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department of defense

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国家軍政省 [こっかぐんせいしょう] /(n) National Military Establishment/forerunner to the U.S. Department of Defense (1947-1949)

国防省 [こくぼうしょう] /(n) Department of Defense (USA)/the Pentagon/(British) Ministry of Defence

国防総省 [こくぼうそうしょう] /(n) Department of Defense (U.S.)/the Pentagon

防総省 [ぼうそうしょう] /(n) Department of Defense (Defence)

Department of defense likes this arm.

Dr. Paul foster. Department of defense.
"ポール・フォスター博士 国防総省"

Even the department of defense trusts us to get their data from point a to point b.
国防総省さえ 点Aから点Bまでデータを 取るのに信頼してる

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