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すり合わせ;擦り合わせ;摺り合わせ;すり合せ;擦り合せ;摺り合せ [すりあわせ] /(n) (1) comparing and adjusting/reconciling/knocking into shape/bouncing of ideas, opinions, etc. off each other to obtain a fine-tuned integrated whole/(2) {engr} lapping/precision surface finishing/mating by rubbing together/(3) (uk) {med} margination

すり合わせる;摺り合わせる;擦り合わせる;すり合せる;摺り合せる;擦り合せる [すりあわせる] /(v1,vt) (1) to rub together/(2) to reconcile (ideas, proposals, plans)/to compare and adjust

と比べて [とくらべて] /(exp) compared with

に照らして [にてらして] /(exp) (See に照らすと) in comparison with/when compared with/according to/in light of/in view of

に照らすと [にてらすと] /(exp) (See に照らして) in comparison with/when compared with/according to/in light of/in view of

に比べ [にくらべ] /(exp) compared to

ばつ /(n,adj-no) (1) (See ばつが悪い) one's circumstances or condition, esp. compared to that of another/(2) coherence (e.g. of a conversation)

一籌を輸する [いっちゅうをゆする;いっちゅうをしゅする] /(exp,vs-i) to be inferior to/to be outdone/to compare unfavourably with

引き合わせる;引合せる;引き合せる;引合わせる [ひきあわせる] /(v1,vt) (1) to introduce/(2) to compare/to check/(3) to adjust/to pull into place

引き当てる;引当てる;引当る(io) [ひきあてる] /(v1,vt) (1) to draw (the winning ticket)/(2) (See 当てはめる) to apply/to compare/to put (oneself in someone's position)

引き比べる [ひきくらべる] /(v1,vt) to compare

引け [ひけ;ヒケ] /(n) (1) (See 引け時・ひけどき) close (e.g. of business)/leaving (e.g. school)/retiring/(2) (See 引けを取る・ひけをとる) being outdone/compare unfavourably (with)/(3) (abbr) (See 引け値) closing price (stockmarket)/(4) (esp. ヒケ) sink mark (casting, moulding)/shrink mark

引けを取る [ひけをとる] /(exp,v5r) to be outdone by/to compare unfavorably with

花競べ [はなくらべ] /(n) flower-comparing contest (Heian period)

花合わせ;花合せ [はなあわせ] /(n) (1) (See 花札) hana awase/type of hanafuda game/(2) (See 花競べ) flower-comparing contest (Heian period)

角す [かくす] /(v5s,vt) to compare (e.g. in a competition)

寄える;比える [よそえる] /(v1) (1) (uk) to compare/to liken/(2) to use as a pretext

擬す [ぎす] /(v5s,vt) (1) (See 擬する) to imitate/to copy/to mimic/(2) to enter someone as a candidate/(3) to press (e.g. a weapon against someone's back)/(4) to compare/to liken

擬する [ぎする] /(vs-s,vt) (1) to imitate/to copy/to mimic/(2) to enter someone as a candidate/(3) to press (e.g. a weapon against someone's back)/(4) to compare/to liken

及ぶ [およぶ] /(v5b,vi) (1) to reach/to amount to/to befall/to happen to/to extend/(2) (See 及ばない) to be up to the task/to come up to/(3) to compare with/to be a match (for)/(4) (See 犯罪に及ぶ) to commit (a crime)/(5) (See 及ばない) to require (to do) (usu. used in the negative)

形容 [けいよう] /(n,vs) (1) describing/comparing/expressing figuratively/modifying/qualifying (e.g. an adjective qualifying a noun)/(n) (2) form/figure/condition/state/(3) personal appearance/one's face and figure/looks

見合わす;見合す [みあわす] /(v5s,vt) (1) (See 見合わせる・1) to exchange glances/to look at each other/(2) (See 見合わせる・2) to postpone/to put off/to withhold/to abandon/(3) (See 見合わせる・3) to contrast/to compare

見合わせる(P);見合せる [みあわせる] /(v1,vt) (1) to exchange glances/to look at each other/(2) to postpone/to put off/to withhold/to abandon/(3) to contrast/to compare

見比べる(P);見較べる [みくらべる] /(v1,vt) to compare with the eye

見優り [みまさり] /(n,vs) compare favourably/compare favorably

見劣りがする [みおとりがする] /(exp,vs-i) to compare unfavorably (unfavourably, poorly) with/to be not so good as

校合 [きょうごう;こうごう] /(n,vs) collation/examining and comparing

合わす(P);合す [あわす] /(v5s,vt) (1) (See 合わせる・1) to match (rhythm, speed, etc.)/(2) to join together/to unite/to combine/to add up/(3) (See 顔を合わせる) to face/to be opposite (someone)/(4) to compare/to check with/(5) (See 遭う・1) to cause to meet (e.g. an unpleasant fate)/(6) to place together/to connect/to overlap/(7) to mix/to combine/(8) to put blade to blade/to fight

合わせる(P);併せる(P);合せる [あわせる] /(v1,vt) (1) to match (rhythm, speed, etc.)/(2) to join together/to unite/to combine/to add up/(3) (See 顔を合わせる) to face/to be opposite (someone)/(4) to compare/to check with/(5) (See 遭う・1) to cause to meet (e.g. an unpleasant fate)/(6) to place together/to connect/to overlap/(7) to mix/to combine/(8) to put blade to blade/to fight

述べ合う [のべあう] /(v5u,vt) to compare (e.g notes)/to exchange (e.g. views, opinions)

勝るとも劣らぬ;優るとも劣らぬ [まさるともおとらぬ] /(exp) not at all inferior to/compare favorably (with)/being even better than/rivalling/surpassing

照らし合わせる [てらしあわせる] /(v1) to check/to compare

照らす [てらす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to shine on/to illuminate/(2) to compare (with)/to refer to

食べ比べる [たべくらべる] /(v1,vt) to taste and compare several dishes (or foods) of the same type

人より [ひとより] /(exp,adv) (col) more than most people/more than other people/compared with other people/more than others

前期比 [ぜんきひ] /(n) compared to previous period/quarter-to-quarter basis/from the previous quarter

遜色がない;遜色が無い [そんしょくがない] /(exp,adj-i) to stand comparison with/to compare favorably with/to be no means inferior to/to be equal to

遜色のない [そんしょくのない] /(exp,adj-i) (See 遜色がない) favourably comparing

対す [たいす] /(v5s,vi) (1) (See 対する) to face (each other)/to be facing/(2) to be directed toward (the future, etc.)/to be in response to/to be related to/(3) to receive (a client, etc.)/(4) to compare with/to contrast with/to be in opposition with/to be opposed to/(5) to confront/to oppose/to compete with

対する [たいする] /(vs-s) (1) to face (each other)/to be facing/(2) to be directed toward (the future, etc.)/to be in response to/to be related to/(3) to receive (a client, etc.)/(4) to compare with/to contrast with/to be in opposition with/to be opposed to/(5) to confront/to oppose/to compete with

徴する [ちょうする] /(vs-s,vt) (1) to collect/(2) to solicit/to seek/(3) to look for evidence/to check/to compare/(4) to summon

天秤に掛ける;天秤にかける [てんびんにかける] /(exp,v1) (1) to compare and contrast two alternatives/to weigh the relative merits of A and B/to weigh one's options/(2) (See 両天秤を掛ける) to try to have it both ways/to try to sit on two stools

当社比 [とうしゃひ] /(n) (1) compared to our company's products (a phrase often used in advertising when comparing old and new products)/in this company's comparison/(2) (col) as I see it/by my estimate

読み合わせる;読み合せる [よみあわせる] /(v1,vt) to read out and compare or collate

突き合わせる;つき合わせる;突き合せる;つき合せる [つきあわせる] /(v1,vt) (1) to place persons opposite/to come face to face with/(2) to compare (with)/to check (against)/to match/to tally

背比べ;背較べ;背競べ [せいくらべ;せくらべ(背比べ)] /(n,vs) comparing heights/comparison of statures

秤にかける;計りにかける(iK) [はかりにかける] /(exp,v1) (1) to weigh on a scale/(2) to weigh up options/to compare pros and cons

比する [ひする] /(vs-s) to compare

比べる(P);較べる;競べる [くらべる] /(v1,vt) (1) to compare/to make a comparison/(2) (See 力比べ) to compete/to vie

比べ物;比べもの;較べもの;較べ物 [くらべもの] /(n) (See 比べ物にならない・くらべものにならない) something worthy of comparison/something being compared

比べ物にならない;比べものにならない;較べものにならない;較べ物にならない [くらべものにならない] /(exp,adj-i) cannot be compared with/no match for

比較広告 [ひかくこうこく] /(n) comparative advertising/advertising that compares products with those of other companies

比肩 [ひけん] /(n,vs) ranking equal with/comparing favourably with/comparing favorably with

匹敵 [ひってき] /(vs) to be a match for/to rival/to equal/to compare with/to be equivalent to

並べる(P);双べる [ならべる] /(v1,vt) (1) to line up/to set up/to arrange in a line/(2) to enumerate/to itemize/(3) to be equal (to)/to compare well (with)/to be as good (as)

優るとも劣らない;勝るとも劣らない [まさるともおとらない] /(exp,adj-i) not at all inferior to/rival or surpass/compare favorably (with)

類える;比える [たぐえる] /(v1) (1) (uk) (obsc) to compare/to liken/(2) to make (someone) accompany

例える(P);譬える;喩える [たとえる] /(v1,vt) to compare (something) to/to liken/to speak figuratively/to use a simile/to use a metaphor

例年になく;例年に無く [れいねんになく] /(adv) (See 例年・1) unusually (compared to a typical year)

露華 [ろか] /(n) beautiful dew/comparing the beauty of dew to that of a flower

睨み合わせる;睨み合せる;睨みあわせる [にらみあわせる] /(v1,vt) to weigh one thing against the other/to act in consideration of/to compare and take into consideration

Compared with the level of a year ago, the price is sharply lower.

You should compare the two motorcycles.

Compared to fifty years ago, today's aviation technology has made great progress.

Compare your answer with Tom's.

Compare your paper with the model one.

Compare your translation with his.

Can you tell me how this compares to that?

Compared with his brother, he is a poor athlete.

This was quite primitive compared to that.

This study compares the immigration policies of various nations.

Let's compare this dictionary with that one.

When you compare this dictionary with that one, you can easily see which is better.

This car is better as compared with that one.

Try on both these coats and compare them.

Compare this genuine jewel with that imitation.

In this paper, I compare the folklores of Germany and Holland.

As you know, life is compare to a voyage.

Compare the two carefully.

Compare the two carefully, and you will see the difference.

It seemed that that house was small if it was compared with the cottage which he lived in even recently.

The poet compared death to sleep.

It has greatly improved compared with what it was.

It is great improvement as compared with what it was last year.

It is a great improvement as compared with what it was last year.

Compare the style of those letters.

Compare the style of those three letters.

People sometimes compare death to sleep.

Compared with those in America, Japanese marriages rarely end in divorce.

As compared with the English, we are too near-sighted.

The computer is often compared to the human brain.

Compared to a computer, a word processor has a single purpose.

No dramatist can compare with Shakespeare.

Shakespeare compared the world to a stage.

After the exam we compared the answers we had written.

As compared with New York, Tokyo is a much safer place.

Nobody compares with her in French.

London is large, compared with Paris.

The explanation below was achieved by comparing and contrasting a variety of different theories.

When it compares it with before it became good.

The situation has improved considerably compared with what it was.

Getting a sports car is easy, compared to the maintenance one must do on it.

Nothing is to be compared to its beauty.

Compared to our house, his is a palace.

We compare life to a journey.

We compared his work with hers.

Compared with last year, this year's crops are much better.

As compared with last summer we haven't had so much rain this year.

Compare your sentence with the one on the blackboard.

Compare your translation with the one on the blackboard.

Compare your composition with the example.

Compared with your, my car is small. [M]

Compare your answers with the teacher's.

Compare your sentences with the one on the black board.

Compared with his brother, he is not so tall.

Compared with his brother, he is not so intelligent.

The police compared the fingerprints on the gun with those on the door.

(As) Compared with the old model, this is far easier to handle.

As compared with the old model, this is far easier to handle.

Spring has come early this year compared with last year.

Spring has come later this year compared with last year.

Compared with her sister, she isn't very punctual.

Death is often compared to sleep.

If you compare our product with others, you'll see ours is far better in quality.

Our problems are nothing compared to hers.

We often compare Japan with Britain.

My collection, as compared with his, is nothing.

Your achievements cannot be compared with mine.

As compared with my trouble, yours is nothing.

I compare this picture with that one.

I compared my car with his.

Poet often compares death to sleep.

Poets often compare life to a voyage.

Poets often compare death to sleep.

Poets have compared life to a voyage.

Life is often compared to a voyage.

Don't compare your children with others.

Autumn is suitable for study, compared with spring.

Compare the copy with the original.

Evidence that the above example is farfetched can be seen by comparing the total occurrences of component X.

You often hear people compare life to voyage, don't you?

People often compare life to a voyage.

Life is often compared to a long voyage.

Life has often been compared to climbing a mountain.

Life is often compared to a journey.

Life is sometimes compared to a voyage.

Some people compare life to a story.

Some people compare life to a stage.

Artificial leather can't compare with the real thing.

The teacher compared my poem with one of his.

If the other person does mention his family, then it is perfectly OK to ask about the ages of the children, and if you have children, to compare educational and cultural differences in raising children.

Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that.

The earth is small compared with the sun.

You must not compare a man with a woman.

Compared with the Chinese, the Japanese are poor linguists.

Reading a book can be compared to making a journey.

Compared with America or China, Japan is a small country.

The Japanese are not punctual compared with the Europeans.

Let's compare his work with hers.

He compared the copy with the original.

His humanness is not to be compared with yours.

He compared the imitation with the original.

He compared his idea with another's.

He compared his car to the new model.

They compared the new car with the old one.

There is nothing to compare with her beauty.

Compared with her husband, she is not so careful.

Though it is true that every normal human being is able to use language, it is misleading to compare this with his ability to eat, sleep, or walk.

Compared with his father he is lacking in depth.

As compared with his father, he is lacking in depth.

Compared with his father, he is lacking in depth.

Our engineers compared this information with similar products being sold in Japan and concluded that they might compete very well.

Hokkaido is very cold compared with Kyushu.

Please don't compare me with my brother. [M]

A book can be compared to a friend.

Compare the translation with the original.

Let's compare the translation with the original.

When people are being put into a hypnotic state for the first time I often, after placing them in a very light hypnotic state, wake them and ask them to compare their wakening state to that when hypnotised.

Aw, it's nothing compared to the wedding.
結婚式はもっとだぞ その話だけど

Batteries are unbelievably energy lack of density compared to fuel.
電池は燃料のようにエネルギー密度が 高くありません

Be careful. This feels different compared to what we've been through.
気をつけろよ 何か今までとは感じが違うぜ

Because compared to what could have been in Kenya.

Because nothing can compare to that feeling to that kind of power.

Because so few humans are alive compared to the number that are dead?
死んだ人の数に比べて、 生きている人は僅かだからかな?

Because, compared to all the others, it really was very well done.
他のものに比べて 実に よく出来てましたからね。

Being compared to the user generated content.

Between his appearance and speed, many have compared him to a ninja.
その姿とすばやさから 忍者に例えられることも多い。

Broke them open, and compared their gene sequences.
それぞれの細胞内にある 遺伝子の配列を比べました

But I'm quite sure it's very modest compared to the potential harm.
予期され得る被害に比べれば 大したことのない額だと確信しています

But compared to Un, they are very few in number.
ですが うんに比べて 非常に数の少ない蟲でして

But compared to bats, they have huge brains.
コウモリと比べると 彼らの脳は巨大です

But compared to that, losing two?

But compared to the budget and our education act, why, this was a minor bill, sir.
どうでもいい 党の統率力が疑われる

But compared to what's going on now, there's just no comparison.
しかし、今進行しているものと 比較して 比べ物にならない

But compared to what? What happens if you're not on treatment?
では 治療を受けない場合と比べるとどうでしょう

But if we compare the current configuration with this photo, we might get lucky.
写真と比較しながら探せば 見つかるかも

But it does not compare with my daily service to my country.
こんな日常があるなんて この国は最高だ

But it's very small compared to the size of English.

But not the other, then you compare their behavior.
他方には何も伝えず 行動を比較します

But rather, I must also say that compared to the past, I've regressed...
むしろ 以前より退化していると いっても過言ではなく

But that is child's play, compared to a sentence for the murder of Harold price.
でもプライス殺害に比べたら 序の口ね

But that's nothing compared to how he'd be if I did something to hurt you, Carly.
でも 比べるような事じゃない 君を傷つける事をしたなら カーリー

But they are nothing compared to what came before.
でも下にいる 何かに比べたら―

But this is pretty plain compared to the one that Sena had.

But to compare it with at home is a bit impolite. Ah. You're right.
うちと比べたら 失礼よ。 ああ。 そうでした。

But turns out they're nothing compared to these fags you got in San Francisco.
サンフランシスコのゲイに比べたら まだマシだった

Can we compare them to our angels? Does that make sense?
このエンジェルスと比較とか ありえる?

Catherine went on to compare a healthy economy to a vibrant torus, balanced, freely flowing and energized throughout, in contrast to what's happening in our current economy.
貨幣を印刷することができるのです。 現在の経済とは違い、健全な経済とは、均衡を保ち 自由に流れ、全体がいきいきとしている

Compare apples to apples. Who's better?

Compare each slice for anomalies in the Marrow.

Compare earth's map with the data you have of earth.

Compare it! Z wave! What is z wave?
じゃ くらえ! z波! いや z波って何!?

Compare node b in the upper left to node a in the lower left.

Compare the mark left by the rope this time and 5 years ago.
5年前と 今回の ロープの痕を 比較してみて。

Compare them to the tools our ancestors used;

Compare these to the actual numbers.

Compare this to 1939 with the wizard of Oz.
一方 1939年の 「オズの魔法使い」で

Compare this to normal infrastructure investments.

Compare to that, chasing a card during the shuffles is nothing.
トランプのシャッフルで カードを追うことぐらい 訳がない。

Compared his grace to the mad king and suggested he'd meet the same fate.
国王と狂王を比較して 同じ宿命を辿るとほのめかした

Compared it against video from social networking sites, corporate press.
サイトや記者会見の 動画音声と

Compared to Mai, perhaps I can make you more happier?
私なら舞さんよりも お役に立てるかも

Compared to Saber's strikes, things like this...

Compared to Seung Jin, which you will own... Aigoo!

Compared to an iliac crest harvest.
腸骨採集後と比べれば とても軽いのです

Compared to big hospitals in big cities, but...

Compared to death, an affair is nothing. It's hardly nothing!
それに比べりゃ 浮気ぐらい。 ぐらいじゃないよ!

Compared to friends, you're better off taking your chances with a stranger, right?
今の世の中 誰が信用できるってんだ 知り合いに頼むぐれえなら

Compared to height, I would've wanted a certain other place to become bigger...
身長よりも―― もっと別のところが大きくなって欲しかった――

Compared to him, my responsibilities, as a dork, are so small.
《アイツに比べりゃ マダオのオレの 責任感なんざ 小さいもんだ...》

Compared to its sentimental value, that's nothing.

Compared to last week, the exchange rate...
[スピーカ]円相場は現在 先週末に比べて...

Compared to loosing you, it was nothing.
美亜を失うことに比べたら 何でもない。

Compared to making something the traditional way.

Compared to me, I just block him out and pretend he doesn't exist.

Compared to me, not at all.
う~ん... それが 私に比べたら 全然。

Compared to men in the eyes of god.

Compared to money, you're more concerned about the type of sex isn't it?
お前 金なんかより

Compared to morning glories and the like...
ビワは駄目なの? んー 木って アサガオとかより

Compared to my money, is having a good man that important?
ジジイの金より よっぽど いい男か?

Compared to other kids, I haven't had that many hardships.
他の子と比べると それほど苦難はありませんでした

Compared to our dads, we still have a ways to go.
お前に比べれば 我らの痛みは一瞬で終わる。

Compared to ours, I guess we're just amateurs.

Compared to people who had a hot night at the plate.
打率が良い選手より ボールを小さく感じるかもしれません

Compared to such an excellent brother...

Compared to that kind of alienation.
社会での疎外感が 彼らを苦しめているのです

Compared to that, hospital management is ... ...!
それに比べて 病院経営は...。 ケッ!

Compared to that, how about this morning swing?
それに比べて このオレの空振りっぷりはどうだよ

Compared to that, the city is...

Compared to that, the older brother is always causing trouble.
それに比べて 兄貴は 迷惑 かけてばかり。

Compared to that, this world is easy to understand.
それに比べて こっちの世界は分かりやすいよ。

Compared to that, what good am I?!

Compared to the $20,000 surface Tables, or anything like that.

Compared to the 50 gallons per acre per year from soy.
年間2万から5万リットル以上もの 燃料を生産できます

Compared to the billions of neurons we have.
あまり多くないと 思うかもしれません

Compared to the breadth of knowledge yet to be known what does your life actually matter?
"解明される知識に 比べれば..." "貴方の命なぞ どれ程のものか?"

Compared to the breadth of knowledge yet to be known, what does your life actually matter?
解明される知識に 比べれば 貴方の命など どれ程のもの?

Compared to the circumference of their hips.

Compared to the guys from the other agencies, I'm simply too cool.
ほかの 省庁のやつらに 比べて カッコ良過ぎる。 俺。

Compared to the homeward path, and compare the two.

Compared to the needle and syringe into muscle.

Compared to the old days, we don't walk much anymore.
昔に比べれば 歩かなくなった。

Compared to the time when I didn't even know where she was...
居場所が分からないまま 待ち続けたことを考えれば...

Compared to their status in traditional societies?

Compared to this, the mob doesn't scare me.
こいつらに比べたら ギャングは可愛い

Compared to those days, a principals meal is pretty lonely.
それに比べて 校長先生の食事は寂しいねえ。

Compared to those three big fish.
以上の3つの大きなエネルギー消費に比べると 少なくなります

Compared to thousands of Stirling engines built.
スターリングエンジンは 数千台の製造にとどまりました

Compared to trying to estimate value:

Compared to us everyone is a little brat.
私たちからしたら みんな ガキだけどね。

Compared to what I was doing in the farm.

Compared to what I'm used to, it's nothing.

Compared to what he had done for himself.

Compared to what many others have suffered.
夢破れることは たいしたことではありません

Compared to what we have today.

Compared to when we first met, you became stronger.
出会った頃に比べて お前は強くなった。

Compared to where I'm from, it is.

Compared to yesterday 1. The daytime temperatures are also expected to fall.
昨日に比べて-1°C。 日中も低めが予想されます」。

Compared to you, I'm still just a novice.
お二人に比べたら まだまだペーペーですんでのぉ。

Compared to you, my void is just...
それに比べて 私のヴォイドなんて...。

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