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ぞっとしない /(exp,adj-i) (See ぞっと) not very appealing/pretty disgusting

アピール(P);アッピール /(n,vs) (1) appeal (e.g. to public opinion)/plea/request/(2) appeal (e.g. sex appeal)/attractiveness/allure/(3) {sports} appeal (e.g. in baseball)/(4) emphasizing (strong points, etc.)/showing off/touting/calling attention to/playing up/using as a selling point/pitch

アピる /(v5r) (sl) (See アピール・2) to try to make a favourable impression/to appeal

イット /(n) "it"/sex appeal

イットガール;イット・ガール /(n) It girl/personable young woman with sex appeal

インスタジェニック /(adj-na) (sl) (See インスタ映え) instagenic/visually appealing if posted on Instagram

ウィーンアピール /(n) Vienna Appeal

ショートサーキットアピール /(n) short-circuit appeal

セックスアピール /(n) sex appeal

バンプ;ヴァンプ /(n) (1) vamp (woman who uses sex appeal to exploit men)/(2) (バンプ only) bump

ラブコール;ラヴコール;ラブ・コール;ラヴ・コール /(n) (1) love call/calling out to someone with love or good will/(2) phone call to a loved one/(3) fervent request/heartfelt appeal/passionate call to action

ロングサーキットアピール /(n) (obsc) long-circuit appeal (advertising)

哀願 [あいがん] /(n,vs) supplication/appeal/entreaty/petition

哀求 [あいきゅう] /(n,vs) making a pressing appeal/appealing to pity

哀訴 [あいそ] /(n,vs) appeal/complaint

異議の申立て;異議の申し立て [いぎのもうしたて] /(exp,n) {law} formal complaint (regarding conduct of a criminal case)/appeal for reconsideration/protest

運動 [うんどう] /(n,vs) (1) exercise/physical training/work-out/(2) appeal/campaign/drive/crusade/movement/lobbying/(3) (ant: 静止) motion/movement

越訴 [えっそ] /(n,vs) appeal made directly to a senior official without going through formalities

艶 [つや] /(n) (1) gloss/luster/lustre/shine/sheen/polish/(2) mellowness (of a voice)/youthfulness (e.g. of skin)/(3) interest/appeal/charm/color/colour/feeling/(4) romance/love/sexiness

甘味(P);甘み(P);あま味 [あまみ(P);かんみ(甘味,甘み);うまみ(甘味,甘み)] /(n) (1) (あまみ, かんみ only) sweetness/sugary taste/(2) (あまみ, かんみ only) sweets/dessert/cake/(3) (かんみ, うまみ only) charm/appeal/(4) (かんみ, うまみ only) taste/flavour/flavor

関心を引く;関心をひく [かんしんをひく] /(exp,v5k) to attract interest/to get attention to appeal

寄付金を募る;寄附金を募る [きふきんをつのる] /(exp,v5r) to make an appeal for contributions/to collect donations

求め [もとめ] /(n) (1) request/appeal/claim/demand/(2) purchase

泣き付く;泣付く;泣きつく [なきつく] /(v5k,vi) to cling to ... in tears/to beg ... in tears/to appeal/to throw oneself on someone's mercy

許可抗告 [きょかこうこく] /(n) {law} appeal by permission/permitted appeal/permitted complaint

興味をそそる [きょうみをそそる] /(exp,v5r) to arouse someone's interest/to whet (appetite)/to be appealing/to be intriguing/to be fascinating

検事控訴 [けんじこうそ] /(n) public prosecutor's appeal

呼びかけ(P);呼び掛け(P) [よびかけ] /(n) call/appeal

呼びかける(P);呼び掛ける(P);呼掛ける [よびかける] /(v1,vt) (1) to call out to/to hail/to address/(2) to appeal

公募 [こうぼ] /(n,vs) public appeal (e.g. for contributions)/public offering (of securities)/public advertisement (of a post)/open recruitment

抗告 [こうこく] /(n,vs) kokoku (interlocutory) appeal/protest/complaint

控訴 [こうそ] /(n,vs,adj-no) koso appeal (initial appeal to a higher court)

控訴期間 [こうそきかん] /(n) term in which an appeal may be filed

控訴棄却 [こうそききゃく] /(n) dismissal of an intermediate appeal

控訴権 [こうそけん] /(n) right of appeal

控訴裁判所 [こうそさいばんしょ] /(n) appeals court/appellate court/appelate court

控訴状 [こうそじょう] /(n) petition of appeal

控訴審 [こうそしん] /(n) appeal trial

控訴理由 [こうそりゆう] /(n) grounds for an appeal

行政不服審査法 [ぎょうせいふふくしんさほう] /(n) {law} Administrative Appeal Act (1962)/Administrative Complaint Investigation Law

告文 [こうもん;こくぶん] /(n) written report to the gods/imperial edict/written appeal to a superior

懇請 [こんせい] /(n,vs) appeal/entreaty/request

再審請求 [さいしんせいきゅう] /(n) {law} petition for retrial/appeal for retrial

主席法官 [しゅせきほうかん] /(n) chief justice of the Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong

準抗告 [じゅんこうこく] /(n) {law} (See 抗告・こうこく) jun-kokoku appeal/quasi-appeal/quasi-complaint

諸君 [しょくん] /(n) (1) you (people)/(int) (2) (making appeal, etc.) gentlemen/ladies and gentlemen/my friends/everyone

女殺し [おんなごろし] /(n) (1) lady-killer (i.e. a man who is popular with women)/knocking a woman dead (with sex appeal)/(2) murderer of women/(3) murder of women

商品力 [しょうひんりょく] /(n) product appeal

上告 [じょうこく] /(n,vs,adj-no) {law} final appeal to the highest court

上告審 [じょうこくしん] /(n) appeal hearing

上告理由 [じょうこくりゆう] /(n) {law} ground for appeal

上訴 [じょうそ] /(n,vs,adj-no) appeal (in court)

色気 [いろけ] /(n) (1) colouring/coloring/shade of colour/shade of color/(2) sex appeal (esp. women)/interest in the opposite sex/sensuality/seductiveness/glamor/glamour/sexual passion/(3) romance/poetry/charm/(4) desire/interest/inclination/ambition

信を問う [しんをとう] /(exp,v5u-s) to make an appeal to the confidence of

審判官 [しんぱんかん] /(n) administrative law judge/appeal examiner (e.g. in patents)

性的魅力 [せいてきみりょく] /(n) sex appeal

訴えかける [うったえかける] /(v1) to make an appeal/to urge

訴える [うったえる] /(v1,vt) (1) to raise/to bring to (someone's attention)/(2) (See 理性に訴える) to appeal to (reason, emotions, etc.)/to work on (one's emotions)/to play on (one's sympathies)/(3) to complain/(4) to sue (a person)/to take someone to court/(5) (See 暴力に訴える) to resort to (e.g. arms, violence)

訴願 [そがん] /(n,vs) petition/appeal

訴求 [そきゅう] /(n,vs) promoting a product or service/appealing to consumers/solicitation (of business)/pushing a product

訴求効果 [そきゅうこうか] /(n) (yoji) customer appeal/the power to appeal to customers

訴求力 [そきゅうりょく] /(n) appeal (e.g. of an advertisement)

即時抗告 [そくじこうこく] /(n) immediate kokoku appeal

俗向き [ぞくむき] /(n,adj-no) appealing to the public/popular

俗受け [ぞくうけ] /(n,vs) popular appeal

嘆願(P);歎願 [たんがん] /(n,vs,adj-no) entreaty/appeal/petition

直訴 [じきそ] /(n,vs) direct appeal

陳情 [ちんじょう] /(n,vs) petition/appeal

働きかける(P);働き掛ける(P) [はたらきかける] /(v1,vt) (1) to work on someone/to influence/to exert influence on/to seek action from/to appeal to/(v1,vi) (2) to begin to work

特別抗告 [とくべつこうこく] /(n) special kokoku appeal

迫力 [はくりょく] /(n) impressiveness/impact/force/intensity/appeal/strength/punch/edge/vigor

美味しい [おいしい(P);オイシイ] /(adj-i) (1) (uk) delicious/tasty/sweet/(2) (uk) attractive/appealing/convenient/favorable/desirable

不服申立て;不服申し立て;不服申立(io) [ふふくもうしたて] /(n) {law} petitioning (an administration) for redress/suing civilly to seek redress (for a court's action)/lodging an appeal

福祉商法 [ふくししょうほう] /(n) (yoji) (unscrupulous) business practices based on an appeal to one's social conscience/(unscrupulous) sales methods used by someone falsely claiming to represent a charitable (social welfare) organization

味わい [あじわい] /(n,adj-no) (1) flavour/flavor/taste/(2) charm/appeal/interest/meaning/significance

魅力 [みりょく] /(n) charm/fascination/glamour/glamor/attraction/appeal

面白み;面白味 [おもしろみ] /(n) interest/appeal/attraction/fun

問答無益 [もんどうむえき] /(n) (yoji) there being no use in arguing (about it)/being stone-deaf to someone's appeals

要請 [ようせい] /(n,vs) (1) appeal/call for something/request/claim/demand/(n) (2) axiom

理性に訴える [りせいにうったえる] /(exp,v1) to appeal to one's reason

佗言;侘び言 [わびこと] /(n) (1) (arch) (obs) words used when miserable or anxious/(2) (arch) (obs) words used to decline or refuse something/(3) (arch) (obs) words used when making an appeal

帷幄上奏 [いあくじょうそう] /(n) direct appeal to the throne by the military

擽る(P);擽ぐる(io) [くすぐる] /(v5r,vt) (1) (uk) to tickle/(2) (uk) to tickle (one's curiosity, vanity, etc.)/to arouse/to appeal to/to flatter/(3) (uk) to make laugh/to amuse/to entertain

檄 [げき] /(n) (1) (written) appeal/circular/manifesto/(2) (col) encouragement/encouraging words/letter of encouragement

檄を飛ばす;げきを飛ばす;激を飛ばす(iK) [げきをとばす] /(exp,v5s) to issue a manifesto/to appeal

檄文 [げきぶん] /(n) written appeal/manifesto/declaration

Your site appeals to people who are interested in cats.

It may not appeal to some, but I prefer to remain a salaried man; I don't have to worry so much about making both ends meet.

This kind of picture does not appeal to me.

Between you and me, Tom's idea doesn't appeal to me very much.

This nude poster appeals visually to the young.

Do these paintings appeal to you?

I have appealed to him to visit but he didn't come.

The music doesn't appeal to us any longer.

The song appealed to young people.

The country appealed to the United Nations for help.

The country appealed to the United Nation for help.

The country appealed to Japan for help.

I will appeal against the sentence.

The production has visual appeal for the audience.

Much to my surprise, my song appealed to many young people.

I appeal to you to leave me alone.

We appealed to our teacher to go more slowly.

Cambodia appealed to the United Nations for help.

The captain appealed to the referee against the decision.

Ken's talks always appeal to us.

It's not only the health aspects of sports that appeal to people, but the cooperative aspect that team sports teach, and the competitive aspect in itself.

Television has a great appeal for him.

Tom appealed to his mother to buy a new toy for him.

Rock appeals to young men and women.

The company appealed for people to take voluntary resignation.

The students were animated by the agitator's appeal.

Nuclear power plants don't appeal to everybody.

Appeal to the judge for mercy.

His exhibition at the city museum didn't appeal to me at all.

We must appeal to public opinion about the matter.

We made an appeal for support.

We should appeal to reason instead of resorting of the sword.

We should appeal to reason instead of resorting to violence.

Rural life appeals to me very much.

I appeal to him for his advice.

He appealed to lack of funds as a reason for the failure of his enterprise.

Nothing is so appealing as the innocent face of a sleeping baby.

I appeal to you to contribute to the new clinic.

In asking voters to approve the new tax, the President appealed to reason.

You must appeal to public opinion to win the election.

The President appealed to the nation for its cooperation.

Between you and me, John's idea doesn't appeal to me very much. [M]

His speech appealed to us.

His music and words appeal to young people.

His music appeals to young people.

He appealed to a higher court against the decision.

He appealed to our emotions.

He appealed to the judge for mercy.

He appealed to us for help.

He tried to appeal.

They appealed to us for help.

They are appealing for money to help refugees.

There is a look of appeal on her sad face.

She has gobs of sex appeal.

She appealed to me for help.

She appeals to me.

She gave me an appealing look.

There was a look of appeal in her eyes.

The defendant will appeal to a higher court.

The defendant appealed against the sentence without hesitation.

Do not resort to the sword but appeal to reason.

My mother says she doesn't find rock appealing.

Be the court of final appeal for the new judicial system there.

But after meeting Abigail, I understood the appeal.
彼女に会って その魅力を理解した

But it's quite nice. Its age is beginning to appeal to me.
なかなか いい温泉じゃない。 この古さも 味に見えてきたわね。

But the effect of that presentation is, it appeals to sympathy.

But this doesn't sound like a very appealing future.
まぁ これはあまり好ましい将来とは 思えませんね

But what did he appeal to?

By appealing to your common sense, if such a creature exists.
常識にアピールする。 常識ってあるなら

Carrie, I am going straight from here to the circuit court to file an emergency appeal.
これから行ってくるわ 所轄区に緊急請願を提出する

Charm class was a way of proving to the appeals board that I was working on my decorum.
作法教室に入れば 委員会の印象が変わるかと

Dellinger chairs the fifth circuit appeals court.
デリンジャーは 第五巡回控訴裁判所の 議長を務めているのよ

Did you just subtly appeal to me that you are young?
今 何気に 自分は若いって アピールしなかった?

Displaying one's enemy after death has its appeal in many cultures.
敵の死の見せしめは 多くの文化に

Finally it seems the appeal of industrial work has caught up with you.
お前も ようやく 工業の魅力に気づいたか。

Following the murders, the mother of one of the victims appealed for no retaliation, but despite that appeal, retaliation was swift.
犠牲者の母親は殺人罪に従って 報復を訴えなかった しかし、その訴えにもかかわらず 報復は早くも行われた

For example, like appealing to the general public.
例えば 直接 国民に訴えかけるとか

For me is quite appealing, quite exciting.

Getting you through the complex appeal process is one thing, but Washington?
複雑な審判手続きを 処理するのも重要だが しかし、ワシントンでは?

Guys wouldn't understand their appeal.
そういう魅力 男が分かんないんですね

He appealed to her to remember his name and eyes.
名前と目を覚えていろと アピールしたんです

He appealed to his bosses to end the program.
計画を止めるよう ボスに訴えた

He never filed for an appeal. Yeah, that's 'cause it was never about exoneration.

He planned on filing an appeal, so that gave him access to everything even remotely related to the case.
上告するつもりだったのよ コネを使いまくって 彼は上告してませんよ

He'd been working with my with my lawyer for years, spending his own money, tracking down any any crazy thing that might help an appeal.
あいつは 何年も俺の弁護士と一緒に 動いてくれてた 自分の金を使って 控訴に役立つことは無いかと 必死に探してくれた

He's had reason enough for eight appeals but he has lost hope.
彼は8回訴えようとしたけど 希望をなくしてる

He's never even filed for an appeal!

Appeals process or judicial review

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