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エラー訂正 [エラーていせい] /(n) {comp} error correction

エラー補正 [エラーほせい] /(n) {comp} error correction/error detection and correction

ガンマ補正 [ガンマほせい] /(n) {comp} gamma correction

コレクション /(n) (1) collection/(2) correction

ホワイト(P);ホワイド /(adj-na,n) (1) white/(n) (2) correction fluid/white-out

ボンフェローニ補正 [ボンフェローニほせい] /(n) {math} Bonferroni correction

綾;文 [あや] /(n) (1) (uk) figure/design/(2) (綾 only) twill weave/pattern of diagonal stripes/(3) (uk) style (of writing)/figure (of speech)/(4) (uk) design/plot/plan/(5) (uk) minor market fluctuation/technical correction/(6) (uk) (abbr) (See 綾取り・あやとり) cat's cradle/(7) (uk) (abbr) (See 綾竹) lease rod (in a loom)

加筆 [かひつ] /(n,vs) correction/improvement/revision

勘校 [かんこう] /(n,vs) examination and correction

感化 [かんか] /(n,vs) influence/inspiration/reform/correction

規正 [きせい] /(n,vs) correction

軌道修正 [きどうしゅうせい] /(n) (yoji) course correction/trajectory change/orbital adjustment

匡正 [きょうせい] /(n,vs) (See 矯正・きょうせい) correction (of error, mistake, etc.)/reform/training

矯正(P);きょう正 [きょうせい] /(n,vs,adj-no) correction (of fault, defect, flaw, etc.)/remedy/rectification/redress/reform

矯正職員 [きょうせいしょくいん] /(n) (See 刑務官) correctional officer/corrections officer

誤り訂正 [あやまりていせい] /(n) {comp} error correction

更正 [こうせい] /(n,vs) correction/revision/rectification

校正(P);較正 [こうせい] /(n,vs) (1) (校正 only) proofreading/correction of press/(2) calibration

叱正 [しっせい] /(n) pointing out errors/correction/critique

手直し [てなおし] /(n,vs) adjustment/tweaking/improvement/modification/tinkering/minor alteration/correction

朱筆を入れる [しゅひつをいれる] /(exp,v1) (obsc) to make corrections

修正 [しゅうせい] /(n,vs) amendment/correction/revision/modification/alteration/retouching/update/fix

修正テープ [しゅうせいテープ] /(n) (See 修正液) correction tape

修正液 [しゅうせいえき] /(n) (See 修正テープ) correction fluid/correcting fluid/white out/Wite-out/Liquid Paper/Tipp-Ex

修訂 [しゅうてい] /(n,vs) correction/revision

色補正 [いろほせい] /(n) {comp} color correction

是正 [ぜせい] /(n,vs) correction/revision/redressing/rectifying

正誤 [せいご] /(n) (1) right or wrong/correct and incorrect/(2) correction

責任校了 [せきにんこうりょう] /(n,exp) (See 責了) OK with corrections (printing indication)

責了 [せきりょう] /(exp) (id) OK with corrections

赤字 [あかじ] /(n,adj-no) (1) deficit/(being in or going into) the red/(2) red text/red letters/(3) corrections (by a teacher or proofreader) written in red

直し [なおし] /(n) (1) correction/rectification/(2) mending/repair

定本 [ていほん] /(n) (1) revised edition (of a book or manuscript)/authoritative edition/standard edition/edition incorporating many changes and corrections/(2) final version of a book as edited by the author/revised edition of a book as edited by the author

訂正 [ていせい] /(n,vs,adj-no) correction/revision/amendment

訂正印 [ていせいいん] /(n) revision seal/correction seal (special seal used to indicate a correction in an official document)

添削 [てんさく] /(n,vs) correction/looking over/touching up

度なし;度無し [どなし] /(exp,adj-na) without optical correction (glasses, contact lens, etc.)

批点 [ひてん] /(n) correction marks

斧正 [ふせい] /(n) correction/revision

補正 [ほせい] /(n,vs) correction/revision/compensation (e.g. to a pendulum)

補筆 [ほひつ] /(n,vs) retouch/correction/improvement

無点 [むてん] /(n) (1) (See 訓点・くんてん) kanji without kanbun assistance markings/(2) poetry, haiku, etc. without comments or corrections/(adj-na) (3) meaningless/incomprehensible

I welcome any corrections or additions to these minutes.

He is bad beyond correction.

He made several corrections.

Be careful the way you handle this. Taymor works for the department of corrections.
充分気配りする様に テイマーは更正課所属だ

But I emailed you my corrections.
直しの原稿 メールで送ったんですけど 届かない?

But they received a correction from the company.

But they were unable to come up with any advised corrections.

But you can still save yourself if you don't do anything to stop the correction.
でも あなたはまだ自分を救える もしあなたが 修正を止める為に何もしないなら

Changing the way we think about corrections.
矯正の在り方の転換について お話しします

Comets don't make course corrections, general.
彗星は軌道を 修正しません

Correction that's where Amanda's trap is.
考え直せ アマンダの罠だ

Correction, I will check it out.

Correction, the instantly frozen indoor pool?
訂正っ・・・"瞬時に凍った屋内プール" だったわね

Correction, they will have to answer to me.
罰だ 彼らは答えなければならん

Correction. I think contracts are being cut.
訂正します 内定切りだと思います。

Dollars a year on state and local corrections costs.
犯罪者の更正にかかるコストは 750億ドルにのぼります

Especially the places where corrections are marked in red pen.
特に 赤ペンで直しが 入ってるところなんか

Excuse me. I have a correction regarding the crew that were on board.
すいません 乗組員についての 情報に訂正があります

Galuska and the department of corrections conveniently misplaced it.
ガルスカと経歴部は それを都合良く紛失した

Guys, can someone bring me correction fluid?
諸君 誰か修正液を 持ってきてくれないか?

He was a Vietnam veteran. Corrections suited him.
彼はベトナム帰還兵でした 矯正は彼にぴったりの仕事でした

He was sent to juvenile corrections for a year and 2 months for manslaughter.
傷害致死罪で少年刑務所に 1年2カ月 入ってた。

Vision correction or cosmetic eyewear and related

Correction media

Correction film or tape

Correction fluid

Correction pens

Correction pen refills

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