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CD [シーディー] /(n) (1) (See コンパクトディスク) compact disk/CD/(2) (See キャッシュディスペンサー) cash dispenser/(3) (See 譲渡可能定期預金証書) (negotiable) certificate of deposit

ざらつき;ザラツキ /(n,adj-no) (See ザラザラ・1) rough deposits/rough surface/roughness

エナメル芽細胞 [エナメルがさいぼう] /(n) ameloblast/tooth enamel depositing cell

カルスト /(n,adj-no) karst (geologic formation of irregular limestone deposits) (ger: Karst)

カンブリア系 [カンブリアけい] /(n,adj-no) Cambrian system (i.e. rock layer deposited during the Cambrian period)

セーフティボックス;セーフティーボックス;セーフティ・ボックス;セーフティー・ボックス /(n) safety deposit box (wasei: safety box)

セイフティボックス;セイフティ・ボックス /(n) (1) safe deposit box (wasei: safety box)/(2) small safe

デポジット /(n) deposit

デポジット制度 [デポジットせいど] /(n) deposit system

ペイオフ;ペイ・オフ /(n) (1) deposit insurance/(2) payoff (e.g. in game theory)

ペイオフ解禁 [ペイオフかいきん] /(n) removal of blanket government protection of bank deposits/introduction of limits on deposit insurance

一時預け [いちじあずけ] /(n) (baggage) checking/temporary depositing

鉛鉱 [えんこう] /(n) lead mine/lead deposits

仮納 [かのう] /(n,vs) deposit

仮納金 [かのうきん] /(n) deposit

火成鉱床 [かせいこうしょう] /(n) igneous deposit

海成層 [かいせいそう] /(n) marine deposit

界 [かい] /(n) (1) {biol} kingdom/(2) {geol} erathem (rock layer corresponding to the era in which it was deposited)/(3) partition of land/(suf) (4) the world of (some category)

外貨預金 [がいかよきん] /(n) foreign currency deposit

寄託 [きたく] /(n,vs) deposit/entrusting

寄託図書館 [きたくとしょかん] /(n) {comp} deposit library

供託 [きょうたく] /(n,vs) deposit

供託金 [きょうたくきん] /(n) deposit of money

供託物 [きょうたくぶつ] /(n) something deposited

金鉱 [きんこう] /(n) (1) gold ore/gold deposit/(2) (See 金坑・きんこう) gold mine

金砂鉱 [きんさこう] /(n) (See 砂鉱) placer gold/gold found in placer deposits

銀行預金 [ぎんこうよきん] /(n) bank deposit

月掛け貯金 [つきがけちょきん] /(n) monthly installment deposit/monthly instalment deposit/monthly savings

鉱床 [こうしょう] /(n) mineral deposit/ore deposit

鉱床学 [こうしょうがく] /(n) study of mineral deposits/economic geology

砂鉱 [さこう] /(n) {geol} placer/minerals found in placer deposits

砂鉱床 [さこうしょう] /(n) {geol} placer/placer deposit

歯石 [しせき] /(n) dental calculus (calcified deposits that accumulate on the teeth)/tartar (of the teeth)

手金 [てきん] /(n) deposit

手付;手付け [てつけ] /(n) deposit/earnest money

手付金;手付け金 [てつけきん] /(n) deposit/earnest money

出し入れ [だしいれ] /(n,vs) deposit and withdraw/taking in and out

証拠金 [しょうこきん] /(n) (1) deposit (e.g. on the purchase of a house)/earnest money/guarantee money/(2) margin (payment)/warrant money/cover

譲渡可能定期預金証書 [じょうとかのうていきよきんしょうしょ] /(n) negotiable certificate of deposit

譲渡性預金 [じょうとせいよきん] /(n) negotiable deposit

振り込み(P);振込;振込み(io) [ふりこみ] /(n) (1) payment made via bank deposit transfer/(2) {mahj} (See 振り込む・2) discarding a tile that becomes another player's winning tile

振り込む(P);振込む [ふりこむ] /(v5m,vt) (1) to make a payment via bank deposit transfer/(2) {mahj} to discard another player's winning tile

睡眠預金 [すいみんよきん] /(n) inactive bank account (no withdrawals or deposits made, and to which the owner's rights have been terminated)

積み金;積金 [つみきん] /(n) reserve fund/savings/deposit

積み棒 [つみぼう] /(n) {mahj} 100-point sticks deposited on the table after dealer win

積立金 [つみたてきん] /(n) reserve (fund)/deposit

接収 [せっしゅう] /(n,vs) requisition/requisitioning/seizure/confiscation/impounding/retaining (e.g. deposit)

前受金 [まえうけきん] /(n) advance received/sales deposits

総合口座 [そうごうこうざ] /(n) savings account/deposit account

打つ [うつ] /(v5t,vt) (1) (also written as 拍つ, 搏つ, 撲つ, 擣つ) to hit/to strike/to knock/to beat/to punch/to slap/to tap/to bang/to clap/to pound/(2) to strike (noon, etc.)/to sound (cymbals, etc.)/to beat (a drum, etc.)/(3) to beat (rhythmically, e.g. pulse, waves, etc.)/(4) to move/to impress/to touch/(5) to drive in/to hammer in/to put in/to inject/(6) to type/to send/to transmit/(7) to insert/to write in/to mark/(8) to make (noodles, etc.)/to prepare/(9) to till (soil)/(10) to sprinkle/to throw/to cast/(11) to do/to carry out/to play/to perform/to engage in (gambling, etc.)/(12) to pay (a deposit, etc.)/(13) to visit (on a pilgrimage)/(14) to line (a coat)/(15) to bind (a criminal)

堆積物 [たいせきぶつ] /(n) sediment/deposit

貸金庫;貸し金庫 [かしきんこ] /(n) safe-deposit box

貯金 [ちょきん] /(n,vs) (1) putting money aside/savings/deposit (e.g. in a bank)/(2) {baseb} accumulated surplus of wins/wins in the bank

沈積物 [ちんせきぶつ] /(n) deposit/sediment/sedimentation

沈着 [ちんちゃく] /(n,vs) (1) settling or depositing (at the bottom of something)/deposition/pigmentation/(n,adj-na) (2) composure/calmness

沈殿物;沈澱物 [ちんでんぶつ] /(n) sediment/deposit/precipitate/sludge/lees

定期 [ていき] /(n) (1) fixed period/fixed term/(adj-no) (2) regular/periodic/periodical/(n) (3) (abbr) (See 定期乗車券) fixed-term commutation pass/(4) (abbr) (See 定期預金) fixed-term deposit/(5) (abbr) (See 定期取引) futures contracts

定期預金 [ていきよきん] /(n) term deposit/(fixed) time deposit

投入 [とうにゅう] /(n,vs) (1) throwing into/inserting/depositing/(2) investment/putting in (personnel, etc.)/(3) release of a product/(4) making (an electrical circuit)

湯の花;湯の華 [ゆのはな] /(n) hot-springs mineral deposits (resembling flowers)/flowers of sulphur/geyserite

湯花;湯華 [ゆばな] /(n) (See 湯の花・ゆのはな) hot-springs mineral deposits (resembling flowers)/flowers of sulphur/geyserite

湯畑 [ゆばたけ] /(n) hot spring area where mineral deposits are harvested

頭金 [あたまきん] /(n) down payment/deposit

内金 [うちきん] /(n) (1) deposit/money paid on account/(2) bargain money

入金 [にゅうきん] /(n,vs) deposit/payment/money received/money due

入金票 [にゅうきんひょう] /(n) deposit slip

入出金 [にゅうしゅっきん] /(n) deposit and withdrawal (of money)/receiving and making payments

納骨 [のうこつ] /(n,vs,adj-no) laying (a person's) ashes to rest/depositing ashes

納本図書館 [のうほんとしょかん] /(n) {comp} deposit library

敷き;敷 [しき] /(n-suf,n-pref,n) (1) spreading/laying out/covering/(n) (2) (abbr) (See 敷金) security deposit/(3) (abbr) (See 敷き布団) Japanese mattress

敷金 [しききん] /(n) (security) deposit/caution money

払い込む [はらいこむ] /(v5m,vt) to deposit/to pay in

別途預金 [べっとよきん] /(n) special deposit

保管 [ほかん] /(n,vs) charge/custody/safekeeping/deposit/storage

保管会社 [ほかんがいしゃ] /(n) safety-deposit company

保管金 [ほかんきん] /(n) money on deposit

保護預かり [ほごあずかり] /(n) safe deposit

保証金 [ほしょうきん] /(n) deposit (esp. on renting a house)/security money/bond payment/guarantee

法定準備制度 [ほうていじゅんびせいど] /(n) legal reserve system (USA)/reserve deposit requirement system

法定納本 [ほうていのうほん] /(n) {comp} legal deposit

埋蔵 [まいぞう] /(n,vs) (1) burying in the ground/(2) having underground deposits

埋蔵物 [まいぞうぶつ] /(n) buried property/buried treasure/treasure trove/deposits

埋蔵量 [まいぞうりょう] /(n) deposits/reserves

夜間預金々庫;夜間預金金庫 [やかんよきんきんこ] /(n) night-deposit safe

郵貯 [ゆうちょ] /(n) (abbr) (See 郵便貯金・ゆうびんちょきん) postal (post-office) savings (deposit)

郵便貯金 [ゆうびんちょきん] /(n) postal savings (deposit)

予約金 [よやくきん] /(n) deposit

預かり金;預り金 [あずかりきん] /(n) deposit (received)

預かり資産 [あずかりしさん] /(n) assets on deposit/assets in custody/deposit assets

預かる [あずかる] /(v5r,vt) (1) (See 預ける) to look after/to take care of/to keep/to hold on to/to keep in custody/(2) to take charge of/to be entrusted with/to receive on deposit/(3) to reserve (judgment)/to leave undecided

預ける [あずける] /(v1,vt) (1) (See 預かる) to give into custody/to leave (a child) in the care of/to entrust/to deposit/(2) to lean on/to put one's weight on

預け入れ;預入(io);預入れ(io) [あずけいれ] /(n,vs) deposit

預け入れる [あずけいれる] /(v1,vt) to make a deposit

預り証;預かり証(P) [あずかりしょう] /(n) claim check/baggage check/luggage check/deposit receipt

預金 [よきん] /(n,vs) deposit/bank account

預金残高証明書 [よきんざんだかしょうめいしょ] /(n) bank certificate/bank certification/bank certification of deposit

預金準備率 [よきんじゅんびりつ] /(n) cash-deposit ratio

預金通帳 [よきんつうちょう] /(n) (deposit) passbook/bankbook

預金保険 [よきんほけん] /(n) deposit insurance

預金保険制度 [よきんほけんせいど] /(n) deposit insurance system

預金保護 [よきんほご] /(n) bank deposit guarantee

預金保証 [よきんほしょう] /(n) bank deposit guarantee

預金利率 [よきんりりつ] /(n) deposit interest rate

預血 [よけつ] /(n,vs) depositing blood (in a blood bank)

預貸率 [よたいりつ] /(n) loan-deposit ratio

預託 [よたく] /(n,vs,adj-no) depositing (of money, valuables, etc.)/deposition

預託金 [よたくきん] /(n) deposit

預貯金 [よちょきん] /(n) deposits and savings/bank account

預入 [よにゅう] /(n) (usu. used in compound words) (See 預け入れ) deposit

揚げ超 [あげちょう] /(n) (abbr) (from 引き揚げ超過) excess of withdrawals over deposits

要求払い預金 [ようきゅうはらいよきん] /(n) demand deposit

淀み;淀;澱み;澱 [よどみ] /(n) (1) stagnation/deposit/sediment/backwater/(2) faltering/hesitation/pause

淀む;澱む(P) [よどむ] /(v5m,vi) (1) to stagnate/(2) to settle (at the bottom)/to deposit/to be sedimented/(3) to become sluggish/to become dull/to become stale/(4) to be delayed/to hesitate/to falter/to stammer/to stumble

流動性預金 [りゅうどうせいよきん] /(n) liquid deposit

両建て預金 [りょうだてよきん] /(n) compulsory deposit in return for loan

Please pay a deposit of two month's rent.

We'd like a deposit of $50.

Deposit your money in the bank.

You are required to provide three months' rent in deposit.

Deposit this check in my checking account.

This deposit bears three percent interest.

He poured in the sample and deposited the $10.00.

Would you put this in the safety-deposit box.

We have safety deposit boxes.

We'd like a deposit for one night.

Can I deposit valuables here?

I made a deposit of $1,000 at the bank.

When you put money in the bank, you deposit it.

Please deposit the money in a bank.

Some people do not like to deposit their money in banks.

The flood deposited a layer of mud.

He went back to the drug store, located the machine, poured in the sample and deposited the $10.00.

We deposit money in a bank.

I have a deposit of 500,000 yen at the bank.

I've deposited the money in the bank.

I put the money in three-year time deposit at the bank.

I went to the bank to withdraw $20,000 from deposit.

I've deposited the papers with him.

I have a deposit of a thousand dollars here.

Do I have to leave a deposit?

Do you have safety deposit boxes?

Money market deposit.

While long-term credit banks are authorized by law to issue bonds to raise fund, they are not allowed to take deposits the way ordinary banks are.

Deposits on long-term leases.

He deposited 100 dollars in his saving account.

He deposited his papers with his lawyer.

He deposited the prize money in the bank.

He deposited a lot of money in the bank.

He set as his goal, the deposit of three million yen.

They deposited their bundles on the rock.

She deposited the box on the table.

She deposited a large sum of money in the bank.

Every month she deposits 10,000 yen.

Do you require a security deposit?

I want to deposit some money.

At this moment, the bank loans out the $ 9,000 dollars, from your original deposit.
9000ドルの車のローンを申し込むと、 銀行はあなたの預金から、

Bank deposits that give you zero percent interest rate.

Banks use bags like that to transport deposits.

But regular cash deposits were made to your personal accounts, somewhere upwards of $5,000.
預金は あなたの個人口座に 入金されていて 5千ドルを超えるものもあった

By either melting and depositing or depositing then melting.
溶かして積むか 積んでから溶かします

Can you have everyone who was here at the time of the robbery gather in the safe deposit vault, yourself included?
あなたも含めて 強盗にあった時 ここにいた人全員に 貸金庫室の中に 集まってもらえますか?

Cash and deposits are split between the brothers. The total assessed value is 1.02 billion.
そして 現預金は兄弟で半分。 合計の評価額 10億2000万。

Cho. Was the safe deposit vault open when you got here?
チョウ 君がここに着いた時 貸金庫室のドアは 開いてた?

Couldn't deposit it in a bank without raising a red flag.

Deposited in the account of a Mr. Slate.

Do you want access to your safe deposit box as well?
金庫室に 入りますか?

Don't worry about it, booth. I'll deposit the check.

Each deposit coincides with when he sent one of his parolees back to prison.
各預金は 仮釈放者を刑務所に 送り返した時と一致する

Everybody wanted their deposit back. Everybody is fleeing.
予約金も返還を求められ 誰も近寄ろうとしません

For cash and deposits only millions are declared.
しかし 現預金については 数百万しか申告されていません。

Fraudulent investments, fake certificates of deposit, stolen art, fake art.
詐欺的な投資 盗まれた美術品

From Peter Mitcham's account, are paid to them via bank deposit transfer.
ピーター・ミッチャムの口座に 振り込まれていたので。

Half of it is deposit money!

Harper's been tracking the dispensary cash deposits for weeks.
ハーパーは薬局を追跡してた 何週間もの現金を

Have the production costs been deposited into the bank account?
[tel]製作費は 振り込まれたの?

He claims he's discovered a planet with large deposits of magnesite.
マグネサイト鉱脈が豊富な 惑星を発見したと言っている

He signed a deposit at his bank this week for $500,000.
今週 銀行に 50万ドルを預金したわ

He was supposed to make a deposit this afternoon.
彼は今日の午後 預けるはずだった

Deposit verification form

Deposit bags

Iron sulfide deposit removal services

Deposit verification services

Armoured or reinforced safes, strong -boxes and doors and safe deposit lockers for strong -rooms, cash or deed boxes and the like, of base metal.

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