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デーリー(P);デイリー /(n) daily

デーリーエキスプレス;デーリー・エキスプレス /(n) daily express

デーリーサテライトフィード;デーリー・サテライト・フィード /(n) daily satellite feed

デーリースプレッド;デーリー・スプレッド /(n) daily spread

デイリーニュース(P);デイリー・ニュース /(n) daily news

烏金 [からすがね] /(n) money lent at daily interest

刊 [かん] /(suf) publication/edition (e.g. morning, evening, special)/published in (year)/publication frequency (e.g. daily, monthly)

官報 [かんぽう] /(n) official daily gazette/official telegram

起き伏し;起伏し;起き臥し [おきふし] /(n,vs) (1) rising and going to bed/daily life/(adv) (2) all the time/constantly/whether awake or asleep

起臥 [きが] /(n,vs) daily life/daily living/waking up and going to sleep

起居 [ききょ] /(n,vs) (1) one's daily life/(n) (2) condition/well-being/state of one's health/(3) (orig. meaning) standing and sitting/movements

起居動作 [ききょどうさ] /(n) (yoji) behavior/bearing/demeanor/one's daily life

居常 [きょじょう] /(n-adv,n-t) daily life

行住坐臥;行住座臥(iK) [ぎょうじゅうざが] /(n) (yoji) daily life/daily routine/while awake or asleep/at all times/day in, day out/constantly/the four cardinal behaviors - walking, standing, sitting and lying

座臥 [ざが] /(n-t) daily life/sitting and lying down

三度の食事 [さんどのしょくじ] /(exp,n) daily meals/three regular meals a day

実用品 [じつようひん] /(n) daily or domestic articles

酒浸し [さけびたし;さかびたし] /(adj-no) (1) (See 酒浸り・さけびたり・1) liquor-soaked/(n) (2) (See 酒浸り・さけびたり・2) continuous drinking/daily drinking/binge drinking

酒浸り;酒びたり [さけびたり;さかびたり] /(adj-no) (1) liquor-soaked/(n) (2) continuous drinking/daily drinking/binge drinking

出処進退;出所進退 [しゅっしょしんたい] /(n) (yoji) advancing and retreating/appearance and disappearance/one's daily activities/one's course of action/one's attitude

常食 [じょうしょく] /(n,vs) daily food/regular diet/staple food

常用 [じょうよう] /(n,vs,adj-no) habitual use/daily use

身の回り(P);身のまわり;身の廻り [みのまわり] /(exp,n) one's personal belongings/one's vicinity/one's daily life/everyday necessities

生活 [せいかつ] /(n,vs) living/life (one's daily existence)/livelihood

生活パターン [せいかつパターン] /(n) lifestyle/way of life/daily goings-on/daily habits

生活音 [せいかつおん] /(n) daily life noise/household noises/noise that arises at home from everyday occurrences

生活圏 [せいかつけん] /(n) sphere of daily existence

生活騒音 [せいかつそうおん] /(n) daily life noise/(excessive) noise that arises at home from everyday occurrences

生活必需品 [せいかつひつじゅひん] /(n) daily (living) necessities/necessities/essentials for life

生活物資 [せいかつぶっし] /(n) living necessities/everyday commodities/daily commodities/everyday goods/subsistence goods

惣菜(P);総菜 [そうざい] /(n) side dish/daily (household) dish

俗事 [ぞくじ] /(n) (1) worldly affairs/daily routine/(2) popular usage

俗務 [ぞくむ] /(n) secular affairs/worldly cares/daily routine

耐容1日摂取量;耐容一日摂取量 [たいよういちにちせっしゅりょう] /(n) tolerable daily intake/TDI

値幅制限 [ねはばせいげん] /(n) price movement limit/daily trading limit/fluctuation limit

中奥 [なかおく] /(n) area of the Edo castle where the shogun would work and spend his daily life

定散二善 [じょうさんにぜん] /(n) {Buddh} wholesomeness while meditating and in one's daily affairs

当用漢字 [とうようかんじ] /(n) (See 常用漢字) daily-use kanji (superseded in 1981)

日々(P);日日 [ひび(P);にちにち] /(n-adv,n-t) every day/daily/day after day/days (e.g. good old days)

日々の糧;日日の糧 [ひびのかて] /(n) one's daily bread

日ぎめ;日極め;日決め;日極 [ひぎめ] /(n) (See 月極) by the day/daily

日ごと;日毎 [ひごと] /(n-adv,n-t) every day/daily

日ごと夜ごと;日毎夜毎 [ひごとよごと] /(n,n-adv) every day and every night/day after day/daily

日に日に [ひにひに] /(adv) (1) day by day/by the day/(2) (arch) daily/every day

日めくり;日捲り [ひめくり] /(n) daily rip-off-a-page calendar/daily pad calendar

日を追って [ひをおって] /(exp) daily/day by day

日運動 [にちうんどう] /(n) daily motion

日課 [にっか] /(n) daily lesson/daily work/daily routine

日掛け [ひがけ] /(n) daily installment/daily instalment

日刊 [にっかん] /(n,adj-no) daily issue

日刊紙 [にっかんし] /(n) (See 週刊紙) daily paper

日刊新聞 [にっかんしんぶん] /(n) daily paper

日間;日合い [ひあい] /(n) (1) (See 日数・にっすう) number of days/period of days/(2) daily interest rate

日給 [にっきゅう] /(n) daily wages

日計 [にっけい] /(n) daily account/daily expenses

日計表 [にっけいひょう] /(n) daily trial balance sheet

日雇い;日雇;日傭い;日傭(io) [ひやとい] /(n) daily employment/hiring by the day/day laborer/day labourer

日参 [にっさん] /(n,vs) daily visit (of worship)/frequent visit

日産 [にっさん] /(n) (1) daily output/(2) (abbr) Nissan (Japanese car company)

日次 [にちじ] /(n) (1) daily/(2) appointed day

日収 [にっしゅう] /(n) daily income

日常会話 [にちじょうかいわ] /(n,adj-no) ordinary (daily life) conversation

日常生活 [にちじょうせいかつ] /(n) everyday life/daily life

日常生活動作 [にちじょうせいかつどうさ] /(n) activities of daily living/ADL/normal activities of daily life

日常品 [にちじょうひん] /(n) everyday necessities/daily necessities

日銭 [ひぜに] /(n) daily income in cash/money paid by daily installments/money paid by daily instalments

日増し [ひまし] /(n) (1) increasing daily/increasing day by day/(2) (See 日増し物) foodstuffs left out for many days

日替り定食 [ひがわりていしょく] /(n) daily lunch or dinner special

日当 [にっとう] /(n) daily allowance/daily wages

日別概要 [にちべつがいよう] /(n) {comp} daily overview

日歩 [ひぶ] /(n) daily interest/daily rate

日報 [にっぽう] /(n) daily report

日傭;日用 [ひよう] /(n) daily employment/hiring by the day/day's wages

日用 [にちよう] /(n) daily use

日用品 [にちようひん] /(n) daily necessities

日録 [にちろく] /(n) journal/daily record

百一物 [ひゃくいちもつ] /(n) monk's allowed daily necessities (clothes, food, etc.)

放送分 [ほうそうぶん] /(n) (often X月Y日放送分) (daily) segment of a radio or TV program

毎日のように [まいにちのように] /(exp) almost every day/almost daily

毎日更新 [まいにちこうしん] /(exp,n,vs) daily update/updating daily

夕菅 [ゆうすげ] /(n) daily lily

It's open ten to six daily throughout the year.

How will you earn your daily bread?

If you go to that supermarket, you can buy most things you use in your daily life.

Pure water is necessary to our daily life.

This machine produces electricity for our daily.

This kind of specialized knowledge has very little to do with daily life.

This is still in daily use.

This is a daily occurrence.

The story was in all daily newspapers.

That's one of the conventions of our daily life.

Air as well as sunlight is, needless to say, indispensable to our daily life.

Not a day passes but we use electricity in our daily life.

The TV newscast informs us of daily news.

The invention of TV caused a drastic change in our daily life.

I bought a Daily News.

What's the daily rate for a Toyota?

The exchange rates are posted daily outside the cashier's office.

What's the daily rate?

We are all in daily pursuit of happiness.

The exchange rates for foreign currency change daily.

School started, and so did our daily trips past the Radley Place. [Quotation]

The patient was gaining daily.

The price of gold fluctuates daily.

Tell me about your daily life.

Are you satisfied with your daily life?

My wife is getting tired of the daily routine.

Much of our daily living must consist of routine that requires little or no mental effort.

We can hardly imagine our daily life without television.

Newspapers inform us of daily events.

My father drinks daily.

I want to learn about American daily life.

I keep a daily record of the temperature.

I take two newspapers daily.

I speak English daily.

Working in a society gives women both hardship and achievement, but the daily chores at home don't seem to give them fulfillment.

Housewives may well complain about their daily routine.

Progress is monitored daily and stored in a database.

The teacher stressed the importance of daily practice.

Solar energy may be able to play a significant role in our daily life.

The heavy rainfall has caused vegetable prices to rise daily for the last two months.

A daily paper.

Keeping a diary also gives us a chance to reflect on our daily life.

As to his daily life, he is very slovenly.

Daily commodities increased in price.

What floor is the daily goods department on?

He writes a daily journal, and that inspired me to try doing the same thing, but in English.

He has no daily necessities, much less luxuries.

His daily behavior is not consistent with his principles.

How did he earn his daily bread.

He decided not to use much energy in his daily life.

He seems to be oppressed by his monotonous daily life.

They need daily care.

I was bored with the monotony of daily life.

I am quite tired of daily routine.

Daily exercise is effective in overcoming obesity.

Don't fail in your daily duties.

The daily trek to midtown Manhattan takes about an hour and a half.

I believed it will be quite a long time before the spirit of democracy pervades our daily life.

In relation to that, I would like to expect the industrial potentialities of garbage compacted-devices which are more useful in our daily life as well as in the business world.

Traffic accidents happen daily.

Bad enough, the shit I got to wade through on a daily basis, bring me this feel bad for me crap when I work 30 hours straight and spent the weekend listening to your dad's bullshit?
仕事で疲れてんのに― 不愉快にさせるな 30時間働いて 週末に―

Because he struggles through daily life and he is weak in many things...
(澪) 彼は 生きてくうえでの いろんな力が弱いから

Because it's daily hells and daily heavens.

Because we run into a wall on a daily basis.
毎日 壁に ぶつかってばかりだからな

Because you can tap them on a daily basis.

But instead many miles of intersecting footpaths and dirt trails, and a ferry that runs twice daily from stone Cove.
ストーン・コーブからフェリーが 日に2便 今は1965年

But it does not compare with my daily service to my country.
こんな日常があるなんて この国は最高だ

But not much has changed in his daily life.

But our daily life was as usual...
〈だけど 生活は相変わらずで...〉

But the shelter also keeps a daily tally for state records.
でも 施設は 州へ報告するために 毎日の集計も保存しています

But there's still so much we don't know on a daily basis.
でも 私達には知らないことばかりです

But they execute people on a daily basis.
だがヤツらは 日常的に実行する

But...Once that becomes part of your daily life, it's all the same.
でも... 日常になってしまえば 同じですよ

By order of president snow daily production quotas have been increased.
スノー大統領により 1日の生産量が増やされました

By the way, the daily schedule will be this one.
ちなみに 1日の時間割は これだ

Can undergo all the activities of their daily life.

Carrie participates in daily group sessions and craft activities enthusiastically.
毎日 グループ活動に参加し 模型製作をたいへん熱心に

Cooking is not merely a daily chore!
いいですか 料理とは ただの日常雑務ではない!

Daily fortune the person whom you recently got closer might change your life.

Daily lessons have been impossible right from the beginning.

Daily lives of high school boys.

Daily planet info line. I need a reporter to meet me.

Daily training is part of our job. This is just a checkup on that.

Do you have any secret strategy to succeed like this on a daily basis?
そんなに勢いに乗れる 秘密の戦略でもお持ちですか?

Do you know what it's called when you can't find it in textbook but needed for daily life?
ああいう 教科書に載ってないけども、生活に必要な言葉を 何ていうか知ってるか

Downside of being demoted, I don't get to see his sunny disposition on a daily basis.
あー それは 降格されて不利な面の1つだ - 彼の明るい性格を 毎日のように目にしてる訳じゃない

Enriched my life on a literally daily basis.
文字通り私の日々を 豊かにしています

Especially at things that break up the daily routine.

Everything they do in their daily life is training for their spirit.
日常すべてが 己の精神を鍛える修行だ。

Excuse me, but on your site is written daily payment is possible.
あのう。 ここにね 日払いOKって 書いてあるんですけども。

Feeding it is part of my daily routine.
金魚に 餌あげるのが 日課で。

Filled with the daily icons of their lives.
マルセル・デュシャンや ファウンドアートの学校を

First, think of your daily rituals, whatever they may be:
毎日の習慣となっている風習を 思い出してみてください

Food supplies, daily necessities, a set of clothes...
当面の食料に日用品 替えの着替えと...。

Fresh oracles shall be delivered to you daily from every corner of the empire.
毎日 帝国の津々浦々より オラクルが送られる

Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
我らの日用の糧を 今日も与えたまえ 我らに罪を犯す者を 我らが赦す如く 我らの罪をも赦したまえ

Give us this day our daily bread and...

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us.
私たちに日々のパンを与え、 私たちと罪をお赦しください 私たちが仇なす罪人たちを赦すように

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we...
我らの日用の糧を 今日も与えたまえ 我らに罪をおかす者を 我らが...

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses...
我らに日々のパンを 与えてたまえ 我らの罪を許したまえ

Having daily contact with their families.

He needs daily sessions. Isn't that right?
毎日 リハビリを 受けるのよね?

He would often tell me, almost on a daily basis that I was his favorite child.
彼は毎日のように ボクに言っていた 大好きな子供だと

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