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すくい出す;掬い出す;掬いだす [すくいだす] /(v5s) to bail (e.g. water from a boat)/to ladle

つる鍋;弦鍋;鉉鍋 [つるなべ] /(n) (See 鍋・1) pot with a bail for a handle

仮出獄 [かりしゅつごく] /(n) parole/release on bail

仮出所 [かりしゅっしょ] /(n) release on bail/parole

汲み出す;汲出す [くみだす] /(v5s,vt) to pump out/to bail (water)

決る;抉る;刳る;杓る [しゃくる;さくる(決る,抉る,刳る)(ok)] /(v5r,vt) (1) (uk) to dig out/to gouge out/to hollow out/(2) to scoop/to ladle/to bail/(3) to jerk (one's chin)

弦(P);絃;鉉 [つる] /(n) (1) bowstring/(2) string (of shamisen, guitar, violin, etc.)/(3) (esp. 鉉) bail (arched pot handle)/(4) (also written as 梁) (See 枡・1) diagonal levelling wire across the top of a masu

除水 [じょすい] /(n) removing water/draining/bailing

掻い出す;かい出す [かいだす] /(v5s,vt) to bail out

保釈 [ほしゃく] /(n,vs) bail/releasing on bail

保釈金 [ほしゃくきん] /(n) bail (money)

保釈中 [ほしゃくちゅう] /(n) being out on bail

Bail has set at 10 million dollars.

Bail is set at $15 million. $5 million bond.
保釈金は1500万ドル 500万ドル約定

Bail is set at a million dollars.

Bail's all been taken care of.

Because of the seriousness of the offense, the financial resources of the accused, the state requests no Bail.
被害者の状態と被告人の富力から考慮して 州は保釈無しと要望します

Besides, he holds a grudge. He's liable to blackmail me and Bail him out.
しかも帳消しにしろと 脅してきそうなんだ

But I fail to see how any of this is relevant to Sara Tancredi and the fact that she aided and abetted, that she jumped Bail...
話してくれたことで囚人を助け 保釈金を払わず逃げたテンクレディと どういう因果関係がある?

But he has a small army of lawyers, and I'm sure they're already putting his Bail up for review. No way he'll get out.
だが精鋭の弁護団が 再審理に動いてる

But we are bailing, never the less.
それでも 汲みださなければいけない

Conditions of my Bail. I... I can't travel.
保釈中の身だから 遠出はできないの

Could mean the difference between making Bail or not.

Daddy said they were still waiting to hear about Bail, but when I went to the station, they didn't have any record of your arrest.
パパは彼らが保釈について 聞く為に待ってると言った でも 駅に行った時 彼らは どんな逮捕記録も持ってなかった

Danzer is currently out on Bail awaiting trial.
ダンツァーは裁判中で 現在は保釈されています

David would Bail me out, help me get into a program or whatever.
デイヴィッドは保釈金を払ってくれて 俺を復帰プログラムにも入れてくれた

Diplomatic pressure convinced the judge to grant him Bail.
裁判官に外交で圧力をかけて 釈放させた

Do you remember like a year ago, drinks in midtown, and you bailed early?
覚えてる? 1年前 ミッドタウンで飲んだでしょ? あなたは 早く帰っちゃったけど

Don't say anything about the case until I get you out on Bail.

Don't think he figured you were lying and bailed out?

Don't worry, Nelson. I will Bail you guys out.

Ellen Parsons is out on Bail.

Ellen Parsons is out on Bail. You know where to find her.
エレンが保釈された 居場所は分かるな

Especially when you Bail on our biggest crime scene ever.
私達に徹夜で 証拠採取させたんだから

Find the man who killed four innocent people, not some John who bailed on a fucking junkie prostitute who overdosed.
命令よ 警部補 了解 わかったよ 事件終了だ

First attach your reel to your rod, and open the Bail arm.
まず ロッドにリールを付けて

Get me Bail. I'll do the rest myself.
保釈して 自分で調べます

Got released on Bail a few hours ago. Students that saw him said he looked despondent.
保釈されたが 落ち込んでたらしい

He did say that he was onto a promise at the wedding before she bailed.
彼は結婚式で、彼女が抜け出す前に、 約束は守るって言ってたよ。

He escaped Bail in Florida on conspiracy charges and I'm taking him back.
彼は謀略でフロリダの保釈を免れた 私が彼を連れ戻す

He fucking bailed on us. He took the kid.

He paid my bills, he lived in the house, he bailed me out.
彼は俺の請求を支払って 彼は家に住んで 俺を立ち直らせた

He's totally bailed on the plan.
希望に満ちている プラン通りだ

Slickline cement dump bailing equipment

Drill rig bails

Bail ring

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