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いいとも /(exp) damn straight/no problem/sounds good/sure thing

しょんどい /(adj-i) (sl) (from 正直しんどい) very tiresome/exhausting/being a damn nuisance

だから何だ [だからなんだ] /(exp) so what!/who gives a damn?

ど;どう(ok);ド /(pref) (1) (occ. written 度 (ateji)) precisely/exactly/plumb/totally/very much/(2) damn/stupid/cursed

へったくれ /(exp) (often as as 〜もへったくれもない, etc.) to hell with/be damned

コンチクショー /(exp) damn it

一顧もしない [いっこもしない] /(adj-i) not give a damn/take no notice of

何てこった [なんてこった] /(int) (uk) what the hell/WTF/Oh, great!/son of a gun/holy mackerel/Oh no!/Holy cow!/Damn!

何糞 [なにくそ] /(n) (uk) damn it!/dang it!

餓鬼共;ガキ共 [がきども(餓鬼共);ガキども(ガキ共)] /(exp) (uk) those damn kids

気にしない [きにしない] /(exp,adj-i) (See 気にする) not caring/not giving a damn

犬っころ [いぬっころ] /(n) (1) (See 犬ころ) pup/puppy/whelp/(2) (derog) damn dog/mutt

此奴 [こいつ(P);こやつ] /(pn,adj-no) (1) (uk) (col) (derog) (fam) (See 其奴・そいつ・1) he/she/this fellow/this guy/this person/(2) (uk) (col) (derog) (fam) (See 其奴・そいつ・2) this/this one/this thing/(int) (3) (uk) (col) (derog) (fam) Hey, you!/You bastard!/Damn you!

仕舞うた [しもうた] /(exp) (uk) (ksb:) (See しまった) damn it!/damn!/oops!/oh dear!/oh no!

仕舞た [しもた] /(exp) (uk) (ksb:) (See しまった) damn it!/damn!/oops!/oh dear!/oh no!

仕舞った [しまった] /(int) (uk) (See 仕舞う・しまう・4) damn it!/damn!/oops!/oh dear!/oh no!

死に [しに] /(n) (1) (ant: 生き・1) dying/death/(n-pref) (2) dead/useless/(pref) (3) damned

生き(P);活き [いき(P);イキ] /(n) (1) (ant: 死に・1) living/being alive/(2) freshness/liveliness/vitality/(3) situation in which a group of stones cannot be captured because it contains contains two or more gaps (in go)/(4) (uk) (usually イキ) stet/leave as-is (proofreading)/(pref) (5) damned

然うとも [そうとも] /(int) (uk) exactly right!/indeed/damn straight

然知ったり [さしったり] /(int) (1) (uk) here it comes (interjection used when lying in wait for something)/(2) (uk) (See しまった) oops!/damn it!

憎っくき [にっくき] /(adj-pn) (arch) (uk) (See 憎い・1) accursed/damned/blasted

畜生 [ちくしょう(P);ちきしょう] /(n) (1) beast (i.e. any animal other than man)/(2) {Buddh} (See 畜生道) person reborn into the animal realm/(3) brute (i.e. a contemptible human being)/(int) (4) son of a bitch/for Christ's sake/damn it

罰当たり;罰当り [ばちあたり] /(adj-na,n,adj-no) damned/cursed/accursed

糞(P);屎 [くそ(P);くっそ;ふん(糞);クソ(P)] /(int) (1) (くそ, くっそ only) (col) bullshit/shit/damn/(n) (2) (col) feces/excrement/dung/(adj-f) (3) (くそ, くっそ, クソ only) damn/damned/blasted/stupid/(4) (くそ, くっそ, クソ only) (sl) very/extremely/(adv) (5) (くそ, くっそ, クソ only) (sl) a lot

屁とも思わない [へともおもわない] /(exp,adj-i) not give a damn/not care a bit

She came damn late.

I'll be damned if it's true.

I don't give a damn about it.

I don't give a damn about it!

Well, I'll be damned!

I can not dance worth a damn.

I'd do any damn thing for you.

The police discovered damning evidence against him.

Shut the damned door.

I don't give a damn about poetry.

I don't care a damn what people think of me.

For all mans sins damned we shall be.

The president said, I don't give a damn.

Damning evidence was produced against him.

His actions damned him.

He damned his men right and left.

At least open this damned door!

At least we're out of that damn Horde.
大群から逃れた みたいだ

At the very least, I'm gonna die on my own terms and not when that damn fish decides it's time.
いつ死ぬかをサメごときに 決めさせはしない

Back up, or I'll drill your damn skull.
下がれ! そうじゃないと脳天ぶち抜くぞ!

Because I don't know a single damn person here, do I?

Because finding what you are looking for is so damned difficult.

Because for two years he never got out of that damn bed.
2年間あのベッドで 寝たきりだったからです

Because if anything happens to that girl, it's on you, and I will make damn sure the whole world knows you lost her.
あの子に何かあったら アナタの責任

Because if we can't protect the earth, you can be damn well sure we'll avenge it.
地球が滅ぼされたら 復讐してやる

Because the damn cops didn't do their job.
アホな警察が仕事しなかったから 依頼人は 感情的になっています 侮辱の意味はありません

Because you are damned to hell.
なぜなら お前は地獄に堕ちている

Because your dissatisfaction, is what makes you so damn good.
その探究心が 君を高めているからな

Because, damn, to me that is a three.
そんなだから、俺は お前が3点だって言うんだ

Believe it or not, I forgot the damn code.
信じ難いかもしれないませんが コードを忘れました

Benny getting killed is a damn shame.

Best damn chicken in the state.

Best damn chili in town, I'm told.
街で一番チリがうまいんだって 教えてもらった

Best damn day of my life.

Big shots don't give a damn about things like that!

Bitch, you keep your damn mouth shut, or I'll shut it for you!
テメー その口を閉じてろ

Booth's security clearance is pretty damn high.
ブースのセキュリティクラスは かなり高いから

Boss, he's just a damn plumber.

Bottoms up, motherfuckers! I figured it was coyotes, so I replaced the whole damn fence.
たのしませてもらうぜ! コヨーテの仕業かとー 柵を作った意味が・・・

Bravo. You never did go see that judge. Damn it.
ブラボー あの判事のとこに行かなかったんだ

Bring her to me, damn it!

But I don't give a damn, really.

But I don't know if I'd be here right now if you weren't so damn stupid.
だからもし 愚かでないのだとしたら ここには 居ないでほしい

But I don't want damn it, Jordan!
パパ 食べ...

But I know everything there is to know about that damn reactor.

But I'll be damned if I didn't find a routine.

But damn have you got a lot of enemies.

But don't expect me to he grateful because there's another damn thing we've gotta find.
また別の物を見つける必要があるからって ぼくが喜ぶとは思うなよ。

But first, you gonna tell me what this orb is, and why everybody cares so damn much about it.
買いたがって いるのかも -お客様...

But god damn it, you're a grownup now.

But god damn it. If I don't get to that money, they're gonna give it to somebody else.
だが金を取り行かないと 他のやつに取られちまう

But guess who was sitting there in the back, filming the whole damn thing? I don't know.
トレスラーの名で 満員だったが―

But he did so with honor, dignity, damn it!
だが誇りを持ってそうしたのだ! 気高いだろうが!

But he doesn't give a damn.
でも 気にしません

But he wouldn't leave his damn wife.
でも奥さんと 別れられなかった

But if I'm going to keep lying to government agents to protect you two, I'm gonna need a damn good reason.
でももしCIAに あなたたちを守るための嘘をつくなら それなりの理由が必要なの

But if you want me to kill the mountain for you, it'd better be a damn big castle.
しかし俺にマウンテンを殺して欲しければ、 相当でかい城の方がいい

But that damn guy...! I even brought the motorcycle and some rice balls with me...
せっかく バイクと おにぎり 持ってきてやったのに...。

But the effect on patients is damning.
しかし 患者に及ぼされた影響こそが 逃れようもない証拠です

But the problem is this damn public sector.

But they carry a big, damn stick.

But this is the first time I'm arbitrating such a damn boring fight!

But we're damn sure they know we're coming.
彼らは来たことを 知っているはず

But wear a damn rubber. Everybody's got the damn herpes these days.

But you better make damn sure you kill me this time.
いま 俺を殺したほうがいいぞ

But you'll damn us to a black hole for eternity!
ブラックホールに 送るだけか!

But, like everything with the government, it took too damn long. Landale wanted their money immediately.
だが国の仕事が遅くて 奴等は待てなかった

Caitlin is sweet sixteen damn, makes me feel old!

Called him by his name. How stupid. Damn.
彼を指名したんだ なんて愚かなことをしてしまったんだ 何とでも言ってくれて構わない

Calm down, damn it. Are you gonna help me clean this up?

Cap! Ow. The damn thing just bit me.
警部! 何か刺したぞ

Captain, none of this is going to mean a damn thing if we don't close that portal.
あの入り口を 閉じないと意味無いわ

Carlisle, you couldn't be damned.
カーライル、あなたは 呪われるわけないわ。

Carlson, you better be damn sure that firehouse is empty.
カールソン 消防庫が 空か確認して来い

Chrissie, if you want to go to prom, just give them the damn phone and we can be done with this.
クリス もしプロムに 参加したいなら 携帯を彼らに見せてくれ そうしたら終わりに出来るんだ

Christ, Angie, I ain't got time for chitchat. The damned town's burning!
アンジー 町が燃えてるんだぞ それどころじゃない!

Christmas eve is the scariest damn night of the year.
クリスマス・イブは 1年で最も恐ろしい夜だ

Clear the line and get to duke's. Damn it, Coggins.
回線を確保して デュークの家に向かって

Climb the damn bridge on your own.

Close your god damn mouth, Doris.
いまいましい口を閉じろ ドリス

Come here with a perfectly damn good deal, you gonna throw it back in my face?
大きなチャンスなのに 蹴りやがった

Come here, damn you, I want to touch you.
こっちにこい お前に触りたい

Come on! I'll kick the damn door in!
何してるんだ くそったれ

Come on, Nikita. Answer your damn phone.

Come on, Richards. Jam the damn signal.
さあ、リチャーズ、 信号を妨害しろ

Come on, asshole, pick up the damn crayon.

Come on, bitch. Damn. Should have kissed her.
簡単な方程式だ 誰か答えが分かる者は?

Come on, come on. Follow me, damn it.
さあ さあ ついてこい くそ

Come on, god damn it! Frederik!
逃げろ! - フレズレク!

Come on, let's go damn it!

Come on, look! God damn it!

Come on. Damn, let's go.

Could be anywhere. Everyone has a damn cell phone.
どこにもありそうだ みんな携帯を持っているからな

Could someone light my damn cigar?

Couldn't she just have gotten the real estate agent to take the damn photos?
不動産業者に 写真を撮ってもらった方が・・・

Cover the damn thing, will you?

Cursed by that damned book of colonel Lilburn's.

D stand up, damned of the earth d stand up, prisoners of starvation d reason thunders in its volcano d this is the eruption of the end.
起て飢えたる者よ 今ぞ日は近い 醒めよ我が同胞暁は来ぬ 暴虐の鎖 断つ日 旗は血に燃えて

Damn ... Because it is parents ... Or something ....
ちくしょう... 親だからとか なんつうか...。

Damn ... It will be quite obvious.
ふん... なかなか さまになっとるわい。

Damn ... Shit, are not you on time?
く... くそ。 間に合わないのか...。

Damn I will not lose you iron man!
くそっ 負けねえぞ 鉄男!

Damn I'm not giving up. Not until I win Hime over.
くそ~ 俺は諦めねえぞ。 姫を落とすまでは。

Damn Liu I was waiting for your bugle call!
劉よ 私は貴方の集合ラッパを待っていた!

Damn Reiko! I'll pull her tongue out!

Damn Reiko, she's as cruel as always.
相変わらずおせっかいだな 夏目

Damn fine to meet you. I take it you own this place.

Damn fool. I knew you were gonna say that.
馬鹿言うな 自分で言ったことを忘れたのか

Damn good thing he was pretty, 'cause he sure wasn't whiz kid Floyd.
フロイドは切れ者じゃ なかった からな

Damn him ! Why does he think he can do this to us ?
クソ なんで俺たちがこんな事 やんなきゃいけないんですか

Damn him. I'm gonna pass the promotion exam and make him eat his words!
クソッ 早く昇進試験 パスして ギャフンと言わせたい!

Damn him. I'm not missing next time.
クソッ 今度はしくじるか。 シュッ シュッ シュッ...。

Damn him. Why won't he pick up my call?
坂本君! チキショー 何で俺だと出ねえんだよ

Damn him... Mocking me like that!
オレに あんな仕打ちを 受けたお前が?

Damn if he don't blow off his head.
自分の頭なんか普通 吹っ飛ばすかよ

Damn if it doesn't seem like there's more bad people out there than in here.
刑務所の外にも 悪人の数が多くいる。

Damn it ... Damn .... what I have done is a terrible miscalculation ...
《く... くそ...。 私としたことが とんでもない誤算を...。?

Damn it ... Do you want to lose to a doll or something!
くそ...。 人形なんかに負けてたまるか!

Damn it ... Easy to get rid of ... Ha!
クソッ... 簡単に よけやがって... ハッ!

Damn it ... I do not even get a crack.
クソッ 硬ぇ... ヒビも入らねえ。

Damn it ... It's awfully naughty ... Do not delay me, tambourine.
くそ...。 すばしっこいやつめ。 ぐずぐずするな タンバリン。

Damn it ... What does that mean?
クソッ... どういうことだ?

Damn it all! Damn it all!!
うん!? 何するんだ 悟空! や... やめろ!

Damn it all. Kobato, run for it!
え? どうしてですか? いいから 逃げろ。

Damn it is not it good to be a lost honest death.
くそっ 死に損ないのくせに 元気じゃねぇか。

Damn it why only restore our body, etc.
くそっ なぜ 我らの体のみを 復活させるなどと

Damn it! After it! Go after the dragon ball!
《やっぱり来たな。 ピッコロ大魔王。》

Damn it! Ah! Should I get mom?

Damn it! But he's just a little runt...!
ううん。 くそー!

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

Damn it! Damn it! I demand a do over!
オメエもな! クソガキ!!

Damn it! Five minutes have already passed!
チクショウ! もう 5分も 経っちまったじゃねえか!!

Damn it! Get that door open!
クソ ドアを開けろ

Damn it! Give me eyes down there!

Damn it! Got it all over my hand.
クソッ 手に掛かったじゃん

Damn it! He has to be the killer, so how did he carry the corpse out to the beach?

Damn it! Hey, don't let him get it! We have to get it first!
まずは やってみろ。

Damn it! Hey. I'll get them.
くそっ 大丈夫だ

Damn it! How did they find us?

Damn it! I almost did it!
まるで 小さな九尾の妖狐だ。

Damn it! I can't move my body!
《くそ... 体が動かねえ!

Damn it! I can't see anything.
クソッ... なんも見えねえ。

Damn it! I completely miscalculated the situation!
しまった! 完全に計算ミスだ!

Damn it! I don't give a damn anymore!
くそ。 あの変態みたいな のろま野郎も?

Damn it! I knew there was something off about that kid!
そういう事か おかしいと思ったんだ!

Damn it! I planned this out so it'd just be the two of us, like a date!
移動はさせるが 船ではない。 2人には この島にいてもらう。

Damn it! I still don't believe that he did this.

Damn it! I thought it was a good idea...

Damn it! I will jump again even if you got me!
倒れたら そこで許してもらえる とでも思ってんのか

Damn it! I'll get rid of it!
こら 返しなさい! 待て くそガキ!

Damn it! I'm at a huge disadvantage here.
まったく これって絶対的不利ってやつね

Damn it! I'm going after him.
なんてこった メルルを追いかけなきゃ

Damn it! I'm going to be happy! I swear I'm going to be happy!
くそーっ! 幸せになってやる!

Damn it! I'm not going to let you fuck this up!

Damn it! I'm not going to lose!
カオスのじいさんなんかに 負けちゃ駄目なワケ

Damn it! If only it would rain...
くそ...。 雨でも降ってくれれば...。 あっ!

Damn it! It's not working!
こんなもんじゃ もう効かない。

Damn it! It's tough moving all these animals.
こんだけの動物たちを 移動させるなんて大変だってばよ。

Damn it! Just a little farther!

Damn it! Just a little more and...
チクショ~! もう少しだったのに。

Damn it! Keys! Let's go!

Damn it! Make up your mind!
ミィーン ミン ミン ミン...

Damn it! Mandi was counting on this.

Damn it! Tasting local delicacies is part of the fun of traveling!
ご当地名物を食うのが 旅の醍醐味だっつうのによ!

Damn it! Thank you! Thank you so much!
ク... クソありがとうございました!

Damn it! The only way to go is up!
やばい! 上に行くしかねえ!

Damn it! The water's barely splitting.
風火土雷水 陰陽 すべての性質を合わせた

Damn it! There's no end to this!

Damn it! They already found us. Let's go.
もう来やがった... 行くぞ

Damn it! This chick runs with vampires.
この女はバンパイアと 付き合ってるんだぞ。

Damn it! This isn't a complete set.

Damn it! Today is a spring tide day!
《しまった! 今日は大潮だ!

Damn it! Using a strange pole...!
ひい ふう みい...。 おかしいなぁ...。

Damn it! We can't lose to that boss monkey!
まずい まずいぞ おやじ ボス猿のやつ

Damn it! We'll have to...
く... くそー!

Damn it! We've managed to come this far, what's wrong?
PCPS 回します。 くそ! ここまで きてたのに?

Damn it! What a luxurious person!
くそー! 何て ぜいたくな連中だ!

Damn it! What am I doing?!
≪謙遜するな お前は大粒の原石

Damn it! What are you waiting for in a cell?
《くそー! セルのやつ 何ぐずぐずしているんだ。?

Damn it! What do we do?!
《じゃあ どうする?

Damn it! What is this guy?!
冷静さを欠いたヤツを かばいながら戦うのは?

Damn it! What should I do?
うわっ 何するんだ~!

Damn it! What's wrong with this total lemon of a gun?
くそっ なんなんだ このオンボロ銃は

Damn it! Where the hell would he have gone in that condition?
クソッ いったい どこに行ったっていうんだ。

Damn it! Where's my tooth?!

Damn it! Who did this!? I've got something for whoever it was!
くっそ~! 誰が こんな事を! 犯人捕まえて とっちめてやる!

Damn it! Why can't I be part of the horse parade?!
くそ~! なぜ わしは

Damn it! Why did I do this ....
クソッ! 何でオレがこんなことに...。

Damn it! Why does a human like you end up being promoted?
お前のような人間が なぜ 出世するのだ?

Damn it! Why is it so heavy?!

Damn it! With clock knight 3's effect, I Redo the coin toss!
くそっ クロック・ナイトno.3の効果で コイントスをやり直しっす。

Damn it! X7, we're flying too!
クソッ! x7 こっちも飛ぶぞ!

Damn it! You said this location was kept secret from everyone!

Damn it's good to see you guys.
すげぇ 生きて会えるとはな

Damn it, Alfred, save your cheese!

Damn it, Annie, I told you to stay in the car!
くそ アニー 車の中にいろと言っただろ!

Damn it, Barbara. Because... It's work.
くそ バーバラ 忘れてくれ

Damn it, Bauer, open the door!
バウアー! ドアを開けろ!

Damn it, Bauer. What have you done?

Damn it, Bernard! Knock him out!

Damn it, Carrie. You are starting to scare me.
おい キャリー

Damn it, Cass! Just do it.
畜生 キャス やればいいんだ

Damn it, Cass! There's a war on, and it's on you.
キャス お前のせいで戦争だ

Damn it, Cass. You hearing yourself?
「キャス 何言ってんだよ!

Damn it, Charles! Open the door!

Damn it, Charles, are you down in the basement again?
何よ! チャールズ また地下にいるの?

Damn it, Charlotte. That right there, that right there.
なぁシャーロット それなんだよ、それ。

Damn it, Crowley, the grave is guarded!
畜生 クラウリー 墓地に番犬が居る!

Damn it, Dexter, don't do this.
くそっ デクスター どこで何やってるんだよ

Damn it, Etta. Black market tech gets people killed.
闇取引きじゃ 警官だって殺られる

Damn it, Gail. Not right now.
ゲイル いいから後にしろ

Damn it, Harold, it is still my job to save people.
くそっ ハロルド 人々を救うのはまだ私の仕事だ

Damn it, Hopkins, didn't you get yesterday's memo?
「ホプキンズ君 困るな 連絡事項はきちんと読んでくれないと」

Damn it, I can be just as stubborn as this thing.

Damn it, I can't find it.

Damn it, I can't stop!
≪やめろ ソラ!

Damn it, I didn't recruit you for your sense of compassion.

Damn it, I don't want to admit it!
くっ... 認めたくはない認めたくはないが...

Damn it, I hate goddamn poachers!
なわばりを荒らす クソ野郎め

Damn it, I hate this wind.
おっと そんなに嫌っちゃ 可哀想だろ ネエちゃん

Damn it, I just cleaned in here.
クソ 掃除したばかりなのに

Damn it, I know she's there!

Damn it, I saw that car.
くそっ あの車を見た

Damn it, I should have handled it by myself!
ちくしょう 一人でやれば良かった

Damn it, I should have never let him go.
くそっ 彼を釈放するんじゃなかった - 彼は やってないよ

Damn it, I told you, you need to push the doctor.
言っただろ 医者をどうにかしろ

Damn it, I want to do slam Dunks.
現実は これか 畜生

Damn it, I was having such an empowering moment before this started.
あんたが始める前は 自信に満ち溢れてたのに

Damn it, I'm cut! I'm bleeding!
切った 血が出てる

Damn it, I'm out! Got another mag, Lockett?

Damn it, I've gotta find him!

Damn it, Jessica, what energy source?
エネルギー源って 何なのよ!

Damn it, Jules, we cannot both be in charge.
ジュールズお前! 2人で担当する気か

Damn it, Lowery, be a man and do something for once in your life.
ローリー やって 一生に一度の事よ

Damn it, Neal. Seeing you must have tipped him off.
ニール おまえと会って 不安になったに違いない

Damn it, Oliver, she's in trouble, where are you?
くそっ オリバー 彼女は困ってる どこにいる?

Damn it, Paul. He took a rifle.
クソ ポールは ライフルを持って行った

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