n) (1) {baseb} slider/(2) slider (e.g. volume control)/(3) slide (e.g. water slide, playground slide)/(4) {food} slider (sandwich)

スライド /(n) (1) slide/(2) change (in value or situation)/proportional change/(vs) (3) to slide/to slip/(4) to change (in value, e.g. with a sliding scale)/to change (in situation)

スライハンド;スライ・ハンド /(n) sleight of hand (e.g. in magic tricks) (wasei:)

スラスター /(n) thruster (e.g. on a satellite)

スリング /(n) (1) (See 石つぶて) sling/(2) (abbr) (See シンガポール・スリング) sling (e.g. Singapore sling)/(3) (abbr) (See カーゴ・スリング) cargo sling/(4) (abbr) (See ベイビー・スリング) baby sling

スレチ /(n) (col) (See スレッド,スレ違い) off topic (e.g. in a web forum)

スレ違い [スレちがい] /(n) (See スレッド) off topic (e.g. in a web forum)

セパレーツ /(n) (1) (See コーディネート・4) separates/things forming units by themselves (esp. women's outer garments, e.g. skirt and jumper)/(2) two-piece bathing suit

センス /(n) taste (in fashion, music, etc.)/sense (e.g. of humour)/flair

ゼッケン /(n) cloth bib with number or logo worn by athletes, etc. (e.g. over their shirts) (ger: Decken)

ゼロ回答 [ゼロかいとう] /(n) nil return/nothing offered (e.g. in wage negotiations)

ソーシャルリクルーティング;ソーシャル・リクルーティング /(n) social recruiting/recruiting via a social networking service (e.g. Facebook)

ソーシャル就活 [ソーシャルしゅうかつ] /(n) job-hunting via a social networking service (e.g. Facebook)

ソーシング /(n) sourcing (e.g. of components)

ソフト化 [ソフトか] /(n,vs) (1) {econ} shift away from manufacturing to an information and service-based economy/(2) softening/(3) release (e.g. of a movie) on home video (e.g. DVD, BD, VHS)

ソリッドステート;ソリッド・ステート /(adj-no) solid-state (e.g. circuitry)

タイド /(n) (1) tide/(exp) (2) tied (e.g. tied aid)

タイム /(n) (1) time/(2) thyme/(3) time out (e.g. in sport)

タックル /(n,vs) (1) tackle (e.g. rugby)/(n) (2) (See 釣り具) fishing tackle

タッチ操作 [タッチそうさ] /(n) touch controls (e.g. on a smartphone)

ダイエット /(n,vs) (1) diet/(2) losing weight by any method (e.g. exercise)

ダイシング /(n) dicing (e.g. cutting up of a microchip wafer)

ダイヤル式;ダイアル式 [ダイヤルしき(ダイヤル式);ダイアルしき(ダイアル式)] /(n,adj-no) dial-style (e.g. of phones)

ダウン /(n,vs) (1) down (opposite of up)/becoming lower/being brought down/bringing down/(2) being down (e.g. with a cold) and unable to continue (work)/(3) {comp} down (e.g. a system)/not running (e.g. servers)/(4) (abbr) {comp} download/downstream/(n) (5) down (feathers)

ダウンロードコンテンツ;ダウンロード・コンテンツ /(n) downloadable content (e.g. for a video game) (wasei: download contents)/DLC

ダッキング /(n,vs) ducking (e.g. in boxing)

ダブル /(n,adj-no) (1) (sometimes written as "W") (See シングル・1) double/(2) (abbr) (See ダブルベッド) double bed/hotel room with a double bed/(3) (abbr) (See ダブルブレスト) double-breasted/(4) double-cuffed/(5) (abbr) (See ダブル幅) double width (of cloth; usu. 1.42 meters)/(6) (abbr) {sports} (See ダブルス) doubles (e.g. in tennis)/(n) (7) (alternative to ハーフ) (See ハーフ・2) biracial person (esp. half-Japanese)/person of mixed parentage

ダブルス /(n) doubles (e.g. in tennis)

ダブルルーム;ダブル・ルーム /(n) double room (e.g. at a hotel)

ダブル選挙 [ダブルせんきょ] /(n) (See 同時選挙) double election (e.g. of the lower and higher chambers)

ダム放流 [ダムほうりゅう] /(n) dam discharge (e.g. water)

チクルス;ツィクルス /(n) cycle (e.g. of songs) (ger: Zyklus)

チップチューン /(n) chiptune (music synthesized in realtime; e.g. in video games)

チャイム /(n) chime/bell (e.g. doorbell)

チャント /(n,vs) (1) (See 聖歌・せいか) chant (religious)/(2) cheer (e.g. in cheerleading)

チャンバー;チェンバー /(n) (1) (often チャンバー) chamber (in equipment, e.g. expansion chamber, combustion chamber, etc.)/(2) (often チェンバー) chamber/room

チューナー(P);チューナ /(n) (1) tuner (e.g. radio)/(2) (チューナ only) tuna (edible fish, Thunnus spp.)

チラツキ;ちらつき /(n) flickering (e.g. on a video display)

チンチン;ちんちん /(adj-na) hot (e.g. tea)

ツーバイフォー;ツー・バイ・フォー /(n) two-by-four (e.g. method)

ツール(P);トゥール /(n) (1) {comp} tool (esp. software, etc.)/(2) tour (e.g. Tour de France)

ツールド /(exp) Tour de ... (e.g. Tour de France)

ツーロック;ツー・ロック /(n) (1) two locks (e.g. on bicycles)/(2) double lock (e.g. on door)

ツイスター /(n) twister (e.g. the game)

ツリー /(n) (1) tree (e.g. Christmas)/(2) (See ツリー構造・ツリーこうぞう) tree structure/tree diagram

テーピング /(n,vs) taping (e.g. an injured joint)

テイク;テーク /(n) take (e.g. in film-making)

テキストベース;テキスト・ベース /(n) {comp} text based (e.g. interface)

テレビ欄 [テレビらん] /(n) TV listings (e.g. in newspaper)/TV guide/TV schedules

テロップ /(n) (1) telop/television opaque projector/device used to broadcast onscreen text (e.g. subtitles, captions)/(2) onscreen text and images (e.g. subtitles, captions, scrolling tickers, logos)

テ形;て形 [テけい(テ形);てけい(て形)] /(n) {ling} -te form (e.g. of a verb)

デコトラ /(n) (abbr) (See デコレーショントラック) showily decorated truck (e.g. chrome, air-brushed pictures, colored lights)/art truck

デコレーショントラック;デコレーション・トラック /(n) showily decorated truck (e.g. chrome, air-brushed pictures, colored lights) (wasei: decoration truck)/art truck

デジアナ /(adj-no) (abbr) (See デジタルアナログ) digital-analog (e.g. watch, conversion)

デジタルアナログ;デジタル・アナログ /(adj-f) digital-analog (e.g. watch, conversion)

デッキ /(n) deck (e.g. ship, tape, cassette, observation, train vestibule, etc.)

デッドエンド;デッド・エンド /(n) (1) dead end/(2) tragic ending (e.g. of film)

デモる /(v5r,vi) to demonstrate (e.g. in the streets)

トラッキング /(n) (1) trucking/(2) {comp} tracking (e.g. in computer graphic)

トロイ衡 [トロイこう] /(n) (obsc) (See 金衡) troy weight (e.g. troy ounce, troy pound)

ドーミトリー;ドミトリー /(n) (1) (See 寮・りょう・1,学生寮・がくせいりょう) dormitory/dorm/residence hall/student residence/(2) multi-bed room shared with unrelated travelers (e.g. in inexpensive guesthouse)

ドアップ;ドーアップ /(n) (from ド (emph) + アップ) (See アップ・3) close-up (e.g. photo)

ドイツ語学科 [ドイツごがっか] /(n) German department (e.g. in a university)

ドッグレッグ /(n) dogleg (e.g. in golf)

ドップラー /(n) Doppler (e.g. effect)

ドベ /(n) (See びり) lowest ranking/worst (e.g. in a test)

ドボドボ /(adv-to) (on-mim) with glugging (e.g. of liquid being poured, running down)

ドライブ /(n) (1) drive/trip by car/driving/(vs,vi) (2) to (go for a) drive/to go on a trip by car/(vs,vt) (3) to drive (e.g. a car)/(4) to drive (innovation, change, etc.)/to propel

ドラッグ /(n,vs) (1) drag/(n) (2) drug/medicine/(3) (illegal) drug/narcotics/(vs) (4) {comp} to highlight (e.g. by click-dragging a cursor over text)

ドリッパー /(n) dripper (e.g. for making coffee)

ドロップショルダー;ドロップ・ショルダー /(n) drop shoulder (e.g. sleeve)

ドロン;どろん /(n,vs) absconding/taking oneself off/slipping out (home) unnoticed early (e.g. from work, out of parties, etc.)

ナイター /(n) game under lights (e.g. baseball) (wasei: nighter)/night game

ナゲット /(n) nugget (e.g. gold, chicken, fish)

ニューオープン;ニュー・オープン /(n) newly opened (e.g. of shop) (wasei: new open)

ニューシングル;ニュー・シングル /(n) (1) new single (by a recording artist)/(2) person of marriageable age who remains single (e.g. to focus on their career) (wasei:)

ニュープリント;ニュー・プリント /(n) new print (e.g. film)/new edition

ネックバンド /(n) neckband (e.g. headphones, shirt)/choker

ノーウェイト;ノーウエイト;ノー・ウェイト;ノー・ウエイト /(n) (1) (abbr) {comp} no wait state memory (memory the CPU can access without requiring wait states)/(2) instant (e.g. for display speed of text in computer games) (wasei: no wait)

ノークレームノーリターン;ノークレーム・ノーリターン /(exp) "as is" sale (e.g. at an auction) (wasei: no claim, no return)

ノーゲーム;ノー・ゲーム /(n) {baseb} no game/game that is stopped before it can be considered an official game (e.g. due to rainout)

ノーズコーン;ノーズ・コーン /(n) nose cone (e.g. of a rocket)

ノーツ /(n) {comp} Notes (e.g. Lotus Notes)

ノーバウンド;ノー・バウンド /(n) {baseb} ball not bouncing (e.g. in a catch) (wasei: no bound)

ノーヒント;ノー・ヒント /(n) no hint (e.g. quiz questions where no clues are given)

ノーマーク(P);ノー・マーク /(adj-no,n) (1) not covered (e.g. of a sports opponent) (wasei: no mark)/unobserved/under the radar/(2) unmarked (e.g. of a product)/unlabelled

ノーリード;ノー・リード /(n) keeping unleashed (e.g. dog) (wasei: no lead)

ノーリターン;ノー・リターン /(exp) no return (e.g. after buying something at an auction)

ノールックパス;ノー・ルック・パス /(exp,vs) passing (e.g. in football) without looking (wasei: no look pass)

ノイズキャンセリング;ノイズ・キャンセリング /(n,adj-no) noise-cancelling (e.g. headphones)

ノリのいい /(adj-ix) easy to get into (e.g. of music, etc.)/easily getting into (a certain mood, etc.)

ノリの良い [ノリのよい] /(adj-i) (See ノリが良い・ノリがよい・3) easy to get into (e.g. of music, etc.)/easily getting into (a certain mood, etc.)

ノルマル /(n) normal (e.g. normal hexane) (ger: Normal)

ハーフメイド;ハーフメード;ハーフ・メイド;ハーフ・メード /(adj-no) half made (e.g. clothes that are already cut and basted when purchased)

ハイチェア;ハイチェアー;ハイ・チェア;ハイ・チェアー /(n) (1) tall chair (e.g. for eating at a counter)/bar stool/(2) (See 子供椅子・2) high-chair/tall child's chair, often with a tray for food

ハイデフィニション;ハイ・デフィニション /(adj-f) high-definition (e.g. television)

ハイブリッド車 [ハイブリッドしゃ] /(n) hybrid vehicle (e.g. electric and gasoline)

ハウジング /(n) (1) housing (i.e. accommodation)/(2) housing (equipment, etc.)/cabinet/(3) hosting (e.g. computer services)

ハサミを入れる;はさみを入れる;鋏を入れる [ハサミをいれる(ハサミを入れる);はさみをいれる(はさみを入れる,鋏を入れる)] /(exp,v1) to cut with scissors/to put scissors to/to punch (e.g. ticket)/to prune (e.g. shrub)

ハッテン /(n,vs) (1) (esp. gay sex) (See 発展・はってん・3) playing around/having an active sex life/casual homosexual sexual activity/(n) (2) (abbr) (See ハッテン場) (gay) cruising spot/(gay) pick-up joint (e.g. bar)

ハッテン場;発展場 [ハッテンば(ハッテン場);はってんば(発展場);ハッテンバ] /(n) (See ホモバー) (gay) cruising spot/(gay) pick-up joint (e.g. bar)

ハッピーマンデー;ハッピー・マンデー /(n) (See 成人の日) national holiday that has been moved to a Monday (e.g. Coming-of-Age Day) (wasei: happy Monday)

ハヤシ /(n) (1) hash (e.g. hashed meat)/(2) hash (function)

ハラハラ(P);はらはら /(vs,adv) (1) (on-mim) to feel anxious/to feel nervous/to be kept in suspense/to feel excited/to feel thrilled/(adv,adv-to) (2) (on-mim) fluttering down/trickling down (e.g. tears)/(3) (on-mim) hanging untidily (of hair)/straggling

ハンズフリー;ハンズ・フリー /(n,adj-no) hands-free (e.g. telephone)

ハンドルキーパー;ハンドル・キーパー /(n) designated driver (e.g. at party, dinner, etc.) (wasei: handle keeper)

ハンプ /(n) hump (e.g. speed hump)

バカが移る;馬鹿が移る [バカがうつる(バカが移る);ばかがうつる(馬鹿が移る)] /(exp,v5r) (col) to catch 'the stupid' (e.g. from talking to stupid people, watching mindless TV, etc.)

バスターズ /(n) busters (e.g. ghost busters)

バックボーン /(n) {comp} backbone (e.g. of a network)

バトンを渡す [バトンをわたす] /(exp,v5s) (1) to pass the baton (e.g. in a relay race)/(2) (id) to pass the baton/to hand on the torch

バラエティ番組;バラエティー番組;ヴァラエティ番組;ヴァラエティー番組 [バラエティばんぐみ(バラエティ番組);バラエティーばんぐみ(バラエティー番組);ヴァラエティばんぐみ(ヴァラエティ番組);ヴァラエティーばんぐみ(ヴァラエティー番組)] /(n) variety show (e.g. on TV)

バリ;ばり /(n) burr (e.g. on a machined edge)

パーティションを切る [パーティションをきる] /(exp,v5r) {comp} to partition (e.g. a hard drive)

パス /(n) (1) path/(n,vs) (2) pass (e.g. skipping a move, passing an examination, ticket to allow entry, etc.)/(3) {sports} pass

パチ /(n,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) snapping (e.g. book shut)/clapping/crackling/sputtering/(n) (2) (abbr) (sl) (See パチンコ・1) pachinko

パティ /(n) patty (e.g. beef)

パトロン /(n) (1) patron (of the arts, an artist, etc.)/patroness/financial supporter/(2) (See 芸者,旦那・4) sugar daddy/man who provides for a woman (e.g. a geisha)/(3) patron/master/manager/boss

パドルシフト;パドル・シフト /(n) paddle shift/paddle shifting (e.g. on a car)

パフォーマンス(P);パーフォーマンス(ik) /(n) (See 演奏・えんそう) performance (e.g. music, dance, pantomime, etc.)

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