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お父;御父 [おとう] /(n) (hon) (fam) (abbr) (See お父さん) daddy/father/husband

お父さん(P);御父さん [おとうさん(P);おとっさん(ok)] /(n) (hon) (See 父さん) father/dad/papa/pa/pop/daddy/dada

お父さん子 [おとうさんこ] /(n) daddy's girl/daddy's boy/child strongly attached to its father

お父ちゃん [おとうちゃん] /(n) (chn) (See お父さん・おとうさん) dad/dada/daddy/pa/papa/pappa/pop

のっぽ /(n) tall lanky person/bean pole/daddy-longlegs

ダディー;ダディ /(n) daddy

パトロン /(n) (1) patron (of the arts, an artist, etc.)/patroness/financial supporter/(2) (See 芸者,旦那・4) sugar daddy/man who provides for a woman (e.g. a geisha)/(3) patron/master/manager/boss

蚊トンボ;蚊蜻蛉 [かトンボ(蚊トンボ);かとんぼ(蚊蜻蛉)] /(n) (1) (See 大蚊) crane fly/daddy longlegs (insect of family Tipulidae)/(2) (derog) a tall, gangly person/string bean

座頭虫 [ざとうむし] /(n) (uk) (See 大蚊) harvestman/daddy longlegs (arachnid of order Opiliones)

足長おじさん [あしながおじさん] /(n) (1) (See 大蚊) anonymous scholarship system for orphans whose parents have been killed in traffic accidents (from Daddy-Long-Legs, a 1912 novel by Jean Webster)/(2) harvestman/daddy longlegs (arachnid of order Opiliones)

大蚊 [ががんぼ;かがんぼ;ガガンボ] /(n) (uk) crane fly/daddy longlegs (insect of family Tipulidae)

旦那(P);檀那 [だんな] /(n) (1) master (of a house, shop, etc.)/(2) husband (informal)/(3) sir/boss/master/governor/word used to address a male patron, customer, or person of high status/(4) (See パトロン・2) patron of a mistress, geisha, bar or nightclub hostess/sugar daddy/(5) {Buddh} (orig. meaning; usu. written as 檀那) (See 檀越,檀家) alms (san: d醇Fna)/almsgiving/almsgiver

父さん [とうさん] /(n) (See お父さん) father/dad/papa/pa/pop/daddy/dada

父ちゃん [とうちゃん;とっちゃん] /(n) (chn) dad/daddy/papa/pa/pop

盲蜘蛛 [めくらぐも] /(n) (uk) (See 大蚊) harvestman/daddy longlegs (arachnid of order Opiliones)

幽霊蜘蛛 [ゆうれいぐも;ユウレイグモ] /(n) (1) (uk) pholcid spider (any spider of family Pholcidae, esp. species Pholcus crypticolens)/(2) (col) (See 座頭虫) harvestman/daddy longlegs

Jane's dream was to find herself a sugar daddy.

Give me a ride on your shoulders, Daddy.

Daddy passed gas.

I'll tell Daddy on you.

Hang onto Daddy!

Daddy was in his office, under our flat. [F]

Mummy and Daddy are very nervous.

When the shooting died down a bit, Daddy ran over to our flat and brought us back some sandwiches. [F]

Daddy loves to say funny things.

At least until your daddy comes back to get you.

Avery, quiet, okay? Daddy needs to concentrate.
エイブリー 黙ってくれ パパが集中できない

Aw, no no daddy don't get scared.

Baby daddy killed her. Wow, that's messed up.

Be good, won't you? Help daddy around the house.
元気でいてね パパのお手伝いをするのよ

Beans, you've been like a niece to me ever since your daddy did not fall drunk down a mine shaft.
あなたとはお父様が 炭鉱の縦穴に酔っ払って 落ち な かった 時からのお付き合いだ

Because I'm the daddy, that's why.

Because daddy keeps care of the monsters.
パパがモンスターの お話をするから

Because daddy told me not to.

Before you were born, mommy and daddy weren't getting along so well.
お前が生まれる前 俺達は上手く行ってなかった

Being framed as drug dealer was the worst possible thing that could have happened to daddy.
麻薬の密売人の濡れ衣を着せられるのが ダディに降りかかり得る最悪の事態でした

Better not get too skinny or daddy won't like you any more, will you, daddy?
痩せ過ぎると― パパに嫌われるわよ でしょ パパ?

Big daddy call it that, cause it's big.

Big daddy, we have two for your personal purge.

Blake! Daddy. I'm sorry, dad.

Blow his head off and then walk away while the kid cries next to his daddy's dead body?
彼の頭を吹き飛ばし 立ち去る 子供が泣いている間 次にお父さんの死体に?

Boom. Right in front of mommy and daddy.
ママとパパの目の前で バーンだ

Both of you are already tired of daddy ...
もう2人とも パパ疲れてる...

Bring your daddy if he wants to work.

But I can't. My daddy...
イヤ パパが...

But I have a hunch daddy's gonna come back for his little girl.
だが娘の為に 戻ってくる

But I've been right here, daddy.
私は ここよ パパ

But Noone is gonna hurt daddy, okay?
誰もパパを 傷つけない いいわね?

But a daddy is someone who takes care of you, who's been there your whole life, like Tommy.
でもパパは あなたを見守ってくれる ず?っとよ トミーみたいに

But big daddy? That was not your father, okay?
でもビッグダディは君の父ではない いいかい?

But daddy's going to England, and he said that I could go with him and then he said that I couldn't.
パパも イギリスに行った 最初 一緒に行けるって 言ったのに やっぱり 行けないって

But he's not my real daddy. I want my real daddy!
でも本当のパパじゃない 本当のパパが欲しい!

But if daddy doesn't work this weekend, we'll have to live in a box.
働かないと 段ボール箱で 暮らすはめになる

But maybe you don't know that Matthew Collins is my baby's daddy.
でも彼 マシューが 私の赤ちゃんの パパだってことは 知らないかな

But midas pins him, and daddy goes to work!

But my daddy was a drunk and he ran it into the ground.
親父が酔っ払いで 農園をダメにしちまったんだ

But not as much as your daddy's cooking!
でも お前の親父の 料理ほどじゃないさ!

But now he's this hot daddy bear running for city council and living in this huge house.
セクシーダディー熊になって 市議会に立候補 デカい家

But our prayers are with the families of the brave men and women... Honey, daddy's gonna be okay.

But she's daddy's precious little angel, aren't you?
大事な小さい天使だ、 だよね?

But there's only your daddy.
だって パパしかいないじゃん。

But this morning daddy said something.
そして今朝 父さんがこう言った

But when you feel like talking to your daddy, you can come here and talk to him.
でもね パパと話したくなったら ここへ来て話したらいいわ。

But, mom, it's daddy. And now daddy needs to leave.
ーだって、パパだよ ーパパはお帰りよ

By the time you're done at Shaffer, you'll make daddy look like a success story.
シェイファーを無事に卒業できれば 君の父親のような成功談を作れるだろう

By the way, I haven't told daddy about him yet.
ちなみに パパにはまだ彼の事言ってない

Bye bye, daddy. Then why did you leave the trap?

Can I do it again, daddy?

Can I see what daddy and Fran gave you?
お父さんとフランからの プレゼントを見せてくれる?

Carolina, want to see where daddy works?
カロリーナ パパが働いてる場所を 見たいかい?

Chris had a better deal with his daddy, right? The great guy... Who wants to save everyone.
クリスは親父さんより良いさ 皆を救ってくれる偉大な男...

Christine wanted to talk to her daddy.
クリスティンがパパと 話したがってた

Cobra did this, daddy's friend, remember him?
コブラが書いたんだ パパの友達の

Come along, Tiana. Your daddy should be home from work by now.
ティアナ パパが帰ってくるころよ

Come on, where's your daddy at?

Come on. No more mistakes on daddy's rug.
こいよ もう父さんの絨毯で 失敗するなよ

Come to daddy's bedroom. Okay.

Come to see daddy work, Charlie bear?

Congressman Underwood is daddy's boss.

Couldn't take the chance she'd hurt one of us. Daddy! Laceygirl.
空き教室に閉じ込めた 念のために

Dad, stay with me! Daddy, daddy, stay with me!

Dad? Dad, dad, please get me out of here, daddy. Please?
パパ お願い 助けて ここから出たい

Daddy and Jesse are just pretending.

Daddy and Papi are the same!
ダディーも パピーも どっちも おやじだよ!

Daddy and all are quite late.

Daddy and mom need a minute.
パパとママは お話があるの

Daddy call his boss... Faithful insomniacs, Phil Bushey here.

Daddy can't do it either, huh.
≪あッ パパも ヘタクソじゃんね 翔太

Daddy can't help you now!

Daddy gave us 5,500 on the wedding day.

Daddy get me a new bodies.

Daddy gonna be home soon, okay?

Daddy had a hand in it, too.

Daddy has a man that can get me the bodies for the monies.
パパはお金で ボディを買ってくれる

Daddy is admirable, and tolerance is a rare virtue.
パパは立派な人よ それに"寛容"は大切な美徳よ

Daddy is alive and well behind this door.

Daddy is going to fight, so be a good girl.
いい子だ。 しっかりやるだぞ。

Daddy is just trying to get used to it before the research.
何を言うんだ 父さんはただ取材前に使い慣れとこうとだな

Daddy is not coming on anything.

Daddy just forgot my birthday. Will you go back inside, honey?
パパがママの誕生日を忘れちゃった 車に戻りなさい

Daddy just gets confused sometimes, you know?
パパはたまに混乱しちゃうの 分かる?

Daddy just has to get my tent ready.
パパがテントの 用意をしてくれるの

Daddy loved his job, but not as much as he loved my mom.
仕事人間の父でしたが それ以上に母を愛してました

Daddy loved his old job, and he's missed it every day since he's been gone.
以前の仕事が好きだったし ずっと 我慢して来たんだ

Daddy loves me the best. Aren't ordinary people adorable?
見るのが楽しい 普通の人々ってかわいいね

Daddy loves you just the way you are, honey.

Daddy loves you so much. Okay?

Daddy loves you, you know that ? Daddy really loves you.
パパはお前が気に入った 本当だぞ

Daddy needs the cars nice so he can sell them.
売る為に 車が要るんだよ

Daddy needs to help get the monsters out of the house.
パパは外のモンスターを 追い出すから

Daddy passed away and mom's at home.
お父さんは亡くなって お母さんは家にいます

Daddy probably figured Ian showed up at the funeral to take away his heir.
ダディはイアンが葬儀に現れると考えたんだわ 彼の後継者を奪うために

Daddy really needs you to be quiet now. Okay?
静かにしないと駄目だな いい?

Daddy remembers the village around this time of the year.
父ちゃんは この季節には 里のことを思い出すよ

Daddy said it was time to show mommy where he came from.

Daddy said they were still waiting to hear about Bail, but when I went to the station, they didn't have any record of your arrest.
パパは彼らが保釈について 聞く為に待ってると言った でも 駅に行った時 彼らは どんな逮捕記録も持ってなかった

Daddy said, because mommy survived her first trip to jersey, he knew she was a keeper.
ニュージャージでは 何とか切り抜けて 母は及第点を貰った

Daddy saw you looking at it. Here.
パパが見てたみたい 貸して

Daddy says it's time to go. We have to go, now.
父さんが もう行く時間だって

Daddy says that's why they both loved the city so much it never went to sleep.
眠るのが惜しいほど その街が好きだったそうです

Daddy shouldn't waste his time.
パパが彼の時間を 浪費しなくていいのよ

Daddy thinks that we can make it into a home.
父さんは刑務所を 住処に出来ると言った

Daddy told me a story about a princess who died... And a kiss that made her not dead anymore.
パパのお話で プリンセスが死んでも... キスで生き返るって

Daddy told me about you, Deon... About how you made me in a body that will die.
パパが話してくれた ボディ内のこと... 死にかけてるって

Daddy used to like this Hamburger too.
パパも好きだったんだ このハンバーグ。

Daddy wanted to do another fox.
パパはキツネが 良かったみたい

Daddy wants to do that job. Daddy doesn't wanna pick up garbage forever!
廃品回収なんて したくないんだ!

Daddy wants to eat sushi! Daddy wants to hail cabs!
寿司も食べたいし タクシーにも乗りたい

Daddy wants to have a doorman!

Daddy wants to lord it over magazine editors!
雑誌の編集者に 大きな顔をしたい

Daddy was mean to you. He thought you were soft.
父親が君に対してひどいことばかりした 彼は 君が軟弱だと考えたんだな

Daddy will be there. I promise.

Daddy will discuss it later. Now forgive us.

Daddy will get you a squirrel as soon as he possibly can.
「帰ったら、すぐにでも、リスを注文して あげるから」

Daddy will go little trip together okay, Litle trip together.
パパと一緒にちょっと 旅行に行くよ、いいね? ちょっと旅行 バイオレット! バイオレット!

Daddy won't take that very well.

Daddy worked so much that sometimes mommy could only see him late at night.
仕事が忙しく デートは いつも 深夜でした

Daddy would've loved the grand canyon.
父はグランド キャニオンを愛してた

Daddy! Daddy! Look at my new dress.
パパ 新しいドレスよ きれい?

Daddy! There's a woman outside.
パパ 外に女の人が

Daddy! You're gonna meet him. I got to get the door.

Daddy'll be there in a minute.

Daddy'll get me the bodies... Then I have to get my consciousness out of here and into there.
パパがボディを 手に入れ 僕の意識を 転送する ここから あそこへ

Daddy's French. What's on the other side?
父親がフランス人 もう片方は?

Daddy's a sick son of a bitch?

Daddy's coming! You'll need a weapon. But first, you'll need a flashlight.
何か武器が必要だ いや、まずは懐中電灯か・・・

Daddy's feet are big take a look.
(澪) たっくんの靴って おっきいね ほら

Daddy's going on business trips from now on.
お父さん これから出張なの~。

Daddy's gonna be here soon. And I'm gonna just come get you right after.
パパが来たら 直ぐ迎えに行くから

Daddy's gonna get new bodies, and I just have to get this out.
パパがくれる 意識を解明しなきゃ 取り出さなきゃ 意識を...

Daddy's gonna miss you every second of those 48 hours.

Daddy's gonna stick behind, do a little adult work.

Daddy's got a lot to do.
そうね パパは忙しいの

Daddy's got you, and nothing and nobody's gonna hurt you.

Daddy's got you. That's all that's important.

Daddy's here. Daddy's got you. Daddy?
大丈夫 お父さんが守ってあげるよ

Daddy's home equals cake every night.
だって、毎日帰れるんだ 毎日ケーキだろ?

Daddy's lawyer's helping him prepare.

Daddy's not going to pick you up anymore.
いらっしゃい パパはもう 迎えに来ないのよ

Daddy's not gonna hurt you.
パパは何もしないよ えっ!

Daddy's not tired. He's already slept.
パパは 眠たくねぇよ

Daddy's on point. No thanks, I've seen you in action.

Daddy's out cold and she's got no cash.

Daddy's real busy. You tell mom I'm running late.
パパはとても忙しいんだ "遅くなる" とママに言ってくれ

Daddy's still in the middle of work.
[tv]はい 父さんな まだ仕事中なんだ

Daddy's strong and cool, you know.
パパね 強くてカッコイイんだって。

Daddy, I can't sleep. The neighbors e on.
また、お隣がうるさくて眠れない お隣の幸せは、うるさいの ベンジャミンさん、新しい日です

Daddy, I don't know who I am.

Daddy, I don't think I can do this.

Daddy, I don't want to lose you.

Daddy, I hope you are right.
お父さん - お前が正しければいいと思う

Daddy, I just want to thank you.
父さん ありがとう

Daddy, I just wanted to help it!
パパ 助けようと!

Daddy, I knew I'd see you again.
パパ また会えると分かってたわ

Daddy, I know that everything that you do is out of love.
パパの行動が 愛からだと分かってる

Daddy, I think I found one. It's perfect.
完璧よ 三日以内に届けてくれる

Daddy, I wanna go to the zoo.
いいや - パパ 行きたいな動物園

Daddy, I want a big room like that.
パパ 私も あんな広いお部屋が欲しい。

Daddy, I want a flying glass elevator.

Daddy, I want that blue puppy!
いいでしょ。 ヘヘヘ。 あの青いワンチャンが欲しい!

Daddy, I want them to stop.
「パパ! やめさせて! 」

Daddy, I want to come home soon.
まあいいや 帰ろ帰ろ。

Daddy, I want to do this one.
たっくん これやりたい

Daddy, I want to go in.
「パパ、まだなの! 」

Daddy, I'm begging you. I'm begging you with all my mouth.
ねえパパ お願い お願いだからぁ

Daddy, I'm not a really good swimmer.
パパ 私泳げないの

Daddy, I'm not going to give them my phone.
パパ 携帯を見せるつもりはないわ

Daddy, I'm sorry I can't be here tonight, but you understand.
パパ 今夜 勤務になっちゃったの

Daddy, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry...
パパ ごめんなさい ごめんなさい

Daddy, I'm trying to read, but I can't do all the words.
パパ 読もうとしたけど 知らない言葉がある

Daddy, I've been meaning to tell you.
あのね パパ。 薫 パパに言おうと思ってたんだ。

Daddy, I've missed you so much.
お父さん― 本当に会いたかったのよ

Daddy, be careful on the road.

Daddy, can I have some coke?

Daddy, can I learn to shoot?

Daddy, can we go and get my new body... From your friend with the fresh one?
ボディが買えるね? 新しいヤツ?

Daddy, daddy. Let's go, let's go.

Daddy, do you like penguins, too?

Daddy, finish your work soon, and come home, okay?
お父さん お仕事 早く終わらせて帰って来てね。

Daddy, freed from you, awaits his little Catherine to leave here.
パパはあなた達から離れて 遠くで暮らすために 娘のカトリーヌを待ってるのよ

Daddy, grandpa is on the phone.
パパ おじいちゃんから電話よ

Daddy, hang on. Okay, I'm gonna go get help.
パパ 頑張って 助けを呼んでくるから

Daddy, how are you? Who's daddy?
[スピーカ]パパ元気? 誰だ? パパって

Daddy, look. There's dogs here.
パパ 犬だ!

Daddy, please do as I say.

Daddy, please don't let them do this.
パパ、お願いだから 木を切るのを止めさせて

Daddy, please, I just want to go home.
パパ 家に帰ろう

Daddy, please, don't throw it away.
お願い 捨てないで

Daddy, please, you have to believe me.
お父さん 私を信じて!

Daddy, stay there! Chappie's gonna crush the man!
パパ そこにいて やっつけてくる!

Daddy, there's a car here without a roof.
パパ この車も 屋根がないよ

Daddy, this is Miller. He's one of ours.
父さん ミラーだ

Daddy, this man saved my life.
パパ この人命の恩人よ

Daddy, wait, I wanna come with you!
パパ 待って 一緒に行く

Daddy, we've got the monies.

Daddy, what are you doing to me?
パパ 私に何をしているの ?

Daddy, what on earth are you doing? That guy is walking around outside here.
狙われてるんだ なんとかしてくれよ

Daddy, when will we go back home?
パパ いつ家に戻れるの?

Daddy, when you look at me, what do you see?
「パパ 私を見るとき何が見える?」

Daddy, would you like to play a game?
お父さーん ゲームしない?

Daddy, you are out of your mind.

Daddy, you know cashmere loves cashmere.

Daddy, you named the boat after me and didn't even know it.
知らずに あたしの名前を 船につけたのね

Daddy, you want to cut the cord?
パパ 切断します?

Daddy. Break my arm. Break my arm.

Daddy. Daddy, look. It's me.
パパ 私を見て お願い 信じて

Daddy. Go, go... You promised you'd stop smoking.
パパ タバコはやめるって 約束したでしょ

Daddy. Oh, daddy, I missed you.
パパ 私はここにいるわ

Daddy... Where in the world is that daughter?
お父さん 娘って一体どこの?

Damp down the dyspepsia, daddy. You'll frighten the child.
お父様 子供が怯えてるわ

Delilah, this is daddy's best friend.
デライラ パパのお友達だよ

Did daddy let you cook by yourself or something?
パパに お料理させられたの?

Did you lend money to my daddy?

Didn't want my daddy looking at me the way he always did.
特にパパには いつものように 見て欲しくなかった

Do you know how disappointed daddy would be if he knew how our numbers had dwindled?
信者が減っていることを パパが知ったら どれだけ失望すると思う?

Do you think daddy will like his present? Don't worry.
パパ プレゼント 喜んでくれるかな? 大丈夫。

Do you understand what I'm I miss daddy.
分かるかしら? パパに会いたい

Do you want to call your daddy?

Do you want to play, daddy?
パパ 遊びたい?

Do you want to speak to my daddy?
ヨーコ デルガードよ パパとお話したいの?

Does daddy get to kiss both his little girls, huh?
パパは彼のママにも キスしていいかい?

Don't be so stubborn, daddy!
頑固にしないで パパ!

Don't say it. Even if you heard about me from your daddy.
そう呼ぶな あんたの 父親から聞いた噂だろう

Don't tell me you're buying this whole daddy's little girl routine?
あの いい親ぶった態度を 信じるんじゃないでしょうね?

Don't wait up for daddy, Eli.
今夜は遅くなる イーライ

Don't we have a darling of a daddy, lending you his car?
パパの車 壊さないでよ

Don't worry, daddy. I'll stay down here with you for now.
心配しないで 今は一緒にいてあげる

Don't yell at me, daddy.

Don't you wanna help daddy?

Don't you worry, daddy. We'll be there soon.
大丈夫よ パパ もうすぐ店が持てる

Dope is a special name I like to call daddy.

Early. It is about when daddy arrives at private jet. Yup!
早く。パパが自家用ジェットで 着く頃よ。 うん!

Eh you don't want to be separated from daddy, right?
さぁ 皆さんご一緒に。

Even then he was just as handsome as his daddy.
お父さんのように 男前になるだろうって

Every time I walk out of the house in the morning he says, daddy, how far you love me?
毎朝 出かける時に云うんだ 「どれくらい僕を愛してる?

Exbaby daddy wouldn't have one in the bedroom.
前夫は寝室には テレビを置かなかったの

Forget about the money. Daddies don't like to see their little girl's hearts broken.

Frank Damico was the baddest guy of them all and he came up with a plan to get rid of daddy.

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