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・;中ぽつ;中ポツ [なかぽつ(・,中ぽつ);なかポツ(・,中ポツ)] /(n) (See 中黒,中点) middle dot (typographical symbol used between parallel terms, names in katakana, etc.)/full-stop mark at mid-character height/interpoint (interword separation)

CAPTCHA [キャプチャ] /(n) {comp} (from "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart") CAPTCHA/captcha/challenge-response test for distinguishing humans from machines (usu. requiring typing characters from a distorted image)

CP [シーピー] /(n) (1) (See コマーシャルペーパー) commercial paper/CP/(2) (See 共産党) communist party/CP/(3) (See 脳性麻痺) cerebral palsy/cerebral paralysis/CP/(4) (See カウンターパーチェス) counterpurchase/(5) (See クリーナープロダクション) cleaner production/(6) (See コンプライアンスプログラム) compliance program/(7) {physics} charge parity/C parity/CP/(8) (See カップリング・2) shipping/pairing of characters in a romantic relationship (in fan fiction, manga, etc.)

CV [シーヴィー] /(n) (from character voice) (See 声優・せいゆう,キャラクターボイス) voice actor

あやかし /(n) (1) ghost that appears at sea during a shipwreck/(2) something strange or suspicious/(3) idiot/fool/(4) noh mask for roles involving dead or ghost characters

うながっぱ /(n) (1) (from うなぎ and かっぱ) maki sushi typically made from eel and cucumber, often with a face-like pattern when cut/(2) mascot character used by Tajimi City in Gifu

くの字に曲げる [くのじにまげる] /(exp,v1) to bend over in the shape of the the character ku/to bend forward from the waist to form a chevron shape

くの字点 [くのじてん] /(n) (See 踊り字) iteration mark shaped like the hiragana "ku" (used in vertical writing to represent repetition of two or more characters)

ご当地キャラ;御当地キャラ [ごとうちキャラ] /(n) local costumed mascot character

したたか者;健者;強か者;健か者 [したたかもの] /(n) (1) strong-willed person/old hand/shrewd rascal/wily fox/desperate character/formidable woman/(2) strong man/brave man

しっかり者;確り者 [しっかりもの] /(n) person of firm character/stable person/gutsy person

そぐわない /(adj-i) (See そぐう) unsuitable/not matching/out of character

ちっちゃい人間 [ちっちゃいにんげん] /(exp) person of poor character/narrow-minded/unpleasant person/gossip-monger/person of low self-esteem

なつあし /(n) kanji radical 35 when at the bottom (as in the character for summer)

ひょっとこ /(n-pr) (1) (See お亀・1) Hyottoko/comical male character with puckered, skewed mouth/(n) (2) clown/ugly mug/ugly guy

へのへのもへじ;へへののもへじ;へのへのもへの /(n) groups of hiragana characters which are arranged to look like a face

への字 [へのじ] /(n) (See への字に結んだ口) mouth shaped like a kana "he" character/mouth turned down at the corners

への字に結んだ口 [へのじにむすんだくち] /(exp,n) mouth shaped like a kana "he" character/mouth turned down at the corners

よく出来た [よくできた] /(adj-f) (uk) well-balanced/considerate/of fine character

アイコンキャラクタ;アイコン・キャラクタ /(n) {comp} icon character

アクセント付き文字 [アクセントつきもじ] /(n) {comp} accented character

アドキャラクター;アド・キャラクター /(n) advertising character (wasei: ad character)

アニメキャラ /(n) (abbr) (See アニメキャラクター) cartoon characters/anime characters

アニメキャラクター;アニメ・キャラクター /(n) (See アニメキャラ) cartoon characters/anime characters

イメージキャラクター;イメージ・キャラクター /(n) mascot (wasei: image character)/poster boy/poster girl/brand ambassador

エスケープ文字 [エスケープもじ] /(n) {comp} escape character/ESC

エスツェット /(n) eszet (German character for ss)/eszett

エトルリア文字 [エトルリアもじ] /(n) Etruscan character/Etruscan alphabet

エンドマーク;エンド・マーク /(n) (1) letters (characters) indicating the end of a movie (The End, Fin, etc.) (wasei: end mark)/(2) indication of the end (of something)

オタ車 [オタしゃ] /(n) (col) (See オタク,ヲタ車,痛車・1) otaku car (painted with anime characters, loaded with figures and stuffed dolls, etc.)

オリキャラ /(n) (abbr) original character (i.e. not a character from some other existing work)

カチューシャ /(n) (1) (named after a character in Tolstoy's novel "Resurrection") Alice band (rus: Katyusha)/horseshoe-shaped hairband made of metal or plastic (often covered with cloth)/(2) Katyusha rocket launcher (Soviet)

カップリング /(n) (1) coupling/(2) shipping/pairing of characters in a romantic relationship (in fan fiction, manga, etc.)

カリグラフィー /(n) (esp. calligraphy not based on Chinese characters) (See 書道) calligraphy

キャプテンシステム;キャプテン・システム /(n) Character and Pattern Telephone Access Information System/CAPTAIN System

キャラ /(n) (1) (abbr) (See キャラクター・2) (fictional) character/(2) (See キャラクター・1) character/personality/persona

キャラが立つ [キャラがたつ] /(exp,v5t) to have a well-defined character (of video game, anime, etc. character)/to stand out as a character

キャラクター(P);キャラクタ /(n) (1) character/personality/disposition/(2) character (in a film, novel, comic, etc.)/(3) letter/character/symbol

キャラクターゲーム;キャラクター・ゲーム /(n) computer game using characters from manga, anime, etc. (wasei:)

キャラクターコード;キャラクター・コード /(n) {comp} character code

キャラクターソング;キャラクター・ソング /(n) character leitmotif (wasei: character song)/character theme song

キャラクターデザイン;キャラクター・デザイン /(n) character design

キャラクタービジネス;キャラクター・ビジネス /(n) business based on anime and manga characters (wasei: character business)/character-based business

キャラクターボイス;キャラクター・ボイス /(n) (See 声優・せいゆう,CV) voice actor (wasei: character voice)

キャラクター掬い [キャラクターすくい] /(n) (uk) (See 金魚掬い) character scooping/festival game of scooping up plastic cartoon figurines floating in water

キャラクター商品 [キャラクターしょうひん] /(n) products featuring popular characters/character goods/character merchandise

キャラクタイメージ;キャラクタ・イメージ /(n) {comp} character image

キャラクタコード;キャラクタ・コード /(n) {comp} character code

キャラクタジェネレータ;キャラクタ・ジェネレータ /(n) {comp} character generator

キャラクタセット;キャラクタ・セット /(n) {comp} character set

キャラクタセル;キャラクタ・セル /(n) {comp} character cell

キャラクタディスプレイ;キャラクターディスプレイ;キャラクターディスプレー;キャラクタ・ディスプレイ;キャラクター・ディスプレイ;キャラクター・ディスプレー /(n) {comp} character display

キャラクタデバイス;キャラクタ・デバイス /(n) {comp} character device

キャラクタフォーマット;キャラクタ・フォーマット /(n) {comp} character format

キャラクタプリンタ;キャラクタ・プリンタ /(n) {comp} character printer

キャラクタベース;キャラクタ・ベース /(n) {comp} character based

キャラクタマップ;キャラクタ・マップ /(n) {comp} character map

キャラクタ集合 [キャラクタしゅうごう] /(n) {comp} character set

キャラクタ定義テーブル [キャラクタていぎテーブル] /(n) {comp} character definition table

キャラゲー /(n) (abbr) (See キャラクターゲーム) computer game using characters from manga, anime, etc.

キャラソン /(n) (abbr) (See キャラクターソング) character leitmotif/character theme song

キャラデザ;キャラ・デザ /(n) (abbr) (sl) (See キャラクターデザイン) character design

キャラ弁 [キャラべん] /(n) (See キャラ・1,弁・べん・3) homemade bento containing food decorated to look like cute characters (from anime, etc.)

キリル文字 [キリルもじ] /(n) Cyrillic character

ギャルゲ;ギャルゲー /(n) (abbr) {comp} computer game for men featuring beautiful women characters (usu. adult game) (wasei: gal game)

ギリシャ文字;ギリシア文字 [ギリシャもじ(ギリシャ文字);ギリシアもじ(ギリシア文字)] /(n) Greek character/Greek characters

グラフィック文字 [グラフィックもじ] /(n) {comp} graphics character

コード化文字集合 [コードかもじしゅうごう] /(n) {comp} coded character set

コード拡張文字 [コードかくちょうもじ] /(n) {comp} code extension character

コス /(n) (abbr) (sl) (See コスプレ) cosplay (dressing in costume, esp. as a manga character, etc.)

コスる /(v5r) (sl) (See コスプレ) to cosplay/to dress up in costume (of some anime character, etc.)

コスプレ /(n) (abbr) (See コスチュームプレー・1) cosplay (dressing in costume, esp. as a manga character, etc.)

コントロール文字 [コントロールもじ] /(n) {comp} (See 制御文字) control character

サブキャラクター /(n) minor characters (wasei: sub-character)

サロゲートペア /(n) surrogate pair (of characters)

システム文字集合 [システムもじしゅうごう] /(n) {comp} system character set

シリアルプリンター;シリアルプリンタ;シリアル・プリンター;シリアル・プリンタ /(n) {comp} serial printer/character printer

ストックキャラクター /(n) stock character

ストローク文字発生器 [ストロークもじはっせいき] /(n) {comp} stroke character generator

スマイリー /(n) {comp} smiley (face made up of characters)/emoticon

スラッシュ /(n,vs) (1) slash character (ASCII 057)/(2) slash (fan fiction)

タブ /(n) (1) tab (character)/(2) tabulation alignment/tabulation/(3) tub

タブ文字 [タブもじ] /(n) {comp} tab character

チベット文字 [チベットもじ] /(n) Tibetan character

テキストデータ;テキスト・データ /(n) {comp} character data

データ専用文字 [データせんようもじ] /(n) {comp} dedicated data character

データ文字 [データもじ] /(n) {comp} data character

デーヴァナーガリー文字;デーバナーガリー文字 [デーヴァナーガリーもじ(デーヴァナーガリー文字);デーバナーガリーもじ(デーバナーガリー文字)] /(n) Devanagari character

ディスペル;デスペル /(n) dispel (esp. magic or potion used to return one's character to normal status in an RPG, etc.)

ナショナルキャラクター;ナショナル・キャラクター /(n) national character

ニューライン /(n) {comp} newline (character)

ヌル文字 [ヌルもじ] /(n) {comp} null character

ヌル文字列 [ヌルもじれつ] /(n) {comp} null character string

バッククォート /(n) {comp} backquote (character)

バックスペース /(n) backspace (character)

バックスラッシュ /(n) backslash (character)

ピリオド /(n) (1) period/dot character/(2) period (era, amount of time)/(3) {sports} period

フィールド分離文字 [フィールドぶんりもじ] /(n) {comp} field-separator character

フィギュア(P);フィギア /(n) (1) figure/(2) figurine (small models of anime characters, etc.)/(3) (abbr) (See フィギュアスケーティング) figure skating

フィラー文字 [フィラーもじ] /(n) {comp} fill character

フェニキア文字 [フェニキアもじ] /(n) Phoenician alphabet/Phoenician character

フォームフィード;フォーム・フィード /(n) {comp} form-feed (character)/FF

フラグ /(n) (1) flag/(suf) (2) (sl) tag indicating a future role or status for a character in anime, games, etc. (e.g. death, love, survival)

ブロックチェック文字 [ブロックチェックもじ] /(n) {comp} block check character/BCC

プレイヤーキャラクター;プレイヤー・キャラクター /(n) player character/PC

ペン字 [ペンじ] /(n) pen writing/character written with a pen

ボスキャラ;ボス・キャラ /(n) (See ボス・2) boss character (video games) (wasei:)

マーク文字 [マークもじ] /(n) {comp} markup character

マスコットキャラクター;マスコット・キャラクター /(n) mascot character/mascot

マルチバイト文字 [マルチバイトもじ] /(n) (1) {comp} multibyte character/(2) {comp} multibyte encoding/(3) {comp} variable-width encoding

モールド /(n) (1) mold/mould/template/(2) figure/shape/form/character/personality

モノルビ /(n) furigana where kana is associated each character of a compound (wasei: mono-ruby)

モブ /(n) (1) mob/(2) {comp} minor character (in computer games, from mobile object)

ラインフィード /(n) {comp} line-feed (character)

ラテン文字 [ラテンもじ] /(n) (See ローマ字・1) Latin alphabet/Latin character

ルビー(P);ルビ(P) /(n) (1) (esp. ルビー) ruby/(2) (esp. ルビ) ruby character/small hiragana or katakana readings of kanji usually above or to the side of the kanji (esp. used by printers and in ref. to printed material)/(3) (ルビー only) {comp} Ruby (programming language)

ルビを振る [ルビをふる] /(exp,v5r) (See ルビ・2,振り仮名) to write ruby characters (small furigana above or beside kanji)

レ点 [レてん] /(n) mark showing character order in Chinese texts/tick mark

ロシア文字 [ロシアもじ] /(n) Russian character/Russian characters

ワイルドカード文字 [ワイルドカードもじ] /(n) {comp} wildcard character

ヲタ車 [ヲタしゃ] /(n) (col) (See オタ車,ヲタク,痛車・1) otaku car (painted with anime characters, loaded with figures and stuffed dolls, etc.)

悪玉 [あくだま;あくたま] /(n) bad character/bad person/villain/baddie

葦手 [あしで] /(n) (1) painting representing reeds around water with rocks, grass or birds made using characters (Heian period)/(2) characters written in a way inspired from that style

異字 [いじ] /(n) (1) different character/other character/(2) variant character/different written form of a character

異体字 [いたいじ] /(n) (e.g. 渕 as variant of 淵) variant character/variant form of a character (esp. kanji)

異体文字 [いたいもじ] /(n) (See 異体字) variant characters (usu. kanji or kana)

遺伝性 [いでんせい] /(adj-na,n) inheritable character/inheritable/hereditary/inherited

一字 [いちじ] /(n) letter/character

一字一字 [いちじいちじ] /(n) (yoji) letter by letter/character by character

一人物 [いちじんぶつ] /(n) (1) person to be reckoned with/person of importance/(2) one person/one character/someone

一丁字 [いっていじ;いっちょうじ] /(n) single letter or character

一文字;ひと文字 [ひともじ] /(n) (1) one (written) character/(2) (arch) (fem) (See 葱) Welsh onion (Allium fistulosum)

印字 [いんじ] /(n,vs) (1) printing/typing/(n) (2) printed character/typed character/(3) character(s) carved onto a seal

引用文字列 [いんようもじれつ] /(n) {comp} quoted (character) string

淫声 [いんせい] /(n) (1) screams produced during sex/(2) bawdy song/song of low character

院号 [いんごう] /(n) (1) (hon) former emperor (or his empress, imperial princesses, etc.)/(2) (See 院・7) posthumous Buddhist name containing the character "in"

隠れキャラ [かくれキャラ] /(n) {comp} hidden character (e.g. in computer games)

韻尾 [いんび] /(n) yunwei (secondary vowel or consonant following the primary vowel of a Chinese character)

嘘字 [うそじ] /(n) incorrect character

永字八法 [えいじはっぽう] /(n) (yoji) the eight basic brush strokes in writing Chinese characters

英資 [えいし] /(n) brilliant qualities/fine character/British capital (money)

英字 [えいじ] /(n) English letter/alphabetic character

英字集合 [えいじしゅうごう] /(n) {comp} alphabetic character set

英数字 [えいすうじ] /(n) alphanumeric character

英数字集合 [えいすうじしゅうごう] /(n) {comp} alphanumeric character set

英雄豪傑 [えいゆうごうけつ] /(n) (yoji) hero/warrior of matchless valor/heroic character

欧字集合 [おうじしゅうごう] /(n) {comp} alphabetic character set

欧数字英数字集合 [おうすうじえいすうじしゅうごう] /(n) {comp} alphanumeric character set

欧数字集合 [おうすうじしゅうごう] /(n) {comp} alphanumeric character set

音 [おと(P);ね(P);おん(P)] /(n,n-suf) (1) sound/noise/report/(2) {music} note/(3) (おと only) fame/(4) (おん only) (See 訓・くん) Chinese-derived character reading

音節文字 [おんせつもじ] /(n) syllabic character

下駄 [げた] /(n) (1) geta/Japanese wooden clogs/(2) (later printed as 〓, resembling the teeth of a geta) (See 伏せ字・ふせじ・2) turn (in set-type proofing)/upside-down character

化けの皮;化の皮(io) [ばけのかわ] /(n) masking one's true character/disguise/sheep's clothing

化けの皮を現わす;化けの皮を現す [ばけのかわをあらわす] /(exp,v5s) (id) to expose one's true colors (colours)/to expose one's true character

仮想文字集合 [かそうもじしゅうごう] /(n) {comp} virtual character set

仮名勝ち [かながち] /(adj-na) using more kana than characters

花文字 [はなもじ] /(n) ornate initial/capital letters/flowers planted to form characters

華字 [かじ] /(n) Chinese character

回避文字 [かいひもじ] /(n) {comp} shunned character

改行コード [かいぎょうコード] /(n) {comp} newline character (either or both of CR and LF depending on system)

改行文字 [かいぎょうもじ] /(n) {comp} newline character

外字 [がいじ] /(n) (1) {comp} external character/user-defined character/character not included in the JIS character set/(2) (See 常用漢字,人名用漢字) kanji not included in the j醇vy醇v or jinmeiy醇v list/(3) foreign letters (esp. of a western language)/foreign writing

外字ファイル [がいじファイル] /(n) {comp} external character file

外字番号 [がいじばんごう] /(n) {comp} external character number

外字符号 [がいじふごう] /(n) {comp} external character code

拡張新字体 [かくちょうしんじたい] /(n) extended new character forms/extension of new character forms

侃直 [かんちょく] /(adj-na) (obsc) firm and upright (character)

漢越音 [かんえつおん] /(n) Vietnamese reading (of Chinese characters)

漢音 [かんおん] /(n) Han reading of Chinese characters

漢字 [かんじ] /(n) Chinese characters/kanji

漢字圏 [かんじけん] /(n) (abbr) (See 漢字文化圏・かんじぶんかけん) countries that currently use Chinese characters in their writing, or have used in their recent past

漢字制限論 [かんじせいげんろん] /(n) the question of limiting the use of Chinese characters

漢字文化圏 [かんじぶんかけん] /(n) countries which use Chinese characters

漢数字 [かんすうじ] /(n) Chinese characters which express numbers

漢和 [かんわ] /(n) (1) China and Japan/(2) Chinese and Japanese (languages)/(3) (abbr) (See 漢和辞典) Chinese Character-Japanese dictionary

漢和辞典;漢和字典 [かんわじてん] /(n) Chinese-Japanese character dictionary

簡体字 [かんたいじ] /(n) (See 繁体字) simplified Chinese character

緩キャラ [ゆるキャラ;ユルキャラ] /(n) (uk) (See キャラ・1,緩い・1) costumed mascot character (oft. devised for PR purposes by local governments, government departments, etc.)

間隔文字 [かんかくもじ] /(n) {comp} space character

顔文字 [かおもじ] /(n) smiley (face made up of characters)/emoticon

企業体質 [きぎょうたいしつ] /(n) corporate character/corporate culture/corporate philosophy

危険人物 [きけんじんぶつ] /(n) dangerous character

機種依存文字 [きしゅいそんもじ;きしゅいぞんもじ] /(n) {comp} machine dependent characters/platform dependent characters

機能文字 [きのうもじ] /(n) {comp} function character

機能文字識別引数 [きのうもじしきべつひきすう] /(n) {comp} function character identification parameter

気っ風;気っぷ;気風(io) [きっぷ] /(n) (uk) character/disposition/spirit/temperament

気質(P);形気;容気 [きしつ(気質)(P);かたぎ(P)] /(n,n-suf) (かたぎ is esp. as a suffix) spirit/character/trait/temperament/turn of mind/disposition

気風 [きふう] /(n) character/traits/ethos

気稟 [きひん] /(n) innate character/temperament/disposition

記号文字 [きごうもじ] /(n) {comp} symbolic-character

記録境界文字 [きろくきょうかいもじ] /(n) {comp} record boundary character

擬き;擬;抵牾(oK);牴牾(oK) [もどき] /(n-suf) (1) (uk) -like/pseudo-/mock .../imitation .../in the style of .../(n) (2) comical character who mocks or apes the main character (in Japanese performing arts)/(3) (arch) criticism/censure

疑字 [ぎじ] /(n) character of questionable form

旧JIS漢字コード [きゅうジェーアイエスかんじコード;きゅうジスかんじコード] /(n) {comp} old JIS kanji character code

旧字体;舊字體(oK) [きゅうじたい] /(n) (See 新字体) old character form/old kanji form

牛の角文字 [うしのつのもじ] /(n) (arch) hiragana character "i"/hiragana character "hi"

教科書体 [きょうかしょたい] /(n) textbook typeface (resembling handwritten block characters)

玉(P);球;珠;弾 [たま] /(n) (1) ball/sphere/globe/orb/(2) bead (of sweat, dew, etc.)/drop/droplet/(3) (esp. 球) ball (in sports)/(4) pile (of noodles, etc.)/(5) (esp. 弾; also written as 弾丸) bullet/(6) (esp. 球) bulb (i.e. a light bulb)/(7) lens (of glasses, etc.)/(8) (esp. 玉,珠) bead (of an abacus)/(9) (sl) (abbr) (esp. 玉) (See 金玉・きんたま) ball (i.e. a testicle)/(10) (esp. 玉,珠; also written as 璧) gem/jewel (esp. spherical; sometimes used figuratively)/pearl/(11) female entertainer (e.g. a geisha)/(12) (derog) person (when commenting on their nature)/character/(13) item, funds or person used as part of a plot/(n,n-suf) (14) (See 玉子・2) egg/(n-suf) (15) (usu. だま) coin/(16) precious/beautiful/excellent

句 [く] /(n,n-suf) (1) section (i.e. of text)/sentence/passage/paragraph/(2) {ling} phrase/(3) verse (of 5 or 7 mora in Japanese poetry; of 4, 5, or 7 characters in Chinese poetry)/(4) haiku/first 17 morae of a renga, etc./(5) maxim/saying/idiom/expression

句読文字 [くとうもじ] /(n) {comp} punctuation character

区切り子文字 [くぎりしもじ] /(n) {comp} delimiter characters

区点 [くてん] /(n) {comp} Japanese character set row and column index ('separator' encoding)

区点コード [くてんコード] /(n) {comp} KuTen code/matrix code system used in JIS character standards

空白文字 [くうはくもじ;くうはくもんじ(ok)] /(n) space character

繰り返し記号 [くりかえしきごう] /(n) (See 繰り返し符号) symbol indicating a repeated character

繰り返し符号;繰返し符号 [くりかえしふごう] /(n) (See 々) repetition symbol/repetition of the previous character

訓 [くん(P);くに(ok)] /(n) (See 音・おん・4) native Japanese reading (rendering) of a Chinese character

訓読み [くんよみ] /(n,vs) (See 音読み) kun reading/kun'yomi/native Japanese reading of a Chinese character

軍国色 [ぐんこくしょく] /(n) military character

形声文字 [けいせいもじ] /(n) semasio-phonetic character (combining semantic and phonetic components)

芸術性 [げいじゅつせい] /(n) artistry/artistic quality/artistic character

桁数 [けたすう] /(n) number of digits or characters

傑物 [けつぶつ] /(n) great man/heroic figure/remarkable character

決まり字 [きまりじ] /(n) (See 百人一首・ひゃくにんいっしゅ) beginning character or characters that uniquely identify a poem in the Hyakunin Isshu (esp. used in competitive karuta)

検査文字 [けんさもじ] /(n) {comp} check character

見性 [けんしょう] /(n) self-awareness/consciousness of one's own character

原稿用紙 [げんこうようし] /(n) Japanese writing paper (lined with a square grid, one square per character)

源氏 [げんじ] /(n) (1) Genji (the character in the Genji Monogatari)/(2) the Minamoto family

古音 [こおん] /(n) old (pre-Wu dynasty) character pronunciation

古文 [こぶん] /(n) (1) ancient writing (i.e. Edo-period or older)/classical literature/(2) ancient Chinese character (pre-Qin period)

固定字送り幅 [こていじおくりはば] /(n) {comp} character spacing

固有文字集合 [こゆうもじしゅうごう] /(n) {comp} native character set

狐と狸の化かし合い [きつねとたぬきのばかしあい] /(exp) two sly characters outfoxing each other

五言絶句 [ごごんぜっく] /(n) (yoji) poem of four lines, each of five (Chinese) characters

五言律詩 [ごごんりっし] /(n) (yoji) poem of eight lines, each of five (Chinese) characters

呉音 [ごおん] /(n) Wu-dynasty reading of Chinese characters

後退文字 [こうたいもじ] /(n) {comp} backspace character/BS

交ぜ書き;混ぜ書き [まぜがき] /(n) (See 宝くじ,しょう油) writing some characters (esp. complex kanji) of a compound as kana instead of kanji

光学式文字読み取り装置 [こうがくしきもじよみとりそうち] /(n) {comp} optical character reader/OCR

光学式文字読取り装置 [こうがくしきもじよみとりそうち] /(n) {comp} optical character reader/OCR

光学式文字認識 [こうがくしきもじにんしき] /(n) {comp} optical character recognition/OCR

光学的文字認識 [こうがくてきもじにんしき] /(n) {comp} optical character recognition/OCR

光学文字 [こうがくもじ] /(n) optical character

光学文字認識 [こうがくもじにんしき] /(n) {comp} (See 光学式文字認識・こうがくしきもじにんしき) optical character recognition/OCR

公人 [こうじん] /(n) public character

口唇性格 [こうしんせいかく] /(n) oral character (in psychoanalysis)

好字 [こうじ] /(n) auspicious characters (used in people or place names)

構文解析対象文字データ [こうぶんかいせきたいしょうもじデータ] /(n) {comp} parsed character data

構文参照文字集合 [こうぶんさんしょうもじしゅうごう] /(n) {comp} syntax-reference character set

甲骨文 [こうこつぶん] /(n) ancient inscriptions of Chinese characters on oracle bones and tortoise shells

甲骨文字 [こうこつもじ] /(n) (yoji) (See 亀甲獣骨文字) ancient inscriptions of Chinese characters on oracle bones and carapaces

行体 [ぎょうたい] /(n) semicursive characters

高士 [こうし] /(n) man of noble character

高風 [こうふう] /(n) noble character

剛毅;豪毅 [ごうき] /(adj-na,n) fortitude/firmness of character/hardihood/manliness

刻字 [こくじ] /(n) carving characters/carved characters

国際色 [こくさいしょく] /(n) international character

国際符号化文字集合 [こくさいふごうかもじしゅうごう] /(n) {comp} Universal Character Set/UCS

国柄 [くにがら] /(n) national character/regional character

国民気質 [こくみんきしつ] /(n) national traits/national character

国民性 [こくみんせい] /(n) national traits or character/nationality

黒文字 [くろもじ] /(n) (1) spicebush/Lindera umbrellata/(2) toothpick/(3) natural wooden chopsticks (tea ceremony)/(4) black characters/black text

根性 [こんじょう] /(n) (1) willpower/guts/determination/grit/spirit/(2) character/nature/disposition/personality

根性が曲がる [こんじょうがまがる] /(exp,v5r) to have a perverse character/to have a twisted personality

細い字 [ほそいじ] /(exp,n) slender character

作り字;作字 [つくりじ] /(n) (1) (arch) (See 国字・3) native Japanese kanji (esp. used during the Edo period)/(2) made-up kanji/Chinese character of one's own creation/(3) (See 人文字) creating a character with a group of people

作字;削字 [さくじ] /(n,vs) (1) designing a font/(2) creating a new character not currently available

作中人物 [さくちゅうじんぶつ] /(n) (See 作中) characters (in a novel, movie, etc.)

雑魚キャラクター [ざこキャラクター] /(n) (col) inconsequential (fictional) character/worthless character/mook

三体 [さんたい] /(n) the three character styles: square and semicursive and grass

三枚目 [さんまいめ] /(n) (1) (from Kabuki system of ranking characters) comedian/actor who plays comic roles/(2) figure of fun/laughing stock

仕手(P);為手 [して] /(n) (1) doer/performer/(2) (uk) protagonist (in noh or kyogen)/hero/leading part/main character/(3) (仕手 only) speculator (in trading)

四角号碼 [しかくごうま] /(n) four-corner kanji character stroke classification system

四字熟語 [よじじゅくご] /(n) four-character compound word (usu. idiomatic)

四字成句 [よじせいく] /(n) Chinese four-character phrase or idiomatic expression

四文字熟語 [よんもじじゅくご] /(n) (See 四字熟語) four-character compound word (usu. idiomatic)

資性穏和 [しせいおんわ] /(n,adj-na) (yoji) being of a gentle disposition/being of a mild character

資性端正 [しせいたんせい] /(n,adj-na) (yoji) being of an upright character/being of a noble nature

字 [じ] /(n) (1) character (i.e. kanji)/(2) hand-writing/penmanship/(3) (as 〜の字) (See ほの字) the ... word (i.e. "the L word" = "love")

字画 [じかく] /(n) strokes in Chinese character/stroke count of a Chinese character

字間 [じかん] /(n) space between letters or characters/inter-character space

字眼 [じがん] /(n) decisive character (Chinese poetry)

字詰め [じづめ] /(n) character fill/number of characters

字形 [じけい] /(n) character style/character form

字源 [じげん] /(n) construction of character

字種 [じしゅ] /(n) character class/set of related or similar characters

字書 [じしょ] /(n) (character) dictionary

字数 [じすう] /(n) number of characters or letters

字典 [じてん] /(n) character dictionary/kanji dictionary

字母 [じぼ] /(n) (1) letter (of an alphabet)/syllabic character/(2) matrix/printing type

字方向 [じほうこう] /(n) {comp} character writing direction

字喃 [チュノム] /(n) (uk) Vietnamese script based on Chinese characters/chu nom

字彙 [じい] /(n) (character) dictionary

磁気インク文字 [じきインクもじ] /(n) {comp} magnetic ink character

磁気インク文字読取装置;磁気インク文字読み取り装置;磁気インク文字読取り装置 [じきインクもじよみとりそうち] /(n) {comp} Magnetic Ink Character Reader/Magnetic Ink Character Recognition/MICR

磁気インク文字認識 [じきインクもじにんしき] /(n) {comp} magnetic ink character recognition/MICR

磁気文字読み取り装置 [じきもじよみとりそうち] /(n) {comp} Magnetic Character Reader/MCR

自機 [じき] /(n) player character or vehicle (in video games)

七言絶句 [しちごんぜっく] /(n) poem of four lines, each of seven (Chinese) characters

七言律詩 [しちごんりっし] /(n) poem of eight lines, each of seven (Chinese) characters

悉曇 [しったん] /(n) Siddham character (used for writing Sanskrit) (san:)

質 [しつ] /(n,n-suf) (1) quality/value/(n) (2) nature/inherent quality/character/(3) logical quality

質悪い [たちわるい] /(exp,adj-i) (See 質・たち) in bad taste/problematic/of poor character

実字 [じつじ] /(n) (e.g. 犬, 草, etc.) kanji character with a concrete meaning

斜字 [しゃじ] /(n) oblique letter/slanting character

主公 [しゅこう] /(n) (1) (arch) master/(2) (arch) main character/protagonist

主人公 [しゅじんこう] /(n) (1) protagonist/main character/hero(ine) (of a story)/(2) head of household

手書き文字 [てがきもじ] /(n) {comp} handwritten letter/handwritten character

修身斉家治国平天下 [しゅうしんせいかちこくへいてんか] /(exp) (proverb) those who wish to rule the land must first cultivate their own characters, then manage their families, then govern their states; only then can they bring peace to the land (a mantra of Confucianism)

終端文字 [しゅうたんもじ] /(n) {comp} final character

充填文字 [じゅうてんもじ] /(n) {comp} fill character

重言 [じゅうごん;じょうげん] /(n) (1) (じゅうごん only) succession of words of similar meaning/redundancy (e.g. free gift)/tautology/(2) (e.g. 堂堂) kanji compound in which the same character is repeated

重要なSGML文字 [じゅうようなエスジーエムエルもじ] /(n) {comp} significant SGML character

準内字 [じゅんないじ] /(n) {comp} quasi-internal character

所柄 [ところがら] /(n) character of a particular place

書き間違える;書間違える [かきまちがえる] /(v1) to write incorrectly (e.g. character)/to make a mistake in writing

書き方(P);書きかた [かきかた] /(n) (1) way of writing/manner of writing/(2) penmanship (esp. used in old textbooks)/calligraphy/(3) format (e.g. of a report)/(4) stroke order of a character

書式制御文字 [しょしきせいぎょもじ] /(n) {comp} format effector/layout character

書道 [しょどう] /(n,adj-no) (esp. Asian calligraphy based on Chinese characters) (See カリグラフィー) calligraphy

助字 [じょじ] /(n) (1) {ling} auxiliary/(2) auxiliary character (in kanbun)

女傑 [じょけつ] /(n) brave woman/heroine/lady of character/Amazon

小文字名前開始文字 [こもじなまえかいしもじ] /(n) {comp} lower-case name start characters

小文字名前文字 [こもじなまえもじ] /(n) {comp} lower-case name characters

省筆 [しょうひつ;せいひつ] /(n,vs) abbreviation/simplified form of a character/cutting out some strokes in a character/omitting some passages

象形 [しょうけい] /(n,adj-no) hieroglyphics/type of character representing pictures

象形文字 [しょうけいもじ] /(n,adj-no) hieroglyph/hieroglyphic character

場所柄 [ばしょがら] /(n) character of a place/situation/location/occasion

情報 [じょうほう] /(n) (1) information/news/intelligence/advices/(2) information/data contained in characters, signals, code, etc.

状態変化 [じょうたいへんか] /(n) (1) {physics} phase change/(2) {comp} state change/(3) (col) transformation of characters - includes flattening, petrification, chocolization, etc.

畳字 [じょうじ] /(n) (See 踊り字) iteration mark (used to represent repetition of the previous character)

職人肌 [しょくにんはだ] /(n,adj-no) (See 職人気質・しょくにんかたぎ) artisan's temperament/character of a complete artisan

新JIS漢字コード [しんジェーアイエスかんじコード;しんジスかんじコード] /(n) {comp} new JIS kanji character code

新字 [しんじ] /(n) newly created character (esp. kokuji)

新字体 [しんじたい] /(n) (See 旧字体) new character form/new kanji form

真面目 [しんめんもく;しんめんぼく] /(n) (1) one's true character/one's true self/oneself/(2) seriousness/earnestness

神代文字 [じんだいもじ] /(n) ancient Japanese characters (regarded today as created at a much more recent date)

親字 [おやじ] /(n) first character (of a dictionary entry)

親文字 [おやもじ] /(n) (1) capital letter/(2) first character of a dictionary entry/(3) matrix (printing)/(4) kanji corresponding to furigana

身元保証人 [みもとほしょうにん] /(n) (personal) guarantor/(personal) surety/person providing a character reference

人 [ひと(P);ヒト] /(n) (1) man/person/(2) human being/mankind/people/(3) (uk) human (Homo sapiens)/humans as a species/(4) character/personality/(5) man of talent/true man/(6) another person/other people/others/(7) adult

人のいい [ひとのいい] /(exp,adj-ix) of good character/kindhearted/good natured

人の良い;人のよい [ひとのよい] /(exp,adj-i) of good character/kindhearted/good-natured

人を見る目 [ひとをみるめ] /(exp) an eye for people/the ability to judge character

人格 [じんかく] /(n) personality/character/individuality

人格形成 [じんかくけいせい] /(n) character building/formation of character/personality development

人格者 [じんかくしゃ] /(n) person of character/man of character

人間 [にんげん] /(n) (1) human being/person/man/mankind/humankind/(2) character (of a person)

人気 [にんき] /(n,adj-no,adj-na) (1) popularity/public favor/(n) (2) condition (e.g. market)/tone/character/nature

人国記 [じんこくき;じんこっき] /(n) biographical notes and character sketches of prominent individuals, arranged according to place of birth or origin

人作り [ひとづくり;ひとつくり] /(n) personnel training/human resources development/character building

人品 [じんぴん] /(n) personal appearance/character/personality

人品骨柄 [じんぴんこつがら] /(n) (yoji) personal appearance and physique/person's appearance and physique giving a feeling of respectable character

人物 [じんぶつ] /(n) (1) person/character/figure/personage/man/woman/(2) one's character/one's personality/(3) able person/talented person

人物月旦 [じんぶつげったん] /(n) (yoji) character sketch/comments on personalities

人物像 [じんぶつぞう] /(n) statue/picture/picture revealing character

人物評 [じんぶつひょう] /(n) personal criticism/character sketch

人物評価 [じんぶつひょうか] /(n) character evaluation/profile

人物本位 [じんぶつほんい] /(n,adj-no) (yoji) chiefly on the basis of someone's personal character

人文字 [ひともじ] /(n) arranging a group of people so as to form a character or spell out a message

人柄 [ひとがら] /(adj-na,n) personality/character/personal appearance/gentility

人望家 [じんぼうか] /(n) popular character

図形文字 [ずけいもじ] /(n) {comp} graphic character

図形文字列 [ずけいもじれつ] /(n) {comp} graphic character string

垂れ [たれ] /(n) (1) hanging/something hanging (i.e. a flap, lappet, etc.)/(2) (uk) (also タレ) sauce for dipping, etc. made from soy sauce, mirin, vinegar and dashi/(3) (in kendo) loin guard/(4) kanji radical enclosing the top-left corner of a character/(n-suf) (5) (derog) (also ったれ) -ass (used after a noun or na-adjective indicating someone's nature)/-head

数字 [すうじ] /(n) {math} numeral/figure/digit/numeric character

数字集合 [すうじしゅうごう] /(n) {comp} numeric character set

数値指定文字参照 [すうちしていもじさんしょう] /(n) {comp} numeric character reference

制限漢字 [せいげんかんじ] /(n) restricted Chinese characters

制御文字 [せいぎょもじ] /(n) {comp} control character

性 [なりくせ] /(n) (arch) (obsc) disposition/nature/character

性格 [せいかく] /(n) character/personality/disposition/nature

性格判断 [せいかくはんだん] /(n) character assessment/personality analysis

性格描写 [せいかくびょうしゃ] /(n) (yoji) character portrayal/characterization

性格分析 [せいかくぶんせき] /(n) character analysis/personality assessment

性格類型 [せいかくるいけい] /(n) character type/personality type

性器的性格 [せいきてきせいかく] /(n) genital character (in psychoanalysis)

性向 [せいこう] /(n) inclination/tendency/nature/character

性行 [せいこう] /(n) character and conduct

性根 [しょうね] /(n) (See 根性・2) nature/character/disposition

成長小説 [せいちょうしょうせつ] /(n) (yoji) novel of formation (education)/novel of character development/novel which traces the intellectual, moral, spiritual or social development of a young person/Bildungsroman

正音 [せいおん] /(n) correct Chinese (on) pronunciation of a character

正気 [せいき] /(n) true character/true heart/true spirit

正字 [せいじ] /(n) (1) correct characters/correctly written kanji/(2) (See 旧字体) traditional characters/traditional kanji

正書 [せいしょ] /(n) square characters/printing

正体 [しょうたい] /(n) (1) true character/true form/true colors (colours)/identity/truth (of a mystery, phenomenon, etc.)/origin/(2) consciousness/one's senses

清朝体 [せいちょうたい] /(n) typeprint which resembles brush-stroke forms of characters

生地(P);素地 [きじ] /(n) (1) cloth/fabric/material/texture/(2) one's true character/(3) unglazed pottery/(4) uncooked dough/batter

聖人君子 [せいじんくんし] /(n) (yoji) person of lofty virtue/man of noble character/perfect person/saint

青髯 [あおひげ] /(n) use of blue eyebrow pencil to indicate a character has shaved his cheeks (in kabuki)

石部金吉 [いしべきんきち] /(n) (yoji) man of incorruptible character

切韻 [せついん] /(n) qieyun (ancient Chinese dictionary arranged by rhyme, displaying characters' meanings and representing their pronunciation with fanqie)

切磋;切瑳 [せっさ] /(n,vs) (1) (See 切磋琢磨・せっさたくま・1) polishing (character)/(2) (obs) (orig, meaning) polishing (stones)

切磋琢磨 [せっさたくま] /(n,vs) (1) (yoji) cultivating one's character by studying hard/diligent application/(2) (yoji) mutual encouragement (to improve)

設定画 [せっていが] /(n) (annotated) model sheet/character sheet

先行文字 [せんこうもじ] /(n) leading character

線分文字発生器 [せんぶんもじはっせいき] /(n) {comp} stroke character generator

全角 [ぜんかく] /(n,adj-no) em/em quad (printing)/full-pitch character (e.g. double-byte character)

全角ローマ字 [ぜんかくローマじ] /(n) full-width Roman character

全角文字 [ぜんかくもじ] /(n) {comp} full-width character

祖先形質 [そせんけいしつ] /(n) plesiomorphy/ancestral character

素質 [そしつ] /(n,adj-no) character/qualities/genius/the makings of

組始端 [くみしたん] /(n) {comp} first character position of line

組終端 [くみしゅうたん] /(n) {comp} last character position of line

宋音 [そうおん] /(n) Tang reading of Chinese characters

草体 [そうたい] /(n) (See 草書・そうしょ) character written in the highly cursive s醇vsho style

装置制御 [そうちせいぎょ] /(n) {comp} device control character (e.g. DC1)

装置制御文字 [そうちせいぎょもじ] /(n) {comp} device control character

速記符号 [そっきふごう] /(n) (See 速記文字) shorthand symbol/stenograph/stenographic character

速記文字 [そっきもじ] /(n) shorthand symbol/stenograph/stenographic character

俗字 [ぞくじ] /(n) popular characters/nonstandard characters

続け字 [つづけじ] /(n) cursive handwriting/connected characters/running characters

尊像 [そんぞう] /(n) statue of a noble character/your picture

多バイト文字 [たバイトもじ] /(n) {comp} multibyte character

太字 [ふとじ] /(n,adj-no) boldface/bold-type/thick characters

体質 [たいしつ] /(n) (1) constitution (physical)/physical make-up/predisposition (to disease)/disposition/tendency/(2) character (of a group, organization, etc.)/innate characteristics/make-up/nature/culture

体質的 [たいしつてき] /(adj-na) constitutional/relating to character, structure, nature, etc.

対字ルビ [たいじルビ] /(n) (See モノルビ) furigana where kana is associated each character of a compound

対馬音 [つしまおん] /(n) Wu-dynasty reading of Chinese characters

対立形質 [たいりつけいしつ] /(n,adj-no) allelic character/allelomorphic character

大字 [だいじ] /(n) (1) large character/(2) alternative kanji used for numbers

大字報 [だいじほう] /(n) (See 壁新聞・かべしんぶん) big-character poster (in China)/large print wall newspaper

大文字 [おおもじ(P);だいもんじ] /(n) (1) (おおもじ only) (See 小文字) uppercase letter/capital letter/(2) large character/large writing/(3) (だいもんじ only) the (kanji) character "dai" meaning "big"/(4) (だいもんじ only) huge character "dai" formed by fires lit on the side of a mountain in Kyoto on 16 Aug each year

大文字名前文字 [おおもじなまえもじ] /(n) {comp} upper-case name characters

脱字 [だつじ] /(n) omitted word/omitted character

単語 [たんご] /(n,adj-no) {ling} word/vocabulary/(usually) single-character word

地金 [じがね;じきん] /(n) (1) ore/unprocessed metal/ground metal/(2) (one's) true character

置換キャラクタ [ちかんキャラクタ] /(n) substitute character/SUB

置換可能文字データ [ちかんかのうもじデータ] /(n) {comp} replaceable character data

置換文字 [ちかんもじ] /(n) {comp} replacement character

逐次印字装置 [ちくじいんじそうち] /(n) {comp} character printer/serial printer

着包み;着ぐるみ [きぐるみ] /(n) cartoon-character costume

中間文字 [ちゅうかんもじ] /(n) {comp} intermediate character

中黒;・ [なかぐろ] /(n) middle dot (typographical symbol used between parallel terms, names in katakana, etc.)/full-stop mark at mid-character height/interpoint (interword separation)

中点;中テン [ちゅうてん(中点);なかてん(中点);ちゅうテン(中テン);なかテン(中テン)] /(n) (1) (ちゅうてん only) middle point/median point/(2) middle dot (typographical symbol used between parallel terms, names in katakana, etc.)/full-stop mark at mid-character height/interpoint (interword separation)

超合金 [ちょうごうきん] /(n) (1) superalloy/(2) Chogokin/line of die-cast metal robot and character toys sold by Popy

痛タク [いたタク] /(n) (sl) taxi decorated with anime characters

痛チャリ [いたチャリ] /(n) (col) (joc) (See 痛車・いたしゃ・1) bicycle decorated with anime characters/painful bicycle (i.e. painful to look at)

痛ネイル [いたネイル] /(n) nails adorned with images of anime characters

痛バ [いたバ] /(n) (sl) (abbr) (See 痛バッグ) handbag decorated with anime characters (esp. with badges)

痛バイク [いたバイク] /(n) (sl) motorcycle decorated with anime characters

痛バッグ [いたバッグ] /(n) (sl) handbag decorated with anime characters (esp. with badges)

痛車;イタ車 [いたしゃ(痛車);イタしゃ(イタ車)] /(n) (1) (col) (joc) (See オタ車,ヲタ車) car painted with anime characters/painful car (because some people consider it painful to look at)/(2) (イタ車 only) (abbr) (original meaning) Italian car/European car

痛単車 [いたんしゃ] /(n) (sl) motorcycle decorated with anime characters

痛電車 [いたでんしゃ] /(n) (sl) train decorated with anime characters

通字 [つうじ] /(n) distinctive character used in the names of all people belonging to a single clan or lineage

定義文字実体集合 [ていぎもじじったいしゅうごう] /(n) {comp} definitional character entity set

泥棒根性 [どろぼうこんじょう] /(n) (yoji) underhand character/thievish nature

敵性 [てきせい] /(n) hostile nature/inimical character

天機 [てんき] /(n) (1) secret of nature/profound secret/(2) disposition/character/nature/(3) emperor's health/emperor's well-being

点画 [てんかく] /(n) the strokes of a character

伝送制御文字 [でんそうせいぎょもじ] /(n) {comp} transmission control character

登場人物 [とうじょうじんぶつ] /(n) character (in a play or novel)/dramatis personae

土吉;つち吉 [つちよし] /(n) earth form of "good luck" character

土性骨 [どしょうぼね] /(n) one's innate character/spirit/backbone

土地柄 [とちがら] /(n) nature of the locality/character of a place/local colour/local color

奴隷根性 [どれいこんじょう] /(n) (yoji) servile character (disposition)

唐音 [とうおん;とういん] /(n) Tang reading of Chinese characters

唐宋音 [とうそうおん] /(n) Tang reading of Chinese characters

唐文字 [からもじ] /(n) (See 大和文字) Chinese characters/kanji

盗人根性 [ぬすっとこんじょう;ぬすびとこんじょう] /(n) (yoji) thievish nature (character)/thieving heart/cunning and greedy character

当て字;あて字;宛字;宛て字;当字(io) [あてじ] /(n) (1) kanji used as a phonetic symbol, instead of for the meaning/phonetic-equivalent character/substitute character/(2) kanji used for their meaning, irrespective of reading

統合漢字 [とうごうかんじ] /(n) {comp} unified Chinese character

同字 [どうじ] /(n) the same character

得体 [えたい] /(n) nature/character

徳器 [とっき] /(n) one's talent and virtue/noble character

徳性 [とくせい] /(n) moral character or consciousness

徳操 [とくそう] /(n) strong, immovable sense of morality/high moral character/chastity/virtue

特殊文字 [とくしゅもじ] /(n) {comp} special character

特殊文字語 [とくしゅもじご] /(n) {comp} special-character word

特定文字データ実体 [とくていもじデータじったい] /(n) {comp} specific character data entity

禿び [ちび(P);チビ] /(n) (1) (uk) (sens) small child/pipsqueak/small fry/small, cute versions of manga, anime, etc. characters, typically with oversized heads/(2) (sens) (uk) short person/midget/dwarf/(3) small animal/runt/(pref) (4) worn down (pencil, etc.)

内字 [ないじ] /(n) {comp} internal character

内面描写 [ないめんびょうしゃ] /(n) psychological depiction of a literary character

難字 [なんじ] /(n) difficult character/complicated kanji

二字 [にじ] /(n) two characters/name

二文字 [ふたもじ] /(n) (1) two (written) characters/(2) (arch) (fem) (See 韮) Chinese chive/garlic chive (Allium tuberosum)

二枚目 [にまいめ] /(n) (1) (from Kabuki system of ranking characters) handsome man/(2) actor in a love scene

二面性 [にめんせい] /(n) dual nature/bilateral character/two-facedness/two-sidedness

日中韓越 [にっちゅうかんえつ] /(n) Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese (usu. characters)/CJKV

日中韓統合 [にっちゅうかんとうごう] /(n) CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) character unification

日本語文字 [にほんごもじ] /(n) Japanese character

日本字 [にほんじ] /(n) Japanese character (i.e. kana, kanji)

日本人離れ;日本人ばなれ [にほんじんばなれ] /(n,vs,adj-no) un-Japanese in appearance or character

任意キャラクタ [にんいキャラクタ] /(n) {comp} any character

猫娘 [ねこむすめ] /(n) catgirl/character who looks, acts, etc. like a cat

破体 [はたい] /(n) in calligraphy, an abbreviated or mistaken form of a character, or a work written in more than one calligraphic style

馬脚 [ばきゃく] /(n) (1) horse's legs/(2) (See 馬脚を露わす) one's true character

倍角 [ばいかく] /(n) {comp} double size of character

倍幅文字 [ばいはばもじ] /(n) {comp} double width character

肌(P);膚 [はだ(P);はだえ] /(n) (1) skin/(2) (See 肌を許す) body (in the context of intimate bodily contact)/(n,n-suf) (3) surface/grain (e.g. of wood)/texture/(4) (See 肌が合う) disposition/temperament/character/type

八文字 [はちもんじ] /(n) (in) the shape of the character hachi (eight)

判子絵 [はんこえ] /(n) (m-sl) drawing every character in a similar way/same face syndrome

半角 [はんかく] /(n) half-width characters (e.g. romaji)/single-byte characters/en quad

半角ローマ字 [はんかくローマじ] /(n) half-width Roman character

半角文字 [はんかくもじ] /(n) {comp} half-width character

反 [はん] /(pref) (1) anti-/(n) (2) (See 反定立) antithesis/(3) (abbr) (See 反切) fanqie/traditional Chinese spelling system in which two characters are used: the first one for the onset, the second one for rhyme and tone

反切 [はんせつ] /(n) fanqie/traditional Chinese spelling system in which two characters are used: the first one for the onset, the second one for rhyme and tone

版権物 [はんけんもの] /(n) likeness/(amateur) picture of a copyrighted character

繁体字 [はんたいじ] /(n) (See 簡体字) traditional Chinese character/unsimplified Chinese character

比較文字 [ひかくもじ] /(n) {comp} relation character

非SGML文字 [ひエスジーエムエルもじ] /(n) {comp} non-SGML character

非印刷文字 [ひいんさつもじ] /(n) {comp} nonprinting character

非英数字 [ひえいすうじ] /(n) {comp} non-alphanumeric character

非漢字圏 [ひかんじけん] /(n) countries that do not use Chinese characters in their writing/non-kanji countries

非空白文字 [ひくうはくもじ] /(n) {comp} nonwhite character

非図形文字 [ひずけいもじ] /(n) {comp} nongraphic character

非表示文字 [ひひょうじもじ] /(n) {comp} hidden character/non-printable character

美男葛 [びなんかずら] /(n) (1) (See 実葛・さねかずら) scarlet kadsura (Kadsura japonica)/(2) white sash tied around the head, with ends hanging down and tucked into belt, worn in kyogen to indicate a female character being played by a man

美文字 [びもじ] /(n) (col) (See 漢字) beautifully written (Chinese) character

筆画 [ひっかく] /(n) the strokes in a kanji character

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